Boy we are rolling right along, 18 weeks/blocks already…my post is late because I was spending time with those I love…I’m on staycation..

Today’s block pattern is Carrie’s from Moda!!! I love the log cabin piecing in the center!…Click HERE to go to the Moda Blog to get the downloadable pattern…

Here is my patriotic version…I didn’t really care for that yellow put in the first scrappy block so I found the “Instant Antique” and dulled it down a bit…looks a little better now…


after…If you are in need of some”Instant Antique” you can get it HERE

Go see everyone blocks!!!


9 responses to “MODA BLOCKHEAD 18!!!”

  1. Betty wagner Avatar
    Betty wagner

    What is instant antique and where can you get it. I have a mini quilt I need to use this on. On strip is way too light.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      betty the link to get it is in the post…Primitive Gatherings

  2. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    I’m interested in the Instant Antiques spray you used. I have a pieced block in my Underground RR quilt where the background is too white for the rest of the quilt. I tried tea dying it to age it a bit, but it came out when I washed it even tho I heat set it. Is this product permanent and how do you get it on just the one area? Thanks! Pris

  3. Hildy Avatar

    I love your blocks! Never heard of instant antique I need to check it.

  4. peggycooperquilts Avatar

    Love all your blocks.

  5. kathyreeves Avatar

    My “instant antique” usually arrives as a coffee spill!

  6. J.A. Konkel Avatar
    J.A. Konkel

    Does Instant Antique work as a permanent “stain”? Or does it wash out? Worked VERY well in your block; looks great!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I would call it semi permanent…if you wanted to wash it out it would come out a little…

  7. Janet O. Avatar

    The instant antique was a good call.
    Love the way you fussy cut the house in your patriotic version!

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