last blog post…no content on blog…try again…Size matters…Moda Blog hop!






Join us in our Size Matters Blog Hop September 4-16, 2013 for even more fun and inspirations from leading Designers in the industry.

September 4, 2013

Laundry Basket Quilts
French General
Zen Chic

September 5, 2013

Bunny Hill
Basic Grey

September 6, 2013

Jan Patek Quilts
Pat Sloan 
Sandy Gervais

September 9, 2013

Deb Strain
Barbara Brackman
V & Co.

September 10, 2013

Lauren + Jessi Jung
Kate Spain
Me and My Sister Designs

September 11, 2013

Kathy Schmitz Studios
Minick & Simpson
Primitive Gatherings

September 12, 2013

Fig Tree & Co.
Malka Dubrawsky

September 13, 2013

Blackbird Designs
Cotton Way
Stephanie Ryan Design Studio

September 14, 2013

Kansas Troubles
Aneela Hoey

192 responses to “last blog post…no content on blog…try again…Size matters…Moda Blog hop!”

  1. Dee Avatar

    I think this blog hop is very interesting. Enjoyed reading Laundry basket, French general and zen chic. Greatidea

  2. gijane279 Avatar

    Thanks for the post about the Blog Hop! I enjoyed going to the 3 different blogs and learning about those designers.

  3. rosa Avatar

    Thanks.I love this hop and enjoying going to the differents designers.Can´t wait to see your block.Have a fun week!

  4. Avatar

    It was on my first one.


  5. Linda H Avatar
    Linda H

    Hopping right along!! LOL

  6. Peg Avatar

    I love the colors in your new line.

  7. Jean Avatar

    Your comment about designers not being able to follow directions is spot on for quilters too, at least quilters like me, HA!

  8. Marcia Avatar

    Being creative with the “rules” made me laugh…that is SO how we roll! Your new line is stunning, especially those reds. AND shirtings too, wow, I am swooning. So many possibilities, so little time…loving this blog hop.

  9. Joanne O Avatar
    Joanne O

    Love your new fabrics and I appreciate the close ups so I can see the quilting!

  10. Lisa Avatar

    I love the quilt you made from the blog block. And I love your fabric collections and designs. i have several of your SBOW quilts.

  11. Krislovesfabric Avatar

    I love 1 yard cuts and layer cakes 🙂 The floral gathering shirting fabrics are on my must have list 🙂

  12. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    Well, shoot…I liked the first post, but being able to see more is even better! I usually buy half yard cuts, unless it’s something that I really love, then it’s a yard. Unless I think it would be a good border, then 3 yards. Unless I think I will never find that exact, perfect color again…then I buy a bolt! Haha!

  13. Leanne Avatar

    I have to say I really enjoy these blog hops! I always learn and see something new. My favorite “size” for fabric to buy is half yards and layer cakes…love a large varity of fabrics.
    Enjoy your day,

  14. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    I tend to buy fat quarters. But I’m just now getting into layer cakes and charm packs so I’m sure I will enjoy the ease of these precuts and they will soon become my favorite to purchase.

  15. Sandy Avatar

    Thank you for telling me about the blog shop hop. I have really enjoyed seeing the different quilts and the up close quilting. My favorite size for buying fabric is 1/3 yard and 1/2 yard cuts.

  16. Rose Marie Andreozzi Avatar
    Rose Marie Andreozzi

    I love the new fabric line. Your quilts are beautiful. (So are you doggies!:)

  17. Mary Seifert Avatar
    Mary Seifert

    I love seeing the same pattern in different colors, this is a great blog hop.

  18. Jane Avatar

    I am really enjoying your size matters hop. I always have fun stopping by your booth at different shows and never seem to leave empty handed.

  19. Donna I. Avatar
    Donna I.

    Square Dance looks like fun and I love,love,love those tulips against the sweet background prints.
    Donna I in SC

  20. Jane Avatar

    I love the precuts, but I have a hard time deciding on how much fabric is enough when buying yardage. I recently bought 10 yards of solid white, thinking I might use it in several upcoming projects. We’ll see about that. I usually buy at least a yard of theme fabrics and maybe half to just a fat qtr of coordinates. Doesn’t seem like I ever have enough for what I eventually decide what to do! that having been said, I’m at no loss for fabric! What I need is the time to sew!

  21. Terri Karasch Avatar
    Terri Karasch

    Love all your fabrics! The new floral gatherings is very pretty; I definitely need some of that! I tend to buy one yard at a time, if I don’t know what I’ll be using it for.

    1. Sallie Avatar

      I usually buy fat quarters, but I’m thinking I should buy 1 yard pieces.

  22. Betsy Avatar

    I use to be a fat quarter girl, but now I’ll buy a yard of fabric that I like!!! I do have a collection of charms as well. It’s all good!

  23. Jill Avatar

    I buy a lot of fat quarters or quarter yards. I love the shirtings, can’t wait to see them in person! Great colors!

  24. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    My favorite to buy is a fat quarter. I love quilts with as many different fabrics as possible. Great post!

  25. Ani in NC Avatar
    Ani in NC

    Thanks for the inspiration! LOVE the fabrics you use.

  26. Trina Miller Avatar
    Trina Miller

    My favorite size are fat quarters. I love the tulip quilt.


  27. Ani in NC Avatar
    Ani in NC

    Beautiful designs and fabrics! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. timberlandsjs Avatar

    I love your block and the quilt you made for the blog hop—my favorite so far! I like to buy half yard cuts of fabric unless it is a really great deal and a basic fabric that I can use a lot as blenders or background… that case, I buy at least a yard or two. Of precuts, I love the fat quarter bundles and layer cakes. Jelly rolls can be nice but they do limit you a bit to the pattern you can use. Thanks for the chance to win a surprise!!

  29. Beth Avatar

    This blog hop is so much fun! I love to buy fat quarters. Pre-cuts are my favorites. But if I am really in love with a fabric I will buy at least a yard. I wouldn’t want to run short on my favorite! Thanks for sharing in this great blog hop.

  30. Becky M Avatar
    Becky M

    I love the colors of the new line, especially love all those sweet little shirtings

  31. Chiska Avatar

    I love your quilt! My favorite cut is a yard.

  32. Deborah from Valpo Avatar
    Deborah from Valpo

    If I could, I would buy fat eighths….just little pieces for my little quilts!

  33. Chiska Avatar

    My favorite cut is a yard and I love your quilt!

  34. Gloria B Avatar
    Gloria B

    I have stopped buying fabric in small quantities as I have such a large stash.
    So now I buy 4 or 5 yards at a time to use as backings or to make a frock……

  35. Jonelle Avatar

    I’m always buying half yard cuts.

    1. Sally Hurst Avatar
      Sally Hurst

      I agree with you–buying half yard pieces are the way to go, unless I really love the fabric and then will buy 2 or 3 yards of it. Charm packs are great, too, for variety. I love that Primitive Gatherings sells so many half yard cuts of fabric at quilt shows. See you at Road to California in January!

  36. Jacqueline Avatar

    I do half yard cuts mostly. They call me the scrap happy quilter in our group. I love your fabric designs and colors. Thanks for sharing your block and the eye candy of the quilts. And thanks for a chance at your give a way.

  37. Tina Avatar

    I usually buy fat quarters since I don’t really have a sewing space and it makes it easier to store. Then of course, I’m kicking myself when I need more yardage of a particular line and I can’t find it LOL! Love your new floral line and that flower quilt is just beautiful!

  38. Lizzie Avatar

    I often buy fat quarters so I can buy more variety at a time, but I really love half yards better. It’s fun to try to be frugal with the stash, but I hate to have to order again if I really fall for something! Lovely shots of your quilts!

  39. boscogregg Avatar

    I really love getting the fat quarter bundles and half yard cuts! Must say that my favorite line from Primitive Gatherings is “Little Gatherings” for the warm, rich and toasty colors! So beautiful, I think I’ve bought all of it there is left!

  40. Diann Avatar

    I love what you did for the challenge. Thanks for the chance to win

  41. Marlene Mason Avatar
    Marlene Mason

    I am soooo glad I pre-ordered the tulip quilt kit. I love it and the quilting is spot on! Wow – thanks for the great designs and beautiful fabric choices. Marlene

  42. Rhoda Forbes Avatar
    Rhoda Forbes

    Great quilt patterns, My favorite size of fabric to purchase are 1/2yd cuts.

  43. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    I have been buying one yard cuts lately. The little quilt is sweet….I have my eye on the tulip quilt too.

  44. Sandy D Avatar
    Sandy D

    I like your quilt using your block. I also love the tulip quilt and Square Dance.thanks for a chance to win.

  45. Sandy Saylor Avatar
    Sandy Saylor

    I love a one-yard cut of fabric, and the charms. Can’t resist buying one yard, always looking to save some for another quilt or a new quilter to give her ideas. We have to pass on the bug – quilting bug that is!

  46. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    Oh Lisa I love the colors in your new line. The tulips are so cheerful, I’m going to need to make that one! I still love to buy fat quarters and usually without something in mind, habit maybe? But I’m really loving kits now too, for the quilts I do have in mind! Thanks for a chance to win!

  47. Jackie Avatar

    I enjoyed seeing the display of your quilts. I am enjoying the blog hop and Thank you for the quilt block.
    Have a wonderful day.

  48. Stephanie Lopez Avatar
    Stephanie Lopez

    I buy half yard cuts and fat quarters. And I love everything you do! Thanks for a chance to win.

  49. Pat dubois Avatar
    Pat dubois

    If its “cute” a fat quarter, if I “like ” it 1/2 yard, if I “love” it at least two yards with some coordinating fabrics. For Primitive Gatherings the whole line in fat quarters or half yard ties up with a ribbon! Thanks for the great blog hop. What fun!

  50. Pat dubois Avatar
    Pat dubois

    Tied not ties, Sorry,

  51. marcella Avatar

    Pretty quilts! I love the tulips and the penny candy ones best.

  52. Gina S. Avatar
    Gina S.

    Pretty dogs. I like buying fat quaters and charm packs, some time jelly rolls

  53. Lisa Marie Avatar
    Lisa Marie

    I’m a yardage kind of girl — bigger is better, right? Although lately I have found a few collections where I like just about every print, so I’ve bought layer cakes as a more affordable way to have it all. You can do a lot with 10″ squares.

  54. Val Avatar

    Love your new fabric line and i’m afraid I’m a Fat Quarter shopper but realize sometimes SIZE does matter and I really needed 1/2 yard.

  55. Brenda Howard Avatar

    Hi, I love 1/2 yards cuts too but I adore 5″ charms and layer cakes. I love your tulip quilt it is beautiful.

  56. Allison Evrard Avatar
    Allison Evrard

    The quilts are beautiful. Thanks for the chance ti win.

  57. MoeWest Avatar

    I usually buy a 1 yard cut but if I like the entire line I will buy a layer cake or FQ bundle.

  58. Marsha Jean Avatar
    Marsha Jean

    Love the close ups…always looking for ideas on quilting my quilts. As far as size goes, if I like a fabric 1/2 to 1 yard. But if the fabric is really calling to me (screaming out to me), I gotta get 3 yards… Oh, and I have been addicted to charm squares since they hit the market…but I don’t use them unless I absolutely have to. They look way too cute in a basket in my sewing room.

  59. gwendiequilts Avatar

    I love the tulip quilt! It just looks happy. I buy a lot of 1/3 yard pieces. They’re handy for scrappy quilts and applique. But if I really like something or it looks like a great background, I get yard between 1 and 3 yards. I honestly have to admit to not having many of those!

  60. Barb C Avatar
    Barb C

    Hi, Lisa this blog has been fun, I like to collect fat quarters, (not a body part hee hee) my quilt group gives two fat quarters to each B-day girl and we end up with 14 fat quarters on our B-day, thx BarbConboy

  61. susan f Avatar
    susan f

    I like fat quarters .They are nice if I am not sure what quilt I will be using them in. Really enjoying this blog hop.

  62. Kathleen O'Grady Avatar
    Kathleen O’Grady

    What a great Blog Hop this is, I am really enjoying it. I watched the Schoolhouse video with the designers showing their blocks, it was quite funny. Thanks for your block pattern. I love the quilt you make from the block, it is so gorgeous! I love the colors you chose and how they play with your eyes when you look at the quilt, like the blocks are turning, it is great. Thanks!

    1. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

      Love seeing your quilts, gorgeous fabrics and designs. I am working on small things for now and christmas, then I plan on working on some larger ones after the holidays.


  63. Joey Mettley Avatar
    Joey Mettley

    Thank you for the photo. That is fabulous!!!

  64. Sharron Avatar

    I often buy small pieces because I like scrappy quilts but if it’s something I really like, 3 yards it is. I also buy 5 to 7 yards if I think it will make a good backing fabric. Your new line is wonderful!

  65. Loris Mills Avatar

    Love the quilt you made with your block(s)! My favorite ‘size’ of fabric to buy is at least 2 yards…I hate to run out! I also love the precut charm squares where you get all the pieces of a fabric collection. Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  66. Mary T Salmon Avatar

    Hi Lisa:
    I could hardly wait for your post and I was not disappointed! When I first starting quilting, I mainly bought FQs…can you believe that? Now, I never buy less than 3 yards. I have learned that if I like something, it will not be around a year from now!
    See you in Houston!
    Mary in New Braunfels, TX

  67. Lynn Tereshko Avatar
    Lynn Tereshko

    Hi I love 1/4 and 1/3 yards. I do a lot of civil war quilts and the this the perfect size for me

  68. Penny Ford Avatar
    Penny Ford

    Lisa, love your fabrics and am really enjoying this block hop by Moda!

  69. Kathy Avatar

    I like to buy half yards and jelly rolls. Love your fabric…

  70. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    After many years of always buying half yards, I’ve finally managed to scale it down to fat quarters or 1/3 of a yard unless I think it would make a great background or border…then I bump it up to a yard or 2. Love the new line Lisa and can’t wait to get some!

  71. Karen Strausheim Avatar
    Karen Strausheim

    I really Love your sample quilts you showed for the new fabric line. I think I am going to try a few. thanks!

  72. Pamela Avatar

    I buy 1 and 5 yard cuts, I like to have lots of scraps of all sizes .

  73. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I usually buy 1/2 yard cuts from your booth at Road to California, or 1 yard cuts. If it’s something I love, I have been known to buy 3-5 yards. You know what they say….if you love it you better buy it cuz once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

    I love your fabric line and the floral shirtings are just too cute. Gotta have some of that!

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize!

  74. Karen Dobbs Avatar
    Karen Dobbs

    I try to buy what a pattern calls for. But if I don’t know for sure, I usually buy 1/3 – 1/2 yard cuts. Thanks for your beautiful designs!

  75. Jean Elliott Avatar
    Jean Elliott

    I usually buy 3/4 yard pieces if it’s just for my “Stash”, otherwise I buy what my pattern calls for. Was at your “store” at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo – very nice!

  76. Norma C. Avatar
    Norma C.

    I but 1/2 yard pieces and then wish I had more.

  77. CJ Avatar

    I love to buy straight quarters of fabric or half yards. These are my favorite cuts. Hope I win !!

  78. Gigi Voegeli Avatar
    Gigi Voegeli

    I love everything about your quilts! Thanks! My favorites are fat quarters and half yards.

  79. dquilterguy Avatar

    My favorite size to buy is 1 yd cuts if I like a fabric or fat quarters. It all depends on the project.. But if I really, really, really like a fabric I will purchase 3 yd cuts, but this is so very rare

  80. LJ Avatar

    Holy smokes! Look at all those marvelous quilts. Your block is adorable and so is the 18″er but I love the Square Dance in dark and the tulip quilt. Beautiful!

  81. Judy Balek Avatar
    Judy Balek

    I love your block also. And now I think I am going to have to get me some or all of your shirtings. My favorite size fabric to by are 1/2 yard cuts and I am just getting into the jelly roll. They can be a lot of fun to play with.

  82. lepowell Avatar

    Oh!! so glad I came back – Love all those beautiful quilts! And can’t wait to see the shirtings in person, must have some.

  83. Susie Johnson Avatar
    Susie Johnson

    I am loving the great ideas on this hop!

  84. Missie Avatar

    I love to buy 1/2 yards Nd for so e reason, 2 1/2 yards! Beautiful pics posted!

  85. Karen Strausheim Avatar
    Karen Strausheim

    I really Love your sample quilts you showed for the new fabric line. I think I am going to try a few. thanks!

  86. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I like to buy one yard pieces and charms.

  87. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    I love precuts, and I also like 1yd cuts. Thanks for the giveaway, I LOVE surprises.

  88. Cheryl Barkdoll Avatar
    Cheryl Barkdoll

    Hi Lisa, Love the new fabric line and the colors. I thought that the floral quilt would be a perfect project. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  89. Susan H Avatar
    Susan H

    What lovely quilts! I prefer to purchase a minimum of 1/2 a yard.

  90. Claudia Avatar

    Shh, don’t tell. I have started buying 2 yards of all fabrics. Well, unless I buy a bolt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. Wendy Avatar

    I love charm squares! You get a piece of every fabric in the line and they don’t take up a lot of space. Half yards are my next favorite. Thanks for a chance at your secret giveaway!

  92. Beverly Lawler Avatar
    Beverly Lawler

    I love your new fabric line and quilts. Would love to win a prize!

  93. Kathy MacKie Avatar
    Kathy MacKie

    I usually buy a meter or a charm pack, thanks for the giveaway.

  94. Bonny ~* Avatar

    I’m a fat quarter kind of gal…just buy what I like and eventually everything comes together! ~*

  95. Michele T Avatar
    Michele T

    I like Fat Quarters and Charm Packs….but I have been known to buy metres now and again and again… 🙂

  96. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    I love 1/3 yard pieces. They seem large enough to do some piecing with and wide enough for applique. If I REALLY love the fabric, I get a 3 yard cut. Perfect for the longest borders or enough for a 2 or 3 fabric quilt!

    I also wanted to le tyou know that I love your fabrics and patterns!

  97. michelle starr Avatar
    michelle starr

    I am a 1/2 yard kinda gal. Thanks for the ideas.

  98. Cathy Remus Avatar
    Cathy Remus

    I try and buy at least a yard of a fabric I really like so I’ll be sure and have enough. I am guilty of “finishing” bolts though. I have a real fear of running out in the middle of a project, haha.

  99. Diann Selke Avatar
    Diann Selke

    Just love love love the new fabric line. Can hardly wait to get my hands on it. Love your new wool flannels too.
    I am the fat quarter queen…….edging up to 1/2 yards now. If I really like a fabric I usually buy a 2 yard cut.
    When I get home I always write in the salvage where I bought it and date so if I need more I know where to start.
    If the salvage doesn’t have the fabric line info on it I try to cut off a piece and make a note on it and stitch it to the corner so I have a reference in the future.

    1. Betty Avatar

      Charm packs and fat qtrs for the great variety of fabrics

  100. Mary Andra Avatar

    Love your block. Thank you. If I love the fabric it is 3 to 6 yards. If I like it I buy 1 yard. If I love the whole collection I but 1/2 yard of each and at least 3 to 6 yards of two different fabrics in the line.

  101. Cyndi Phillip Avatar
    Cyndi Phillip

    My favorite sizes of fabrics depends on my intended use. I have a tote full of 2-1/2″ strips. But if the new fabric says border I but 3-4 yards. If it says background I buy 5-6 yards. And of course backing is at least a 9 yard cut.

  102. sandy Avatar

    Being a fairly new quilter, I have been buying fat quarters to build my stash but thinking of going to 1/2 yards. I think they will be more functional. Thanks for the great post.

  103. Pam Micke Avatar
    Pam Micke

    I Love your little quilt! The fabrics are beautiful! The tulips are also very cute!

  104. Julie Avatar

    I love your dogs! And your block. Thanks!

  105. Cheryl Avatar

    I love getting 1/2 yard cuts. The charm packs are lots of fun too. I want to try the jelly rolls and layer cakes too because I’m sure I’ll find them great fun also.

  106. Paula B Avatar
    Paula B

    I love 1/2 yard cuts!!?

  107. Sonya Avatar

    I love fat quarters and half-yard cuts the most! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    1. Lesley Avatar

      I love layer cakes! Love your little quilt!

  108. Mary Jane Link Avatar
    Mary Jane Link

    I love your “penny candy” quilt (I adore shirtings) and I think it would make up beautifully with my favorite cut of fabric the jelly roll! Thanks for all the inspiration

  109. Maria. Avatar

    Great blog. I always look forward to the next post. My favorite size to buy is one yard cuts. Keeping my fingers crossed. 😉

  110. Lisa Avatar

    Half yards are definitely the size I purchase most, but I also love the challenge of a good-sized scrap bag.

  111. Flo Mielcarek Avatar
    Flo Mielcarek

    Lisa I love your creativity! Your patterns run the size gamut! I would love to win anything you were a part of.

  112. Janet Siler Avatar
    Janet Siler

    I usually buy 1/2 yard cuts unless I have a specific pattern I’m using. Loving the colors in your quilts.

  113. Mary S Avatar
    Mary S

    I don’t really have a favorite size in the fabric line but usually buy half yard cuts, or fat qtr bundles. Also there are the charm packs in a certain drawer in the sewing room 🙂 The quilts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  114. Debra Hayes Avatar
    Debra Hayes

    If I really like the fabric my favorite cut to purchase is 5-6 yards that way I have enough for piecing and/or borders. I always enjoy your blog postings.

  115. Cecilia Avatar

    I like to buy 1 yard and charm packs. Your quilt is cute.

  116. LisaD Avatar

    Wow! I love the Flower Gatherings fabric.

  117. diane Avatar

    I really like the tulips and the doggies on the same color. kitties do the same thing!

  118. Jocelyn Avatar

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. It’s been fun.

  119. wendy Avatar

    Love the tulip block quilt. I like to buy 1/3 yard and charms. Thanks for the chance.

  120. Theresa Avatar

    In the past, I have always bought fat quarters. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait to have fabric cut, they are easy to grab and go. I love applique so small pieces are great for that too. I like using lots of fabrics in my quilts, usually, so with small cuts, I can afford more pieces! Love charm packs too.

  121. sorchagirl Avatar

    My favorite cut to buy has been the fat quarter; however, I recently did a project with a layer cake. I like the fabric colors in your Primitive Gatherings prints. Thanks for the chance to win some fabric, Lisa.

  122. Margi Avatar

    Lisa thank you so much for the great pictures. I always look forward to seeing you at quilt shows. While at long beach my daughter blessed me with your collection of perl cotton threads. They are beautiful…I love them. I use to buy fat quarters and half yard cuts which thru the years I have quite a stash. Now I am leaning to charm packs and jelly rolls…BUT there are those fabrics that grab m heart and I can live without, so I get three yards. Thinking of backings…maybe

  123. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love to buy charms and either 1/3, 1/2 or 1yd depending on how much I like the fabric and how many fabrics I like! Also, I love your quilt designs! FYI, sorry if this is a duplicate, I thought I entered a comment earlier in the day from my iphone and came back to get the pattern on my computer, but don’t see my comment posted among the many, so I re-entered in case I did it wrong from phone. Anyway… thanks for sharing!

  124. Annaleena Avatar

    This blog hop is a great. It has been interesting to read different posts. Thanks.

  125. Pam Avatar

    Love charm squares and jelly rolls, but that could change as I was really into fat quarters. I just like fabric. Love your square dance quilt. The square in a square, fabulous.

  126. Marilyn W Avatar
    Marilyn W

    Beautiful quilts. I generally buy 1/2 yds of fabrics if I am not sure what the end use will be. Thanks for participating in such a great blog hop.

  127. Kim Q Avatar
    Kim Q

    I love fat quarters…bundles of them. I can’t help it, I’ve got champagne taste with a beer pocketbook. 😉

  128. Judy Avatar

    I just love buying all of the sizes. Love the jelly rolls and 5′ charms and layer cakes. See, so hard to pick a winner. When I am in doubt and really love a fabric, I buy 3 yards. Love all your fabrics and patterns. Doing the “Warm Winter Blessings” quilt now and have done many of your patterns and love them all.

  129. Jennifer Avatar

    Lisa, your fabric and designs are beautiful!! when I’m around beautiful fabric I find myself unable to purchase anything less than a half yard 🙂

  130. Diane Avatar

    I love your block! Very cute! I am the fat quarter queen when it comes to buying fabric.

  131. Donna Joy Avatar
    Donna Joy

    I like to buy meter lengths, and the charm packs. So I end up with a very large stash. The penny quilt us darling.

  132. Debbie Avatar

    I like buying fat quarters, but I love any cut of fabric.

  133. Linda H Avatar
    Linda H

    If I really like a line I’ll buy the FQ assortment … plus additional of a specific pattern I like for a border/backing. Lately though I’ve been doing stuff with multiple charm/layer cake packets … very versatile. LOVE all these quilts and enjoy seeing how different just a colorway change can make one look. GREAT post!!

  134. SueAnn W Avatar
    SueAnn W

    Oh where to begin………I just loved the tulip quilt! The shirting fabric makes my mouth water. When I buy fabric I tend to purchase fat quarters. For no particular reasons. I will buy a nice boarder print for someday in 4 or 5 yard pieces. I like jelly rolls too and I have to say the little 2 1/2 inch squares are hard to resist .

  135. Lisa Avatar

    I usually bring home fat quarters for a scrap quilt or some charm squares or a layer cake if i want all of the prints in a line I love.

  136. Marie Chat Avatar
    Marie Chat

    My favorite size used to be fat quarters. But after sewing for more years now, my fave size to buy IS half yards, charms, or layer cakes. Your new line is so scrumpcious. I’d love to have it join my stash!

  137. J Marks Avatar

    Lisa I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your work. You create some of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Your fabric lines are always at the top of my favorites list. Right now Snowman Gatherings is my fabric of choice and last year it was your Seasonal Gatherings. Miniature snowmen, pumpkins, candy canes , crows and sheep are such a delight in your fabrics! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. P.S. You have some fabulous people representing you at the quilt shows. Super friendly and knowledgeable, great choices!

  138. Jen Avatar

    I just love to buy fabric! Any size. Love your quilts!

  139. Carolyn Boutilier Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Size matters to me. Right now I am into doll size quilts and love your new 3″ block quilt. I have enjoyed viewing the different quilt blocks. I like to buy 1/2 yard cuts to be sure I have enough for the little quilts to go with my antique dolls.
    Carolyn Boutilier

  140. Jenelle Boxberger Avatar
    Jenelle Boxberger

    my favorite way to buy fabric is “on sale”. LOL. I find that I normally buy 1/2 yard pieces. I like layer cakes too. Thanks for being part of the fun blog hop.

  141. Sheila M/FL Avatar
    Sheila M/FL

    I love this new line and the colors are yummy!

  142. Ron Yakesh Avatar
    Ron Yakesh

    Please change my email to Thank you

    Sent from my iPad

  143. dezertsuz Avatar

    Love your tiny blocks! When I was poor, I tried to buy 1/3 yard because it was big enough to do a lot of things. Now I buy either FQ or as much yardage as I need.

  144. Kelly Disidoro Avatar
    Kelly Disidoro

    I love buying fat quarters. I get a whole lot of different fabrics for a good price. Thanks for the surprise giveaway. Can’t wait to see what it is.

  145. Lorri oglesby Avatar
    Lorri oglesby

    My faviorite is jelly rolls.

  146. Barbara Williams Avatar
    Barbara Williams

    I like to buy my fabric in one yard pieces if I really like it. Otherwise a half yard will make me happy.

  147. Sue Smith Avatar

    I agree with Janelle – on sale! Guess I have more fat quarters than anything else….

  148. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    I like charm packs and yard pieces! Love the dogs – trying to look innocent. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  149. Josefina Avatar

    Your dogs are so cute! I like to buy jelly rolls. Its so easy to manage when I’m cutting fabric for 1″ hexagons. Thank you for the chance to win.

  150. KC Avatar

    I like fat quarters and Layer Cakes. but charm packs are so much fun too! Thanks for sharing.

  151. Bebe Avatar

    I like half yards, but I’ll get a yard if it’s something I really like. You have to buy it when you see it, or you won’t find it ever again– companies are rarely doing second printings of fabric anymore.

  152. Anita Avatar

    I like fat quarters and 5″ squares

  153. Harriett Avatar

    I like to get fat quarters unless I’ thinking of backing.

  154. Barb H. Avatar

    Hi I love fat quarters and charm packs (2 of the same of course) lol. Love the tulip quilt, have a real fondness for flowers of any kind. Thanks for a chance to win!

  155. Michele Avatar

    I have recently started “downsizing” to 1/2 yd cuts. Just used my first jelly roll and have a bunch of sampler packs. I will still go BIG on a pice of backing or a good quality white on white.

  156. Judith Avatar

    Love the tulips, especially the background fabrics. Interesting and makes them stand out.

  157. Jan Avatar

    Beautiful fabric and quilts. Thank you for the block.

  158. Crystal knight Avatar
    Crystal knight

    I love fat quarters. Can always use them in scrappy quilts or small projects. Thanks for the chance to win.

  159. Brenda Hulsey Avatar
    Brenda Hulsey

    I used to buy a lot of fat quarters and charm packs since I like to make scrappy quilts. Now that I have so many I’m buying 3 yards pieces for borders and background fabrics.

  160. Jackie R. Avatar
    Jackie R.

    When my pocketbook allows me to purchase what I really want, the “yard” cut wins…..when the pennies are tight I buy “fat quarters”.
    Love your blog (and you publish exactly the right amount…I was out of town when you asked this question & I would have been too late with my answer) and luv your patterns & fabrics.
    You GO girl 😛

  161. Nancy Stone Avatar

    i love to buy fat quarters and quilt kits.

  162. devinelyinspired Avatar

    Beautiful tulip quilt. I buy 1/2 yd cuts and I treat myself to a layer cake now and then.

  163. patty Avatar

    My favorite is charm packs – give you a chance to play with new fabric with much investment.

  164. Theresa M Avatar
    Theresa M

    Glad to see your an animal lover. When it comes to material. I like 1/2 yds [ you have 2 fat qtrs ] and easy to store. BUT if I love it, 3 yds or more for sure.

  165. Willeke Avatar

    I love to buy fat quarters…*Ü*… And sometimes in yards… uh centimeters (I’m from Holland). My favorite quantity is 25 cm.

  166. carmen Avatar

    I buy lots of fat quarters, but always wishing I had got more. Ijust love your quilts.

  167. Yvonne Abbott Avatar
    Yvonne Abbott

    I usually buy layer cakes whenever the purse allows, that way I have more fabric to stroke and play with! 😉

  168. Carol J. Avatar
    Carol J.

    Beautiful work! I like to buy fat quarters, for flexibility. Also buy a yard or yard and a half of fabric for a specific project. Thank you!

  169. Lana Drum Avatar
    Lana Drum

    I usually buy half yard cuts unless it is a fabric I think I’ll definitely want more….so will buy 1-1/2 yds to 2 yds. I like to buy a charm pack of each new fabric line so I can have them for reference to buy additional yardage in the line. I love all of your fabrics and enjoyed meeting you in Paducah this year! Lana

  170. Lori Morton Avatar
    Lori Morton

    Loooooove 5″ Charms…startin to buy in 1/2 yard pieces lately tho….Stash is growin! lol lol

  171. Tia M.M. Hegstad Avatar

    I usually buy a half yard, unless it’s for paper piecing,in which case 30cm is often enough.

  172. Brenda Schiesser Avatar

    I love charm packs. I have been making pot holders and hot pads from them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  173. brendaschiesser Avatar

    I love charm packs. I’ve been making pot holders and hot pads. Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. Margaret W. Avatar
    Margaret W.

    I used to get quarter yards but now half yards are the best.. I would almost always wished I had bought a half yard, so that is my new rule.. loved the shirtings and all the fabric.. While in Wausau I bought some of your new flannels.. They are soooo soft.. Thanks and good luck to all,

  175. Marie Avatar

    Lots of fat quarters. But finding I’m needing larger yardage for borders and such now.

  176. Angela Avatar

    I like buying whole yards because I don’t mind having extra fabric for other projects!

  177. Ray in CA Avatar
    Ray in CA

    Thanks for the opportunity – and I usually buy 1/2 yards and FQs. I love scrappy.

  178. Betty Burton Avatar
    Betty Burton

    I usually end up with 1/4 yds ’cause scrappy quilts are still my favorites. Building a stash of small prints & 30’s prints. But then again that’s not written in stone since many online stores allow only 1/2 yd minimums (no local quilt shops where I live). Love the quilts shown here.

  179. Linda Avatar

    I like jelly rolls and 1yd. cuts. Thanks for the giveaway. FUN bloghop!

  180. Alice Avatar

    great blog hop! I usually get half meters or charm packs. If there is a whole line available and I love the line, I will get 1/4 meter of each.

  181. Lori B Avatar
    Lori B

    I used to buy fat quarters and charm packs, but I’ve upgraded to 1 yard cuts…although I still can’t resist precuts now and then.

  182. Kris Avatar

    Fabulous quilts, Lisa and I ALWAYS love your fabric collections – ALWAYS!!

  183. Bonnie Novak Avatar
    Bonnie Novak

    I love your new floral line.

  184. SUSAN K Avatar

    I love charm packs and fat quarter bundles. The possibilities are endless and especially with the charm packs, a lot of cutting is already complete.
    Love the quilt that the dogs are testing. Good quilts are always quality-control tested by pets – a requirement!

  185. Shirley Pearce Avatar
    Shirley Pearce

    Fun Blog Hop , great patterns and such wonderful large sizes of blocks! Love your tulip quilt-great colors too!
    Your new floral fabric line should be a true winner for you-love it!

    Thanks for sharing and the giveaway is quite generous!

  186. Willeke Avatar

    Ohhh, I don’t remember what I wrote to you… but…..I hope you count me in. Thanx for your generous offer of the lovely fabrics. It’s amazing how creative you are. Don’t know how you design these lovely things…. very inspiaring.

  187. skuitjiegooi Avatar

    May I just say what a comfort to find somebody who
    genuinely understands what they are talking about
    on the web. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light
    and make it important. More and more people need to read this and understand this side of
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