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Welcome to the Moda Blog tour!!!…I am Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings…I’m glad you stopped by…I have been a moda designer for a couple of years now and I truly LOVE it!! I design under Primitive Gatherings which happens to be the name of our quilt shop in Menasha, WI…LBthat is by Appleton.  We have a beautiful shop, my studio is in our warehouse and we also have a  retreat house right down the road, so come visit if you are ever in the area! Look for workshops and retreats coming in 2015!  I LOVE being home…you should come see me!

For this blog tour the crew at Moda has prepared some questions for us…so you get to know us a little better…

When did you start quilting?   I starting quilting in 1996…while I was at swimming lessons with the boys on a Saturday morning…a lady was hand quilting a baby quilt…I had never seen a patchwork quilt before…I asked her how she cut them all up and sewed them back together…she then proceeded to tell me about the “quilt shop” in town…

Tell us about your first quilt. My first real quilt is a blue and cream  star quilt…It was from an American Patchwork & Quilting magazine… It is hand quilted…I really didn’t know what I was doing  but It turned out and I didn’t give up on it…I have a 1/2″ binding…the quilting is a little quirky…but for my first completed real quilt…I LOVE it!lisabongean/primitivegatherings

border cable with 1/2" binding..
border cable with 1/2″ binding..
Close up of hand quilting lisabongean/primitivegatherings
Close up of hand quilting

When did you fall in LOVE with quilting/ textiles? and Why? After I took my first quilting class…which felt like an eternity waiting to attend it…I was sooooo In LOVE…I could do it!…it was actually easy for me…my head was spinning…they were all talking about other shops….guilds and sewing groups…I was in heaven…
What fuels you to create? I just love to see what I can make with my hands..I can see it in my head and it is amazing that I actually can make it happen! I love math…but being creative, organized and keeping all those numbers straight sometimes can be very overwhelming!  I LOVE what I do…and have a hard time know when to hang it up for the day…so I guess that means I am doing what I am supposed to!
What is the best part of your design process? The best part for me…is making all the choices…what fabrics to use….should I set them “on point” or straight…should I make big blocks or make them as tiny as I can…I LOVE being in control of any and all of those decisions!  
I love the color……Right now my favorite color to work with is Moda…anything Moda…but seriously…I used to not care too much for the color white…you never saw me create with white…but somehow, maybe because I am older or should I should say mature, it has grown on me…I like being able to create homey warm projects with my normal “white” which is tan. But as of late…I am using some white… it is nice to be more versatile…more current or if I wish to or go back to a more vintage style I can…so I guess what I am trying to say is…it good to have more choices.
When I teach classes or workshops, I love…..Teaching my students all the tricks…I remember what it is like to be in quilt class and how exciting it was…My intent is to inject them with  excitement and be confident with the skills I have taught when the class is over.  I want them to LOVE this as much as I do!
This project features a layer cake, charm pack or mini charm, but what is your all time favorite moda precut? I would prefer the FQ tower! That is the best precut!!! This question is like saying do you want one scoop of ice cream or two?  The more fabric the better…

Who would you like to spend a day with… I would love to spend the day with a bunch of Moda designers…just to see what we could come up with?  Maybe a fabric line…we all could contribute one sku?  Kind of a collaboration line…give the $$$ to a charity…

The Project…

For my quilt project I chose the mini charms…partly because I did not have my fabric line to work with yet…so we had to use Homestead Gatherings…which is good…cause you can make this right now!!! It takes 2 mini charms and probably a yard of primitive muslin.  We only used the reds, greens, blacks and browns…we saved the lights for the back…So if you are following the pattern use the Primitive Muslin as your light.  We then bordered the 12″ block with a 4″ wide border.  Piece the remaining light mini charms…add some primitive muslin squares also to make 64- 2  1/2″ squares needed for the back.  You will also have to border this too. I would put a 6″ border on the back.  If you need to order Homestead Gathering precuts you can do so here: PRECUTS   If you need to order Primitive muslin…you can do that here:  PRIMITIVE MUSLIN   We used Paper Bag 1040-24. Our little quilt finished 19″x 19″ after quilting.

Moda Mini Charm quilt back
Moda Mini Charm quilt back

I wish I had the Lakeside Gatherings for this  big star pattern to make a couch snuggling quilt with it for our Lakehouse. When we are done making all the samples for actual quilts in the line I  will be making the charm version.  Here are a few pictures of the quilts from Lakeside Gatherings being made in progress…The Lakeside Gatherings line is coming in December 2014…securedownload-5 securedownload-4 securedownload-6 securedownload

The Giveaway…IMG_9902

If you wish to be entered in a drawing for this Fat 8th pack of Lakeside Gatherings please leave me a comment on this post, and make sure you go visit all the other designers to  win there prizes as well, see below for links!

The Pattern… 


Well I hope you are all enjoying this tour of blogs…Good luck and I hope you win a prize!!!

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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 30 and Jake 29 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

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  1. Love, love, love all things Primitive Gatherings! Can’t wait for the new line. Thanks for being so creative.

  2. Moda fabrics are so nice! I do like the whites to blacks with a pop of yellow in them. How fun it would be to win this.

  3. The new line is just beautiful. I really like your star quilt. I just love the look of old style hand quilting.

  4. Can not believe that star quilt was your first quilt, incredible. Love your little mini quilt. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. As always, i really enjoy your blog posts! I loved seeing your first quilt….so beautiful! Thank you for entering me in the giveaway! 🙂

  6. Fabulous post and love all these quilts and your new line is an eye candy!!
    My first quilt was a small sampler quilt with six 12x12inch blocks.I usually buy FQs and charms.Thanks for the fun!

  7. this is so pretty with the mini charm. Love your new fabric line – right up my alley. I’m seriously impressed with your first quilt! Thanks so much for the chance to win some of this lovely fabric.

  8. Your new line has a really different look for you! And, yes, I would love to see how it works in the Moda pattern too. Love the anchor!

  9. You definitely have found your calling!! A true natural of the art. Love your quilt designs and fabric lines. Thank You for all your inspiration!!!!

  10. I feel like such a “groupy”. Loved seeing you in New Ulm, and do appreciate your ability to teach and get your students excited. Lakehouse is beautiful – of course. Be sure to thank the employees for their wonderful customer service – can’t say enough about that

  11. I took my first class with Lisa this summer in Michigan she is a great teacher and has a sense of humour !!!! Plus she is a fabulous designer!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    When l read about your excitement teaching and inspiring others, l could relate. l teach workshops and do demos for the 2 guilds l belong to. l LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being able to show a new pattern, technique , or trick to my cronies and have them get the “fire in the belly” as was once described to me by a wonderful teacher l had many years ago. lt is a blessing for all of us to have one another and a love of quilting to share forever.
    JoAnn Borges

  13. I tried hand quilting years ago on a quilt for my daughter. However I never got a chance to finish it and it still sits on the top shelf of my closet. 25 years later she still rminds me I need to finish it!!

  14. I would love to spend a day with YOU and get some tips on working with wool. I’ve done several of your kits but I’m sure you could teach me a lot!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Houston.

    1. I loved reading your answers to the questions and think a brainstorming session with all the designers is a great idea! Would love to come to a retreat some day. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of the yummy grey and yellow in your new line.

  15. Your first quilt was inspiring-I am impressed!!! It sure doesn’t look like MY first quilt! 😦 I also LOVE your little mini quilt. It would be so cute to make for X-mas. Thank you for the beautiful pattern and for sharing your quilting story.

  16. Love your 1st quilt, we were all there at one time, it’s only up from there. I also love the new line can’t wait to get it.

  17. WOW! I can’t believe that blue and cream star quilt was your first quilt. It’s beautiful, perfect points and what fantastic hand quilting. I’d be thrilled to have made that now after 24 yrs of quilting, I still can’t hand quilt. You have my admiration, you are the “Queen of Quilting”! ;-> Toni Anne

  18. I Love Love all Moda fabrics especially your lines. I am already planning to make several Lakeside quilts. Keep up the awesome work you are doing. Thanks Lisa B. in Indiana aka knitanmre

  19. Morning Lisa! The mini quilt is sooooo cute…a great table topper. Your designs are amazing, I have unopened kits in my stash just waiting patiently! Your blogs always seem like they come from a friend…thanks for sharing with all of us. Anxious to visit your place one day!

  20. I love the itty bitty scale of your collections’ designs. Your new collection looks gorgeous – I am loving the tranquil colours.

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  22. I love reading your answers to all the questions! And I can’t wait for your new line to come out. I want to do my bedroom in gray and yellow so I am looking forward to making the quilts you are working on for your new line. It is perfect!

  23. I love the mini charm version. I am trying to do more smaller projects in between the big ones. It feels so good to finish. The new line is so fresh and clean. Look forward to working with it!

  24. I too love the fat quarter stack! Your Lakeside Gathering fabric colours look wonderful. It is nice to see some fabric colours other than Aqua and pink!

  25. Wowsy! I was talking to your son at a quilt show earlier this year and he told me you were working on a nautical line. I have been waiting and waiting to see what you designed and I absolutely love it! Although, I love everything you do.

  26. Love the colors and prints in Lakeside Gatherings! Looking forward to making a big enough quilt to snuggle in while enjoying a crisp autumn morning on the back porch.

  27. I’ve fallen in love with all your fabrics and designs. There are not enough hours in the day to do all the projects I would love to do. I’m trying though!

  28. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new line! The colors are amazing. Waiting is hard! In the meantime I just keep begging for you to come to Colorado!

  29. Lisa I love the new fabric… can’t wait to make my hubby the quilt … he loves fishing and will love cuddling with that quilt… thank you for the wonderful designs.. once again you have amazed us

  30. your first quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m currently working a a nested churn dash in a variety of your fabrics. the quilt is a gift for my mother.

  31. Wow, love the mini quilt. The colors are perfect and the quilting is over the top. Can’t wait to see Lakeside Gatherings, perfect colors. Thanks.

  32. As always, i really enjoy your blog posts! I loved seeing your first quilt….so beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful fabric giveaway!

  33. Lisa I just love your designs! On my first quilt my teacher told me that if you use a tan or gold background the quilt looks older. I still love that look today. Keep on creating!

  34. LOVE your new line of fabric – the whites look terrific with the rest of the line. 🙂 Reminds me of the colors in your “first quilt”. Thank you.

  35. Looking forward to your new line– love the colors. The mini quilt is very cute–it will look great in Lakeside gatherings too

  36. Thank you for sharing your first quilt with us. I enjoy reading your post and just love Moda fabrics. your new line is wonderful 🙂

  37. Really love what you did with the pattern using the mini charm packs, even if it was not your newest fabric collection. It really is very nice to see projects made using that size as they are such an affordable way to get the fabrics we love, and more of them. I see so many of the fabric collections that I really would love to buy, but gosh, I certainly can’t afford to buy fat quarter bundles of them all, and even the regular sized charm packs can add up quickly if buying a lot of the different collections.

  38. Your new line are colors I haven’t worked with. The gray is interesting. I love shopping your booth at the shows.

  39. OOOH, I would love to take a quilting class with you! I’ve never been able to take a class or go to a retreat and the closest quilt shop is 1 1/2 hrs from me. I just plug along here at home, learning from blogs like yours! It was fun to hear how you got started quilting! I love the mini quilt!

  40. Your first quilt is just amazing, I love all of the hand stitching you have done. I love new fabric and also hand stitching the binding on a quilt. Thanks for a gr
    eat giveaway. x

  41. Lisa,
    Jeep the creativity flowing. You are an inspiration and keep me motivated to finish so I can start my next PG project!!


  42. Wow – your first quilt is amazing and the hand quilting is beautiful! I love how you used all the mini charms in your little quilt, especially on the back.

  43. Your first quilt reminds me of my first quilt, all hand done. Love the new fabrics can’t wait to use them. You are amazing, you give classes, make and design quilts, do quilt shows, run a store and have a family and love doing them all.

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  46. Lisa, you are such an inspiration to me!! I am addicted to your shop!! You create so many beautiful things! Can’t wait to visit with you again at the AQS in DSM,

  47. Oh, how I would love that bundle of fat eighths !! Am planning a quilt for my grandson and some of these would work so well in there. BUt…..with the white, blues, and yellows; I just might decide to make a quilt for myself out of them. Decisions, decisions. Your small quilt is lovely and I enjoyed reading your responses to Moda’s questions.

  48. The quilting on your design is absolutely gorgeous! I also really like the 1st and 3rd Lakeside Gatherings designs. Your colors are stunning.

  49. Love your quilt shop and designs, and the fact you are now designing! I’m not from the area but your shop is right between my two daughter’s houses when I visit them from Michigan! 😉

  50. Your stitching on the blue and white quilt is amazing for a new quilter. I think you are a natural! Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabric.

  51. How on earth did you get your first lot of hand quilting so neat! I love the Lakeside Gatherings, so refreshing to see a more grown up masculine print collection.

  52. Love your Lakeside Gathering fabric line. Would feel so blessed to win it! I particularly love the nine patch quilt in the plaids. Would love to make this quilt. I’ve pinned it for a future project. Thanks for the post and giveaway!

  53. Went to my first and so far only quilt show in Long Beach and you and your husband were there, I was too new to quilting but I know what I like….LOVE your fabrics and wools! As I’ve said in on this tour I started out sewing clothes so I’m new to pre-cuts, but I have bought a couple of your fat quarters! I love your style and find myself drawn to your colors….I hope to visit your shop someday!

  54. I love your first quilt. You did a great job! I especially like the hand quilting.

    I love the quilt with the star and anchor. I’m looking forward to seeing Lakeside Gatherings.

  55. I love your creativity, loved attending your class and have made many of your patterns! Lakeside Gatherings is beautiful!

  56. Lisa, you are amazing. You keep coming up with wonderful fabric lines and projects. I would love to win the fabric prize. I have used many of your fabrics and have a great collection of them. Thank you so much for the chance to win some of your great fabrics.

  57. I would love to do a workshop with you! I think lakeside is my new favorite line, but I sa y that with every release. Thanks for sharing all the new patterns, triangles!!! Hurrah!! And thanks for such a lovely giveaway too!

  58. I love everything you do – both cotton and wool, and have a stash to prove it. I have fat quarter bundles of all of your lines and love them all. They not only go well together but also with other patterns from other designers. Looking forward to visiting your booth tomorrow in Chattanooga.

  59. I love your new line. Moda is my favorite fabric to work with too! I can always tell which fabric is moda because I am drawn to it. I am just now beginning to tell the fabric from different designers too without even looking at the designer name:)

  60. Ever since I was at your booth in Chicago several years ago, I have been in love with all your designs. I have loved wool forever, so was tickled when you started using them in projects. I buy all your towers of fabric, even if I haven’t used some of them yet, guess I need to get going on that!! Thank you for you sharing your talents with all of us.

  61. I like the nautical look to your new collection. It still can blend with so many other fabrics. Good job.

  62. Looking forward to seeing Lakeside Gatherings in my hands! Your fabric lines and colors are beautiful. Love seeing you at Paducah!!! Your booth is always one of my favorites! Thank you for all your hard work!

  63. I am always amazed at the vision you have for quilts and fabrics! I admire that! Thankyou providing inspiration in my quilting life!

  64. One day I would love to visit your shop and retreat center…looking forward to hearing you speak at the Gwinnett Guild this month! Love your patterns and fabric lines, seeing your samples in person is always a treat at shows.

  65. I love all your fabrics but Lakeside looks to be a sure favorite. I have Homestead Gatherings and am planning on a quilt now with a layer cake I purchased -also a charm pack-thinking of doing the five and dime quilt.

  66. I love your fabrics and patterns. I just bought my newest kit from you at the Wisconsin expo! Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. Your post was so much fun! I truly feel giddy when your emails arrive. The table topper is just divine! I received my week 14 SBOW and I am so excited about the borders and setting the blocks. What an amazing project! Thanks for all you and your wonderful staff do!!!

  68. The new line is a change from my usual “primitive” choices. I like it and think it will be a good chance to expand my horizons. Love your block for Moda blog!!

  69. Amazing what each quilter is doing with this pattern. Fabric line, colors, quilting. I just printed the pattern from another person yesterday. Character, personality, skill sure makes a “new look” and all are beautiful.

  70. This is the first time I’ve been on your Blog and have enjoyed looking at it. Love the Lakeside fabric collection. Thanks for a chance to win.

  71. Love your fabrics and your patterns. You have such natural born talent. Looking forward to the new line when it comes out.

  72. I love the pattern in the mini , so beautiful. And the feather quilting is awesome ! Thank you for the chance to win your new line. I live by the water on Long Island , NY and the nautical theme is super popular here !

  73. Just love everything Primative, including everything Gatherings. Your talent is above and beyond, fabric design and colors are just my style, and patterns are wonderful. The employees and your family of workers are the most helpful I have found on the phone and in person. Keep up the wonderful Gatherings

  74. I love your first quilt! I’m currently working on my first hand quilted quilt. It can be a little overwhelming, but your quilt and the lovely stitching are inspiring!

  75. I envy you your job ! And your enthusiasm is easy to see in your designs! Love the new fabric line. Never stop designing!

  76. Lakeside is wonderful. I think your first quilt is very nice. My first quilt is bad!! Would love to win. Carol

  77. Love that little quilt! Your first quilt is amazing and look at that quilting! What a beautiful bundle of lakeside goodness! Thank you very much for the chance to win it.

  78. Lisa, how do you do it??!! I don’t know how you keep it all straight, but I’m glad that you do. We all have a story of when we first discovered quilting — thank you for sharing yours.

  79. I’m looking forward to Lakeside Gatherings. Blue is my favorite color and I love plaids and stripes!! Your mini charm quilt has inspired me to try making a similar table topper. I’ll look through my stash of Primitive Gatherings fabrics. Thank you for the opportunity to win some fabric. Thank you for participating in the Moda Blog Hop.

  80. I cannot wait for Lake side gatherings collection to be out. It is just so beautiful and so unlike anything else. Just discovered your shop when you were in Grand Rapids this year, it like opened up a whole new world to me. Thank you.

  81. Huh! Sometimes I can’t think past the nose on my face! Everyone is making the Moda Love quilt using layer cakes; it never occurred to me to use other precuts as well! I have a couple of minis here, waiting for the right project, and here you have demonstrated what I can do!!! I really like the back of your mini quilt, using the lights.

  82. I am looking forward to Lakeside Gatherings becoming available, it is beautiful. Enjoy reading your blog ~ and seeing the pics of the quilts you post. Love your first quilt, along with the hand quilting.

  83. I adore all of your fabric and wools. I would love to win the bundle of fat eights. I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions from Moda. I have always used my “tan” as my white fabric!!!! I just love the warm look you get with all of your designs.

  84. I am really excited about your new line of fabric it is different then your usual lines which I love so much. Happy fall

  85. Lakeside Gatherings looks really goooooooooooood. I wished I had the first quilt I made but sadly I don’t. I am a fan and have been for many years. The blessings in your life that you get to do what you love and spread it all around.

  86. My first quilt was about the same time as yours mine isn’t as classic looking. I used the colors of the day- mauve and mossy green! It still makes me smile though.

  87. Lisa I am just crushing on the new fabric line! I’m a New England girl who has spent the last 24 years in Atlanta, so nautical and navy is just like home for me! I am currently fondling my Snowman Gathering fabrics to decide on quilt pattern for them! My Seasonal Gatherings jelly rolls are waiting for me too! I love your fabric lines and want to say thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  88. Lisa, I’ve decided you must never sleep with all the wonderful designs and quilts you get done… Do your hands work continuously ? Love your fabrics.

  89. I have only been quilting for a few years so I do know where my first quilt is. It resides at my daughter’s house and looks great there. Your fabric line is really great. All of the hand quilting on your first quilt is amazing.

  90. Love your fabrics and follow on Bloglovin. The difference the fabrics make in this pattern is amazing. So excited to see each designer’s take on it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. LOVE the new Lakeside Gatherings line – sooo calm and serene looking! And your first quilt is amazing! Looks like you even have all of your points! Thanks for the chance for those beautiful fabrics!

  92. I like that you made the mini charm version. It has been such fun seeing the same pattern in so many different sizes with different fabrics, I can’t wait to make my own version!

  93. Awesome stuff Lisa!! Love me some “Gatherings” fabric. Wish that I am the lucky person that wins. Love your response to “When I teach…” You are an great sharer of information and how to. Have attended a lecture with you and hope to get to a workshop in the near future.

  94. Love love love your new line!! But then I love everything you do. Yours is the first booth I look for at a show! I also look forward to all your blog posts.

  95. I love your Lakeside Gatherings fabrics and the quilts you’re making from them. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I’ll guess I’ll just have to make more than one!

  96. Your first quilt is wonderful……….you are obviously in the right place. Love the Lakeside Gatherings and the quilts being made from the fabrics. I will be looking for this in the stores when it comes out.

    1. Your little quilt is stunning, so beautiful! ! ! I love the anchor on the star quilt, too. My DH is retired from the Navy, your quilt gives me ideas! Thank you for a chance to win some wonderful fabric, too.

  97. I think your first quilt turned out pretty darn good for a beginner, especially the quilting! I love your new collection, it looks fantastic. Happy Fall.

  98. I was immediately drawn to your Lakeside Gatherings collection – the prints and shades evoke fond memories. I grew up in Duluth, MN and maritime themed fabrics are on my “Most Wanted” list as I create from what I know. You do beautiful work and I was inspired with your Moda Love project to use some muslin with one of the items I plan to make.

  99. Love your little quilt and I especially love your new line Lakeside Gatherings. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric!!

  100. Lisa, I love the new fabric line! The last quilt would be great for my sons. Can’t wait til the fabric line is here. It’s hard to believe you only started quilting in 1996. The passion and love for designing is certainly in your blood. The blog tour has been fun.
    Jo King

  101. Lisa, I love all of your work. I am really enjoying your Block of the Week. I always look for your booth at quilt shows I go to. Always looking forward your new things.

  102. Your first quilt is rather beautiful! You did an amazing job just starting out.
    The star quilt is charming 🙂 and the Lakeside Gathering collection is full of gorgeous design. Thank you for the sweet offering!

  103. Hi Lisa, what does this mean?
    “Paper Bag 1040-24”
    Your block is stunning, love the quilting! Lakeside Gatherings can’t wait!!!!! Hugs, Jakey

  104. I can’t believe how good your first quilt turned out! You were destined for what you do. Thanks for the chance to win your new fabric line. Blessings!

  105. That is such a pretty little quilt and the quilting is fantastic. Would love to win some new fabrics to make it.

  106. Wow – your first quilt is impressive! The stitches are so uniform. It’s what I aspire to in hand quilting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. Love the Anchor quilt – and in a star! I just may have to make this for my husband, who retired from the Royal Navy after 37 years, and who always like quilts with star blocks.

  108. Your first quilt is.. wow. That was very ambitious and turned out great. Loving the new line! I have been looking for a very gender neutral line and this just might be it.

  109. LOVE your post!! The new line is great!! Love your little quilt too!! Always love to see what you’re working on….would love to come for a class!!

  110. Your first quilt is beautiful. You certainly chose a complicated pattern as your first one. My first few quilts all involved squares. It wasn’t until I joined a couple of quilt clubs that I even tried triangles. And that was because they were the homework projects. I am so glad I joined those clubs. I may never have had the courage to try half square triangles and all the other techniques. I have been quilting almost 2 years now and love it. I love your new line of fabric. Can’t wait….

  111. Love what you did with the Moda Love Shop Hop free pattern! I hadn’t started mine yet, so now I can go with your modifications! I love your very first quilt — can’t believe you weren’t daunted by the decision to hand-quilt your first project!!

  112. I love everything Primitive Gatherings! A little Lakeside Gathering fat 8 th bundle would be so nice to make something for my little lakeside cottage!

  113. Loved learning more about you, Lisa! Your new line – Lakeside Gatherings is wonderful — such favorite colors of mine!!! The mini topper for the Blog Tour is too cute – that is on my to-do list!!!!!

  114. Your booth is the first one I visit any time that you are vending at a quilt show. It is always inspiring and I always leave with supplies for a new project. I love your style and am looking forward to your new line.

  115. Lisa, You are so inspiring and I loved reading your story. Also enjoy when I get a chance to talk and visit with you at quilt shows. Keep designing as we all LOVE your fabrics and designs.

  116. Thank you for the giveaway! Love the feather quilting on that little quilt. I imagine that over my fireplace as my Christmas wreath.

  117. Enjoyed reading about your first “real” quilt. I loved the hand quilting on it. So pretty. Thank you for the give away.

  118. Your first quilt is beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful to look back and see where you started? Thanks so much for the chance to win some of that scrumptious fabric bundle.

    1. Your mini is so cute and I love the feathers. Thanks for showing your early work. Your skills have greatly increased. Thank you for doing the Moda tour and the give away.

  119. I love the color combination of gray and yellow together. Anticipating the arrival in December for the fabric and possible kits Lisa. Great look.

    1. I started quilting in 2005 but haven’t sewn is quite some time (due to lifes ups and downs) but you’ve inspired me to go out and purchase the material and start sewing again – starting with something small. I think I will make this for a holiday gift!

  120. I will have to make a stop in to your store again-its been too long! Your version of the pattern is perfect for my home. Love your Lakeside fabrics-December is too long to wait!

  121. Your blue and white quilt is absolutely beautiful. It looks like something from the American Folk Art Museum. And look what it led to! Thank you.

  122. Love the new Lakehouse design. I like the white…kind of a nice departure from the other lines. Can’t wait to see it in the stores!

  123. Your first quilt is amazing! Hand quilting is my favorite and yet I never make time for it! You have inspired me to make more time for handquilting, thanks. I love the 9 patch!

  124. I love your Lakeside Gatherings fabric. The colors are perfect. I can already think of my next project using this fabric. Thank you for a chance to win. The quilting was beautiful!

  125. I would be so excited to win your bundle. I like all the quilts in this post – they would all work brilliantly in my bedroom!

  126. Oh, I just love that little quilt you made! It may very well be one of my favorites. I love small projects. They really do leave us working gals with a fine sense of accomplishment!

  127. Really enjoyed reading about your love of the process of quilting and teaching others. I have yet to make something using black and white prints. Your line looks so fun. I would like to play with it. Thank you for sharing your passion.

  128. Your mini quilt is adorable! I’m still in love with Homestead Gatherings, but i love your new line also; a really different look. Sure would be fun to win!

  129. Love the mini quilt you made for the blog hop. I am not normally a fan of white in quilts either, but your Lakeside Gathering line could change my mind!!

  130. I would love to include some of those prints from Lakeside into a quilt I’m working on for my front porch. I’m totally in love with the anchor on the star quilt– AMAZING. I might have been tempted to make that for my porch if I wasn’t already partway into the one I planned. Perhaps I’ll have 2 quilts for the porch… hmmm… Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. I loved reading your answers to all the questions asked. Lisa, you never cease to amaze! From your
    humble quilting beginning to the amazingly talented person you’ve grown to be! It seems I love anything
    “Primitive Gatherings”. I hope you never lose that enthusiasm & love you have.

  132. Love the colors of the Homestead Gatherings little quilt! The plaids of Lakeside will be fun to work with – thanks for your generous sharing.

  133. I love the new line of fabric!!
    You have always been amazing–look at that hand quilting on your first quilt. You continue to inspire me.

  134. I would love to win. Coming to visit your shop in a couple of weeks with 4 friends. You are on my bucket list to meet and take a class from.

  135. Your quilting is lovely! I would love to win a stack of your Lakeside and make a pretty ninepatch quilt. You say that you are beginning to use white and I am just now starting to like the color gray. I especially like it with yellow. Thanks for the chance to win!

  136. This Lakeside Gatherings is a Must for me! I really like that quilt you have on the quilting frame, the squares. It is beautiful!! I haven’t been into whites either but this line has me drooling! Thank you for the chance to win. So far you are my favorite Love Blog Hop!

  137. Love, love, love this fabric!!!! Blue is my favorite color! I spent many years of my childhood at my grandparents home on a lake fishing, swimming, boating and just the love of water!!!! Great memories!

  138. I really just love your hand quilting on your “first” quilt… I have made about 4-6 quilts in the last four yrs.,(I am a some what informed beginner) I love the colors of Lakeside Gatherings. Thank you for sharing your blog and quilt.

  139. Ohhh — beautiful colors! In this day of modern fabric designs, it is refreshing to see “old-fashioned” colors and simple designs that are naturally pleasing to the eye. Thank you for the inspiration!

  140. I think your first quilt is beautiful , my first was a red white and blue trip around the world from a good housekeeping magazine made in 1977?? I was still in high school..Love the new fabrics, can’t wait to add some to my stash!

  141. I, too have been trying to use some colors outside of my comfort zone & it is harder to use the light, bright colors, but I am finding myself liking them. I would be thrilled to win your fabrics, as everything you do is a design that I really like.

  142. I discovered your patterns recently through our local quilt shop. I’m so delighted you have felted wool charm packs! It can be so hard to find felted wool in patterns rather than solids. I’m making six of your snowball runners for Christmas gifts this year, and I’m very excited about it! Being a hand quilter, it was fun seeing your first quilt. It’s lovely!

  143. What a fun fabric line — my nephew is currently deployed with the Navy so I am really interested in nautical things right now. This is lovely.

  144. I would never have guessed that your quilt was a “first quilt!!” I think your quilting looks great. Like the pop of color (yellow) in your new line.

  145. I am so excited about this new fabric ! Ilive on a lake and have so many plans for this new line! Thanks for this chance to win this new line.

  146. Your small Moda Love quilt is inspiring. I really enjoy looking at the quilts on your blog., and particularly like the star with anchor.

  147. Sooooooo glad you became a quilter…love all of your designs and fabrics. Would be thrilled to win. Thank you for the giveaway.

  148. OH my goodness, I am in love with LAKESIDE GATHERINGS………I am a huge blue fan….and usually not a yellow fan……..but that buttery soft yellow is perfect, and I have been converted!!! Since you have shared photos of your lakeside house, I can envision you enjoying your quilts up there. My grandma used to go every summer to a church event in Lakeside… just the name sends me down memory lane filled with sweet thoughts of my grandma…….and yes she was a big quilter. In fact the quilt I inherited from her is a blue and white treasure. I would be overjoyed to win that lovely bundle of beauty, and I will be hoping for that, but right now I need to go make that little quilt you showed with the mini charms from HOMESTEAD GATHERINGS. I just happen to have 2 mini charm packs tucked away….but not for long! Only wish I had Linda Hrcka to quilt mine too. You two are simply a dream team! Thanks for the chance Lisa!

  149. Would love to win the lakeside gatherings fabric! Loved your first quilt, sure doesn’t look like a first quilt–it’s really good!

  150. Love, love, love this fabric line. Can hardly wait until it’s available. Would be an honor to win a pack now and have something completed before it comes out in stores. Fingers crossed.

  151. I really love your fabric and the little quilt is darling. Primitive Gatherings is definitely one of my favs!

  152. Can’t wait for the new line – the colors are so wonderful! Thank God for Primitive Gatherings – always keeping the creative spirit flowing!

  153. I love your design using the mini charms. I am excited to use the pattern! I love being full of good intentions and the hope to accomplishment them by quilting.

  154. would love to win . i will use it to make my daughter a quilt with tea towels she has collected. if i dont win i will be happy to purchase it

  155. I saw your prize winning quilt at the recent quilt show in Grand Rapids, MI. It is beautiful! (Even better in person that the photos online).

  156. Lisa thanx so very much for sharing your love of quilting with us! I “love” your style, warmth of colour and designs!

  157. What a really cute mini quilt!!! Lakeside Gatherings will be a huge hit, I’m sure – would love to have it right now along with that pattern. I’d make it for my niece. Thank you for the opportunity to win some ahead of time.

  158. I’m having so much fun “meeting” all of you fabulous designers on this Blog hop. so much beautiful fabric, and years of knowledge. Thank you so much for your generosity in giving this fabric away. It’s so bold and beautiful, and your quilt is also beautiful!

  159. Oh, yellow and grey is my favorite color combination right now…and the blue with it is wonderful.
    Nice to meet you, Lisa. I’ve seen Peimitive Gatherings and fabric but never had the chance to get to know you before.

  160. Absolutely love your fabrics! 🙂 Thank you for the chance and I loved reading through your post. I am remotivated to get back into gear as we come into Autumn

  161. I love this little quilt and the fabric is gorgeous!!!!! I do not know how you create such lovely things when you never sleep!!!!!!!

  162. Love your first quit! My first quilt adventure was making a double wedding ring quilt – hand cut with cardboard shapes, quilted by hand all of it – Queen sized! Still have it!

  163. Am excited to see your new line. I really like nautical themes and beachy stuff. Like the blue & whites they look so fresh. Thanks for a chance!

  164. I love the colors in your new collection! I am so inspired by the quilt made from plaids, too. I have to make that one! Thanks.

  165. Glad I got to meet you a few years ago at our guild meeting in PA. I always look for your booth at quilt shows. Such inspiration

  166. I love your Lakeside Gatherings fabric line! I am inspired by your hand quilting. I am just trying to learn how to do it, and I am amazed what you did on your first quilt! I will just keep trying!!

  167. Your new line reminds me of a relaxing day at a cottage, so soft and blissful. I always look forward to your new lines. Your first quilt is a thing of beauty because it was made with love.

  168. I love your patterns and fabrics. I really enjoyed your booth in Grand Rapids last month. It was the first booth I went to when I got into the quilt show. Thanks for the giveaway.

  169. You never disappoint— your designs are wonderful. You are a very generous with your time and talent. Thank you!

  170. I love your “Love” block: fantastic quilting on it!!! And your first quilt is quite amazing: your quilting on that is wonderful too!!! 🙂 Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  171. I can’t imagine hand quilting a first quilt let alone one now, I admire that you jumped in like that to start. Your new fabric line is wonderful, would make a beautiful “guy” quilt, it can be hard to find good looking fabrics for those quilts for the men in my life, I will be looking for this.

  172. This is beautiful! Thanks for the chance! And enjoy your trip to Chattanooga! I love Chattanooga!!! We were there for a day visit just last week……I think I could easily call it home if ever the chance! 🙂

  173. I absolutely love all your fabrics. The new line is beautiful. I’m hoping next year I’ll be in a position to do your quilt along. I love the one y’all are doing this year. I’m getting ready to try some wool applique. So next year, count me in. Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to do this. And a preview of your new designs

  174. Love your mini version of the Moda quilt. Your quilting is outstanding and makes the quilt really stand out. Love your new fabric line, Lakeside Gatherings but then again I have yet to find anything that I don’t Love at Primitive Gatherings.

  175. Beautiful mini quilt! I enjoyed getting to know you better. Your sample projects are great, I love the colors of your new line.

  176. You are such an inspiration. Everything Primitive Gatherings is my style. Would love to be a winner. Thanks Lisa for all the eye candy. Just not enough time to make all the things swimming in my head. Looking forward to seeing you in Des Moines in October at the. AQS show so I can take a some Primitive Gatherings home with me.

  177. The new fabrics are wonderful – were they in honor of your lakehouse? Thanks for the opportunity to win some … crossed fingers!

  178. Would I “like” to win the bundle… Nope!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win it…. great giveaway as always Lisa!!! And of course I’m going to try my hand at the mini quilt from charms. Lots of hugs from CA…

  179. Absolutely love your shop! I was fortunate to meet you this past June when my husband I and were traveling from a family reunion in Minnesota, across northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan, back down to Door County and across to Menasha.

  180. Your fabrics are so warm and welcoming! I have used many in my quilts. I’m looking forward to adding your new line to my “stash”. Enjoyed seeing you in Grand Rapids.

  181. Your new stuff is great! It will never beat out your usual influence of primitive looking fabrics in my opinion but wow! What a great second! Wonderful ability to modern and totally chic! Love it!

  182. I wish my first quilt looked as good as yours! Wow! I’m impressed. My first quilt was tied and not many of the corners matched up

  183. Ohhhh, your quilting is GORGEOUS! I struggle to sew a straight line, so seeing your beautiful work is definitely impressive!

  184. I enjoyed reading your blog- just like visitng with you in person. Your passion shows in all you do, express and create. I love coming to Menasha (as you know) and anyone who hasn’t you’re totally missing out. If you think the website or shows are amazing -the shop will blow you away. Thanks Lisa for all you do and who you and your team are.

  185. I love all your quilts and love the look of hand quilting. I don’t think I have the patience to try hand quilting. Love the anchor quilt.

  186. Spent quite a bit of time (and a good deal of my mad money) at your booth in Grand Rapids. I will never tire of your inspiration.

  187. I love your needles that all I ever use. Also love everything you design. I can’t wait for your next line hopefully I will win

  188. Absolutely ❤ anything PG! have two charm packs of every line you've done so far, and those are in my just to have stack. That doesn't include the yardage I have bought that I use. I know I've asked before, but PLEASE, convince Moda to carry the Primitive Muslin in Tallow as a constant in their offerings. I love that and use it all the time. I'm getting low and starting to panic!

  189. Love Lakehouse Gatherings!! Looks like the perfect line for a Cottage on the Lake Quilt!! Would love to give it a whirl!! Thanks for sharing with us Lisa!!

  190. Can’t wait for your Lakeside Gatherings. Our family is fanatical about the water. And my husband’s passion is waterskiing, so that obsession gets me the freedom to do alot of shopping for quilt accessories. And, Lisa, I think you should do your Star first quilt using your Lakeside Gatherings fabrics. It would be phenomenal !

  191. The new line is truly wonderful. The quilt came out GREAT. You have so much skill for such a young person. Keep creating. I’m impressed.

  192. Love the new line, I think it would be great here in northern Michigan especially since we have 3 lakes surrounding our city….

  193. Thank you for a peek behind the curtain. It is always fun to hear from the designers behind the beautiful fabric lines. Yours would make great Christmas presents for my parents – your color palette would fit their decor to a T. Thanks for sharing! Notwendy gmail

  194. Lisa, I am such a huge fan I feel like I know you anyway but reading your answers to the Moda questions was a lot of fun. I love your new Lakeside Gatherings and can’t wait for it to come out in December.

  195. Yes you right, 6 needles in a pack certainly aren’t enough! The new packing looks great for what I call “butter needles”. They slide right thru wool layer after layer. To be 100% honest I dream of you making them a touch longer for your long fingered fans. Please oh please. Your hand quilted scrap quilt is beautiful and I have a pile of strips just right for the task. Love your enthusiasm!

  196. I like the collection of neutral fabrics you’ve selected for your new line. I love working with muted tones and focusing on the design of a quilt. I’d love to win your giveaway.

  197. I love the “Primitive Gatherings” look, it’s so warm and cozy. I must not be alone because your booth is always the most popular at quilt shows!

  198. 1) Lisa, your first quilt is amazing! 2) I like prim as well but I’m attracted to some of the modern quilts (in a prim sort of way) 3) will you be teaching any wool online classes? Too far for me to get to WI.

  199. Lisa, My husband and I stopped in your shop this summer. We are from California. I love your shop and wish we had a shop like yours nearby. Thanks for continuing to create new fabric lines. I love each and everyone of them!


  200. You are right, 6 needles in a pack is not enough! The new packaging looks great and can’t wait to see in person. I call your needles, “butter” needles since they go thru layer after layer of fabric. To be honest, ever consider making some a touch longer for your long fingered fans?

  201. I love your fabrics! I can’t wait for the new line to come out. It is so pretty. I am usually drawn to bright colors like Pat Sloan and Bonnie and Camille…but, I’m going to order some of yours right now!!! 🙂

  202. So enjoyed your blog. How can quilting make me so happy? Love that pop of yellow in your Boathouse Gatherings line. Keep up the good work and taking me to my Happy Place.

  203. Absolutely love your mini quilt – love the colors and the quilting is amazing! Lakeside would be such a treat – thank you for the opportunity.

  204. LOVE your creations Lisa!! I love all the warm and primitive looking styles and they fit so nicely in my home. I would love to win your fat-eight bundle!!

  205. Took me awhile to find the comment box, but eventually I did find it. Your hand quilting is beautiful, the new line of fabric is cute too.

  206. Enjoy your blog , your fabric [just used some on a With Thy Needle and Thread cross stitch pattern], your patterns, and postings in PQ&P magazine. It is difficult trying to find a fabric to finish little projects, so I now just use PG fabric which is the perfect scale[design].

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  207. I, too, love the fq tower best……..but, sometimes it is too much for a small project and that’s where the other precuts are lovely!. Your colors are wonderful!! My daughter needs a new quilt for her bed headboard and the new line would fit nicely since she LOVES blacks and whites.

  208. Lisa, I love your designs and have bought several of your kits. I have wanted to visit your shop for several years. Maybe next year I will make it.

  209. Love your fabrics, love your designs and love what you do! I found a quilting home at your virtual shop! Maybe some day I can visit the real thing!

  210. Fun getting to know a little about you through the Love Blog Hop! I’m looking forward to December for your Lakeside Gathering line, I love it and your quilts that you’ve shared ! I have been trying to decide which version to choose for the Modern Building Blocks quilt! I’ll bet it is beautiful in civil war prints chosen by you! cheers, colette

  211. Would it be wrong to just love your bundle of fabric for a long time all tied together without using it, probably but somethings need to be appreciated just for it’s beauty for awhile before one makes that first initial cut!

  212. Ok…if I win I plan to gift to a friend who has gone out of her way to do so much for me, even though I want to use it myself! They say you can’t win the lottery unless you buy a ticket….here goes my entry!

  213. Those fabrics are fantastic…never thought I’d be attracted to grays and yellow but the combination is outstanding!

  214. I LOVE the Lakeside fabric!! I live on a lake, and use lots of lake inspired themes in my quilts! Thanks for this opportunity!

  215. Love the new lakeside fabric, I’m thinking that this fabric is what I want to use with my 12 blackwork on cream blocks. I hope my quilt shop orders this…if not, I know where I can get it. : )

  216. The quilting patterns on your mini charm quilt are so pretty! I aspire to one day quilt in anything other than a straight line!

  217. For your first quilt I think you did an amazing job. I tied thousands of whole cloth quilts but wouldn’t piece for anything. It was only 3 years ago that I finally tried stars! The minis are darling. Thanks.

  218. Your first quilt is so well done for a “first” and the hand quilting is amazing. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  219. Hi Lisa! I love your new fabric line! I love the pre-cut fat-quarter towers too! Gives me more options when picking out fabric first, than looking for a great pattern. I really loved your first quilt . . . mine was a Quilt In A Day pattern, more that 30 years ago. Wow, time does fly when you’re having fun. Appreciate all your hard work & devotion to bring us great fabric, patterns, threads & needles.

  220. I love the punch of color in your new line, Lakeside Gatherings. I also enjoy all of your patterns. Can’t wait until Lakeside Gatherings is available in stores.

  221. Oh my gosh this hop is so much fun. I would love to have your giveaway gift at my house to play with. It is lovely. Thanks for all the fun.

  222. Oh my gosh, Lakeside Gatherings is my favorite of all your lines… beautiful!
    And your first quilt – it’s amazing! I think you were truly born to quilt!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  223. Lisa, I’ve been drooling over your quilts (have been looking through your other posts too)! And I am amazed by your quilting story and how you got started. It was totally meant to be for your to become a quilter! 🙂

  224. It’s so fun to hear how you started out!! We all start at the beginning, but I’d say you’ve come a long way! Say hi to Chattanooga– I used to live there, but now I’m in Sweden 🙂

  225. I love your new line of lakehouse. My favorite place on earth is visiting the beach. I don’t live near a beach but I would love to make a quilt to snuggle under and breathe in the sounds of water and the smell of the clean beach air. Your collection is just what I need. Thanks

  226. I will definitely look you up the next time I’m in your area – I’m near Madison. I’d love to win the Lakeside Gatherings pack from Moda.

  227. That hand quilted first quilt of yours is magnificent. Wow! I’d love to win that little bundle of Lakeside fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win.

  228. I loved seeing your quilt pieces, and the one you did for Schoolhouse was so wonderfully quilted and beautifully colored. Thanks for the chance to win some of the fabrics.

  229. Love your new line and the quilt pattern with the anchor-I will definitely have to make that for my water and boat-loving husband!! Thanks for sharing!!

  230. Lakeside GAtherings is so pretty! I’d love to make a half square triangle quilt with those fabrics! Thanks for showing your first quilt, love it!

  231. You have become a favorite designer if mine..I’m starting to get into wool appliqué and love your patterns.nyhanks for the opportunity to win some fabric!

  232. I’ve been a more modern quilter, but lately I’ve been loving more primitive fabrics. I have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about you and your fabrics. Funny that you have been trying to use more white, as I’ve been trying to use less! My quilts are generally 50% to 80% white. I love white! It is my favorite color, but I am trying to challenge myself. Thanks for the fun.

  233. Your Lakeside Gatherings is a wonderful collection! So versatile for lots of styles of quilts for various recipients.

  234. Love your fabrics and patterns! I am fairly new to quilting but I have already established a tradition of buying one of your wool kits as a keepsake from the quilting shows I attend. Just bought my last in Chattanooga and can’t wait to make it 🙂

  235. I love your two color quilt. For a first quilt, it is beautiful. My first quilt isn’t even close to that good. I love the new fabric line and can’t wait to see it in the shops. Keep your fabulous designs and fabrics coming. I love them all.

  236. Oh I just really love the size of the wall hanging and I have the perfect spot…Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. The prize is yummy. And your first quilt looks really very pretty ..I can assure you mine was not even close…lol

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