Moda Blockhead…Block 23!!!


Block 23 already!!!  Why does it just seem like it was just my turn??? I just love taking simple blocks and adding to them…a simple 8 pointed star and…I added four patches in the center and the corners… Click here to print out the pattern…Block23LB_WinneconneStar

I had just enough time to do one block…but will catch up with the scrappy version later when there are not so many deadlines…we have our warehouse sale this weekend and I am teaching Tuesday and Wednesday (today)…I made them Chicken Dumpling soup tonight(this is Monday)…I hope they like it!!!

The question of the week:   What is your favorite brand of rulers?  And why do you prefer that one? 

After quilting for 20 years of quilting and owning many many rulers…I prefer the Creative Grid rulers…when I wanted to design a ruler I went to them with my idea and they were totally “onboard”…I now have 3 rulers currently with them 5″x15″, 6″x6″ and 3″x7″…why do I like these rulers?…so simple…everything is a dashed line…no solid lines…I can SEE where my fabric is…and…those 1/8″ markings…all there so.. no more counting hash marks for 3/8” or 5/8″…then last but not least…the famous built in no slip grips (see those see thru circles?) …If you need one of these  you can buy them  HERE or see our whole selection of CGR rulers HERE   I can’t cut with out them…I will soon be working on another size?  Any of you have these already? Thanks for hanging out this long and listening to me “talk” about CGR rulers, I appreciate your time and hope you enjoy making my block this week…

Go check out everyone else’s blocks too!!! See what rulers they like!!

27 responses to “Moda Blockhead…Block 23!!!”

  1. Ginger Herrera Avatar
    Ginger Herrera

    Thanks… having some much fun with the moda Blockheads.

  2. Patti Avatar

    I bought your set of rulers earlier this year and I love them. I own one other CG ruler, a large square. When I started quilting I bought Trudie Hughes rulers, but as they wear out I am replacing with CG. I really like the no slip circles.

  3. Mary Avatar

    My favorite ruler in one with orange lines. I love it as it’s easier on my eyes. All of those bright yellows are just too much.

  4. Mimi Hall Avatar
    Mimi Hall

    I LOVE this block! I have all three of your rulers… however… I don;t know how to use them!!

  5. LeAnn Goettel Avatar
    LeAnn Goettel

    I like the creative grids for all the reasons you listed but probably more for their additional 1/2″ that they add (6 1/2″, 12 1/2″, etc.) It sure makes cutting easy when you want a six inch finished piece. LeAnn Goettel

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  6. Janet O. Avatar

    Love the block and the rulers!
    I have all three sizes–in fact, I just blogged about them again in my most recent post. They are truly indispensable!

  7. peggycooperquilts Avatar

    My favorite ruler is the Creative Grid also. I love that I can actually see the markings. Thanks for this block. It is another of my favorites.

  8. Sandra Avatar

    I have all three of yours!!! Love them. Can’t wait to see your new one. I know I’ll have to have it, too.

  9. Kim Skelding Avatar
    Kim Skelding

    Creative grids for the all the same reasons. But I love the 1/2 inch side also. The variety of rulers is great this is because they work with designers. So smart.

  10. Alycia Maurer Avatar
    Alycia Maurer

    I have all 3 of your CG rulers and I love them. Those 1/8″ markings are a life-saver. Most of the rest of my rulers are CG. I do have 2 OmniGrid rulers. One has a piece at the end that blocks the ruler from slipping down. I also have a very large square ruler from them, but I never use it. Looking forward to seeing what you next ruler is. As someone else posted I’ll have to have it, too, I am sure. Thank you for your blocks. I have loved all of them. I have really enjoyed the Blockheads. I am behind, but catching up!

  11. Jill Defries Avatar
    Jill Defries

    Creative Grids for me also!

  12. pattypiecer Avatar

    I purchased your rulers, love love love them. Waiting to see what other size you will be offering.
    Also, I am in love with your triangle papers. I started using them a couple of years ago on a pattern I was making.
    I tried three different brands of triangle paper and I found yours to be the most accurate.
    Thanks for your time and generosity .

  13. Vikki W Avatar
    Vikki W

    I own all 3 of your rulers and absolutely LOVE them for all the reasons you give!! My cutting accuracy has really improved which in turn means my sewing accuracy has improved!! Working on smaller blocks is so much more enjoyable now! Looking forward to your new ruler.

  14. Gloria Galiana Avatar
    Gloria Galiana

    I have all three of your rulers and use them all the time. Lining up and cutting is so much more accurate…along with the starch you can’t go wrong. Can’t wait to see your next ruler.

  15. Bernice Avatar

    I love my Itty Bitty Eights Ruler. My first Creative Grids Ruler and I am sold on it, so easy to see the fabric edge and it doesn’t slip.

  16. Dee Avatar

    Love my creative grids exclusively, especially my itty bits – have one set for home and one for sew ins

  17. Ingrid Avatar

    I ❤️ The itty bitty ruler! It is one of three that stay on top of my cutting/work table. The other two are a six by 1.5 and the 12.5 by 4, I believe – I’m not at home so am guessing. I plan to replace the other rulers with CG because of the markings and the no slip. Thanks for a beautiful block…again!

  18. ingridslatta Avatar

    I ❤️ The itty bitty ruler! It is one of three that stay on top of my cutting/work table. I plan to replace the other rulers with CG because of the markings and the no slip. Thanks for a beautiful block…again!

  19. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    I love, love this block!
    Ha ha I’ve been fishing in Winneconne, I can’t remember if we caught anything because that was soooo long ago.
    I have all your rulers…are my go to rulers! Can’t wait to see what the new ruler you’ve designed 🙂

  20. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    I love your creative grid rulers. I have the Itty bitty ones but still need to buy rectangle ones. Will be a great investment. Will get alot of use out of them.

  21. Dorothy Snow Avatar

    Lisa, this has nothing to do with the blog today but to do with your wonderful, calm woman at the end of the phone line. I am one of the bow Canadian quilters and today I got in a flap as I saw numbers for freebies and numbers for blocks and I didn’t realize those compact packages held both the block and the freebee. I thought that there was a catastrophe facing me. However she talked to me calmly and I was so glad that everything was A OK.
    I am also glad I now have all the blocks. Thank you for the designs . Thank you for your wonderful , efficient and calming staff.
    Enjoy the summer, I am looking forward to four days of building my patchwork garden. Dorothy Snow

  22. Vickie Bramblet Avatar
    Vickie Bramblet

    I love the Block Of The Week. They have all been fantastic and the instructions are great.

  23. Bernie Kuse Avatar
    Bernie Kuse

    I use creative rulers a lot also, my favorite are the Loc-Bloc rulers.

  24. Claire Avatar

    I have the first two Itty Bitty Eights rulers. Love them. Such a handy size and no slipping. They are my favourite small rulers. Well worth the money.

  25. Clair Becker Avatar
    Clair Becker

    I have all three,they are fabulous for mini cuts. Accurate cutting finally

  26. Sandie Avatar

    Like most everyone else who has commented, I own all three of your rulers with Creative Grids. My favorites for many reasons!

  27. Cathy Avatar

    Ok I’m late to the table but I love, love, love my PG Creative Grids Rulers. I only have 1 problem with them… I keep having to replace them as my quilt buddies like them to and I end up giving them as gifts. Thanks for a great product Lisa.

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