It’s App-Bout Time!

Hey everyone. I hope your Monday is treating you well! I, for one am having a great day because I received some really awesome news over the weekend that I can’t wait to share with all of you! As you know, we recently started using the selling platform CommentSold as a way to use our social media channels to connect with our customers and sell merchandise in a new and unique way. CommentSold uses what is referred to as “comment selling,” a selling method that works by combining social media and online shopping that allows people buy right from the comments on Facebook or Instagram – without ever leaving their newsfeed! Simply put, CommentSold is an easy, secure, and frictionless way of shopping that makes it dangerously easy to make a purchase…which some of you have definitely already found out!

Up until now, all our online LIVE sales through the CommentSold platform were only featured on the Primitive Gatherings Facebook Page or on my STITCH with Lisa Bongean Facebook Group Page, making it inconvenient, or just simply not possible for everyone to participate. I’m sorry about that. I really want you to know how much I hated having to exclude some people simply because they choose not to have a Facebook account. That’s why I’m super happy to announce that those days are officially over! As you know, the tech team over at CommentSold has been diligently working alongside Jess and I to get this all set up and running for us since the beginning, and they were more than happy to help us develop our very own Primitive Gatherings CommentSold app as well. The iPhone version of the app has been available through the Mac App Store for the last week or so, however, due to technical issues it has not yet been available for Android users. Well friends, wait no more! BOTH versions of our app are now available to download FREE from your app marketplace!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with apps, don’t worry! Downloading and using the Primitive Gatherings CommentSold app is not only FREE but it’s super easy too. All you need to do to get it is go to your app marketplace and download it – simple as that. Depending on which type of device you are using, you’ll need to go to the correlating app marketplace to download the app. iPhone users should look for the Apple App Store and Android users should look for the Google Play Store.

Once you’ve located the appropriate app marketplace on your device (it will typically be on your homepage by default) click on it to open it up. Then, simply put Primitive Gatherings in the search bar to do a search for the Primitive Gatherings app. Our logo and app should come up. Click on it to get started.

After you have located the Primitive Gatherings app by using the search bar, click on it to open the app information and install page. You will then be able to start your download. iPhone users will click the word “GET” to begin the download while Android users will click “INSTALL.”

Once the app is finished downloading you will be able to open and use it by either clicking “OPEN” on the app information and install page, or by clicking the app icon that will now be on your device’s desktop. If you are not able to locate the icon, check any other active homepages you may have other than your default home screen. If you have multiple home screens your device most likely added it to the last one. You may also locate by searching the main list of installed apps on your device. If you are still not able to find it, try the install again. Remember, if you have not fully installed the app it will not appear on any home screen.

Using the app is even easier than downloading it! After you have the app properly installed on your device it will prompt you to sign in. You can do this with your Facebook account information or with a current email address. If you do not already have an existing account, click “Get Started” to set one up.

Once you’re successfully signed in you’ll not only be able to view current LIVE sales, but you’ll also have access to past sales and available merchandise as well in the “Recently Added” section. You also have direct access to your personal account information, favorites list, and more!

Just when we thought shopping at PG couldn’t get any slicker, now this! The app makes it so easy to add items to your cart with just a tap of your finger, and checking out is a breeze. And, for those of you who always make sure to share the broadcast, that’s even easier now too! Everything you need is conveniently located right there, literally at your finger tips which makes for a truly painless shopping experience. Plus, it makes your chances of winning a nice little prize just for sharing the broadcast easy peasy as well. Then, once you’re all ready to check out, simply tap the shopping cart icon and presto! The system will prompt you easily through the payment process.

So there you have it folks. Hopefully this little tutorial was just what you needed to navigate through the scary waters of App Land. You should be all set up and ready to rock! If not, don’t panic. You can always give the girls in the shop a call at 920-722-7233 and they will do their very best to walk you through the process. No time for phone calls? You can also email us at

It sure feels great to finally be getting to the finish line after what seems like a never ending technology race over the last year and a half. Our website is finally up and running and continuing to improve every day, and my blog is slowly but surely starting to take the shape of what we envisioned. Now we can even say our app is working like a well oiled machine as well… This is exciting! Pretty soon the dust will settle and we’re not going to know what to do with ourselves without the chaos. Then again, there’s always plenty to do around here so I don’t think things will be calm for long – they never are!

I will see you all tomorrow for our next crazy hour of CommentSold fun, bright and early at 10:00 a.m. CST as Jess reveals what she has in store for us this week. Join us – and give that new app of yours a try. Something tells me you’re going to love it! If you don’t have the app and would still like to shop with us, you can find us LIVE on the Primitive Gatherings Facebook Page by clicking the “More” link (under the main page photo and title) and then “Live.” You can also find us on the STITCH with Lisa Bongean Facebook Group Page by clicking the “Media” tab (located under the main page photo and title) and then “Videos.” And again, if you’re having trouble finding it please let us know and we’ll help you. We’re happy to! Have a great night everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow! ~Lisa

12 responses to “It’s App-Bout Time!”

  1. usairdoll Jodi Avatar
    usairdoll Jodi

    Nice and Easy !! Now, to win the lotto so I can get one, or two of every thing 😁🫰

  2. Jan Doyle Avatar
    Jan Doyle

    Well, that was pretty slick. Just went to the App Store and downloaded. Pretty simple. Well done, Primitive Gatherings team

  3. Bea ann hunter. Avatar
    Bea ann hunter.

    Congratulations 🎊 I’ve been buying with comment sold on Facebook but now I can get the app!! Technology can be frustrating but worth it in the end!!!

  4. Mary Connelly Avatar
    Mary Connelly

    Done! Easy peasy!

  5. lee Avatar

    I have not used Commentsold – good info!

  6. An Cooper Avatar
    An Cooper

    Thank you so much for your hard work on getting the app available!

  7. Jennifer Nail Avatar
    Jennifer Nail

    Comment sold is fun as well as dangerous. I do appreciate it very much.

  8. Audrey Moore Avatar
    Audrey Moore

    I have been using the PG App on my iPhone with great success and it is quite easy to navigate. I prefer the App over Facebook when watching the Live CommentSold. Viewing, ordering and closing out is so much easier! Thank you!

  9. Karen Mathison Avatar
    Karen Mathison

    🤩WOW! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier….Primitive Gatherings gals made it even easier. My app is downloaded and ready to go! I’m all about Comment Sold. Looking forward to my next visit. Keep on doing what you are doing! 🥰

  10. Joanne Hudock Avatar
    Joanne Hudock

    I have android and the app installed perfectly fine ! great news, I don’t have to search for it on Facebook anymore

  11. Ganene Branson Avatar
    Ganene Branson

    I have the Primitive Gatherings app on my phone, YEAH!!! Just one more way for me to get in trouble LOL!!! Just kidding, I am careful. For the most part, lol
    Have a great day!!

  12. Nancy Black Avatar
    Nancy Black

    Visited the shop from PA yesterday & got all my supplies! Thank you Lisa for taking the time to give me a private tour & sharing your valuable time with me!

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