Moda Blockheads Block 34

Today’s block is from Jan Patek…Please go to her BLOG for the appliqué house block…I promised to give you alternative pieced block for the appliqué block…so here is this weeks…Click HERE for the pattern for the alternate #34.       Keep in mind that all the pieces cut will not be used…

With Quilt Market on the horizon, what is the best part about going to Market?  What is the worst part about it – is there a “worst part” for you?
This is easy..the best part…is the inspiration..all around…you come back ready to create and then the is nice seeing and visiting with our Moda, brothers & sisters.  The worst part…I hate not being home for Halloween…I now have a Grandson…so we have to do a trial “trick or treat” tonight…as I leave early tomorrow in the morning…so I guess…I just wish they would change the date.

I have a line of homespun fabrics being introduced at QM…I can’t wait to post some pics for you!!! Please follow us all to see all our newest things!!!

Make sure to visit the others as well!!!


3 responses to “Moda Blockheads Block 34”

  1. Janet O. Avatar

    I love this block design.
    That would be hard to leave the Little Man for Halloween. Such a fun time with wee ones.

  2. Hildy Avatar

    I love your block thanks for sharing it with us! Have a wonderful time at Market!

  3. mary salmon Avatar
    mary salmon

    Love this block!!

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