Day 5…Needful things for Quilters

12 Days of Christmas 5IMG_8394Day 5…Its party day for me…this is the second year we have thrown a party for our friends and neighbors…This year we decided to theme it…it is the “2013 Holly Ball”…the girls need to wear some sort of ball gown…like an old bridesmaids dress or they can go buy a new one!!! The guys are supposed to wear a funny suit, old tux with purple ruffles or whatever!  We will crown a King and a Queen of the ball….Santa and his Elf will make an appearance..and he brings gifts for all and there will also be lots of adult beverages and appetizers…for about 50 people…should be A LOT of fun and a good stress reliever to kick off this holiday season…I will take some pics for you and blog about it after….

Now enough of the party stuff…on to the needful stuff…I am posting early so I do not forget…Today’s Needful things are project totes…These totes are great for packaging your blocks and for BOM’s, we have started putting our kits in them too. They hold your tools when traveling.  I just can’t have enough of them…I also collect them when I travel to different shops and they have them….like souvenirs!  We have them in the following sizes…8×10, 10×13, 13×13, 17×17 and 18×20… We have a limited number of the 18×20 right now but we will get an order in for more if you want this size…just be willing to wait a couple of weeks for it.  All the project totes will be 20% off…for you…click here to order   Totes

Sorry this is a short post…but what more can I say about a project tote???? and there is a party to work on!

The winner from yesterdays post is…CathyDecember 19, 2013 at 9:24 pm

Love Rozanne’s glue! I use it on all my appliqué projects!

Cathy will win…some Roxanne glue baste-it and a project tote…when she sends us her address to:

take care and wish me luck that all my appetizers turn out! LB


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165 thoughts on “Day 5…Needful things for Quilters

  1. The project totes sound awesome….who couldn’t use a few of those…we all know we have lots of projects going on!!! Good luck with those appetizers…….the party sounds like great fun. Enjoy and eat up!!! Merry Christmas, Kristy PS. I too have a busy day so had to get on early and check out your needful things….seriously I can’t miss a thing.

  2. That sounds like a fun party and great theme. I have enjoyed seeing your favorite things, nice to see products that other’s like and things that can make our quilting easier.


  3. I love the picture of Santa and Elf, I’ll bet you throw a great party! I love this type of project bag – they work for so many different things (I use them for knitting too!) Nice and heavy, so much more durable than my many ziploc bags – thanks for the sale. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful time de-stressing!

  4. I love clear project totes! Without them, my quilting studio would be a lot less organized. Here’s to great party appetizers!

  5. Love the picture it’s priceless. 🙂 Have a great party. The totes are great for putting kits together in. I have all my block of the weeks in one (bought them but haven’t started sorry to say).

  6. sounds like a real fun party.
    I have one of those totes and would love to own many for all the different projects I have going. thanks for a chance.

  7. Every day when I look at the title ‘Needful’ I get a chuckle. I buy and buy, but there are very few things I ‘need’. Have fun tonight!

  8. Love these project bags in all sizes. Best part is that you can see your project when you look at the bag. Really important for those of us with MANY unfinished projects!!!

  9. Well, what the heck! Why haven’t I purchased some of these yet?? I am the QUEEN of organizing my stuff and I have failed to pick some of these up:( I know I can’t win them, but I just may have to make a Monday run to the shop to pick some up!!

  10. Have a fabulous time tonight and I look forward to the pictures. Your list of items is wonderful, many I’ve never even entertained (but might have to on the light!). As for these zippered bags, I have to laugh. Most of my ‘bags’ or the plastic ones that still have lots of fabric in them because there is NEVER enough or the right fabric when you need it.

  11. I love using the totes to keep my projects together. I also like it when my favorite quilt shop (Primitive Gatherings) kits up a quilt in one of their totes so the kit stays altogether until I have time to work on it.

  12. I use similar ones (from bedding sets) for large projects. These look great, would love to win.
    Merry Christmas and have fun at the party!

  13. I keep trying different things but have yet to find something to keep my blocks from getting beat up and folded. These just might be the answer to my problem. Thanks for sharing your 12 favorite quilting tools!

    1. Would work great for grab and go
      hexie project. Hope your party is great fun for all. Merry Christmas.

  14. Love those vinyl project bags. They are great because you can see at a glance what project is in them. They also pack better than the plastic containers which can crack. Best was to store your BOM in progress.

  15. I love those project totes! I always have hand work to take along on rides in the car and just use ziplock bags. But those would be so much sturdier! Can’t wait to see pictures from your party!

  16. Wow, love them!! Party on Girlfriend!! We are having a Progressive House Crawl tonight! Crawl because we too will have adult drinks!!

  17. You can never have too many totes! A tote in need is a tote indeed. I love the Roxanne’s glue and use it on all of my projects. Great find!

  18. Your party is definitely THE place to be today. Looks like way fun. I love these totes because you can see what the heck you put in it. You know, those mysteries of where is it that seem to be happening to me more frequently these days. Hope you have a great time today and a wonderful weekend as well.


  19. I love the tote idea, especially for appliqué projects on the go. What makes them even better is that they are see thru so things can’t get lost! Thanks Lisa! Wish I could be at the party! Sounds fun! Enjoy… deserve it!

  20. I Love totes but I never seem to have enough so I put most of my stuff together. Your totes sound wonderful

  21. I need all the help I can get to get organized. Merry Christmas and have a great time at your party and I hope everyone stay safe!

  22. I do not have a single one of these but have heard from more people than you that they are great. i currently use plastic containers but these bags would definitely be more portable. Hopefully they do not mean more UFOs. Ha-ha! Happy Holidays!

  23. Looks like Santa Nick checking out his gift with a helper! Have a good time at your party. It’s snowing on my screen again. Love it!

  24. It looks like I may need a few of these totes, what a great way to store all kinds of projects.
    Have a great party!

  25. I don’t have any of these – yet. I use the hard plastic containers and sometimes they are less portable.
    Have a great party.


  26. You can never have enough project totes, and the large ones are great for UFO’s. Merry Christmas, Lisa !

  27. I agree, the more bags the better. They hold my various individual projects so travel easily to sew days!

  28. Love the idea of the project totes as they are not too heavy. Fabulous idea about the dressing up for your party.

  29. A girl can never have enough totes! I like to keep my projects in them as I do tend to get distracted from one project to another….

  30. Hmmm, a clear project tote, so I can see what’s in it, but zipped closed so nothing fall out. Now, why didn’t I think of that!

  31. I like that you can easily see what’s inside. And I agree with a previous posting that it would be great to bag those UFOs so you can see them, let some guilt build up and finally attack them! Happy Holly Ball!

  32. Your party sounds like a great time! I can’t wait to see the pictures and I’m sure your appetizers will be great! Have a good time!

  33. What a great party tote, I mean project tote! Clear, portable. Great for travel and clearing security or stuffing into a seat-back pocket for take off or landing. Also great for projects carted to sport practices, lunch rooms or waiting rooms. Plus the see thru always sparks a conversation about your project. What better way to share your passion and perhaps light a new flame!
    Enjoy your Holly Ball. Cheers in the Red Solo Cup!

  34. Love, love, love totes for more than organizing! They actually help keep small pieces from fraying. Also, a shop name on the tote reminds me of the fun visit I had to the shop and/or the kit that came in it. Happy Holidays to all.

  35. I have several of these totes and they are great. They keep everything neatly organized. Have a great party.

  36. These look WAY nicer than the zip-lock bags I have been using. Have a great time at a very fun sounding party.

  37. What a great party idea! Hope everyone has a ball–no pun intended! Love your Christmas picks. I love those totes–I collect them as well.

  38. Have a wonderful time at the party. Sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait to see pics. Love totes, great idea to collect them from different quilt shops.

  39. I absolutely love these, and I’ll agree with a previous post…a lot classier than a ziploc bag!! It’s impossible to have too many! Have fun at your Holiday party, it sounds like a blast. Merry Christmas Lisa!

  40. Project bags, YEAH! Great for punchneedle-English paper piecing, everything, keep it all together, when you have a few minutes, everything’s there for you to work on, love them.

  41. I so need some more of these! I have a couple and put them to good use all the time. Have some kits that I’ve made up for some future projects and these are just in a tied bag right now in my kit bin. Merry Christmas and have a Merry party.

  42. I totally agree you can never have enough project totes. Love them! Enjoy the Holly Ball. Can’t wait to see pictures.


  43. These are so handy and practical. I love the fact that you can see exactly what is in them. I like that for all of my storage needs.

  44. I love to keep my project in a tote like this one. Everything is ready to go…scissors, thread, needles and the project. I like to be organized!

  45. Love, love, love your project totes! They are great for blocks & other works in progress PLUS I can easily see what’s in them. That way when I need a quick project on the go, I just grab something fun and head out to quilty bee time with the ladies!

  46. We had a party at our house two weeks ago…and it was so much fun, once everything was done and I was ready for the doorbell to ring! Have a great party and with all of the fresh snow falling, how can you help but be in the spirit??? (Ps…love your totes…organization is my middle name)

  47. Those project totes look great and I like that they are see-through also. So handy to have projects for on the go!
    Enjoying reading your 12 Days of Needful Things.

  48. lol! Those elves look like there up to no good! 😉 Sounds like a fun theme for a party! Looking forward to seeing some pics!
    Project totes are a great idea too! Keeps everything together… so it will be easier to work on more than one project at a time!

  49. You can never have too many project bags, and these are so much nicer than recycling the plastic pouches linens come in. Have a ball at your ball!!

  50. Looks like Santa and his elf have already been in the eggnog! Too funny. Love the clear organization totes.
    Nothing worse than wondering what is in all the odd plastic bags I usually use. Merry Christmas!

  51. Love the project tote bags…..and you can see the contents…..and the contents don’t get wet when I am in a coffee frenzy…..and they don’t collect cat hair!!!

  52. I can see how these project totes can be handy for many different projects like EPP hexagons, cross stitch, embroidery, punch needle, or beading. Have a great party!

  53. Love those totes!!!!! I have a few and they are all used> I like that you can see through them and don’t have to open them to know which one you want. Can always use more totes!!! Have a fun party!

  54. Love project totes, we always need those for our unfinished projects….good luck with the party….thanks for the giveaway…

  55. Your party sounds like a great time. Be sure to send photos so we can all see. You can never have enough totes. I seem to have a lot of just started projects that need a home.

  56. Lisa, Happy Party Day and Fun Day for you! Great idea on the totes. I’ve been using plastic bags but these are way better. My type A personality requires super organization (especially since I keep several projects going at once),
    So I’ll definitely look into getting some of these.

  57. Oh I love those totes! I am familiar with them and only have two but I need several more. They are nice to store whatever project that you are working on in so everything doesn’t get scattered all over! Your party sounds fun!

  58. I like the idea of using the totes rather using the plastic freezer and sandwich bags. Have a great time at your party, I’m sure everything will work out.

  59. I love this Idea For A Tote!! You can See Everything inside!! Party looks like a lot o fun!

    Lisa did you make your peanut clusters this year?

  60. Totes are good! I just checked and I did not see your name on the Vendor list for the World Mancuso in WPB. I’m sooooooooo disappointed!

  61. Love project bags. Can’t get enough. I even use them for future projects so I don’t end up stealing fabric that is for a future project just because it is in my stash and can’t remember that it is for something elese!

  62. You can never have too many project bags. I received one with a kit I purchased recently and ordered a few more in different sizes. They are great for travel and keeping UFO’s together. I too love collecting bags from different quilt shops. Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  63. I love project totes too Lisa! Wonderful organizers. I have to say, your husband is a good sport to dress up like Santa! I know mine wouldn’t, lol. Good luck with ypur appetizers, I’m sure they’ll be delicious!

  64. These project bags look fantastic! I have been searching for something to transport my quilting, cross-stitch, punch-needle projects in while in progress. I am needing a few of these project bags! Thanks, Lisa!

  65. Party Hardy, Lisa! This is a special time of year for that and hope you enjoy your party after the work to get ready is done. Great bags for projects!

  66. The project bags are wonderful reminders of the shops (fabric or yarn) that I’ve seen on many of my travels. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

  67. The project totes are wonderful. I have two and they keep a project together and ready to sit and stitch. Tina

  68. I love these totes. It is so nice to be able to see the project and not have to look thru everything until you find what you want. Love them! Have a great time at your party.

  69. This is what I need to help me got organized for 2014… I love cutting projects our right away and then I have to get a new box. This will be a much better choice!

  70. Nice thing about the plastic totes is that they don’t slide around when you stack multiple projects up on top of each other . . . yes . . . I am very guilty of that one!!! Plus, the see-thru is helpful in figuring out which UFO is going to be next. I hate starting a project, putting it down for a while, than not being able to find the instructions, templates & fabric! These totes really save the day . . . and the half-finished project :o) I love that you carry the larger sizes!

  71. I think those totes are a great idea especially for all my unfinished blocks of the month ( shish) don’t tell anyone because I have your new ones in my Christmas list.

  72. Hope you appetizers turn out better than my cookies! the cookie monster must have been in my kitchen – total failures today! LOL

  73. I have been using these wonderful “see through” totes for my quilt blocks and smaller kits and now I can’t be without them. You can’t have too many if you’re like me and have several project in process all the time. One glance and you can grab and go…does it get any better then that? Thanks for sharing your Christmas Ball theme. Sounds fun – please take pic’s to share with us faithful readers!

  74. I don’t think you can ever have too many project bags. They help keep projects tidy. I especially like the clear ones because they make it so much easier to find the project I am looking for. Uh, yeah, I have a few projects…

  75. Can’t wait to see pictures of your 2013 Holly Ball. Sounds like everyone will have a blast. Happy Holidays. Also, love the totes.

  76. It might just be time to retire the ziplock bags and be a bit more classy shall we say -I coul really use these!!

  77. Love the project totes, and for me I sure could use a lot of them, as I always have more than one project going. Enjoy your Christmas Ball tonight, sounds like a great time!!! Merry Christmas

  78. WOW, your Holly Ball sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see pics! Love the idea of the see through totes. Great for take alongs.

  79. Looks like Santa and his Elf are taking this very serious. Hope you post some pictures of the Holly Ball. The project totes look like a great organization tool.

  80. Looks like something I need! I have been thinking of getting these in the past! Now is my chance . Thank you these will come in handy for my projects I am working on!

  81. I can never have enough of these project bags, they are so handy. Although at the moment I dong have one from Primitive Gatherings; I do plan on order one of each size to start with.

  82. Ooohhh….project totes make ziploc bags so plain and boring!! I can see I need to step it up and upgrade! 🙂 Enjoy tonight, cheers to you!!!

  83. Hi Lisa, sure does look a lot better than my old plastic bags. Thanks for all your wonderful tips. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  84. I really like these…. Great idea!! I think Imay need to put these on my needful list!! Thanks again for your ideas!! 👍

  85. Your party sounds like fun and can’t wait to see photos. Have fun! I love these project bags as well and have several of them. The smaller sizes are great for tools as well as small projects. I do the same thing and collect them from stores I’m visiting.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  86. Can’t wait to see pictures of your staff party, the bridesmaids’ dresses should be fun to see! The see through totes are a great idea.

  87. Your neighbor party sounds like fun!! I’m sure the appetizers will be great!! Also love the project totes…more items to add to my shopping cart!!

  88. Those bags are a definite useful item for projects. Every time you write about them, I always think I ned that. I think this next year is when I get these. 🙂

  89. Project totes would be perfect for keeping all items for a project together. I wish you luck on getting ready for the party. It sure sounds like fun.

  90. Love the project bags. I have been doing a bit of wool appliqué and find the bag is great to keep all my pieces together.

  91. OOOOHHHH! Love this bag. I can see what project is in it without taking each one out of the bag. I need to get rid of those PIGS.. (Projects In Grocery Sacks)

  92. Great bags! Love you can see what you have without opening and they are secure with the zipper, certainly would help me get my projects I am working on organized.

  93. You are right…you just can’t have too many project organizers! I would love some bags to organize my gazillion projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

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