Block 9 Moda Blockheads…

Today is Block 9…Jo Morton has designed us another beautiful block…Click HERE for the pattern…

I love this block…easy to make and love that you can fussy cut something in the center…

Here is my patriotic version as well…

Question of the Week:

May 3 – Cleaning Sewing Machines:  How frequently?  How thoroughly?  On a related side-note – have we named our sewing machine?  Machines? What kind of machine do you prefer?

I clean my machine about every five bobbins…I go in and sweep the dust bunnies out…about twice a year I take the throat plate completely off and do some “spring/fall” cleaning…My machine does not have a name…I’ll work on that…it’s probably because I have several at different locations.  I will confess..I have two Bernina’s,1260 & 1530…..two featherweights, one black, one white..5 Juki’s which is my regular machines that I stitch on….Two at home, one in the work studio and two in two in CA…one in the shop and one at Brooke & Lukes house…You understand right???  I LOVE the JUKI, nothing comes close to it…If you are curious read this post…JUKI.  

If you need to have one after reading it you can purchase one HERE  Best machine you’ll ever own for quilting.

Make sure you stop over to see what all the other designers have for you this week!!!

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Jan Patek –
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Jo Morton –
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Lynne Hagmeier –
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Moda’s Collections for a Cause by Carrie Nelson –
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We will be using the #modablockheads  for this BOW!

I also never posted block 8 of my patriotic version…got it done last tonight!!

Just a heads up…with Market next week…I may not have my #10 blocks done…my fabric is still not here and I may be working hard on that when it does make it…I will catch up though and post a pieced one too.

12 responses to “Block 9 Moda Blockheads…”

  1. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Hi Lisa, I purchased my Juki from you in December and I love it. I live in California and wonder if you sell the 1/4″ foot in the Marietta store, or if I need to order from WI? Thanks so much for all you do.

  2. patgodkin Avatar

    The link to Jo’s pattern does not take you to block nine

    Sent from my iPhone


      1. Stephanie Avatar

        I was having the same problem, thanks David!! I can’t wait to get started!

  3. Hildy Avatar

    Beautiful blocks!

  4. Sarah Paladino Avatar
    Sarah Paladino

    Maybe I am remembering wrong, but at one point didn’t youbsay Juki is coming out with a scant 1/4″ foot? If so, us that available yet? I love my Juki! It’s a dream to sew on.

    1. Sarah Paladino Avatar
      Sarah Paladino

      I turned off autocorrect on my phone, so sorry about the typos.

  5. Nancy Pleimann Avatar
    Nancy Pleimann

    What ever Lisa says I second. I put getting it off for two years and in Dec. I ordered one. Don’t put off big mistake. I love everything about it. It is well worth the money. I have sewed on nothing but Bernina’s but not anymore. I will keep my Bernina for a spare, for every day sewing to make quilts the Juki is great. The 1/4″ foot is great.

  6. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    I have been sewing since …well let’s say over 50 years. I have seen on treadles…singers.. own 2 great Berninas although one is officially handed down to 13 year old granddaughter….I am so thankful Lisa showed how great a Juki is and offers the best price anywhere. I LOVE my Juki. It has made piecing a new adventure again….

  7. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    P.S. The 1/4 inch foot was with my Juki I got in December. Yeah baby!!!

  8. Lana Avatar

    Love, love the Juki!!! I purchased one from Lisa 3 years ago. The best purchase ever! I’ve been thinking about getting another one to take along to our once a week sewing group. They are a little heavy– but I just can’t piece as well on my Bernia ( I have 2) and I have always loved my Bernias. Does anyone use them to sew away from home? I’m thinking I could sew and get my weight training in at the same time!!!

  9. Cathy Avatar

    Love your Patriotic Block! They all look great. Maybe next time I’ll go that route. Wish I had one of those Juki’s. I’ve been making my blocks on my featherweight. Don’t push yourself so hard Lisa. Safe travels!

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