10 days until Christmas!!! Needful Things!!


Well how is it going so far?…I kinda got carried away in yesterday’s post and forget to tell you that the papers were on sale…but I bet you’ll figure that out….I love to teach and sometimes forget I need to sell too…lol…so when you add them to the cart it puts a discount off in the cart total.

DAY 10 – ALL PRE-CUT FABRICS…JELLY ROLLS, CANDIES, FAT 8THS, FQ TOWERS..THIS ALSO INCLUDES 2″, 2 1/2″,3 1/2″ AND 5″ CHARMS THAT WE PUT TOGETHER …..You know the ones…you see them at shows…60 fabrics/30 prints, so 2 of each all the same color family…or 100 scrappy charms or 50 light and 50 dark charms? Hmmm those would be useful…with yesterdays post of 2″,3″ & 4″ blocks that can be made from CHARMS…in reds, blues, browns, greens, cheddar/chrome/purple, and on and on…we never put OUR PG PRE-CUTS  on sale…but…there’s alway a first time and the time is now…Pre-cut can make our lives much easier…therefore they are a NEEDFUL THING.  They also are a good way to collect every fabric from your favorite designers.

I have a drawer of them at home..img_9135I pulled some out to take a pic…I should have left them in…now its messy..img_9136-2…Jill hand cuts these all by herself with our dandy Accu-cutter…she is amazing…img_9139these packages are perfectly stacked and wrapped…you will LOVE them. img_9140They make good gifts too!

I will be using lots of pre-cust from now on…and giving you free patterns to use them with…like this Jelly Roll pattern…CLICK HERE for a PDF… Its called Lightning Fast…shown here in Songbirds Gatherings..Lakeside Gatherings and Snowman Gatherings II, respectively.lightning-songbird-photolightning-lakeside
lighting-snowmanand its fast and easy and makes a great gift quilt. You will need 2 of the same Jelly Rolls.

And…remember that quilt I finished on Thanksgiving Day?…I quick threw in on the bed in our guest room…lisa-bongean-bedroomThis quilt is made from 135- 10″ squares or 4 Layer Cakes…From each LayerCake cut 2- 5″ squares and 8-2″ squares. One LC yields 2- 5″ unfinished snowball blocks… Stitch across the diagonal on all 4-2″ squares that were placed on the corners of a 5″ square.  Trim and press triangles out to make a snowball block.  I then made 9 patch snowball blocks…30 of them…set the quilt 5 by 6.   Make these blocks as leader/enders when stitching another project…and Yes the quilt is hand quilted…took me a bit, but it gets done…I used fabrics from both Snowman Gathering lines, Lakeside Gatherings  & Lakeside Gatherings Wovens…or any creams, tans, light and dark blues, grey…Also Snowman III is coming-out in May…we will try and get some kits together for this quilt… I know some of you asked about them.img_8828

Click link to shop now! ALL PRECUTS-20%OFF    We have Moda pre-cut and Primitive Gatherings Pre-cuts…which mean lots of fabric companies  in color ways and scrappy, lots of pages to choose from…Orders will be picked first some first served…Some of these are in limited quantities…

Questions from yesterdays comments….

The handle on my starch can is a SPRAY CAN PAINT NOZZEL…works great and is nice/easy on our precious hands and when you starch like we do…you don’t want cramps from holding the starch can nozzle down with only one finger…gripping it with your whole hand is much ergonomically correct.

Does the starch need to be washed out of your quilt as some point?  I can be washed out when the quilt is finished…It doesn’t have to be…Can starch used to be made from cornstarch…it is not any longer…so there is no need to wash it out as there was before…some of the thinking out there was that bugs are attracted to the cornstarch…and would eat your quilt if you left starch in it…So that’s gone away…no more corn in the starch…

But once you start starching your fabric before quilting you will never to back to not doing it…Your quilt lay flat,  less stings on the back and everywhere…they will be so much more accurate…My machine quilters love to quilt our quilts as they are flat, straight, piecing is near perfect and they are a joy to quilt.  So try starching your fabrics…completely wet..let them dry…iron them and start cutting.  Do not just mist them…Use cheap starch like the can in the post…You’ll go broke if you use your Best Press.

I’m picking winners early today!!!

The winner of the charm triangle papers is…

Lynn Zane
December 14, 2016 at 6:28 pm
I have never used the triangle papers but would love to try them. I am new to quilting, have finished a quilt that I did in my beginners class. I am anxious to do more, and your triangle papers seem that they are a more accurate way. I know accuracy is important in quilting. I would love to try them

The winner of the sheet triangle papers is…326 comments…getting better, plus I’m picking 6 hours sooner today…

Kathryn Casavant
December 14, 2016 at 11:00 pm
I have used them. Have not used your brand yet. But I will have to try them. What do you have on your spray can? I also starch all my fabric before I cut it. Kathy

Please email: Amy at:    ahoefler@new.rr.com  she is in charge of mailing you prizes! You have until 12/31/16 to claim your prize..

The presents are piling up for my “little man”…Nick says we need a bigger house..Take care…Nick and I are going shopping later on today…I can’t wait to leave the house…I’ve been really good and staying home and not doing too much…LB.

To WIN some Precuts…We will pick 6 winners…

Comment…Do you buy precuts?…Have you ever made something from them? Tell me your favorite thing you’ve made from a pre-cut…do you just collect them and not make anything from them? Tell me about your experiences…

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317 thoughts on “10 days until Christmas!!! Needful Things!!

  1. I also have a drawer full of pre-cuts, but one could always use more!!! going to make the snowball quilt soon!

  2. I love precut but never want to use them up, just kind of decorate with them! I made a lollipop quilt from the batiks and really like it.

  3. Love precuts; in fact, I cut my left over pieces into precuts so I can quickly pick what I need for a project.

  4. I have gotten pre-cuts before, and I always seem to use them! I have made table quilts – small pieced quilts for side tables. On the few occasions that I have purchased pre-cut strips, I have used them in large strip quilts in various patterns.

  5. I love, love, love pre-cuts! They are fun to have and to collect. I haven’t done the starching as you suggested so I will definitely do that next time!

  6. Thanks for the pattern–I have so many jelly rolls (as well as other pre-cuts) and they are piling up! It’s hard to resist them as they look so pretty, but then I don’t know what to do with them!

  7. I’ve purchased, used and hoarded precuts. I’ve bought more than I’ve used. I think of the small ones as something like a fabric chart of the colorways, fabric scale and prints in a line. Wish I could collect them all but as my friend Barbara says “where would you put them?”. Always found a solution so far . . .

  8. I love precuts. I am terrible at cutting. Have been for years. I make quilts all the time with precuts. I love the looks of them in my sewing room. And buy them even when I don’t know what I am doing with them. They are fun. And you can get all the fabric line. Love love them.

  9. Haha. had to laugh at your statement, or do you just collect them…..yep, that would be me. I collect fat quarters. So far I haven’t gotten many other pre-cuts but as I grow older and hands get a little stiffer, I think I probably will when I use up some more of my stash. I would love to win some precuts to get me started! Thanks for the tip on the starch. I fine it really helps also. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I don’t have any experience with pre-cuts, but just downloaded “Lightening Fast” and will hopefully win today!!

    Thanks for all you do.

  11. I have never used pre-cuts. Would love to try at some point. Did you make the pillow cases to match that quilt?

  12. I love precuts and have used layer cakes, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles and charm squares so far. They are easy to work with and there are so many great patterns to use them on.

  13. Love precuts. I use them more often now I believe because it is so much faster to get started. I travel for a living and I precuts are something that if I get the opportunity to stop at a quilt shop I can easily add to my suitcase. Love your precuts and would give them a home.

  14. I love Pre-cuts! Sometimes I use them, or I just display them and enjoy all the colors! They make good decorations! LOL

  15. I use them frequently. I make baby quilts, place mats, table runners, tote bags and all types of bigger quilts. I enjoy the variety of patterns and colors. My imagination just runs wild with ideas!!

  16. Each year my daughter, Connie Gherna-Barzano, and I make a quilt for a raffle in your area – Real Men Wear Pink, a cancer fund raiser. We have used the pre-cuts to help set up our project and to save lots of cutting time, time better spent sewing. We usually do this at a weekend retreat in the UP, Silver City, MI. It’s a wonderful time to spend with my daughter who is learning and enjoying a quilting hobby her mother loves, and doing something good for others who are going through a difficult time.

  17. I love precuts but they’re so pretty I have a hard time cutting into them. Have made a couple of quilts with the charm squares but have more to do.
    Have a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2017. Have fun with your little man – Christmas morning will be a blast with him.

  18. The only precuts I have are those small mini charms which I have saved in a big plastic jar in my sewing room. But they need more use eventually than to just look pretty!

  19. I love pre-cuts, but sometimes I get a beautiful pattern which has instructions for fat quarters, so it can get a little confusing. I like the time saving factor with pre-cuts though. I usually make lap quilts, as my DSM cannot handle anything too much bigger. They look so pretty when done. Have a wonderful holiday, Lisa.

  20. I love precuts, I collect them also, and I do use them! Such a timesaver and I love the scrappy look without all the work of choosing fabrics, and cutting. Half of my work is done using them! Now to go shopping…..

  21. I haven’t bought many precuts and haven’t yet used the ones I have purchased. However, I do have a collection of 6″ charms from a charm exchange that I have decided to use for leaders and enders. I cut each into 4 and am making 2 1/2″ HQTs from them for a quilt that requires nearly 900 – now here is where I should try your triangle papers! Your post today does tempt me, especially since some of them are my favorite collections.

  22. I made the cutest baby quilt from a charm pack of 30’s repro fabrics. I just sashed white with print cornerstones and made a crib size. The quilt was the hit of the shower! I used to be so reluctant to open the packages cause they looked so cute all wrapped up. After making that baby quilt in an afternoon by saving all that cutting time, I’m all about opening them ASAP and making something beautiful!

  23. I love precuts!! Most of the time I use them to make table toppers to change out with the seasons, or just my mood!! Love charms squares and mini-charms!!

  24. I buy precuts and bundles all the time. I have used many but cannot bring myself to cut up the snowman gatherings ones. They look so cute testing in my shelf.

  25. I love the precuts especially yours . Love the colors & how accurate they are. Use them a lot in small quilts.

  26. i have used precuts, sometimes a few, to finish out a color family in a repro quilt, other times the whole pack especially in a mini but most of all- all neatly lined up in a basket on the shelf.

  27. i love precuts so collect them. Find it hard to use them as they are so pretty. I am new to primitive collections and will search them now on. It is very hard to find them here so will look for it online at yours from now on. will have to patiently wait for the new collection. thanks for this opportunity.

  28. I have used precuts in all different sizes, and love them. But I actually like cutting too, so I don’t use them all the time. Sometimes I cheat and pull out a few of them to fill in a spot on a quilt someplace, then my package isn’t complete any more, and I have to do more mixing and matching.

  29. I know it is easy but I love my jelly roll race quilt. They go together quickly and show off the fabric so well and are great for gifts.

  30. Love precuts! I have used all of them.Latest project was using the Mini Charms for tiny Hourglass blocks for a Wall Hanging! So neat! Great accuracy to start with! Thank You for sharing!

  31. Collect precuts to see the fabrics in a specific line so I can decide if I want to purchase more yardage. Also use them a lot because they’re a fast & easy way to make a quick gift or assemble a quilt quickly.

  32. I would love to say I use my pre-cuts… but my mama said to never tell a lie! I buy them and collect them…I will use them someday or Ryleigh (our daughter) or Cassidy (our daughter in law) will!

  33. I just used circle precuts in wool to teach my quilt group how to work in wools. They loved it.
    Hopefully they will take to wool work.

  34. I love the versatility of a layer cake. I like having leftovers if I don’t use all of it, to add to my scraps for future projects.

  35. I have used precuts to make wall hangings and small gifty projects. They add variety to my stash without a big investment in yardage.

  36. I have used precuts on more than one occasion. They’re such a time saver, and it really helps with the scrappiness of my quilts!

  37. I love precuts! I have been quilting for 35 years, almost all are scrap quilts with small pieces. These are the best way to get a fantastic variety and the separate color and light and dark packs are great. The BOW’ s in the summer have the same feel. Each week you get a wonderful package in the mail. That’s why I can’t resist them!

  38. I have bought several of your precuts and I loved using them! My favorite was the small tumbler quilt. I never would have made it if I had to cut all those pieces out by hand!!

    1. The only time that I used pre-cuts from a major fabric company I was very disappointed because they were not cut accurately. But knowing the pride of workmanship that goes into everything that yo u do Lisa convinces me to order your pre-cuts to give them another try.

  39. YES!! I buy pre-cuts all the time and YES I use them!! My favourite is turning charm packs into baby quilts to give to friends’ grand-babies and neighbours’ babies! They are fast and easy and everyone loves the simplicity of them! I also find layer cakes the most user friendly…if you know what I mean!
    Have a wonderful Christmas in your beautiful new home!

  40. I love the towers and jelly rolls the best. i love to view the towers in my sewing room – eye candy – and then buy fabric to use. I use the jelly rolls for FAST quilts. Great designs to use them for but quick and easy.

  41. Yes I buy pre-cuts. Jelly rolls and charms are my favorites. I team them up with yardage and can pretty much make any quilt pattern out there. The joy of the pre-cuts to me, is getting sew many different fabrics all at one time. I am a scrappy type person.
    Love your snowball quilt and the hand quilting. I am a hand quilter and can understand the need to put a needle in your hand.
    Thanks for the sale and thanks for a chance at winning some.

  42. Have only used precuts for a tablerunner but think I should move on to bigger things and have to get starching!

  43. I do use precuts (also collect them just because.) I made modified log cabin quilt for my daughter’s wedding present this past year using jelly rolls.

  44. Love the pre cut squares. My guilt quilt did a class project for a large bag with the squares. Great size, you can even put you sewing machine in it. Great for weekend trips. I also love that the fabrics are already mix and matched for you. They are fun to use. Ho, Ho, Ho!🎄🎄

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  45. I do buy precuts–mostly I make small quilts for my church quilt group. We give them to a variety of charities.
    I must confess I have a few precuts I haven’t unwrapped yet–they just look so pretty on my coffee table.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. I have used pre cuts finished a table runner with a charm pack, so much fun. My favorite pre cuts are charm packs.

  47. I always gravitate towards the precuts before anything else when I go into a quilt store. They are so attractive. And yes, I have used them on occasion (but I have to admit, I have probably ‘collected’ more than I have used!) LOL! Candy

  48. I buy charm packs quite often–gives me a nice variety of fabrics for making mini quilts. I have purchased a couple of FQ bundles, but I just separate them and add them to the stash, rather than making something exclusively from the bundle. Have only purchased one jelly roll. I opened it to use some in a quilt, but did not make a “jelly roll” pattern. Never have purchased a layer cake, but have been gifted one and it is in a UFO box, partly made into a quilt from a workshop with Jenny Doan.
    I did purchase your little purple/chrome/cheddar charm packs at a show. Still waiting for just the right pattern.

  49. Your drawer looks like mine! Have lots of different ones. Love to make projects with them. So much quicker. Love the tumbler precuts. I sew a few together when I have a few extra minutes at sewing machine. I too want to know what was on your spray starch bottle.

  50. I have made a quilt from jelly rolls and from a layered cake!!! So much fun and easy to have on hand for a emergency!!!!

  51. I love precuts and have a growing collection of them in my stash! I love the projects and patterns that utilize them, and the time-saving ideas. Unfortunately it seems most of the projects I end up working on are from fat quarters and/or yardage. I am currently reorganizing my sewing room and my 2017 resolution is work on my precut projects and whip out quilt tops!!! I’ll worry about quitting them later 🙂

  52. Precuts are fun design opportunities. I’ve made some quilts using them, designed a few quilts on my own, and am slowly learning to break them into more than one project rather than hoarding.

  53. I adore precut but have only made 2 quilts with them (both Valentine). I seem to be better at collecting them than producing with them, lol. Thanks!

  54. I LOOOVE precuts because I hate to cut. I love all sizes and they make my life easier. Jelly rolls and honey buns are great for log cabin and fence rail quilts and charm packs for HST using PG Triangle Papers of course. And don’t forget layer cakes that can make large HST or cut in half and lined up with 4 patches to make a cute and fast quilt, or just sewn together with alternating solids. So many choices and ideas and so little time!
    Lisa, I love your fabric and patterns. You are an awesome and prolific designer! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  55. I have lots of precuts and used up some one year when I made 5 jelly roll race quilts and backed them with fabric I found from years ago when a shop closed. I made them for family, they loved them. I plan on making more and using the patterns you showed us today

  56. I have bought and used all the precuts. I like the charm packs, they’ve been my go to fabric for sewing with my granddaughter. I’m able to focus on teaching and helping her without having to spend time cutting.

  57. I love precuts and look for patterns that use them. It’s a great way to enjoy a great variety in fabric!

  58. I would love to win some pre cuts. What a quick and fast way to put a lovely quilt together ! Thank you.

  59. Yes, I love precuts and I also use them! I’ve made quick quilts for gifts and I don’t think you can beat the wonderful variety of choices in a precut. They’re perfect for having a manageable stash – they’re like your own little fabric store!

  60. I am definitely a collector of precuts. Love them. I have made a snowball quilt and am working on a bowtie quilt. Love the variety I get from the precuts.

  61. I love seeing precuts in ads but don’t always buy them, not knowing what I’ll do with them. The one I like the most is the ten inch squares which I can then cut into various shapes.

  62. Love pre-cuts! I have several tote bag and project bag patterns that I use them for that I give to my knitting friends!

  63. I too love to starch my fabric, but instead of Best Press or spray starch in the aerosol cans, I buy the liquid in the half gallon size and dilute it 50/50 in a spray bottle. Much more economical, and I like that I can control the stiffness. And the empty plastic half gallon bottles can be recycled, unlike the aerosol cans. Thanks for such a fun blog, and being positive force in the quilting community! Have a Merry Christmas.

  64. I have been using the small tumbler precuts to make a table runner for a large table. I like having hand piecing to do so this fits that bill. I haven’t worked on it for a bit though, because Clara’s Stars has been taking up my hand work time. Now that that’s almost done, I’m finding I need a few more tumbler packs to continue the table runner project. I usually pick up one a year on my annual jaunt to PG but I should be picking up more…I’ve run out! The other thing I like precuts for, is so I have a record of the whole line and can easily call and order more of a particular fabric, should I need that.

  65. I have collected them and used them! I have patterns for quilts that use them and it is so much quicker when some of the cutting is already done for me!

  66. I just bought a book with patterns using all fat quarters. Bought a fq bundle, but it’s too pretty to break open!

  67. I have a few precuts. I bought them because I thought I could just sew them together as is and make a quilt. I still haven’t done anything with them yet. I have a layer cake, a jelly roll, and a few charms….a few of each. The free pattern looks like fun with different colors in the background. I always buy more ….just in case. I hate not having enough or when it is time to make something the fabric is no longer available.

  68. Love precuts. Getting ready to make an autograph quilt for my daughters wedding with jelly rolls. Hugs to all.

  69. I love precuts!!!! I do use them and your charm papers you designed are awesome! The charms and candy and jellyrolls work well as decorations on my shelves while I decide on just the right project to make! Thank you for the chart on half square triangle sizes.

  70. I have bought some precuts but have not used them. I just got back into quilting so I have only done some small projects. After the first of the year I intend to get moving on some more projects.

  71. I love to buy precuts because you get such a wide variety of fabrics and they all go together. I usually buy layer cakes or charm packs. And, I also love fat quater collections.

  72. I love precuts and have used them in several quilts. I like the scrappy look you get from using the charm squares and the jelly rolls and all the options you have with the 10″ squares. In the beginning I used them as I bought them. Somehow over the years I must have started collecting precuts because I now have a drawer dedicated them!!

  73. I love precuts. One of my favorite quilts made with precuts is a simple Christmas quilt I have on the back of my couch now. I used three 5″ charm packs of Christmas prints in reds, creams, golds, greens and blacks.Using freezer paper for circle patterns, I cut out 3″ and 3.5″ circles from some dark squares and some light squares. These circles were appliqued onto a complementary colored square with light prints onto darks and darks onto lights. About 30 squares received a circle. (I carried these to my sons’ sport events and hand stitched the circles onto the squares.) The setting was simple with 9 squares across and 10 down. Be sure to audition the block placement and lay them out randomly I added a green sash and a wider black print made from prints matching the charm group. My quilter quilted “bubbles”/circles on it. It is a subtle but fun quilt. Thanks.

  74. I’ve made a couple of table runners from a jelly roll and precuts, but I have a lot of precuts waiting for a project. I just fall in love with them, you get so much variety.

  75. I enjoy layer cakes and fat quarters most, but do have some jelly rolls. I made 4 great-granddaughter quilts this Christmas using layer cakes and the Urban Cabins pattern by Atkinson Designs. Can’t wait to use the triangle paper designed for strips with a jelly roll. I can see easier scrap quilts doing that.

  76. I do use precuts it’s a great way to get a whole line of fabric; sometimes it’s hard to break them open they are such good eye candy.

  77. No have not used pre cuts … I have cut my own at times when I use a pattern calling for them. Thanks for a chance to win, Merry Christmas

  78. I have bought precuts and love them. I love scrappy quilts so it is a great way to get variety without having to buy a lot of each piece. I do use them, mostly for my small quilts.

  79. I have used the 5″ square precuts to make tote bags. I usually get some yardage for lining. I guess I also collect them cuz they are so cute!

  80. I LOVE precuts – from mini-charms to charm packs to jelly rolls to 10″ squares – SOOO much easier to use when already cut:) Hope to win:)

  81. I buy pre-cuts but I must belong to the “I just collect them” group. They look so nice in my drawer. I confess that I have used one package that I purchased from your booth, in my scrappy tumbler quilt. Wonderful variety.

  82. I have bought and used precuts, esp. the smaller ones. It’s fun to combine that many different fabrics!

  83. I love my precuts. You get to own the line of matching fabrics which I could not afford otherwise. Some of my favorite quilts are made from precuts.

  84. I have just started using charms. I am am currently making the peiced summer block of the week using 5 inch charm packs and triangle papers. I really like. Cutting is not my favorite part of quilting! Makes it so much easier and so accurate.

  85. I love precuts….and they always seem so practical to have handy to put together a “quick” quilt. However…..I tend to repurpose them as decor in my sewing room! 🙂 They are great to “look” at too!

  86. Love pre-cuts! My fav are the 10″ layer cakes and 2-1/2″ jellyrolls. I buy most of them in reds, whites & blues to make quilts for Quilts of Honor. I am able to make many more quilts to donate when the fabrics are mostly cut and ready.

  87. After more than 25 years of quilting, I finally caught the pre-cut bug and now wondering why I hesitated!

  88. Pre-cuts are like quilting toys. Being all cut, fun size pieces, lovely bits of fabric. Yes I own a number of rolls and different cut sizes, some being yours. Unfortunately I don’t cut into them but decorate my sewing room with them, at least for now. Your snowball quilt though is pulling me over to give it a try.

  89. I just love that snowball quilt, gotta make one someday! I love jelly rolls and layer cakes and have made a few quilts with them. I used to buy fat quarters, but not so much anymore. Precuts are so cool because they eliminate the cutting time and you can get a quilt done pretty quick.

  90. I always use precuts. Fat quarter bundles are my favorite, but layer cakes are awesome too. So many options and wonderful patterns out there to try! I seldom do small quilts, the bigger the better for me, but I’m slowly switching to lap quilts. And yes I do tend to “collect” precuts. Sometimes they are just too pretty as they are to open!

  91. Love the precuts! I love doing internet sew a longs with small blocks & the precuts add so much variety to scrappy blocks!

  92. I love using the precuts from Moda…other manufacturers, not so much as the cuts are too wonky.
    Fat quarters are still my favorite though for lines that I really love.

  93. I actually make things from pre-cuts and stash them too ;o) I think my favorite thing I have made from precuts was a tumbler quilt…so saved time to cut all those pieces and accurate!

  94. I love precuts! I also love the twister gadget and have made many twister items such as bags, tablerunners, Christmas tree skirt, and quilts.

  95. I LOVE precuts and yes, I collect them like I do Fat Quarters! I make lots of table runners or toppers from them and I like to use patterns that include instructions using precuts. I use the Charm squares and the Jelly Rolls the most. My favorite thing I made was a quilt for my sister in law. She loves bright cool colors and I fell in love with a particular fabric collection and decided to buy the charm packs from it to make a quilt. I did squares and strips with a background of Kona Snow fabric. When it was done, it looked like a modern 30’s quilt and I loved it!!!

  96. My favorite thing I made from pre-cuts was our couch cover. It’s huge–101 inches long, so using 10 inch squares gave me a head start. I then cut them into 5 inch squares (mostly) and added a few stars and away we went.

  97. I love precuts! Saves lots of time and one of the easiest when my 8 year old granddaughters are sewing. They love using something right away instead of having to wait for it to be cut. Especially love the jelly rolls and layer cakes!

  98. I do love precuts but I think I’ve saved more than I have used in my quilts! I have made bed sized quilts with jelly roll strips and layer cakes, runners with charm squares, and small quilts with ‘candy’ squares. But truth be told, it is hard for me to open them to use. They’re so pretty! Yours are a dream though and I’d love to use them, especially in a Snowball quilt! Thanks!

  99. I just finished a quilt using charm packs and I also made a pinwheel flannel quilt using layer cake packs for my grandson who is in college in Indiana. After the holidays I am going to make more with precuts, I really like working with them.

  100. I have a small collection of precuts. Now that I am retired, I will be putting them to good use. It’s like fat quarter collections. I love buying them but sometimes find it hard to use them because then they will be gone!! Ha! Ha! But I have made several quilts with those bundles and am very satisfied. So need to pick up a few more precuts to make the quilts I have in mind. Thanks Lisa!

  101. I’ve used precuts – they make many projects SO much easier!!
    Question – back to your starching – when you douse your fabric with the starch, what are you spraying on top of? Your ironing board? Wouldn’t that make the ironing board really ucky after awhile? Or do you use a different, protected surface to spray your fabric pieces on? THANKS!!

  102. omy, I adore precuts… I have quite a few and they are a little bit like that new box of crayons when I was young!
    love, love, love!

  103. I have bought quite a few pre-cuts as gifts and prizes, but since I really enjoy the cutting process, I don’t buy them for myself! Doesn’t mean I would mind winning some though lol!! I do love how you can have a piece of a whole collection!!

  104. I purchase and use, although, I do have a few baskets of not yet used precuts! I love the charm packs your team puts together! Merry Christmas!!!

  105. Pre-cuts are so handy! It is a great way to get a large variety of fabrics, in just the size you need. I am currently making a mini Tumbler quilt using the Primitive Gatherings pre-cut tumbler packs.

  106. I love precuts and I am jealous of your precut drawer! I have mostly charm and mini charm packs and a few jelly rolls. I haven’t made anything with them yet but do have several projects waiting to get started.

  107. Yes, I love precuts. I especially like the mini 2 1/2″ ones. They make such cute mini quilts and make the whole process go much faster!!

  108. I would like to try pre-cuts. I need to try yours out as I love your fabrics. Thanks for your ideas and quilting helps. I am going to try starch. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  109. I have collected precuts for years. I love them and have made fast projects for gifts. Table runners, throws, purses, a large quilt, scrappy from left overs, and even used some for mug mats and place mats. Love them all!!!

  110. Hi…love your shop/products and really enjoy your blog post on using the triangle papers. A local quilt shop has a bimonthly precut class that I take where the patterns use primarily precuts. It makes good use of my “collection”, but some of them are just too pretty to use…know what I mean? The projects go together really quickly and then it’s on to the next one. Thanks again for all the great info and products and have a blessed holiday… Jennifer

  111. I do buy precuts, mostly jelly rolls and charm packs. I have made wall hangings and table runners. I like the variety of fabrics you get. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  112. I purchase your precut for a quilt pattern using civil war pattern. I was hook on them. Since then i have made almost all my quilts with precuts . You have a lovely mix of colors,blends,and makes my quilts love like i spent hours picking out the fabric. Thank you for all the sizes and colors you offer.

  113. I seem to collect pre cuts lol! I recently made a Halloween quilt from tumbler blocks I had purchased and wow it was so fast and easy and it turned out amazing with all the different fabrics in it!

  114. Since my least favorite part is the cutting, I love, love, love precuts. I especially love layer cakes. They seem to be the most versatile. My favorite project was a modern quilt using a jelly roll and a layer cake. It turned out great. I keep precuts (too many) on hand, so I can make speedy projects when needed. And I love the variety they can add to any project with very little expense compared to buying big yardage. I just can’t say enough about precuts!

  115. I love pre-cuts especially fat quarters and layer cakes. I purchase them and cut some from my stash. I just finished a quilt using layer cakes. Will gift it tomorrow. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your shopping!!!!!

  116. I love precuts! They are so convenient and much easier and quicker for cutting out pieces. I made my niece a quilt using a few jelly rolls and have made Christmas table runners using layer cake left overs. I have to say your Thanksgiving snowball quilt has me motivated to make it. Your quilting is well done too. So pretty and would make a great gift. Thanks for sharing the pattern and post.

  117. I love precuts because you can get so many different fabrics in a quilt. I have made a couple quilts with precuts, but I collect them faster than I use the 😊

  118. I do like to buy precut. Charms are a favorite to see what the line looks like. I have made a quilt from a jelly roll before and it is fast and fine. Thank you for the chance to win!

  119. I love pre-cuts to be able to get the whole line in easy to use sizes. There are so many patterns that use these sizes and make it so much easier to make a great quilt

  120. I use precuts all the time and the 5″ charms are my favorite! I make lots of runners and wall/table topper sized quilts so these are wonderful to use. I especially like your packages because sometimes you just want scrappy in certain colors. I will for sure be shopping today for some more!

  121. I have purchased, used and stashed precuts. Have a line I am collecting for my grand-daughter to make a quilt with. So many possibilities with precuts, such a time saver.

  122. I use pre-cuts constantly. It saves so much time in cutting and the the accuracy of the cut is precise. The octagon shape makes very interesting quilts and if I had to cut them – – it would be so time consuming…I would rather be piecing. Also love the charm packs as I make many table mats and mini quilts to hang on the wall..

  123. Yes, I’ve bought precuts! Jelly rolls, charm packs and layer cakes. I love that half the work is done when you start with a pre cut!! I made a wedding quilt for my niece and her husband with a couple of jelly rolls. Yes! I use them!!

  124. I just recently bought a few pre-cuts but haven’t done anything with them yet. I’m not sure what I can actually make with them by themselves or how much fabric to add to them.

  125. Hi Lisa, I absolutely love precuts! If I buy 5″ charm packs, I always buy 2, in case I want to make a baby quilt. I recently started buying FQ towers to have more creative flexibility and they provide inspirational decor until I decide to use them. My favorite precut project, a stuffed Christmas Scottie Dog using Moda 2″ candies… I didn’t get mine done yet but some dear friends did and they were adorable. Have fun shopping!!! Keep spoiling little man too!!! Hugs, Jakey

  126. I enjoy precuts. Have made a cheater hexagon quilt out of jelly rolls. Love to collect precuts. Not sure how many charm packs, 2 1/2 charm packs, tumbler packs, layer cakes I have, but I do know I can’t have enough=:)

  127. I love pre its and have made several quilts from them, my fav is the jelly rolls. Thanks for the chance to win.

  128. Pre-cuts are so pretty, and they look so pretty on my shelf, I need to start using them though and really like your free pattern, maybe I will ‘mess’ my shelf up and use a couple on that pattern. Thanks for all the thought you put into these posts, this is my third year, and I always look forward to it.

  129. I too have a stash of precuts. Because I only have one of each, the projects I’ve made are small wall hangings or table runners but after seeing Lisa’s snowball quilt I will be looking for some layer cakes! Thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas to you all!

  130. I love pre-cuts many of the old quilt patterns are easier to piece with them. I also have a stash of them waiting to become something beautiful look forward to patterns from you.

  131. I have several precuts that I can’t open yet. My favorite things I have made are table runners with charm squares.

  132. I’ve made several table runners out of charm squares and when they first hit the market, I made a cute tote bag out of 2 charm packs. Thanks for the opportunity to win some more!

  133. I have never used pre-cuts but I’d love to give them a try!! Pre-cuts sound like they would make life easier and less stressful and I’d be able to complete a quilt much sooner than I do now! What a wonderful idea! I love the jelly rolls I’ve seen with all the variety of fabrics and they always go together fabulously!! Merry Christmas!

  134. Of course I’ve bought your pre-cuts, only thing is, I hate to cut into them, I love stacking them up and looking at them and rubbing on them,
    trying to decide what to do with them, you inspire me and I want to make the snowball quilt on your site. However, I need quite a few more pre-cuts, hope I win!!

  135. Yes, I have and do use precuts. Probably the thing I like the best about them is that I get ALL the fabrics in a particular collection. The newest thing I made is a Tuffet! for my 16 year old granddaughter for Christmas. The batik jelly roll I used did not have a single repeat. How sweet is that!

  136. Sometimes I buy precuts because they look so pretty. Not always sure what quilt to use them in.

  137. Yes, I LOVE precuts! It saves so much time – which I have very little of! I have made baby bibs, blankets and throws from precuts. I like that you get an entire collection with them. My favorite precut is a toss up…. I love layer cakes and charm packs. Sometimes I will buy a mini charm pack and play around with it – it helps me to see how I like the pattern/color placement. Thanks for the pattern…..I have a few jelly rolls tht I have been saving and may try this pattern!

  138. I love precuts I use them all the time. The best part is pulling them and beginning to play with a pattern and the cutting is already done. I’ve become addicted and now precut my stash fabric to go along with them. Had enough cut to make a large quilt and didn’t have to spend time cutting each part. LOVED IT!!?!!!

  139. I’ve used charm packs a lot and have some layer cakes, candy and jelly rolls as well. But with Christmas on its way and helping kids out its gonna be a while before I use them.

  140. I have made a sweet baby quilt with precut charm packs; a nice way to welcome a special granddaughter. I have some jelly rolls but I have not used them yet. Today’s lightening fast quilt might just be the way to use these jelly rolls.

  141. I have used some precuts. I don’t love the strips, but do like the squares. I had some of the strips, early in the precuts era. They were kind of wonky. So, I shied away from them. But, the squares are fun!

  142. I buy precuts, but so far am just a collector! I have every intention of using them….some day 🙂 I do however collect and USE fat quarters.

  143. BTW – I absolutely love the quilt you put on your guest bed – the fabric and colors. I have used precuts- sometimes a jelly roll for a quick one like a rail fence. I’ve used charms and layer cakes. It’s nice cause it all goes together well. Enjoy your shopping with Nick.

  144. I love precuts, I can get so many more quilts and table toppers made with them. Every always goes together! I would love to see more patterns that use layer cakes as I tend to collect more of them. Looking forward to the next snowman line, and the precuts that you will sell for the snow block quilt!

  145. I love your 5″ & 3 1/2″ charm packs!
    I get some every year at your booth at the AQS show. I’ve mostly made 9 patches out of them. Thanks for a chance to win some.

  146. I do have a quilter friend who collects precuts and doesn’t seem to do much with hers. But I love using mine. The question I have always had, and no one seems to be able to answer me, is do you trim off the pinked edges of the precuts. It just seems weird and I question how accurate it might be when done if not trimmed. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

  147. Yes, I do use precuts! I make purses with charm packs, quilts and table runners with jelly rolls, and placemats with the mini charms. I am teaching our nine year old great grand daughter to sew. This year, she used charm packs to make an adorable little quilt for her new baby sister. She won first place for her work at the county fair! Precuts are a great item to have in your stash for quick and easy projects!

  148. I am addicted to precuts and use them all the time (but not as fast as I buy them). Fortunately, they make lovely decorations for my studio while they await their turn.

  149. I haven’t used pre-cuts; I generally work on appliqué projects. Maybe it’s time to try it out?

  150. Love precuts❤️ I do collect them but also make my small quilts using the 5″ ones especially.
    I think my favorite little quilt I made is the wedge shaped one. Also I like to collect them so I can look at the entire collection.

  151. I really like pre-cuts! They take the work out of making most projects. 😉 I like to make bags and totes and zipper pouches with them, but have also made quilts. And the leftovers get used in mini’s. Thanks for the fun!

  152. I have bought precuts a few times. My favorite quilt that I made from them is a table topper from a Miss Rosie pattern. I have another in progress, but it is the first to be put away when something more fun comes along. Which is most anything…I am an excellent start, but not a very good finisher! 🙂

  153. Several years ago, when I was a new quilter, I bought a layer cake, Tonga Treats I think it was called. It was batiks and I cut each block into five chunks that were traded with other like sized chunks to create new squares. It had a tropical feel, so I long arm quilted it with geckos, my son’s favorite part of any trip to Florida, Hawaii or California. Who cares about volcanoes and whales and Micky Mouse when there’s a good lizard to chase?

    Anyway, since then I’ve been “collecting” precuts so I can have one of each fabric from a line, sometimes two!. Someday I’d like to get the precuts that look like thimble, I think they make a really cute quilt.

  154. I really have not used precuts for projects. Seems like a great way to get a wide variety without buying so much fabric that sometimes does not get used!

  155. Yes I use precuts. I’m currently working on a quilt with over 1200 geese. My fabrics are all charms, 9 different lines, as I don’t make lighter pastel quilts very often. Next will be a blue star quilt, these would work wonderfully!

  156. Yes, collecting pre-cuts has become a hobby for me! Yes, I like to make wallhangings from some of them. The rest that I have presently in my stash are slated for bed quilts. Now to find the time to make them!

  157. I just collect pre-cuts. I like how they look in cute containers on the shelf and sitting around my new quilt room.
    Thanks for the starching tip when using the triangle papers. Didn’t know that. That should really help make more precise squares.

  158. In the past I have used precuts but they have gone up so much in price that I don’t tend to buy them often. Instead I tend to just cut things from my stash even though it takes longer. I have made a number of quilts using precuts and they turned out well.
    I also appreciated your explanation that starch no longer contains corn starch. I had always heard that this would attract bugs. I have used fabric finish before and that helps a lot too. I will now try starch. Thanks for the info.

  159. I have purchased precuts and I have a quilt started with a layer cake. I used to just collect the charm packs but now I have finally started using them. I like that you usually a complete line of fabric to use in just one precut. I am absolutely going to try your starching method. Thanks for all the tips.

  160. Of course I buy pre-cuts and love them. Some I have not used yet because they are just so darn cute the way they are. Well unless you define use as a decoration accent. I do have some pre-cut decorating accents I am not ready to cut up yet. But I have also used them for may quilts from Jelly Roll races, to other jelly roll quilts. I’ve used them in both hand and machine piecing. I love getting a whole fat quarter bundle of pre-cuts, I can’t afford to get every piece in a particular fabric line, so this is a great way for me to do this. I can make several miniature quilts out of a fat quarter bundle.

  161. Yes, I buy precuts! My favorite is a mini quilt that I made from 3″ precut hand dyed fabrics. I made a square in a square quilt with 1/4″ centers and strips. The quilt measures about 16″ square.

  162. I have purchased 5in squares and fat quarters, but that’s about all the precuts I have played with. The quilt stores I shop in tend to have more yardage so that’s the direction I go most of the time.

  163. I like to show off my jellyrlolls on a cakestand! I use charmpacks ans fat quarters, and I even put them into quilts LOL!!

  164. Of course I collect precuts! They’re awesome. It’s nice to have a mini collection of the whole line of fabric!
    Love them! Can never have enough!

  165. I have bought pre cuts from your booth in Chicago and used them to make the Mondo bag. I do have some saved too, for that special project. lol

  166. I have used a few pre cuts and am finding them fascinating at what can be done with them. I want more! Thanks for the chance to get some ot yours on sale!

  167. Just finished my Christmas table cloth using 4 charm packs & regular yardage from Holly Nights ♡ can hardly wait to use it this Saturday at Christmas party 🙂 Thinking I should have used just one layer cake….I’m learning!

  168. I occasionally buy precuts. I’ve made several quilts using the twister ruler and charm packs. I like the variety of the precuts and when you see a line of fabric you fall in love with you can have a little of all of it. I enjoy your blog and am almost finished with the Magic of Christmas blocks. Your designs make it hard for me to decide on which way to put them all together. I really like all of the setting ideas. Merry Christmas !

  169. So far many of my precuts are decorations. Getting very inspired to get into the stash after seeing your fabulous snowball quilt!

  170. I use jelly rolls frequently to make quick quilts for gifts. I have made table runners using charm packs. I love getting a little of each of the beautiful fabrics in a fabric line and have been collecting red and cream based collections for a snowball quilt. I love seeing your finished quilts-so inspiring.

  171. I buy a lot of fat quarter bundles but they do seem to sit on my shelves. I hate to cut into them and am always looking for that perfect pattern for them. I love your reproduction 5″ charms. The most fun I had making a quilt was using them for Vintage Nine Patch from your Nine-Patch Gatherings Book.

  172. I buy jelly rolls, layercakes, charms and mini charms often. I use some in quilts (honeycombs for a queen- sized hexie quilt, several charm packs in assorted designs, my fave is a ” jewel box”, and regularly use jelly rolls and laercakes– most recently I’ve been using several of your ” conversational prints in the 365 challenge quilt– lots of snowmen, lambs, assorted Christmas prints, etc.) Sometimes I just hoard the minis and charms! I think I need some tumblers!

  173. First I started charm squares…then jelly rolls. I’m now adding Layer Cakes to my collection. I made 3 quilts for Christmas made out of just jelly rolls. Thanks for the great giveaway. Hugs

  174. I love precut! It is wonderful to see all the coordinating fabrics in a line and watch how well they play together in a project.

  175. I’ve bought several precuts and used a couple of sets to make yo-yo’s and hexagons. Precuts purchased to just have an entire line to help me decide if I wanted them for a project. Living over 30 miles from a shop that doesn’t always carry a favorite designer’s line (Including yours Lisa) is a great way to shop from home. Will be fun to be tempted with your precuts and free pattern idea — brilliant way to get me hooked.

  176. Yes I do buy pre cuts. Have made several strip quilts from jelly rolls and enjoy how easy it is and they do make great gift quilts.

  177. I love precuts because I get so many prints for less money. I bought 5″ squares in civil war repro for my mosaic quilt. That was much easier than buying quarter yard pieces.

  178. I buy (collect) charm packs and mini-charms packs mostly but … I do have layer cakes and rolls of strips around here as well. Isn’t it a rule that we must collect all kinds of fabrics? I learned that in Sewing 101 I think … lol I will use up my fabric, I will … I will. I’m just buying replacements to have ready to fill the empty spots. Honest.
    I have made a couple of quilts using charm packs and layer cakes but mostly cut into my stacks of fabric for what I need. I just collect because they are so darn pretty!

  179. I have never used precuts and have never purchased them, but would love to win some. I love this blog. Thanks for a chance to win fun prizes!

  180. I love to buy precuts! I am limited in my ability to travel, so I like to get the precuts sent to my home. Then I can really see each and every print in the line, and can make final choices for purchasing larger pieces of the yardage I want. Kristy

  181. I have made several quilts with precuts. My favorites are layer cakes and jelly rolls. Sometimes they are fun to pick up when you are traveling and visit a new shop! They also make great decorations in my sewing room! 😀

  182. I love precuts! I guess I’m a collector, as I have many layer cakes, jelly rolls, and 5″ charms, but have only used parts of a couple of layer cakes. One of my 2017 goals is to pull them out and use them more, though, and I’ve already picked out a quilt to use jelly rolls on for a nephew.

  183. I have to admit I mostly just collect them, but I know I should start using them. I’ve never bought Jelly rolls or the larger precuts, mostly charms & mini charms.

  184. I save charm packs! Where ever we travel I pick up another pack. I have done baby Quilts and broken nine patch with them. Still have a drawer full, getting ready to do “small quilts”.

  185. I have bought quite a few but still haven’t started a project with them. How do you handle the fraying of the zig-zag edge? Or does the starch take care of that? I know some people have cut that edge off, but that takes a ton of time. Would love to win?!!

  186. I do buy precuts and have made a couple of quilts from them. My favorite was “A Yuletide Snowflake”. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  187. I’ve bought some precuts, mainly to see a variety of fabrics until I get more familiar with the different patterns. I’ve used some of them for crazy quilt squares and potholders but haven’t ventured into a big project yet,

  188. I am currently working on a mystery quilt using some charm squares. It has been fun and I think coordinating the fabric to the charm squares made the mystery aspect of it easier for me. I also love to collect them, I think its a fun way to get a “scrappy” but coordinated look.

  189. I have had a habit of collecting pre-cuts since they made their debut in the quilting world. Unfortunately, I have not really found patterns that I truly love that are pre-cut friendly. Recently, my new passion for wool appliqué has allowed me to use my 10″ layer cakes in cotton and flannel for my background fabrics. My husband wishes to thank Lisa personally for my new found wool addiction, especially when a PG delivery is made to our home on a weekly basis.

  190. I do buy precuts and I have used them in projects but I have a little collection of unused charms as well. I like the idea from yesterday to use the charms
    with the triangle papers. I’ll definitely look into this!

  191. Yes! I love buying precuts. I don’t make complicated quilts (yet) so they are perfect for me. And I get to get right to work instead of washing my fabric!

  192. Having pre-cuts in the stash are essential when you find a small quilt, table topper or bag to make. Sewing is more fun than cutting!

  193. I just finished a log cabin quilt for my granddaughter for Christmas. It was completely cut out and so easy to put together. I have also made other quilts with precuts.

  194. I’m new to quilting so precuts have been my go to product, at least until I learn to cut better! Love having charms packs around, ready to go as I can whip together a cute little throw very quickly!

  195. Love using precuts. Currently working on a Christmas quilt with wool applique snowmen using Snowman Gathering jelly rolls and 5″ charms.

  196. I definitely buy and use precuts, but I have to admit that I have bought more than I have used! I love to make quilts from them. I am sure most of my quilts started as a precut bundle of one kind or another.

  197. Tried to’ll e ave a vcr comment before but it wouldn’t post. Have some precuts that I have’m are a couple of big quilts with and some s mall projects with but would love to have more. Especially yours. Love the ones I got from your booth at Paducah. Your colors are amazing. Pick e please

  198. I have used precuts. I’ve made several table runners for gifts and even kept one for myself. It’s a great way to get a range of fabrics without having leftovers. Love them!

  199. I love to appliqué, so I love having precuts for that perfect little fussy cut thing to put it over the top. My favorite thing I ever made from precuts is the happy little sheep quilt that you designed with your beautiful Old Glory fabrics. I think it is the first quilt that I made using cotton for the background for wool appliqué and absolutely love it!!! I’m a new hand quilter so it was the perfect size to hand quilt as well. I hang it on my fireplace for patriotic holidays.

  200. I love precuts – all sizes. I have used them for twister projects, and jelly roll quilts, and am currently making little 9-patches by your method from packages of your 1800 precut fabric collections. They are so cute!!

  201. I use precuts a LOT! One of my faves is the tumbler runner from Primitive Gatherings. Bought the kit from you & get lots of great compliments on it! I also seem to collect a LOT of charm squares. Sometimes I just find it hard to part with them. I’ve also made a couple of layer cake quilts & a few jelly roll quilts. Love the precuts!!

  202. I invest in charm packs because I make small quilts. It is a great way to see the whole fabric line…then I can pick which ones I want more of. Right now I am making a table topper❤️

  203. 5″ charm packs seem to be my favorite size. I use them to scrap up quilts with a larger variety of fabrics. But I have to admit sometimes I hate to cut into them!

  204. I love precuts. They are so pretty to look at! I have collected quite a few that I haven’t used yet, but I have also made quite a few projects from them. One of my favorite patterns, or maybe you would call it a template instead, is the Twister. Those are so fun to make and always turn out looking good.

  205. I like the 5″ charm packs the best. I’ve made a couple of baby quilts with them and am just finishing the binding on a cute Christmas snuggle quilt for my daughter.

  206. I love precuts but have trouble breaking open the pretty bundles. I made a quilt for my son and daughter-in-law with charms and they love it! I love collecting your lines this way too.

  207. I have made several of your little quilts with precuts. I like the ideas you provided in these larger quilts. Thanks.

  208. Ha ha, I am a collector of pre-cuts as well as a maker with pre-cuts. I’ve made table runners and small quilts with pre-cuts but have not tried anything as large as a bed size quilt.

  209. Love, love, love precuts! My two FAVORITE quilts that I have made so far were made from precuts …a scrappy lap size of all 1″ finished tumblers and another made from your “girls retreat” pattern, but in a lap size….both took me MONTHS to complete because of the small pieces, but worth every minute as they are the two I’m most proud of! Sitting on my cutting table currently is a stack of fat eighth miniature gatherings precuts to do a scrappy miniature orange peel quilt. Precuts remove the anxiety of not knowing if things will coordinate and they are just so much easier to work with. LOVE them!

  210. Yes I use precuts. My favorite right now is “Primitive Blooms” I’ve just about finished putting the top together I used wool and needle flannel layer cake for the HSTs And A couple of charm packs of wool for the blooms I’m loving it 💜💜💜 Next I’m going to try making something with the Tumbler pre-cuts so the sale is right up my alley I’m waiting till the end so I can order everything all at once

  211. Yes!!! Love Precuts!! I have made a few D9P quilts with Charms. Have used Charms more than the others..Pinwheels, 9-Patch, and such. Am working on a Double-Slice Layer Cake quilt ( pattern from Missouri Star Quilts) now..my first use of a Layer Cake! 🙂 I have a few Jelly Rolls waiting a turn to play next! 😀

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!!

  212. I love precuts , especially charm packs. It’s like getting to taste every piece of candy in the box. Use them and collect them. Precuts are genius!

  213. I purchase pre-cuts all the time. I love getting all that coordinated fabric in one shot. I design a lot with EQ7 and I like seeing what “puzzle” I can put together. Pre-cuts are also my favorite go-to for quick throw quilts. I love doing disappearing nine-patch with pre-cuts because they go together so nice and scrappy and make me look good!

  214. I do buy precuts and I like to use them for small projects like table runners and baby quilts. I just made a large quilt for one of my granddaughters out of charm squares and layer cakes that were in my stash, plus some yardage. The quilt was made with Dresden Plates.

  215. Precuts are my go-to, especially the 2 1/2″ and the 5″. I also love my fat quarters..of fabric that is lol! I love to make small quilts and with these Precuts I can start sewing quicker plus I love that I get a whole fabric collection in little candy like treats!

  216. I love pre-cuts. They feed my collection loving soul. I mostly try to buy them now for a specific project – love your snowball quilt – but would happily have a closet of them, just to admire! Thanks for the chance to win.

  217. Precuts are my favorite. They look adorable while being stored and they are a dream to use for quilts since a lot of the cutting is done for you! I like making pieced pincushions with precuts.

  218. I really like precuts because of the variety but sometimes it’s hard to break into them, though! What a great jelly roll pattern! Thank you!

  219. I love to use precuts. My favorite quilt that I made so far is a tumbler quilt, using reproduction fabrics in a jelly roll. It was fun and turned out beautifully!

  220. Love pre cuts. I have a huge collection. I’ve made projects from them and u could say I collect also. Lol. I’ll probably not live long enough to use my fabric stash or complete my project list Having fun though.

    1. I love precuts! I love scrappy quilts, and find the precuts to be a great way to achieve the look I love.

  221. Yes, I use precuts! They’re great for hand applique when you just need a smidgen of a certain color for a flower petal or leaf. I’ve made a few small quilts and tablerunners using precuts!

  222. I have many per cuts but I just seem to collect them. Guess I will need to think about using them. You sure do great quilts with them.

  223. I really like using pre cuts especially when I want something quick. I did the jelly roll race with out quilt guild and when it was done I added some wool applique on it. Its one of my favorite quilts. I just took a workshop to make a vintage baby quilt which uses 2 1/2 inch squares. I have one of your songbird jelly rolls waiting for the perfect pattern.

  224. Honest comment- I collect more precuts than I’ve used so far but have made quilts using jelly rolls and charm packs. My favorite so far is a baby quilt in brights!

  225. I collect a LOT of precuts – many from PG – and I do see with some. I have been enjoying working on your bow tie pattern using precut squares. It’s always tough to break into those FQ towers, though…. They look so pretty on my shelf!!

  226. Yes – I buy precuts. So far I’m just a “collector” – they are such cute little packages that I hate to open them! I guess I need to get over that and make something!!!!

  227. Yes, I love precuts but I try to buy extra fabric, too. I just made three quilts from layer cakes. I had to alter the pattern on the last one as it didn’t have enough lights in the selection. I do like just looking at the little charm packs and minis on my shelf but need to look less and sew more.

  228. I would like to see more patterns for pre-cuts. I have a habit of buying charms so I get a smidgen of each fabric in a line. From there I order yardage of my favorites.

  229. I love to buy precuts to get some of everything in a collection. I use some but some are waiting for the perfect project to come along.

  230. I like to buy precuts, as you get at least one piece of each print in a collection. Then you can get yardage of favorite pieces. My favorites are charm squares & layer cakes. I made a pinwheel out of brights. Loved it

  231. I buy pre its and have used them for a thousand tumblers or whatever that pattern is. I love the accuracy of the pieces and the variety of patterns. I also make Schnibbles patterns with my Guild.

  232. I am making a quilt for each of my 20 grandchildren. I made my first quilt with a couple charm packs. I needed a faster way to produce all these quilts and the charm packs were perfect. Saved me hours of cutting. I love your new Red collection and can’t wait to use it on one of my quilts

  233. Best thing from a precut?? Well one top one is the twister in Any size but the PG mini one is great!! I , also like the Moda books that use the 2.5″ squares from all the designers!! Either 13 or 18 different projects and each booklet is only $10!! Moda and their infinite wisdom. 😀😀

  234. Precuts are definitely a needful thing. I buy precuts all the time. And yes, I do make something from them. One of my favorites is a square table topper. Thanks for all the tips on searching fabrics before cutting. Accuracy is greatly improved.

  235. I buy precuts, I buy fat quarters, I buy yardages. I have a problem!!! I have some of your tiny precuts but haven’t used them yet. They are just so cute it’s hard to resist buying them.

  236. I love pre-cuts and have many PG packs. There are 2 pieces of each fabric, I only use one and keep the other, just love having them, and can reference back to them and order larger pieces if needed. I make mini quilts and the 2″ are perfect. Can’t wait for Snowman Gatherings III.

  237. Yes, I buy precuts and love them and often add yardage for borders and just because! I love PG fabrics and have precuts and fat quarters and yardage. I have made square in a square and tumbler quilts using precuts. Can’t wait to see Snowman Gatherings III!

  238. Sounds silly or shocking I bet to some! I have never used pre-cuts, I love how perfect they look. So why have I never bought some? This I think is because I have always bought fabric off the bolt.. It’s rather funny as only yesterday my husband surprised me with a Moda mini charm pack called Farm Fun. It’s adorable and I see why people love pre-cuts like this! As for what to make with it?? This is new territory for me! An exciting new challenge, awesome! I think I could get used to these pre-cuts!!

  239. Yes I have used products. Have made baby quilts table toppers and even an extra large queen quilt.

  240. Yes I use pre cuts. They cut down my time for making baby quilts, etc. I like the different fabrics without having to purchase a little of this and a little of that. I love the snowball quilt. I think it’s your colors, so warm and comforting.

  241. I’m afraid I’m guilty of hoarding precuts (as well as many other quilty things). Amazing that you would post the snowball quilt right now as I was just wondering if one might use charm packs for a snowball quilt. I see now how it might be done.

  242. Love the precuts! I have used almost all of them in one quilt or another. I also love giving them as gifts!

  243. I do buy precuts. I use the small candy ones to make Hexagons. I have used the 2-1/2″ strips for quilts. Thanks for giveaways. Nancy P.

  244. I buy them now and then, when I love a fabric line or as a gift or to use in a scrap quilt and then throw in my own stuff too. They are fun for making little mini quilts or they are so cute in baskets or on a shelf just to be admired!

  245. I have made table runners from charm packs. I just bought my first jelly rolls for a quilt. Would like to try something with a layer cake. My least favorite part of quilting is cutting all the pieces!

  246. I have bought precuts and I use them for making scrappy quilts, where you want to use as many fabrics as possible. Perfect for that.

  247. just used your Snowman Gathering, precut 5″ in the Warm Winter Gathering pattern and the snowball block to make placemats…posted on my facebook page..

  248. You are so generous with your knowledge and skills Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve never joined a quilt guild . Everything I’ve learned has been from following your blog and a couple quilting friends. I have used Moda precuts for kids quilts and your precut charms for several civil war reproduction quilts. It’s a great way to get variety without adding to my stash.

  249. I love precuts. I make small wall quilts that I frame. Precuts are a nice way to get a variety of fabrics that work well together. I made a framed quilted piece for my nephew’s wedding with precuts. He thought that it was an antique piece from his grandmother. It was fabulous.

  250. I have bought several precuts but seldom use them. I love looking at them and flipping through the fabric but can’t seem to use them.

  251. I love precuts & use them as much as I can since I’m not a fan of cutting & they can be a huge time saver. The 2nd quilt I ever made was with pre cut tumblers. It was so easy & turned out gorgeous.

  252. I have bought some precuts…not many though. They work well for scrappy quilts with the addition of other yardage on hand. I have also used them for doll quilts where a lot of fabric is not required!

  253. I’ve never used precuts, mostly because I can’t decide what to do about the pinked edge. However, I did buy a package of 5″ squares not long ago, but I haven’t done anything with them yet.