California Big Stitch Class

I’m in my 4th state in less than two weeks…(Texas, Utah, & Cali…flew out of Vegas so that counts as four…lol) Had a wonderful flight Friday and a class the first thing this morning…(Sat.)

Todays class was Big-Stitch Quilting…we had 9 new stitchers and one repeat from the last one I taught…she loved it so much she wanted to come back and retain more knowledge…Do you remember Barb’s quilt we got her started on in her 1st class?  She was the one who brought in the frame and I set it up and we got her started…Read the post HERE if you want to hear about it.  She was so proud of her flag quilt that will hang in her son’s 8th grade class…Barb then started basting her next quilt…The rest of the 9 ladies all were stitching away…I think this was the easies hand quilting class I have ever taught…they all “got it” right away!!!Thanks Ladies for an awesome day!!!  I appreciate you coming to PG and taking a class…good luck on getting those quilts quilted….I hope Barb inspired you to just go for it!!!

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  1. Teresa Avatar

    They all make it look so easy! Beautiful stitching all around. My mother is a self taught sewist/hand quilter and She would have loved your class.

  2. Barbara Nelson Avatar
    Barbara Nelson

    Lisa, you are amazing. So much energy and good common sense. One has to be inspired by you! Thanks for a great day. Barb

  3. kathyreeves Avatar

    Lisa, I am assuming this is perl cotton, do you use #8 or something smaller? I do Hardanger so I have #5 and #8 on hand, already, but know there are more sizes yet.

  4. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    I have the same question. What thread are they using. Robin. Remeber me from Hershey !

  5. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    Looks like fun…….and they had an excellent teacher:) CA store looks FABULOUS!!!!! Safe travels. Can’t wait for my turn in your class in OBX!!!!!:)

  6. Stephanie Meeks Avatar
    Stephanie Meeks

    Sorry I missed you when you were in Texas. Hope I will get to come to a class when you’re in the Dallas area.

  7. Tanya Quilts in CO Avatar

    All of my hand quilting is big stitch–it is forgiving, primitive and of course fun!

  8. Barbara Nelson Avatar
    Barbara Nelson

    My 94 year old Mom loves my picture. Thx for making her day.

  9. Mimi Hall Avatar
    Mimi Hall

    I want to make this pattern now… I LOVE it! How do you get the pattern of the loops onto the quilt to be able to do the big stitch quilting? Is it free handed?

  10. marysalmon Avatar

    Wow! I’m jealous!

  11. Charisse Hamilton Avatar
    Charisse Hamilton

    Will you be in Texas again?? I sure want to play!!!!🐞

  12. Kathy Santo Avatar
    Kathy Santo

    You are 1 busy lady. We missed you in Grand Rapids. We’ll see you in October when you come to Macomb County Quilt Guild

  13. deanna fleming Avatar
    deanna fleming

    is there a pattern for Barb’s flag quilt ? It is beyond beautiful…….. De

  14. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    I’m hoping you will teach this class again sometime. It is definitely on my bucket list!

  15. Mildred Yost Avatar
    Mildred Yost

    Where can I get the flag pattern, AWWWsoome

  16. Joyce B. Avatar
    Joyce B.

    Thanks Lisa and all the awesome ladies at PG. You all made this a fun class.

  17. Lois Walker Avatar
    Lois Walker

    I am wondering if you carry the pattern for the beautiful flag quilt?

  18. Sharon Avatar

    Loving Barbaras flag quilt, is there a pattern, and if so where can we find it? Thanks, Sharon.

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