It Could Feel like Christmas Morning Once a Month!

Hey all, welcome back for part two of the Primitive Gatherings Subscription Box discussion! In my last post I talked about what a great opportunity our Subscription Wool Boxes are, and how if you’re still hemmin’ and hawing over whether or not to join, to go for it already! Thanks to those of you who left comments about how much you love yours. There’s no better advertising than real-life testimonials, so I really appreciate that! If you still need convincing, I invite you to go back and read some of those comments. Happy stitchers don’t lie!

I realize that working with wool and wool appliqué isn’t for everyone, so if you’re one of those people who just can’t get into it, don’t worry! Our Primitive Gatherings Quilt Subscription Boxes are another great option that might just be the ticket to happiness being delivered to your door once a month. The Primitive Gatherings Quilt Box Subscription consists of themed boxes that re-create some of my antique quilts into similar smaller versions or mini quilts. They include small hand-piecing or EPP, quick and easy cross-stitch projects, a bit of hand appliqué and embroidery, pin cushions, pouches, totes, pillows, and an on-going block project that will grow into a larger quilt over time. Check out a few recent past boxes that have already shipped out…

Boxes also include projects by guest designers along with a variety of fabric types to bring you a wide range of fun and creative opportunities. My main focus in these boxes is smaller quilts, but I also want to stretch the possibilities to include other patchwork and sewing projects in the future.

These quilt boxes really are a great deal when you think about how much you’re saving in the long run, especially considering they are made up of all new projects that have not been previously released. Curious yet? Like the Subscription Wool Box, Quilt Box Subscription Boxes are released and conveniently delivered to your door every other month, alternating with the Wool Box months. Details are as follows:

  • Projects are 30% OFF retail value!
  • The Subscription Quilt Box will ship 6 times a year, every other month starting in February.
  • The price of each box will be $45.00 including shipping.
  • Boxes are billed automatically on the 15th of each month.
  • Boxes ship at the end of the month after all billing is cleared.
  • You may join anytime as long as the subscription is not full to capacity. Subscriptions will continue until you email us and request to cancel.
  • PLEASE NOTE: when canceling your subscription, you will still receive the next box in the line up. After that box your subscription will be canceled.
  • Signing up is easy! All you have to do is click the link below…

If you’re still having doubts, like I mentioned above all you have to do is ask someone who’s taken the plunge before and they’ll certainly tell you! In fact, just like you did for the wool box, if you’re a Quilt Box subscriber already please drop me a note on why you would recommend it. Let your fellow stitchers know what they’re missing out on – there might even be a prize in it for you!

If you have any questions on either the Quilt or  Wool Subscription Box please feel free to ask! You can leave it in the comments here on the blog or email the shop at You can also tune in to STITCH with Lisa Bongean at 1:00 p.m. CST on YouTube for another jam-packed hour of fun and discussion. I’ll be talking more about these fabulous boxes in person, plus covering any PG news or announcements. Gloria will be joining me with exciting news to share from The Gathering and Vickie will be showing off some of our favorite spring projects from the shop. If we’re lucky, maybe even Luke will stop by to fill us in on what’s happening down in Bernina Land. You’ll have to tune in to find out… Click the STITCH button below to watch!

Well friends, the sun is finally peeking out after a damp and dreary day, just in time for it to start setting. I’m going to go try and enjoy the last of it… Maybe get my bike out? Perhaps go for a walk? We’ll see. It’s amazing how a 10 minute ride down the highway can suck the motivation to exercise right out of a person. LOL – wish me luck! Have a great evening everyone. I’ll see you at 1:00 tomorrow! ~Lisa

27 responses to “It Could Feel like Christmas Morning Once a Month!”

  1. Donna Faris Avatar
    Donna Faris

    Lisa- are you issuing finishing directions for the small revel blocks?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Donna! Yes, eventually but it’s not high on my list of priorities right now. Too much going on! 🙂

  2. MartyCae Avatar

    I receive the cotton box. It is like getting a birthday present every other month! There hasn’t been one box that I didn’t like. I love the yearly sew along. Last year was fun. If I were you I wouldn’t wait. This box is head and shoulders above the rest.

  3. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    I love my wool box. This is what got me into working with wool.

  4. Anjie Chapman Avatar
    Anjie Chapman

    I was receiving both the wall box in the quilt box from the Inception. However, I had to relinquish one due to budget restraints. Regardless both of them are wonderful. I still have quite a few of the wool projects to finish and of course a multitude of the quilt projects to finish. They are worth every dime and they are a lot of fun. And of course caramels are an added prize. Thank you Lisa for all you do for your customers.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thank you Anjie!

  5. Barb Rohloff Avatar
    Barb Rohloff

    Quilt boxes are wonderful. Loved all of the projects and items in them. The minute I get notice that my box is mailed, the excitement starts!

  6. karens1963 Avatar

    I have had the wool box from the beginning and I LOVE it, and just started the quilt box…Maybe I have a little bit of an addiction to all things primitive gatherings!

  7. JoAnn West Avatar
    JoAnn West

    I’m in my 2nd year of quilt box and love love it. I have my hubby open my box each month and send me a picture while I’m at work. I can never wait to get home to see what’s in my box!

  8. Cynthia M Rux Avatar
    Cynthia M Rux

    I Love my Quilting Box Subscription! I look so forward to it every other month. It’s a gift to myself. Very do-able small projects that are easy to complete. I enjoy the ongoing larger surprise project too. It’s broken into easy to complete pieces and leads to a surprise at year’s end. PG quilt boxes are superior to others that I’ve tried. Sign up now! 🙂

  9. Lona Avatar

    I love the wool subscription box! I joined this year. It does not disappoint! There is the main project and then smaller ones. I am so glad that I joined!

  10. Charlene Morris Avatar
    Charlene Morris

    Well Lisa I am totally convinced that joining this subscription box was a true winner. You sold me on it. The projects are all a bit different but very doable in a short amount of time. And the extras you will need are not a large amount other than the year long project. I have the stitchery left to do and a binding then I will be waiting with excitement for April to come. I have been in other boxes but never had this enthusiasm to do the projects.
    Thank you for this great box.
    I read every blog and watch your lives but normally I am at work so it is later but it’s like live for me.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thank you Charlene! I am so happy that YOU are happy!

  11. usairdoll Jodi Avatar
    usairdoll Jodi

    Your subscription boxes look amazing!
    Great idea for my birthday and Mother’s Day gifts !

  12. Deb Worthman Avatar
    Deb Worthman

    I received my first quilt box and I’m so excited. Love, love, love the box. I’m going to have to watch Live with Lisa when we get back from visiting our kids in Arkansas. Thanks Lisa for everything you guys do!

  13. Laura Riley Avatar
    Laura Riley

    I loved all the Quilty Boxes that I received last year. It always is so fun to open up the box and see all the goodies inside. I decided to continue the boxes again this year and was excited to receive the first box of the year. It also is wonderful to have the caramels as a extra sweet treat in each box!

  14. Lucinda Avatar

    The wool box subscription is wonderful! Happy mail every other month. The projects are beautiful and the highest quality! Received the past two years and was delighted each time the box was opened. And yes, the caramels are delish!!

  15. Brenda Avatar

    I received my first ever quilt box this month, and I love the mix of products in it. There were small projects to start right away and finish in a short amount of time coupled with the excitement and suspense of a long term mystery quilt. I don’t have any quilt shops near me, so I enjoy the new-to-me notions. I haven’t cross stitched since the last time it was popular, and this small project that doesn’t require a ton of supplies is tempting me to try it again. And the caramels were beyond delicious!

  16. Pat Dubois Avatar
    Pat Dubois

    I got all of the wool boxes from the very beginning and I really look forward to each and every one. I really like the ongoing projects. The dragonflies kept me company today at the surgery center with hubby getting his new knee. We should be home tomorrow in time for the video….

  17. Pat Widmaier Avatar

    Hey Lisa! If anyone asks me about the quilt box, I usually answer in one word sentence….challenging. When I started receiving the quilt box, I was a bit intimidated because I never considered myself to be a good quilter. Well let me tell you and others who read this, getting the quilt box was the best decision I have ever made,

    Yes, there are several projects which I consider to be a beginner level, but there are some that have opened my world up to greater challenges and I’m feeling confident enough to call myself a much better quilter. Thank you for pushing me and I hope others will take a chance and join in. They won’t be disappointed! Oh and I should mention there are so many fun things added. Each box is a total surprise!


  18. Stephanie Tabares (de Mello) Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares (de Mello)

    Love the quilt box, so much I recommend it to my friend who is just learning to quilt. We are doing it together and using the projects as lessons for her.

  19. Stephanie R Avatar
    Stephanie R

    I’m a member of both the wool and quilt box subscription. I highly recommend them! Fabulous projects for beginners too! Oh yes and caramels!

  20. judywagner Avatar

    I joined the Wool box for the first time and I am so excited to see what is coming next. I love all of the projects in it. I love working with wool, Lisa creates such beautiful projects!!

  21. Joyce Beenes Avatar
    Joyce Beenes

    The quilt box is such a wonderful gift I give to myself! I started with the 1st one and have enjoyed each and every one. I have learned, grown, and had so much fun. Some projects I would have not picked up in the store thinking they were not my style, and after making it, it is my style now! Thank you for helping us grow on our quilting journey💗

  22. DoloresRoberts Avatar

    This is my 2nd year in the quilt box and I am so so happy that I joined. I look forward to receiving my quilt box every other month. It’s a wonderful surprise too because you don’t really know what lovely projects are inside other than the ongoing yearlong project and that is a surprise ( mystery) too!! So much fun. Not only do I enjoy the small quilt projects and other goodies (yummy carmels) but it is such a joy in doing cross stitch again (which I used to do many years ago)!! If you haven’t joined as yet I highly recommend it. I’m hoping to join the wool box in the near future as well. Primitive Gatherings staff do such a great job in preparing these boxes.

  23. Lisa P. Avatar
    Lisa P.

    I am in my second year of the Quilt Box, and I can’t tell you how excited I am when one arrives!
    The projects are fantastic, mostly quick to do pieces for instant gratifcation! The on-going project for last year was stunning when it was finished and I can’t wait to see what this year’s will look like. I got my girlfriend to sign up this year and she is loving it, too! You will not be disappointed if you subscribe! Thank you, Lisa, for a great subscription box!

  24. Carolyn K Shook Avatar
    Carolyn K Shook

    I love love the quilt box. I have subscribed since you announced you were starting it. Thank you Lisa and your team for all you do.

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