On Retreat at The Gathering!

Hey friends, nice to see you! I’ve managed to make it through another weekend without feeling like I ever slowed down. As you know, Friday was the kickoff for our “Friday Night Lights” overnight retreat at The Gathering, where the party started as soon as our guests began to arrive. We mingled and got to know each other with the help of a delicious WI style Bloody Mary bar to help break the ice. We enjoyed our liquid works of art while we unpacked, set up shop, and waited for dinner to be served.After a delicious dinner prepared by Erica and crew, we all changed into our “comfies” and had a good old fashioned pajama party… complete with BINGO and prizes! Saturday was spent stitching, shopping, and laughing with lots of fun and camaraderie overall. We had stitchers here all the way from CA and just down the road. Old friends met up, new friends were made… It was a GREAT time and I can’t wait to do it again!Of course, despite my best efforts to focus on fun and not work for once, all the horse play and shenanigans didn’t stop me from putting a dent in my “To Do” list… I still managed to get a lot accomplished on a couple of my current projects, including this fat-eighth friendly quilt that I’m making with my Lakeside Gatherings Flannels line. This one’s called Shimmering Lake!” 

Isn’t it pretty? I sure do love Lakeside Gatherings and I’m super excited for it to finally hit the warehouse shelves sometime in August, 2023 (it will definitely be LONG anticipated by then…stay strong Lisa…). It features soft flannels in an assemblage of blues and creams that are sure to be just the fabric you need for winter projects. I know it seems early to be thinking of winter projects already – especially since we’re just wrapping THIS winter up – but working ahead is always a smart way to be sure your projects are complete in time for next season. If you don’t have any winter projects in mind for 2023/24 quite yet, I’m sure we can find something to trip your trigger in my new Lakeside Gatherings project book, which is also coming soon.

Excited yet? If you know these yummy flannels are something you need in your stash I have great news for you. Lakeside Gatheringspre-cuts, project kits, and project book are all available to pre-order now until March 19th, 2023! Not only will you be one of the first to get your hands on this coveted new collection when it arrives, but if you pre-order by March 19th, 2023 you’ll get 20% OFF (sorry, this offer does NOT include yardage)!!!I just love the arrival of new fabric lines. A ton of brainstorming, time, teamwork, and preparation goes into every collection… It’s a wonderful feeling when it all finally comes together into something tangible that we can actually hold in our hands. It’s an even better feeling when I start seeing my fabric ending up in the beautiful works of art that others have created. Now THAT is a cool feeling. It’s like hey! I might actually be kind of good at this whole fabric/quilt design thing… Who knew! LOL

I didn’t get much time to collect my thoughts between the unrestrained mischief of Friday night and Saturday before our next round of guests began checking in for the big Sue Spargo retreat going on this week. If you don’t recall seeing this one advertised it’s because we never got the chance! Sue is so popular that as soon as people heard that she was coming to The Gathering for a retreat, it was full before we even had time to design a flier to advertise it – and I can’t say I’m surprised either. Sue is an extremely talented fiber artist known for quilting, layering, and embroidering. She uses market wools saturated in bright colors along with multi-medium layering and embroidery to create textural depth and dimension like you’ve never seen before. Sue also offers a variety of quality notions and tools, an eclectic range of fabrics, unique and speciality hand and mill dyed wools, a vast collection of embroidery threads, technique and pattern books, and kits at her online shop, suespargo.com. Check it out by clicking HERE! She really is amazing! 

Speaking of Sue, it’s time for me to get back over to The Gathering before they notice how long I’ve been gone…but before I do that I realized on Friday that I was in such a hurry to get back to the party after blogging, that I forgot to announce my weekly comment winners! Karen M. and Carol F. – please forgive me for forgetting to announce that YOU are my lucky winners from last week for your comments here on the blog. Congratulations! Note: I do not post last names or email addresses for your privacy, so if you think you’re one of the lucky winners this week please be sure to check your email. You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. If you think you are a winner but have not received a prize confirmation email, be sure to check your spam folder – it’s not often but our emails will sometimes end up there)!

Alright everyone, gotta go so I don’t miss the dinner bell. I will see you all later this week here on the blog and LIVE on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. on STITCH with Lisa Bongean. As usual we’ll be covering any upcoming events here at PG and The Gathering, I’ll be talking about Lakeside Gatherings and all the projects that go with it, Vicki will share some of her favorite picks from the shop, plus I’ll be filling you in on how the Sue Spargo event is going. You don’t want to miss it! Click the link below to tune in and I will see you there! ~Lisa


34 responses to “On Retreat at The Gathering!”

  1. Sylvia millet Avatar
    Sylvia millet

    Fun times!! Wish I was there

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      So do we Sylvia!

  2. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    All your stitch events sound so fun. Love all the photos you share!

  3. Danette D Knoth Avatar
    Danette D Knoth

    Looks like you all had a great time! My wish is to come visit for a weekend and learn some new things!! Someday…

  4. Charlene Morris Avatar
    Charlene Morris

    Sounds like a fun busy weekend. Excited to see Lakeside Gatherings projects. Love what I have been shown so far. Enjoy your week of fun.

  5. Christina Mueller Avatar
    Christina Mueller

    Looking forward to all the Lakeside Gathering projects. The colors are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for designing another beautiful line of fabrics!

  6. Nana Wall Avatar
    Nana Wall

    Hope to be able to make it to one of your retreats soon! Sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you for hosting such events.

  7. Jeanne Giebe Avatar
    Jeanne Giebe

    Have a great time with Sue Spargo! What a treat!

  8. Lona Long Avatar
    Lona Long

    Shimmering Lake is beautiful! Like always, your projects and fabrics, never disappoint! I am looking so forward to staying at The Gathering and attending the Sue Spargo class. See you soon! Prayinh for safe travels for all, including myself.

  9. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    Beautiful Lakeside Gatherings fabric! I Love blue & flannels. Would so love to come to one of the retreats. On my bucket list.

  10. grammyhammy Avatar

    Lisa, your blog posts are wonderful. Just like sitting down and having a chat. Your new flannels are a treat – such great blues. Envying your gatherings and hope to one day make a trip to Wisconsin to be at one of your retreats. In the meantime I will have to make do with the blog posts and Thursday’s “Stitch with Lisa Bongean.”

  11. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Sure looks like you gals had a ton of FUN! Wished I lived closer!! Lakeside Gatherings is AWESOME! Love your Shimmering Lake quilt! Can’t wait to see more!

  12. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    So much fun and excitement. Going to order my lakeside gathering half yard bundle this week. Excited to get that one. Sorry that I had to miss Sue Spargo. Maybe I’ll get another chance.

  13. Stephanie R Avatar
    Stephanie R

    The events at the Gathering look like so much fun! Hopefully this summer I can partake in some of the excitement when I am visiting Wisconsin!

  14. Sandi Z Avatar
    Sandi Z

    Your new lakeside gatherings speaks to me, it’s beautiful and calming! Feeling blessed to live on a lake like you and your family!

  15. Laura VS Avatar
    Laura VS

    I need to live closer! But, I’m not sure about your weather. We were in the 70’s when you got your last blizzard.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Give it time Laura! In just a few short months it’ll be hotter than we can handle!

  16. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Sure looks like fun. One day.

  17. Abby (Phyllis) Avatar
    Abby (Phyllis)

    It looks like you had so much fun!

  18. Lora T Congdon Avatar
    Lora T Congdon

    Love everything about Primitive Gatherings. Have done many many patterns through the years and am now getting the Wool box. ❤️ ❤️

  19. Pat Avatar

    Looks like the retreat was tons of fun!!!! Really like the flannel quilt, just the ticket for cold weather..

  20. Karen B Avatar
    Karen B

    I hope I get to attend a retreat at Primitive Gatherings some day. It always looks like everyone is having such a good time.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      That would be awesome Karen! Keep in mind we’re only 20 short minutes away from the airport! 😉

  21. Pamala Shallenberger Avatar
    Pamala Shallenberger

    love the lakeside gathering but so far i’ve never done flannel. might have to think about this since i live on a lake.

  22. Sue Hoover Avatar
    Sue Hoover

    What a beautiful quilt and I’ll just bet it’s so soft & snuggly! Have yourself a blast with Sue Spargo!

  23. Sherilyn Wethington Avatar
    Sherilyn Wethington

    Love the new quilt! Friday Night Lights looked amazing! And those Bloody Mary’s, Yum! Only in Wisconsin! 💗💗💗

  24. Pam Avatar

    Retreat looks like so much fun! So true it is a place to meet new friends. Looking forward to my next retreat in September. I met many new friends and we are coming back the same time later this year.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      See you soon Pam!

  25. Barbara Avatar

    It’s always a good day when I see your blog in my inbox. Love the cool soothing blues in Lakeside Gatherings.

  26. Teresa Geeslin Avatar
    Teresa Geeslin

    Sue Spargo sounds like an amazing retreat! Can’t wait for my Lakeside Gatherings to come in August. I have never worked with flannels, and love this color combo.

  27. Sharlene Andoe Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I enjoy reading about what is happening at Primitive Gatherings! The Retreat would be a fun event to experience one day in the future so I have added this to my Bucket List! The Flannels look soft and cuddly and the Lakeside Gatherings fabric line really makes the Shimmering Lake Quilt SHIMMER! Looking forward to the Thursday LIVE! Have an AWESOME day, Lisa!

  28. karens1963 Avatar

    Lakeside gatherings looks so yummy!! I have never done a quilt exclusively pieced with flannel…how is it different? harder or easier? starch or no starch…Think i need to order the book and some precuts! Love all things PG!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Karen! I would say there really isn’t much difference at all… and YES starch! It makes a world of difference.

  29. slkarr Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Just watched this weeks live. FYI: You mentioned at the end that you can’t always get all your starch out. I use to have the same problem.
    One day I googled “Why is there always a red dot on spray cans”? There is a “straw or tube” inside the can. When you point the spray hole at the dot, the tilt of the can will then always put the fluid where the end of the straw is, so you can get the last of the spray out. Most spray cans have instruction to point the sprayer at the red dot. Most of us ignore it because it works perfectly well wherever it’s pointed. Until it gets to the end… Keep an eye on it. It will spin around 🙂

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