December 17th – Double Deal Day!

Oh! Hey there… I suppose you’re here looking for today’s daily deal. Great news – there’s more than one today… Here are the details! TODAY ONLY! Custom cut Farmhouse Flannel 6″ x 10″ pre-cuts are ONLY $20.00! As if that’s not enough awesomeness in one day, select Farmhouse Gatherings pillows are 30% OFF! Click the link below to load up on these easy-to-make, versatile home décor hacks. At this great price, you can’t afford not to!

You know how I love pillows… and these are some of my all-time favorites! They are all patterns from my project book Farmhouse Gatherings, so remember if you’re purchasing the kits and don’t already have the book, you’ll need it in order to get the patterns. This fun collection really never gets old. It features rustic inspired patterns in calming neutral tones. The projects not only include pillows, but beautiful quilts and wall-hangings as well. Plus, it’s a really great book to have for anyone who likes to hand-make gifts. Need to pick up a copy? Hit the link below!

See you all tomorrow with the latest FLASH Sale release (FLASH Sale details are also posted daily by 6:30 a.m. on both the public PG Facebook page and my STITCH Facebook group. If you are not already a member of the STITCH group, you must request to join in order to see the posts. It’s easy! Just answer the admin questions, wait for approval, and you’re in!). You can also find them by visiting our website. Click “NEW ITEMS” and then “Flash Sale” to see the daily deal)!!! Take care! ~Lisa


4 responses to “December 17th – Double Deal Day!”

  1. Stephanie Tabares Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares

    Got my kits and precuts. Have had the book for a while, soe xcited.

  2. Pat Widmaier Avatar
    Pat Widmaier

    Hi again! Meant to send you a pm but I can just add here. You mentioned baking in your comments.

    I had to mail back a red/white book to the store, so I added a We Energies cookie book for you. If you’re not familiar with them, it’s been a tradition for many years that a cookie book is created and customer’s can pick up. Bring a retiree, I get one and often can get a few extras. I hope you find lots of good recipes to bake.

    Merry Christmas!


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Wow, thanks Pat! That was very nice of you. I will look for it this week. Happy holidays and I hope to see you soon! ~Lisa

  3. MaryJane Price Avatar
    MaryJane Price

    Hope you have had a good day of baking,decorating and stitching. My last batch of cookies are in the oven! One of my gifts I give is a box of cookies, I am using one of the Christmas wool boxes. They will also receive the pillow with the heart and their last name.
    Stay warm. Merry Christmas

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