Moda Blockheads…Block 41 & A Merry Blockhead Giveaway!!!


December 13, 2017 at 6:59 am

I actually want two things: a way to travel to every quilt /fabric store in the world (a magic carpet would do), and the money to buy all the fabric my little heart desires. And believe me it can desire a lot! Since that’s probably a no-go, I will settle for having my whole family together! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Warning!!! There is a giveaway at the end of this post…a good one too!!!

Block 41 is my block this week!!! Pinwheel Star  Click HERE to print the pattern.

Block 41 is nice and easy…but I did notice one thing…the directions for the center pinwheel…when making those HST…trim them to 1 1/2″ before stitching them together (or just cut them 1 7/8″ to begin with)…I did not do it and I think they were a smidge big…but all in all they worked out…I’m certainly not going to redo it..or even think about getting the ripper out…some things just aren’t worth it!

I hope you are enjoying these blockhead blocks…it is so fun to see some of you putting quilts together already!  I am starting to work on my setting for the quilt..but I am adding lots more little pieces to mine…I try and get my “quota” in each day of 2″ stars…so when I need them to put the quilt  together… it is not that many at once…these babies are super cute and will make once heck of a finished quilt!!!

This week’s questions is???   Christmas presents… did you make any?  Did you finish everything – or will you still be stitching on December 24th?….I do not make Christmas presents….too much pressure!!!  I would like to someday though….


You can tell it’s definately Holiday season…Moda gave all of us an awesome prize to give-away!!! You must leave a comment on this post to win my prize!!! A Fat Eight tower of my just arrived in quilt shops Needle & Thread Gatherings….and an advanced copy of my (January released) book A Quilter’s Journal!!!!  

then Even BETTER is going and commenting on everyone’s blog to get a chance to win their prizes as well…


Lynne – F8 bundle of Harvest Hill and a copy of her Martingale book
Betsy – F8 bundle of Evelyn’s Homestead and a copy of 19th C. Patchwork Divas
Jan – hopefully a F8 bundle of Lilac Ridge or ???…and a copy of the Sycamore Ridge pattern
Jo – a F8 bundle of New Hope and a copy of Jo’s Floral Album
Lisa – a F8 bundle of Needle & Thread Gatherings and a copy of the Quilter’s Journal    

The question I would like you to answer is…

If you could have anything in the whole world for Christmas this year…what would that be?  This should be fun…I could use some humor in my life right now…

Winner will be picked on Sunday the 17th!!!

Today also starts our 12 days of Needful things here on my blog so look for that post as well!!!

Look for this Header!!! There will be 12 posts…for the 12 days until Christmas….lots of Needful (& fun) Things at great prices!!!





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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 30 and Jake 29 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

581 thoughts on “Moda Blockheads…Block 41 & A Merry Blockhead Giveaway!!!

  1. For Christmas, I would like to have a hug from my 23 year old grandson whom I haven’t seen in five years. I would love to hug him and tell him I love you … no matter what. Thank you, Lisa!

  2. I would love to have a bunch of snow days so that I can stay home and sew and sew and sew…. but, since I now live in central FL, that’s not going to happen!

  3. I would love for someone to organize all my crafting supplies. It desperately needs to be done, but I’m a little overwhelmed.

  4. I would love a trip to your quilt shop. I have read nothing but wonderful things about it and that would be fun. Do I need anything? NO but it sure is on my bucket list.

  5. I’d love to have an actual sewing room! Once the kids have moved out I’m sure I’ll finally have one, but it would be great to have everything in one dedicated space!

  6. I would love it if hubby was employed by Christmas. Life has tossed us a curve ball, and it’s interfering with my quilting!

  7. I would ask Santa to bring me a little travel trailer so I could go on a nationwide shop hop and my first stop would be Primitive Gatherings!!!! Hey….you said “anything in the whole wide world”. If a girls gonna dream, might as well make it a big one!!! 🙂

  8. I would love to say and wish for something funny. However, if I could have anything in the world for Christmas it would be to have my dear husband back with me. He passed away November 22. 2014.


  9. Just to have my family close & all the grands running around doing all the fun Christmas things we do… crafts, baking, cooking, visiting the neighborhoods to see the lights , friends dropping by & candle light church service…

  10. I would love to be able to retire … quilt some , hike and enjoy me time…, maybe I could volunteer at primitive gatherings

  11. I have everything I need. What I wish for is that the dog would quit shedding while he lays on the quilt that I’m currently binding! I can’t blame him, though, because it is nice and comfy!

  12. I would love to have enough time to finish all of my projects so I guess, I am actually asking for immortality since I will never in my lifetime get them all finished. Ahd you designers just keep coming up with new stuff to tempt me…….shame on you… know who you are~

  13. If I could have anything at all for Christmas, I’d want a family reunion with our 5 kids, their spouses and our 13 grandkids. Our kids are spread out across the country in Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho and 2 in California (about 3 hours apart and across dozens of crazy fwys). We were together 2 years ago for Christmas and our dream Christmas turned into a nightmare when one by one we all caught a terrible stomach virus… I can almost laugh about it.⛄🎄🎅😨😭

  14. I would love to have a little elf come to my house and organize my stash and my UFO’s. While my little elf is at it, maybe he/she could keep my house clean so I can spend more time in my sewing room. (Actually, my hubby already does the later, but I still need the elf for the stash organizing — I don’t want Hubs to see how much I actually have).

  15. If I could have any wish for Christmas it would be that my brother has a complete return to good hearty health! Breaking my heart to see him having health issues.

  16. I saw something on FB that said “All I want for Christmas is a self cleaning house.” That’s it! That’s what I really, really want! Then I could spend as much time as I like Quilting. What a dream that would be!!!!

  17. All I want for Christmas is my 6 boys and there significant other and my 2 grandkids to be here for Christmas. There is nothing better than family, oh and of course lots of quilting time❤️

  18. Hi Lisa, My first thought was one more day with my Grandma because I miss her so much. On the flip side it would be a Gammill Computerized Longarm Quilting machine and the ability to quilt as beautifully as Linda Hrka of the Quilted Pineapple! Oh Yeah! Hugs, Jakey

  19. I’m wheelchair bound and unable to go shopping so I order and order and order online. Now I have at least 10+ boxes delivered each day! Today my DH tried to help by cutting open the last batch to arrive but he kept snooping and I kept telling to stay out and wait for Santa. My wish for Christmas is for someone to unpack and wrap and take the empty boxes to the recycling. I also need someone to organize by studio it looks like a tornado hit it. I’ve been real good Santa.

  20. If I could have anything for Christmas, I would wish for a special dream. I want to dream of my brother and I growing up and having so much fun. I wish to remember all the good things and not the present of living without him. Maybe I’ll get that dream tonight.
    Love your prizes and love Moda!

  21. Anything I want for Christmas!?! To just stay home and enjoy my family and relax instead of the usual crazy busyness. What a gorgeous prize :0)

  22. A piece of every color of wool at Primitive Gatherings and every color of Valdani all organized in boxes and all the time in the world to see them some needles.

  23. My first thought was Christmas with my late husband, then I read some of the other comments, retirement with enough money to quilt daily, a long arm quilting machine would be nice too, but lastly I just hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas.

  24. Lisa, I would wish that my “9” kit was sewn into a beautiful quilt and of course, that all Christmas goodies have no calories! Merry Christmas!!!

  25. Anything I want for Christmas?-My projects done, the house decorated, baking done (have you seen the red sea parted lately?) or being more realistic just a day with my best friend or one of my daughters to enjoy the beauty and joy of the Christmas season! A trip in the spring to see your quilt shop would be amazing. Love Love Love your designs!! I want to thank you Lisa for bring joy each day with your blog and a glimpse of your life. You are truly an amazing person and a good nurse despite what you think.

  26. My wish would be good health for my family. A secondary wish would be to understand all technology! It would be so nice to use my phone and computerized items without asking a biz zillion questions….haha!

    Merry Christmas🎄

  27. If I could have anything in the whole world for Christmas this year, what would I wish for? That’s a really tough question! If I wished for lots of money… a lot of people and charity organizations would be helped! If I wished for a cure for cancer or ALS or some other really awful disease, a lot of people would benefit (and I suspect pharmecutical companies would not be happy). But truly, I think the thing I’d want most would be the knowledge that all my kids, their kids (to come) and the extended families would love and serve Jesus. Knowing Him makes all the difference in the world. And Christmas is His birthday celebration. So more than anything I wish “Him” (His love… His friendship… His wisdom… His grace… His joy) for those who aren’t close to Him. Especially my kids. Merry Christmas!

    1. In rereading my comment I just want to say, I wasn’t intending to sound “preachy.” I hope my reply doesn’t offend anyone. It was just what was sincerely on my heart when I wrote my reply. 🎄

  28. I would really like a house on the beach close to my daughter and grandsons. Of course it needs a wonderful sewing room with a LA and all the fixings.

  29. Wow!! So many “serious” things I would wish for……but something “fun” would be to go to Disney World with our family – especially our granddaughter – and while we’re gone have the quilt fairy stop by to quilt and bind all of those quilt tops and maybe get me caught up on a few more projects!! Oh!! Also have the cleaning fairy stop by and make everything sparkle and shine!!

  30. My Christmas wish is to loose the weight that I have gained over the years. But, since Christmas is only 2 weeks away, I know that won’t happen. So, my wish will have to be for good health and starting to loose that weight.

  31. If I could have anything I wanted for Christmas, it would be a new piano. I play every day (you’d think I’d be a whole lot better by now!). Our piano is close to 50 years old and needs some expensive repairs. Better to trade it in than get it fixed.

  32. Thank-you Lisa for all your fabulous designs. I can’t wait to see your finishing for the blockhead quilt. Your little 2” stars are awesome. I would love to win the fabric and a copy of your new book, a Quilters Journal. I think it would be helpful to journal finishes during the year, maybe then I could see accomplishments and not worry so much about the UFO’s. If I could have anything I want for Christmas this year it would be for complete healing for Cheri Payne. It was the first thing I thought of and then I thought, I should ask for all people to be cured of cancer or a cure for all cancers but that may be too much to ask for so I will stick with my first thought and ask for complete healing for Cheri. Wishing you and Nick a Merry Christmas and a healthy new year.

  33. If I could have anything I wanted, it would be one more day with each of my parents. I would love to know the identity of persons in the unlabeled old photographs they had tucked away in boxes! I have been unable to throw the photos away and irrationally cling to the possibility that I will identify them someday (I certainly do not want to throw out a great grandparent’s photo). I hope I am not on the path to becoming a hoarder but my sewing room suggests it is a possibility.

  34. I would love to have been able to have Christmas with my first and only grandson wasn’t in the cards this year just in spirit. It is truely about family. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  35. really don’t know what to wish for….guess I should say something like peace every where, cures for cancers and most of all no more political postings on facebook or the news…. but would wish for a bigger longarm and sewing room.
    Merry Christmas to all .

  36. Oh Lisa I wish I had a pithy phrase or funny story to help lift your spirits……all I can offer is my deepest thank you for you and your generosity. You and the other blockhead designers have made me a much better piecer and appliquer! I will ever forget this experience….and you! Happy Holidays!

  37. A mountain place for all our family to gather and share special times and memories for the grandkids!
    Most of all peace….

  38. A mountain place for all our family to gather and share special times and memories for the grandkids!
    Most of all peace….

  39. For Christmas this year I would love some Santa elves to come to my house and cut fabrics for quilt projects I want to get started! I have few wool projects I want started, too. Doing the prep for those would help, too. Help with those would allow me to work on my Blockheads project I’m trying to design! Thanks for the drawing – would love to win!

  40. The first thing which came to mind was a new president. Then I thought of peace in the world, cures for autism, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease and so many more.

  41. If I could have anything in the world it would have to be peace to the world(this includes all torture and punible acts). If it has to be about me. Then I wish for good health, money, and the time to enjoy it with my husband+children. If it must be materialistic then I wish for an electronic cutting machine and to win a trip to see your store 🙂

  42. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Lisa. Thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought into so many lives through your love of quilting.

    A Christmas wish? Good Health and Happiness

  43. Lisa- I love the designs! My wish would be to have an automated diary of all the funny, sweet, adorable things my grandkids have said. Here’s a few for some humor: racing across the room one shouts “super cat speed”, pants falling down and instead of my butt crack is showing – it’s “my butt’s cracking “, riding Lena in the arena is “I really like riding Lena in the ballerina” – I could go on and on. Grand kids are such a joy! Spoil them & send them home! I am thankful for my blessings and wish everyone could experience the love and joy of the Christmas spirit.

  44. Thanks Lisa for challenging us with your blocks. Love them. What I would wish for next year: more time to sew!!! 🙂

  45. A cleaning fairy!!! I just bought a Roomba …she wouldn’t even have to vacuum 😁 so I could be in a fabulous new Sewing studio with a long arm Quilting machine and all the time I wanted to sew !!!! A girl can dream 😁. I would also wish for kindness, respect, peace, happiness, and health for all. Merry Christmas 🎄

  46. My wish would be to have all my family together for Christmas. Have a very merry Christmas, Lisa. Love all your projects.

  47. I would love to have just a week of just living in my sewing room and just doing my own thing with out any interruptions. I also wish that everyone could just get along and live in harmony and peace.

  48. I would love to spend a night alone in the Moda Warehouse with the option to take all the fabrics and things I can fit into two Moda bags. Oh, and of course I can take a sewing buddy with me and she would have two Moda bags too.

  49. I am wishing for peace across the world. Our society has turned into a selfish, hateful norm. It would be nice for our future generations to grow up experiencing more respect, kindness, happiness and love and less killings, fear, bullying, porn, selfishness, and hate.

  50. I would like my family to live closer. My immediate family as well as my extended family. We are all spread out and not able to see each other as much as I want.

  51. My Christmas wish? George Clooney! A bigger more organized sewing room, a house on the
    beach just like yours, oh, and World Peace

  52. I’m so glad I followed through on making mug mats for some young ladies at a local group Home for the developmentally disabled. Paired them with a cute mug! Can’t wait to give them! Love it when I follow through with my ideas and intentions! Thanks so much for the motivation and inspiration you give all year!

  53. I am lucky enough to live just a few miles from Primative Gatherings in Menasha, Wi. What more could I want? Well, maybe to rid myself of those pesky chin hairs that always need plucking. Merry Christmas to all my fellow quilters. 🎄

  54. I would have Joanna Gaines come and redo my sewing room. It is a sad little room decorating-wise but it really is my happy space! I need help in there!

  55. Brothers in a circle. I have four left and I need all of them swapping lies. They try to out do each other. About everything. The quilt I gave Tom is blue. jack would say his is better because his has signatures. Glen would say why didn’t I get one? And dear little brother, Steve would say, I don’t want any damn quilt. There you have em. My brothers from Maine!

  56. My Mother would give us all a Christmas kitchen towel each Christmas. I now do the same for my kids and sister. What I want for Christmas is a day of peace in the world.

  57. I’d love someone to help me put away the bins of fabric I’ve pulled for quilts that I’ve finished. After pulling, I think I have space and fill it with new fabric, and then there is not a home for the bins full of left over fabric.

  58. Besides a better world for my grandkids, a nice layer of snow all over EXCEPT the roads that people have to travel on to get to spend the holidays with loved ones. Merry Christmas to all.

  59. My children, grandchildren and us all together for the weekend. Our sons all have served in the military and stationed in various places around the world. Missed a granddaughter the last time we were all together. Some day it will happen.

  60. I feel very grateful for everything I have in life so there isn’t anything that I want. My wish would be for others in the world – that anyone suffering from addiction, disease or sickness be cured so they can live a happy and healthy life. If I had a second wish it would be to live to 300 so I can finish all my quilting projects 😄. Merry Christmas to you, your family and your worker bees at Primitive Gatherings.

  61. Lisa, because of your generosity , it has caught on with me, at our Guild meeting, which I am president,we have at least 3 giveaways a month. I try to pay it forward. I hope quilting and sewing continue in the next generation

  62. I would like to have health for my family. I did make many of my Christmas gifts and some are mailed already. I was leaving on a trip and to be ready early, otherwise it is sewing December 23 like a mad woman.

  63. Anything I want – hard to say. But I’d like all my kids and grandkids together for Christmas and that’s difficult to make happen. Then if I could get all the presents finished and wrapped, that would be wonderful. If a new Juki was under the tree, I would be ecstatic. Really, I just wish for health and happiness for all. Thanks for this fantastic give-away and for all you do for the quilter’s of the world. Merry Christmas!

  64. I would want all the time I would like to sew. I see what others finish and wish i could do the same. When I retire I will not need to buy one more piece of fabric and I could sew forever. But, what fun would that be?

  65. If I could have anything in the world for Christmas this year… Normally, I would say to have lots of family for the holiday. This year, though, I am getting just that. They will all be at my house! What I really want is a dishwasher—not the machine (I have one,) I want a person to load and unload and hand wash everything that doesn’t fit! Thanks for the chance to win, I love your new line.

  66. I am not big on asking for anything as Christmas giving should come from the heart and anything received is loved. I mostly enjoy having the whole family around for the holidays.

  67. For Christmas I would love for my boss to say “no need to work anymore but we will still pay you, stay home and sew!”

  68. Tons of money so I could quit working and stay home and sew. A getaway place for my girlfriends and I to live weeks at a time to get away from the world. Love to see peace and no more sickness in the world

  69. My daughter is a nurse so when we celebrate holidays they are rarely on the holiday. This year Christmas will be on New Years eve. I am thankful we can all be together. I would love to give handmade gifts to all but it’s too stressful. I’m at that stage in life where I don’t need anything. My husband gives me cash which is great to tuck away for quilting mad money.

    1. Wow, love the fabric bundle. Still decorating around here, my son is sick, so not much help in getting our super tall tree finished. I haven’t made gifts this year, too much going on, but hopefully next year. Love your little stars, they are super cute, can’t wait to see what you do with them. I am sure it will be awesome.

  70. I know it may sound ridiculous because I can hear the snow blowing outside right now, but I need a freezer to freeze all that cauliflower rice that I’ll be eating in the new year! I know, I should have thought bigger.

  71. I would wish for peace and someone for all who are alone to spend the holidays with. I also would like cures for those tough conditions that so many deal with so bravely. On a lighter side, a fun little sewing space would be awesome! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  72. Wow. What a nice surprise. Thanks so much for sharing. I wish fir health and happiness for all. have a wonderful Christmas

  73. I would wish for someone to clean my house thoroughly… all those nooks and crannies that have been neglected because I choose to use my precious spare time to sew! It would also be great if this someone could toss those things that I’ve been hoarding all these years! Lol

  74. I would love to win this give away. I always make something for my family and co-workers for Christmas every year. I wish I had more time to spend with family, friends, and quilting.

  75. If I could have anything in the world for Christmas it would be, a Christmas wish granted for everyone in my entire family and you too.

  76. If I could have any thing for Christmas what would it be……hmmmmm……maybe a wonderful relaxing vacation with my family someplace warm and sunny – or to be able to retire … but the vacation is more realistic!!!!!

  77. well, I definitely would like peace on earth and the end to the fires in California; but I’d love to be able to go to an “office” that would have a couple of “all the bells and whistles” sewing machines, a long arm, cupboards with tons of fabric and tons of patterns and it would have lots and lots of windows and a comfy chair for hand sewing… For now I’ll be happy with my room (and that I have a room) and going to my work (I have a job), my wonderful son and fantastic friends…so it’s all very good. Love your blockhead blocks and appreciate that you offer an alternative to the applique blocks.

  78. I would wish for a new, completely organized sewing space. Someone really trashed the one I’m currently sewing in! Hahaha! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  79. I am getting everything I want this year. Yesterday I got the news that my biopsy came back negative and all my children will be home for the holidays, the first time in almost a decade. It doesn’t get better than that!

  80. All I want for Christmas is a President who acts like Presidential . I wake every morning filled with anxiety about our country’s future.
    And yes I make gifts. My daughter is getting the small Warm Winter Blessings wall hanging and my DIL is getting a wall hanging also

  81. Something fun? A longarm….And that would require a new house to put it in. I’d settle for a Juki 2010.
    Thanks for all your work to make Blockheads fun, and challenging?, for us.

  82. This year for Christmas I would like a year of good health for my family. We have had a few struggles this year although not like your family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Lisa, if I could have anything I wanted for Christmas, I want ALL of the financial, emotional stress off of my daughters. They are beautiful young women. I love them both so much.

  84. My wish for this Christmas is for my sister to be healed from her liver cancer. She just had surgery this past Monday and is undergoing a new procedure this time.

  85. I would really love to have a “professional” organizer come and organize the two rooms upstairs in my house. It looks like I am a hoarder up there! LOL! I really want to get back to sewing up there, instead of on our dining room table! Thanks for the chance to win (I really would love to win your “Quilters Journal!!!) Merry Christmas! HUGS… and stitches

  86. I would love to have all my children home for Christmas. And a Daylight light. And more fabric. And a sewing room all my own to put it in. 😁

  87. My children live 7-10 hours away. Planning our holiday time together takes a little more effort. To eliminate some of the travel hassle, I wish I could look at the stars and say “Beam me up Scottie” to get me there. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  88. I have thoroughly enjoyed these blockhead blocks and look forward to your 12 needful things! Would love to have more time with my family. That’s all I need.

  89. All I want for Christmas is a miracle of healing from my cancer. This has been a 3 1/2 year journey that I wish I never had to take, however, Jesus is the miracle healer and he is also the reason for the season. My humor comes from visits from my 8 grandchildren. You never know what will roll off their tongues at any moment. Thank you for the wonderdul giveaway. There are zo many things that could be made from your scrumptious F8 bumdle. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  90. More walls to hang all of my quilts. I have about 100 finished and they are everywhere just wish I had more space to display them!

  91. I would like a full time housekeeper/cook so I could spend my time sewing! Love your fabrics and your blog by the way!

  92. If I could have anything for Christmas it would be having my husband recover completely from recent spine surgery. I think as a quilter my choice would be time to just sew.

  93. I love your creativity and your fabrics — just my style. Oh what i would love to win your fabric. there is nothing like love, health and our families.

  94. As much time as I want each day to quilt would be my silly and fun wish for now. I have quite a stash of projects waiting for my attention!

  95. If I could have anything for Christmas right now, it would be less stress as a caregiver and more me time. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  96. I k ow you want me to be funny but I’m not feeling it! All I want for Christmas is a new kidney for my husband! I pray for it constantly! Hope it’s not to downer! I just want out somewhat normal life back!

  97. My Christmas wish would be to find more time to finish my projects because there is always a new line, like Needle & Thread Gathering, calling my name! Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  98. Above all Peace in the World …and time to finish all the UFO’s and plans for the next quilt I have in my head..

  99. I would like a sleigh full of elves to take care of all the mundane tasks of grocery shopping, errands, vacuuming, laundry, and snow shoveling. Then I could spend my time stitching to my heart’s content. 😊Merry Christmas, everyone!

  100. I would like to have my grandparents and stepfather with us for Christmas. They’ve been gone 31, 27, and 15 years, and it isn’t the same without them.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  101. I would love to have a full time person that is a super organizer to help get my whole house organized and cleaned.

  102. I need more time before the festivities begin! We were gone for six days at the beginning of the month to New York seeing the Christmas decorations in store windows, etc. and I just haven’t gotten busy on things I need to do since my return. I would love to win your prize!

  103. One more Christmas like I had as a child with my siblings and parents … some of whom are in heaven now. It was such a time of peace, joy and love. Thanks for the question … has given me time to reflect 😉 Linda

  104. Thank you for challenging us with the blockhead patterns. My skills have really improved. My wish for Christmas would be for peace here at home and around the world. Merry Christmas, lots to be thankful for.

  105. I have everything i need so this is hard. For my peace in my family. that would be wonderful!

  106. I would love to have the entire family for a week at the beach. We have lost members and would love to have the remaining visit.

  107. Finishing up 4 Christmas gifts hopefully. I am making one for myself and the other 3 are for my daughters. My project is one and one half inch squares that piece together to form an old red pickup truck with 3 Christmas trees in the bed. Binding and adding sleeve to back so it can be a table runner or a wall hanging. So cute!

  108. My wish for this holiday season (yep, I’m going to get serious) is for everyone to feel happiness. Think what a wonderful world we would live in!

  109. I want a “place” where I could go and never leave…rolling hills, a little forest, prairie grass…or perhaps like the English Yorkshire where I could walk for miles with birds singing all along the way…with my best friends of course…my shelties and collies…and a lovely little home to rest at night that has lovely things like quilts and warm woodwork and china plates on the walls…and a refrigerator that magically fills itself with whatever we want or need…and that house takes care of itself and there is no such thing as dust or cleaning needed because it just never gets dirty…I think I want HEAVEN! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  110. First thank you and Moda for the chance to win your wonderful prize. My wish this Christmas is to sell my house, we are going full time RV living as soon as it sells & I can get to traveling and back to stitching.

  111. I would like for Christmas, new rubber ducky pjs for my dogs Odie the Shih Tzu and Sammi the black lab (including the rubber ducky slippers) LOL ….and of course more time in the day to sew….

  112. I would like to have my mom back, healthy and in her right mind so that she could her grandchildren as beautiful adults and her great grandchildren whom she never knew. It would give her so much joy.

  113. My wish would be to have all of my children, grandchildren and the 2 great-grandchildren here for Christmas. Also a stack of ready made meals to feed everyone so my husband and I can play games and laugh with this wonderful group. What a special day! Merry Christmas.

  114. If I could wish for anything it would be for the family to live close enough to be together on a regular basis. Thanks for such a nice giveaway and all your hard work on the blockheads.

  115. Oh I was looking at this journal! What I would like for Xmas is a magical house makeover by a house fairy or elf. Picking out anything that involves remodeling my house makes me go straight to the vino. hence a designer house elf/fairy who will do all the work while I am sewing?

  116. My wish would be for a sewing room large enough to house all of my machines so that friends could come and sew with me.

  117. My wish is for a stitching fairy to help me get caught up on all of my BOM, and wishing for peace, joy and good health for everyone.

  118. My wish is to have all my family live close together in the same small town. Wouldn’t that be fun? Love the wonderful fabrics! Have a great Christmas.

  119. My wish would be to have a robot todo all my cleaning, cooking and laundry so I could spend my time sewing all day 😊

  120. I would love another 12 hours in my day to make all the fabulous quilts and blocks that you wonderful designers come up with and all the ones it inspires me to create.

  121. For just one night, I would like to the be backup singer for Brooks and Dunn and Reba in the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace!

  122. More time in the day AFTER good health because as my father used to say, “If you have your health, you have everything” how true!

  123. I actually want two things: a way to travel to every quilt /fabric store in the world (a magic carpet would do), and the money to buy all the fabric my little heart desires. And believe me it can desire a lot! Since that’s probably a no-go, I will settle for having my whole family together! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  124. I’ve been looking at your journal, it looks great! If I could have anything for Christmas, It’s all planned but windows, roof and few other things had to come finish. May your house continue to be full of friends and family this holiday season. 💕

  125. I would live near my two sons and the weather would always be warm and sunny with lots of time for quilting and a friend next door with a longarm who liked nothing better to do than quilt my creations. Of course, time out for afternoon cocktails and a chef to cook dinner might also be necessary.

  126. I also have two items I want for Christmas.

    Those quilter socks AND the fabric bundle…and every other Blockhead fabric bundle. That would keep me busy for a while!

    Second, and more seriously, at 90 years old, my mum has metastasized bone cancer, and I’d like her to be out of pain!

  127. I would love to get a longarm quilting machine. I have a sit down, but know I could do so much more on a stand up. Here’s to dreaming of sugar plums and longarms in my head!

  128. Love the journal as I am one who has kept a journal every year for the past 20 some years. For Christmas, to be with my family as I can never get enough of them. My granddaughter (whose 2) loves to sit on my lap and push the buttons on my machine when it’s time. She yells out, “Mommy, I pushed the RIGHT buttons!” Love it!

  129. You know, Lisa…..this question is so hard to answer! As a kid if you asked me, I would have answered immediately……probably something to do with Barbie or a bike. But today….it’s not any one tangible item. While my life is not perfect, I am incredibly blessed……and grateful for those blessings on a daily basis. But you did ask for an answer…..and I want a chance to win….so here goes……….. I wish for more tolerance and acceptance in this world………and of course…….peace on earth.

  130. Dear Santa – I’ve been very good this year. I have two wishes. One – Please bring me my retirement. I’m tired of this working thing every day. I have lots of quilt projects to complete and working just gets in the way. Two – please take care of all of your men and women in the armed forces who will miss Christmas with their families. Keep them safe !!
    XoXo Carol

  131. My first thought was a longarm, but that isn’t going to happen. What I’d really love to have is the German chocolate cake icing recipe a friend uses. That isn’t going to happen either-she won’t share, but she will bake me a cake, and I’ll take a really great German chocolate cake any day!

  132. Hummmm…How’s about “Yearly craft tour vacation trips” to be found in the toe of a crazy quilt stocking❣️🎄👍

  133. Lost our son in a car accident two years ago. What I desire this Christmas is to remember to hug each of my children and grandchildren and remind them how very much they are loved. And thank the good Lord for all my blessings. Shirley

  134. I am so blessed to be one of those living close enough to Lisa to share time at her home. You are an awesome teacher, quilter, hostess & friend, Lisa. I would love to win your new Quilter’s Journal – it is a beautiful reflection of you! Christmas blessings to you & yours.

  135. Loved all the work you did on these blocks, out of my realm. That journal is right up my alley, I really like how it’s laid out and would enjoy it lots. Thanks for all you do for us quilters out here. We really appreciate it.

  136. Sorry my answer won’t be funny but if I could have anything, I’d like to be with my family. Circumstances are keeping us from traveling this year so we will be with each other but far from family. I love your patterns and can’t wait to your finished quilt! Thank you.

  137. I wish my son and family could be here for Christmas. it has been a long time since we have had CHristmas together. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to have the journal and of course the fabric as well. MErry Christmas to you and your family.

  138. I would wish for more time with my children and grandchildren…they are growing so quickly, I want to cherish every moment 💕

  139. Merry Christmas Lisa and PG gang. Another great giveaway. Attending one of Lisa’s retreats with my daughter would be my Christmas wish (preferably someplace warm LOL).

  140. I wish for our new puppy to sleep through the night so I’d have the energy to sew! I have a quilt to finish before Christmas for my oldest son and am hard pressed to find the energy!

    And Thank you Moda! What an amazing giveaway!

  141. Wish I could be with my son and his wife for Christmas. They moved to Vermont this summer!! 😢 I live in Arizona!!!!

  142. I’d wish for last week not to happen when 2 students at a local HS where shot in killed. Our community is just hurting. They were members of out church youth group too.

  143. I am very blessed to have most material things, but I would love to have my youngest sister back who left this world much, much too early. Merry Christmas, Lisa!

  144. Merry Christmas Lisa! So pleased your husband came through his surgery and hope he is better soon! Your needle and threads fabric looks so cute, will be looking to get some of that and want to see the photos of your home in the journal too! Love your little stars and am looking forward to seeing your setting for this quilt. Thanks for your lovely and inspiring blog!

  145. I would love a trip to Wisconsin so I could visit your shop during your holiday open house making ornaments with you.

  146. I have a small family and they are spread out everywhere. I would wish they could all come to my house for the holidays.

  147. Merry Christmas! The thing I would want most for Christmas, (besides losing weight lol) would be a good sewing machine and the talent\ability to FMQ….

  148. I would wish for a moritorium on violence against women, against Muslims, against anyone different, against animals. . .a total moritorium on violence.

  149. This is my second attempt at this post. Try, try, and try again – sounds like sewing! My wish would be for an automated diary of the sweet, adorable and funny things my grand kids have said or done. I will give you a couple examples for humor: Racing across the living room to dog pile on the couch and one shouts, “super cat speed.” Another recent one is they were riding the horse Lena in the arena – and it got turned into “I really like riding Lena in the ballerina.” I do love to spoil them and send them home! Thank you for the wonderful designs and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

  150. I would love my daughter and her family to be here for Christmas. They live in Ireland and it’s my grandson ‘s first Christmas. The rest of us are going to get up around 2 to Skype with them when he gets to experience his first Christmas morning, but I wish they would be here or we could be there. Thanks for the chance to win.

  151. I want a Christmas past and present. All my loved ones that are in heaven, grandma too, and all my loved ones still on earth together for Christmas dinner. It would be magical.

  152. Turn on the news and hear crickets. Be with my family all at the same time. Health for my husband. Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

  153. I want for the Holidays peace, health and happiness…….. Hoping you enjoy your holidays and find some fun. Watch the Chevy Chase movie The Family Vacation….. it’ll make you laugh and add some humor to your life.
    Happy Holidays.

  154. If I could have anything in the world it would be peace and love. Christmas is about Jesus, and He wanted us to love one another. If everyone in the world loved one another, there would be peace on earth. Your colors look so warm and inviting and the book….would love to get my hands on that! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome gift! Merry Christmas!

  155. My wish? That all my quilt projects in the whole house are done and I am caught up to begin a new project without a backlog hanging over my head! 🙂

  156. I am very grateful for what I have. I wish for nothing. Just had my 5th grandson and all boys are healthy. What more could one ask for – well…… maybe a nice fabric bundle. Thanks for all you do!

  157. Oh there are lots of things I want but don’t need. So if I could have anything I’d wish to have all 3 of my children home together for Christmas day. We haven’t had 2 of them here for the past 8-12 years. My daughter moved to Vermont in 2005, and my son to New Mexico in 2009. Lucky to still have one daughter local but miss having everyone here to share the holidays with.

  158. I don’t seem to want a lot of material things anymore (well, maybe fabric!). I would love for people to care for others and the world around them. I hope I will always be able to hear my favorite bird the loon calling in the night.

  159. My wish for Christmas would be peace for everyone, but it seems an impossible dream. Next I’d love for my family to be together and be happy and well, we are so very fortunate.

  160. More hours in my day would be a great gift. Then I could finish all these little blocks!!
    Thank you for all that you share with us!

  161. My wish is to have a fun and relaxing Christmas day with my husband and children. Thank you for an opportunity to win!

  162. My Christmas wish is to bring my 94 year old mother hone from the hospital for Christmas. All my Christmas were put on hold until she comes home…..the upside of that is I already have a start on next years gifts.

  163. My wish is that the random gun violence would stop in this world so our future generations can live in a peaceful world.

  164. Not only peace but for understanding. Not everyone is blessed to have what you have, and it would be nice to have others reach out and help others who have so little, to give them the feeling that others care and that they are valued also. We live in an age where material things are so abundant, reach out and help other with the necessary things to get by. You will feel joy that you can do these things.

  165. My Christmas wish is to have all four of my kids home for Christmas. One is away in college and I am so thankful for his successes and I can’t wait to have him home. Christmas is complete when all my babies get home.

  166. I shall miss these Wednesday “visits” from my quilting goddesses. Thank you for sharing your lives and talents with us.

  167. I would like more time for sewing! Thanks to all the Blockhead designers for a great gift of beautiful blocks all during 2017!

  168. I would love to see the Washington Nationals win the World Series! (…and be at the winning game with my daughter and cousins…)

  169. If I Could have anything this Christmas, I would wish for all of our servicemen and women to be home with their families for the holidays. I’m from a military family and remember the empty void caused by the absence of my dad when he was deployed could not be with us for the holidays… and I Can’t imagine what HE felt like. I Wish everyone could celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. It is priceless!

  170. I wish my husband would cook and clean. This would leave me more time to quilt. I can’t think of anything better.

  171. While I am so blessed with a wonderful husband and we both are in reasonably good health, my only wish is that there could be reconciliation within our immediate family. I pray for this every day.

  172. Thank ypu, Lisa for being an inspiration. I’m a better quilter due to your patterns and fabric collections. My wish would be to “beam up” to Wiscosin to spend a day sewing at Primative Gatherings. Merry Christmas!

  173. Wow..would love to win this wonderful….I would love to wish for a new embroidery machine and a long arm (would also require some artistic ability thrown in)..but both would necessitate either a remodel or move!
    So instead my wish would be for the wonderful Moda designers to do a Blockheads 2! I have learned so much from each of you. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

  174. I have had the same Christmas wish for 50 years, peace on earth and a new red sports car! I did start wishing for the car a few years before I could drive it. Still wishing for either. I always have like the song “Santa Baby” so anything off Madonna’s list would work for me but I would trade diamonds, furs, and a boat for fabric, a long arm and more room. Not being the one to cook and clean and entertain and plan and shop would be good also. Family all at home together. Blocks of time to do my things. I want it all! So final choice, peace on earth and God’s blessing to everyone.

  175. My wish would be for PEACE ON EARTH, simply said but we so need it!! Other than that to learn how to quilt my own projects, always wanted to do it and hope to in the New Year!
    Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your’s and hope this New Year is a better one for you and Nick!

  176. I would love more time to sew! I’m retired but involved in many things & somehow sewing has taken a backseat to everything else this year & I don’t like it! I’m truly hoping 2018 will be different! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  177. Socks are an obsession of mine mainly because it’s so hard to find some that fit — I have small feet. When I find them I buy everyone I can so I am sure that I have more than 100 pairs. When my daughter lived at home we kept them all (she has small feet as well) in our guest room so we could grab what we wanted each day and her best friend declared that room to be the “sock room” and it still is.

  178. If I could have anything for Christmas it would be healing and health for my sister. She has my heart wrapped up in her. Thank you for the beautiful block and tips for sewing. Merry Christmas and I hope Nick is healing up well from his back surgery.

  179. My wish for Christmas would be to have all our kids and families here for Christmas. That hasn’t happened for a couple years. But it is so hard when part of your family is many miles away.

  180. I can’t wait to see your book. I have heard wonderful things about it! If I could have anything I wanted it would have to be for the little quilting fairies to come in and organize, fold, and put all of my fabric together in color order! Ok, so a more realistic wish would be for a new iron!

  181. In a true Christmas spirit – I wish that someday there would truly be Peace on Earth. It’s a long shot, but in my lifetime would be nice!

  182. There are so many things I would wish for but I think they would start with healling for myself…an end to my chronic, excruciating pain from post-herpetic neuralgia/trigeminal neuralgia that resulted from having shingles 6 years ago and has stolen my life from me. Opiods and Medical Marijuana do help me get through the day at work, but I’m pretty useless other than that and my sewing, knitting and quilting have mostly fallen by the wayside. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for sharing so much with us!

  183. I’m going with something tangible for my Christmas wish and say a long arm Gammill!! Thanks so much for a chance at your luscious fabric! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  184. Normally I wold say a new sewing machine but I went and purchased one last month which I am making payments on. I guess I just need to make my wish be no more payments to make on my sewing machine.

  185. If I can have anything I want for Christmas, I would want the opportunity to spend one more Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my Dad who has passed. That would be the best gift I could receive.

  186. I wish for good health for myself & my husband. And I wish for my children and grandchildren to be ‘ok’.

  187. A well-organized area where I could quilt, weave, dye and knit. I’m sure Joanna Gaines could come up with a solution that would make my heart sing !

  188. If I could have whatever I wanted for Christmas, I would wish for time to sew and gatherings with family and friends. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a nice prize.

  189. If you could have anything in the whole world for Christmas this year…what would that be? I would want all of my family together and laugh about anything and everything. Eat great food prepared by a famous chef, pampered with a spa day with the girls and to not gain 10 pounds just because I had one to many pieces of dessert or seconds at dinner

  190. Wow, so many things pop in my mind at once but I think my greatest wish would be that more people would come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. God’s gift of sending Jesus to earth is the reason we have Christmas. Hope others don’t think I’m preaching as I also hope all their wishes could come true. Then I wish for a big organized sewing/craft room. Merry Christmas fellow Blockheads.

  191. The first thing that came to mind when I read your question was that I wish that snow could be warm! I love the look of snow, but boy, do I hate the cold! On a more serious note, I think of the song “Grown-up Christmas List”. The words are just so profound and relevant right now. “No more lives torn apart, wars would never start, everyone would have a friend….” That is my true Christmas wish!

  192. I would like to b able to sew a PERFECT 1/4 inch seam!

    A Merry Christmas and A Healthy 2018. Prayers for you and Nick.

  193. I made 3 quilts , 1 pillow and 1 table runner. The quilts have gone to their new home, still working on the binding for the pillow and still a little stittching on the runner. All will be done before Christmas! Merry stiitching to all!

  194. If I could have anything for Christmas, my middle daughter and her family would come for a visit. They live in CA and we live in AL. We visited them a year ago, and it will be another year before they come here for our oldest grandchild’s wedding. That is 2 whole years without seeing our 4 CA grandchildren. But why wish for a loaf of bread when I could wish for a whole grocery store — what I would really like is them moving to Alabama so I could see them more often. I told my daughter that if they moved to Alabama then we could have sewing camps at our house during the summer.

  195. I would love to have all of my family together at one time for Christmas…happy..enjoying each other. We do not get to see each other much. Only every few years. My sis had three children….only one living now. The holidays can be very painful for some. We have a huge connection and I miss her the most! Time and family!! Priceless gifts 🎁 🎄🎁❤️🏡🎶🎅🏻 I am sooooo excited for you that next year you may have more of each of these. Merry Christmas to a very giving person.

  196. A reunited family. 😢 But since that’s not in the cards, a FQ bundle of every Primitive Gatherings fabric line ever made- past, present and future! And an unlimited supply of Tallow primitive muslin to go with it! (Can you tell I am a PG fan? Lol!)

  197. I would love to have the kitchen finished and everything put away. Remodeling it was a necessity, but after six months I am so ready for it to be over.

  198. I agree that I don’t like the pressure with getting things done for gifts so I have simplified the homemade gift giving and am making felt ornaments some I have designed myself over the last few years.

  199. I would like health and prosperity to all, a cure for cancer. While I know they are working on cancer research, having friends and family around to celebrate being a family. And quilting fabric to play with!

  200. This year for Christmas I would like the persistence to get my sewing room organized. I need to get my new longarm setup and ready to go. Then I can start to arrange the room and bring in some totes from the garage to have my work close to me. I am retiring from full time work on December 31st with plans of only working 2 days a week for January to help out and still have some time for myself! Let it snow and I will be happy stuck in the house with my coffee and the fireplace going. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  201. I would love a beautiful garden like P.Allen Smith or Martha Stewart has….it would have a beautiful newly painted white picket fence around it with not only veggies growing but beautiful flowers all around.

  202. Time to complete and clear my little brain of all the quilting projects that are swimming around in there! Don’t worry, I already have one for your fat eights bundle 😉

  203. A quaint cabin by the Mississippi with a huge organized sewing/craft room. Oh, and it comes with a chef and cleaning person.

  204. If I could have anything in the world for Christmas I would like my daughter to get a job in her field and not have her “meantime” low paying job that requires her to live with us. I would like to see her independent and happy again and living where she wants. I would also like my other daughter to be living safely independently, in a job that she fits and is happy and no longer in our basement. In other words I would like my children to have their lives as successful adults.

  205. Since we all have the same 24 hours per day, my wish would be to be focused and make the most of those 24 hours each day. Exercise, quiet time, house and yard work, class time, people time, travel time to see those 7 grandchildren, TUESdays with my Precepts class, and quiltmaking — for CareNet babies, mastectomy patients, our church family, and my own projects. It’s the “my own projects” category that is struggling the most, and the fabric is calling my name.

  206. I made gifts last year but this year we have been busy with daughters building houses and moving that I decided not to even plan to make any…but next year!

  207. First I love the new block. Second, time with my family and maybe peace and equality for all. And while I’m at it solving world hunger too. Worthy goals Merry Christmas to all

  208. Beautiful ! It would be wonderful to recieve this . For Christmas I would like everyone to be blessed with good health and a happy life . And it would be a joy if Santa could possibly bring me a sweet sixteen machine with stitch regulator ! 😄❄️🎅❄️

  209. What fun, give away quilting goodies. Thank you for all you do in the quilting world, I love your designs and fabric. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  210. I could wish for world peace and love of mankind …… but if the wish “granter” showed up today I want to laugh, have fun and be able to attend all the workshops and classes and shops that appeal to me with money, time, and travel being no object!! Let’s have some fun!

  211. I have to agree that I don’t like the pressure of getting gifts done for Christmas, but the responses are always so heartwarming. As a teacher, I always want every Christmas season for my students to be warm and loved and full and happy over the break. I enjoy the break so much but I know that some of my kids may not.

  212. There are many esoteric personal and political wishes, but on the selfish side, I would love teleportation or interactive holodecks that would allow me easy access to PG or to PG events…… and time……and the money to use them.

  213. I would love to have more time in my weekends to sew. Right now my time gets shared with cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.

  214. If I could have everything I want – it would be to live closer to my son and his family and to have a separate building in the backyard for a longarm quilting machine! So fun to dream! Merry Christmas.

  215. I would love to have someone gift me a trip to Ireland and Germany. Two or three weeks in each country would be a good start! LOL! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! Your fabrics are always amazing!

  216. I’m finishing the binding on a quilt for my granddaughter, still, have pillow cases to sew as gifts plus make binding for a “Christmas” quilt. If I could have any wish granted it would be to finally lose the weight I’ve been fighting since I was a kid! I joined WW again today (I’ve lost count how many times). Maybe if I had my jaw wired shut? No on second thought I like food too much! Merry Christmas! Thank you for the Blockheads challenge.

  217. Hmmm, this is a toughie…I would like to have a mini motorhome so I could go cross country and shop hop and see all the National Parks. Thanks for the giveaway! Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. Hope Nick is better soon.

  218. I would ask for the gift of time on Christmas day. Time to cook a nice breakfast and dinner for my loved ones, talk to my Dad on the phone overseas, spend some time quilting and putting projects in order while watching a silly show with my daughter, go for a walk with my dog, and not feel rushed. All of that, in one day!

  219. I would like to win a good sized lottery ticket prize, if I could have anything. Spending time with family is awesome! Happy holidays! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  220. All I want is for a peaceful family gathering. For everyone to be thankful for what we have and for each other.

    And I wish I could see 4x’s as fast😜

  221. I wish the Elf on my Shelf would get off that shelf, wave his magic elf toe and make my procrastination disappear forever so that I can complete the wondrous projects, designed by you, i have stacked on the shelf beside him.

  222. I would love to have my own dedicated sewing room with a sweet little elf on the shelf that could organize and tidy every night after I leave! Thanks !

  223. I think it would be great fun to go on retreat with all the Blockhead designers and meet each one of you personally. It’s been great fun getting to know each one of you during the Blockhead Journey and I so appreciate all that you have given and shared, especially knowing you each have very busy lives. THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  224. I’ve always thought it would be great to have a pilot on standby with a helicopter so that travel time could be cut down significantly leaving more time for stitching or shopping at quilt shops across the US. I also want to attend a retreat once a month meeting new people and learning new techniques.

  225. It would be great to win the fabric and book. Could you also offer instructions for those tiny stars you’re making for your quilt? How many will you need for your quilt? Love the tiny stars!

  226. Anything? A beach with warm sand and sunshine (she says as the snow is falling outside and the roads were too slick coming to work). Someday I’ll just run away during December and January.

  227. I would love to have sit down longer arm machine to finish all my quilts without having to scrunch into a small throat for my free motion. It is a nice thing to dream. Maybe enough time to finish all the things in my head that never quite made it into fruition for the gifting. Merry Christmas to you and I hope Nick is recovering well.

  228. Ooh! I’d love your new book and fabrics! I DID get 5 Christmas gifts completed. Amazing! If I could have anything in the world for Christmas it would be peace, love, and happiness for my children and their families.

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  229. For myself,I wish for my family to be healthy, to enjoy a long and healthy retirement with my husband(we’re not retired yet), for endless hours to play and be creative in my sewing room making quilts, finishing UFOs, and fondling my fabric/wool stash. For the world, I wish our children to grow up in loving families and to feel safe wherever they go. I wish the Christmas spirit for everyone everywhere for all time!

  230. Anything in the world…I would love to go across the pond and discover all the quilt shops of England! I know moda fabric is the same there as in my local quilt shop, but would love to see a different cultural twist on how quilts are done, displayed, the whole package. Thanks for a great year of blocks – both the Block of the Week and the triangles! Great inspiration!

  231. My wish for anything — peace in this world. That we all might accept each other and our beliefs and chosen lifestyle.

  232. I have been anxiously awaiting your new line….I usually use more earthy tones and this would be a new challenge for my personal color theory! My friends and family would be aghast if I made a quilt in your fabrics!😂. This fall I tried and fell in love with your wools …Another out of my comfort zone new choices….so many new ideas for this elderly quiltin’ Nana

  233. My wish would be for improved health for me and my husband so we could just do whatever we want to do. And of course a gift of quilting fabric would be wonderful!

  234. Love the new line but what I’d love to have for Christmas this year is to have my son home for Christmas, he lives across the country from us and we don’t see him very much at all

  235. My wish is for a small cottage (or room) to stash all my quilting supplies so my small quilting room would be more functional and cozy to work in. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Terry

  236. If i could have anything fun I wanted for Christmas what would it be? I would love to have a quilt retreat with you, Lisa. The retreats/workshops always look like so much fun. Merry Christmas!

  237. Well as a mom of two small children I would like one full day of uninterrupted sewing! Lots of projects that I am in the middle of so I could sure keep busy.

  238. As long as I am dreaming, I wish for a quilting house! Not just a room, but a whole house. My mom always told me to dream big, it doesn’t cost anything.

  239. My ideal xmas would be baking and making xmas dinner with you Lisa. It would be so much fun as we both love to cook. My husband has had shingles in his head for 6 months and still in so much pain. So a fun day cooking is what the doctor would order up for both of us lol.

  240. I wish for a great fun day with family with good food and lots of laughter, then a night of quiet embroidery on my latest wool project.

  241. Ok, think I’m at the place for the right Question: I wish for a President we could be proud of; tired of cringing (Scrooge-like) at every Twitter or when he opens his mouth. Not trying to be political….just want peace!

  242. I’m looking forward to having all our 4 children, spouses and the grandchildren together for Christmas.
    This hasn’t been possible for the past 8 years with our daughter in the Air Force.
    I wouldn’t be disappointed with a long arm machine either!

  243. What do I want the most in the whole world? Peace on earth and goodwill to all men…as well as an overstuffed stocking full of whatever Santa chooses (gold jewelry, socks, new tooth brush, quilting gadgets, and Purdy’s snowball chocolates).

  244. No pain and suffering anywhere on the planet. Peace. I know it’s way too much to ask but I do ask for it every year. A more realistic wish would be a wonderful studio where I could leave projects out while I work on them, I have quilt pieces and fabric, wool, and patterns stashed everywhere and dream of it all being in one room. 2 of the patterns I bought during your open house I already have soooo that journal of yours could be really handy as in 1 in my car, one in my house. And another wish I have and hope to make happen some day is to tour your new home and studio. I drool over the photos you post. Always inspiring. I wish you everything you hope for in 2018 and may all the wonderful things you do for us come back to you everyday.

  245. I think it would be great fun to go on retreat with all the Blockhead designers and meet each one of you personally. It’s been great fun getting to know each one of you during the Blockhead Journey and I so appreciate all that you have given and shared, especially knowing you each have very busy lives. THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  246. i guess my wish isn’t fun either, but I would love to spend one more Christmas with my mom who passed away in October. Glenda

  247. I am always sewing on Christmas Eve! My wish is to get the doll clothes finished and have all families enjoy a Merry Christmas!

  248. I would like all of my family members to get together and all be happy at the same time wallowing in a love-fest. But since that is not realistic, how about a new house with the quilt studio to organize all of my supplies and have a zero mortgage, big enough to have lots of friends over and sewing together!!

  249. Fun Wish: I would like to go back to the “sledding hill” that we used as kids, hop on the sled and see if I could get enough momentum to take me down the hill and “across” the little creek that we usually fell short of and sometimes ended up in. Then I would go home and make yet “another” quilt block!

  250. I quilt with a group at church. We are the “Stitches of Love”. Our quilts go to the Children’s Hospital to the Cancer Treatment Center. My wish for Christmas would be for the healing of each and every child dealing with leukemia, cancer, or other life-threatening diseases.

  251. My health back – I’m sure your husband would relate to that, as you guys have had a rough year – I really hope 2018 will be better!

  252. I have most things that I need but you can never have enough fabric. Thanks Lisa for improving my patchworking ability during this fantastic blockheads journey.

  253. My wish would be a long arm. But since I won’t be getting that, I bought my self a Christmas present – a new iron.

  254. I always stitch ornaments for my friends each year and can be sewing for finishing at the 11th hour. This year the parcels are growing of completed stockings,cushions and table runners. Happy Christmas.

  255. If I could have anything for Christmas I would want a self-cleaning and organizing house so I would have more time to quilt!
    Merry Christmas!

  256. I would love to give myself 2 hours every day to work in my sewing area on whatever project I want. Simple request, but not so easy to honor!

  257. Of course more time to quilt, but really an extra hour a day to walk, that way my health would improve and then I would have more time to quilt. But on most days, it is quilt or walk?, why quilt of course.

  258. Ooh! This would be a Christmas gift to me! One that I actually want! Not saying the family doesn’t try, but they’re not quilters, are they?

  259. Anything, huh?? Obvious ones aside (world peace, more kindness) I would wish for my very own robotic longarm quilter — I wouldn’t need to find space for it or learn it but I would have immediate and timely access to getting all my quilts quilted. And this robot would do the binding too! Why not?

  260. For Me, if I could have anything in the world, it would be a cruise to Alaska with my entire family, kids, spouses, and grandkids (all 21 of us)!!!

  261. I retired this year and bought a long arm machine. The most important thing to me is family. My youngest is a cross-country truck driver. I just want him to be safe. We will celebrate when he comes home sometime in January. I made a few pillows as gifts this year. I’m piling up quilts to bring to my family next Christmas hopefully.
    I hope everyone gets their wishes.

  262. I always have good intentions of making all my gifts! I really need to start really early, like June or July! I have made lots of pillowcases for family, so I guess I have gotten some things done! Merry Christmas and thanks for the very nice giveaway and the chance to win!

  263. Yep, knitting a scarf for DD1 right now, and thinking I might get a quilt done for DD2 (hahaha!! who am I kidding?) But I always try to make something for my kids and hubby: I guess it’s the maker in me, and I feel like it’s just part of Christmas to give something of myself. But if I had a big family, that would be out!! And if I could have anything I want, it would be a bigger house so I could buy a longarm!! I even had a dream last night about a quilt that someone surprised me and quilted it for me and I cried; in my dream!!! How desperate am I?!!!! 😀 Have a wonderful Christmas!!! Hugs,H

  264. Keeping it on the humorous and money can’t buy side of things, for our president’s twitter account to be permanently disabled. For my child to inherit an earth that is in better shape than when he was born, filled with peace. Hope you have some cherished quiet moments this Christmas season.

  265. Keeping my answer on the fun side, I’d wish for a housekeeper and cook and an sewing room that is organized and a written list of where everything is located…oh, and might as well throw in a long arm quilting machine that when turned on would not need any practice, etc–just off you go!! Thank you for opportunity to win beautiful fabric!

  266. Happy Holidays Lisa! Hope your husband is doing well with his recent surgeries. My wish for ANYTHING in the world? Not really a fun answer, but I would like to be debt free so my husband could retire from an awful job he has been at for 38 years; he has stayed there so I would have good insurance for some serious health issues I’ve had over the past five years. If it was a silly, fun, magical wish? Enough time to sew every project I’ve ever fallen in love with, and at a speed that is perfect enough to enjoy the project, but not so slow that I’d get bored with each one! Because there’s never enough time…
    Merry Christmas to all, we are so much more blessed than we usually take time to think about!

  267. I agree with Becky about the twitter account of the president! To accomplish world Peace and for all t o be better stewards of the earth….

  268. My Christmas wish would be PEACE in the world, a beach house ( dream big!!) and a F8 tower of Needle and Thread Gatherings! Non caloric yummy brownies would be good, too! Thanks for your wonderful designs! Merry Christmas and all the best for you and your family in 2018

    1. For Christmas, I would like to have the ability to eat whatever I like and not gain a pound or worry about my cholesterol! After that, the time and energy to get more accomplished with my quilting.

  269. I would love to be more organized and have more time for quilting. Thank you for all that you do for your readers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  270. More time to spend with children and grandchildren. We don’t live in the same town so don’t get to see them as often as I would like. Also everyone needs more fabric, right?

  271. This has been my first year of retirement and I feel like I have learned so much about my sewing – I have started to quilt myself, both walking foot and free motion, and I look forward to your blog entries as your projects give me such inspiration. I have felt your anxiety and love for your family, and hope that this Christmas brings you comfort and joy. For myself, as an Aussie, I dream of one day having a white Christmas – and visiting your shop to see the reality of your wonderful images! Merry Christmas!

  272. If I could magically have strong abs/core I would LOVE it. I just started a workout class to compensate for my time sitting and sewing. It’s WAY too much work! And the PAIN!! Thanks so much for all you do!

  273. My house painted by a professional — not by me or my husband. And a new front door. Sorry seems greedy!!🎄

    1. I just want to be able to get out of my wheelchair and get up and walk and be pain free and play with my littles. Not humorous but sincere. …and kindness…can everyone just be kind? Making quilts for others will make them feel loved, and maybe then the love can be passed on…and on…and on!

  274. I have always made Xmas gifts , everyone loves a special project but as the family grows the stress is beginning to take some of the fun out of it all so may have to re think a little in the future

  275. I would love to have someone help me clear out my attic room. I live in a house that has been in my family since 1909. I have lived here since the mid 70’s. Lots that needs to be gone through and I would rather quilt and knit than do it!

  276. If I could go anywhere in the world I woduld love to magically be sent off to the North Pole to be surrounded by all the magic of peppermint, music, sparkle and excitment. I would like to feel like a wonder struck child once more this lifetime.

  277. For my brother who has Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer to feel better, he was in the hosptial & a rehab for 8 weeks, just got home last night, will have another round of chemo right before Christmas. Merry Christmas to you Lisa.
    Lisa L

  278. Our family has been through some hard times this year. Our children are not all desiring to be with each other. My wish would be we could be all together for a least some time during the Christmas holiday and that healing would happen among them.

  279. A new home on one level with a studio to die for and every craft and sewing gadget imaginable including a long-arm quilting machine and 4 cats….or my best friend cured of her cancer so we could travel the US to every workshop we’ve ever wanted to attend. Hopefully the latter.

  280. for selfish me, an unlimited gift certificate for Moda fabric. For the real me, the feeling of peace in other’s lives. Thanks.

  281. Merry Christmas to you. Thank you for all the marvelous Blockhead blocks you have created. I dream of freedom for all of God’s children so that they might be able to choose. Free to choose religion, ideas, ways of growing food, pursuing education, and all of the choices we get to make here. I would also love to have the droughts ended in Somalia and everywhere else to help end hunger.

  282. I would love for my very old man to finish the sewing and craft room he started a couple years ago… but this freezing weather hampers him. as well as our limited budget

  283. I would love to have the most precious thing in the world – more time! Or at least just some time off from work. Working full time and tending to the house doesn’t leave much time for sewing. But I dream about it all day long!

  284. What I would love is more time to finish all of the projects I want to do. I keep finding new and exciting things to add to the list.

  285. I would love to spend Christmas on the family farm. It’s where my grandparents settled and it’s still in the family. My three children, their spouses and the 14 grands along with my husband would be there. We’d cut down one of the many beautiful trees from the woods, decorate it with ornaments made by the grands, popcorn etc…very old fashioned. Cook on the wood burning stove and heat the house with the wood burning furnace. No TV, just time spent with the family.

  286. What a fun give away! I don’t need a thing but it would be fun to have a beautiful LARGE sewing room that I could organize ALL my projects and hang lots of quilty goodness on the walls!

  287. My sewing machine is biting the dust, an electrical problem. The good news is I have finish all for Christmas, but my everyday sewing will suffer. No presents necessary for me. They say……everyday is a gift that is why it is the present! Have a nice holiday!

  288. I would like to be able to buy my hubby a 1969 AMC Scrambler just so I could drive it in a Fourth of July parade because it is Red/White and Blue!!!

  289. I would love to have my daughter & her family (they live in Houston) here at my house (Ohio) for the week of Christmas. I miss them!

  290. Thank you and Moda for a chance to win. If I could have anything for Christmas it would be “kid time” with my grandchildren. There is never enough of that!

  291. Hummmm….anything, a house in the country with a huge sewing room with lots of windows, and land for my hubby to hunt on, oh and a chicken coop😍, loving your sweet little stars, how adorable♥️Merry Christmas to you and your family thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all your Quilty “friends”.

  292. Right now I’d have to say I’d like to go far away to a wintery christmas-y place for vacation where it’s snowy white outside with pine trees and peaceful….and warm inside. Oh and with a lake with a walking path all around it.

  293. That’s a tough one! I have several really big wishes to choose from – to wake up thin but able to eat anything I want and not exercise or to find my dream home (we’ve been looking for a while)…. But I think the winner would have to be for all the crazy in this country and the world to go away! I’m sick of negative and terrible news!

  294. I would wish that my house would magically expand so that I could have all of my kids and grandkids overnight for a giant sleepover party. My home is lovely, but it gets a little cozy when we are all together for holidays.

  295. Hmmm, what do I want for Christmas? I have read some of the comments and I’m not sure I could match some of their wants. I guess I would like for my life to continue being as great as it is now. Realistically I know that won’t be the way it will be, if not for the valleys we can’t appreciate the high points. Merry Christmas and thanks again for you!

  296. I wish for less stress and more time so I can spend it with family and friends. I would love to win the drawing!! Thanks!!

  297. I would like to have the wedding quilt for our son completely done before the wedding. I guess this means I have to start making it. Your fabric is lovely. Happy holiday.

  298. The one thing I would want is a way to slow down time…in order to spend more time with my little girls and elderly parents (and to complete my quilting projects!). Being able to eat whatever I want and lose weight would be the runner up.

  299. I would love a long arm quilting machine for Christmas. But, since I will mot be getting one of those, I bought myself a new iron.

  300. I’ve not had the time to read through the comments, but what I would dearly love is time—-more time!! Merry Christmas to all.

  301. I don’t know what happened to my last comment, so I will try again. I would love to have a sewing room large enough so that my friends could come sew with me.

  302. I would love to have all my UFO’s finished! It would take a bunch of elves to complete that task! Merry Christmas!

  303. My dream is to just retire and be able to quilt any time and all the time. I love making Christmas presents, I have done that in the past but it is a lot of pressure so if I could retire I could do that every year!

  304. I just realized that this is block #41 – 41!!! I can’t believe that I kept up with this since the beginning – it has been a blast!

  305. This is is best prize EVER!!! Time with grandparents, good health, and Aunt Betty’s Pecan Fudge. Seriously, it is the best thing you have ever eaten!!! Happy Christmas!

  306. I would wish to have my house put back together after a major water episode destroyed it. It would be lovely to have walls and a floor again. Wishing everyone a Merry Chritmas

  307. I would like a long arm quilting machine for Christmas. But since we bought an ATV, the long arm will have to wait. So, I went an bought myself a new iron instead.

  308. I would like a “wife” to clean, cook, shop just like I do so I could spend all my time in my sewing room. Merry Christmas Lisa.

  309. All the cleaning, cooking, decorating and shopping done, so I can enjoy the time with family.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Love your stuff.

  310. For Christmas I would love for my six children , spouses, and 7 granddaughters to all be able to get together on the same day. My 3 sons are firefighters and on different shifts. Merry Christmas. I love your little quilts and fabrics.

  311. For Christmas? Peace on earth, of course. Missing that, some long-distance calls from those far away on Christmas Day would be very welcome indeed. gapomama-at-juno-dot-com.

  312. At this age (76), I wish for health and strength for myself and my husband to be able to continue to care for ourselves and others around us and to be able to continue to sew! Of course!

  313. All I want for Christmas is a Fat Eighth tower of your new fabric, Needle & Thread Gatherings….and a copy of your new book, A Quilter’s Journal!!!! Thank you in advance! Merry Christmas!

  314. I would love to have my three daughters home for Christmas. Wait…that’s what I’m getting this year!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  315. I love having both of my boys home with their wives!!! We have our first grandchild coming in February, so I wish she was here, but I’m happy to wait for her to come at the proper time! I am sooooo looking forward to meeting our special little girl!!! Love all the stuff you make. Wish I lived closer so I could come to the store more often than I do now.

  316. If I could have anything it would be that my granddaughter who has Atypical Rett Syndrome/Autism would be healed of this state of being so that she could talk. I do not mind the care giving like feeding and changing diapers and clothes (she is 17 years old) but for her to talk. She struggles to let us know what she wants and I think her being able to talk would bring a smile to her face and make her happy. She is sad a lot.

  317. If I could have anything in the world for Christmas this year it would be a Ferrari, red of course! If that’s not possible, a Featherweight painted plum crazy:) Not sure which is more attainable.

  318. I would love to have a little bit bigger house… so that my sewing room could be bigger and hold all the things I want to have in a sewing room!!

  319. If I could have anything in the world for Christmas it would be health for all, I am so sad to hear of people having cancer and dying. In the past 3 years, I have lost a sister and 2 best friends. Happy they are no longer in pain but missing them!

  320. My daughter has twin foster daughters now for 7 months, if I could have anything in the world, it would be for her to keep those cherished little girls and be able to adopt them. We are filled with love for these little blessings, they for now are my daughters children and my grandbabies. Sorry for the seriousness, but it is my and my family’s only wish.

  321. “I’d like my former boss, _ _, right here tonight. I want her brought from her happy holiday slumber over there on _ _ Lane with all the other rich people and I want her brought right here, with a big ribbon on her head, and I want to look her straight in the eye and I want to tell her what a mean, conniving, manipulative….” hahaha just kidding that’s from Christmas Vacation. I really want a pony!!!

  322. At my age, I have become grateful for the gift of quilting, especially Magic of Christmas quilt and the awesomeness of Moda Blockheads Liberty Gatherings quilt blocks. Thanks so much Lisa for providing this Wednesday activity.

  323. My favorite Christmas wish would be to have my family all together again. I have lost my father and two brothers and never had my own children, so my family has got smaller instead of larger. Holidays are more fun with more family around.

  324. If I could have anything it would be a calmer, more peaceful and reasonable world. Something more attainable? A large, beautiful crafting studio with a place for everything including room for friends to craft along with me. That’s also pretty far fetched right now. 🙂

  325. I would want enough money to be able to afford to retire early so I could spend more time with my loved ones and have more time for quilting/hobbies. Your new fabrics and journal look so pretty! I would LOVE to win.

  326. What I most want for Christmas is for our daughter and grand daughters who are 1000 miles away to spend Christmas with us. If not that, a new sewing machine cabinet.

  327. If I could have one thing for Christmas it would be a peaceful world for everyone. Nothing is more important to me.
    I always say that the reason I love to quilt is that I fine “that peace” in my quilting room listening to music or watching an old movie. (a box of good chocolate also is good)

  328. My Christmas dream is a long arm machine & a bright red Featherweight machine in a nicely appointed fiber studio. Merry Christmas to you!

  329. I want my UFOs to stop multiplying and really get out of here. Making headway but need some magic to see the pile shrink.

  330. Well, I think I am a little late for the give away!!!! Story of my life. My only gift would be to spend time with family!

  331. For Christmas I would like a housekeeper to give me more time to do my many projects. There is so much to do, so little time and so many people out there to share my projects with. Second to that would be happiness for everyone!

  332. I would wish for a longarm quilting studio to open within blocks of my house, and they would do gorgeous quilting dirt cheap just for the love of quilting!

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