moda blockheads…blocks 26 & 27

It’s been a wild ride over here in my world…I’m glad to back on track…

Here is my last weeks block and this weeks!!! If you need last weeks Cat’s Cradle block from Betsy…here is the link BLOCK 26And then for this weeks block you will need to go to Jo’s blog…for her Union Variation…

Today was another busy day…I made cookies with “little man” (after we took Papa to his Dr appt)….he is so much fun…he had to dump in all the ingredients into the mixer… maybe he will be a baker???…I’ve included the recipe… These were his Daddy’s and his 2 uncles’s favorite cookie when they were growing up…and maybe still, I haven’t made them in so long…..Enjoy!!! Ranger CookiesMake sure you visit everyones social media sites today!!!

Have a great Wednesday!!!



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  1. Marie Jenkins Avatar
    Marie Jenkins

    Dear Lisa, Since this is the first time I’ve commented to you I kinda feel I should say a little bit before I ask my question! I’ve followed your blog for a couple years and find you to be an amazing inspiration in so many facets of life!! I imagine to know you personally would be a wonderful treat! Other than your blog and online presence I “know” you as a vendor at the quilt shows you come to in southern California, where I get to see and enjoy all your wonderful creations!! But besides the wool work and fabulous quilts, I’m a major fan of the recipies you post!! Mostly your cookies!! Today I was bragging again about your Oatmeal-walnut-chocolate cookies!! My favorite…I think until today!! I can’t wait to try your Ranger cookies!! I know my grandbabies will love them too! So here is my question: from one of you pictures I can see you have a Kitchen-aid mixer, standard size, do you split this recipe somehow while mixing? I couldn’t possibly get 5 cups of flour and rice krispies added without it ending up all over the counter!!

    Please advise! And thank you for sharing so unconditionally of yourself! Looking forward to Ranger cookies!!


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Marie…
      It is a great question…and yes this is a lot of cookies…I have two kitchen Aid mixers…one I keep on the counter and one is a bigger heavy duty I keep in my pantry…but what you can do if you do not have a larger mixer is…mix everything but the rice krispies and then put the dough in a larger bowl and hand mix in the rice krispies…this also helps to not crush them…and this is what I did way back when I did not have a larger mixer.

  2. Jakey Avatar

    Ooh those cookies look good! Thank you for the recipe, I can’t wait to try it. He is adorable, and it’s so nice that you get to spend time together. Hugs, Jakey

  3. Carla J Avatar
    Carla J

    Glad hubby is home and prognosis is good. Please remember to take care of your self through all of this.
    Cookies sound fantastic, I am a huge fan of making a double batch and freezing dough to bake later. Easy way to rotate variety in the cookie jar and to always have fresh cookies. Keep stitching and thank you for all you do.

  4. claude horton Avatar
    claude horton

    Wow, those cookies look delicious! can I have a bite?😊 hug and a 👓kiss, Nancy🐦

    On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 12:01 AM, Lisa Bongean’s Weblog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “It’s been a wild ride over here in my world…I’m > glad to back on track… Here is my last weeks block and this weeks!!! If > you need last weeks Cat’s Cradle block from Betsy…here is the link BLOCK > 26And then for this weeks block you will need to go t” >

  5. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    So glad Nick is recovering nicely. I can’t wait to make these cookies. I’ve made your Christmas cookies a couple of times and they were yummy. I’m sure Ranger cookies will be too. Thanks

  6. Karen Avatar

    How do you get such perfectly round cookie balls? and beautiful cookies . Do you use a cookie scoop and what size do you use, can not wait to try your receipe .

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…I use the larger scoop I believe from pampered chef

  7. Margaret Mossing Avatar
    Margaret Mossing

    Thanks for sharing your favorite cookie recipe and pictures. How fun making cookies with your grandson. Hope all is going well at your household.

  8. Dora Goodfellow Avatar
    Dora Goodfellow

    Lisa how did the surgery go with your husband. Good news I pray.

  9. Vicki Williamson Avatar
    Vicki Williamson

    I made the full batch…put half in freezer…they are So good! Thanks

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  10. June Elbert Avatar
    June Elbert

    Thank you for this great Ranger cookie recipe! I have made it several times and also took it to a potluck. Needless to say I had many requests for the recipe.
    I’m about to start my first pickup truck pattern.
    Thank you. Keep up the beautiful projects.

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