Red & White Gatherings Has Arrived!

Yes, this fantastic news is indeed true… My highly anticipated Red & White Gatherings line has officially arrived to Primitive Gatherings – just in time for Christmas! I am super excited about this considering we have all been (im)patiently waiting for it to get here since last spring, and we weren’t quite sure when exactly we’d actually have it in our hands. If you haven’t seen it yet, just wait until you do. The Red & White Gatherings line is nothing short of marvelous if I do say so myself. The collection is made up of cream-based whites and a stunning mix of reds ranging from middle-of-the-road, to dark and deep. Print patterns include floral, linear, and geometrical designs that span from tiny to large giving you a wide spectrum of visual variety.

If you’re anything at all like me, these exciting new fabrics have your mind going in a million directions! I can imagine this versatile line being implemented into several different projects I’ve been thinking about starting. You know how I love the traditional red and white color combination (if my Red & White Quilt Challenge doesn’t prove that, I don’t know what does)! Of course, I also have a project book to go along with these yummy fabrics that contains nine unique designs (12 total quilts – some with more than one version) – all based on Red & White Gatherings. If you’re looking for a bit of red and white inspiration, this book is the perfect solution!

People keep saying that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Now that Red & White Gatherings is here, I can’t agree more! When my warehouse guru Amy told me that it had officially arrived to PG, it may as well have been Christmas morning! Speaking of Amy, I am so lucky to have her holding the reins down in the warehouse. Thanks to her, just about everything is ready to rock and out for sale in the shop and online. The only thing we’re not quite finished with at this point is our kits, but those are coming along nicely and should be fully available soon. Please bear with us! Amy asks that if you are coming out to the shop for a specific Red & White Gatherings kit, please call us first at 920-722-7233 to be sure that we have it available. Ready to shop Red & White Gatherings? Click the button below to see what all the fuss is about!Want to know more? Tune in and watch me LIVE tomorrow during STITCH with Lisa Bongean at 1:00 p.m. CST on YouTube. I’ll be talking more about Red & White Gatherings along with another one of my recent fabric lines, Rustic Gatherings – which is still on sale for a limited time! Get 20% OFF pre-cuts and 15% OFF kits if you pre-order before December 5th! Click the button below to shop Rustic Gatherings!

You know, I just realized that with all the craziness going on last week I was kind of slacking in the prize department, so to make up for it I think double prizes are in order! We’ve had a lot of wonderful comments here on the blog lately and those of you leaving them deserve some credit! This week I’d like to say thanks and congratulations to Teresa E., Ganene B., Mary H., and Cheryl M.! You are this week’s lucky winners! As usual, I don’t post last names or email addresses for your privacy, so if you think you’re a lucky winner this week please be sure to check your email! You can also contact Heidi at if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner! Want to be considered for a prize? All you have to do is leave me a comment. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Ok, I think that’s enough excitement for one post so I’m going to stop here. I sure hope to see you all tomorrow for STITCH with Lisa Bongean at 1:00 CST. All you need to do to tune in is hit the STITCH button below! Hope to see you there – I have lots to talk about! ~Lisa

25 responses to “Red & White Gatherings Has Arrived!”

  1. Leona Kofoed Avatar
    Leona Kofoed

    I’m so excited the wait is almost over! Love Red & White Gatherings. Love, love, love.

  2. Cindy Blay Avatar
    Cindy Blay

    Looking forward to making a quilt with the Red and White fabric

  3. Tammy walters Avatar
    Tammy walters

    I am so excited the red and white line is there! I bought the book in sept. Can’t wait to shop!!

  4. Harriet murray Avatar
    Harriet murray

    Sew exciting to hear!!! Especially while I’m at Disney 🥰

  5. Charlene Reeder Avatar
    Charlene Reeder

    Congrats on the arrival. I followed Donna Liljegren with her gorgeous red quilt and now need some of this new stuff. Will get online and order soon. Very exciting!

  6. Mary Hawk Avatar
    Mary Hawk

    I love red and white. Can’t wait to see the fabric.

  7. Patti Kaplan Avatar
    Patti Kaplan

    Can’t wait to see the new red and white line. I absolutely love red and white quilts! Keep all the goodies coming!!!!

  8. Pamela Blessman Avatar
    Pamela Blessman

    Red and White Gatherings is delicious! Makes me want to drop what I’m working on and start a two color quilt! Good work! Thanks for keeping us in terrific fabric choices!

  9. susan collier Avatar
    susan collier

    A new fabric line! How exciting! I can’t wait to see all the fabric!!

  10. Lynette Avatar

    Lisa these red and white prints are SO wonderful! They will be perfect for next Christmas because it will take me that long to decide what to do!!!?

  11. Brenda Barr Avatar
    Brenda Barr

    I preordered one of the kits from.the new fabric line and I am looking forward to receiving it—it will keep me busy during that tedious stretch of winter that happens after the holidays. I can’t wait to see the fabrics in person!

  12. Carol Forestell Avatar
    Carol Forestell

    Hi Lisa, Just wanted say, Thanks for ALL you ! I’ve bern out of work since Aug. and have just gone back . But while I was out, the PG patterns that I’ve had stashed away, have kept me busy. Your patterns are well written . Thanks again. Carol Forestell

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      So happy we could help Carol! Congrats on getting back to work. Have a great holiday and stay busy! ~Lisa

  13. Joanne Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne Rodriguez

    The new red and white is so beautiful, I wish I could pet it on line. : )

  14. Nancy Black Avatar
    Nancy Black

    This is such great news about Red & White Gathering! I can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive soon!

  15. Christine S Avatar
    Christine S

    It really looks like Christmas with this beautiful red and white Gatherings!

  16. TheGranChris Avatar

    I have the first line so I can’t wait for line 2.

  17. Patricia Y Warthan Avatar
    Patricia Y Warthan

    Love watching your trunk shows. Had to go back and watch the farmhouse gatherings episode. Bought some of those fabrics and now considering buying some of the rustic gatherings fabric because I think they will go with those wonderfully. Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas!

  18. Roxanne B. Avatar
    Roxanne B.

    Fabric line looks really nice. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  19. Heather Avatar

    ❤️ Red & White Gatherings!

  20. kpavski7243 Avatar

    Can’t wait for my pre order of the fat quarter bundle and book for Red and White gatherings I am like you Lisa I love red and white anything. My husband was a fireman as is our son so our house if full of fire memorabilia and that sets the color way for our house. I also collect Santas so our house is full of red and white. I plan soon to have every quilt in my house be red and white for January till March when spring will spring

  21. Alice Avatar

    So excited about R&W Gatherings!!! Woohoo

  22. Skeeter Cramer Avatar
    Skeeter Cramer

    Nothing is cleaner and crisper than red and white. So anxious to see your new line. Yummy!!, u bet!!!!

  23. Jennifer Roth Avatar
    Jennifer Roth

    I am so excited for this fabric line release. I am anxious to make my own R&W quilt as I have been inspired by the quilts that Lisa has made, collected and then has on display at the gathering. I ordered the book as I just love how the antique quilts were created with a modern twist. I will be patiently waiting for that next package from P&G

  24. blhaak Avatar

    Loving your Rustic Gatherings!!!

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