My home town…Moda Designer Blog Post..

Hey Everyone…today is my day to post!….I would really love to thrill you with all the wonders of my “Hometown”-but If I am really honest…I have never felt like this is my hometown…I have lived here in Menasha, WI for about 20 years…my real hometown is 10 miles away…Little Chute WI…but this post is supposed to be about where I live now…Menasha is just under 20,000 people. Everyone knows Menasha by our sister twin city Neenah…they always say… yes…Neenah/Menasha….Neenah is the city on the right side of the tracks and we are the other…Menasha is home to mostly hard working blue-collar folks who love their High School Football, Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Brewers.  We are sitting right on top of the biggest inland lake in the state…Winnebago, which means stinky water, by the way…and this year is was really “stinky”…but we will not go into that…It’s a sore spot…we have a nice boat that hasn’t moved since July 4th, which is supposed to be my escape…  I will talk about this in another post…
Lately I feel like my home is at the next “Quilt Show”….I love the thrill of wondering who I will meet, quilters are the best people, how will my class go?,  Will the quilts be awesome or just so so?   Will our sales be higher than last year’s?  When you work as hard as my crew does, you want to always to better than the previous year…and I have to admit…only twice it has not happened.  Part of my home is on the road traveling by plane or a truck, pulling a 24 foot trailer loaded to the max with all that wool and quilting stuff!  This week coming up is the 2nd time this summer I am not going to a show…I am trying to not have to do every show.  I need some time to work on this Fall’s Market Quilts featuring my next line called -Snowman Gatherings.   Nick will be gone and I will have a week before I have to leave for MN to teach at Gruber’s Quilt shop…This is kind of how my life works…home and on the road.
Now in the post I am supposed to talk about some of the best places in my hometown…hmmm…I’ve been thinking about these questions and I have even asked Luke and Jake these questions while were were driving home from the Madison quilt show last night and they kind of laughed…and then the answer from them was Primitive Gatherings!!! I have to admit I think the best thing about Menasha is Primitive Gatherings!!! When I was in front of the town board earlier this year, one of the board members kind of admitted it himself…he stated the only reason women come to this town is for your shop!!! So I think we are the best thing in Menasha…and the best place to eat is where??? my friends from my quilting retreat house know…Terri’s cooking!!!  Enough said…
So lets get to the real reason for this post…what is my project!!! It is pictured below…you know I had to add some wool to those little charms…and most of you know I love 9 patches…so this is what I came up with for you!!!
Primitive Gatherings-Moda Candy Project   click here for the directions
Below are three little gifts Moda has sent for this blog hop…By the way…Moda is the best fabric company! Right????
They sent a fat 1/8 pack and 2 honey buns…
I am also going to give away the kits for this project!!! Now here is the problem…I know I have about 10 of them….but if I only can come up with eight or nine you have to forgive me…
To try and win one of these awesome prizes….
comment on this post…tell me who you are, where you are from and if you love your “hometown” or if your heart is really in another place….
Jeter and Presley will be picking the winners…how I don’t know yet, but we will figure it out…lol
all for now…good luck! I will post winners on the 15th of September!!!
The next blog post for September 11

855 responses to “My home town…Moda Designer Blog Post..”

  1. Kristy Avatar

    My name is Kristy and I live in Cincinnati, the home of the International Quilt Festival in the spring. I look forward to talking to you again in your booth. Be sure and get some Graeters ice cream while you are in town. You will love it. Be sure to get something with a chip in the flavor.

  2. Nancy Augustine Avatar
    Nancy Augustine

    I live in my husband’s hometown of Sheldon, WI, a very small town in NW Wisconsin. It is nice and quiet here, perfect for quilting when I’m done with the farm work.

  3. Carolyn B. Avatar
    Carolyn B.

    I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago but my heart belongs to Colorado. That is where I grew up. It will always be “home.”

  4. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    my name is Sue and I live in Wytheville Virginia, This is not my home town but I live here. I have lived here almost 10 years. I was transplanted here. But the town is not bad and I have some really good sewing friends. We call ourselfs the Bitchin Stitchers as when we sew we usually talk more than sew.

  5. Nicole Avatar

    My name is Nicole and I live in Carrington, North Dakota. A nice small town with a wonderful quilt shop. I like my town, very similar to where I grew up. Small town gal here. 🙂

  6. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar

    I live in Breezy Point, MN and I do love it here. Sometimes I wish I were living in the city (when it comes to shopping opportunities!) but for the most part I like the lake shore living.

  7. Lia van den Brand Avatar
    Lia van den Brand

    My name is Lia. I love living in my small village in the south of the Netherlands. But there are times I wished I’d live in a real town: with quiltshops to visit! Love your work.

  8. Wanda Avatar

    Well I live in Boynton Beach, FL so I guess that’s my current home town. I grew up in Boca Raton but was born in St. Louis. So you could say I’m conflicted about which is my home town. I love something about each one and still visit St. Louis. If I could move myself to a new home town it would have to be New Mexico. I know it’s a state but I love the whole place and wouldn’t be choosy where I settle down!

  9. Susie J Avatar
    Susie J

    Sounds like you need a break – success can do that to you…! We love your designs and your creativity. Looking forward to visiting your booth in Des Moines. But – take care of you. If you burn out – we won’t get to ‘experience’ Primitive Gatherings for many years to come.

  10. Gloria Martin Avatar
    Gloria Martin

    my name is gloria and my hometown is san antonio texas. i love it here, born and raised here and can’t imagine living anywhere else. we have cool springs, hot summers, warm fall days with chilly nights and not too cold winters. one of the things i love most are that people are friendly here, we have a lot of tourists, it’s kind of like a small town feeling but it’s actually a mid-size city, and of course we love our Spurs! But mostly, I love my town because it’s where most of my family is and that’s good enough to make me want to stay here forever!

  11. Cindy Avatar

    I currently live in Grand Ledge. I was born in Battle Creek; grew up from age 7 to 25 in Ionia; moved to Lake Odessa and then on to Grand Ledge for the past 25 years – all in Michigan. I believe ‘home’ is where the heart is. And I love it here. A small town but close enough to the ‘big’ stuff.

  12. Cindy Witheft Avatar
    Cindy Witheft

    My town is called Herscher and I am proud that we reach out and helps our neighbors and take pride in our community. We are so small that we lost our only grocery store this year and have to drive to do any shoping etc. The pride of our town would be our churchs, the school district (go TIGERS) and the community with a big heart to the world.

  13. Donna Avatar

    Donna…. lake Elsinore , CA…do I LOVE it?? Hmmmm… Not sure… I don’t think I have ever lived somewhere where I absolutely LOVE it. It’s the only area I know…. I need to go exploring I guess and find a place to retire so I can LOVE that place! 🙂

  14. Sheila Plock Avatar

    Can’t believe I get to comment this soon. Usually I only remember at the last minute but I so love the Primitive Gathering site so I was looking for Lisa’s blog post right away. My hometown is State College, PA, also known as Happy Valley, home of the Penn State Nittany Lions but our community and university is not much of a happy place these days. It is beautiful in the fall and football games and tailgating are a special part of the season. Looking forward to seeing all your special “woollies” for the holidays.

  15. Gwen Avatar

    I live in Cambridge, MN, if it weren’t for family and work, I guess, I would be back home in
    Grand Rapids, in Northern Minnesota, back to slower quieter times and peaceful surroundings.
    Love the prints and thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Lise Russ Avatar
    Lise Russ

    My name is Lise Russ and my hometown is Green Forest, Arkansas! I love my hometown!! The best thing about where I live is the scenery, we are nestled in the hills of northwest AR and I wouldn’t live anywhere else! Love your stuff!

  17. Cindy Avatar

    I’m Cindy, born & raised in Eau Claire, WI, where I still live. I didn’t “love” EC until I got involved with various volunteer opportunities, and then I fell in love with all our community has to offer. Plus, it’s a nice 3-4 hour drive to Menasha and I love that!!! Good get-away with the quilting girls!!

  18. Lou Avatar

    Hi I am from Copperas Cove Tx and the only thing we can really boast about is that we are right next to the largest miltary base in the world…. Ft Hood Tx! I ahve lived here for almost 40 years and because of the military there are a lot of people coming and going and not to many Coveites left around. We do love out football though!!!! Go Bulldogs, Longhorns and of course the Cowboys!

  19. Marcy Peterson Avatar
    Marcy Peterson

    Hi, my name is Marcy and I live in Cedaredge Colorado. It is a very small town , but full of beautiful orange Denver Bronco sunsets.Since I’m so rural, I drive 65 miles to my favorite store Hi Fashion Fabrics to buy your patterns. Thanks

    1. Cheryl unger Avatar

      I love your fabric, would love to get to your shop but it is not close. So I drool over your things over the internet. I met you once a few years ago at the Chicago Quilt Festival and wish I had known you would be my favorite place to shop. I was just a newbie at the time. Keep doing what you are doing as it is beautiful stuff. My hometown was a great place to raise families, as it was about 5,000 residents and we all loved being in such a small community, though I grew up outside of town on a farm. i wish our kids could live in the world that I did where it was a lot simpler and scarey than our world is now.

  20. Sharon Avatar

    I’m Sharon, originally from England, living in Canada for 9 years now (where I learned to quilt!) I’d love to live in California where the sun seems to be always shining and there are loads of quilt stores! Love your work Lisa!

  21. Liz Avatar

    I live on a lake in Central Minnesota and love it! We loved raising our 3 boys in this small town but now I’m dreaming of trips to other parts of the country! I’ll have to try working with wool again…..beautiful 🙂

  22. Lola Avatar

    I live in Ma. I’ve always lived in the same city. Some family members have moved away. Holidays and birthdays bring everyone back home again. This is what makes my hometown special.

  23. Ilana Avatar

    I live in Lancaster, CA. This isn’t my hometown but I have lived here for 25 years. I can’t say that I love it here but I like it fine because this is where my family is (except for my two older kids who are away at college).

  24. Judy Ebbert Avatar
    Judy Ebbert

    Hi! My name is Judy. I live between Sharps Chapel, Tn and Sebring, Fl. My real love is Lakewood, Ohio where I was born and lived for 42 years. However, there is no quilt shop in Lakewood, darn. Also love the team spirit in Knoxville, Tn. GO ORANGE!

  25. Sharon Avatar

    Love the hop project. Also, enjoyed talking with you in Madison. I live in Woodridge, IL but spend my summers up in MINOCQUA, probably because I loved working at The Quilt Cottage! Enjoy some down time!

  26. Sandy Kipphut Avatar
    Sandy Kipphut

    Hi! My name is Sandy and I live in New Lenox, Ill. No shops in this town so I need to travel a little or mail order to get what I need. I love your shop and am so glad you mail. I wait at the mailbox for your stuff to arrive. My dream is to live in Arkansas and for sure will need your mail order then.

  27. Deb G. in VA Avatar
    Deb G. in VA

    My name is Deb and I live near Richmond, VA. I’ve lived in Virginia for over 28 years, most of them in the house we built in the countryside. I love living in the country, with access to the city, but my heart is in Iowa, which is where I was born and raised.

    1. Tammy Avatar

      Hi, my name is Tammy. I live in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin but grew up in Menomonee Falls Wi until about 10 years ago. I started quilting about about 25 years ago, and i would agree, the only thing i visit in Menasha is Primitive Gathering!!! I wish i lived closer to the shop than i already do, but overall i would say Wisconsin has some great places to shop & visit so i am pretty lucky.

  28. sharon Avatar

    Hey Lisa, Thank you so much for the pattern and I would love some of your fabric to jump accross the pond here as I love this range:) looking forward to seeing ‘snowman gatherings’!! My home is in the country-the emerald isles of Ireland but I would LOVE to live in the USA! I have the solution …… should think about opening a ‘Primitive Gatherings UK’ for your UK followers and I wouldn’t have to move???

  29. LeAnn Avatar

    I live in Harlan, Iowa, but my heart is in the little town I grew up next to — Maloy, Iowa which only had about 35 people living in it when I was a kid, and I’m sure there are fewer than that now. I lived on a farm to the west and Maloy had a beautiful Catholic Church and a telephone office (which gives you a hint as to how old I am) and Frank’s store where we loved to go pick out strawberry, orange and grape pop. Maloy’s most recent claim to fame is that Hilary Swank’s father bought the Catholic Church after it was closed. He was planning to make a retreat center out of it.

  30. Nancy Benolkin Avatar
    Nancy Benolkin

    Love your stuff!! Just spent the weekend in Menasha. You are absolutely right, PG shop is what brought us there. We stayed at your beautiful home and Terri cooked. It was the best food ever. Your mom is great. Looking forward to seeing you at Grubers next Monday!

  31. Cindi P. Avatar
    Cindi P.

    My hometown is either where my parents or children live. How weird is that, so I wonder if what my kids would say.

  32. Connie F Avatar
    Connie F

    Hi, I am Connie and I am from Columbia City, Indiana. I have lived here my whole life and I do love it. I just wish that we had a quilt shop!
    Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I love your project!

  33. Barb Glaeser Avatar
    Barb Glaeser

    Hello I live in beautiful Green county, my address is Albany, I love my home and my country living, I like the Albany Library & thrift store, other than that I never go to town but the place I work, shop & play is Madison, WI. Doesn’t get any better! I am lucky enough to be coming to your shop this Saturday on my way to Door County for a week long quilt retreat. Looking forward to visiting Primitive Gatherings. Thank you for all your beautiful inspiration. Barb Glaeser

  34. Suzanne in VT Avatar
    Suzanne in VT

    My name is Suzanne and I live in a small town in Northern Vermont (population 3,500…there are more cows than people here). I live on a beautiful country dirt road where traffic is minimal and I can go and get my mail in my PJ’s if I want (and no one would know). I can’t imagine living anywhere else. You have your privacy, yet the community is so close that whenever anyone is in need, there are many, many people rushing to lend a helping hand or a prayer. My heart is nowhere else but here.

  35. Joy Hinkelman Avatar
    Joy Hinkelman

    Hi Lisa!
    I have to say that your pattern with the candy squares is by far my favorite! I love, love, love it!

    My name is Joy and I live in McKinney, Texas, 20 miles north of Dallas. I am much like you…we have lived here for almost 5 years now but have never really felt that connection of a hometown. My husband is retired USAF (22 years). Our last assignment was in Wichita Falls, Texas. We were stationed there for 10 years (not a common term). Wichita Falls felt like home. We are small town people; the hustle and bustle of the Metroplex is just not our cup of tea. We stay in McKinney because the schools are exceptional and our two children have absolutely flourished here! So, who knows where our “hometown” will be in 3 years after our youngest graduates high school. 🙂

    Thank you for the great pattern!

  36. Kris Nelson Avatar
    Kris Nelson

    Hi…I’m Kris and I’m from McCook Nebraska….and of course I’m a huge Husker fan! GO BIG RED! I love college football and qulting….My town of McCook is a nice place to live. We really don’t have much to brag about here, though the high school football is good on friday nights.. My true hometown where I grew up is 25 miles to the east….Cambridge also has a great high school football tradition. I love you wool patterns and enjoy your blog…

  37. Cheryl Arnold Avatar

    Cheryl. Home to me is Cave Creek AZ! I still consider Doylestown Pennsylvania my hometown, even though we have lived here for 22 years! I look out from my window at some of the most beautiful mountains in the West (just a bit biased ;)). One of the best things about living here, is our local quilt shop! Oh yes, they have lots of Primitive Gatherings books and wool kits. What’s not to love out all your creations!

  38. Julee Avatar

    I have lived in Ottumwa, IA all my life and its home. I would love to move to Branson, MO where my sister lives but that won’t happen. Thanks for all the great giveaways and love your designs.

  39. Shawna Avatar

    I’m Shawna and I live in Springfield, OH. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains – in UT and CO – and they will forever be my home. I just wish I could move all my friends and family out there. It would be wonderful!

  40. Toni Anne Avatar
    Toni Anne

    Hi, my name Toni Anne. I live in New York in the south eastern part of Long Island in a town called Yaphank. Do I love it, I guess I do. My parents live around the corner, to be close to us and their only grandchild (my son A.J.). I have the best neighbors in the world. We live on an Island, we’re close to Manhattan and a few hours to the Adirondack Mountains. I don’t think (for me) it gets better than this. I’d love to come your way and see your shop it sounds wonderful. ;-> Toni Anne

  41. Laura Avatar

    Morning. My hometown is Fergus Falls, MN. The All American City. I could be at a lake in 5 mins riding a bike. 🙂 Totally love your stuff.

  42. Susan Smith Avatar

    I live in Milledgeville, GA, a town close to the center of the state. While we’ve been here for almost 27 years, it has never felt like a true “hometown.” We don’t have any quaint little shops or quilty shops that I would love to frequent. The closest quilt shop is at least 1 1/2 hours away. But we are here and as far as I know, plan to stay. I’d love to win some beautiful Primitive Gatherings fabric! Thanks for the chance!

  43. Dana Avatar

    My name is Dana and I live in O’Fallon, IL (about 14 miles east of St. Louis, MO). I find I am just the opposite of you – I grew up in the next town over (and never even came to my current town as a kid – there was nothing here!). I moved here after college and have lived here nearly half my life now, so I feel that this is home.

  44. Phyllis Limiero Avatar
    Phyllis Limiero

    My name is Phyllis and I live in Longmont, Colorado. We love our town and living here in Colorado is incredible. We are blessed with gorgeous weather and awesome quilters. I love Primitive Gatherings.

  45. Brenda Avatar

    I am Brenda and I live in Epsom, NH a small town. My hometown is actually the next town over and would still really like to live there. I do like where I live but I guess my heart will always be where I grew up.

  46. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    I live in Fall River MIlls, Ca. We moved here in 03 from Smith Valley, Nv. I had been there for 32 years, and raised my family there. It was a hard move, but I cowgirled up, and made it. We are in ranching, and I don’t have a lot of quilting time. I joined the local quilt guild, a month or so after moving here. It was wonderful, and all my friends here seem to belong. Best group of ladies in town. 🙂 . I couldn’t have made it without them. Also try to go to the Thurs AM quilting group-The firehouse quilters. Because we get to use the Soldier Mountain Vol Firehouse, thats what we call ourselves. But got to admit part of my heart is still in Smith Valley. If my husband is happy, then I am happy, and that is where my happy heart home is. As long as I get to quilt and have quilting friends. Would love to win a pack of the colors you used in your pattern. Using those colors in the Temecula stars block of the week. Great colors and great project you put together. Good job Lisa.

  47. Catherine Z Avatar
    Catherine Z

    Greetings from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan CANADA! I love my hometown. Born and raised here. Wasn’t planning on it but married a farmer – we live on what used to be my uncles farm. Raised 2 beautiful boys. The lord new me better than I knew myself. Isn’t it wonderful how life turns out?! I love everything Primitive Gatherings! And wool – am addicted to wool these days! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway! Love your free pattern – thanks!

  48. Verna A. Avatar
    Verna A.

    I’m Verna from Duluth, MN. I’ve lived here my whole life and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  49. Terri Karasch Avatar
    Terri Karasch

    Hi, I’m Terri from Lawton, Michigan. I live 5 miles from town and it’s a very small town, no stoplights, but home to Big T and Decoy Duck’s restaurants (both yummy!). We’re close enough to Kalamazoo that I have access to quilt shops so that’s a plus. Love the small town life! Also loving your Summer BOW wool project.

  50. Melanie Avatar

    Hi, I’m Melanie and I live in Canton, GA. But my heart is really in Arizona, which is where I am originally from and definitely feel a pull to. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  51. rosa Avatar

    HI!i`m Rosa from Murcia, Spain.I love to live here and I wish here are one fabrics shop and more quilters.Thanks for your lovely design and giveaway!1

  52. Shawn Avatar

    My name is Shawn and I live in Michigan. It is the only place I have ever lived and I love it… the great lakes are the best. I could do without the long winters though. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Tazewell, TN is my adopted hometown and I have lived here for 31 years-much longer than my “real” hometown!! This town has truly made me who O am tody-911 Dispatcher, farm girl, quilter, crafter, Grammy, -you name it! I would not change a thing! Just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary yesterday with my high school sweetheart! Let’s just say we were very young teens (17) when we married!!

  54. Marilyn Holley-stupka Avatar

    When I was graduated from college, my parents moved from Iowa to Weyauwega so although it isn’t my home town, when my folks have lived in the the area for nearly 40 years I feel like the Fox River Valley is my home area. Love your shop, the sisters will be visiting you in October when we are in town celebrating Mom’s and Dad’s 86th and 87th birthdays. Thanks for the give away.

  55. Elaine Petrik Avatar
    Elaine Petrik

    Hi, my name is Elaine. I live on the central coast of California, San Luis Obispo county and I have to say its a slice of paradise. Mild weather, friendly people and beautiful! I came up here 42 years ago from southern Califirnia to attend Cal Poly and I’m still here. Pace of life s slower and our little town even has been on the Oprah show… It’s been deemed ” The Happiest City” in America, my heart is here…

  56. debby Avatar

    My hometown, Ottumwa, IA, has lots of pretty parks. One nice thing is that it’s somewhat centrlly located to see many things in the midwest. But, I’m a transplant and my heart will always be on the Oregon coast. Just LOVE your site, products, etc. Would love to win. Your little quilt is adorable and I’m going off to make. Can’t wait to see you and all your goodies at the AQS show in Des Moines. Sure hope that is one stop you’re planning on making:)

  57. Sherene Avatar

    I live in terrell, Texas. It’s nice and hot here but I live out in the country and really love it, Don’t know about much famous except that’s there’s a state hospital here and sometimes when you tell people you live in Terrell they will ask how close I live to it.

  58. Patricia D. Roberts Avatar
    Patricia D. Roberts

    My home town is where my husband and three dogs are. We have move a lot in the 41 years we have been married and enjoyed every place.

  59. Sara Avatar

    I live near Elmwood NE, but out in the country so I don’t consider living in that small town, but the community of quilters is great! I grew up about an hour away and I think the home is where you make it! Love the country living!
    Also love Primitive Gatherings!

  60. Barbara Avatar

    I live in Ramona, Ca and I love my home but not my town! Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. Judy Berna Avatar
    Judy Berna

    I live in a small town called Big Rock, Il. We have lived here for 40 years and love the quietness of it and the friendly people. Stayed at the Gathering last year and enjoyed it and loved your shop as well.

    1. Rita Avatar

      Lisa my hometown is Rice Lake and I am currently living in Eau Claire. My new favorite place is our land near Birchwood. We hope to build a cabin there next summer. It will be tucked into the woods. It’s such a pieceful spot that it’s hard to get in the truck and come home on Sunday nights. I love your wool projects, they are just the greatest.

  62. Beth Strand Avatar

    Oops, I think I left my comment on the wrong post! lol It’s early here, what else can I say? My name is Beth Strand and I live in Oregon City, Oregon. I love my (for me) little town of 30,000. I say little because I was raised in Orange County, California. However, there are days I long for the beach and the feeling of driving on Pacific Coast Highway!

  63. janet Avatar

    My name is Janet….my hometown is Fowler, Kansa (pop 500). I acutally live on a farm 15 miles from town. Although I don’t “Love” my hometown…I certainly love my farm!!!

  64. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    My name is Mary Jo and I live in a suburb of Detroit but was born and raised in the city of Detroit. I moved out when I was 21 and have lived in Detroit suburbs ever since. My dream home would be in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our daughter lived there for a year following law school and I visited a lot but couldn’t convince her to stay there.
    I’ve visited Menasha several times just to shop at Primitive Gatherings. It’s well worth the 9 hour drive.

  65. Karen Avatar

    My name is Karen and I live in central Arkansas, we have lived in so many places over the years though that I don’t know where my heart is – I do no that it is not really and truly here in central Arkansas – if I could live any place I wanted to it would be somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

  66. karen Avatar

    I live in Houston,TX and it is ok. My heart is definitely still in England where we lived for 2.5 years, but this is home for now! Thank you for sharing about your home town!

  67. Denise W Avatar
    Denise W

    Well, I am just a skip and a jump away from you in Mason City, Iowa. I have lived here all of my life. We have great local cuisine…greek, ribs, pizza, mexican. This is the birthplace and boyhood home of Meredith Wilson, and we have recently refurbished the Frank Lloyd Wright – Park Inn Hotel. It is fabulous. Right now we sit at about 28,000 people and sit mostly surrounded by corn and bean fields. Yes, I love it here. The changes are beautiful every season. We lost our local quilt shop about a year ago, but we are lucky to be within 30-45 minutes of 5 really good ones, so…life is good.

  68. Betty Day Avatar
    Betty Day

    Hi, Lisa, my name is Betty. I moved to Madison WI four years ago and love living in Wisconsin. We love everything about Madison except I wish it were a little closer to Menasha and the shop

  69. Marilee Avatar

    I love your addition of wool. I agree with you…nothing exciting about my town except that I am in the middle of California and can easily travel to quilt shows and shops in other places.

  70. Kathy O in GA Avatar
    Kathy O in GA

    Hi Lisa! I’m Kathy, we got to chat at one of those “quilt shows”! I live in metro Atlanta, but my heart is really wherever family is…which is scattered from coast to coast! My oldest and family live here, so that is good! I can’t wait to see the Snowman Gatherings – I’m sure it will be as great as the other lines. Love the project, hope to win something!

  71. VickiT Avatar

    Beautiful fabrics Lisa. Thank you for the wonderful quilt pattern. I live near Rockford, IL in a town right on the IL/WI border called South Beloit. I am really indifferent about this town and wouldn’t be upset if we had to move because really, there isn’t much here. I was raised in another small town five minutes from here and always wanted to live there after growing up and having my own family. I never did because property taxes are four times higher than where I am living and that also is another reason we’ve just stayed here. It’s a nice quiet town for the most part with under 5500 residents. I love that we can hop in our car and drive anywhere and not have the concern of a bigger town of traffic. I also love that we can drive an hour to Madison, WI or 1 1/2 hrs to Schaumburg, IL to do shopping at the larger malls and at our favorite store, IKEA. The drive into Schaumburg is enough for me of the busy traffic. LOL

    I hope you did well at the quilt show in Madison. I really hoped again this year to get up there but as it has over the past three years something happened once again this year to prevent me from going. 🙁 Hopefully next year I’ll finally make it up there. (I say that every single year)

  72. Joyce Beenes Avatar
    Joyce Beenes

    Hi, my name is Joyce and I live in Palos Heights, IL. I have lived in the area my whole life. I would love to have your shop in my hometown! I have only been to your shop once, and just recently found your blog. Thank you for your posting and I hope to visit you soon.

  73. Debbie Goad Avatar
    Debbie Goad

    I live in a small town called Genoa City WI. I have lived here all of my life. I can’t say that I love it here but it is my home. There is really nothing in our town and we have to drive a minimum of a half hour to get to any shopping. I am about 2 hours and 45 minutes from Primitive GAtherings and have never been there. We always shop your booth at the shows we go to. I think the first time we shopped your booth was in Houston and we loved it from then on. After taking your lecture in Madison, we are planning a trip to your shop in October or Novermber. Thanks for the pattern. It will help me as I start with wools.

  74. Sandra Timmons Avatar

    YES by all means MODA is the best fabric company there is. My name is Sandi and I am from Sonora, CA where this city is my hometown. I was actually born in Jamestown where my mom and sister still live there. My mom’s house is directly across from Railtown where engine #3 is the famous train used in movies. I have a lot of autographs that I still have from famous movie stars. However, my heart belongs to Sonora, CA forever. It has become a much bigger city because of people moving here to retire and just get away. We are actually 2-3 hour drive from San Francisco. Just like to visit but not live there. Thank you so much for the quilt pattern and the chance to win your giveway.

    Sandi T.

  75. Marcia Schanzmeyer Avatar

    Well, Lisa, if i lived in a small town with you and your quilt shop I would tag it a bit of heaven! I am blessed to live in two places. I call Houston my home from Nov. until mid-June. Then I bug all your wonderful ladies to change my BOM.BOWs address to Jackson, WY. This land calls to me and I travel with my five cats and dog (all rescue) to this enchanted land. It’s a little rugged, a little sophiticated and a lot QUIET. I span three seasons here, work at the Animal Adoptioon Center five afternoons a week, call these wonderful people my “family” and rejuvenate. I am truly blessed.

  76. Janet Avatar

    I’m Janet and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’ve lived here for 10 years and I love it! It’s near the mountains and we have the most beautiful summers :0) Your fabric line is lovely – thanks for the chance!

  77. Peggy Dalberto Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    This is Peggy, the potter, quilter and mom/gramma. Currently I live and work in Saint Germain WI, way up north. I enjoy your posts alot, especially this one since it cements for me how blessed you are with your family, crew of employees and your business. Your posts don’t say it, but we all know how hard you all work to keep it all together. I have to admit I have gotten to know Menasha solely because of coming down to Primitive Gatherings!
    Thanks for letting us into your family too.
    When I think of the many places I have moved to in 59 years, mostly I consider Langlade (a speed bump east of Antigo) and my folks home on the Wolf River as my mostly hometown. But since they sold it years ago, it’s more a memory page. Living up north in vilas county has never seemed like home since this area is too seasonal to encourage a hometown feeling. But I love the woods, the soaring eagles and osprey. I guess my “heart” is wherever my daughters, Amanda and Brandy, are. All else is temporary. When I lived in Iowa, I could come north for my woods and water fix! I love the shores of Lake Superior from Duluth to Marquette, but best of all I love being with my grandkids, Anna and Andrew. Family is a blessing, but it takes hard work to achieve that. And all good things are worth working for.
    That’s my home story.

  78. Marguerite Guinn Avatar
    Marguerite Guinn

    My hometown is Shawnee, Oklahoma. I grew up on a farm north of town, and I am the fifth generation of my family to live in the area. I think Shawnee is a great place to live and is home to two universities and has a rich heritage of industry and agriculture. Love your design for the hop!

  79. Anna Duncan Avatar

    Anna from Arlington VA, Great city, love it !!! Grew up in Washington, DC – great city too but Arlington feels more like home after living here 30 years. So much to do, culturally diverse, great restaurants, great parks and rec, nearby hiking along Potomac river and Great Falls, could go on and on. Cannot wait to finally meet you at the Dulles sewing expo next month. Your class was full so I guess I’ll just shop at your booth. Bring lots of stuff with you! Im telling all my quilting buddies to come out.

  80. CarolE Avatar

    I love my hometown of Calumet, MI — but often my heart is downstate in Howell where most of my grandkids live.

  81. Julie Avatar

    I have been waiting for this design! I saw it on your cutting table back when you showed a tour of your quilt studio, and have been watching for it ever since! LOVE this!! My hometown is Libertyville, IL, and I have to say I really like it here. It’s a great little town with big old houses and tall trees, fun shopping and eating, and lots for families to enjoy. I loved seeing your booth at the Madison show this year, and picked up some more wonderful woolie treasures to make. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you guys at the reinstated Chicago area International Quilt Festival next summer!!

  82. martha mumaw Avatar

    thank you for such a lovely pattern!

  83. Marian Mathewson Avatar
    Marian Mathewson

    I live in McCammon, ID–population 800, but I am from a suburb of Detroit. Talk about culture shock. I have lived here since 1999. It’s been a difficult transition, but I think I am finally starting to adjust. There is a great sewing/quilting community in Pocatello which is about 25 miles from here. I was just introduced to Lisa via Mary Fons’ show online!

  84. Julie Avatar

    I’m Julie and I live in Paducah, KY. I don’t have a “hometown” as I grew up in several places. What I do like best about living here is the AQS Quilt Show every spring! Primitive Gatherings has the best booth! Love the free project and would love to win a kit!

  85. Phyllis Avatar

    My name is Phyllis and I live in Mabelvale, Arkansas. This is actually a community outside Little Rock, the state capitol. My heart is really in the northwest part of the state where my daughter lives. I would love to someday move up that way to be closer to family.

    1. Phyllis Avatar

      Forgot to add email address…

  86. Deborah from Valparaiso Avatar
    Deborah from Valparaiso

    My live in Valparaiso, Ind… is home of Orville Redenbacher – me – not so much!!!

  87. martha mumaw Avatar

    I love my hometown but my heart is really with where i lived for almost 40 years! Again thank you for the lovely pattern!

  88. Nancy Martin Avatar
    Nancy Martin

    Love the new Hometown blog post. I was raised in a small town outside of Atlanta that has since been consumed by Atlanta.
    I love Jefferson GA where I was able to raise my daughter in a small farming community near Athens GA.

  89. Marsha Avatar

    Hi Lisa! I live in Hollis, New Hampshire a quintessential New England/New Hampshire town and truly enjoy it. I have the pleasure of being in an agricultural community with fruit tree orchards and farms running throughout the town. We are close to the mountains, seacoast, and major cities like Boston. Lots of quilters here!

  90. Beth Beal Avatar

    Small towns are always interesting that way! We have lived in Central Virginia for 16 years now, just outside Charlottesville, VA which as you know is all things Thomas Jefferson. We are from South Jersey and although there was no Jefferson, we had the Cowtown Rodeo and Richmond’s Ice Cream and on and on and on! So yes, maybe I like where I grew up better, but this area with the Blue Ridge Mountain and the Skyline Drive and the Appalachian Trail is by far, one of the most beautiful places in the country so we feel blessed to live here! And I get to work at Mr. Jefferson’s University (UVA) which can be very entertaining at times to say the least!

  91. Marja van de Nes Avatar
    Marja van de Nes

    I live in Uithoorn, a small place near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I love Amsterdam because of the many restaurants, shops, museums, canals… And two quilt shopss!

  92. Marie Avatar

    I live in Glen Dale, WV, and I like it here because it is pretty quiet yet close to many things, such as shopping and parks to visit. Lots of festivals are held throughout the year in various neighboring cities, and I enjoy visiting Oglebay Resort, which features a lake, paddle boating, walking trails, a nature center, and more.

  93. Jude Michalak Avatar

    Cute project! I live in my ‘adopted’ town of Laramie, Wyoming and it is truly ‘home’, now. It is always nice to go back to Canada to visit but I am always ready to come back home to Wyoming and the soothing muted colors and big, big sky.

  94. Kay Avatar

    I am sure your shop is the best place in town! We don’t have a fabric shop here but if we did I would love it and give it a lot of business. we do have a couple of handmade chocolate shops so I have to give them my money instead. My name is Kay and I live in Lincoln, England. I have lived here for 14 years and my children call it home but my heart is in London. I lived in London for over a decade and miss the shops, the theatres, the amazing multicultured lifestyle where you can eat any kind of food and know people from all over the world. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  95. Karen Kozlowski Avatar
    Karen Kozlowski

    HI! My name is Karen and I live in very small farming community of Richmond Twp. Michigan. I am surrounded by soybean fields and very tall corn fields. I keep expecting the baseball players from the fields of dreams to step out of one evening! I love to quilt, x-stitch and do any other projects that make our house a home for my family! Autumn is fast arriving in Michigan and it is my favorite time of the year! Hayrides! Apple picking! Sitting on the porch with a hot cup of tea! Watching the combines pick there harvest! Sleeping under piles of quilts!

  96. Nancy b Avatar
    Nancy b

    I am NancyB ani live in Maple Grove, Mn. I guess my hometown is wherever I hang my hat. I often wish I lived in a small town. I was just in Menasha this past weekend with a great group of gals. We stayed in your wonderful home and ate great food cooked by Terri. I have to agree, the best part of Menasha is anything to do with PG. the best food?? Anything cooked by Terri. Looking forward to taking your class next Monday at Grubers.


  97. Jandy Avatar

    My hometown is in the Fraser Valley, a small farming community, and it will always be where my heart is.

  98. Jill Masek Avatar

    My hometown is Plymouth Nebraska. As much as I love that little town, I’m very happy to be living out in the country now. There is just nothing like the calm of the country.

  99. Angie Ford Avatar
    Angie Ford

    Hey Lisa, My hometown is Franklin, TN set in the beautiful rolling hills of middle TN. I totally love my hometown and have lived here all but 3 years of my life. We have 3 great quilt shops here in Franklin and one of them carries your patterns. I met you on the quilting cruise and took all your classes. I came home with great projects and have been a fan ever since. Thanks for the great project. I can’t wait to get started.

  100. Joan R Avatar
    Joan R

    I love your fabric and your patterns. I am working on one right now! My Hometown is Kirkton, Ontario, Canada. We really enjoyed seeing you and your booth in Grand Rapids. Keep up the great work!

  101. Colleen Avatar

    Hi Lisa! I live in Plymouth, Wisconsin… but I can’t wait to leave. I want to live in Minocqua… that is where my heart is… up in the pine trees and lakes so my husband can fish and i can quilt :o)

  102. kathyinozarks Avatar

    My hometown is Mishawaka, Indiana but I left there in the late 60s. It was a nice hometown to grow up in, but my heart has always been living country-I loved loved living in Denver co especially the mountains, that was back in the 70s. My true heart now belongs to the ozarks of missouri where we retired to about 9 years ago. eldridge, mo is the tiny village near by, we live in the woods-awesome! I just love it here.
    I love your awesome giveaway-yours is my favorite giveaway so far-would be so thrilled to win. thanks for the chance-I am off to copy your pattern thanks Kathy

  103. Sherrie Davis Avatar
    Sherrie Davis

    Hi, I live in the Des Moines, Iowa area but I love the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and we have been there so many times it feels like going home to me. I would love to live there. And since I have found Primitive Gatherings and your great teaching Lisa, I always have wool projects with me to work on. What could be better than being surrounded by beautiful mountains and working on something fun?

  104. Lynn Hossack Avatar
    Lynn Hossack

    Hi Lisa,
    My name is Lynn and my hometown is Manhattan, Illinois. Even though I haven’t lived there for 30 years, it will always be my home town. It was a small farming community and hasn’t changed much over the years. I only live about 8 miles away and my Mom still lives there so I get to visit often. Whenever anyone asks where I’m from, I automatically answer Manhattan! Love all things “Primitive Gatherings” and really enjoy your blog!