As If You Needed Another Reason to Spoil Yourself with a New Juki…

Hey everyone! I’m sure you’ve heard about all the awesome daily flash sales going on right now here at Primitive Gatherings, and I really hope you’ve had a chance to take advantage! If you haven’t heard about it, I’m sad because you’re really missing out! I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that rather than having our usual 12 Days of Christmas event this year, we decided to take a different route due to the launch of our new website coming in January. It’s been a real challenge getting all our ducks in a row over the last year in an attempt to be ready for this exciting new chapter at PG, so the time that our 12 Days of Christmas event usually takes up is simply not available right now. To make up for it, this year we’re offering daily FLASH SALES during most of the month of December as a way to not only welcome the Christmas season, but also to say thank you to all of our great customers and fans!

So what does that mean for you? To take advantage of these generous daily deals all you have to do is check our Facebook store page and/or the STITCH Facebook group each day, where we will be posting the details and a link that will take you directly to the sale for that day! Each daily deal will only be valid for 24 hours only, so if you see something you GOTta have, don’t wait because it won’t last long! As I mentioned, we will be doing this for the duration of December – at least up until Christmas eve – so if you haven’t found that perfect deal yet, don’t worry. There’s more in store!

I have to say that it’s pretty weird to have December in full-swing without our 12 days event happening. At the same time, we’re so busy with everything else going on that the few minutes I bothered to notice its absence are already long gone into the past. On the same hand, it just wouldn’t feel like a proper December without my annual JUKI sale! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that every year I get super excited when it’s time to put these awesome machines on sale. It’s not something that happens very often and I love this machine so much that I can’t help but to share the love with my fellow stitchers. Tis’ the season, am I right? Now through December 11th, 2022 get your new JUKI TL-2010Q for only $999.00 (regular price = $1,100) by clicking the link below!!! To sweeten the deal, I’m also taking an additional 20% off bobbins and feet. Seriously, how can you go wrong? You can’t!

If you’re not familiar with this epic machine, I’m more than happy to gush about it just for a minute… Most of you know that this gem of a machine is my most preferred sewing tool of all time. I’ve used the JUKI TL-2010Q for what feels like forever – it’s definitely what I consider my, “work-horse.” Without this awesome work of mechanical art I would not be half the quilter I am today. Reason being is that the JUKI TL-2010Q is by no means new to the market. They are well known in the garment industry and though they are mostly industrial machines, they are tried and true and something I have 100% faith in for my own personal use. JUKI made their debut in the quilting world with a semi-industrial machine for designed just for quilters. I think I’ve had a JUKI for over 10 years now… I also own two Berninas – The 1260 and 1530, and a couple of Featherweights (I only admit this to you so that you know what I’m basing my opinions on). Not only that, I teach all across the country and have stitched on many different kinds of machines.

I bought the JUKI with the intention to use it as a second machine, specifically for machine quilting my little quilts. Having it also meant I didn’t have to change the walking foot from my regular foot on my Bernina – which is a huge time saver. They come with a few different feet, including two free motion feet and a walking foot. I like using the regular foot to stitch up against a bumper so I can get a scant quarter inch. I especially love that JUKI machines are all metal including the bobbins and feet. The TL-2010Q features a larger 9″ opening between the body and the arm, so machine quilting is easier to handle. It also has an extension table, which is especially nice for retreats. I usually have mine embedded in my table.

This machine ONLY stitches straight. Now, this might be an issue for some, but remember my only intention for this machine was machine quilting. The fact that it only stitches straight is actually a plus…nice tension at all times and a single hole throat plate. It holds large cones as well as regular thread. It also has an automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, knee lift, and stitches 1500 stitches per minute (or something like that). In other words, it is FAST!!! 

It has some really great advanced features, such as an industrial sub-tension system, variable speed control slider, and bright white LED lighting. It’s definitely built for precision sewing. With a large work area of up to 23 inches (with auxiliary table attached), the TL-2010Q can handle large quilt, sewing or home décor project with ease. It also allows you to trim top and bobbin threads using the exclusive foot controlled trimming system. Just rock your heel back on the foot control, and the thread is quickly and precisely cut. The machine is equipped with an automatic thread button that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads at the sewing end by lightly pressing the push-button. It also keeps the thread from quivering when sewing at high speeds and provides accurate fine tuned thread tension. Pretty cool! For a full list of factory specs please visit!

Because the JUKI TL-2010Q is one of my MOST favorite things, I’m super excited to be able to offer it to you at the lowest price of the year! Now through December 11th, 2022 you can get a JUKI TL-2010Q for yourself for only $999.00! And as I mentioned above, to sweeten the pot I’m also taking an additional 20% off bobbins and feet. Click the link below to order before the sale is gone for another year!

Alright ya’ll. Just like that the sun is down again. I really do hate it that it gets so dark so early this time of year. I won’t complain too much though since I know that come December 21st (the shortest day of the year AND the official first day of winter!) we’ll be back on the upswing toward warmer, LONGER, sunnier days. I know it’s a long way off, but a positive attitude really does do wonders to fight those pesky seasonal blues. Just saying!

Be sure to visit the Primitive Gatherings Facebook store page, and the STITCH group on Facebook to see all the fantastic daily deals coming your way this December. Not a member of our STITCH Facebook group yet? We’d love to have you! Join us for friendship, camaraderie, advice, a place to show off your hard work, and overall good company by clicking HERE (please be sure to answer all the admin questions when requesting to join or you may be denied as we are diligently fighting against spam and scammers on a daily basis). I will see you all again this Thursday when I go LIVE on my YouTube channel at 1:00 p.m. CST. Click the STITCH button below to watch. Take care for now and I’ll see you soon! ~Lisa

8 responses to “As If You Needed Another Reason to Spoil Yourself with a New Juki…”

  1. Mary Howland Avatar
    Mary Howland

    I don’t have Facebook so won’t be able to see your specials.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Mary. No worries. I will be posting them on my blog as well starting tomorrow. Happy stitching!

  2. Pam Avatar

    Such a great machine! Thank you for having all the flash sales. Looking forward to your new POS system.

  3. Linda Anderson Avatar
    Linda Anderson

    Is there any way for fans of Primitive Gathering who are not on Facebook to participate n the Daily Deals? I got off social media and trying to stay in touch.

    Thank you
    Linda Anderson

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Linda! I will start posting them daily to the blog starting tomorrow!

  4. Lorraine Lisotto Avatar
    Lorraine Lisotto

    Wow!! Great review for the Juki. I see on a Bernina 770 and love it but now think I need this Juki just because. 🤣🤣

  5. 107sophie Avatar

    Lisa –
    I was very sad to read your post today – I’ve missed out on Flash sales because I do not belong to Facebook. I am sad that you have left me, and I’m sure plenty of others, out of the option of taking advantage of the Flash sales. Isn’t there some way you could do a brief blog post to make sure all your followers/customers have a chance to take advantage of goodies at great savings? Please??

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hello! I’m sorry you’ve missed out on the sales so far. Aside from Facebook we also have been talking about them during Shop Talk and my STITCH with Lisa LIVE on Thursdays, so we thought we had it pretty well covered. Great idea to post the flash sale daily to the blog as well – I will start doing that! You can also see what the sale is each day by visiting our website and checking the “Flash Sale” section under the NEW ITEMS tab. Thanks again, and happy stitching!

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