Sewcialites 2 – Block 4 “Flirty”

Hey everyone! Have you been able to stay on track with the Sewcialites 2 Quilt Along? I hope so because just like that, it’s already time for the next block release! This week we have Block 4 to play with. Flirty was designed by Chelsi Stratton of A Quilting Life – a mother-daughter quilting and design team based out of southern Nevada. Chelsi is otherwise a stay-at-home mom who enjoys using her creative side to design patterns for her Etsy shop, fabrics for Moda, and writing her own quilting blog. She is also passionate about nature, music, and fashion, which are the things that inspire her style today. As the daughter of an avid quilter and pattern designer, Chelsi is someone who has always loved the creative process. You could say working with fabric and design within her career was obviously inevitable!

Chelsi says that these days she’s especially drawn to blocks with a lot of color and geometric shapes, which is easy to see in Flirty.” She refers to this block as simple and sweet, with nice size pieces that are easy to work with. Her straightforward yet elegant design offers plenty of opportunity to show off your favorite fabrics. Got a scrap pile a mile high? This block makes the perfect scrap buster! It’s also a good one for those of you who have a stash of leftover half-square triangles from past projects laying around.

You can do this block in a controlled fashion or go crazy scrappy – it’s up to you! Either way, this beginner friendly project will go together quickly and easily, even for the novice quilter. Don’t let the simplicity of the pattern turn you off. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. Alright! Time to get stitching. Click the button below to get the pattern and full instructions for Flirty!

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, for my blocks I’ve decided to use my Garden Gatherings fabric line, leaving out the five tans. For the background I am using a selection from the Garden Gatherings Shirtings Collection, #49176 15 – a cream fabric with an adorable tiny mustard/orange floral print. Just look at those yummy colors and adorable prints. I can’t stop looking at it!

I love the fact that this quilt has three size options including 3”, 6”, and 9” – I am doing the 6″ version. I really can’t wait to see this beauty all finished… I think it’s really going to be something to look at – especially since Garden Gatherings is one of my favorite collections of all time! If you are head over heels for this fabric line like I am and want to use it for your Sewcialites 2 quilt, simply follow the link below to shop Garden Gatherings for all the fabric you need!

I know a lot of you are still trying to decide whether or not to participate in the Sewcialites 2 Quilt Along. Let me just say that one of the best things about Sewcialites 2 is that it’s never too late to start – you can join us at any time! Previously released blocks will always be posted on the Sewcialites 2 Landing Page. To make it even easier you can also find them here on my blog in the Sewcialites 2 Block Archive, which is listed in the main menu of links at the top of the page.

I will be posting each new block release here on my blog every Friday for your convenience. Fabric requirements and all block patterns are posted on the Sewcialites 2 Landing Page, which you can access by clicking the link below. If you’d like to get automatic updates on Sewcialites 2 you can subscribe to the blog by signing up in the Email subscription box by visiting the Landing Page, or by subscribing to the YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

As I’m packing up my things here in the studio for the weekend and looking out the window, I can’t quite believe that yesterday was over 70°- and downright balmy too! Now today we’re sitting at just around 30º, if that. Not a dramatic change or anything… Oy! I feel sorry for people with arthritis! All the dramatic changes in the weather lately make me wonder what’s in store for us this winter. I hate to say it, but the last few were what I would consider fairly mild for WI. I can remember in years past where the snow was piled so high we ran out of places to put it! We had multiple white-out blizzards and white Christmases – every year! Now days it’s anyone’s guess as to how the weather will be over the holidays. At least being a WI girl, I’m used to a fickle four-seasons and Mother Nature being forever unpredictable. Snow, rain, hail, sleet, ice…all five combined… We take it as it comes – and drive in it too! Some people really hate winter driving but I don’t mind for the most part. I have a reliable four wheel drive vehicle and tires designed to handle it. Just because it snows doesn’t mean I don’t need to be somewhere! Snow might equal slow, but it doesn’t have to mean stop!

Ok gang, it’s getting to be about time for me to head out for the weekend. But before I go, I think a great way to end the week would be to give away some prizes! I’ve been getting some really great comments on the blog lately. Thank you, I really do enjoy reading them! Your kind and encouraging words help keep me going every day! It’s so nice to know that people generously take time out of their busy lives to read my blog and watch my LIVE shows. Your thoughts, feelings, and opinions mean a lot to me. You have no idea how hard it is to choose a winner each week! It’s really not an easy job. That being said, please keep your comments coming! Each and every one helps us stay afloat in the wild sea they call social media. In other words, your comments matter! Plus, you could win a prize for it. Just like Helen L. and Barbara B. – our lucky prize winners this week! That’s right! They won a little something simply for commenting on my blog in the last couple of weeks. As usual, I don’t post last names or email addresses for your privacy, so if you think you’re one of these lucky winners, please be sure to check your email A.S.A.P.! You can also contact Heidi at if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner! Want to be considered for a prize? All you have to do is be like Helen and Barbara and leave me a comment! 

Have a great weekend everyone. See you next week as we continue to prepare for the arrival of our annual Primitive Christmas event. Set your reminders now! We’ll be going LIVE Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. CST for a special Primitive Christmas update. Click the button below to get all the latest information and details about the event, including sneak peaks! You don’t wanna miss this one. See you all soon! ~Lisa


20 responses to “Sewcialites 2 – Block 4 “Flirty””

  1. Linda Pickenpaugh Avatar
    Linda Pickenpaugh

    I am looking forward to next week’s Primitive Christmas. I always enjoy being surprised by the projects. I have finished many of them, though I’m still working on last year’s Santa quilt. Just enjoying the journey. Thank you so much!

  2. Shari Smith Avatar
    Shari Smith

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Gathering next week!

  3. K.C. Koehler Avatar
    K.C. Koehler

    Have a super weekend in the great country of ours.

  4. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    Snow=sew as far as I’m concerned! I winter in Arizona now so I don’t have to deal with too much cold. My arthritic hands are very thankful! Keep the projects coming so we all have something to sew no matter the weather conditions!

  5. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    What a cute block, and I have some ideas on how to make it PG scrappy… LOL I say PG since I have a ton of PG scraps from previous projects and I have some ideas rolling around in my mind. Hopefully I’ll be able to view the “Live” on Tuesday, not sure since I’ll be someplace near Rotan Honduras cruising and I’m not sure what my internet is going to be like. If nothing else I hope it’s good enough to order my primitive Christmas stuff! Sending lots of hugs, Liz

  6. Lorraine Wieziolowski Avatar
    Lorraine Wieziolowski

    Your sewcialite blocks look great in your garden gathering fabrics! Just love that fabric!

  7. Karla Avatar

    Same here in Iowa, beautiful yesterday, and then 16 degrees this morn🥶🥶🥶, & never got above 24🥶🥶🥶 My hands do NOT like his cold weather 😩 Love your block!! I have printed out the patterns, but haven’t started yet, worked on catching up on my revel blocks blocks today, doing 5 of them at once🙃
    I can’t wait to see all the beautiful goodies you have created for Primitive Christmas 🎄

  8. Virginia Holyoak Avatar
    Virginia Holyoak

    Thanks, Lisa, for all you do!

  9. Sharon Henson Avatar
    Sharon Henson

    Just love your Sewcialites 2 in Garden Gatherings! Might have to do a second one in that line🥰

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks Sharon! I am loving how it looks so far and can’t wait to see it finished!

  10. An Cooper Avatar
    An Cooper

    So excited for Christmas sale next week! It will be so much fun. I am also very excited for the opportunity to be able to donate to the rescue. Such an important part of my life. Just wondering, would you consider designing a black, white and red fabric line? I have some patterns that would look great in those colors! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend. See you next week online

  11. Tammy Avatar

    Winter in Wisconsin ahhhh….

  12. Sue Hoover Avatar
    Sue Hoover

    I’m looking forward to Primitive Christmas event as I do every year! Thank you again for choosing my name a couple of months ago. I loved my gift but I love your creativity more. So many fun things to make!

  13. Li da Thompson Avatar
    Li da Thompson

    I’m trying to think of a zippy comment! A flurry of snow, and I’m in Iowa until p t is over for a new hip. I have a very makeshift sewing room fixed up on the living level so I am saving my sewcialites to work on when I cant go down. However, NetFlix might win my time!

  14. William Rumler Avatar
    William Rumler

    Enjoy your website and the video’s it’s like i’m there with you and your staff…thanks again bobbie rumler of corona de Tucson AZ

  15. Cindy Avatar

    I agree that the weather has been crazy!!!!

    We’re heading north to visit PH so let’s not have a white blizzard this week!!!!!

    Love seeing all of your creativity!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Gail Avatar

    I love the colors in the fat quarter bundle you are using for the Sewcialites QAL

  17. Pat Wakefield Avatar
    Pat Wakefield

    Looking forward to the PG Christmas event next week. I’m hoping some of the Red & White Challenge quilts will be shown on-line for those of us who don’t live close enough to attend.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We will be showing them after the show is over with at the end of the year!

  18. blhaak Avatar

    Awesome video!

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