Who Doesn’t LOVE a FREE Pattern?!?

Hey again everyone! As promised I’m back again today to let you know about a couple of quilt pattern releases that many of you have been patiently waiting on for a while now. You may recall a star-themed quilt from last year’s Summer Blocks of the Week projects called Stars All Around.” If you are a fan of this quilt but did not participate in the Summer Blocks of the Week I’m happy to say that the full pattern is now ready and available for purchase on our website by clicking the link below!I really had a lot of fun with this project because it was simple and easy to work on small sections at a time in between other projects. The pattern is a cinch to do and also makes for the perfect scrap buster. With something like 208 total stars, you can really put a dent in your scrap bin with this amazing quilt. After all is said and done,Stars All Around measures approximately 82″ x 82.”

Next up we have the Flurry quilt. You may remember this one from the 2022 Winter Wonderland retreat last year. This is a great pattern because not only is it an adorable solution to winter decorating all season long, but because it also comes in three sizes. Plus the possibilities are endless when it comes to the color schemes you can use. Talk about versatile!

So many of you fell in love with this quilt the second you saw it but it always takes some time to test a new pattern, and to work out any bugs we might find along the way. Well friends, you shall wait no longer because Flurry is officially ready and available for purchase by clicking the link below!

I know it’s difficult waiting for these pattern releases once you’ve seen something you really want to make, so I thought it would be nice to throw in a little bonus as a way to say thanks for being so patient. I’m not heavily advertising this bonus because I want it to be exclusive to those of you who watch me LIVE on YouTube, and who faithfully read my blog. You have no idea how much I appreciate every single one of you, so a little bonus is the least I can do. So with out further ado – now through 11:59 p.m. Sunday January 8th, 2023 get the pattern for Flurry FREE when you buy the Flurry kit (sorry free patterns do not apply to Stars All Around)!

That’s right! All you have to do to get the pattern for Flurry FREE is buy the kit and voila! It’s yours. Now I know you’re probably already running to the checkout line like a track star but hold up for just a second… PLEASE NOTE! In order to get your free pattern, please select your kit size only, and “NO” where it asks you to make a pattern selection. You will get your free pattern automatically. If you select “YES” you will be charged for an additional pattern. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a note in the comments section when placing your order, or you can call 920-722-7233 during our normal business hours for further assistance.

Alright everyone, the weekend is upon us! I’m leaving a bit early today so Heidi and I can make the drive up to her hometown of Wausau where I’ll be fitted for ski boots at the best ski shop around. Once I figure out which boots are best for me, my new skis will be ready to have their bindings mounted and set up especially for me. I know you’re probably wondering what that even means so I’ll put it to you this way – we should be on the hill by next weekend, both on sets of brand new skis! Both of us are pretty excited. I’ll keep you updated on how it all goes.

Before I go I want to give a special thanks to those of you who made comments here on the blog last week. As usual to show my gratitude I have a couple of prizes sitting here I can’t wait to send out. This week they’ll be going to Charlene M. and Vicki F.! Congratulations – you each have a prize coming your way! Please remember that I do not post last names or email addresses for your privacy, so if you think you’re one of the lucky winners this week please be sure to check your email. You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner (if you think you are a winner but have not received a prize confirmation email, please be sure to check your spam folder – it’s not often but our emails occasionally will end up there)! Have a great weekend and do your best to stay out of trouble! I will see you all on Monday! ~Lisa

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

43 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t LOVE a FREE Pattern?!?

  1. Wow!!! Lisa, Thank you so much for putting together this special treat for us!! I am sprinting to the website and then to the check out line right now!!!!! Can’t wait to make Flurry!!!!

  2. My husband would be happy to hear you are being fitted for your boots. He is an avid skier and feels his boots are the most important part of his equipment. Have fun on the slopes.

  3. Great idea to use the Stars All Around pattern as a stash buster, not scrap for me! I love Stars anyway!

  4. Thanks for the free pattern with Flurry kit purchase, you are so generous. I am sure you will enjoy using the new skis. Gotta make the best of the Wisconsin winters.

  5. Thanks for all you give so freely! Advice on quilting, recipes or life!!! So enjoy reading about your adventures 🥰

  6. Lisa, you and your crew are so generous. Thank you for the free pattern offer.

    Good luck with the ski boot fitting! 🙂

    1. Thanks Beth. It was a success – I have new boots, skis, poles, a sweet looking helmet and goggles. PLUS a new bag to put it all in. I can’t wait to go this week!

  7. Thank you for all you do, I ordered the small “Flurry” and backing fabric yesterday after your YouTube video can’t wait to get started on that project 🙂

  8. I bought the Stars All Around kit, but Life got in the way and I haven’t started it yet. How many videos are on your YouTube channel for this project? Also, is there a bonus project out there for the scraps? I feel like I dropped the ball on this—I do love the quilt and want to get it made. When my dad died three years ago, I inherited a bedroom set that was his grandmother’s, and it is decorated with stars. This quilt in the reproduction fabrics is going to be perfect for it.

  9. Thanks for the Flurry pattern Lisa. There wasn’t a backing option so I called the store. The staff at PG are all so nice and helpful. I was given directions for requesting backing, I trust them to make a perfect selection for my kits, one in each color😀. Two Christmas gifts for 2023 will be finished in plenty of time!
    Ps. Captain crabby ass appears to be a keeper, you’re a lucky couple. Have a blessed 2023.

  10. Hi Lisa, love your blog. You mentioned early in December you would be doing a video or showing of the Red & White Quilts that we sent in and were on display over the holidays. Do you have a date as to when that will happen. Thanks.

  11. wonderful I have been waiting for Stars all Around, and Flurry was on my list thank you for offering a free pattern! Happy January, enjoy your skiing, I haven’t been skiing in many years (since I was in the Air Force), I’d probably break my leg… lol.

  12. Love the snowflake pattern. If you are going to live in WI., you might as well embrace winter, right? Enjoy.

  13. Have a great weekend, and have fun looking for ski boots. Loved the preview of Joyful Gatherings. 💗

  14. I am just putting two and two together since you said you were coming to Utah and you’re getting new ski equipment. I just want you to know we’re getting a lot of new snow and I hope you have a great time on the slopes. It’s absolutely stunning in the mountains

  15. Don’t know if you have downhilled before, but I decided when I was 50 years of age, I wanted to try downhilling, golfing and quilting. I had cross-countried for YEARS. What a thrill to downhill. I golfed and won a ladies league trophy. Took my first quilting class and was hooked. Now, I’m 83 and quilting is my long term, stick to it, ‘sport’.
    Enjoy skiing! Be safe

    1. Hey Carol! Yes, we downhill! We also snowshoe but Heidi and I keep saying we need to get into cross country skiing as well for more of a cardio workout. I love it all!

  16. So many beautiful patterns….so little time. If only we could purchase time as well as the pattern! I’m glad you are finding time to decompress a little.

  17. Had a meeting during the Live yesterday so watched the recording last night – so much temptation! I can’t wait for the new stitch-alongs (all three versions), the new wool box project, the new challenge, and the new flannels! I just ran across a pattern a few days ago that I set aside hoping you would come out with a flannel line that would be work for it and the new one is absolutely perfect! Thanks for everything you do to make us feel like kids at Christmas all year long!

  18. I love reading your blog and watching your “live” videos – sometimes a day late, but never-the-less, I watch! I’m so excited to have ordered the new fat quarter tower of Joyful Gatherings. I’m very excited for the qal coming later this year. Christmas quilts fill my heart. Can’t wait!!

  19. I must say I am super impressed with everyone at Primitive Gatherings. Everyone I’ve spoken has kept their word and then some. Thank you And although I’m in a suburb of Buffalo and am a true red, white and blue Bills fan – Aaron R and the Packers have a part of my heart every year.

  20. Kudos to you for going skiing! I love the energy and motivation that you bring to us not only through all the quilting inspiration but your daily pursuit of all kinds of activities! Love it!!

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