Feelin’ Spooky?

Hey everyone! It’s a beautiful sunny day here in north east Wisconsin, but don’t let the blue sky out the window fool you. There is definitely a certain chill in the air promising much colder days ahead – which makes sense I guess, considering Halloween is only just over two weeks away! I’ll admit that with how busy I’ve been, Halloween kind of snuck up on me this year. I’m sure many of you can relate! The good news is, I have plenty of quick and easy Halloween project options that make switching your home over to a spookier vibe super fast and simple to do.

I say it year after year… If there is one thing that makes decorating for the holidays fast and easy, it’s pillows! It literally takes minutes to swap them out for the current season/holiday, and they’re super easy to store. Plus, you can mix and match and interchange them from room to room! If you’re looking for a festive project you can tackle in time for the big night, we have several options available that might just be the ticket. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorites!

Have you seen my Personalized Jack o’lantern Pillow? Talk about cute! With its big toothy grin, this Jack-o-Lantern pattern is not only adorable, it also comes with a complete alphabet set so you’re able to customize the lettering however you please! Finished size can vary – choose either 15″ x 15″ or 15″ x 19″ – either way the sky is the limit on how many different things you can say with this pillow.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, nor does the… gourd…? If you like my Personalized Jack o’lantern Pillow but are looking for something larger, give my Happy Halloween Pillow a try! A bit bigger in the britches but equally as cute, Happy Halloween Pillow is basically the Personalized Jack o’lantern Pillow’s big brother. Happy Halloween Pillow measures just a big larger at 15″ x 28″. Sounds like a set is in order!

Longer yet at 16″ x 32″, “Boo Pumpkin Pillow fits the Halloween pillow theme perfectly, featuring the word BOO in large orange lettering and two mischievous jack o’lanterns. Even if he is only sporting a couple of random teeth, if you need a cuddle buddy this Halloween Boo Pumpkinis your guy! I mean hey, a genuine smile should count for something in this crazy world. I don’t know about you, but a happy and cheerful attitude goes a long way with this girl. LOL!

If you love the idea of personalizing your pillows, be sure to also check out my “Happy Fall” pillow pattern as well! This vintage farmhouse style jack-o-lantern is done with a more neutral color palette and finishes at 15″ x 15″. The full alphabet is included in the pattern!

Up next we have a witchy addition to the mix, affectionately known as “Esmerelda.” This little beauty is done with wool appliqué on flannel and is 20″ x 20″ when finished. For a plumper pillow, we recommend a 22″ pillow form!

Gnome lovers will get a kick out of this mischievous trio of Halloween trouble. “Frightful Gnomes” features three adorable wool appliqué gnomes who are all dressed up and ready for Halloween. Finished, this one is 12″ x 16″ and uses a 14″ x 16″ pillow form.

Brand new only just last year, I think “Bite Me” is going to be one of those designs that never gets old. This sassy little pillow can be done as a wall hanging or fun candy bag as well. Do whatever you like. Why not make a matching set of all three!? Choose between orange or black! Finished pillow size for “Bite Me” is 18″ x 18″.

Last but not least in the list of spook-tacular pillows, is the whole reason you’re reading this blog post is… because “I Put a Spell on You!” Ha ha! Bewitchery aside, this charming pillow makes decorating your home for Halloween as easy as abracadabra. Pull yourself away from your cauldron and grab this enchanting little pillow for your witch’s den before Halloween is gone for another year! “I Put a Spell on You!” can be done as a as a 16″ x 16″ or 18″ x 18″ pillow.

See anything you like? Let me know where you’re at with your Halloween decorating in the comments! I absolutely love hearing about all the different ways people jazz up their houses for trick-or-treaters. Some people really go all out! What about you? Are you the scariest house on the block or do you sit in the basement with the porch light out until it’s over? Tell me all about it and you might just get your own little treat for leaving me a comment!

Alright everyone, that’s it for tonight! I will be back soon with more fall décor ideas including Halloween themed designs plus all around Autumn projects. Oh, and don’t forget! We’ll be celebrating our 20th year in business all throughout the month of October with special weekly deals! This week threads and notions are taking their turn at 20% OFF, now through Sunday, October 22nd 2023 (sale does not include thread kits).

Keep the party going with Jess and the girls LIVE tomorrow during CommentSold at 10:00 a.m. CST through our Primitive Gatherings CommentSold app, or through the LIVE videos are on our Facebook page. Don’t miss out… I’ll see you there in the comments! ~Lisa

16 responses to “Feelin’ Spooky?”

  1. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    Love, love all your pumpkin/jack-o-lantern pillows. Bite me makes me laugh. Will have to make that for my grand daughter-in-law. Halloween is her favorite holiday. Your are so, so clever.

  2. Mary Linderud Avatar
    Mary Linderud

    I love to decorate for fall on my porch and living room. Also have a pumpkin quilt and several of your Halloween pillows. I love Esmerelda so I have 2 of her. I still have several boxes of decorations in basement!! What’s a woman to do!? Dispite all the decorations we no longer get trick or treaters. Our neighborhood kids are all grown up. Boo Hoo…

  3. An Cooper Avatar
    An Cooper

    So excited you have thread on sale. I need a bunch of Valdani and I’m so excited to be able to get it at a discount so I can add a few more things in my cart. Lol

  4. Shari Smith Avatar
    Shari Smith

    Thanks for a great sale! Now to stock up on my notions!!!

  5. JoAnn West Avatar
    JoAnn West

    A week after we moved to our new house, I got out my box of Halloween decorations and put them up! Even though I still had tons of boxes and organizing to do, Halloween decorating was a priority. Now if I just had my Pumpkin Carving Contest wool quilt done…..

  6. Valerie Schraml Avatar
    Valerie Schraml

    I usually do a little decorating for fall but it ain’t happening this year. I really wish I had that basement to go down into. Very few basements here.

  7. Mary Avatar

    Awesome pillows! Need a few!!

  8. Barbara Brainard Avatar
    Barbara Brainard

    Lisa, I applaud your Halloweeness! I grew up with a mum who loved Halloween above any holiday. It was an EVENT in our neighborhood. Since moving to the back-of-beyond we haven’t had a trick or treater yet (there’s always hope). Our kids are grown & gone (taking grands away). I’ve pretty much given up decorating. Your pillows have tickled my fancy & if I can get hubby to bring down the Halloween tub I may give it a go this year.

  9. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    I get so many compliments on my jack-o-lantern pillow every year!

  10. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Funny you should mention it, but yes . . . I’m the one who hides in my Quiltland and turn all upstairs lights off so no one will think I’m home.

  11. Stephanie R Avatar
    Stephanie R

    Wow! What a great assortment of PUMPKINS at PG! I am finishing up a fall wool mat then maybe on to a pumpkin project? Pumpkins here in Qatar are outrageously priced as it is imported and we pay by weight. Which really makes me sad as fall and pumpkins are my favorite! Sending you all the happy fall vibes from hot and humid Qatar.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I wish we could send you a couple of pumpkins. They’re all over right now!

  12. Joanne Hudock Avatar
    Joanne Hudock

    I love Halloween, I bought the long pillow when we were at The Gathering in May. Enjoy the season and your favorite month !

  13. Angie Harland Avatar
    Angie Harland

    I am not the best at decorating. I do make quilts! I have several quilts that go out and wall hangings that go up. I bought a couple of pumpkins at the store last weekend that were made of sweater fabric! The dog got one and thought it was his and a sweet baby girl came by and I gave her the other one. Now Christmas, I’m better at putting stuff out. I do think that some pillows would be perfect to add to my decorating! I’m also newly married, so our last name would be super sweet. Enjoy your change of the seasons. I live in Central/South Texas and blessings it’s not as hot, but not coat weather. A couple of days ago it was 95 and I was wet with sweat in my “fall clothes”, ie pants and long sleeves. It’s on my bucket list to come see y’all some day! Take care.

  14. Judy Zoll Avatar
    Judy Zoll

    I decorate for fall. Lots of pumpkins and fall colors. We live in a rural area and haven’t had a trick or treater in years. Enjoy fall while you can, soon enough winter weather will come!

  15. Anita Hartgerink Avatar
    Anita Hartgerink

    Love fall, just had my bite me pumpkin pillow made into a wallhanging framed! Love it I also made a quilt last year at a quilt day at Orimitive Gatherings Hope to have it finished soon!

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