Twilight Stars – Block Release Six

Hey everyone! T.G.I…. time for the next Twilight Stars block release! If you can believe it, we’re already six weeks into my Twilight Stars Quilt-Along, which means that if you’re all caught up you should have ten completed blocks so far, with two fresh ones coming your way in a few minutes. Just a reminder, as always patterns for these blocks are located in my book, Triangle Gatherings (required to participate in the QAL along with a few other items), which can be purchased on our website by clicking HERE. New to the quilt-along? A blog post I did explaining the full details on Twilight Stars can be found by clicking HERE. The full list of details and required supplies can be found at the Twilight Stars Info Page by hitting the button below!

I’m having a lot of fun with this QAL and hope you are too. Since I’m forever working ahead, I’m beginning to have quite the collection of blocks to look at next to one another, and already have a great idea of what this beauty is going to look like when it’s all put together. Simply put, I’m going to love it! Ready to add to your collection of completed blocks? This week’s Twilight Stars Quilt-Along block releases are block numbers 3 and 8!

As far as my own blocks go, you probably already know that I’m using my Rustic Gatherings fabric line combined with Jackie MacDonald’s Halloween-themed collection, SpellboundBoth lines feature color palettes including rusty oranges and rich blacks, along with some nice grey selections from Rustic that go together like peas and carrots. Here are my blocks this week. Let me know what you think of what you’ve seen so far in the comments!

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing their work on social media! We’ve had several happy prize winners so far as a result, with many more to come. Want to be one of those winners? All you have to do is post a photo of your completed blocks each week before the release of the next batch, including the required book Triangle Gatherings and Primitive Gatherings Triangle Paper in the picture. Please also include the hashtag #TwilightStarsQAL in your post! Heidi will choose a winner randomly each week until the end of the QAL, which we will then announce during my LIVE show every Thursday. Super easy! Just ask this week’s lucky winner, Debbie Chapel and her super handsome cuddle bug and block inspector, Tommy!

Not participating in the Twilight Stars Quilt-Along but still want to win a prize from Heidi’s famous prize vault? That’s easy too! As I always say, I love getting comments here on the blog as well as on our Facebook pages, and my YouTube channel STITCH with Lisa Bongean. Comments and likes not only let me know what we’re doing right (and wrong), but they also help us stay on top of our social media game in the big bad world of algorithms… And trust me – that’s a good thing! That’s why I want to give a big shout-out to this week’s blog comment prize winners – Robin T. and Chris T. Thank you, thank you, thank you (remember, I do not post last names or email addresses for your privacy, so if you think you’re one of the lucky winners this week please be sure to check your email. You can also contact Heidi at if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her.)!

Well everyone, it’s beautiful day out there and it’s still early! I have a laundry list of things to do this weekend that includes a little bit of both work and fun. Of course, there’s always stitching to do and projects to work on, but I’m also going to try and make a point of doing something fun outside since the weather is so nice. There are several local summer festivals and events going on with lots of live music and good food to offer, so I’m sure I’ll find something fun to do…and maybe I’ll even manage to convince Nick to join me! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always – do your best to stitch everyday! See you soon. ~Lisa

24 responses to “Twilight Stars – Block Release Six”

  1. Stephanie Tabares Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares

    Visiting my daughter in Florida (she just had a baby). Missing my quilt room and projects waiting at home. Enjoy making memories.

  2. Sharon Avatar

    Thank you, Lisa! Your creativity, positive attitude, and inspiration always make my day! Blessings!

  3. Linda Kjendlie Avatar
    Linda Kjendlie

    Absolutely love your blocks Lisa Especially the striped one enjoy your day

  4. lmahoney1951 Avatar

    I’m confused. Is it enough to post on Facebook or do we have to post on Instagram? I don’t know much about using the hashtag.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You can post on either or both! Facebook is certainly enough. We appreciate it!

  5. Linda Major Avatar
    Linda Major

    Thank you, thank you Lisa and crew. Getting my Friday fix of Primitive Gatherings.

  6. Joanna Shoemaker Avatar
    Joanna Shoemaker

    I’m making the 8″ blocks & I’ve heavily starched my fabric, but I can honestly say… There’s blocks are working me hard! I check siding & I still have a hard time with getting them to the correct size & to not feel like they’re a little “wonky”. This is a real challenge for me!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Don’t give up Joanna! By the time we reach the end you’ll be a half-square triangle master!

  7. Brends Avatar

    I am really enjoying this sew along! Because we are just focusing on two blocks a week, I am taking my time and really working on my precision without feeling stressed out over it. I am also getting antsy to have the Joyful Gatherings project I ordered in my hot little hands.

  8. jo Carden Avatar
    jo Carden

    I am blown away every week with all the fantastic variations you have come up with for the hst. Thanks for your creativity and sharing.

  9. MaryJane Price Avatar
    MaryJane Price

    Your posts are the highlight of my week. Have enjoyed seeing everyone’s Twilight blocks. Have been keeping up. Have decided to do 2 quilts, the first with Rustic making 25 blocks (8 1/2” 1” half square triangles) and the second will be the same using Charcoal and Cheddar fabric line.
    Thank you Lisa

  10. Camille D Julian Avatar
    Camille D Julian

    Tomorrow morning my husband, is going to be taking me to Auburn NY, to the Harriett Tubman home. I’m looking forward to the tour.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      That sounds like fun!

  11. Harriet murray Avatar
    Harriet murray

    I’m hoping to get caught up this weekend. Spent this past week making all the half square triangles at retreat. Cut apart. Now onto pressing, then sewing.

  12. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I love these blocks. This pattern looks like so muvh fun!!

  13. Susan Ingram Avatar
    Susan Ingram

    Loving these blocks. So far I’ve been able to keep up. In between making blocks I am working on preparing pieces for future blocks. Thanks for such a fun sew along.

  14. Deborah McHugh Avatar
    Deborah McHugh

    I am really happy that you will be now showing both sides of patterns, front and back. This will make it so much easier to order correct amounts of fabrics. THANk YOU!!

  15. Linda Pyke Avatar
    Linda Pyke

    I thought I was all caught up( at least with the centers) and it was time for the next release. I just jumped in on Thursday, so not too bad! I should be all caught up with everything by next Friday for sure. One question: I can’t seem to find the setting triangle sizes. Have they not been released yet! This coloration I am doing three by three so would be looking to set them next week.

  16. John R. Dahlheimer Avatar
    John R. Dahlheimer

    These blocks are challenging! Which as a long term, semi advanced quilter, I need the challenge to improve my skills with small pieces. Each week, my blocks have improved and are getting easier and faster to make. Thanks for encouraging us quilters.

  17. Sue Hoover Avatar
    Sue Hoover

    You work hard all week, Lisa. Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Sue Hoover Avatar
    Sue Hoover

    You work hard all week. Enjoy your weekend, Lisa!

  19. Eileen Ramos Avatar
    Eileen Ramos

    I apologize if you’ve already answered this, but I’m a little late to this party & Im just about to join this SAL and trying to decide between 8” & 6”. In one video I watched you mentioned that the 3/4” triangles for the 6” blocks use a 1/8 inch seam allowance. Should I assume that this is just for the triangle papers, and that all the other pieced seams are 1/4” ? Or will I need to piece 1/8” seams for the rest of the block?

    Thank you for all your videos and the abundance of tips that you share.

    Blessings, Eileen

  20. Carrie DeCoster Avatar
    Carrie DeCoster

    Everyones blocks are very encouraging, I just may need to jump on this wagon. Just need to figure out the time to do it.
    Like Lisa always says, “Just make it happen”. Great job everyone.
    Carrie D

  21. Lori Pennings Avatar
    Lori Pennings

    I have taken the last couple of weeks off but am in my sewing room working on this SAL. So far I am loving my finished blocks and am enjoying the journey

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