Liberty Gatherings…Please read if you have this pattern!!!

I am posting this to alert you there have been errors found in our pattern and we think they all have been discovered now- so this is why I am posting now instead of every time one was discovered…I know this is frustrating and we are so beside ourselves with it…See the correction link below…

My friend Val is teaching this at The Christmas Goose in Las Vegas and has helped up with getting everything straight with the pattern…We also thank the other shop owners who are working on this as well for letting us know… Val has made up a cutting chart for the whole quilt that we have also listed on the corrections if you shop owners want to kit it as a whole quilt instead of a BOM…Thanks again Val!  Some of the numbers that were incorrect are fabric numbers which mean a lot to whoever is kitting your kit, but aren’t necessarily needed for making the blocks. Again we sincerely apologize for this…

Please Print this and add it to your pattern    Corrections

This is a fun and beautiful quilt…I hope you enjoy stitching it!!

16 responses to “Liberty Gatherings…Please read if you have this pattern!!!”

  1. Dawn Brinker Avatar
    Dawn Brinker

    I can’t open the corrections for Libery Gathering with word press. Can you post it a different way?

    Dawn Brinker Sent from my iPhone


  2. Nina Christman Avatar
    Nina Christman

    I tried using my Primitive Gatherings password, but it wouldn’t work either. I have my first month; do I wait now until I can get the corrections?

  3. Joan Bowser Avatar
    Joan Bowser

    I can’t get to these corrections and I am signed up for your BOM

    It is asking for a password to the weblog which I have never had to use before.

  4. ksoppelt Avatar

    I found I could open them as pdfs by going to the corrections page in the page header above

  5. Pamela Pokragac Avatar
    Pamela Pokragac

    I can’t open it either – I’m on my PC. Thank you 🙂

  6. Florence Donohue Avatar
    Florence Donohue

    I can’t open your weblog. Maybe create a pdf?

  7. Carol Garner Avatar
    Carol Garner

    Lisa, I can’t open the document. Thanks. Carol Garner

    Sent from my iPad

  8. Michelle Avatar

    I went to corrections to our patterns at the top of the blog home page and was able to down load the corrections

  9. Kristie Avatar
  10. Teresa Avatar

    Bumps in the road are part of life. Thanks for making a document for the correction’s. Your friend Val, is very kind to put together a supply list for the whole quilt.

  11. Nicole Hanson Avatar
    Nicole Hanson

    I love the “primitive” blocks on the Liberty Gatherings sew along. I can’t seem to find the free patterns or a place to order them. Please help with a hint or two? Thanks. I love all your projects and need to mamke more time to do them!!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Nicole…Our Free patterns are under the top maid heading on the blog…

      1. Nicole Hanson Avatar
        Nicole Hanson

        Thank you!!!!!

  12. Juareen Castillo Avatar
    Juareen Castillo

    Is anyone else having trouble printing the corrections? I keep getting redirected.

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. my3kitties Avatar

    I just picked up the Liberty Gatherings pattern this past weekend at the shop, I haven’t even looked at it yet…will this need the corrections for it?
    Thanks, Tammy

  14. Cherie Shaeffer Avatar
    Cherie Shaeffer

    When hitting the print button it sends me to your web post to sign up for me to have a WordPress website All I want is the correction for Liberty Gatherings Looking for to making this quilt Thanks an looking forward in hearing from you with all corrections Thanks again Cherie

    Sent from my iPhone


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