I need your imput…

I received an email today…I can’t stop thinking about it…and need some advice…that is what a blog is for right? Interaction….I am in the process of switching my email messaging to Mail Chimp which will allow me to send beautiful emails with pictures and such…it is costly…about $150 per month because I have 9000 addresses on my account already -(yes I know some of you cannot sign up because I am at my limit and this is why)…and would have to enlist for 10,000+…this is a good problem right…lots of people what to know what is happening at PG….then I get this today…

Just got off the phone with you(meaning the store-she did not talk to me) and will now write to get me unsubscribed.  I have made several failed attempts the last week to unsubscribe from all 3 websites:  Lisa’s blog, Primitive Gatherings, and the store.  I’ve not had any problem with any other website and I know I’m doing it right.  I have loved the store, products, and everything Lisa has done.  There are way too many postings and it’s starting to feel like when we have a famous speaker at our guild and she spends too much time pushing her products.  I don’t think Lisa is in this just for the money, but trust me, it’s starting to look like that and turning me off from the store.  So many more stores in SoCal where I live now sell wool and stuff to go with it, we now have several local choices plus many other websites.  Many of my friends are now feeling the same way and from being your biggest supporters we sometimes look elsewhere.  Please just get me off of these 3 sites and consider sending less for those who still are on them.


Now here is the issue…I sent out 1 email this month..which was yesterday…3 in May and 1 in April and so on…I have blogged 4 times this month so far…2 have been about our family wedding…that everyone at the last two shows and classes have been asking me if I was going to post about the wedding… now the shop sends out little blog posts about shop stuff…there is a lot going on right now and we want to treat our web customers just as well as our walk-in customers……before today I was thinking I was not posting/emailing enough…then that email showed up…
Please tell my your honest opinions….before I spend 1000’s of dollars a year to send out emails……should I schedule emails and blogs… like once a week?  We are starting to work on my new studio where we will be able to do YouTube videos…is this not necessary either?  Is it all too much? I was thinking I was slacking compared to some quilt shop that I am subscribed to….
well… maybe now I will be able to sleep a little better now that I shared this and will get your info…Please be honest…I know I cannot please everyone all the time but need to know if more of you feel this way.  LB


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

505 thoughts on “I need your imput…

  1. I personally enjoy the amount of blog notices. I’m an online customer only as I live in Texas. These help me keep up to date on your products. I will continue to subscribe. Demo videos – wonderful! Thank you!

    1. I enjoy hearing from you about everything (life, projects) ! Would love for you to post more often. It would be cool for you to do the you tube videos ! Keep up the great work ! Wedding pics are great- thanks for sharing !

  2. Lisa, I personally look forward to each and every email and would really miss them. I say keep them coming please!

  3. Lisa, I do not think you are posting too much! I don’t understand what that person is talking about! I live in SO Cal and in my area we do not have a shop I like. Now if I drive south, to the San Diego area, that means a lot of traffic, then I can get some nice things. I do shop on line too. I LOVED seeing your wedding pictures as well as the posts you send out, though I am not interested in the warehouse sale things. I am usually on a mission when I shop on line. I would love to see the you tube pieces!!
    Maybe you should make sure this person can get unsubscribed!! Loved speaking with you at Long Beach. The shop was much easier to get around in too!

  4. You and I have talked about this before…do not let one take the wind out of your sails. I honestly feel that you do not post too much. And really would like it if you posted more often. I like the quick notes from the girls at the shop, and love the updates from you. So glad that you are posting pictures of the wedding, and always look forward to your posts to see what you are up to. Love to see the new things you are working on, etc. You are doing everything right – don’t change a thing, unless it is to post more often. Some people just have to hate. I mean really…if you don’t want to read it, delete the e-mail…it’s not that hard.

  5. I enjoy your emails and blogs. Looking at new products and “stuff” and loved the pictures of the wedding!

  6. Lisa, I love reading your blog posts and the shop posts as well. I am waiting for your tutorials. Please do them. You are running a business and should be pushing your products. I wouldn’t think of unsubscribing. In fact, I would be happy if you posted more often.

  7. I think that woman needs to get a life!!! If she doesn’t want to read, that is what the delete button is for

  8. Lisa,
    I’m shocked by the email you received. I’ve never felt that you or the shop send excessive emails! If anything, I’ve anxiously waited for updates/information that I knew would have to be coming shortly (like for an upcoming event or a new project coming out).
    Please don’t feel that you/the shop email or blog too frequently! I receive much more chatter from other shops and especially from other online companies.
    Hope this helps!

  9. You can’t please everyone so I think sending this request out is a good idea before you spend your hard earned money. You do not blog too much, you are not pushy, you are a very generous owner and share all your good ideas. Your staff is exceptional, friendly and personable. I am very pleased with your emails/blogging and I very much look forward to hearing from you and/or Jessica at the shop. It is a good way to keep us in the loop. Your blogging/emails are not too frequent and when I don’t hear from you, I know that you are busy creating new ideas for us or you are traveling. I don’t know how you do all that you do … please don’t let one person spoil it for the rest of us!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Grand Rapids!!

  10. Personally I love receiving all your emails. I don’t think you (your shop included) send out any more than a lot of shops. I feel it lets us know you a little bit better. I’m just amazed you can find the time to do it all.


  11. I like the post frequency. More would be fine. It’s unfortunate the unsubscribe didn’t go smoothly for this gal. I also like the thought process of you just can’t please all.
    Glad to hear of the new ventures. Hugs!

  12. I think she was just having a grumpy day. I think the way you are doing things are just fine and I for one enjoy the postings and I don’t think they are overdone or too much in anyway. I’d just file the email away and keep on the track you’re on. You’re doing great! 🙂

    Cathy ♥

  13. I certainly don;t mind the e-mails I get or the blog postings. I like to see them so that I know what is out there. I don’t have retail stores around me so I do depend upon the newsletters etc that I get from PG and other places. You know what – you can’t please everyone and if she does not want your e-mails etc – then she has the option to unsubscribe, but she does not speak for me. You are a business and your 9000 sign ups speak for themselves. I think the You Tube videos are a great idea! Go for it.. thanks for sharing.. sometimes it is hard to know what the right thing is…joni

  14. Lisa, I wouldn’t let one person’s opinion change what you have planned. I, personally, don’t think you post too much. I love to see what you’re working on, your tips and techniques and to hear about your family. We all know that family and life outside of quilting plays an integral part of who we are. I love getting to know you and your family. Please don’t change what you are doing or are planning to do. Unsubscribe that one person….. People forget there is always the delete button on their keyboard if they don’t want to read a message. Why ruin it for everyone…… Thank you for all that you and your shop does!

  15. I have no problem with the amount of e- mails and posts. I enjoy seeing your things. I certainly don’t feel like you are pushing your products. I wouldn’t have signed up if I didn’t want to see them. Julie Goedeke

    Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 02:36:25 +0000 To: julgoedeke@hotmail.com

  16. I like your updates and everything you send out. Please keeping doing everything you do !!!!!! Thank you for everything you do !!!!!!

  17. I was shocked by this email. I don’t feel that you post too much. I enjoy receiving everything and love seeing the photos of your family time. Keep up the good work. You are so talented, please don’t let one person spoil what you have.

  18. Your email and blogs are interesting and informative. I’m actually amazed that you have the time to send so much information to us. Hope you are not discouraged because what you do is inspiring .


  19. I think you are doing great Lisa! I enjoy your blogs and everything you share is up to you to decide if you want to post. You probably will like mail chimp more and it will benefit your business too. I appreciate all of your hard work and creative sharing you do. You and your creative inspiration have made a positive difference in my life and the quilting community as a whole. Rock on sister! (By the way very beautiful wedding photos!)

  20. I always enjoy hearing from you. I love seeing the new projects and anything else you send.

  21. Share away 🙂 The more (subscribers) and the more (posts) the merrier. Life is about sharing. Blogging and the internet is about sharing. This is one person, even though she has mentioned that her friends feel the same way, (apparently she has sent out survey monkey to them on the topic?). Let her friends also unsubscribe if they are not happy. Don’t hold her opinion to be anyone’s but hers. One person. Share away my friend!!

  22. I absolutely LOVE getting emails from the store, from your blog, about whatever is going on with the store, with your family, it’s always fun and interesting. I get lots and lots of emails from companies on line … sometimes more than 1 a DAY (now THAT’s annoying) … please do NOT stop blogging or sending emails. If someone doesn’t want to read it, they have a delete key. That’s what it’s for.

  23. I love you just the way you are.  Thank you for giving me so many hours of pleasure!  I am a little old lady with not much money but still dreaming of those quilts everyday from morning to night and you fulfill lots of creativity in me!  Thank you With Love  Miz Molly

  24. Love your emails and blogs. I feel that the personalization of what you do only adds to my relationship with your online “shop”. We see you at shows but your emails keep us in touch with YOU. Keep up the wonderful work.

  25. Hi Lisa, I love receiving your emails and blog posts. I do not feel that you send too much. My personal opinion is you cannot please everyone and no matter how hurt we feel, we just have to let it roll off our shoulders and keep our heads held high. Keep up the good work and thank you for asking for how we feel.

  26. Lisa-don’t you dare change a thing! I so love your posts on your blog and announcements from the store. I also appreciate how you always encourage your followers to support their local quilt stores. You make me feel like I am your friend and love the sisterhood we share in the love of quilting. Also love seeing your dogs and Nick fishing on the lake.I’m always excited to open your email and see what’s new. Unsubscribe that cranky customer and make room for someone who appreciates you as much as I do. Linda

  27. Lisa, I do not k.ow what this person is talking about. You are very talented and have many irons in the fire, so to speak. That is what I like about you. I can read a little about you, making you feel real, you design fabric, write books, all inspiring us. Please do not tress over this message, you cannot make everyone happy all the time, but I believe most of your followers choose to be on your lists.

  28. I love getting your emails. They are certainly not too often. I don’t really understand what that person was
    talking about. I have never tried to unsubscribe from anyone. If I am not interested, I just delete.

    Lola in Minnesota

  29. That person is being rediculous!! Please don’t stop anything you are doing…we will all miss it. Most of us sign up because we want to know what is going on and enjoy reading the posts.

    1. I love your emails, blog store blog. I read everyone. I have never met you because of where we live, but I feel like you are a friend I could talk to every day. Keep up the good work.

  30. too love receiving your email – I like to stay up to date with what is going on. If I’m busy, or the post doesn’t interest me, I have no problem hitting the delete button and moving on. I live in Washington and would not be able to stay up-to-day without the blogs, email and Facebook. Please don’t stop – many of us appreciate what you do and how you do it. And please don’t let one unhappy person spoil It for all of us.

    Looking forward to seeing much more of you 🙂

  31. Geez, I think everyone had a bad week, just like I did! Lisa, I look forward to each and every email, blog post there is. I have pretty much stopped going to quilt shops and shows (I just dont take the time any ore) so when I receive updates I love it! Dont let one dufus concern you, she is only one fish in the sea! You have done a wonderful inspiring job of making yourself lnown and admired, keep up the good work!, and email and blog on!

  32. Lisa, please don’t let one unhappy person change who you are and how you do business. Remember for every bad comment there are probably hundreds of unspoken positive customers Unfortunately, we are the quiet majority. I love hearing ALL the news from your blogs and love seeing the personal pictures. You are in no way posting too often. I would love to see more posts and LOVE being on all yours lists. : ) I would love to see some tutorial videos. Hope to hear from you soon! Cheryl

  33. Consider doing what other artist do. They put all their info on Facebook, including the blog posts. Then people have a choice of whether to keep you in their newsfeed or not.
    I would not spend the money on the new thing. I don’t believe it would benefit you enough. You have made a living on primitive not flashy. Lol.
    Most of the other people I subscribe email to, only do monthly letters.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Just keep me in!

  34. I look forward to your blog posts and love reading them. Don’t change a thing! You tube videos are a great idea too. The person that wrote that is essay off base!

    Sent from my iPhone

  35. I have no problem with your emails or blog postings. I like getting things in the mail, if it is something that doesn’t interest me, I just delete it. I like keeping up to date with news and new patterns and things. I am working on the flower garden piece, now. That seems way too much for a service, you should be able to do the same thing with your own providers service without paying extra.


  36. I enjoy your posts and always read them right away. I am subscribed to your blog via bloglovin, also get them in my email plus the store blog posts about the products . I will honestly say it is not too much for me. I live in Oregon and we have great stores with wool products and notions but I usually go through your website to compare prices and products. I find that a lot of the patterns I want to do are usually produced by you and you are very competitive in prices. Trust me – you are doing it right! Do not let one persons negative remark question your success. My only problem is that I can not go to your shop or warehouse sales for wool!!! 🙁

  37. Lisa, don’t change a thing! You have a wonderful store, great blog and so on! That person is nuts! I love every bit of mail I get from you, the store or the blog! Thanks for being you! Sleep tight!

  38. I am happy with the number of emails and blog post that you make. I wouldn’t even mind a few more blog postings. Most of the other quilt stores that I subscribe to send out 1 or 2 emails a week. I don’t see a problem with yours– that person and anyone else who doesn’t like it has a delete button and a block email button- they have a choice to use them or keep their mouth shut!

  39. Lisa, go for it!!!! I love everything you send out and I was so excited to learn about you doing videos! The woman who wrote that nasty e-mail has too much time on her hands; I wondered if she had ever heard of the delete button if she didn’t want to read your e-mails, etc. I am from California and there is NOTHING out there that compares to what you sell! I now live in the Dallas area and we have awesome quilt stores but NONE compare to what you produce. Keep on, keeping on!!!!!

    Mary Ann

  40. I do not think that you post too much at all. Because I am not local I like that everyone is kept apprised of what is happening. I look forward to each post.

  41. Lisa, I have been a customer for about one year. I enjoy your posts. If I don’t have time one day that something comes in my in box, I have the option to save it for another day.

    I hope that someday I can visit your shop in person, and please don’t give up the 12 days of Christmas, I totally enjoyed it and I finished the table topper from last year and have received many compliments.


    Joyce Beenes stampingjoy.ctmh.com

  42. Please don’t let one person spoil what you were planning. I really enjoy the e-mails from you and Jessica. There isn’t a place by me that sells wool or Valdani threads, so I have been buying on line from you for several years now. I loved seeing the pictures of the wedding, and I like the way that you make the on-line shoppers feel that they are part of what goes on in the shop and in your life. Thank you for that.

  43. Lisa, Keep sending all you want. That is why we sign up! People can choose whether or not to read all of them. I love the new products and the wedding pics are great.

  44. Lisa, your last sentence said it perfectly. .. you can’t please everyone all the time. She was a customer (and maybe a good one) and will probably still be in the future. Remove her from the list and move on. You have inspired loads of people and I would be willing to bet that some of those people are the very shop owners she is talking about. Keep doing what you love and you can’t go wrong.

  45. I love seeing everything and being able to share. LOVED the wedding pics…& today I got my copy of Flannel Gatherings. Look forward to everything from PG……keep it coming. You inspire us all.

  46. Hi Lisa,

    I enjoy your blog posts and the shops blog posts (I’m not on your email list but would like to be on that too). You are always showing pictures of something I would love to make or giving a helpful hint or talking about a new tool or new pattern or where you’re traveling or something that you enjoy. I think your blogs are a great way to let us know what’s going on at the shop. I have never felt you were pushing your products on me. I really look forward to all your posts and I don’t feel it’s too much. Please keep the posts coming…don’t let one email spoil it for the rest of us.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  47. If anything I think your emails have been less than before and what you send is No Way pushing products. Some of he blogs I follow send emails daily Moda being one of them. It appears to me this person has chosen you as her person to pick on for no valid reason. I’ve enjoyed seeing the family stuff all the fun and in good taste and the wedding has been amazing to view. Emails like that in my opinion you just take in you know to be fact and the rest you find a way to let go. You have soooooo many of us who love and appreciate all you do. Don’t let one bad apple take that away. For heavens sake I had anywhere I could have gone for my 50th and I’m coming to the gathering!!!! I can’t wait. I know when I have a lot on my plate I take things now to heart than I normally would but I think if you search within yourself you know this person is speaking untruths. I hope many of your followers reassure you of how much you bring to us that is positive. Brush it off and keep up the amazing work you do. Some people you just can’t make happy.

  48. Lisa, I look forward to all your blog posts. You are such a great and creative person, and I can’t wait until you come out with new patterns. You will never please everyone. Keep it up and remember there are many of us that love what you do.

  49. You can’t please everyone. Your loyal followers want to hear from you as much as you want to talk to them. I say do what you want and if a few people don’t like it – oh well. Sounds like this woman just wanted to bitch about something. It is pretty easy to hit the delete key when you don’t want to read something!

  50. Lisa, please don’t let one individual’s personal opinion get you down! Your communications are enjoyable, educational, and are not excessive! I particularly enjoyed the Days of Christmas! My only lighthearted complaint is that when I am fortunate enough to be in your area, you are rarely there, in your shop 😎 ! I love to shop there anyway, and find your staff to be exceptional! You are one busy family, and we look forward to seeing you at AQS Grand Rapids! Keep up the outstanding talent, work ethic, and communication style!

  51. I really don’t think you post too much! I enjoy all your posts and they keep me in touch with what is going on. You can’t make everyone happy.

  52. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing pictures that are posted or of family things. I love that you are willing to share the wedding with us and others things about your family. It makes you a real person and not just a shop. Even though I don’t have money now to spend on projects, I love being inspired by the projects you post and to know what new things are coming.

  53. Just read all the above comments and I agree with them….keep the blogs and emails coming and if you want to do more that would be okay with me…I always read your blog first, anxious to see what you have come up with new. Don’t let one person change it for all the rest of us, see that she gets unsubcribed to your emails and blog….

  54. I love love your blogs emails. I do not think they are too much. I want useful tips, new project insights etc!

  55. Lisa, I enjoy your blog and the other emails. I do not think that you send out too many emails. They don’t even compare to some of the ones I get from Macy’s (daily) -too many- same with chain stores. I do admit that if I think an email is too lazy to send me a photo of what they are selling and just send me a 30% off notice, I just garbage it. I really feel that there is something else going on with the person that wrote you the email. She seems upset. Maybe it wasn’t her at all, maybe her husband ? Upset with her spending. Just saying, it’s only one person. She has the ability to hit the delete button. I for one, enjoy all of your communications with me. I look forward to the sale notices and the blog.


  56. I get more posts on Facebook from people playing Candy Crush then I do from you. I live in Tennessee and I only know of only one shop here that sells wools, many of your products. I really like the updates so I know what is new out there.

  57. I like getting your emails and don’t think you are overdoing it. Maybe the person who complained should find the delete button on her computer. It is just that simple if you don’t like some emails.

  58. You don’t post too much! I really like the pics. of quilts & such that you share. That person must have one thread too tight! lol Don’t let it worry you. 1 out of 9000 isn’t to bad…

  59. Hmmmmm, I was thinking like you that you were not posting enough! 🙂 Please keep them coming!!

  60. Don’t think you need to spend the large amount of money ,I am happy with the emails. Plus we know how else to find you:)

  61. Lisa, Keep the post ‘s coming, I look forward to them!! Wedding pics are great ! Always read your blogs, we are well informed. Keep up the great work!!!

  62. I’d ignore that gal…she has issues that have nothing to do with you. Just love your blog, website, wedding pics, etc. Keep them coming:)

  63. I am quite satisfied with your blogging and seeing pictures of different things that are happening.I do not feel I am getting too many.

  64. I always love your blogs about new projects you are developing and what’s new online and in shop but I must agree that lately feel too many emails lately. I loved wedding pics and appreciated your willingness to share with us, by the way you looked lovely too. I have received several emails or blogs weekly sometimes daily. I would scale back. I don’t think I need to see what you are doing at other guilds or shops so maybe save for them only. Starting to feel Lille a travel log blogger. Save your money and do only your blog once per week cause then shop can have one per wk too.

    1. I respectfully disagree. I loved the pics you showed of another guilds show & tell and found them inspiring. Keep on doing what you’re doing. I can’t wait for the u-tube videos. Hopefully there will be some wool & stitching tutorials included.

  65. Don’t stop! It is not too much. This is your business. Of course you are going to write about it, plus other cool stuff like family, garden, shows, home. I subscribed because I love your designs and products. How silly would it be if you and the shop staff didn’t tell us about them? You all also provide fantastic expertise in the posts. I will welcome all that you want to share.

  66. I do not feel that there are two many emails or postings at all. I do not subscribe to blogs anymore, I use Feedly. I add blogs to my list. When I open Feedly, I see all the new postings since I last visited. I can look at a quick post and then go to website for more info. I do this on my Ipad. I don’t know if using something like Feedly could help with the expenses you discussed-not my area of expertise, I think it is similar to google reader…..don’t let one bad apple spoil things for everyone else!

  67. P.S. I have to go shop now at a great warehouse sale that i found out is available to me online because I saw a post about it!

  68. Don’t stop… I is not too much (I AGREE). If we don’t want to open it and read it, nothing is forcing us to. I get BOMBARDED from other businesses… and I just delete them if I don’t want to look at them.

  69. I like the way you do things now. Enjoy what you post and do not think you over do it! Please don’t let one grumpy person spoil this for everyone else. I look forward to what you send.

  70. I enjoy your posts and don’t feel there are too many. I’m always interested in what might be new. The complainer can always hit the delete button!

  71. I think your postings are very informative and appropriate! If you don’t post, I don’t know what’s new, exciting at your shop, etc. I also don’t understand how anyone can feel compelled to read an email they’re not interested in. If someone thinks there are too many, let them filter them in whatever way works for them….but not by depriving those of us who enjoy your “news”. Just my thoughts! Keep up the good work…obviously you’re doing something right!!

  72. Lisa I can’t get enough! I wish I lived close enough to be a regular at the store but the next best thing is to feel like I’m included in what’s new and happening via your posts. My goodness at the Duluth Show your booth was a very dangerous place for my wallet! It ranked right up there with the chocolate isle at Target! I totally enjoy your posts!!!

  73. I like your posts, Lisa. They do not seem like too many or too self promoting at all.
    You’re good, girl. Do what you do so well.

  74. I hope after reading all the above comments in this short of time you realize you need to ignore the grumpy lady and keep up the good work you are doing. I check the blog sometimes 3 times in a day just to see if anything is new or pics that you post. We all enjoy being part of your circle of friends and seeing about all your family and new products and what you are up to. Love the pics!! keep the blogs and emails coming!!

  75. I’m hungry for all news! Don’t stop! Silly lady- if she didn’t want to see it or read it, just delete it! Some people are never happy and the rest of us all love it! Keep up the good work!….now, I’ve got to go find out how to get to the warehouse sale “online” like Karen above mentioned!

  76. No, you do not post too much. I do have (or had) some that post daily and I do think that is way too much. You must be doing something right. Every time I go to your booth at one of the quilt shows your booth is crammed full of customers and they aren’t walking out empty handed. 🙂

  77. Love the emails and the blog and love the idea of you tube videos!  Love seeing and hearing about new products and if some people think that is a sales pitch, so be it.  I signed up for emails because I want to be informed.  You are doing a terrific job!  Keep it up!


  78. Please don’t stop the emails, blog post, etc. I am always excited to hear from you. your newsy posts make me feel like you consider us more than customers, but also friends. And, I would love to see youtube videos, as well. Although I really can’t imagine why they would want to, can you make it easy to unsubscribe for those few who don’t want to hear. Then you truly can please almost everyone.

  79. Lisa, one of the things I love about you and your blog is your generosity In sharing, not just the business stuff, but your personal life with us… Weddings, lake houses, the boys… But more importantly your advocating for us all to use our local quilt shops whenever possible. You share the process of your ever expanding business, and we are thrilled for you because you inspire us!

    I am one of your group of Colorado fans that makes your booth our first stop on Wednesday nights in Houston (and blow half our budget) and we love briefly chatting with you (and flirting with Nick!). Keep up the great work! See you in Houston!

  80. I want to continue all your posts! I get lots of email, and you DO NOT send out too many posts/emails, believe me! Sorry this one person was unhappy, but you know how that goes. Just continue to show up the newest stuff, cute ideas and even wedding photos. If I’m not interested I can go on to the next email, what’s the big deal!!!???


  81. I really enjoy your e-mails and when I don’t get one for a while I go to your website to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Please don’t stop.

  82. Love the emails. I get ones from other places that I don’t want, but anything from PG I look forward to. I enjoy information about new things in the shop as well as home/family photos from you. I also hope you will do some You-Tube videos with some tutorials. Love you Lisa. There’s always (at least) one in every crowd. And your crowd loves you!

  83. Personally, I would help her get unsubscribed as quickly as possible, and then go ahead and send out as many blog posts, newsletters, emails as much as you want and when you want, i enjoy getting them from the ones I have subscribed to, and when the time comes that their posts no longer interest me, I kindly unsubscribe myself and keep my mouth shut! This is your business, and you have every right to handle it as you please. That is the only way to effectively run an online business. You have to communicate with your customers because you don’t have the advantage of people just strolling in like you do in brick and mortar stores. Keep em coming!!

  84. I enjoy receiving your emails and blogs. You keep us informed on the latest quilt items. You even introduced me to a new shop, Tumecula Quilts which I really appreciate. The family wedding pictures were a joy and you looked fabulous. So needless to say, keep the emails and blogs coming. Sandy

  85. Lisa, the mailings from you and the store are truly appreciated by me. You all keep me up to date with the loveliest, well written reports on what is new and where to find it on your website. Hope you will continue to contact me whenever your heart desires. Fun to receive personal reports from time to time. Reminds me that we are all humans in this electronic world. That old story about the delete button stands. Too much mail can be eliminated painlessly.

  86. I totally agree with everything that Cheryl above said!!!! Don’t worry about the grumpy old ladies that complain!!!

  87. Lisa, keep on doing what you are doing. I love to hear from you and becase our lives are so busy, it reminds me to keep up with the new stuff coming out. Thank you. Wish I could retreat at your place again. My husband and I are coming from Ontario in September. Can’t wait. Jane Lyon

  88. Um, someone forgot her little pink pill…for days!
    She seems to be speaking for all of SoCal as well…Fix her unsubscribe, wash your hands and take care of your staff and us customers. We support your business, enjoy your work, and chose to be on your list. 9000, really? I think she is the minority here.
    Don’t ever sweat the small stuff. Customers Adore the personal connection with your family too. It sure brings a human side to such a busy shop.
    The only thing I ever hope for is more computer stuff from your store staff! The staff at your store is the heartbeat of your business and you run one my favorite shops!

  89. I love your emails and blogs, so pease keep them coming. I could not beleve what I was reading , that lady is the looser

  90. I enjoy all the postings and check out the “new” tab on your website quite often. You are a very talented lady. Don’t let the comments of that person cloud your day. You have many followers and supporters who if not for you, give us inspiration to create and sew many beautiful things for our homes. Keep the postings, pictures and tutorials coming and thank you Lisa for all you do!

  91. I love everything you post and everything you sell and everything you so generously do for your customers! I live in So Cal too and I am grateful for your shop, website,blog, etc. So just get that complainers address off your list and keep doing what you,re doing because you have a huge fan club out here in quilterland and we want you to keep doing what you do! When I bought stuff at your booth in Long Beach I asked Nick if you are going to be at Road to California…he said yes so I can,t wait to buy more PG things there! Keep up the good work, Lisa! You are amazingly talented!

  92. Some of us do not have other shops near us nor can we get to classes or shows and we look forward to your blogs. We learn from them and also enjoying hearing about your family. For those who do not want to read your posts can skip over them. Nothing says we have to read them just because they are there.

  93. Lisa,
    Take heart. You are doing great. Keep moving forward and ignore the negative comment. I am in So Cal and we need you . Assume she was having a bad day.

  94. I’m a newer subscriber and I don’t feel I’m getting over loaded with communications from you. I enjoy seeing what’s new and what you are working on. I wouldn’t let that one response stop you from doing what you love. Everyone at times receive too many emails and some days you just have to pick and choose which ones you will read. I would rather hear from you as often as I do or more, you’ve introduced me to many wonderful things. Keep up the good work.

  95. Guess there is one in every crowd (unfortunately). I enjoy your emails. There are times I don’t feel like reading, so I just delete. I have only been on your list for a short time. Bt keep up the good work.

  96. I don’t get emails from the store, just your blog. I love the blog. I like seeing what is coming out and your new kits and fabric. I certainly don’t feel you send too much. I get many more from other quilt bloggers. I would like more things from you. I have never felt you pushed your things too much, but, of course, you talk about your products that is why I read them. I was very excited to see your new line of fabrics and the patterns and I’m sure I will get them. If my local quilt shop carries the fabrics, I will get them there; if not, I am happy to know I can get them from you.

  97. Lisa, Wow- what an E-mail- sounds like unloading is a symptom of a bigger problem and you are getting the blame. I look so forward to your posts and I check your website and blogs daily for updates. I live in Nebraska, so am an internet customer only. Please don’t decrease the amount of communication. Visiting your store is on my quilting “bucket list”. You and your staff are doing a great job and I look forward to continued high quality service and products.
    Keep up the good work

  98. That lady was pretty harsh — like she had some kind of other problem as opposed to offering positive input as to what would be better for her. So she’s probably an outlier (statistically speaking). I happened upon your blog and loved your stuff but haven’t been a customer (just a window shopper) so probably shouldn’t give any input either and I’m going to unlink myself because that will leave room for others and I can still stop by. Hopefully you’ll get a consensus of opinions that will help you decide the right thing for you and your shop! Best wishes to you!

  99. Well, I love the emails and blog posts. I want to know what is new, what is coming and love what you share (beautiful wedding pics). I would love to see you tube videos. Sometimes I need motivation and the posts/emails get me there, as far as product pushing well that is not the way I see it. I live in Michigan so I am unable to come into the store, if I lived close I would probably be in all the time, and you are a store and you make your living selling your goods so letting us know is wonderful. Things sell out fast so when you let us (out of towners) know we can order.

    I say keep up the good work and keep us up to date. 🙂
    Thank you for all you do.

  100. Hi, I live at Primitive Gatherings vicariously thru your blogs, website and emails. I LOVE everything your shop carries, I loved the 12 days of Christmas which was, let’s face it, both informational and sales driven …. but some of the items you favored were items some of us didn’t know about and were glad to consider buying. If I could have afforded the Juki I would have ordered it for sure!

    The woman who is tired of your info … nice she has several places in SoCal to buy WOOL … I live in the northeast and don’t have a shop within 30 miles for wool so ordering is great … your company is the best in terms of quality and price.

    So …. if you keep things as they are, great. If it’s worth the money to go with the new concept, fine. If you take the one lady’s suggestion and use Facebook and save your money, fine! Just don’t stop posting even when some posts are about selling stuff!

    Delete, people! A handy button for grumpy people!

    Finally, I have been waiting for your YouTube videos so PLEASE do not abandon your plans! There is not one shop in my area that does wool classes so I am teaching myself. I’d love any input you post!

  101. Wow. I get over a hundred emails a day bc I subscribe to a lot of quilting blogs and sewing blogs AND fabric stores bc I don’t want to miss anything. I feel bad bc I had NO idea that you had to pay for mail chimp!!! You DO NOT post too much and please don’t take that crabby lady’s email to heart. I don’t receive many emails from you and sometimes I get 2-3 emails per week from shops. I’ve heard that there has been weird problems with Chimp Monkey this week. Two people-who prob don’t know each other- had their accounts banned bc people complained thAt they sent out too many emails!!! I am NEVER mad at someone who sends out 20 yummy dessert recipes every week! It was rediculous to complain when that person could have unsubscribed.

    So- in my honest opinion, you do NOT send out too many emails. And I don’t understand that lady bc you have a brand that you are SELLING. Of course you are promoting it!!! The only suggestion I can think of, is have a separate MONTHLY newsletter for people that only want a monthly thing. But I really hope that you don’t have to pay for this. But I like what you are doing and keep up the great work!!

  102. Lisa, Don’t let her change the way you have been doing things, if anything I would like to see more updates on your blog. I like to know what the new things are so when I come to your store(I live in southern Wisconsin) I kind of know what I want or what will be coming in next.
    Like they say everyone is either a Tigger or an Eeyore. You are a Tigger and she obviously is an Eeyore!!!!!!
    Like someone in an earlier comment said, she can always delete it.
    Keep up the wonderful work

  103. I love opening my email and having a mailing from you and/or Primitive Gatherings and love being kept current with all that you do – only frustration is that I would also like to do all that you offer – if only you could sell time. I have unsubscribed from a few sites as what was offered was going in another direction which is NOT the case with Primitive Gatherings. Please do not scale down your postings and I think it is also great sharing some of your personal life as well. Thank you for all that you do.

  104. I don’t know what this person is talking about either! I live in Florida and my husband has been sick for the last nine months. The blog has been a lifesaver. As far as You Tube is concerned. . . the faster the better! Can’t wait.
    GB Hollywood, FL

  105. No,do not listen to her, you keep on doing as you are doing and how you want to do it , if she doesn’t like it anymore there is always a delete button on here keypad, I live in Australia and don’t get to access stores like yours, I look forward to seeing what you are up too,by the way the wedding was just stunning. So keep to the positive not the negative , you go girl!

  106. PS. It takes up to 10 days to be unsubscribed. I was getting SPAM from an old account and I unsubscribed and all of a sudden I kept getting a few emails a day when I haven’t for a few months. I pressed unsubscribe and then sent an email on the third day that said “unsubscribed please” and someone wrote back and said it takes up to 10 days. If it was me, I’d post dailyfor the next few weeks, teehee.

  107. Lisa, it never ceases to amaze me how some people think that they get to speak for everyone. Just because she has issues, doesn’t mean that the rest of us feel the same way! I enjoy your emails, and your blog and shop. I think that videos would be great, because some people are visual learners. Continue to grow your business and don’t worry about a few people who are not happy with the way you are doing things. There is ALWAYS the option to not read and not to buy.

    Oh, I LOVED the wedding pictures!

  108. Keep the blog posts and emails coming. In fact, I would like to receive more of them. I am not able to make it to your shop as often as I would like so this keeps me in the loop on what is happening. I would love to see some U-tube videos. Do you ever do any retreats? I was fortunate enough to stay at The Gathering once.

  109. I’ve always liked hearing from you…..blogs, blurbs ,skywriting. If what you post in addition to the shop is too much for this lady and some of her friends then she can remove herself from your mailings…..leaving more openings for other lovers of all things primitive. I personally love seeing your posts in my in box! Keep at it lady.

  110. She thinks you send too many e-mails? She certainly does not speak for me. I say MORE MORE MORE!!! I love reading about what’s going on at your shop, your travels, your shows, your family, etc. I live in Georgia and there are no shops that carry all the great products your shop has. You are so creative and inspiring – thanks for sharing with those of us that aren’t able to visit the shop in person. And I look forward to the You Tube videos – I would really enjoy learning from you! Also, as some others have mentioned, I can’t wait for the Twelve Days of Christmas/Your Favorite Things – I really enjoyed that last year!

    Now I think I’ll go re-read an e-mail I’ve saved – the unveiling of Floral Gatherings! I love looking at the pictures of your new fabric line – I can’t wait to get my hands on this in November! 😉

  111. I don’t think you post to often. I enjoy everyone of your posts. Please keep doing what you have been doing!

  112. I love getting your emails and blog posts! It is not too much. Please keep doing what you are doing! It’s great!

  113. Lisa, How sad that there’s always that one that just can’t help being pathetic. It wouldn’t matter what you tried to do, those are the ones you can never please. Keep up everything the way you have been. I’ve always wondered how much do you sleep as you are so busy.

  114. Someone must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed, as my mother would often say when we were crabby. I say, don’t change a thing. I’m a recent subscriber and love reading your updates and hearing what’s going on. As a matter of fact, sometimes I think you’re postings are too short and would like to see more.

  115. Keep the emails and posts coming. I look forward to them. I can read them another day if I am too busy to open them ….. but that has not happened. Don’t make any changes. Just keep doing what you are doing. It is fun for us to get to know the quilters we buy from better and to see the new goodies you are working on. Thanks.

  116. Love the blog, love your work, love hearing about the projects and your life. I’d like more PG…

  117. I’d like to see “teaching” u tube videos. Think in some ways there may be just a few too many postings from P.G. Love your vision and offerings but I do get overwhelmed by all the offerings.

  118. I don’t think you send out too many e-mails. Maybe the lady is having a bad day (or two). Loved the wedding posts by the way.
    Linda C

  119. One out of 9000 plus, really? You cannot please everyone, but I think your track record is over the top. Keep doing what you are doing and add more. Your emails are a big hilite of my day. Send the lady a little wool packet and wish her a sunshine day, to include deleting her address. There is someone else that would love to get on your email list. This TX girl loves Primitive Gatherings

  120. I like all the things you send! Please keep them coming! You can’t please everyone. She should have called you so you could have fixed it for her. When I had a problem you called me and it was fixed right away with no problem. You were so nice to work with thank you! KLC

  121. Lisa – I look forward to your blogs, emails, shop blogs, all information pertaining to Primitive Gatherings. In fact you could send out more. I’m really looking forward to the classes that you are getting ready to start on you-tube. You are a very genuine person. Don’t change anything you are currently doing. One person who seems to have had a bad day isn’t a reason to stop anything. And she certainly isn’t talking for this So Cal girl. Can’t wait for your new fabric line to come out!

  122. I certainly look forward to your posts and enjoyed seeing the wedding photos also. I have unsubscribed from other shop’s emails before because I lost interest in what they are doing! However I feel that is a reflection of my changing tastes and certainly no fault of the shop owner or designer. Please keep on doing what you do because the majority enjoys your designs and products. As the expression goes “Some people would bitch if you hung them with a new rope”!

  123. If someone isn’t happy, unsubscribe or delete. Personally, I love the info and would like more pictures. With the hundreds of BOWs that you do, you’re doing something right. Blog on! Sell more! You’ve always encouraged supporting local quilt stores first. Videos? Woohoo!

  124. Lisa,

    I get a lot of “junk” email messagesmore than those I want to readeach dayI seem to get about 100 emails a day. It is simple to delete them. I delete some of yours and read others you have sent. Have no idea why I decide to read some and not to read others on any particular day I have enjoyed the wedding onesalthough the only person I recognized was your husband. I treat Sue Spargo the same way. You are not forcing us to read yours. Freedom of the press!!!!!

    Do not spend any money you do not have to.

    Saw you at Long Beachalways enjoy your booth. Looking forward to seeing you at Road.


  125. Lisa, we enjoy seeing all of your posts. Do not let one person be your gauge. Your patterns are inspirations for all of us. P.s. I live in So. Ca. Also and there isn’t that great of wool selection. Sharon

  126. You don’t post enough. I want more. I order on line and love the post from the store. I like knowing about your studio, house, projects and life. How would I know about the new stuff if you didn’t post. I live too far away to visit the store. You creative talents and energy are amazing. It’s because of your posts that I got involved with working with wool and now it’s one of my passion. Keep on posting—–more please. Yes for tutorials!

  127. Lisa: Don’t you dare stop sending emails!! She apparently has nothing better to do but pick on others. I like the emails and all of your information. No one forces her to read them and I’m sure she is one of a very few. Ignore it!

  128. Hi Lisa: I look forward to your blog. It is the one that I follow the most. I love the wool pics, the updates on family, class pics…just about everything. Looking forward to the tutorials. Keep those creative juices flowing and send them our way. Hugs and thanks

  129. I check everyday to see if you or the shop have posted anything new. I love the pictures and recipes shared. I live too far away to see the shop so I think the more the better. It makes a girl dream. Please keep it coming.
    I’m always excited to see the new posts and newsletters. Thanks, Karen M

  130. You definitely don’t post too much … I surely enjoy your posts! Is there a way you could make it easier for people to unsubscribe? Sometimes people’s lives get busy and they have to drop out of a few things. Maybe that’s it for that lady. Don’t let it bother you!

  131. What is this woman talking about? Your blog has been a life saver for me as my husband has been sick for nine months and it has been impossible for me to even think about getting out to a shop. If it wasn’t for your blog, I would not have become the wool junkie that I am. As far as You Tube is concerned, I can’t wait. BTW. What is wrong with making money? That’s how jobs are created! Keep the blog coming, only MORE OFTEN! Hopefully, you will be blessed with even more success than you have already experienced.

  132. Lisa, I love your blog posts, e-mails and the store posts. It keeps me current and if I don’t have time to read it that’s my problem, not yours! Keep posting, it always feels like a message from my friend Lisa :0)mcdqui

  133. I love hearing from you and thank you for including real life interests. I have a delete button and know how to use it if I receive mail I can’t use. I enjoy the newsletters, your posts and new projects, it keeps me excited! Keep up the great communication. I live in a small community so don’t get to see all the neat new things often, our local quilt shop doesn’t carry primitive anything.

  134. I don’t think you post to much, sometimes not enough😊. I like the store’s post because they let me know or remind me of what is going on. Don’t stop blogging because of one person opinion. Let her unsubscribe and forget about it.

  135. LOVE IT just the way it is, but more would be better (for me anyways). especially pics of “the boys” 🙂

  136. I love your posts so I can see new projects and I also like seeing your family photos too! Without it I wouldn’t know what’s new that I could sign up for! Keep the posts coming 🙂 and by the way….aren’t you in business to make money? I don’t get that point of that email….you are trying to run a business and to do that you need to pitch us new projects so we can buy them if we want to!!

  137. If I think I’ve received too many emails, well I just delete them. I don’t read every post, but enjoy the ones I do read, and it keeps me connected to my favorite medium, wool. Your down to earth way of writing is easy and pleasant to read. I hope you continue posting.

  138. I don’t usually respond to anything, but I like what you do – I purchased summer block of week last summer & finishing kit.  I loved all the info. (especially info at Christmas time) about how to do it as I am new to this.  I read info that is interesting to me & delete the rest (like I think you do a civil war quilt & sales/classses at the shop – I will never get to shop so I delete that).  Everyone has been very nice to me when I have done phone orders – THANKS so much for what you do!!!

  139. Lisa, have loved your designs and own many of them. I live in PA so if I couldn’t take advantage of your shop online, would be lost. Took your class at Hershey on the Christmas mat and learned so much. I wasnt new to wool applique either but your tips made everything so much easier and professional for me. Love getting your emails and miss them when they aren’t popping up so keep them coming. Dont know why someone has to be so negative about something like this!

  140. Dear Lisa. Maybey it is a good thing that all of this is happening. Now you have the chance to shift all your enthusiastic readers from…….let’s say it in a decent way……..the others !
    Anyway, I always read your posts with pleasure so please do not stop and keep your enthusiasm and spontaneity……I love all your stories and I will stay a real Dutch follower !

  141. Don’t let one crabby Maxine ruin a good thing for the rest of us. People like this don’t deserve to be a part of our quilting community! Keep up what you’re doing — I’d much rather find a posting from you in my mailbox than the 100+ crap e-mails I get everyday. By the way, I’m from So. California and I can’t figure out where these “wonderful shops” are that this grouch is referring to. We’ve had so many shops close in the past couple of years, quilt shops are getting far and few between out here. Love seeing the wedding pictures, the mother of the groom is gorgeous!

  142. I love your posts too! They have good pix and i like to be informed, at once, if there is something new that i may want to order or get right away! Keep on posting, i like to subscribe to active blogs, not ones that never have anything new! (love your show booths too and how you are so accomodating and helpful!)

  143. Don’t know why she is being so negative – I too enjoy the emails and blogs – Seems like she is upset about something and this is her was to lash out – sorry you have to be at the receiving end – love what you so – please keep up the good work – If I was closer I would be there lots – Idaho is a little jont down the road – keep your chin up – we love what you do

  144. Well I am from Schuylkill County PA and would LOVE to have you pick-up your shop and come on here…I love seeing your name in my e-mails and what you have to offer, I always look at it this way..just like on FB lots of friends and relatives and vendors post and if I or anyone else does not like it or is not interested in what is posted well they do not read it delete it or pass it by for that day no biggie…One day I or you might come across one you might be happy to read and be interested in…but if you totally sign off who knows what you will miss, Its that 1 opportunity in a lifetime but in reality thats everyones choice I wouldn’t be so quick to cut myself off in the process and count myself out of that opportunity…Life is full of too much negativity, anger, frustration..take a deep breath enjoy the variety, life its too short to worry about something like this have you read the newspaper lately now there is something to worry about talk about deleting… .Thank You for your creativity and all that you do Lisa keep me signed on!! Barbara

  145. As was said in another post-that is what the delete button is for. I love reading your blog (loved the wedding pics) and don’t think you post or email excessively. There are lots that I get in my inbox every day and if I don’t feel like reading them, I delete them. Some things are just too simple and people have to complicate it so they have something to complain about.

  146. I very much enjoy your post.. I love all your patterns and your blog. The first time we saw your booth in Puduka, we were hooked. It is a long way from Texas and we don’t have many wool shops in our state. Please continue doing all the things you do. Don’t let anyone put a damper on your projects. Continue to grow your business the way you planed. Good luck from the warm and humid state of Texas.

  147. Personally, I love anything I receive from PG. There is nothing like it in my area that i am aware of. Trust me, I keep looking! Finally, there are a couple of shops within a 100 mile radius that have started carrying a few of your patterns, but I can see how investing in a wool inventory might be risky for them, so as an earlier commenter said, I live vicariously through your shop and its website, blogs, and emails. I would love to see you tube videos as well! I think you keep a great balance of personal and product related posts. The wedding pictures are beautiful and I have appreciated that you have been so willing to share them with us!

  148. Please, please. please do not stop sending emails!! I anxiously look for your posts everyday and it’s such a treat when you send them. I am new to wool applique and was fortunate to be able to take a class with you at Hershey for your Pumpkin table mat. You are a wonderful teacher!! Do not let one angry person spoil it for the rest of us. A daily post is totally fine with me, the more the better. I appreciate all you have done, keep up the wonderful work.

  149. I love getting your emails. I have never been able to go to your shop so by your emails it gives me a small opportunity to see what your shop is like. If someone is unhappy they can just use the delete button! Keep those emails coming!!!

  150. I don’t know what planet that woman is on, but it’s not this one. I am flabbergasted she thinks there are way too many – I think to the contrary, that I would love more but understand how busy life gets, not to mention running a business, designing, etc.

  151. Lisa, I’m a relatively new subscriber, so my two cents isn’t worth much. That said, so far, so good! Some people are only happy if they are miserable. If there is a lull in their own personal misery, they fill that space by trying to make others miserable. Just do your thing, honey, you do it well.

  152. Please keep them coming. Just moved from IL to GA. Now I have to depend on the Internet where I used to be able to drive 4 hours to shop at your store. Love you and your

  153. Personally, I don’t get the complaint. I get more frequent communications from lots of other businesses and blogs. If it seems too much, or I’m just not that interested, I just unsubscribe. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sent from my iPad

  154. That lady may be able to buy wool other places, but no one does it like you! I wish we got more. Obviously from the comments you already got, people want more! They find the information helpful. I would like more shop pictures to see what you have that isn’t online. Really, I just with I lived close by. Keep doing what you are doing and everyone but 1 person will be happy. Glad you are coming to Pittsburgh. I’ll be there!

  155. Maybe she was being ignored at home and decided to share her displeasure with life via the internet.
    Some people just like to bitch! Lisa, you keep on doing what you have always been doing and don’t change a thing.

  156. Seriously? I don’t know what this woman is talking about!! I love your posts and your blog!! Keep them coming! The more the better….and U Tube posts?? Heaven!!!! Turn a deaf ear to the crazy talk about too many emails!

  157. I am looking forward to your you tube videos. Some of us aren’t able to visit your store or travel to your classes. I enjoy seeing different techniques. I’m not bothered by the number or frequency of your emails. If I don’t have time there is always a delete button.

  158. Lisa, I have been a serious quilter for many years. What I appreciate the very most from your blog are all of the things that I continue to learn. Last December was above and beyond – what a gift to us with the daily blog of all the needful things. I think of you every time I use one of the items I chose to purchase. I trust your advice. I look forward to getting you advice. I do not think that you blog enough. That would have been my answer prior to even knowing that you received the phone call, I understand the time limitations that everyone has every day so blogging regularly becomes a challenge. Here is the deal, you are a great quilt mentor and teacher but you also own a great business. Those two things intersect and there are times that some people might question your motives or get frustrated. I’m going to say that they are the minority. Thank you. With regards. Carol from Dunkerton, Iowa. P.S. Love, Love, Loved the wedding photos. I am telling non quilters to visit the site just to see them.

  159. I think I have to agree with everyone else here…keep up the good work, and don’t let one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch. :0)

  160. I’m pretty surprised at this woman’s attitude. Sometimes a company’s software doesn’t eliminate a subscription immediately. Apparently she’s decided she doesn’t want to get a lot of other emails as well, which is fine. Personally, I look forward to your posts. I subscribe to blogs and, if they have them, Facebook, for several designers and companies. It’s how I keep up with what’s happening. I have a lovely local shop, but they can’t possibly carry everything. I have found your staff to be delightful and I love your designs (working on my BOW right now!) She obviously has a deeper issue if she’s deleting several email subscriptions and apparently needed to vent. There will always be one or two like her – she reminds me of friends who don’t check their emails at home because they have been on a computer at work all day. I immediately look at my computer when I get home from work (and I’m on a computer all day too) ’cause that’s where all the fun (i.e. quilt and stitchery and blog) stuff is! Please don’t let her get you down and thank you for everything you share with us. BTW, the wedding looked lovely!

  161. I love to read your posts. I enjoy knowing what new products you have and and what projects you are working on. She is in the minority because the rest of us look forward to your emails. I hope you don’t cut back.

  162. I absolutely love hearing from you. Please don’t let one person deter you from your course. I also would love to see you tube videos. That is a wonderful idea. As far as I’m concerned ther isn’t enough primitive out there. Sometimes it can be hard to find. Especially here in NJ. Keep up the great work.

  163. I signed on mainly to get your personal quilting blog. I don’t mind the store posts but would rather not get them. I’m sorry that customer was so negative!

  164. I enjoy your posts and those from the store. I seldom get to your store and this is a great way to see the new things without spending a lot of time searching. If I don’t have time to look at every post, I just delete it and go to your blog and look at it later. Thank you for the time you spend keeping all of us up to date on what is happening.

  165. leave this woman in the cyber dust! I thoroughly enjoy your blogs, emails posts and heck wish I was your neighbor to talk to you more! You are in business to make money, who isn’t, but put such a personal touch on everything you send. I love when you share info on your shop, products you like and your personal life. Keep it up!

  166. You will never please everyone no matter what you do or which direction you take. Follow your heart and do what you believe is best. She’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s hers, not the masses. I remember reading or hearing that this year you would be making some videos and I’ve been anxiously watching and waiting for them. Since I don’t live close enough to take your classes, I’m really hoping the videos will provide an opportunity to learn from you. So, please don’t drop that idea.

  167. Lisa, I enjoy your posts and appreciate what you do for us…and want to be tempted by your products, so keep up all you do.
    Regards fro Australia

  168. I always look forward to post from your store and you, and read them immediately. I get lots of email, many that I’ve signed up to get. If I don’t want to read them, I delete. I learned a long time ago that when someone says they have people who agree with them it is probably no more than two. Don’t give people like her a voice for all the rest. My favorite post were the ones you did last December sharing your favorite things. I’m looking forward to Floral Gatherings this fall. You do a nice balance of sharing great idea’s and new products. Thanks for all you do.

  169. Don’t make your decisions on one grumpy woman’s opinion. I personally think you need to blog MORE! I enjoy everything you write and am interested in what you say. You have a wonderful business and you have worked hard for what you have. Keep doing what you are planning since that is what got you where you are today.
    If the lady wants to unsubscribe, I am sure there are more that will subscribe in her place.
    Paula in KY

  170. Lisa, No you can’t please everyone! My vote is to keep up the good work and continue with your plan! I took your Christmas table mat class in Hershey and loved you and the class! That experience made me want to hear more and more from you!! Christie Yorks

    Sent from my iPhone

  171. When I turn on the computer in the morning, I am always happy to see something from you and the gals in your shop. Please do not let one person’s comments discourage you. For those of us who do not have a bounty of quilt shops near us, your connecting with us means a lot. Your ideas are refreshing and innovative Thank you for sharing your shop and your family with us, loved the wedding pictures so far.

  172. Lisa, You have 9000 customers signed up, your account is “maxed out,” have a waiting list of customers who want to sign up, and you are worried about 1 complaint? I LOVE all of your postings (including the wedding pictures), and I live close enough to your store that I can come in whenever I want to see your stuff for real! Let her unsubscribe and shop in her locale. They probably got their ideas from you anyway.


  173. Lisa,
    I enjoy your blogs and emails….always get excited when I see one in my inbox. Let those who are no longer interested opt out!! Jan

  174. I’ll go the “flip-side” I love the communication. I love developing that ‘ friendship’ with my favorite quilt designers. I like the encouragement on the quilt side. Seeing photos of fabric , quilt blocks, places to use them. I like knowing you are a real person – and that sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned. I’ve been tickled that you been placing more effort into your blogs, your store correspondence and your personal weblog. Pretend you never received the email. Be thankful there are tons of places to buy wool (that means there is an investment into it and it’s not going anywhere). Feel sorry for someone so cranky that they voice such a thing and are not constructive. Remove them- pray for them. let it go….Can’t wait to see photos of the warehouse sale… I went once and loved it….

  175. I, for one, wait for your blog posts or shop news! I live in western New York State and although there are local shops carrying wool, it’s not as nice as your product. I recently returned from the Hershey Quilt show where I took a class from you which was wonderful and I returned home and finished backing a wool mat with your no-knot method.

    I do receive emails from other sources which become annoying and then difficult to unsubscribe from, so maybe a faster, easier way to unsubscribe is the answer.

    Sent from my iPad

  176. Lisa, I so enjoy ALL of your posts! I love them….please don’t stop! Thank you for sharing not just your quilting expertise and shop things, but glimpses of your home life as well! It helps us to get to know you better and for us who live far away, a way to feel like we are a part! I love the wedding photos! Beautiful! I look forward to EVERY post! :-). Fondly, Rachel

  177. Well she may be able to get wool somewhere else, but nobody does it like you! I wish you had more posts and look forward to your videos. I don’t think you put out too many emails, but then I may be a stalker. Can’t get enough. So glad you are coming to Pittsburgh soon. See you there.

  178. Keep it all coming. Your blogs are very much enjoyed.
    A general comment regarding quilt industry frustrations….seasonal patterns and fabric are late in getting to folks and shops, there IS a lot of over marketing and pressure to buy, buy, buy which frankly can take some if the joy out of quilting. Personally, I don’t appreciate holiday related patterns getting into the mainstream late. Find I am buying a pattern this year that won’t be ready until the next holiday season. Remember, it’s not how much one does, but doing what one does well.

  179. I love your emails, please don’t stop sending them! I am too far to visit the shop and love getting notices of what’s “up”…it lets me know what I “need”,lol!

  180. I love all your emails, posts, blogs, whatever! I don’t have a problem tapping the little trashcan icon when I’m finished reading. The more information the better. Please don’t stop, but also, please don’t become overwhelmed and want to quit. I love reading all your posts and emails. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  181. She has got to be kidding, you post too much!! Me thinks not. I feel maybe a wit bit more posting might be good. I too don’t like to be slammed with loads of emails from companies but DO NOT feel you are one of them. Plus really that is what unsubscribe is for. I think she was just having a bad day and we should bless her on her way. Keep up the good work. And can hardly wait for the you tube videos. Woohoo!

  182. Keep the posts coming! I subscribe to the newsletter, and as you said, they aren’t very often. I usually check your blog several times a week so as not to miss out on anything new and upcoming. I live in NY State, and haven’t found many shops who sell wool, let alone offer the wonderful designs that you create and carry through your website. Looking forward to more views of your studio and excited about videos!

  183. Some people don’t have anything in the world to do but to complain. Love what you do. Keep them coming.

  184. Keep them coming. I get lots of blogs from lots of sites. If you don’t want to read then just delete. Don’t let her comment get you. You and your staff do a great job. Thanks

  185. You are right – you can’t please everyone all the time. Keep them coming for those of us that appreciate them.

    By the way, the wedding was beautiful.

  186. personally I enjoy the posts–I choose to read what I want–you can’t please everyone all of the time –but there are those of us that appreciate being kept up to date and informed as we are online customers only as we live to far a way to visit–so keep it up –and thank yo for doing it as I know it takes time to craft these!!

  187. Lisa, I live in another state which sadly is seeing quilt shop after quilt shop close. Online is an important way for me to find out what is out there. I am fortunate enough to make it to your shop once a year and truly enjoy keeping informed of what is new. Don’t let one person’s dissatisfaction let you lose sight of all the customers who anxiously await your posts.

  188. Dear Lisa,

    I don’t feel you should let the feelings and or comments of the few who complain, when you know you will never please everyone, all of the time. When the majority of your followers start sending you negative comments, then it may be time to re-evaluate the frequency of your messages. For now, I would chalk it up to PMS on the part of the few who are not happy, or, maybe even, the dreaded COL (change of life), that makes us women turn into impossible to please and cranky demons. I am speaking from experience here, so know whereof I speak.

    The majority of us are happy as clams to receive and enjoy whatever you send, and if, at the time, don’t care to read another e-mail on that particular day, there’s always the delete button.

    You go ahead and do whatever you think will please will make the majority of us happy and be confident you are doing the right thing.

    Can’t wait to see today’s collection of wedding photos!!!!!


  189. I feel that your postings are just right. If I don’t have time to read it when it arrives, I’ll catch up at a later date. I choose to subscribe. If a reader things it is too much email, then she did the right thing, by unsubscribing. Don’t let the vocal minority, affect the majority.

  190. I do not think that you post too frequently. I look forward to being updated on what is happening in your world. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have chosen to sign up for your info to be sent to me. Please don’t let the voice of one spoil things for all.

  191. Lisa, Keep doing what you’re doing. If someone doesn’t want to read an email, they can simply hit the delete button. You can’t please everyone!

  192. I do not feel this way at all. Frankly I don’t understand what she is talking about. I enjoy the posts when they come. And don’t feel they are pushy or too frequent. My honest opinion.  Flo

    Sent from my Galaxy S®III

  193. As a gal from Oz, I can’t get to see you or your store, so I look forward to your postings, and check to see what’s new in store. And sometimes I have to wait AGES for an update on where you’ve been and what’s been happening…..I love you sharing your life journey with me (us) around the world. Please don’t stop!

  194. Lisa I subscribe to your posts as I receive valuable information on new products as well as all of your snippets on life, travels and happenings at PG.

    From where I sit in Australia I would welcome even more postings. They are informative and refreshing.

    Keep up the good work on every level. 9000 subscribers says it all!

  195. Lisa I enjoy your emails and postings, don’t stop. But I would talk with the folks at the shop who answer the phone. I too called this week since your new book was out and was asking about kits. She wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. I tried to explain that my husband saw the book and wanted a quilt in flannel for Christmas. Unfortunately, she didnt understand I wanted her to select the fabric for one of the quilts for me and I would purchase that and the new book. She lost the sale because she wouldn’t listen. I hoped it was because you were all getting ready for your big sale. Maybe another day but for now I had to go somewhere else for my husband’s Christmas gift. PattiO

  196. I have no problem with your postings. I enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures and of your travels and whatever new products you come up with. You go girl….. Sent from my iPad

  197. I love everything you put on the internet esp the pictures. Don’t know what this persons problem is but I very much enjoy this site and I know alto of my friends do also.Keep up the good work.Beverly G

  198. That was just one person’s opinion. I’ve never been bothered by your emails. If it’s something I’m not interested in I hit the delete button…isn’t that what its there for. I enjoyed the wedding pictures. They were beautiful. Hugs

  199. I LOVE your e-mails and comments and your store. I tell every one Primitive Gatherings is my FAVORITE store. DO not stop sending messages. I love them. The wedding was beautiful. I did not get to oshkosh this year so was very sad I did not get to the store. Maybe next year.

  200. I receive all three and don’t feel there are too many. Don’t let one persons opinion keep you from growing. I will love to see the tutorials…what a great idea! I would like to see more of your style. I loved the pictures of your lake home. Kathy

  201. I love the posts and wish there were more. I live in CO and am 65 miles from the nearest shop, so your emails keep me in touch with the latest happenings. Please keep the emails coming, and thank you for all the past emails.

  202. It is not too much, I subscribe because I love hearing what you are creating and what you are up to. Keep up the good work. I think you will find those that love your work will love your posts..

  203. Lisa,
    I think this individual must have been having a bad day….and is also probably jealous. It’s hard to let it roll off your back. Gladly help them unsubscribe, their loss! I just love your blog, products, store, etc. It’s amazing to read about all the places you travel and experience. When I first came across your blog it’s one of a few that I took the time to read every post from it’s start. I don’t subscribe to your store post, choice I make.
    You always put a disclaimer that we shouldn’t feel obligated to purchase from PG, i.e. your 12 favorite tools last December.
    Keep up the great work, I applaud your success, am so happy for you!

  204. All you do is try to sell your items? Isn’t that what your job/passion is? Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down last week and saw myself and my quilt shown on your site! Keep doing what you’re doing! And thanks!

  205. Don’t change a thing! I embrace all things ‘Primitive Gatherings’ and look forward to all your emails, blogs, postings and best of all, the pictures! Roxanne Kelly

    Sent from my iPhone

  206. I don’t think you post too often at all. I’m sure there will always be someone who doesn’t like what you’re doing, but all the rest of us, as you can see from the comments above, are happy with what you’re doing — keep up the good work!

  207. Lisa, As others have said – don’t let one rotten apple spoil the bunch. Obviousy, this person has nothing better to do tha complain. She appears to just be a very negative person.

    Keep the posts coming, and I look forward to your videos.

  208. What they said. Do not let someone steal your passion and happiness. Just let them go and forget it. I have (had) friends and acquaintances over the years like that who cannot be happy unless someone around them is unhappy. Keep on keepin’ on and we will keep on supporting you.

  209. I live in central Illinois and look forward to anything you send, post, or share. I can’t say YouTube would be beneficial, but keeping connected with the latest is beneficial. Trust your instincts.

    Expanding your email would be good for business.

    Bonnie – Illinois

  210. I check every day to see if there is a new blog post because I love seeing what you have that’s new. Don’t let the cranks get you down. A blog and an email newsletter are supposed to tell us what that person is doing. Your store and blog both talk about products from other designers, not just Primitive Gatherings, so I think your complainer is just way off base.

  211. You should never have to apologize for your enthusiasm for your shop, goods you sell, and most of all your family and your life! Sometimes people may see your posts and successes thru jealousy. Instead of having enthusiasm for their life, they have to nitpick someone else’s so they aren’t so jealous. Be loud and proud of yourself! I agree with other comments, if they don’t like the postings, that’s what the unsubscribe and delete buttons are for! I for one, enjoy each and every one of them!

  212. It sounds like this lady got a little snarky when the unsubscribe process didn’t go smoothly. And I’d take her comment about how her friends feel with a grain of salt. I think your designs are unique and I’m always inspired by your work ethic. I think people want to know what you do at workshops and see photos from quilt market. This is your business and how you spend the majority of your time so I expect your postings to reflect that.


  213. Lisa, I am new to your lists, 1 year I think. Here is what I have observed. Your blog postings about you and what you are up to is sparse. Usually a personal blogger posts once a day.
    your store blog is very busy but I like knowing about the deals. I can delete or jump in my choice. I can also remove myself from this list if it gets to be too much. Other store lists I am on post once or twice a week.
    I do not belong to your third list. Bottom line I like your postings and I do not belong so many lists that I see your postings as excessive. Hope this helps.et

  214. I totally disagree with the comment you received. For the internet customer, your blogs are the only way to keep up with what’s going on in the store. My favorite post was your Christmas count down with your favorite notions. You gave us great recommendations and I appreciated the information. Your blog is inspiring and informative. I look forward to your emails and always excited to see what you’ll do next. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. I love seeing your posts. I don’t think you post that often compared to others. If you don’t post new things, how are online only people supposed to find out about your new projects? Keep it coming!

  216. Please don’t change anything, I love reading your blogs and posts! YouTube sounds really cool, maybe you could do some classes on wool! The pictures of the wedding were beautiful.

  217. I do not agree either! It is so easy to hit the “Delete” key if my box is too full. Your emails don’t fill it up, it is a culmination of all the emails I have signed up for. Please leave well enough alone and don’t let one customer dictate for all of us who
    are happy.

  218. I don’t think you post too much. I love seeing what you’re doing and posts about your business. That is your life that you graciously share with us. Don’t know why people get upset, every computer has a delete button or unsubscribe. Don’t change a thing.

  219. Lisa, Since I’ve been to your shop with husband , once with a friend (that loved your shop and can’t wait to go back), and plan a trip in Nov. with a couple of friends that have never been to your shop, have talked to you at the Des Moines show. You, Nick, and those you employ have all been awesome. Love your email showing quilts and what is new and sales and family pics ( Presley and Jeter!!!!!). Please do not change!!

  220. Lisa, It is hard to please everyone, and it seems many women are less happy in their personal & public lives now than ever before. And I don’t know why. Too many distractions? Too much money? No quiet time? However, I enjoy seeing the personal blogs as well as the design/shop blogs. I have been to Terry’s retreat home, taken a class with you and broken bread with you and her. I live in Saint Germain, with very little in quilt shops, certainly not close. Plus during summer, it’s the shop and craft shows.
    It takes alot of time to keep us updated, and I hate to see you paying so much for that. Many folks will never be pleased no matter how hard you try. I enjoy seeing your successes cause Amanda & I know how hard you work. Don’t be bullied by some “diva”, do what you do and we are blessed by getting our online snippets of your story!
    When you posted the “things quilters need” I cut and pasted each into a word document and printed it out for us to keep as hard copy. I forward to Amanda the busy mom the postings I know she would want to read. We admire you the woman, the mom and the talented designer!

  221. Seriously? This person has GOT to get a life. I love getting the updates- and you always post so many tips. You guys just feel like family- and I always look forward to reading your posts. Keep up the great work.

  222. I personally look forward to every post. I would rather see more posts than less. It keeps me engaged and I am sure buying more. No change in how you do things is what I recommend. We love you just the way you are, a lot of business and a little personal, it is a nice mix that makes you human.

  223. I would not change anything. i enjoy your blogs and post. My passion is quilting and applique. I’m in a wheelchair and my best contacts to know whats available is online. Also availability is a problem for some people, That’s your customers problem and not yours. Keep posting. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. I do not feel that you post to often and I enjoy your blog. Everyone is entitled to an opinion though…. even one that we may not like…. I feel it comes down to choice. If I do not want to read your email or any email for that matter I can delete them and then empty my trash can and spam can (I just go ahead and empty both I’m not calling you SPAM) A limit though might be easier FOR YOU while you are setting up the new studio. I think how to videos would be great.
    Thank you for being Lisa!

  225. ONE MORE THING – sometimes when I have had a rough day at work your blog has been a pick me up. (-:
    I especially enjoy your “boys” they are such beautiful dogs. I have pit mix that I adopted from the animal shelter and he is a delightful boy. He sleeps under my sewing machine while I sew.

  226. I don’t think you post too often. Actually, I’m always excited when you name pops up in my e-mail and often go to it first before open my other e-mails.

    Maybe if you check with your current provider you will discover the problem with this person not being unable to unsubscribe. I have had this problem with other web sites also. Anyway if you can get her off you will have at least one open spot.

    I hope you do continue planning you tube videos because many of us do not live close or have the opportunity to take classes from you.


  227. Some days there are just too many messages to read them all carefully. I don’t have an easy supply for wools and ideas so really like to see what’s going on elsewhere. I’ve learned how to use the delete button. I love reading your blogs and seeing the new projects and look for your booth at any quilt shows I am able to attend. On the days that everyone seems to have their messages out there I just select those that seem appealing. I do appreciate it when there is a short title telling me what the message is all about, making my choices easier. Do what you feel is right, I think the rest of us can do the same. Thank you for all of your sharing.

  228. No complaints from me on the frequency of posts. When I get busy I just skip or quickly read the blogs/emails I get. Enjoyed meeting you at Long Beach, in Cindy’s Antique quilts booth.

  229. I read a lot of your comments. I am in agreement, I love getting your posts, and they are some of the ones I read first. Never delete them, cause they are always fun. So looking forward to the you tube videos. Please keep it up, the way it has been. There are too many of us who enjoy it.

  230. Please don’t stop because of one negative person!! I look forward to your posts and find I sometimes am disappointed when there isn’t one. You are such an inspiration to me and my interest in working with wool. Such a helpful and giving person you are. I will support you in whatever your decision is but hope that you continue to do what you do. Maybe check to be sure that if someone wants to unsubscibe they can. I will not be one of those people!!! Thanks for everything you do.

  231. I could live without the wedding and personal stuff that goes on in your life, but as far as the quilting stuff goes, I don’t think you post too much Personally I am feeling that you are walking away from what you are known for…PRIMITIVE! For example, the quilts you have been putting out recently are way too machine quilted. They are quilted beautifully, however, this certainly isn’t “primitive” quilting. It is more show-type quilting. I would not even consider snuggling in one of those quilts. Your newest fabric line feels like it is going off track too. We all have our reasons for following different quilters. I started following you because all you did made my heart sing. I wanted to snuggle up to every quilt you ever designed, but I’m not feeling that any more. Sort of like Jan Patek. Her original style and fabrics have gotten away from primitive. Just my .02.

    I think people (and fabric companies) try to talk the designers into going in directions that we “followers” would not want them to go. I, too, am starting to look for wool/primitive designers that fit the primitive style more the PG seems to be going lately. My hope is that you stay rooted in your original style (like Edyta Sitar!).

  232. I love your communications! Please don’t reduce them! It sounds like her life should move in other directions – so that is what she should do. But one person does not a community make. Keep it coming – more would be fine. Busy day – throw it in a folder. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, talent and life.

  233. I check for your e-mails and shop blog everyday. Although the lady appears to be saturated with these types of products and designs with wool, I and many others are not. I understand where she is coming from because we do get overwhelmed with information and presentations of ideas and products BUT we do have the ability to quickly delete e-mails without reading which I do. It’s all apart of having access to so much info. As for me and many others we find them helpful and interesting. Not everyone can get to your shows or classes so Youtube is a great idea. Can’t tell you how many times I wish that I could watch you demonstrate how you do certain stitches etc. Many of us don’t have access to wool quilt shops with your type of designs and skills. I personally would love to receive e-mails with bigger and better pictures of what you do. I appreciate the fact that you make great efforts to get it out there. I love the process and finished products. Keep it up.

  234. I love your e mails and your blog. I have never felt that you were pushing your products. And you have often shared beneficial “how to” information at no cost to any of us. It is obvious you work very hard and are committed to your business! Shame on those that feel a need to be derogatory and stir the pot. Maybe they are just jealous!

    Sent from my iPad

  235. Just the opposite from the SoCal lady’s response, I want more! I find that I miss when you aren’t writing periodically about what you are working on, trends, fun ideas and giving us a tidbit to look forward to. Email away or blog away cuz this girl likes to read your info!

  236. I say do what makes YOU happy and don’t sweat the small stuff. After all there is an unsubscribe button.

  237. Lisa—I’m an online customer only so your e-mails & blog are my connection to you & your shop. PLEASE don’ t change a thing!!!!!! I love seeing a message come from you & always wait until I have some time to read & enjoy it. I really like your efforts to have a personal connection to all of us even though may never have the chance to meet you. Thank you & keep on keeping on!

  238. It does not seem like too much to me. She’s talking about three different blogs anyway. I enjoyed the wedding photos and I’d enjoy seeing pictures of your studio and videos of you working with wool/fabric and explaining techniques would be very cool. If I get busy, I skim and focus on the pictures.

  239. Love all your blogs and emails – love knowing what you are doing and what is going on – keep it all coming! Sent from my iPad

  240. That is just one person that must think blogland is supposed to be tailored just for her. So she should just unsubscribe and be quite. As for me – keep it all coming. I enjoy it all and would welcome more! And thanks for including family stuff also as I enjoy the personal side.

  241. Saw you at Quilt Odyssey! Love reading the personal stuff on the blog as well as the “work” stuff. Feels more like being quilty friends. I’ll read and follow you anywhere!

  242. Hi Lisa, In my eyes you & your shop do NOT post to much, I love keeping up to date with all that is going on, I’m a on-line shopper of your store (stop in when I’m in the area). I check about every other day for updates and enjoy them when they are posted. Keep up the great work, do what you feel is best for your business, you have a great thing going. A few unhappy customers don’t make up the feelings for the thousand of your HAPPY customers.

  243. Lisa, from the amount of e-mails you have received, I am sure you already reailze that the woman who wrote that letter to you is completely in the minority. From a business point of view, you want to please your vast majority of customers. Personally, I absolutely look forward to each and every piece of mail, newsletter, update, etc. You are in my toolbar on my computer, and as I work at my computer all day, I check the shop blog and your blog and the “new” button several times a day to see what is going on! (Yes I am a bit obsessed with wooly goodness!) I am a huge customer of yours, making purchases year round since the first year you opened. I always look forward to the latest and greatest and it makes me happy to think about my next visit to your shop to check out everything. Keeping us updated is what the internet is all about. Never let the naysayers get you down!

  244. When I look at my emails each morning, if there is one from you, it’s the first one I read. Need I say more?

  245. Lisa, I believe the people have spoken! Don’t change a thing….. While we all admire you as a designer, I think the human interest side of you makes us feel just a little special, too. You GO, GIRL!

    Miss Kitty

  246. You must remember this is only one persons options. I look forward to your emails. I was beginning to worry that something was wrong because I hadn’t received very many from you.

    You tube would be great. I watch Missouri Star You Tube and have learned a lot.

    I would recommend getting her and her Calif. friends off the list and continue the great work. Remember there are few people who end up designing for Moda. You have even accomplished that.

    Carol Gouveia

  247. Lisa,
    Boy, what can I say? I’m a former shop owner, and that comment made me sad for you. How insensitive – we have supplies close by, so we don’t need you anymore? Help her off your lists, say goodby to a crabby customer and go right back to doing what you do, and so very well, I might add. LOVE your store!

  248. Well, I think this lady may have had a bad day on Friday!! I enjoy reading the emails, blogs. I look forward to the Christmas blogs, emails and when you tell us about your favorite tools you like. Why spend money when things are going well. I think You Tube is a super idea! You will not be able to please everyone!!

    Denise W.

  249. I do not agree with this person. I do not receive e-mails because as you have stated I am not able to sign up for this. I follow your bog to find out what is new in the shop since I cannot be there in person since I live in Texas. I do not find the blog posts overwhelming or intrusive. Please continue with what you are doing and I would love to receive e-mails as well.


  250. I thought I was the only one who opens up your e-mail first in the morning when I see one! I’m always so excited to see what is new in the store or pics of inspirational projects or of your family. I had the opportunity to see you in Chicago and was so excited to see all the kits and BOM, BOW that I purchase on line displayed. You were so kind to speak to me and show me new items. If people don’t like your e-mails, they can just hit delete when they see one. Don’t let one disgruntled lady ruin it for the rest of us. I’m sure whatever she is buying from the California stores is either your creations or inspirations from your talents. I’m even embarrassed to admit that I could barely sleep the night before the holiday sale. I think it is awesome that you include your cyber friends in the celebrations.

  251. lol! Being as I’m comment 184… I’ll keep this short and hope I haven’t repeated too much from earlier comments on this post. You (and your team) have accomplished so much in the years you have been PG! You are very fortunate to be able to reap many rewards for all the hard work that is involved in creating and maintaining said successes! Doing what you love (and what is your passion) for an income is a blessing that MANY folks can only DREAM of… and yet, this is your REALITY! 🙂 Enjoy, be happy and be genuine! No one can please everyone… rest assured you have given MANY of us so much enjoyment in our hobbies… and maybe even inspiration to create our own LQS… and yes, yes, YES! Keep it coming… innovative designs, booths at trade shows & quilt expos… expand your e-mail service…. keep us informed as to when the Youtube channel is available… I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have the drive and energy to keep us all happily stitching!!!! Hugs & Smiles, Sharon

  252. I think that comment written to you was rude. All she has to do is unsubscribe or hit her delete key. I do not think you send too many emails. I love your ideas, and I think the You Tube idea is wonderful!!!

    Judy in Michigan….Hope to see you at the GR show next week!

  253. You have 9000 followers so you’re bound to have diverse views and needs. So, people can either read every word and keep or delete, or if they choose, they can unsubscribe. So, don’t change a thing, people have different views and can make different choices. Personally, I’m a visual person (cause I’m a quilter) and like seeing pictures. And, I’m excited about the tutorials since I’m visual and can’t be at your shop due to distance. I love keeping in touch and keeping up with you, as old friends do !

  254. Dear Lisa I’ve been a fan of yours for a very long time ..I love hearing about what you do how you do it What’s new ..what’s making you excited and I love hearing about your family and your adventures … Your posts are fun and for me not to long not too wordy and they come when they need too …I think it’s just perfect … Wouldn’t change a thing ..love it Bernadette

    Sent from my iPad

  255. Hi Lisa I like getting posts. I signed up under your blog for Primitive Gatherings. I assumed I would get info on the store, products and some about you. Perfect! Please continue. Just remember there are almost 9000 of us that didn’t complain. Unsubscribing can take a while. She should just spam you and the rest of us can continue to enjoy you!!!

    Lynn Rodby

  256. I enjoy your emails and blog posts, both personal and shop! Demo Videos on some of your stitching techniques would be nice! Keep on creating!

  257. I do not feel the same as the woman who sent that email. Can’t please everyone all the time, however it did seems to be an unnecessary comment. Life is too busy and short to worry about the small stuff. I love everything that comes through and wouldn’t change a thing. And have never felt you are pushing your product. If you don’t let us know out here in cyperspace and Canada-how would we know all the beautiful items you have. The blog makes me feel connected.

  258. Lisa, I love your emails I receive all three, if I don’t have time to read I just scroll by and read later, if I accumulate to many I just delete and pick up later. You do a great job and from the many comments you have received so far this am I am not the only one who feels this way. Looking forward to u tube posting.
    Keep up the good work. You are very generous lady and I hope you continue to load us with information, ideas and many posts. A

    Judy Galligan
    Traverse City Mi

  259. One more thing… I was at a local quilt show earlier in the year… and I overheard a conversation between the booth owner and a customer… the customer commented on how much wool she was selling… and the booth owner replied” Yes, thanks to Lisa Bongean for bringing so much attention to applique and mixing wool with cotton”! 🙂

    Sooooooo, maybe… just MAYBE the reason why “So many more stores in SoCal where I live now sell wool and stuff to go with it, we now have several local choices plus many other websites.” (as that person you mentioned in the beginning of this post commented)…. is BECAUSE of you and your PG team?!?!?

    Just sayin… 😉

  260. I always look forward to your emails and posts, always anxious for what’s new, and yes, it does seem that we actually don’t hear enough from you. Please don’t let one opinion bother you-just listen to the rest of us that appreciate you sharing your talents w/us.

  261. I love to read all your e-mails and blog posts and learn so much from them. Thank you and I look forward to reading lots more!

  262. I don’t have a problem with receiving too much email from you and I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the pics. The wedding looks like it was lovely!

  263. I look forward to all your emails and the shops, they aren’t too often for me. Good for that lady that she has everything available local, most of us don’t that’s why we order online. Please don’t let her opinion ruin what you think is good for your shop and all the customers you have that appreciate your talent. Your shop is on my bucket list—it’s a long way from the NW.

  264. I love to receive all of the blogs. It makes me feel like I am included in the happenings. I’m doing 4 blocks of the month and have never been more challenged and excited about quilting -appliqué. I have a whole new confidence in my ability and love what I’ve been able to do since picking up two patterns just a year ago in LB, CA. I love your patterns and enjoy the new things you are doing. My life has been enriched….keep up the great projects, kits, BOMS and love of quilting. I love hearing from you!!!

  265. I love reading your e-mails and blog posts – keep them coming. Love all your fabrics and patterns and ideas!! And the personal stuff is great!!

  266. I will join the chorus in saying: 1) don’t let one person dictate your business plans 2) I love getting all your emails and posts and 3) growing and updating your newsletters just make good business sense. I’m looking forward to the new look and ALL of your emails!

  267. I, too, like and really enjoy all the posts that you do. I live in PA. and I do not have a “wool” shop close to me. I love your designs and fabric choices for projects, I look forward to your postings. If others do not feel the same way then they should unsubscribe and just move on. Please continue to entertain the rest of us with all your goodies. Thank you!~

  268. I think once a week is good ; special you tube instruction would be great I always check that out. If it doesn’t suit someone hit delete; No Worries Life is short.

  269. Keep doing what you are doing. I don’t think it is too much. Always enjoy hearing about everything.

    Sent from my iPad

  270. In my opinion……I enjoy your posts, if I am too busy or just don’t want to read them I can ignore them. We all have a choice and I enjoy your post, they inspire me. The choice to unsubscribe is hers (or his), hope we don’t all lose out because one person is not happy.

  271. You don’t post to often for me either. Just keep them coming. I look forward to tutorials. That would be great. Don’t let one persons comment get you down.

  272. I don’t think u are sending too many. I would much rather get your postings than some of the other ones I get DAILY. I can’t wait for your YouTube tutorials. Don’t let one person get to you…perhaps she was just having a bad day and you were the lucky one she took it out on. Keep up the good work!

  273. wow, like mom always said, don’t let one bad apple spoil the barrel. Keep your post coming, if you don’t want to read them, press delete. as a girl originally from the Midwest now living in California, it’s great to get a slice of home. Leigh G

  274. Hi Lisa, I wait for your posts. As a matter of fact, I am so happy when I see your name in my e-mail inbox. I would never have discovered wool if not for you. I also live in Southern California and I can tell you that brick & mortar quilt shops are a dying breed. I have to drive at least 2 hours to get to one and I just don’t have time to do that. Keep up the good work and I am definitely looking forward to more and your tutorials.

  275. Once a week is plenty. I think most folks get dozens of emails a day and that doesn’t leave time for sewing!

  276. Lisa,
    It is fun to be a small part of your life with wedding photos, fishing shots etc. I too have felt that many of your blogs are about what you are selling. I thought blogs were more about life stuff and not necessarily about your business. Maybe find a way to do both, blog for life stuff and emails for business. It is an important for you to have an outlet to showcase your business as that is why we have all joined up to follow you…we love your designs and creativity. I appreciate your candor and desire to listen and find a balance as it can’t be easy.
    Debbie Smith in Greeley, Co but grew up in Wisconsin!!

  277. Lisa, if anything, I would love more emails from you. I appreciated the time it took for you to include the wedding pictures for us all to see. I really look forward to the UTube videos. Don’t let some old cranky bitch get you down.

  278. I LOVE your posts! Don’t let one unpleasant comment cause you to question the great work that you are doing (and sharing!) I can’t wait for the You Tube videos!! And love all the wedding pics… you look fabulous and I hope there is a closeup of how you did your hair… I am intrigued!!

  279. Keep on doing your fantastic job! I’m new to you and your website and I enjoy learning about your craft, and I look forward to your emails.

  280. Lisa~thank you for sharing on your blog etc. I look forward to receiving your emails, and they are usually the first ones I read. Like those from an old friend. I look forward to seeing the new projects and fabrics and what is going on in your life. I enjoyed the wedding photos, thank you for sharing you personal life as well. Please continue to send out your blog and shop emails (I need to make sure I am signed up for the shop ones), I could enjoy your creations every day and not get tired of your post. Thank you for your art and for what you do.

  281. I don’t think your posts are too frequent or intrusive.  Once a week wouldn’t be excessive either, if they were informative, not just a sales pitch. 

  282. I live in a quilt desert–very few quilt shops and none with the primitives I love. I love your posts–esp. sale notifications, new products, etc. I also like knowing you have a real life–pics of the area, wedding, etc. Keep them coming! I would really enjoy some tutorials on embroidery stitches–

  283. I only get irritated if I get stuff daily. And if I don’t feel like reading something, I just don’t. I think your output is ideal. I think you can go too far the other way too and become invisible. By the way, I just put together a table runner from your scrap blocks and I loved it!! Thank you so much for those patterns.

  284. I love your blog and always read each message. Please don’t judge its popularity by the number of comments that you get from your postings. I rarely (this being an exception) respond to any blog posting. I’m certain that most of your blog readers do the same. I love hearing about what’s going on in your life, shop, and family! BTW: Thank you for posting the wedding pictures!!! Viewing YouTube videos would be the “icing on the cake.”

  285. Post away! That is what the delete button is for those who don’t want to take the time to read it! My goodness, isn’t there bigger problems one could worry about! Thanks for your great website and blog!

    Sent from my iPhone

  286. I wouldn’t put too much thought into this one person’s email. As much as you want to please everyone, it’s impossible. You’ve done a great job of sharing your creativity and experience with all if us, and I’ve complimented you before for the way you encourage readers to shop for items you promote at their local shops first. I love all the emails whether they are about the shop or personal.

  287. I love it that you send out that many posts. I live out of state and enjoy knowing what us going on with you and the shop so that I can try to be around the area if you have something I really want to do. I love see all the new pictures of projects and upcoming patterns. Keep up the good work and actually I wish you would post more often.