If You’ve Got It, Haunt It!

Hey everyone, happy hump day! Can you believe that this is our first official Wednesday without a Moda Blockhead block to cover in almost seven months??? Kind of sad… but no worries though, it’s nice to have a break between quilt-alongs to reorganize and prepare for the next round of projects on deck. Since it’s the beginning of not only fall but also October, I thought it would be a good time to talk about some of the super cute and adorable Halloween projects we have available here in the shop. I know how time can be scarce, and with less than a month to prepare for Halloween, you can’t go wrong with these quick and easy projects to get your home up to Halloween par with plenty of time before the big day arrives. Let me show you a few of my favorites!

First up, we have Cat and Hats! Do you like cats? How about hats? If you said yes, you’ll LOVE Cat and Hats Quilt! Part of my “Just One” series, this cutie goes together fast and easy, and displays beautifully as a bed covering or wall decoration! Isn’t it purrrrfect??? Finished, “Cat and Hats” measures 71″ x 76″ and would even look excellent as table décor at your next spooky get together. This frisky kitty is finally available to the general public after making its debut during our Witches Retreat earlier in September! Get it MEYOW by clicking the link below!

Hey Pumpkin! No, I’m not flirting with you… I’m saying take a look at my newly designed Hey Pumpkin!” quilt! Show off all your personalities this year with this fantastic jack o’lantern holiday quilt! Appliqué the night away on this darling Hallows Eve project. Measuring in at 43″ x 45,” this little gem makes a perfect wall hanging or table décor for the spookiest of nights! Let Jack hit the road straight to YOUR house by clicking the link!Are you a Halloween enthusiast who also loves a good gingham quilt? Prepare to go batty when you see my new Bat Gingham Quilt! Quick and simple, you can easily have this project done and on your wall in a matter of no time! Jess reports that even with a 2 and a half year old “helping” her, with a little ambition she had this quilt cranked out in just a couple of days. If you’ve got your heart set on getting Bat Gingham Quilt in your cave by Halloween, hit the link to order now! Finished size on this creepy favorite is 58.5″ x 67.5″. Remember, if you buy your backing at the same time as your kit, you’ll receive 20% OFF! Don’t let the sun come up on this offer – you’ll turn to dust! You’d be bat #@$&! crazy to let this deal fly away! Click below to order!I realize that despite the simplicity of the last couple of quilt projects, time is of the essence and smaller projects might be more suited for your schedule. With that in mind, take a look at these charming little guys! Fall Pumpkin Stands make decorating fun and easy for Halloween and all autumn long! Displayed as a set or on their own as individuals, they can be hung on a 5″ x 5″ clip stand or set out as table décor. Have a friend or three with an October birthday? These cuties also make great gift-bag stuffers for that special autumn baby in your life! Why not grab a set for yourself and a set to give away? You can’t go wrong with Fall Pumpkin Stands!Sticking with the, “fast and easy” theme, let’s talk pillows! I always say nothing makes switching up your seasonal decorating faster and easier that pillows! Gnome what I mean? Ha ha – I make this little joke in reference to one of my all-time favorite Halloween pillows, Frightful Gnomes.” With a reasonable size of 14″ x 16″ , “Frightful Gnomes is another speedy solution to your decorating needs! Let these little symbols of luck grant you good fortune during all your trick-or-treat ventures this year. Maybe you’ll even get a full-sized candy bar or two!Next up we have my buddy, Esmerelda. Nothing says Halloween like a toothy jack ‘o lantern! Dress up your favorite couch, loveseat, or patio furniture with this pretty little Halloween pillow! Measuring 22″ x 22″ this sassy gal would be great as a pillow or in a frame! Maybe one of each? I dare you!If you love the simplicity and ease of decorating with pillows, table mats are your new best friend! Just as quick as you can swap out a pillow, you can swap out a table mat to match! From spiders to witches, to good ol’ Frankenstein – my Halloween Table Mat has it all! This project is not only fast but it requires minimal sewing! Wool appliqué combined with fusible web and simple stitches make this project about as slick as it gets! Plus it’s flippin’ adorable – so there’s that too. This 24″ table mat is a great place to set your trick or treat candy bowl this Halloween. Even the big kids will love this spooky pattern!Last on my list of spooky décor is my Candy Corn Wishes Table Mat.” Talk about candy corn wishes and gummy worm dreams! Jazz up your candy bowl station this Halloween with this sweet sensation of a table mat, sure to spike your blood sugar! The only way to eat candy corn is to…well, NOT. Yuck! I personally think it’s best left as decoration. LOL! To add Candy Corn Wishes Table Mat.” to your Halloween décor menagerie, hit the button below! I hope these “frightful” suggestions are helping to get you in the mood for witches, and goblins, and jack ‘o lanterns galore! Crazy as it is, there are only 26 more days until October 31st. Are you ready? I mentioned above that candy corn is more of a decoration to me than something I consider a treat. I’m curious… What are your favorite Halloween treats to pass out? Do you stick with store-bought candy or do you make something extra special by hand? Or maybe you turn the porch light off and hide in the basement until November 1st… LOL! Let me know in the comments how you celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year! Who knows, you might just win a treat of your own! Have a great night everyone. I will see you all again here on the blog soon! Until then, remember to make time to stitch every day! I swear by it… After all, my soul is fed by needle and thread. Don’t starve yours – stitch a little! Take care everyone! ~Lisa

36 responses to “If You’ve Got It, Haunt It!”

  1. Debbie Battaglia-Fawcett Avatar
    Debbie Battaglia-Fawcett

    Love the pumpkin quilt!

  2. Lisa Burchardt Avatar
    Lisa Burchardt

    Oh boy. Unfortunately neither I or my husband will be home so no treats for the kiddos. I’ll be trick or treating in Justine TX wearing my Captain America costume 😂😂

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Pictures or it didn’t happen Lisa!!!

  3. Pat Widmaier Avatar
    Pat Widmaier

    Ok. You got me with Fall Pumpkin stands. Must order. Am just finishing up Fall Harvest.

    Don’t tell anyone, but I’m one of the ‘turns lights off’ people! 🤷🏼‍♀️🫣

    Love all the Halloween projects!

    Happy Haunting!

  4. Shelley Avatar

    Cute Halloween decor….

  5. Carrie Avatar

    Love the candy corn !! Have to eat it color by color 😂.
    Leave it to you, Lisa. You make fun stuff for every holiday. Gives us something to look forward to even if we don’t like the holiday Thanks for all you do.

  6. jonnie ttungham Avatar
    jonnie ttungham

    Store-bought for me. I’d rather sitch than make homemade treats these days.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Truth Jonnie!

  7. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    I would love to have trick or treaters, but in the 40+ years we have lived in our country house we have only had trick or treaters once👻. Fortunately, I had a bag of Hershey Kisses to give out as treats. Even my grandkids don’t come out, we go to them and bring a treat. But that doesn’t stop me from decorating ☠️🎃🧙

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Better than oatmeal! I got a pack of oatmeal and a stale granola bar once from my rural neighbors. Needless to say, they forgot it was Halloween. LOL! ~Heidi

  8. Tammy Avatar

    Look forward to trick or treaters every year!

  9. Jan Avatar

    My husband & I bought a house on a street where I once lived. When Halloween came I told him we have got to buy a lot of candy to make up for past Halloweens. The couple who lived there gave each trick or treater 10 pennies which always bummed us out. First, the pennies were often lost as back then brown grocery bags were used so the pennies would hide in the bottom folds & there weren’t any stores close by to use the pennies. He laughed & said just give out dimes the kids will think they’re rich. Huh! They got candy. Now where we live we don’t need to buy candy as we don’t get any trick or treaters back a 1/4 mile lane.

  10. Judy Vaughn Avatar
    Judy Vaughn

    Is the pattern included with the candy corn mat because no is my only choice.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Great catch Judy! Looks like a typo on the website side of things. I will let our site master know first thing in the AM! Thank you!!!

  11. Janet Avatar

    We live in the country so never get to enjoy trick or treaters. So, we usually would take our kids to town to trick or treat and help a friend hand out candy…….jmh

  12. Lorraine Wieziolowski Avatar
    Lorraine Wieziolowski

    My favorite treat to hand out is candy bars. I buy them at the store. Always hope I have a few left overs! Happy Halloween everyone!

  13. Karen N. Avatar
    Karen N.

    Definitely leave the light off. No basement to hide in though! Ha ha! Not many trick or treaters left. Not like the days gone by. Love the cute projects!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Ain’t that the truth! Times sure have changed.

  14. Denise Avatar

    We stay home and hand out candy!

  15. Patricia Laforest Avatar
    Patricia Laforest

    Halloween is my son’s birthday! We always celebrate with him. He always thought everyone was celebrating with him.

  16. Cindy Avatar

    I love Halloween !! I have done 2 Halloween red work quilts done!! I love your pumpkin quilt!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Wow Cindy, those red work Halloween quilts sound amazing. We’d love to see photos!

  17. Jane Hallingstad Avatar
    Jane Hallingstad

    A combination of candy corn and peanuts is a good fall/Halloween snack – half somewhat healthy and half not so healthy.

  18. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    Great Halloween items!
    My favorite Halloween candy is the small KitKats or the small Butterfingers. Problem is I don’t give out as much I eat!😀

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The struggle is real Jeanne!!!

  19. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I absolutely hate Halloween. Since childhood I don’t like people dressed up or scary things and it continues into middle age So I am one that has been known to hide in the dark on Halloween. Fortunately we get no trick or treaters at my house.
    This I hate to decorate for this “holiday” and chose to stick with the fall thrme of pumpkins, Indian corn and such. Although I must admit a couple of these are extremely cute and not “scary”. 😝

  20. Rose Avatar

    I give out “good” candy! My kids shamed me when I wanted to give out little bags of pre wrapped pretzels! I did buy a big box of fruit snacks this year.

  21. Patricia Y Warthan Avatar
    Patricia Y Warthan

    We live in the country so no trick or treaters. When the kids were young we would always have Halloween parties. We would make our gummy worms in the dirt pudding cups and our pretzel spiders along with many other recipes I could find in the current magazines. But I still love candy corn. It is my favorite Halloween candy

  22. Vikki Avatar

    I love Halloween and it’s my favorite holiday!! Even my license plate shows my love for the holiday. I give out full size Hershey plain chocolate candy bars. And in 2 weeks hubby and I will be traveling to Boston and Salem MA for a haunted history vacation:)

  23. F14tomcat Avatar

    You’ve been busy in the design studio! Designs look great (and I don’t even like Halloween!)

  24. Alberta Bailie Avatar
    Alberta Bailie

    I definitely stitch every day. Seems I don’t sit down in the evening without a needle in my hand!! Most days I do machine stitching on a project in my Juki!!

    Due to van loads of adults babies and older kids that invade our neighborhood- we do turn out the porch light and go upstairs. Sad – loved seeing local kiddos!!

  25. Diane Madison Avatar
    Diane Madison

    I love to buy Halloween candy to eat myself (and I share some with my family). However, we turn our lights off and watch TV. Knowing me, I will be cross-stitching.

  26. Beth Pedersen Avatar
    Beth Pedersen

    Halloween is my birthday, so of course, I love all of the decorations. This year we will be cruising the Mediterranean, so no trick or treaters at our house. We do get text updates of all our grandchildren in their costumes.
    I love to do handwork, so I always have something to stitch at night.

  27. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    Decorate with all my Halloween quilts & items. stock up on treats for visitors. Try not to eat too much myself, but you know chocolate…

  28. Lynne Avatar

    I made the Happy Halloween pillow and love it! For treats I give out full size candy bars because there are about 20 kids who come. Much fewer kids than there were in years past.

  29. Barbara Avatar

    I visited the shop last week and the fall/Christmas projects are fantastic! It was hard to find a favorite project so if course I had to but several!! Old Crow and company and Give Thanks table runner will go great with last years Tom turkey wool mat! I love how Lisa makes each holiday so much fun!!!! Thanks Lisa.

    I’ll be handing out candy in Arizona this year, kind of strange to have warm weather verses the cold wet conditions that the Midwest usually has for Halloween! I’m taking my fall quilt from Primitive Gatherings called October Patch. It’s an older Backyard Quilts pattern but it’s a favorite. And of course the wool table runner is gorgeous on my table! So Happy Halloween everyone!

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