and the winners are…

Well…I promised I’d post the winners today from yesterday’s post and I will…I’ve made it to MI…only an hour getting through Chicago…and when I arrived at my hotel, I thought I could bring everything in at once…and while attempting this I also thought I could throw my garbage out too…well that’s where it all went south…I had a nice 31 bag full of my sewing…my carryon suitcase…my hanging dress for tomorrow’s class and guild meeting, my computer bag…I then decided to throw the dress in the 31 bag…grabbed my half eaten Mc D’s hot fudge sundae and proceeded to dump the melted sundae in my 31 bag when I grabbed it to pick it up…uggghhh…so now I have fudgy, melted ice cream all over my sewing, my dress,  my travel pillow, some patterns I was proofing, my 48 blank paper blocks I was going to sketch for the wool SBOW and some finished new projects I was to show in class!  I had to hand wash my dress in the sink, I dryed it in the hotel dryer..(its now full of wrinkles)…and hand cleaned all the other items the best I could….so all the while I was cleaning I was laughing…this could only happen to me…I should have eaten the whole dang sundae…that IS the real lesson here…

After I posted yesterday I managed to start stitching a few of my SBOW bowtie blocks together from the CA store (the WI store is now running this as a BOM starting soon click HERE if you want to join in..

ALL my bowties are made…so I sorted them all into 42 piles of 36 after I realized I had two the same bowties in a block…there are some extras here so I’ll have some fun with those making something else besides the quilt…now everyday I sit down to stitch, I will have to sew a few blocks and before you know it they will be ALL done, I must get it done before this years SBOW!…you really need a pressing stick for these blocks to press the row seams open…do you have one? Click here to see a post on them. PRESSING STICK


Ok…enough talking about what I’m working on….I really want to tell you I’m so impressed that so many of you read that whole post…we had 640 people comment! I too loved reading about what you are stitching on, really… even if it isn’t one of my designs…it’s fun to know….I recognize a bunch of you from teaching, shows and from being longtime customers of PG…I really appreciate how nice you are to me and how happy you are for Nick and I.  I’m am really blessed with so much…so I can’t wait to send three lucky winners a quilty package…please if you win, share what you got with a pic…I’ll post it here if you send it to me!!!

Also…please email me with your physical address to where I can send the package…

I randomly selected these winners…

Ellen Friewald
Hi Lisa, I’m a member of the SWFl Quilts for Kids chapter. For the past several days I have been sewing on bindings for quilts made by other chapter members.

Karen Guimon
Like most quilters I have several projects in progress but I have recently started to do EPP and have to say I’m a little hooked. I’ve done (and finished!!!) the last few years of SBOW, so I’m excited to see what you have in store for this coming summer!

Diana Kiehl
I just finished Warm Winter Gatherings! I just love how it came out and plan on hanging it in my living room. I’m in progress on 13 two of a kind pin cushions for my sewing buddies and I’m next going to start piecing The 9 patch blocks on Lisa’s Garden (already finished the appliqué. Just love working with your fabrics and patterns! Love your new sewing room and your work

I will send these out early next week…and now it’s time to hit the sack…workshop and a night lecture tomorrow, busy day, hoping I got out all goo from my projects and praying they will be dry by tomorrow!!

my best,



18 responses to “and the winners are…”

  1. Mary Andra Avatar

    I can’t even laugh because it was just to much happening at one time. I’m glad and knew you would pull it all off for a fabulous class. Wishing you a great week. Wishing you and Nick and your family many blessings in your new home. Hugs

  2. Jakey Avatar

    Poor Lisa! That sucks!! Been there done that with coffee and soda. Hot fudge wouldn’t have had a chance… Me loves hot fudge!! I forgot to mention my project yesterday…my snowman gatherings quilt is waiting for me to finish him, and I recently started the Halloween table mat, I can’t wait to start stitching all the cute characters. Stay dry! Jakey

  3. Diana Kiehl Avatar
    Diana Kiehl

    Some days are full of troubles but there you are making the best of it! Have a great workshop!

  4. Mary Anne Avatar
    Mary Anne

    I find your writing style very humorous. Enjoying your postings about your family and career. I find it difficult to write a note to leave on my fridge and somehow you find time to elaborate about melted ice cream. Making me laugh at my own life’s bumps in the road. Also multi tasking multiple projects at a time. Something for me to strive for…

  5. masonmarlene Avatar

    At a time like you had with your ice cream – once you get over being upset – the only thing left is to find the humor in it and you did that. What an ending to the day! I had to travel to Singapore several years ago. I’m from Minnesota and it was January here, so I was dressed in winter clothes – the airline lost my luggage – I had to teach the next morning at 7 a.m. (arrived in Singapore at 1 a.m. it was 85 and muggy). Well, all the people over there are little people – I am NOT little. It was interesting what I had to wear to class for three days since my clothes suitcase was sent to another country but at least my training materials were with me since I carried them on the aircraft. The Chinese people in Singapore have a great sense of humor – between trying to help me put a wardrobe together and laughing at my size we all had fun with it. Just thought I’d share because I think I know exactly what you went through. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s. love the bowtie pattern!

  6. Linda Kjendlie Avatar
    Linda Kjendlie

    So sorry u had such a bad time …but I have done that while traveling also….luckily we can make do …recover…and maybe see the funny side of that…wishing you the best

  7. Miss Kitty Avatar
    Miss Kitty

    Only could happen to you, my friend!
    I can just picture your panic, but, being the trooper that you are, things are up and running today… Once again, perseverance and a little laughter paid off!

  8. Michelle Avatar

    Thanks for the chuckle😎

  9. Stacey Larson Avatar

    Congratulations to the winners. omg Lisa I would have sat and cried you are a trooper. So happy for you and Nick at Anchor Point. You both truly deserve the special home you have created.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Oh Lisa! Just what you needed, hey girl! But your strength of mind and character got you thru it as usual – and wrote about it! We just returned from our week long road trip and I made a mess in the car too – with fruit cup juice – not nearly as messy as hot fudge. We’re all so happy for you to be in your new beautiful home at Anchor Point. Hope Nick catches LOTS of fish this summer.
      Ole cheesehead from WI – Nancy

  10. Joyce Avatar

    Lisa, I am so happy for you and Nick! No one deserves it than you! The pics of your new home are beautiful! I am sorry about the ice cream incident; been there, done that! Just to let you know, I think you are one of the most generous, well prepared and friendly teachers out there! You were wonderful at the Grand Hotel in Mackinaw. I love your patterns and books! Keep up the good work and I look forward to this summer’s BOW! Many thanks for all you do!

  11. Claire Avatar

    Hey I had forgotten about those pressing sticks. They would have been good for all of the pieced Home for the Holidays blocks that I just finished! What is inside them? Loved the pics of your sewing space and also your sweet little grand boy.

  12. Lori A. Avatar
    Lori A.

    Thanks for the post. It makes me feel like I’m going on the travel adventure with you! Sorry you dumped your sundae. I wish I could have been there to help carry your stuff in. Have a great time! They are lucky to have you since you are the best teacher!

  13. Lana Avatar

    lol– love your attitude and the real lesson learned 😉!!!! Please keep posting your house and projects pictures — love it all! Valdani 5 wt– mmmm what projects are they for— I’ll need more storage!!!!

  14. Vicki Beckner Avatar
    Vicki Beckner

    I think we must be related! I have done similar things thinking I am saving time. It never quite works out like I think it will. Keep smileing!

  15. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa okay I’m sorry but I laughed reading what you did because I can picture the whole thing in my head… Trust me I’ve been there, done that myself… I’ll never forget the time I was on an aircraft in uniform and spilled my drink, not a lot but enough to look like I’d wet my pants and of course I had to do the walk of shame past my troops to go get paper towels to try to blot it up… And to paraphrase people won’t remember what you wore, but they will remember how you made them feel and I bet each of your students loved you

  16. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    That sounds exactly like something I would do, make a mess trying to do too many things at once. Yes, next time finish the whole sundae! Love your bowtie blocks! Your sewing room looks amazing, I’m sure Jeter will find his favorite spot after he checks them all out. It’s nice to have your dog hang out in the sewing room with you. Every time I lay an in-progress quilt top on the floor I have 1-3 Schnauzers camped out on it! I’m working on a Quilt of Valor for our local group, I’ve got 2 wool projects going(one PG and the other Buttermilk Basin). Also a punch needle- I hope to get to your class someday, don’t feel like I’m very good at it yet, still practicing. And God help me I’ve started a primitive cross stitch project I couldn’t resist. I haven’t cross stitched since I started quilting in 1990 but I guess it’s like riding a bike except for these 50-something eyes. Hope the rest of your trip goes a little more smoothly.

  17. Dee Johnson Avatar
    Dee Johnson

    Playing catch up with my favorite blogs. Your room is beautiful and well deserved! Where did you get the beautiful star rugs? Lovery them! Your little man isadorable!

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