…in With the New!

Hey everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend! Most of you know that I was feeling less than adequate by the middle of last week, so I was pretty relieved once Friday evening came rolling in. I’m not usually one to spend my weekends laying around, but I’ll be the first to admit that is exactly what I did for the last couple of days. I am notorious for not allowing myself enough time to recuperate after an illness so I’ve been trying super hard to take it as easy as I can so that I don’t end up making myself sick again. Despite the logic in that, you know it hasn’t necessarily been easy for me to relent to what my body needs versus what my brain wants. Tale as old as time…

Thanks again for bearing with the time change last week for my LIVE show on Friday. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, no worries. You can always catch the replay by hitting the STITCH button at the end of my post. I went over a bunch of new projects that I’ve been impatiently waiting to release to you for a while now. If you’re unable to watch, no worries. I’ll go through them here for you, one by one.

Let’s start with one of the latest additions to my clipboard banner series called, It’s a Good Day.” I love this banner! I’m a firm believer that a huge factor in finding true happiness in your life is simply choosing it on a daily basis. It’s a Good Dayreminds us that every day is a good day to be happy…

This banner is great if you need a gift in between holidays for a birthday or other occasion, or – just because! It’s easy to cheer someone up. It’s a Good Daymakes it easier than ever! At 12″ x 12″ this banner fits perfectly on one of Scotty’s custom built clipboards, which makes displaying it fast and convenient – especially if you already have the board for other projects. If not, you can easily order it along with the pattern and kit for by selecting “add clipboard” when making your order selections.

If you’re a fan of my seasonal clipboard series and want to keep adding to it, check out All Things Pumpkin.” This seasonal banner features all things…gourd really. LOL! Basically any kind of “pumpkin-like” fruit that we see here in WI around the harvest time.

I had a lot of fun making each and every one of the little cuties adorning this autumn-themed banner, and you will too! Plus, at the manageable size of 12″ x 12″ if you’re new to wool appliqué, this is a great project to get some good practice in without making a huge commitment. Ready to get started? Click above to add All Things Pumpkin to your hanging banner collection!

Next up we have a cute little project that I came up with simply called, Wool Bucket and Rotary Cutter Case.” I’ll admit that it took me a try or two to get this one figured out just right so that the sides were stiff enough but I’m really happy with the final product. The outside of the basket is wool, and the inside is soft flannel.

I designed this project so that when you order the kit you end up with enough for two projects in the end, rather than a bunch of waste. After you’re done with the basket you should have plenty left over from the kit to also get an adorable wool appliquéd rotary cutter holder out of it. I really love the idea of projects that yield more than one thing in the end to show for all your hard work and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint! It makes a great gift or the perfect functional project to keep for yourself.

Looking for a mini-charm friendly project? Try Mini Scrappy Pouch.” This project is pretty much exactly as the title reads – a mini pouch made using a mini charm (plus your binding and lining) perfect for keeping all sorts of things safe and sound all in the same place. There’s no such thing as too many zipper pouches in my humble opinion – I have them everywhere! I keep thread, needles, other notions, bobbins… anything I need to keep contained really – all safe and sound in these little babies. They’re super fast to put together and make perfect gifts for your stitcher friends. Plus, they’re PERFECT for traveling! Grab one for you and a few more to give away. Each comes with a zipper charm to make it extra personal. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned quilter, you can’t go wrong with Mini Scrappy Pouch!

Moving on to some larger scale projects, we have Nantucket Summer,” a quilt originally from our quilt box subscription that is now finally available to the rest of the world. It offers a simple yet eye-pleasing design derived from everyone’s favorite – half-square triangles!

This quilt can conveniently be done using just a charm pack. It’s not a difficult quilt to do but if you’re one of those people who’s not a huge fan of half-square triangles, I highly recommend using my 1 1/4″ half-square triangle paper, which you can find by clicking HERE. To order Nantucket Summer click the link above!

On With 2022 is one of my favorite projects from last year’s wool box, and it just so happened to be the on-going project. This wool appliqué runner features hexis, wool pennies, stars, fancy stitches, and a rainbow of color to dazzle your mind’s eye.

There was a ton of interest in this runner so it makes me happy to finally be able to share it with you. If you do decide to tackle this beauty please be aware that the background wool color and texture included in the kit is subject to change. Also, the Homespun backing is not provided in the kit for this one so if you would like the backing fabric, please make sure to select and put that in your cart. You will need 1/3 yard.

Many of you have heard me talking about my 1883 project from our exclusive Special Edition gift box earlier this winter and after hearing all the rave reviews it’s gotten, I’m sure you’re anxious to get your hands on it. Well, wait no longer! 1883 is now available for purchase as an individual project!

Featured on one of Scotty’s custom designed display boards, 1883 was lovingly designed around the spin-off of one of my favorite shows of all time, Yellowstone! It features a pretty floral motif with a handsome spring robin and is done with wool appliqué. As a little bonus, you’ll also be able to squeeze out the matching pin cushion with any excess wool left over from your kit. As you can see I used the 1883 date on the main project, and this year’s date on the pincushion. How will you date yours?

Did you see anything that you’re extra excited about? Let me know in the comments what caught your eye and what you think your next project is going to be. Remember, if you’d like to see those projects a bit more in detail, don’t forget you can always go back and watch me go through them on last week’s episode of STITCH with Lisa by hitting the link below.

Ok folks, that’s it for today! This girl is exhausted. The good news is, Captain Crab Ass is actually Captain Sweetie Pie today, since he is at home as we speak preparing pork chops, green beans and mashed potatoes for dinner… And yes, without even being asked! We might pick on the poor guy a lot around here but trust me – it’s all good. He knows he’s loved. Have a great night everyone and I will see you all again soon! Until then, take care and have a lovely evening. ~Lisa



40 responses to “…in With the New!”

  1. Alice Avatar

    So glad you are feeling better! Dinner sounds delicious!!!

  2. Pat Widmaier Avatar
    Pat Widmaier

    Yum! Pork, mashed potatoes, veggies…a great reminder of how my German grandma used to cook!

    Watched your video and am reminded of how many projects are needing my attention. I had my share of cold and cough for 3 weeks and am on the mend! Time to get myself busy on those projects! Happy to hear you are feeling better too!


  3. Pam Avatar

    That is so good that you took time to recuperate and take care of yourself. All the projects you introduced are fabulous. I am just starting “On with 2022”. Take care!

  4. usairdoll Avatar

    So much goodness !! Love the wool work and that mini zipper bag.

  5. Barb Rohloff Avatar
    Barb Rohloff

    Hi Lisa…..next project on my list from my quilt box subscription is Nantucket Summer right after I finish ‘Revel.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. It’s hard to just rest!

  6. Jan Avatar

    Oh boy, more temptations. All Things Pumpkin, the wool runner with pennys, stars & hexies & the pouches. Sometimes you need little projects to feel accomplishment. And I’ll be ready for Oct with All Things Pumpkin. Now to the web page to see costs.

  7. Nina Christman Avatar
    Nina Christman

    I was thinking about dropping my wool club subscription since I am far behind. When I saw the new long project, I couldn’t resist. I am excited to get my first 2023 box. I have been on the list from the beginning.

  8. Teri Pierce Avatar
    Teri Pierce

    Why do you torture me with all this wooly goodness! I told myself no new projects with the good angel on my shoulder and of course the devil is going to most likely win…again. Grr! Looking at your website right away. Feel better!

  9. Nancy Black Avatar
    Nancy Black

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! The 1883 project has me excited. I think I’d like to make it but put the year I was married on it! Believe me it was a long time ago!

  10. Debie Kasparek Avatar
    Debie Kasparek

    So glad you are feeling better ! I ordered the scrappy bag and 1883! Yellowstone and its spin-offs are my favorite also! Sounds like Nick is a good cook as well as his other talents!

  11. Cindy Avatar

    Watching the show was great !!! You did a wonderful job even if you didn’t feel good!!!


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks Cindy!

  12. Phyllis Avatar

    Hi Lisa. I love everything! I just have to decide what to do first!! 🙂

  13. Gloria Galiana Avatar
    Gloria Galiana

    OMG, I really love 1883 and putting it on the white board really frames it so well. I think this will have to be my next project! Your hubby is a keeper for sure! Everyone has their off days.

  14. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Glad you are feeling better and Yeah for Nick for wanting to help out! And you are both loved by so many!!!

  15. linda d bechtel Avatar
    linda d bechtel

    Glad you are feeling better! Getting excited here about all the new projects coming!! Yippee!!!

  16. Sue stTer Avatar
    Sue stTer

    Hi Lisa love everything esp the 1883 wool project and o with 2022 wool table runner.

  17. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    Hi from Arizona! Your projects are beautiful! Love the Mini Scrappy pouch and the On With 2022 runner!!

  18. Sylvia Fletcher Avatar
    Sylvia Fletcher

    My next project is a big one. It’s Meet me in the Garden!!! My fabric arrived today! So excited. The fabrics are beautiful. Thank you Lisa

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Awesome Sylvia! It’s a beautiful quilt. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  19. Karen Qualls Avatar
    Karen Qualls

    Absolutely love the wool basket and rotary cutter case. Will be ordering soon!

  20. Diane Poirier Avatar
    Diane Poirier

    Love the pouch!

  21. Kathy B Avatar
    Kathy B

    Just when I think I will refrain from one more purchase, there is another exciting idea from Primitive! I love the On With 2022 runner…next on my order list. Looking forward to starting 1883 from the holiday box… Keep up with all the great ideas and best wishes to you and your team for a great 2023!

  22. Anne Thate Avatar
    Anne Thate

    I am looking forward to making my on with 2022 after seeing yours here

  23. Pam Avatar

    Today I sewed the mini charm bag. I hoped t o purchase grey for Nantucket summer. The

  24. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I love the Nantucket pattern. It just appears like you threw triangles onto a background. Love it

  25. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    I’ve completed “on With 2022”, “All Things Pumpkin”, “It’s a Good Day”. “Wool Bucket & case” next in line. Love all the projects! Especially enjoy working on the 12 x 12 projects.

  26. Lisa Marie Avatar
    Lisa Marie

    It’s all great, but I can’t wait to do Nantucket Summer!

  27. Gail Duval Avatar
    Gail Duval

    Love the little bucket and rotary cutter holder.

  28. Judy Wagner Avatar
    Judy Wagner

    Looking forward to making some Moni scrappy pouches

  29. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Love the little basket and rotary cover!

  30. smmothershead Avatar

    I love working with wool / hand stitching and the1883 design is so fabulous. It is definitely next on my list!

  31. smmothershead Avatar

    1883 is next on my list – I love the pattern! Glad to hear you’re on the mend!!

  32. lee Avatar

    Oh so many fabulous projects! I love the Be happy banner! Super cute! On my list to make for sure! The zippy pouches are so sweet too… I love the zip pull that looks like a rotary cutter!

  33. Jennifer Nail Avatar
    Jennifer Nail

    If I could I would make every single thing in your shop!

  34. Judy Zoll Avatar
    Judy Zoll

    Isn’t it so nice to have that man who steps up to help you when you’re just not feeling well? Not saying that the captain isn’t always there for you, but when you’re low it’s extra special. Thanks Lisa for all you do

  35. Beth Avatar

    Can never pick a favorite, because it’s all great!!

  36. Jill Atkins Avatar
    Jill Atkins

    Lisa – you amaze me! You work so hard for everyone, you certainly have earned some rest and relaxation time. I really enjoy, and look forward to, your ‘Live with Lisa’ videos each week. Many thanks!

  37. Ellen Fox Avatar
    Ellen Fox

    I am looking forward to receiving my 1883 kit and threads. My Wooly Friends group has been challenged by our leader to do a project like this and I’ll be set. Love what you do Lisa!! You are amazing.

  38. Mary Durham Avatar
    Mary Durham

    Everything you showed today is wonderful. I’m planning on making some of the zip bags. I’ve never made any with the binding all around, and I’ve got plenty of mini charms to experiment with. Thanks for all the sharing you do. Glad you’re feeling better.

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