Gourd Big or Go Home!

Hey everyone! Land ho! I’m happy to report that I am finally safe and sound, back on dry ground and home in the good ol’ state of Wisconsin. Everything was so green when I left, but only a couple of short weeks later I returned to an ocean of vibrant autumn color. Such beauty this time of year – I can’t get enough! Everywhere I look the leaves are so bright, they almost seem electric against sprawling farm fields of gold. Just wow! So glad to be home. Though I had a total blast on my cruise, anyone would agree that being away from home for almost three weeks is almost a bit too long. And because I know in my head that my fantasy of sailing away into the sunset for the rest of eternity isn’t actually real, after a while my thoughts can’t help but start to wander back in the direction of work. It almost becomes stressful NOT to think about it, if that makes any sense…

While I was on the ship, the promise of access to a solid Wifi connection quickly became painfully empty within the first couple of hours of being on board. We only had a good signal here and there between islands, and limited access to the ship’s connection – certainly not enough to sustain any kind of long-term working conditions – making getting even an hour or two of desk work done at a time virtually impossible. I was able to hop on sporadically to check messages and blog a little so I wasn’t completely cut off, but it did feel different not having people be able to reach me 24/7. Accountability is definitely good, but sometimes it’s nice to set it aside for just a second.

Going through comments and messages from last week I noticed that many of you really enjoyed my quick and easy holiday décor suggestions for Halloween (if you missed it, you can read the two part post by clicking HERE for part I, and HERE for part II). Thanks to those of you who left me comments, you know I always appreciate that! Among the feedback I also got several requests for similar décor items for fall that are NOT Halloween themed, so I thought I would keep it going and cover a few of my favorite projects that would work for the entire fall season.

Let’s get started with Autumn’s Glory,” a stunning wool fall table mat perfect for all season long! This awesome fall-themed design features pumpkins, fall leaves, cattails, and cute little birds. Peep peep! Show off your appliqué skills using our awesome hand dyed wools to express your love for all things autumn. Measuring at 18 1/2″ x 27″, Autumn’s Gloryis the perfect addition to your family dining room table.

Are you a fan of turkey? Check out this cheeky Tom! All the coolest hens agree – Tom’s Pumpkin Patch is the place to be! This colorful mat and sweet pincushion include all the colors of fall here in Wisconsin. These autumnal patterns are the perfect projects to get you into the mood for cold air, falling leaves, and comfort food. Autumn is Here! Finished size is 24″ round.Like the look of Tom’s Pumpkin Patch but need something a bit smaller and less intricate? Try my “Pumpkin Table Mat! Featuring plump wool orange pumpkins all the way around, this project really utilizes the different shades and textures of wool that we have available here at PG. Adorable! Are you one of those people who leaves their candy dish out long after Halloween? Measuring at 18″ round, this nice round mat spices up the look of any candy or fruit bowl!

Need something smaller yet? Try this White Pumpkin Scalloped Table Mat! At a size of only 9″, this wooly little gem is perfect to enjoy from early fall to the last frost!Have ewe enough wool in your stash? Great news! We have the perfect shade of pumpkin wool for all your fall-time decor projects! It doesn’t stop there. We have colors from one end of the rainbow to the other! Not to mention the variety of textures, plaids, and tie-dyes available. Click the link below to shop!

I hope these suggestions at least got you thinking in the right direction toward fall décor. It really is only the scratch of the surface in my collection of fall-themed projects, but I figured I’d start you out slow with just a couple. Don’t worry, there’s more! I will be doing a part II All Things Autumn Post coming up soon, so watch for that! Let me know in the comments what kinds of fall projects you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to cover them!

Want to see even more? Remember, tomorrow we’re back LIVE on Shop Talk with Shelley at 9:30 a.m. CST on YouTube! Shelley will be covering any PG news, announcements, upcoming retreats, classes, and clubs, some new projects and notions… and of course more fall and Halloween items – including Halloween caramels! Ooo – now I know I have your attention! Ha, either way it’ll be a good time as usual, so tune in! I’ll be around either answering comments through the LIVE feed, or maybe I’ll even stop in if I’m passing through the shop at just the right time. We’ll see! Make sure to leave me a comment here on the blog and during the show for a chance to win a prize! I’m still in a great mood from my cruise so I’m feeling kind of generous right now… Take advantage! It probably won’t last forever. LOL! See you all tomorrow! ~Lisa


73 responses to “Gourd Big or Go Home!”

  1. Pame Blasy Avatar
    Pame Blasy

    We are coming to The Gathering this Thursday so of course will have to shop! Excited to see all the fall and leaves😊


    So glad you had a wonderful cruise and a break from it all (sort of). I look forward to seeing what you show us next. Your fall wool and projects are so pretty, I am inspired to sort through the wool boxes and get busy! Thank you so much for all of your inspiration and all you do for all of us.

  3. Christine Sloat Avatar
    Christine Sloat

    Welcome back, Lisa… Wisconsin missed you! Love, love, love all of the fall deco. Fall colors are in my soul, and I love decorating with them. I hope that in 2023 I can make a fall quilt and have it ready no later than the first of October! Hope to see you in person on Shop Talk.

  4. Robin T Avatar
    Robin T

    Welcome back!!! Thank you for the fall project suggestions!
    PS thank you for posting the final clue for O Say Can You Sew! while you were sailing the Pacific Ocean !

  5. Terri W Avatar
    Terri W

    Glad you had a wonderful trip, it’s does the body and soul good to take the time to relax and recharge. Can’t wait to see what to see what new things you have instore for the quilting community!

  6. Joyce Avatar

    I live in So. Texas so no beautiful colors in the trees….. Thanks for the non Halloween pumpkins, Love the fall season, but Christmas is my favorite.

  7. Linda Slauson Avatar
    Linda Slauson

    My husband & I have been to Hawaii twice. Once on a cruise. Best vacations ever. Three weeks is never enough but for me I’m glad your back. You were missed.

  8. pat Dubois Avatar
    pat Dubois

    Welcome back! I’m currently trying to get Thankful Life finished before ThNksgiving!

  9. Kaye Hlavaty Avatar
    Kaye Hlavaty

    Your positivity is so contagious! Glad you enjoyed your cruise but also enjoyed coming back home!

    Love all this fall eye candy!

  10. Melinda Rathmell Avatar
    Melinda Rathmell

    Welcome home! So glad you had a great trip!!! Here in so cal, shop talk is on live, just a bit early for me to get on, thus comment…. Looking forward to seeing it though later in the morning!! Happy Fall Lisa!!🧡💛🍁🍂

  11. Carrie Woger Avatar
    Carrie Woger

    I love all of your patterns. I would like for you to design a fall pattern with scarecrows and corn stalks. Happy you had an amazing trip but, we are all glad you are home with us !!!

  12. Karla Avatar

    Glad you had a Great trip, always so Fun to go somewhere & get away for awhile, but yet it’s good to get back 🏡 😃
    Love all your fall & Halloween patterns, just wishing I had more time for stitching 😍❤️😍

  13. Janet Huelskamp Avatar
    Janet Huelskamp

    Oh my goodness. Just when I think you can’t come up with cuter tablemats….. there’s these! jmh

  14. Pat Widmaier Avatar
    Pat Widmaier

    Hi! Welcome home! Happy to read you had a great trip, not that any of us thought any differently, but still nice to hear!

    I love all the wool things you’ve posted- Halloween and Fall, but do you have any tricks up your sleeve that would be more fabric related for transition into Holiday/Winter?

    I know there’s the autumn theme panel but would be fun to see you design a quilt with a Turkey, truck, leaves, etc. ha! I don’t ask for much.

    I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to watch Shop Talk! Can’t wait!

    See you soon!

    Pat W

  15. Sharyn Avatar

    Fall is my favorite time of year, why can’t it last 9 months! I love your Fall projects, can you show us what’s available for small wall hanging? Pieced, or wool, or combined ( my favorite). I know you’ve great designs.

  16. Daphne Easler Avatar
    Daphne Easler

    Looking forward to seeing more Fall ideas tomorrow!

  17. Pam Avatar

    Lisa, so glad you had a great time away. I get the feeling though of being home-there’s no place like it! Thanks for sharing all the fun Halloween and autumn goodies! Who can decide? Also thanks for all you do for us quilters!

  18. usairdoll Avatar

    Sounds like you had a great cruise and even able to enjoy time WiFi free time, lol
    I love this time of year, the fall season, although with it being 90 degrees here today, it’s still feeling summer !
    Love to decorate with table runners and mats! Such cute designs !
    Thank you !!

  19. Nancy Avatar

    Welcome back Lisa! Still working on my Hey Pumpkin project! Love all things fall!

  20. Roxie Avatar

    I am hoping to enjoy the fall colors on our travels to The Gathering.

  21. Jan Avatar

    Happy you enjoyed your cruise & Hawaii. Did you have to regain your land legs? Our trees are still green but leaves are falling from not enough rain. So for color I’ve boughtbpumpkins & mums. I like the fall decor as it lasts through Turkey Day. Those table mats are beautiful.

  22. Bonnie Emmons Avatar
    Bonnie Emmons

    So glad you enjoyed your trip but we missed your Thursday videos!! I love all the fall colors and I need to get to work my “Old Crow & Company Table Runner”! I hope to display it soon!!!

  23. Jill Bodwin Avatar
    Jill Bodwin

    Nice to have you back on land Lisa!

  24. Susan Burke Avatar
    Susan Burke

    So happy to hear that the cruise was a success !! So many stunning fall projects. I want them all ! Thanks to Lisa and all at PG for all you do !

  25. Deb C Avatar
    Deb C

    Glad to hear everyone had a wonderful cruise and you are back home. I look forward to your videos on Tues & Thurs again. I would love to see fall flannel quilts in your Fall Decor II blog.

  26. Karen Schneider Avatar
    Karen Schneider

    Sure was going thru withdrawals not hearing from you for a few weeks. So glad you enjoyed your cruise. Luv your Fall stuff.

  27. Melanie B Avatar
    Melanie B

    Three weeks is a long time to be away, but worth it when you are traveling so far! I adore this time of year, and all things pumpkin!!

  28. Sandy Avatar

    Love fall!!!

  29. Kathie Terek Avatar
    Kathie Terek

    Glad you’re back. We missed you but know you were thinking about what you were missing in good old Wisconsin!

  30. Sandie French Avatar
    Sandie French

    I love, love, love all of your designs and Halloween and fall are my favorite time of year (but Christmas the most!). I live in Oregon and we are fortunate enough to get some fall color to get me in the mood. I wish there were 3 of me to get all your projects done. Keep up the great inspiration and I’ll try to keep up!

  31. Jolin Barilla Avatar
    Jolin Barilla

    It’s good to have you back!

  32. Debby Avatar

    The cruise was great fun. But my favorite part of a vacation is always coming home!! Thank you so much.

  33. Belinda Avatar

    Those fall projects…fabulous! Can’t wait to get stitching! I love the wool ideas and the Give thanks pillow! Glad to have Lisa back home safe and sound!

  34. Colleen Swesey Avatar
    Colleen Swesey

    So happy to say that I have made three of those Fall projects and they are already adorning my house. Still hot here in San Diego but we have the Fall spirit🥰🍁🎃

  35. Vicki A Avatar
    Vicki A

    Aloha! Appreciated your Halloween blog Parts I and II. Got me inspired to prep the pillow, I Put a Spell on You and started the prep on Autumn Glory. As I’m finishing up Oh Say Can You Sew, these 2 projects will be ready for stitching! Fingers crossed!

  36. lcguest Avatar

    I love the idea of more fall themed items rather than just Halloween 🎃. When I go through the effort to make a project, I want to display it longer than a week 🙂 I like the multi-colored pumpkin I saw on the FB group recently vs just the jack-o-lanterns.

  37. Jennifer Roth Avatar
    Jennifer Roth

    Welcome home! I always find the return home bittersweet after vacation.

    I must share that the projects in this blog are all amazing. I made Tom Turkey and it is definitely a new fall favorite. The color pallet is spot on for those fall colors. I cannot wait to put on my dining room table to celebrate the season.

    Welcome home as I have missed “seeing everyone” each week. 🧵😊

  38. Karen Mathison Avatar
    Karen Mathison

    So glad that you enjoyed your cruise. Thanks for all the Halloween and a Fall projects. I have certainly enjoyed the cooler weather here in Texas. Seating outside working on my Pumpkin Carving wool blocks has been an extra special treat. Hopefully you can get a goodnights sleep in your own bed. There’s no place like home. ❤️

  39. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    No place like home!
    Fall being my favorite, I am anxious
    to see what’s coming!🌻😊

  40. Carol Keith Avatar
    Carol Keith

    So glad you are back. I’ve missed your blogs. Three weeks is a long time to be away, but what better place to be than our beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
    Much aloha for all you give to us. Your creativity is endless.

  41. Judy Wagner Avatar
    Judy Wagner

    I enjoy reading your posts and blogs. I always see something I want to make when you do these. Love your style of writing just like you’re talking!😊

  42. Sherri Fasse Avatar
    Sherri Fasse

    Had a great time this past weekend at the Gathering!! Everyone was sooo nice!!

  43. Joyce Beenes Avatar
    Joyce Beenes

    Glad you had a great time but happy you are home safe. Yes, the fall colors are beautiful here in Illinois also. Your pumpkin bundle of wool is yummy!

  44. Lynne Avatar

    Wow! Thanks for all of the ideas ❤️ I bought your lovely fall giving thanks panel quilt and will start that soon. Love your posts!

  45. Robyn Sanders Avatar
    Robyn Sanders

    Good blog! Welcome home! Great fall projects. Looking forward to Oct 17 – all things pumpkin.

  46. Susan M. Grochowski Avatar

    I really enjoyed this fall decorating blog post. Botn pumpkin table mats are so pretty. I did not know wool came in such great orange patterns and colors. Can’t wait for part two!

  47. Diane Madison Avatar
    Diane Madison

    I would like to see Fall pillow ideas. Glad you had a good trip.

  48. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Bet it does feel good to be home. I missed your posts while you were gone. The leaves are turning in Portland. Oregon. We will be leaving here on the 17th and heading back to Wisconsin. I hope the fall colors will still be there when I arrive. Would love to see some of your fall quilts.

  49. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I just bought a pillow kit from Wool Gatherings that is actually a table runner pattern from PG! I was at Quilt College in Weston that Pine Tree Quilt Guild puts on. Can’t wait to start on it. My husband is having bypass surgery on Friday so need some stitching projects to do!

  50. Rochelle Mann Avatar
    Rochelle Mann

    Welcome home. I love fall and really inspired by the fall wool decorations. I’m still sewing half square triangles though. Rochelle

  51. Deb Magerkurth Avatar
    Deb Magerkurth

    Welcome back! Such beautiful projects! I want to make them all as fall is my favorite time of year.

  52. Diane Evelyn Schwarz Avatar
    Diane Evelyn Schwarz

    Looking forward to a super-lishous program.
    I need to get my act together and get to sewing more often. You are great inspiration for us all.

  53. Diane Schroeder Avatar
    Diane Schroeder

    So glad you arrived home safely! Fall in Wisconsin is the best time of year. From the crisp air to the amazing colors everywhere, this is the best place to be! I finished up my pumpkin tablemat and have a large pumpkin candle right in the middle. Next fall project Luna tablemat. Love the white pumpkins!

  54. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Ohmygoodness Lisa! Those Fall mats are spectacular!! Well done!
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful cruise.

  55. Lea Henthorne Avatar
    Lea Henthorne

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. But did miss seeing you on YouTube.

  56. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    So glad you were able to enjoy Hawaii! It’s on my bucket list~~~it’s a big bucket. Walked in my sewing room this am and everywhere I looked it looked like a commercial for PG! Just wanted to tell you thanks for all of the inspiration. And I always find you generous…so it’s doubtful your “cruise mood” will run out! Still trying to “stitch every day!” ☺️

  57. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Oh boy, I see some table mats I might just
    “ need” to order! So lovely!

  58. An Cooper Avatar
    An Cooper

    Fall is my favorite time of year. A couple of days ago I took a drive through the mountains looking at the stunning colors! These wool mats are stunning too and look like they would be so much fun to create. Glad you had a great time on your cruise and got home safely

  59. Germaine Avatar

    Enjoyed reading your comments today about your travel and the stress of not working. Someone as creative as you cannot and should not be contained. We have to let it out. I finished Autumn’s Glory this summer and joyfully put it on my table last week. Love it!

  60. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    I love all your autumn table decor! Is that turkey still around?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks Patti! Which Turkey are you asking about?

  61. Lisa Stokes Avatar
    Lisa Stokes

    Glad you’re able to get back to doing what you love.

  62. Paula Ramsey Avatar
    Paula Ramsey

    I love Autumn’s Glory- I made need to try some wool!

  63. Diane Macrosson Avatar
    Diane Macrosson

    I would love to see some pillow patterns using the Autumn Gatherings fabrics. I’m just finishing up Tom’s Pumpkin Patch, it’s one of my favourites !

  64. Judy Zoll Avatar
    Judy Zoll

    Such beautiful fall projects, I want them all. Realistically I know I’m going to have to live forever to get them all done!

  65. carinmik84 Avatar

    Welcome back…….absolutely love all the fall / halloween projects. Can’t wait for “everything Pumpkin”!!!!

  66. Sandra Galenti Avatar

    Welcome back-glad you had a fun time on your cruise- Love “Autumn Glory” ordering it and can’t wait to start on it -fall in my favorite season. So enjoy reading your Blogs!

  67. Daphne Easler Avatar
    Daphne Easler

    Love this

  68. Cheryl D Keown Avatar
    Cheryl D Keown

    Welcome Home! I currently have 6 PG fall/Halloween projects fused down ready to stitch. Just not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to. Been trying to live by your motto: Stitch every day”. Love this time of year.

  69. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    Well, you just amaze me with the energy you have…thanks for the sweet kits you have for your customers…enjoy reading the website too, thanks again look forward to your site bobbie of corona de Tucson AZ

  70. Jan Avatar

    I commented earlier but forgot to ask if you visited any quilt/fabric stores in Hawaii. Are we going to see some Hawaiian inspiration in future projects?

  71. BevF Avatar

    Glad you had a great trip! Love all your fall patterns in wool aplique! The fall colors are so beautiful and I love decorating my house with them!

  72. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    I know I am a few days out, but these are so pretty! It’s hard to pick just one! Thanks Lisa for the great blog.

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