Moda Designer’s…Friendship Quilt Along…repost

Sorry to bother and repost this…but i noticed some of my text changed colors?  It was white and invisible…go figure that one out?

Hello, I’m Lisa, from Primitive Gatherings.  If you are a regular visitor, or here for the first time…I welcome you to sign up to browse through earlier posts to learn more about me and my company…  If you like what you see and want to follow me in my quilting adventures, just enter your email in the box provided on the bottom right of this site…If you are an “old” friend, Welcome back…and thanks for hanging out with me…IMG_0619

Are you here today for the Friendship Quilt Along sponsored by Moda?…the best fabric company in the world…Okay…maybe I am just a little biased….I want you all to know what a joy it is to be able to work with such an “over-the-top” company such as Moda, United Notions…They truly are the best at what they do and support “us” who work with them in many ways to help grow our “little” pattern companies.

NNow on to the Quilt Along… My Friendship block features our newest line of fabric: Snowman Gatherings.  It is to arrive in our stores in April 2013.  What I love about this line is that it has 2 cute little primitive snowman prints, but then all the other prints are little “reproductions” of vintage fabrics in 5 color ways, a wonderful deep navy, a union blue, and then three tones ranging from cream to dark tan.  The prints consist of motifs that remind me of snow, swirling snow, stars and such…  Another bonus is the fabric “goes along” with my other lines…One of the union blues in my block is from “Old Glory Gatherings”.  It is nice to be able to collect fabrics…remember you do not have a “stash”…it is a Collection.  You never have to feel guilting of having a collection.  Collections are valuable!

Are you collecting all 28 blocks?  This next link contains the PDF directions for my signature block,  you can click and print…

Primitive Gatherings Block #4

I want to share some photos of Snowman Gatherings that were taken by Camille Roskelley for advertising purposes…They are so sweeeeeet!!!  Thanks Camille for your camera talents!


COR_1954COR_1947COR_1961370- Warm Winter Blessings-JDog

Warm Winter Blessing is a BOM that will be starting in April/May…depending on when the fabric arrives…I would love to post a link to my store site where you can sign up…but at this moment our site is currently down due to an upgrade….This is a real bummer when there is so much going on right now…The new site will have lots of nice features…but right now half of our pictures and prices are not there and it looks like we were hijacked…no logo and a bunch of random stuff going on…another issue is we didn’t realize our company that is upgrading us is in England! 6 hour time difference…so Please come back and visit when all is back up and running, we have lots of nice samples and wools and inspiration…and keep your fingers crossed it all works our and we don’t have to go back to our “old” site and rebuild it…  If you want to be sure to get a spot in this BOM you may call us…920-722-7233   Sorry for this inconvenience this may cause…I am going to share the link here but it may not work for you right now…but you will come back and visit later, right?  Warm Winter Blessing

Now back to the Signature Blocks….

I just love signature quilts.  This is a signature block that I had framed and it hangs in my studio.  Back in the day…they had signature stamps.  I would love to have stamp created for me…I guess this is a lost art.  This was not a “rubber” stamp like we have today…I believe they were made of metal…and could be very finely etched…  In the second picture you can see how fine and detailed they were… I have attached a few signature quilts, that I have found, some are antique and some are new…some are little images but just so you can get another idea for a signature quilt.


What is a Blog Hop without a GIVE AWAY!!! Moda has generously donated some goodies…Two Layer Cakes and a Dessert Roll….Do you know what a dessert roll is?  It is a 5″ strip of 20 fabrics from the line….These are NEW to the Moda Bakeshop offerings………If you wish to have a chance at winning one of these “pretties” please leave a comment in my comment section!IMG_8840

If you missed any of my fellow designers posts or need to know where to go next here is a list of the dates and sites….

We also have a Flickr group for you to add your quilt blocks to the gallery.
Click here:

Remember to visit the Moda Cutting Table on March 1st for a finishing layout for all of your Signature blocks!!!

Thank you for stopping by today…and again if you wish to “sign up” for this blog…Please do so at the bottom right… I will pick winners on March 1st!!!  Take Care, Keep Stitching and Good Luck!   Lisa

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

479 thoughts on “Moda Designer’s…Friendship Quilt Along…repost

  1. Thanks for showing us the wonderful signature quilts and your beautiful fabrics. Hoping to take a class from you in Hershey, PA this July. Hope I am a winner!

  2. I’m enjoying all the posts in the Friendship Quilt Along!! If you figure out where to get a cool signature stamp, let me know 🙂

  3. This has been such an enjoyable blog hop… loving every post and meeting so many creative and inpiring people!!

  4. Wow…I learn so much from you, Lisa! I had no idea about the signature blocks, but now I am fascinated by them! I love the more consistent postings this year…keep ‘me coming! And I still have the little Rowenta iron and Gingher scissors on my birthday wish list… My husband knows I’m worth it!

  5. Love the new BOM. Love these snowmen. Love all the signature block quilts, the wedding one was awesome. I do hope I win this.

  6. The snowman gatherings fabric is delisious. Love both it and the pattern for the quit,which I already have! I have been waiting to find material,maybe I should just order from you.

  7. I love to decorate with snowmen. Could be due to all the snow we have living so far north. The new fabric line is beautiful. Congratulations.

  8. I love your snowmen quilt-cant wait to start it. I enjoy reading your post to see what you are up to. Thanks for the chance on the giveaway-so excited

  9. I love your new line – the colors are so restful but still gorgeous. It would be fabulous to win this giveaway. Thanks for the friendship inspiration quilts – gorgeous. Love the block you designed and I have downloaded the pattern. Hope the website gets up and going soon; I’m sure it’s a headache. Have a great day!

  10. I love your new line Snowman Gatherings — esp the Union Blues!! Can’t wait for it and the BOM to start- keep it coming!

  11. I always love the signature quilts that were signed by hand and then the signature was embroidered in black.

  12. Love all your stuff! !!! I’ve been following you for quite some time (not in a stalking sense just your work and blog) and just want to say keep it coming! !!!!!!

  13. OOOOO, I’m drooling! I love the new BOM! Thanks for the opportunity to win these beautiful fabrics.

  14. Snowman Gathering Fabrics are calling me. Can’t wait to get my hands on them and work with them. You sure inspire a person, especially on a cold rainy day. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  15. The new line is just fabulous, as *always*, Lisa. Thanks for all the great visuals & for the chance to win. (And I agrre with you: Moda is the very best.)

  16. Would I wish to win some Snowmen Gathering….well, that is an understatement. I love it!! I think Lisa did a fabulous job quilting the one with the feather border….and fabulous may not be expressive enough. I am looking forward to seeing you at the show in Cincinnati this spring. I am bringing a friend who is a blue fanatic (like I am), and I am sure she is going to love this line…..she is just at the beginning of her quilting journey. It is such a delight to share it with her. Kristy

  17. I’m new to your blog and I love it. Thanks for all the ideas for friendship quilts. My mind is awhirl as what to do first. I love your new line, too, wintry but warm. Looking forward to more posts.

  18. ooh, your Snowman Gatherings line has such great basic colors. I made a baby quilt once in those colors, and it took me a long time to gather the fabrics I needed – I could have used Snowman Gatherings if it had come out earlier!

  19. The signature quilts are wonderful! I wish you had done this one earlier in the year when I was looking for ideas for a wedding signature quilt. I will keep these ideas in mind! Thanks for a chance in the giveaway, these Moda fabrics are so beautiful, can’t wait until they are in stores!

  20. After wondering what colors I am going to use to piece all these great blocks in this hop, I knew the moment I saw yours what fabric I would use that I just love! I have some gorgeous teal-ish paisley fabric with several other colors slashed into it! That would look so good with a white print and black! Maybe a little red here and there! Thank you so much! I love your snowman block of the month and need to sign up for that! Love, love LOVE those snowmen!

  21. Thanks for reposting. Love what I can see of the new line. What a lucky woman to have sooo many antique quilts!

  22. Hey I LOVE the warm winter blessings!!! And your site worked just fine for me… 🙂 thank you for the chance to win!

  23. Thank you for sharing a lovley block. I am a big snowman fan so I am really looking forward to your Snowman Gatherings and Warm Winter Blessing.

  24. Have been working on the Primitive Garden blocks, what a joy the wool is, nothing more fun then winning

  25. Lisa, The stamped, framed block is a treasure…I also love signature quilts. Your Snowman Gatherings line of fabrics is delicious! Those Moda layer cakes and desserts look yummy, too!

  26. Wow! I have waited to see the fabric and all I can say is wow!! Thank you for the opportunity to play with this yummy looking fabric. Thank you – great designing!! Love the colours!!! Can you tell I am excited about the fabric. :o)

  27. Snowmen Gatherings will be great fun to work with during the hot Iowa summer, when chilly things don’t seem so bad. Thanks for sharing with us.

  28. What a great block! And love the colors of the fabric, they are my favorites. Thanks for sharing the
    signature quilts, enjoy reading your blog.

  29. Love all the signature quilts you showed as well as your new line. It will definitely be on my list of “to buys”.

  30. I love the signature quilt – I have a niece getting married in September and this would be a great idea!
    Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  31. Love the Snowman Gatherings fabrics! Really enjoy the “rustic” look and small prints in your fabric lines. Thank you for a chance to win some of your goodies! :o)

  32. Thanks so much for the pattern to this wonderful block!! I can’t wait to get my hands on your ‘Snowman Gatherings” fabric! I have the pattern primed and waiting…THANKS so much for the chance to win some!!

  33. I love your fabrics! I would love to have one of these new fabrics to add to my “collection”.

  34. I absolutely love your new Snowman gatherings line of fabric. What a treat it would be to when some of that fabric. debbie eaves I have signed up to follow but I’m not sure it has been working right.

  35. I have always had a special fondness for snowmen. I think this bundle was specially designed to make a whole quilt full of them.

  36. Thanks for the Pattern.. I can’t wait for the Snowman Gatherings. I have been to your shop when visiting my sister in that area and I just love it. It is an adventure and I always love finding new things there. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago again. I’m glad the Quilt Show is back. Thanks again Lisa!!!!

  37. I am eagerly awaiting the Mini Snowman kit I signed up for at the Village Dry Goods class in January. In the meantime I have made the two blocks from class and a third from the pattern, to make a runner or wall hanging.
    Love the Snowman fabrics, and would love to win! : )

  38. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve never bought a dessert roll. I love your gatherings fabrics and have quite a bit in my “collection”. Your block is awesome.

  39. Very interesting and informative post. I love Primitive Gatherings! Thanks for the chance to win,

  40. I am currently part of a small group that is working on a block exchange of signature friendship blocks. Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I will share these with my group on Saturday!

  41. Hi Lisa, I just love the designs you create. I can’t wait for the quilt shop in my town to get your Snowman Gatherings fabric.

  42. Love the new line of fabrics. Will be sure and look for it in April.
    Thanks for the new signature block.

  43. Lisa; I have my pattern ready for the Snowman Gatherings fabric, would love to win the dessert rolls. What will they come up with next??? Love all the “sweets”. Thanks for being such a great designer, love everything you do!!!

  44. I’m so excited that your fabric lines blend together. It adds so much interest to your block. Keep up the good work!

  45. Love your new line! Blue and cream… one of my favorite primitive color combinations and perfect for Christmas quilts! Keep the blog postings coming…

  46. I love the new Moda fabric!!! They always come through on great colors and prints. Love the Snowman quilt as well!

  47. I am a constant follower of your blog and can’t tell you how many of your patterns I own. When I see you at shows, I feel like I am having a “brush with fame”. Thanks for sharing your talent with those of us who have no talent but can follow directions to make masterpieces!

  48. It’s snowing in So. Utah today, just right for your snowmen and thinking of Christmas. But your square isn’t christmasy, it is gorgeous. I love the blues and other prints. Thanks.

    1. Love the new Snowman Gatherings line. Thanks for showing your framed block with the antique signature stamp and for showing the signature quilts-awesome. If any of you ever get a chance to see Lisa’s lecture and trunk show don’t ever miss it-she is wonderful-and her quilts are just beautiful.

  49. Anxiously awaiting April so I can work on Warm Winter Blessings ( unless I’m lucky enough to win here!) Your fabrics just get better and better. Also looking forward to the new book.

  50. Thanks for the giveaway chance! Growing up in the Midwest I have seen my fair share of blues, and your blue collection for the snowmen is just beautiful. Thanks!

  51. You’ve done it again! Another wonderful collection—and it’s the perfect choice for my blog hop blocks!

  52. I would love to be the one chosen for this give-away. You are one of my favorite shops and blogs.
    Thank you.

  53. Beautiful! Can’t wait for the snowman quilt to come out!
    I made a signature quilt when my son got married. They got it as their first anniv gift and have it hanging in their living room for all to see:)

  54. You’re such an inspiration…every time I read your blog, it makes me want to get out my wool and get busy!!

  55. Okay – I can’t stand it! I’ve been telling myself NO more BOMs, but your Snowman quilt is GORGEOUS and I know I will really be kicking myself if I let this one pass me by. Time for a call to your shop!!!
    P.S. LOVE your designs!

  56. This blog hop is so much fun! Lisa, I can not wait for the Snowman Gatherings line to come out…I just love those little repro prints. Keep the fabrics and patterns coming!
    Thanks, Leanne

  57. I love the idea of “Collections” – being able to mix and match between them. I just bought Old Glory and am trying to decide what to make with it…so many choices! Love your work, Lisa. Judy R from Buffalo

  58. I really like Snowman Gatherings, can’t wait till it comes out, I see so many possibilities with it. Love how your block turned out with it too, thank you.

  59. I’m so loving hopping around to my favorite Moda designers! I can’t wait for Snowman Gatherings to hit the stores…I am a sucker for snowmen and your fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win some!

  60. Thanks for sharing the photos of your signature quilts, as well as your block – very inspiring! Will come back and visit your site again. Love the colorways in Snowman Gatherings! Many thanks!

  61. I’m a fan of your fabrics and designs. We can’t have enough of primitive style in crafts and needlework. Thanks!

  62. I’m getting excited about your new line. Blues are so soothing and I always put out blue and white or cream quilts in January. Need a break from all the that red and green. So I have been planning something for your new line. PattiO

  63. It would be fun to use Snowman Gatherings to make all of the signature blocks with little Christmas embroideries in the center. Thanks for sharing the pics of all the signature quilts.

  64. I love the new fabric line and can’t wait till it’s available. Something new to add to my COLLECTION!!! Looking forward to the Sewing Expo in March in Duluth, GA.

  65. Fun to see the new fabric collection!! I LOVE snowmen 🙂 Also fun to see the pics from the signature quilts, they are always amazing quilts to look at and admire

  66. Love your signature block for the friendship quilt. And I really like that you are doing it in the Snowman Gathering fabric. Now if I can win one of the pieces, I can put it with my mini squares that I received from you and make a go of it. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us…I love your blog and visiting often.

  67. Love love love the new fabric line Lisa! I’ve been looking for good blues and am always on the hunt for great creams-tans. Thanks for all the info in the newsletter and for the chance to win a little slice of collection. Hope your website is up and running again soon.

  68. Diane Smith
    February 26, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Love the new Snowman Gatherings line. Thanks for showing your framed block with the antique signature stamp and for showing the signature quilts-awesome. If any of you ever get a chance to see Lisa’s lecture and trunk show don’t ever miss it-she is wonderful-and her quilts are just beautiful.

  69. What an interesting blog. When I am lucky enough to find one I haven’t visited before, I spend a few hours, yes, hours reading the blog from its inception to the most current entry. Today I will spend time reading your blog. I am so lucky…maybe I’ll even win one of the giveaway prizes.

  70. Diane
    February 26, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Love the new Snowman Gatherings line. Thanks for showing your framed block with the antique signature stamp and for showing the signature quilts-awesome. If any of you ever get a chance to see Lisa’s lecture and trunk show don’t ever miss it-she is wonderful-and her quilts are just beautiful.

  71. Love the snowmen and the colors! I am a new follower and I look forward to exploring your blog! Thank you!

  72. I don’t see my reply of this morning ??
    Thank you for this beautifull block and all of yours fabrics is just wow !!!

  73. I can’t wait for Snowman Gatherings to hit the quilt shops. I’ve purchased fat-quarter bundles of all of your fabric lines and I can’t wait to add this one to my stash.

  74. Love the signature blocks. I have pondered one for a long time in the back of my brain, so will have to bring it forward soon. Thanks for sharing.

  75. Lisa, your signature quilts are amazing, thanks for sharing. Love to see you sitting at your machine. Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. Lisa…
    Totally LOVE the Snowmen Gathering line. Yes, Moda is the best. The quality of their designers and fabric are far above others!

  77. I’m assuming this means my comment on your first post won’t count? In that case, here I am again – loving the Snowman Gatherings and can’t wait for the start of the Warm Winter Blessings!

    Thanks, as always!

  78. Lisa,
    Love the Snowman Gatherings along with everything else you do!
    Thanks for sharing so much.
    Suzie J.

  79. love snowman gatherings, of course I love all your “gatherings” lines. Thanks for sharing your quilts.

  80. Double thank you for your inspiration. I have been wracking my brain for a quilt pattern to make a wedding quilt for my nephew and his bride. The signature quilt it is. Love your blog. Anne

  81. It was nice “meeting” you today. I enjoyed your blog and went back a few because they were so fun reading. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy some of your fabrics. The snowmen quilt is adorable.

  82. Like your use of word “collection” !! Mine is piling up even though I am newbie to quilting. Enjoy working with your fabrics esp. “Old Glory” & “Seasonal Gatherings”!! I have also used numerous ones to finish my primitive needlework projects. Also, enjoy your contributions to the “Primitive Quilts” magazine. The Snowmen look like another fun “collection”.

  83. Oh my, how I love all of your primitve items ! Yesterday at show and tell at quilt guild, one of our members held up one of your mixed media (wool, pieced quilting, and applique) finished patterns. It was the hit of the day. Sure hope I win !

  84. A warm greetings from germany. Thanks for the great inspiration! I´m looking forward to start with my signature quilt.

  85. I can’t wait until the new line comes out. I have a come of the Winter Blessings pattern and look forward to starting to stitch on it.

  86. Love your new fabric line! Love the Colors.

    Thanks for posting all those signature quilt pics! So nice to see.

    Love how you signed your block!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  87. Page newbie here! Love your fabrics and the vintage feel to your block! Thank you for sharing and the opportunity

  88. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Primitive Gatherings up here! And yes, we love collections too – they are valuable! We love your snowman gatherings line – so perfect for up here! Thanks for the chance to win! Catherine Z.

  89. I am patiently (maybe impatiently) awaiting the arrival of the new line. Already have the pattern and am anxious to get going. Love, love, love your fabrics!!

  90. I love the idea of fabric lines that mix and match with previous ones!! And ‘collection’ is a great word! Thank you for the block – lovely pattern – and the chance to win!!

  91. I love Snowman Gatherings! It is perfect! Right now, I have a jellyroll of Old Glory Gatherings on my sewing table. I can’t wait to start sewing with it!

  92. Can’t wait for Snowman Gatherings to arrive!! I have so many ideas swirling around and would love to do the BOM!!

  93. What a great post! And great pictures. I too have a collection of fabric and would be thrilled to add yours to it. Have a great day.

  94. Primitive Gatherings have some of the best colors and patterns for what I’m looking for now. Thanks for offering these great fabrics.

  95. I can’t wait to start the Warm Winter Blessings BOM! The fabric is wonderful.
    Love your block for the blog hop too!

  96. As always I love your fabric and designs. I am truly a groupie (at least online and at shows!) Can’t wait to do Warm Winter Blessings and would love, love, love to win !!

  97. I am looking forward to this wonderful new line. These colors are my colors. I love the browns, creams, and blues. And your quilts are wonderful. Thank you for a chancw to win.

  98. INSPIRATION is the only way to describe you and your fabulous ideas. You have my favorite fabrics, and the designs don’t stop. I look forward to the shows I attend, so I can try to “soak” in everything. Some day I will make it to the store!!! Hope to win.

  99. I love the pictures of old quilts you have posted! I love looking at antique quilts and blocks to get inspiration 🙂 Thanks!

  100. Love your patterns and all your gorgeous fabrics! They really speak to me. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize!

  101. We are counting the days until the scrumptious snowmen gather at my house!! I bought the pattern from my local shop months ago! Just adorable!! Come on April!

  102. Lisa,
    As always – I love your new fabric. Keep your creative mind going so I can keep adding to my valuable collection. Thanks for sharing!


  103. Good Luck with all of your technology. Your new fabrics and patterns look great! Hope to see you in NC in June!

  104. I’m loving all these blocks, and the giveaways are fantastic. I hope whomever wins enjoys them. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    1. You are such a busy lafy! I like the window in tour studio, makes it so bright! Your creations are great! Thanks for the giveaway

    2. I love all of your fabric lines…what can I say, I want it all. Just received my order of reds, promptly! Thanks for the block. This is fun.

  105. Looking forward to seeing Snowman gatherings in the shop!! The Moda Friendship Quilt Along block is great. Thanks, Lisa.

  106. I am smiling, Lisa, when you talk about the swirling snow. We in Wisconsin know lots about snow, don’t we? Your fabric is gorgeous!!

    1. I grew up with snow and making snowmen, I miss that here in Texas ! A LITTLE snow would be nice every winter. Thanks for the great block, I’m enjoying this Hop ! Looking forward to your next wonderful fabrics … Have a great day !

  107. The Warm Winter Blessing quilt is so cute! And the fabric is perfect for it. Imagine that! : ) Thanks for letting us know about the BOM.

  108. Lisa, I love EVERYTHING you do! Your taste is my taste! I’m so glad I found someone like you to get ideas from and, of course, projects! I now have ordered almost all of your NEEDFUL THINGS, even the Juki, and I can honestly say, I love them all!!! Thank you for your inspiration!!!

  109. I grew up with snow and making snowmen, I miss that here in Texas ! A LITTLE snow would be nice every winter. Thanks for the great block, I’m enjoying this Hop ! Looking forward to your next wonderful fabrics … Have a great day !

  110. So excited your website is back up! I can’t wait to explore it. I was having Primitive Gatherings withdrawals.
    Checking your new items is my favorite search! Thanks for all your inspiration. I have the snowman pattern and can’t wait for the fabric.

  111. Hi, Lisa! Love your blog and PG website! Hope to visit your shop one day. The snowmen are adorable! We get very little snow where I live…so fabric snowmen put a smile on my face! All of your fabric, patterns, designs are GREAT! Keep up the good work.

  112. Love your signature block, it’s my favorite. Cna’t wait for the Snowman BOM to start. Hopefully I’ll have “My Favorite Things” completed by then. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  113. I am looking forward to your new snowman line, I absolutely love snowmen! Of course, all of your lines are great! I wish I lived closer, but then I would probably be broke by all of my visits to your shop! Thanks for the great patterns and fabric, you are truly an artist!

  114. Love the new line and the friendship block. Thanks for sharing the quilt pictures. Great inspirations!

  115. See you are a rock star……LOL…you have your star scarf on and you have your block of fame. 🙂 LOVE IT

  116. Your snowmen are so cute! I love the colors, and that they work with other groups! I also loved the bonus signature quilts you posted. What great inspiration! Thanks for a wonderful post.

  117. Oh, I want one of those finely detailed name stamps too. Wouldn’t that be nice for the backs of all the quilts we should sign too. Love all you fabric, your enthusiam, and inspirations.

  118. Your quilts are fabulous! The wedding signature quilt is great — we may have to do this at my neice’s wedding this summer. Thanks for the inspiration.

  119. Settled in with a large chai and sewing while waiting for the snow storm. This would be a perfect time to win some cute snowman fabric!

  120. I love snowmen! And my favorite color is blue. I am very interesting in your new line. Thank you for the chance to win. I will keep an eye out for it in the quilt shops.

    1. Love your snowman quilt. I can look out the window and see that we should be able to build a real snowman soon.

  121. Love the fabric line… will need to buy or win (… hint… hint… :o) this fabric line for your block! Thank you!

  122. Thanks for the post. I’ve never made a signature quilt before, that wedding one has given me the inspiration to do so.

  123. I also am a fan of signature quilts, and your block is a great one to use. Thanks to you and Moda for the giveaway.

  124. Thank you for your block and for posting the signature quilts! Thank you and thanks to Moda for the giveaway! I love Moda fabrics!

  125. Love your block and the fabric colors that you chose. Also, love the story about your lake house. What a find!

  126. Just love everything you do and share with us!!! Please continue your designs and all your hard work. It does not go unnoticed or appreciated.

  127. Lisa, thank you so much for sharing! It is so much fun to see and read about everything on your blog. I’m in your P. Garden BOM & just love it! Hope to meet you some day. Stopped at P.G. last summer but I think you were on vacation. Marsha

  128. Love all your friendship block quilts. The snowmen in your new line are adorable and I really love all the coordinating fabrics!

  129. I love all your designs & have already purchased your winter blessings pattern. I love snowmen & can only create them in fabric living in the desert! Wish I lived closer, as I would love to visit your shop.

  130. I love the new fabric as well as your previous lines! I can’t wait until it is available. Your block pattern is great, too.

  131. Absolutely adore the new line – am putting “Warm Winter Blessings” on my wish list for sure. So sweet!!

  132. I love your work! Made my mom a quilt out of fabrics I bought from you at a show and she loves it. Working on my tumbling blocks now. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  133. Wow….I just love the blues in your Snowman quilt…great new line.
    I’m going to check out the link for the snowman BOM.
    Great block pattern. Thank you!

  134. I love the snowmen quilts that you showed today!! so fun and cute!! I’ll have to come back later when you show them in their full glory!! 🙂

  135. I made a signature quilt for my in-laws 50th anniversary. My mother in-law loves it and just the other day commented to me how she still loves to read all the messages on her quilt. She’s had her quilt for 10 yrs now.
    Can’t wait for the new line to arrive in the stores. Will definitely add to my “collection”.

  136. I really do like your Snowman Gatherings fabric. I saw it at another store and am looking forward to the April release.

  137. I just love the snow man, waiting for the wallhanging kit .
    And who wouldn’t be interested in a dessert… roll 🙂

  138. I love your friendship block and your new fabric line.
    I plan to buy the collection, as I have a quilt in mind already….
    I also visit your shop when I am in the area, Loooove it…

    1. I so want to make a blue and cream colored quilt, your fabric line is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  139. love the block and the other examples of friendship quilts…especially the oak reel(?) block 🙂 thanks for a chance to win

  140. Great fabric, I love how it looks but since I love just about anything that you do I guess I should expect it!

  141. Love your new fabric line and snowman pattern and all your other patterns. I’m fianally working on the Primitive Garden pattern in wool.

  142. Enjoy your blog so much. Loved your signature block. Beautiful. I also love the new fabric line. Would love to win. I am unpacking today, but think I’ll take your advice, and stitch a little too. Keep on quilting.

  143. Hi New to doing blog comments and not sure if mine went in..Have completed many of your projects and excited about new fabric line.

  144. I love the idea of framing a signature block! Your new fabric is beautiful! I can think of a few things to make with it. I will look for it at my LQS!

  145. Love, love, love snowman and your new line looks fantastic. I have one signature quilt under my belt and really enjoyed making that quilt. Signature quilts always make me wonder hmmmmmmm wonder what the scope is on this quilt. This blog hop is alot of fun, but who would expect less…it’s Moda afterall.

  146. Love the signature blocks, thanks for sharing. I also love the new fabric line from Moda, you can never go wrong with their fabrics. Hope I win!

  147. I too love the signature blocks. They are great for memories. I did one for my husbands 50th birthday party. It was better than any book!!

  148. I love snowmen and the color blue, so this fabric line is just up my alley! I must tell you that I visited your shop a 2+ years ago…all the way from Delaware. I told my husband I would probably “be in there for awhile” and he wandered in almost 2 hours later wondering what in the world I was looking at….and I still hadn’t seen everything. Needless to say, my purchases airline pound restrictions, so we had to mail some of it home. Thank you for your wonderful designs and shop.

  149. Love, love, LOVE Snowmen! Just discovered the Friendship Quilt Blog Hop today and wouldn’t it be nice to win fabric so I can get started!!!

  150. I love your new line of fabric: Snowman Gatherings and my favorite color is blue. It would be perfect if I won the giveaway. My friend told me about your site and I have been a fan ever since. See you in Lakeland soon!

  151. I love your new line, another must have! And I love your “collection” terminology. I gonna use that one!

  152. First time I’ve visited your blog. Loving this friendship block quilt along. Thanks for the chance to win.

  153. Love your snowmen! This quilt-a-long has been so educational for me….new to this, and learning so much from you talented bloggers/designers. Thanks for taking part!