Size Matters! or does it? up…


I hope everyone is enjoying this HOP…Moda is so “cool”  organizing these hops so we all  can get to know each other a little better and then all talk  about our newest fabrics!  Then they give  us prizes to give-a-way!!!  Don’t forget to check back to the Moda Blog to print the pattern with ALL of our blocks!  I am sure it is going to awesome!  Today I am posting with 2 other great Moda designers…here are their blogs…Kathy Schmitz Studios   &    Minick & Simpson so hop on over to see what they got going on and maybe win their prize too!

I am supposed to talk about how size matters….well… I was thinking about this as I was driving…and guess what pulls up beside me?  A big o’l truck wrecker…the one that picks up disabled trucks and brings them back home safely…and as I am thinking about the blog hop and wondering what I am going to write about…I noticed this on the the truck…Size Does Matter….securedownload so I had to snap a pic of it for the blog post…lol…this could only happen to me…now don’t scold me for using my phone while driving…I wasn’t texting I was being a photographer…So here are my thoughts on SIZE…if we are talking quilts….I like tiny pieces and then I also love big clunky quilts like the last book I did..Flannel Gatherings.  I think size is a very personal matter and is as far and anything else…I am glad there are all kinds of sizes…would the world be boring if there was only one size???


Now for the blog hop I made this little quilt….Click Here  For the block I made the 18″ quilt that we were supposed to make…A lot of the designers have just a little trouble following directions…do you know why?  They are way too creative…they can’t keep focused for that long and their mind reads something…anyway I made this quilt using a 3″ block…here are the measurements…A  4-1 1/4″x 2″    B  4-1 1/4″x 2″ and C 8-1 1/4″x 1 1/4″  as they are not listed on this chart for the block pattern…

Now I want to share with you the other quilts made from the same fabric line as my mini quilt.  The fabric line is called Floral Gatherings and then there is also Floral Gatherings Shirtings…This is super cool to have the extra 20 prints to work with.  I am showing a close up also so you can take a peek at how they all were quilted…they are all so beautiful…The quilts kits and patterns can be purchased on our site Here

If we don't look at her maybe she won't see us here...
If we don’t look at her maybe she won’t see us here…

So go size up that project you are working on and finish it so you hopefully can make a sizable dent in your fabric stash and then can go and purchase more Moda fabric!!!

Please leave a comment if you want to win one of the 8 prizes you Moda and I are giving away… They are a surpize so you better comment if you want a chance at these great prizes…Let me know what you favorite “size” of fabric is to buy….Mine is half yards and 5″ charms..



Theresa's tulips...quilting by Linda Hrcka...notice the 1 renegade quilted block?
Theresa’s tulips…quilting by Linda Hrcka…notice the 1 renegade quilted block?
close up of square dance...quilted by Linda Hrcka
close up of square dance…quilted by Linda Hrcka
close-up of penny candy quilted by Valerie Krueger
close-up of penny candy quilted by Valerie Krueger
Close up quilting of Square Dance Dark....Quilted by Valerie Krueger
Close up quilting of Square Dance Dark….Quilted by Valerie Krueger

Theresas Tulip Square Dance Square Dance Dark

Join us for the rest of the Size Matters Blog Hop September 4-16, 2013 for even more fun and inspirations!

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307 responses to “Size Matters! or does it? up…”

  1. Alice Borge Avatar
    Alice Borge

    Love the new fabric!!! Great job as usual!!!

  2. Kellie from Indiana Avatar
    Kellie from Indiana

    Funny how you dont know what to write and then inspiration pops right up! Thanks for the block pattern.

  3. Barbara Jansz Avatar

    Neat fabric! Is Theresa’s Tulip pattern available for purchase?

  4. rosa Avatar

    Wow, fabulous quilts and as usual,love your fabrics combo!

  5. Connie Thomas Avatar
    Connie Thomas

    I just love all you do. Your blog is very first one I started following. You have really turned me on the the fun of quiliting. I just love the new line. It is so light and airy. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into this blog…

  6. Deborah from Valpo Avatar
    Deborah from Valpo

    I think I love everything you create!

    1. stacey larson Avatar
      stacey larson

      Always amazing! 🙂

  7. Brenda Avatar

    Love the pattern and the new fabric.

  8. Karen in breezy point Avatar

    Love the cute new fabrics and patterns!

  9. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    Love all of your new quilts, and of course the fabrics that they are made of. What great colors (especially those yellows…lol!).

  10. Debbi Avatar

    Love the new Floral Gateherings line and the pattern. Thanks!

  11. Kay Mc Avatar
    Kay Mc

    Thanks for the block pattern as it looks like a fun one to make. Love your new fabric line & thanks for showing your new quilts made with it.

  12. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I love all sizes, but prefer FQ and strips; find them the most convenient. Thanks so much for sharing

  13. Gwen Avatar

    I have purchased fatquarters, and charm squares. Will purchase anywhere from 1 to 3 yards, depending on the
    type of project that I hope to make. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Janet O. Avatar

    Perfect photo of that saying on the huge truck. What timing! : )
    LOVE what you created–such a sweet little quilt, and so pretty in your new line of fabric.
    I have to add that I love the dark version of Square Dance very much!!

  15. Deb Avatar

    Gorgeous quilts! My favorite sized fabric to purchase would be fat quarters. I haven’t really ever considered buying half yards but that may be something I should consider next time I shop!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Laura sw Avatar
    Laura sw

    The Square Dance quilts are awesome! I love you work and ideas, so good.

  17. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    Love your little quilt. I think it is so cute. Thanks for the chance to win.


  18. Sara Avatar

    Half yards are great because you have enough of a print, but allow for more prints in a lap size quilt, the more the better! But I buy charm packs all the time in order to have a bit of all of it!

  19. Lynelle Ussery Avatar
    Lynelle Ussery

    As always – love the way you look at the world! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. DeborahGun Avatar

    I like to buy half yards . Love all those beautiful quilts 🙂

  21. Shirley Avatar

    I love buying charm packs. My only problem is that after I buy them-I hate cutting them up!!

  22. SallyM Avatar

    Love the shirtings in your new line, great background fabrics. I typically don’t just buy fabric unless I have a plan for it but I do like fat quarter bundles, it’s fun to see a line in a bundle!

  23. Nancy Avatar

    Love the floral fabric. Nice job on the quilts. The colours are really pretty!

  24. Jean Avatar

    I love the blue and brown combination – and the dogs!!!

  25. Kate Avatar

    Love the quilts- they all are lovely. I like FQs and charm packs. They are small enough that I can buy and not feel guilty!

  26. Ann in PA Avatar
    Ann in PA

    Size doesn’t matter – I love it all. LOL After many years stocking up on fat quarters to give my stash some variety, my thoughts turned to charm packs and larger cuts; I just bought lots of Primitive Gatherings 1/2 yds. at the Hershey show. Love ALL your designs!

  27. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    I usually buy kits. Love the Square Dance Dark.

  28. Tricia Avatar

    My favorite sizes to work with are fat quarters and charm squares. Love the quilts, thanks for sharing!

  29. Kathy Avatar

    Beautiful! And to answer your “size” question, I seem to mostly buy fat quarters. Love that scrappy look!

  30. Fred Rutledge Avatar
    Fred Rutledge

    Love your tulip quilt. What perfect fabric for this pattern. Thank you.

    Sent from my iPad

  31. Laurel S. Avatar

    I’m with you – half yards and charms! 🙂

  32. Vickie Avatar

    I like to purchasd fat quarters and charm packs since I love small projects!

  33. Marcy Avatar

    I love the little quilts and your colors are beautiful

  34. Carolyn Vogel Avatar
    Carolyn Vogel

    These are all great quilts. Love both fabric lines. Really difficult for me to walk past a line of good shirtings. Size does matter, and in addition to needing to make something smaller once we have given everyone we know a large quilt, smaller often gives us that new challenge for technique perfection.

  35. Quilty Jen Avatar
    Quilty Jen

    THanks for all the eye candy! My favorite size is Fat Quarters. I love variety. Next would be Charm packs, then 3 yard cuts. You can get most of a backing from a 3 yard cut, or all of a backing for a baby quilt!

  36. Candee Abraham Avatar
    Candee Abraham

    My favorites are charms of all sizes, snippets & fat quarters. Now I want to go fabric shopping! You are always inspiring.

  37. Kitty Avatar

    Beautiful, beautiful quilts! Thanks for all the photos and the pattern for your block.

  38. Avatar

    Yes yes yes, size matters!! No matter what Size quilt you are making, take a bit of time to make sure the Size you Cut is the Right Size for the pattern. I sometimes think if I took all the time I had used on mistakes, I’d have time to make another quilt or two! Just my personal confession..Jan Harritt

    Sent from my iPad

  39. Amy Farrington Avatar
    Amy Farrington

    A half of a yard is what I usually go with, but then it’s never enough. And, darn those adorable mini-charm packs that are so fun to keep wrapped up.

  40. Robbin Avatar

    I would say that fabric of any size is appealing to me. I have a ton of charm packs so I guess that would be my choice. Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. Kristy Avatar

    I am telling you, you and Linda are a match made in Heaven. Your quilt design and her quilting design are fabulous!!!! I did find the renegade tulip block…loved it! I also, love that Moda reprints some of your fabrics so I can buy it in one yard pieces. Yes, I said one yard pieces…..can you really ever have too much? I don’t think so. Kristy

  42. Tamie Avatar

    My favorite size is a fat quarter as I like variety. For practical purposes, I probably should buy half yards.

  43. 2609o Jennifer Avatar

    I seem to buy mostly half yards. Thanks for the block pattern!

  44. mcthekat Avatar

    Beautiful, beautiful quilts! Thanks for all the photos and the pattern for your block. I like to buy 1 yard cuts, mostly, but some charm packs and jelly rolls sneak their way in from time to time :-))

  45. Kathy S. Avatar
    Kathy S.

    I love charm packs and jelly rolls–they take the guess work out of matching up fabrics and colors!

  46. michelle kozak Avatar
    michelle kozak

    i love the small stuff and my best fabric size is 1yd. i always by a yard even if it call for less that is how i had to my stash. I have MS so when i can get my husband or sons and daughter inlaw to take me to the quilt shop its just great i make quilts for the sick to show them that people still care when they have no one. I love to see there smiles

  47. Janet Avatar

    I can’t wait for this fabric line to come out – it’s lovely! I like to buy fat quarters or half yards and who can resist those adorable little Moda candy precuts. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  48. Patti Avatar

    If my goal is to make a scrappy quilt I like to buy fat quarters or half yard pieces. I like the variety I get. If I can afford it I like to buy 1 yard pieces.

  49. Jean Avatar

    When I first started quilting I bought fat quarters …… then I started to buy 0.3 meter (1/3 yard) …… but that was never enough so I moved up to 1/2 meters ……. then, if on sale, I started to buy full meters ore even two if I really liked it …. I guess the real answer to what size I like best would be: As much as I can!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  50. Jo's Country Junction Avatar

    Oh the tulip quilt is gorgeous. It makes me want to try applique. I am girl that is just happy with everyone else’s leftovers. I love a gallon bag filled with scrap!!

  51. Linda L Avatar
    Linda L

    I love all the precuts, but especially jelly rolls and fat quarters. I find these the most versatile. Love floral gatherings. Thanks for your inspiration.

  52. Lana Cadwallader Avatar
    Lana Cadwallader

    Lately I buy at least a yard and I love charm packs. I’m in love –scratch that–addicted to your designs and website.

  53. Colleen Avatar

    Love the quilts! For me, it is all about fat quarters! I don’t feel as guilty hoarding… I mean stocking up!

  54. Charlotte Avatar

    I usually buy fat quarters because I love scrappy quilts. I do enjoy those little fabric packs ( 2 and 3 inch) that you sold in your store way before Moda came up with their candy packs. They are great for mini quilts which I love to make.

  55. Erin Avatar

    Love the tulip block! I buy all sizes. I love charms and jelly rolls, but in yardage, half yards are the way to go.

  56. Mary Avatar

    When I see a fabric I must have, but no specific project in mind, I always buy a yard of it! And I keep track of where I bought it, so I can always get more when I figure out how I will use it!

  57. Maryellen Avatar

    Thanks so much for the eye candy, and great fabric line! My favorite is 2 yards! You never know when you need it! I have charms, jelly rolls and FQ stacks, but have used more charms in quilts. I’ve only used one layer cake so far. Thanks!

  58. Terri U Avatar
    Terri U

    If buying fabric by the yard then it is 1/2 yard and i love the precuts (charms, jellys and layer cakes).

  59. Bethany Martini Avatar
    Bethany Martini

    Half yards are my favorite!

  60. Verna Avatar

    I’ve been buying one yard cuts, more if I really love it. I really love charm packs, too.

  61. Dee Dalton Avatar
    Dee Dalton

    I have enjoyed the blog hop. I am a big fan of yours, great fabrics and quilt ideas to go with it.

  62. A. Bouwman Avatar

    I just love the pattern and the tulip quilt on your blog. Size matters and depending on what type of quilt I make I buy different sizes of fabric. But most of all I like eights, so that I can include a lot of different fabrics in a quilt and do not have to make quilts using the same fabric again and again.

  63. Janet T Avatar
    Janet T

    Love the your patterns and fabrics! Especially the Square Dance quilts in the neutrals. I buy more yardage than packs, although I have a couple jelly rolls, FQ stacks, and charms.

  64. Anne Manly Avatar
    Anne Manly

    I remember playing with whirlygigs! All sizes blowing in the wind – thanks for the inspiration to re-create such a wonderful memory. Always love your fabric – hard to control which size to get though – I want it all.

  65. Kathy Lemon Avatar

    Love your Little Quilt and the Tulips. Thanks for a chance to win. If I like a fabric will buy 2 yards, sometimes 3. Love fat quarter bundles also.

  66. Chris Teague Avatar
    Chris Teague

    My favorite ‘size’ to buy is 2 yard cuts and here’s why: Sometimes I just really like the fabric but have no ‘use’ for it at that moment. But I know that is time I will and that’s when I congratulate myself at being smart enough to splurge. I also love the weight in my bag as I carry it out the door. I’m a gatherer; what can I say?

  67. Dee Avatar

    Love your pinwheels!!! As always, Love Primative Gatherings!!!

  68. heartsdesire Avatar

    Fat quarters are my preferred size for fabric because I love to make scrap quilts and lots of fat quarters gives me lots of variety.

  69. Cathy Olesky Avatar
    Cathy Olesky

    Lately, I have been collecting a lot of charm packs and fat quarters. It gives my pieces interest and sparkle due to the variety of fabrics. Thanks for the block and the chance to win some goodies!

    1. 6614 E. Cedar Wapsi Rd. Dunkerton Iowa 50626 Avatar

      My favorites are charms and fat quarters, I have containers of charms! Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Nancy Augustine Avatar
    Nancy Augustine

    I like to buy 1 yard or 2 yard cuts or a fat quarter bundle. That seems to be enough for a full size quilt which is what I like to make.

  71. Willa Mcneill Avatar

    Really like those neutrals. The quilt with the double dogs upon it. I normally lean to brighter colors but these really appeal.

  72. Diane S Avatar
    Diane S

    Love your designs. Right now I’m buying 2/3 of a yd. to make my own 10 in or 11 in and the left over will be saved for a strip quilt squares

  73. Michele B Avatar
    Michele B

    I am a new quilter and so far when I buy fabric it is “by the yard”. A quarter yard would definitely be the smallest. I find myself buying 1/2 yards a lot because I am always scared of running out…….

  74. Elizabeth Evans Avatar

    I like to buy half yard cuts and love the fat quarter packs as they give me lots of fabrics that go together to work with. Your appliqued tulips are my favorites.

  75. Cheryl B Avatar
    Cheryl B

    The yard is my go-to size of fabric. Love your renegade tulip! What a fun way to inject some sassy personality into a quilt.

  76. Julee Avatar

    Love the little pinwheel quilt out of your new fabric line….the tulip quilt is so cute especially since I helped make some of the blocks and all the gorgeous quilting….guess I just love it all. If I really like the fabric I buy 1/2 yd or 1yd. Thanks for taking part in the Moda blog hop.

  77. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love charms too, and size depends on how many and much I like… so either 1/3, 1/2, or 1+ yds. I love your designs and color ways! Thanks for sharing!

  78. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    I also like charms, but love fat quarters too. Your dogs are gorgeous~! Thanks for the chance to win a surprise.

  79. yvonne Avatar

    I always like and yes even love your work. Keep it up. Size does matter is fun thank you…..

    1. Becky Romero Rabalais Avatar

      My favorite cuts are fat quarters, half yard and charm packs. I’ve ordered my bundle of Floral Gathering shirtings. Thanks so much for adding them to your fabric line!

  80. Bonnie Pfrimmer Avatar
    Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I like to buy fat quarters and charm packs. Lately I have expanded to 1 yard cuts. Thank you for sharing your quilts… Love the tulip quilt.

  81. Linda Avatar

    My favorites are half yards. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance & block!

  82. Denise clason Avatar

    Love your fabric and patterns! This blog hop is one of my favorites.

  83. Denise clason Avatar

    Love your fabrics and patterns! FQ’s are my favorite cuts.

  84. Barbara Avatar

    I love surprises!

  85. Kim Roy Avatar
    Kim Roy

    When I fall in love with a new fabric have to really convince myself that I do not need the WHOLE bolt. Love the new flannel gatherings line.

  86. Rae R Avatar
    Rae R

    I usually buy charms and 1/4 yards, but I also like fat quarters and 1/2 yards depending on project. Thanks!

  87. JanetB Avatar

    Love the Floral Gatherings fabric line. It’s perfect in all the quilts pictures on your blog.

  88. April Hurley Avatar
    April Hurley

    I am with you on the half yard pieces, but I also love layer cakes. I don’t know why but its a great size that shows the print, but is small enough to be easy to deal with!!!

  89. Amy E. Armstrong Avatar

    Love the quilting on the tulip quilt. Love lots of the things on your blog!

  90. Hildy Avatar

    My favorites are charm packs and FQs. I rather have alot of scraps are small pieces of fabrics to creat a unique and scrappy quilt than one quilt with just a few fabrics.

  91. Debbie R. Avatar
    Debbie R.

    Love your mini-quilt. Nice use of those pretty, tiny whirlygig blocks. My favourite cut of fabric is fat quarters — and lots of them!
    Debbie R.

  92. Laura F. Avatar
    Laura F.

    Great ideas!

  93. Barbara Sindlinger Avatar

    The size of fabrics I get depends on the type of fabric – of course background fabrics I usually get 4 or 5 yards, but for other fabrics I go from fat quarter to 1/2 yards. I’m really liking scrappy quilts – the more fabrics the better. I also cut all my left over or scrap fabrics into 10″, 5″, 3.5″ and 2″ squares and of course I have strips boxes too.

  94. CathyK Avatar

    My favorite sizes of fabric to buy is either a Fat Quarter or a half yard!!! I just LOVE those quilts and that pillow!!! Wow!

  95. Allyson Avatar

    I love your mini quilt!! I’m partial to Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls, but I pretty much will use anything I can get my hands on!!

  96. Sharon S Avatar

    I like to buy 1yd pieces & fat quarters. Loving this hop. Thanks for the give away.

  97. buntyw Avatar

    I love all the quilts! and yes thank goodness there are all kinds of different sizes!

  98. Tami Avatar

    Well, my favorite size of fabric to purchase is one yard. In precuts, I LOVE jelly rolls and layer cakes!! I am thinking I need to shrink my favorite size to 1/2 yard like you, so I can decrease the size of my stash! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  99. Bonnie S. Harrell Avatar
    Bonnie S. Harrell

    I like to buy the 5″ charm packs or one yard pieces. Your patterns are beautiful!

  100. Linda Witt Avatar
    Linda Witt

    Love all your “gatherings” collections. I’m an appliquer so I always went for small pieces. Around here in Lancaster County, PA most of the shops won’t cut anything smaller than 1/2 yards, so that’s what I collect. If I have a project in mind and love a collection, I’ll go for the Layer Cake. That gives me a wonderful selection and the size is great. I thank Moda for all their fabulous pre-cuts.

  101. Diane Avatar

    I started with Fat Quarters, but now find myself stashing half yard and one yard cuts. Then I ponder, “What if I make a baby quilt?” A baby quilt would need a yard and a quarter for the back. I usually round up to one and a half yards, “just in case”. Then I “go all in” and get two yards!

  102. Karen Qualls Avatar

    Awesome fabrics and patterns!

  103. Deb Avatar

    Floral Gatherings is great! I really like the Penny Candy quilt – it’s going on my list! I recently purchased a Desert Roll – I think it’s become my new “Favorite Cut”. Thanks for the little quilt pattern – so cute . . .

  104. sandra pearsall Avatar

    Your quilts are beautiful but those dogs are awesomely handsome!

  105. Kalynn Avatar

    I have come to love the precuts – but I still like to buy yardage – usually at least 1 yard.

  106. Cindy Avatar

    I have never used jelly rolls, charm packs, or layers cakes. Busy sewing your wonderful wool kits…I think the charm packs would be my favorite, sweet & small 🙂

  107. Barbara LeHoullier Avatar

    I was right! I just knew I was going to love whatever it was you came up with for this fun hop! I’d have to agree with you that my favorite cuts are 1/2 yard and charm packs. Thanks so much for sharing your little quilt!

  108. Bridgid K Avatar
    Bridgid K

    OMG!!! I LOVE your Square Dance Dark!!!! I have to make myself one of those!!!! Thank You Lisa for all the GREAT inspiration!!!!

  109. Fran Anderson Avatar
    Fran Anderson

    Love your patterns and I love fat quarters and charm packs but I do buy 2 yard pieces of fabrics i really love!

  110. Becky S Avatar
    Becky S

    Fat quarters and layer cakes are my favorite. I love your new fabric and quilts. The tulip quilt is adorable!

  111. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I love fat-quarter bundles. I can’t wait for these new fabrics to hit the stores.

  112. batoz Avatar

    Reblogged this on Babs Blog and commented:
    Love your creativity, and yes, I found that 1 renegade (stipled) quilted block – there’s always one in the bunch:-). My favorite sizes are yards, 1/2 yard and 5″ charms. Love Theresa’s Tulips.

  113. Mom C Avatar
    Mom C

    Love all the blog quilts. I like to buy 1/2 or 1 yd pieces. That’s down from 3-5 yds when I used to do whole cloth quilts and clothes. I hate to run out of fabric and I seem to add more blocks to any pattern I am doing or cut something wrong. So I try to plan for my incompetence by getting a smidge more fabric than called for. (If I can afford it!)

  114. Mary Rhodes Avatar
    Mary Rhodes

    LoveYour mini quilt sooo cute! Love your fabrics. Sadly i will miss your patterns n fabrics since there b no I nternational quilt show in Cincinnati Ohio.

  115. barbe price Avatar
    barbe price

    love your dogs, i do love anything grey(or blue grey), i also love the quilt they are laying on so discreetly.

  116. Linda T Avatar
    Linda T

    I like to buy 1/3 or 1/2 yds. Can’t wait for your new line to hit the quilt shops.

  117. Hueisei Avatar

    I prefer to buy FQ 🙂

  118. Angelia L. Avatar
    Angelia L.

    Being a newbie quilter I am trying to build my stash. I usually by 1/2 yd cuts……..1 yd if I really love the fabric. Thank you for sharing!

  119. kristie Avatar

    I really like fat quarters for my favorite size to buy. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful fabrics. kristie

  120. Barb Spurr Avatar
    Barb Spurr

    I like to buy 1 yd pieces…..if I REALLY love it…..then 3 yds.

  121. Ann Avatar

    I started out buying FQ bundles, but i found that often they weren’t cut on the grain or they were skimpy. You can only get two 6″ squares across out of a 17″ FQ. So now I buy half yards if like a fabric or i buy a charm pack plus one yard when i just want a taste.

  122. Marguerite Guinn Avatar
    Marguerite Guinn

    I love fat quarters. you can have so many lovely fabrics and not spend too much! And when they are all from the same line – they are so fun to arrange and work with!

    1. funrunjunkie Avatar

      Love the Square Dance Dark! My favorite way to build my stash is in Fat Quarters! 🙂

    2. Katie Avatar

      I love square dance blocks so much but am way too lazy to make many of them!! Great inspiration quilts! Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. funrunjunkie Avatar

    My favorite way to build my stash is in Fat Quaters….but I am really thinking 1/2 yards are new way to go. 🙂

  124. Karen Avatar

    I”m addicted to 5″ charm packs. Love the new quilts

  125. Margaret Avatar

    I think my favorite “size” to purchase is 1/2 yard pieces. I find that FQ just aren’t large enough, so I’ve started picking up fabrics I like in half yard cuts.

  126. lindasteller Avatar

    I love jelly rolls, but if I really like a fabric, I generally buy 3 yards of it. Needless to say, I now have a stash beyond life expectancy!

  127. Mary Ann Avatar
    Mary Ann

    I like to buy half yard cuts and any Moda pre-cut.

  128. Jody Warner Avatar
    Jody Warner

    My favorite size of fabric to buy is quarter yards, and 5 inch charms, because I make so many “mini” quilts or scrappy quilts. I love, love, love your little pinwheels! Adorable! And Theresa’s Tulips are charming! Thank you for your great fabrics, great patterns, and of course, the wonderful give-aways. I would love for this to be my lucky day 🙂

  129. Cynthia Brunz Designs Avatar

    I too like half yards. If you don’t want quite that much, you can share a FQ with a friend.

  130. Rachell Reilly Avatar

    my favorite size is 2 yards. other than that, half yards. Also starting my collection of jelly rolls. I love the Christmas-colored pinwheels! reillyr2(at)hotmail(dot)com

  131. Norma C. Avatar
    Norma C.

    My usual size of fabric to buy is 1/2 yard but then I always wish it was more! Love your quilts.

  132. Deb Avatar

    Love this post and love all the quilt examples you posted!! My favorite size I think is fat quarter bundles. I’d love to win your surprises!

  133. Joyce Mitchell Avatar
    Joyce Mitchell

    I usually buy half yard cuts and fat quarters. Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts & thanks for the chance to win.

    1. Kathie L Avatar
      Kathie L

      I like to buy a yard if it’s a good sale, and a FQ if not.

  134. Julie Avatar

    Oh, I love your tulip quilt! So pretty. My favorite to buy is fat quarters and 1 yard cuts. LOVE your work!!

  135. seeshesews Avatar

    I seem to have a lot of charm squares around here but I’ve got drawers of fat quarters! You keep me pretty busy between your wool block of the week projects and yummy kits.
    I love your little quilt project! Can’t wait for Floral Gatherings….both lines.
    Thank You Lisa.
    Kathy Garms

  136. tamara williams Avatar
    tamara williams

    What size I buy depends on the project. New scrap, charms or fat quarters. Batik, at least 1/2 yard. Looks interesting as border, 3 yards. If I just like it 1 yard! Love your blog & web site, wonderful for after work destressing.

  137. Cindy Dunlap Avatar

    I love love all your fabrics. As to my favorite size, I just buy the whole bolt! I don’t want to run out.

  138. Cheryl Schaefer Avatar
    Cheryl Schaefer

    That is so funny the way that truck with “size does matter” was next to you. I love what you did with your block. Thanks for the chance to win a prize and for sharing your quilts. Square dance is quite intriguing and the tulip one is so pretty. I usually get two yards (or more if needed) when I’m buying yardage and I love to collect fat quarters to add to my stash.

  139. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    I like 1/2 yd cuts, and fat quarters. Haven’t got into charm packs. You are so inspiring. Thanks so much.

  140. kathi schaffer Avatar
    kathi schaffer

    Your fabric and patterns and Linda’s quilting = talk about a winning combination! Size matters when it comes to buying fabric — large prints usually mean a half yard but small prints (like your beautiful shirtings) warrant larger pieces — just so versatile!

  141. Jean Avatar

    My favorite size to purchase is a “jelly roll” …. That way you get a little of everything in a new line of fabric. Or if it is something that I REALLY love, then 7 yards of fabric is a safe amount, because you will never run out … LOL!

  142. Martha C. Avatar
    Martha C.

    My favorite size is a half yard cut followed by a quarter yard cut. Love the new fabric line. Can’t wait til it is available for order! Can’t wait to visit your booth next week in Atlanta!

  143. Carol Singleton Avatar
    Carol Singleton

    Size does matter.Thanks for look at that truck. Like 1/2 yard cuts.

  144. Mary Avatar

    I can’t believe you saw a truck with “size matters” written on it – that is way to weird. Size of the fabric stash matters! We need lots to choose from!

  145. Carol C Avatar
    Carol C

    I buy mostly half yards now. It used to be one yard pieces, but I really don’t need pieces that large for scrappy quilts. Scrappy is what I love!

  146. rebecca Avatar

    I like to work with yardage or kits. Not a big fan of the pre-cuts. Great little quilt you posted!

  147. Patty Happel Avatar
    Patty Happel

    I usually buy 1/2 yards, sometimes more if I think I might want to use it as a focal fabric or borders

  148. Colette Avatar

    I love these fabrics and quilts! I am especially smitten with the tulip quilt!! I usually purchase 1/2 yards and 2 yards for borders. I also pickup jelly rolls for some quilts but I haven’t really become comfortable with them yet. Cute pups!!! Cheers, Colette

  149. SuzieLou Avatar

    Well, the more the better, so in this case I like the small size charms packet so I can have a bigger choice in my stash (read bigger size stash)!

  150. lisamcgriff Avatar

    The tulip quilt is so pretty, and your fur babies are GORGEOUS!!!!! I like to buy fat quarters!

  151. Kathy Vetter Avatar
    Kathy Vetter

    I prefer to purchase half yard pieces. In addition usually 3 yds for borders. I so love your tulip quilt and shirting fabrics! Kathy V

  152. Cynthia H. Avatar
    Cynthia H.

    I generally by 1/3 yard cuts. A little more than 1/4; a little extra if I am swapping 5″ charms…..

  153. Suzanne Avatar

    My favorite size fabric cuts to purchase: 6 – 6 1/2 yds for wide borders that have a big print to match. This has gone up since I’ve been sewing for queen sized beds. Maybe 4 yards for sashing. 1/2 to 1 yard for something I might like in a scrappy quilt. Your 18″ quilt is a treasure.

  154. Carol Y Avatar
    Carol Y

    I started off buying fat quarters, now my favorite sizes are layer cakes and full yards. 🙂

    1. audrey Avatar

      I love fat quarters, but if I really fall in love then I try to buy a yard.:) LOVE the tulip quilt!

    2. Renee S. Avatar
      Renee S.

      I absolutely love your fabric and your designs!

  155. Marybh Avatar

    I love the layer cake and jelly roll!!!!

  156. vanessa b Avatar
    vanessa b

    Love the dogs!… Oh, the quilt is gorgeous too. 🙂

  157. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    I started buying fat quarters but now it’s yards with occasional jelly rolls or charm packs thrown in:)

  158. Suzanne Avatar

    Oh, my, I’m not sure I have a favorite “size” amount of fabric to buy. If I love it I but a lot of it. I’m always afraid I will end up not having enough, so if there is 8.5 yards left on the bold I’ll buy it. I figure that I will use it in the front, the backing…pillows, whatever. As far as blocks go, I’d say my favorite size to make is a 12″. I tend to love large quilts. I have dreams of making small quilts, but they are just dreams at this point. I know that logic says you can make way more small quilts than large ones, but I love to cuddle in the quilts, see them on beds, hanging on racks around the house, used as table clothes, etc. Like you said, life would be so boring if we all loved the same size things. Thanks!

  159. Pamela Blasy Avatar
    Pamela Blasy

    I LOVEEEE the black and tan quilt. Think it’s what I am looking for to do a wedding quilt for my granddaughter!!! The boys are getting big!

  160. Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    I love buying almost any size of fabric, but tend to buy mostly fat quarters. They are just the right size for making small wall hanging size quilts. I also like how nicely they are folded – easy to mix and match within a fabric line, or with other designer’s fabrics. Thanks for always coming up with such creative projects. I am so glad I found you and Primitve Gatherings!

  161. Joan A. Avatar

    Looking forward to the pattern Square Dance arriving, its on my to do list. A favourite fabric size would be yards, but that’s not necessarily how I buy it 🙂 What beautiful dogs you have and they match the quilt so nicely!! Many thanks for the quilt block pattern.

  162. jandy1010 Avatar

    *I think my original comment disappeared,
    Love the Square Dance pattern, can’t wait until it is available, (hope the dogs come with it when I buy it :). My favourite fabric size is yards, but that’s not necessarily how I purchase it.

  163. Kathy Avatar

    I use to like to buy fat quarters or charm packs but I have so many….I stopped and now I buy 1/2 yards and If I really love the fabric I buy 3-4 yards. Your fabrics are soooo wonderful ….I love them all. Keep up the good work.

  164. Gina Avatar

    I tend to purchase 1/2 yards as well although if I really like it I have been known to go for a yard or two! I also like jelly rolls as it gives me a collection in a very usable size. I do love your fabrics they seem to be right up my alley!

  165. Cathy W Avatar
    Cathy W

    I like to buy 1/2 yds and charms also. Love your fabric and quilts!

  166. Mary Avatar

    I usually buy fat quarters, but will get a half or whole yard if I really like it. Love the quilts!

  167. Florence Burton Avatar
    Florence Burton

    I usually purchase a yard and the layer cake. Love your fabrics.

  168. kay Avatar

    I use all sizes, but lately I’ve been gravitating towards layer cakes. Of course, fat quarters are the best, because they can be cut up into lots of precut sizes!

  169. carol gillen Avatar

    I am embracing the layer cake as my new favorite size. Thank you, Lisa for this giveaway.

  170. janet Avatar

    Luv luv luv your posts. I buy whatever size if feel at the moment. I kinda like 1/4 yard cuts over fat quarters tho. jmh

  171. Rose Jeter Avatar
    Rose Jeter

    Love, love, love everything, I am a huge fan of your mini’s but have to say am very drawn to the larger quilts also.

  172. Carrie P. Avatar

    gorgeous quilts! love the tulips.

  173. Patty Andrews Avatar
    Patty Andrews