Primitive Gatherings and CommentSold Shipping Policy Explained

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I have absolutely zero complaints after two straight days of perfect weather and sunshine. There was finally a little break in the heat wave, making spending time outdoors at length just about as enjoyable as it gets – there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Today is just as pleasant, which helped make checking-in hassle free this morning as guests arrived for our highly anticipated 2023 Jen Kingwell event, happening at The Gathering this week. Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the dead of winter, there is definitely something to be said when you can come in and out of a place without worrying about the repercussions of propping a door because of inclement weather, or a 25 degree temperature difference from inside to out – especially when you’re unloading all your precious sewing gear!

In addition to soaking up a bunch of sun, I took some time to catch up on reading and replying to messages and comments over social media this weekend. One thing I have noticed is that many of you have questions regarding our shipping policy so I want to take a minute to go through it together and hopefully clear up any confusion you might have. The first thing I should explain is what exactly our shipping rates are based on, and how they are calculated. Many customers do not realize that Primitive Gatherings Shipping Rates are not solely based on the cost of what we are charged for shipping alone. Shipping rates include not only the rates charged by the various delivery services that we use (USPS, UPS), but also partially include the cost of packing materials, shipping boxes, and labor as well. This obviously means that the cost to ship an item is more than just the shipping rate itself, and that it would also include the cost of materials required to ship it.

That being said, Primitive Gatherings Shipping Rates are calculated based on a combination of the carrier rate and the value of your package. To help save you money, Primitive Gatherings does NOT charge you the entire cost for packing materials*, shipping boxes, or labor costs (*does not apply to items that require “extra” packaging materials due to fragility or size which will be mentioned in the item description). In other words, we basically cover most of that for you… You’re welcome! Shipping rates will also vary based on what country you are shipping to/from. See below:

As you can see, if you are in the United States, most orders of $100 and up receive free shipping. There are a few instances where this does not apply, however, so please be aware of that. Things like pre-orders, Block of the Month, Subscription Boxes, and wood products are all examples of where the shipping charges do not count toward a standard order total. For example – if you ordered a $50.00 item, and a $60.00 pre-order item on the same order, you would NOT be eligible for free shipping despite the total of the two items being over $100. Pre-orders do not count toward a standard order total because those items will essentially be going out in separate packages (individual shipping charges will apply to both packages separately). Blocks of the Month and Subscription Boxes are another example that is not included because they have a flat rate with shipping charges built into them. If you are ordering a Block of the Month or a Subscription Box the rate will be based on your order total minus the cost of the BOM or box.

COMMENTSOLD: Shipping rates for purchases made through the CommentSold app/live auctions are the same as our regular Primitive Gatherings website. Since CommentSold and Primitive Gatherings are two separate entities, we are unfortunately not able to combine orders between the two selling platforms at this time. Orders are processed through separate systems in different locations of the warehouse and are not part of the same fulfillment system.

I hope this clears up any questions you might have regarding our shipping policy, but if not you can always feel free to call the shop at 920-722-7233 or email for additional help. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

Alright gang, that’s it for today! I will see you all tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. CST. for our next CommentSold broadcast starring Jess who will be covering what she considers “Summer Sweets!” Tune in via the Primitive Gatherings CommentSold app or on our Facebook pages in the LIVE areas by clicking HERE! Have a great night! ~Lisa

4 responses to “Primitive Gatherings and CommentSold Shipping Policy Explained”

  1. Stephanie de Mello Avatar
    Stephanie de Mello

    Thank you for the information. Always helpful

  2. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Just an opinion, but I think the “spend $100, get free shipping” is an excellent policy, with winners on both ends.
    I might not initially want to spend $100, but that free shipping catches me every time, because shipping is really skyrocketing. So I might look for Valdani threads or a notion to bring my cost to the $100 mark, you get bigger sales, I save the shipping cost. Thanks for that consideration! Win win!

  3. Stephanie R Avatar
    Stephanie R

    Thanks for the explanation!

  4. Brenda Kowalski Avatar
    Brenda Kowalski

    Thank you Lisa. Great explanation regarding shipping costs.

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