2017 Needful Things…Day 5


Now this might not be the wooly things you are thinking about…but just a little different..these are tools…not fabric…I have wanted these for awhile now and wanted to see them in person…I got the opportunity at Fall Quilt Market…to feel them..to justify how much they cost…they way better in person.

So…let’s take a minute to have a peek at my pressing area at home…see that beautiful towel I use to press on?

If you take the silver covering off my board it is all warped and has wood has been damaged by the steam…

The answer to this is…

What is this?…Here read for yourself…


I have talked to those who have used them…they swear by them…I now am a proud owner and  have been pressing away…the answer to the double folded towel that is just that…now my area also looks more professional…and yes..that’s counts.

Here are the details….

Wooly Felted Ironing Mat   17″x24″   

Regularly: $ 80.00

Sale:  $64.00   please add an additional $5.00 for shipping

Wooly Felted Ironing Mat  17″x17″  

Regularly: $ 60.00

Sale:  $48.00   please add an additional $5.00 for shipping

Now I have had these dryer balls for about 9 months… I knew they did a great job in the dryer.  I previously had the plastic ones from Norwex but Jeter thought they were his toys and somehow I ended up with only one…  But now…I will have my choice of color…if I am doing a light load I will now use the white ones…the darker ones with the dark loads…and so on..

FELTED WOOLY Dryer Balls…here is the story on the dryer balls…

Wool Dryer Balls have been around for years.  Nowadays, many of us are more aware of our energy usage.  And, the chemicals we are using (such as liquid softeners or dryer sheets) may unknowingly cause us harm.
             Why not try a natural solution!!

Wooly Felted Wonders, 100% Wool Luxurious Dryer Balls are an all natural product that significantly reduce your drying time by up to 25% with towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, cottons, naturally!   And, they extend the life of these items as they are not in the dryer as long!

Dryer sheets coat the fibers of your towels, reducing their absorbency!  100% Wool Dryer Ball bring that absorbency back!!  Your towels will literally suck the moisture off your skin!

The Natural Lanolin in these 100% Wool Dryer Balls helps reduce static.
It also helps reduce wrinkles and bunching up of sheets in your dryer. 

Extend the life of your quilts, blankets, clothes and towels!

*Reusable for 1,000+ loads
*All Natural Fabric Softener
*Cut drying time by 25%

Here there are in use….

FELTED WOOLY Dryer Balls come in White, Grey and Dark Brown.

Regularly: $5.00 Each

Sale: $4.00

Pack of 6  COME IN A BAG-2 of each color

Regularly: $30.00

Sale: $21.00

Click Here is the link to visit the site to order these needful things

I know anyone will love to win a pressing mat or a set of dryer balls…so tell me what you think about these mats and dryer balls made from 100% wool.  Do you have them, tell us about them?  Would you want them?  Just some thoughts please…

Today is another “little man” day….so this is what I have to look forward to…wouldn’t have it any other way…



256 responses to “2017 Needful Things…Day 5”

  1. Donna Avatar

    That wooly pressing mat has been “talking” to me for some time. (As in saying, buy me). I just might treat myself to a wooly Christmas present this year.

  2. Sharon Walsh Avatar
    Sharon Walsh

    I think both the wool pressing mat and dryer balls sound like a wonderful idea and I am sure I need to try both. You come up with the most amazing things.

  3. Marie Beers Avatar
    Marie Beers

    That wooly ironing mat is something I need! Do the dryer balls make lots of noise bouncing around in the dryer? I’ve always wanted to try them.

  4. Jacqueline Miller Avatar
    Jacqueline Miller

    I need both of these tools. I told everyone money is my choice for Christmas this year, cant wait to order theze.

  5. Cheryl Avatar

    Love your helpful tips, did not know about the towel and now even better an actual wooly mat to iron on. I have heard about the dryer balls, and I really should be doing this for both the environment and personal health. Thank you for your suggestions!

  6. Diane Carson Avatar
    Diane Carson

    I can see that the wool mat would work wonderful. I would love to win it

  7. Pam Uhan Avatar
    Pam Uhan

    I would love this pressing mat!!! I am always looking for better tools when it comes to pressing. I do have the wool dryer balls and gave as gifts to my children. I don’t like the idea of all the chemicals from those dryer sheets on my grandchildrens clothes that are so close to that precious skin. I love them!

  8. lorraine bujnowski Avatar
    lorraine bujnowski

    I have the wooly ironing mat and do love it. The wooly dryer balls might be a needful item for me!!

  9. Becky Lomasney Avatar
    Becky Lomasney

    These are fabulous–I’m putting the d
    Pressing mat on my wish list. I love the dryer balls. Hope to get some soon! Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

  10. Cheryl Avatar

    The dryer balls are great. The wooly pressing mat must be awesome. I need to add the mat to my wish list.

  11. Sheila Symanski Avatar
    Sheila Symanski

    I have lusted after the wooly mat for months, the dryer balls look very useful. Thanks

  12. Judy Avatar

    I am definitely putting the wool ironing mat on my “need” list. It looks like something I would use every day.

  13. jrp53 Avatar

    The pressing mat is on my Christmas wish list but I, like you, have to be really sure the expense is worth it. I think your blog has convinced me! I’ve never heard of the woolly balls in the dryer, but they sound like a great thing to try. Merry Christmas

  14. Elizabeth Avatar

    That mat is just fabulous!
    And the explanation of the dryer balls makes total sense!

  15. Jane Avatar

    I am the one with the folded towel lol so this mat is something that I really think is going to be a must have. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. Laura baumgardner Avatar
    Laura baumgardner

    One of my girlfriends had this mat at retreat in October and we all oohed and sewed about t. She was given it as a gift. She swears it presses blocks flatter and really likes it. We instantly got online to all order one but decided that $ was a bit much. So awaiting for them to decrease in price. As for the wool balls, I have been looking at these for sometime but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. This is a perfect gift t win

  17. Debby Avatar

    I had heard of the wool dryer balls but have not used them. The pressing mat is new to me but would be great to press my cross stitched pieces prior to framing.

  18. Barbara Lotthammer Avatar
    Barbara Lotthammer

    I do have small pressing mat haven’t used it much because we are building and not much time foe sewing. Have always wondered if the dryer balls really work. Would love to try them

  19. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    YES! I want one of each. Sometimes I look at new things and say “nice, but I don’t think I’ll really use it.” The pressing mat, especially, looks like something I NEED more than just want. If I don’t win it, I think I’ll have to come in to the store and (gulp) splurge on one of them!

  20. Jayne Shindel Avatar
    Jayne Shindel

    I think I need both of these. I have not tried them, but have heard wonderful things about them.

  21. Bernice Avatar

    I have not heard of the wool pressing mat–would love to try it

  22. Sharon Avatar

    I have the dryer balls but have not tried them out yet. The wooly mat sounds like a great idea.

  23. Deanna Bowman Avatar
    Deanna Bowman

    I have not used the dryer balls, but have heard great things about them. Also one of my goals this coming year is to do more things—would love a wool mat. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  24. birdlooker Avatar

    It’s obvious that little man has a great time at your house! The mat and the dryer balls just went on my personal “needful things” list.

  25. Diane B Avatar
    Diane B

    Oh my! I’m glad to hear my Pomeranian – Buckshot isn’t the only one to confuse a dryer ball with his toys. I do not have the wool dryer balls or the pressing mat but would love to try them both.

  26. Tammi Williams Avatar
    Tammi Williams

    I’ve never heard of these! Interesting. Would love to try one of these mats. I need help for better pressing! Wish I lived closer to try/watch the pressing results.

  27. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Would love to try the mat! I have the wool balls and they are great

  28. Audrey Bretz Avatar
    Audrey Bretz

    A wool pressing mat has been in my Amazon wish list for a while – but at a more expensive price? I think I want to order this. And the dryer balls… I’m all about not using those fabric softener sheets. They are on my wish list too! Aren’t grandchildren fun? My only grandchild, Hannah is now 14 and I sure do miss those days of toys all over the house!

  29. Chris Avatar

    It looks like I will need to make more space in my sewing room for this pressing mat. It looks like something I would use often. I saw the wooly balls in a store but didn’t buy them, I should have, just didn’t want to spend the money at the time.

  30. Maria Zook Avatar
    Maria Zook

    I have been using wool dryer balls for a few months and they are nice for plumping up and softening my laundry without added chemicals. The wool pressing mat is an interesting concept. I too have used a towel on my pressing surface. I would love to try the wool mat.

  31. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    I have a small wool mat gonna order the larger one. I love love love mine👍 Did I say I love it?! I’m gonna try the dryer balls too😊

  32. Esther Avatar

    Recently purchased one of the mats as a birthday present to myself. I haven’t tried it yet but am excited to do so … everything I hear about them is wonderful. Would love the dryer woolies … they sound wonderful, too, and have been on my list. . Thank you so much

  33. Mary K Avatar
    Mary K

    I absolutely love this pressing mat. I have the smaller one mentioned and it is wonderful for pressing my applique. I haven’t used the wool dryer balls

  34. Chris Thorpe Avatar
    Chris Thorpe

    Would love to try both, pressing mat sounds wonderful!!

  35. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    The dryer balls sound interesting. Would love to try them. I am familiar with the pressing mat. Took some classes from a Judy Niemeyer certified instructor and she uses it all the time. Would love one!

  36. Jan Avatar

    Have the mat and love it . Need to try the woolly balls

  37. Shirley Avatar

    I use the dryer balls and they are great, they do exactly what you stated, mine are homemade would love the colored ones. The mat looks awesome especially pressing on both sides.

  38. Peggy Slesinger Avatar
    Peggy Slesinger

    These are really fun gifts!! I would love to use them myself! Especially the dryer balls, as It seems like every day I add to my age, is a day I become more allergic to everything!!

  39. Maxine Reisenleiter Avatar
    Maxine Reisenleiter

    I’ve hadn’t heard of the wool mats. They look really useful. It would save my back with all the twisting back and forth to the ironing board when I’m pressing little pieces. My daughter in law uses the wool balls in her dryer and loves them. I do have a wool pin cushion that I love.

  40. Carol DeGraaf Avatar
    Carol DeGraaf

    I have the mat and I love it!

  41. Diane kubicki Avatar
    Diane kubicki

    I have never seen the wool mats, they would be a great addition to my sewing room. I’ve seen the wool balls around , thanks for explaining their purpose. Sounds like 2 things I need.

  42. Geri Sherwood Avatar
    Geri Sherwood

    I would love to try the wool mat or the dryer balls. They sound wonderful. My husband does all the laundry so I think he would love saving time. I love the wool mat. What a great idea. My pressing surface is a mess!

  43. Diane k Avatar
    Diane k

    I have never seen the wool mats, they would be a great addition to my sewing room. I’ve seen the wool balls around , thanks for explaining their purpose. Sounds like 2 things I need.

  44. Wendy LeDioyt Avatar
    Wendy LeDioyt

    I would love the dryer balls. Not only helping the environment, but a cost savings over fabric softener as well! The mat looks like something I would love as well. Cute toy bin in the pic as well!

  45. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    I would love to have these wooly things..they just make so much sense but I have not tried them.

  46. jackie Avatar

    I never knew there was a wooly mat for pressing. I will be getting one of those. Can’t wait to use. I do use the wool balls in the dryer and love them.

  47. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    Love the idea of the dryer balls…all natural. The wool mat looks a lot better than my scorched towel. Great gift ideas..maybe next year.

  48. Deb Belcourt Avatar
    Deb Belcourt

    I have heard about these items for a while now & has my interest peaked but the pricing has held me back. It would be wonderful to win these & I’d share comments about these items. It would be an excellent gift a Christmas time!
    Merry Christmas! 🎄

  49. Cindy Avatar

    I have -and love – wool dryer balls. The pressing mat looks amazing tho….

  50. needleminder Avatar

    I love my wooly balls for my dryer! Having had a gas dryer for twenty years, adjusting to electric was difficult, so much longer! I got these and they work so well! Cut my drying time significantly! Had never seen or heard of the Wooly Mats before, but you can bet I want one now!

  51. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I’ve tried the plastic dryer balls but the noise makes my hubby crazy, so the wool balls sound awesome! The wool mats are a great idea!

  52. Donna Widerquist Avatar
    Donna Widerquist

    I have been looking at the wooly pressing mat and think that I need one. Also think I should try out the dryer balls.

  53. stitchinqween Avatar

    I didn’t know there was such a thing! My ironing board looks awful from starch, etc. I would love to have the pressing mat!

  54. Pat DuBois Avatar
    Pat DuBois

    I have been seeing the wool pressing Matt at retreat……….I have added it to my “wish list”

  55. dccagle7@comcast.net Avatar

    I have the Norwex balls too! Now I know why my big white dog has been nosing around the laundry room! Do these work better, your pricing is better. I just got a new ironing station and I think one of the mats would keep it looking good. Yea!

  56. Carol Avatar

    I’ve never heard or seen a wooly pressing mat. As far as wooly dryer balls it looks like a great idea vs dryer sheets. I would love to try either one out.

  57. Rebecca Hoffmann Avatar
    Rebecca Hoffmann

    This is the first I’ve heard of the wooly pressing mat, it looks like a wonderful “must have”, I’ve seen the dryer balls but haven’t tried them yet. thanks for the chance to win

  58. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    My husband built me an ironing surface and I haven’t had it long enough for warping, but the ironing mats you show, … well those look great! My ironing surface is large, great for ironing large pieces of fabric but the mats you show, they’d be great next to my sewing machine. The felt balls, I’ve been using tennis balls… they’d be an upgrade for sure!

  59. Sharon Avatar

    Anxious to try both the wooly mat and the dryer balls, after reading your testimony. Sounds perfect. I think we’ll all be needing them!

  60. Linda Avatar

    The mat looks awesome…I would definitely like/use one. I’m already using the wooly dryer balls. My husband has allergies and I can’t use dryer sheets. These were a lifesaver to reduce the static.

  61. Joan Avatar

    I have looked at each of the items, but could not justify the cost. Now with your endorsement I will jump in. I have asked for a gift certificate for Christmas so I know what I will buy if I don’t buy them before. I would love to win either/or. As always, love Little Man photos.

  62. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I’ve never used dryer balls of any kind and just figured they were some marketing gimmick, but I might have to give them a try. Years ago I purchased a silver colored Teflon ironing board cover, you know, the one that “doesn’t scorch”? Well mine was so badly scorched I had to throw it away…..maybe that wool ironing mat is something I need too.

  63. Dee J. Avatar
    Dee J.

    I have looked at these wool mats, and it made since to me, but was so expensive. I do use a towel and iron wool applique from the back…do you still do this so it doesn’t flatten the applique, or is the mat good for this also? If you are recommending it, I am sure it is a good product. I often wondered how the wool balls work to. I would love to give these a try.

  64. June Avatar

    The mat is wonderful! I would love another & can’t wait to try the dryer balls. Thank you.

  65. Betsy Avatar

    The wooly pressing mat looks wonderful! I want one!! I have the dryer wool balls and love them!

  66. Twyla Avatar

    I’ve had wool dryer balls for about four years! Would never use anything else, they are the best!!!

  67. Donna K Avatar
    Donna K

    Hi Lisa, I would love, love to win the mat.
    It only makes sense doesn’t it? Looks like a great new product. Thanks for showing it to us.

  68. Debby Avatar

    I can’t say enough good things about the wool pressing mat! I finally spent the money to get one a couple of months ago and I LOVE it. It would be awesome to win one for my daughter-in-law. I’ve been wanting to try some of the dryer balls. Looks like this might be the time to get some. Thanks!!!

  69. Heather G Avatar
    Heather G

    These products all sound great! I would love to try them all. The only thing I currently use wool for is applique!

  70. Gail Roman. Avatar
    Gail Roman.

    I have the wool ironing mat and really do think it does a great job, haven’t used anything else as a pressing mat since I got it. Could always use another one that is smaller too. The dryer balls sound wonderful, anything to help keep chemicals off of our skin would work for me v

  71. Dede Avatar

    If the pressing mat is as nice as dryer balls one can only imagine how great it would be. I have been using dryer balls for a few months, they’re great. Hope you pick me!

  72. Joni Avatar

    Pressing mat looks awesome! You certainly find the best items!
    I have used the wool balls for a few years- you can add drops of oils to them to make them scented!

  73. Pam Benson Avatar
    Pam Benson

    Love to try these must have dryer balls and pressing mat.

  74. Michelle Avatar

    The pressing mat is great someone at our retreat had one. It’s great to carry with your supplies.

  75. Theresa Waite Avatar
    Theresa Waite

    I would love to have the wool pressing mat. It would really be helpful on finishing my embroidered pillows. and my pieced blocks. I may have to try the wool balls for my dryer. my budget has not included these items.

  76. Jaxine Andersen Avatar
    Jaxine Andersen

    Hi, Lisa! Thanks for all you do and your giveaways. I’ve never used dryer balls but they sound fascinating. Would love to win them along the pressing board. I also use a towel for my wool pressing and the board sounds like a magnificent replacement for that! How nice to have a “grown-up” ironing area!

  77. Stephanie Tabares Avatar
    Stephanie Tabares

    The wooly ironing mat sounds wonderful, maybe my present to me or my purchase with the gift cards I will get at Christmas. I have heard about the wool dryer balls, love your explanation of the two.

  78. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    I bought the dryer balls and my husband thought they were a new type of tennis ball! Would love to try out a new pressing mat though.

  79. Robin T Avatar
    Robin T

    I hope my dream to own the wooly mat comes true. I didn’t even know there was a wooly mat until today. Thank you for introducing new products!

  80. Jean Gerretsen Avatar
    Jean Gerretsen

    I have wanted wool dryer balls for a while now, was hoping to get some as a gift. If not, I will be getting some in the new year. Had not heard about the wool mat, but it sounds like a very good thing.

  81. Geri Gieseke Avatar
    Geri Gieseke

    I have the wool dryer balls and I love them! They are wonderful! And I am dying to get the wool pressing mat! What a good deal you are offering! Thanks Lisa! Happy Christmas!

  82. Christie Stevens Avatar
    Christie Stevens

    I love the wooly pressing mat and dryer balls – I had never seen them before. Thanks for sharing these great tools.

  83. Judy Balek Avatar
    Judy Balek

    I would love the pressing mat for me RV, t protect my counter tops. I have been using dryer balls for close a year now and really love them. They do not make noise in the dryer. But they do help my dryer to get thing dry in one round of drying.

  84. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    Where have I been? The dryer balls sound interesting and that wool mat for ironing sounds fantastic. I need to try both.

  85. Emma Limber Avatar
    Emma Limber

    Thank you for sharing. I keep hearing and seeing the benefits of the mat, but now the balls. I need to get some of both. Especially the balls as the husband has softener allergies.

  86. Karen Herrick Avatar
    Karen Herrick

    Several years ago my spinning group made dryer balls out of wool roving, absolutely love them, would not be without them. I have been looking at the felted mat, and wondering about it, you have sold me on it. Thanks

  87. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    I have not tried either one. I have seen the dryer balls but not purchased them. I think the balls will be in my future for sure. The wool ironing mat sounds awesome! I need to buy myself a Christmas gift!!

  88. Eileen Moss Avatar
    Eileen Moss

    Both the wooly ironing mat and th,e dryer balls sound like a great idea. I especially like the mat idea. So much better than the towel (I use that too).

  89. Wendy Polsson Avatar
    Wendy Polsson

    Never heard about the wool pressing mat – not much wool + supplies available in my area. I’ve wanted dryer balls for awhile. Keep meaning to get some – just hasn’t happened yet.

  90. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    I have not seen the wool ironing mat but I get I would love it!! I’m probably one of those rare people that like to iron 🙂

  91. Deborah Graber Avatar
    Deborah Graber

    OMG, that pressing mat looks awesome! And I have been thinking about the dryer balls for quite awhile but have hesitated because I have two Golden Retrievers and their fur gets everywhere. Do you think the dryer balls would pick that up and become fur covered? I think I know where I will be spending my Christmas bonus! BTW, I figured Jeter would be helping Little Man choose which toy to play with! My Sunny would be stealing them and hiding them in the back yard! LOL

  92. Quilting In The Country Avatar

    oh that wool pressing mat looks just divine. It really is a needful thing. I have never used a dryer ball, but oh that mat, the things I could do.

  93. Jo Miller Avatar
    Jo Miller

    I have a wool pressing mat – and ABSOLUTELY love it! In fact I have been considering buying another one for traveling to retreats. One of the best purchases I made this year!

  94. Marcy Frick Avatar

    I have just recently started using the wooly mat, and love it!

  95. Renee M. Avatar
    Renee M.

    Both look great!

  96. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    Your Little Man is so precious. I miss those days of walking across the room and stepping on those sharp little toys!!
    I have the small wooly mat and love, love, love it. It works great. I, too, thought it was a little pricey, but it really does its job. Would love the larger one, too.
    I am also a big fan of the dryer balls. I purchased one from a local Alpaca farm just to see if it worked. Works great!

  97. BJ Avatar

    I just rebuilt my pressing mat but have heard good things about the wool types – they’re just a bit pricey. The dryer balls are on my Amazon wish list for Christmas, so they’re definitely a needful thing!

  98. Kristy Avatar

    I do NOT have the wooly mat or balls. I DO have a warped ironing wooden board, and I have dryer sheets. I do have lots of sensitivities…perhaps they are from the chemicals. OK, it is becoming obvious I NEED both the mat and the balls. By the way, I have the exact same view as you do today. We have our little man and little miss here this week…..and loving every moment of it!

  99. Prudence Lay Avatar
    Prudence Lay

    I would love to own these. They are spendy so I have not purchases. Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  100. DiAnn Avatar

    First time I have heard of the Wooly mat, makes sense. I know of a few people that have the wooly balls and they swear by them. It would be great to win either one. Thank you!

  101. Tracy O’Briant Avatar
    Tracy O’Briant

    Ha,ha! Your “little man day” looks a lot like ours today!
    Yes, I want to try the ironing mat!!! The dryer balls are going to Phoenix for my mother, she also used the plastic ones. I know she would love those, at 93 she has tried everything.

  102. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I have been using wool dryer balls for some time but would love to try the pressing mat.

  103. Christine Masters Avatar
    Christine Masters

    Hooray for offering these Lisa. My pressing mat is terribly warped and I need the woolly felted one. I use nothing in my dryer because of chemicals. I’m anxious to give the wool balls a try.

  104. Karen Avatar

    Don’t have either of these….the wool mat is interesting….wonder how or if the starch will affect it……the dryer balls have been on my list to get…they seem like a win-win….. probably will save $$ and good for the environment!! Always appreciate you sharing!! Thanks!! Have fun with “little man”!! Having fun with our granddaughter visiting too!!

  105. Mimi Hall Avatar

    These are both new items to me!! I’m very interested in both!!

  106. Dixie Bauerle Taft Avatar
    Dixie Bauerle Taft

    Why is it that everything wool is so appealing! I would love to have both of these!

  107. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    That pressing mat looks wonderful. I am going to have to wait to order mine with all the Santa shopping yet. Yes, the dryer balls are the greatest. My sweet DIL uses them snd I need to get me some.

  108. Marie J. Avatar
    Marie J.

    I ABSOLUTLY love my wool mats! I first got a small one for retreats and loved it so much I saved up and got one for home!! Now I don’t burn my fingers so much!! Silly that I’ve never tried the dryer balls, as I’m so pleased with my mats! I really like the idea of not coating my clothes!! And Haahaa, my living room looks about the same! my grandson Andrew is here for the afternoon!!! Great fun!!!

  109. Sharon K Avatar
    Sharon K

    The wool mat looks like a great thing to have. Would love to win one. I use the dryer balls and they are great. I like the ideal of not adding any chemicals. Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. Katherine S Avatar
    Katherine S

    I’ve been using wool dryer balls for years and love them! That wool pressing mat looks intriguing—I just may have to invest in one!

  111. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    As I love all things wool, both of these items are quite appealing. Thank you for introducing new and interesting products.

  112. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    OMG…I’ve been thinking about wool dryer balls for a long time….I’ve attempted to make my own but just didn’t work the best! Love these…and the different colors. The wool iron mat-Brilliant!! What a great traveling ironing board…even for the living room (when I want to watch a movie while quilting)! 🙂 Thanks Lisa for these needful things!

  113. Susanne Hilton Avatar
    Susanne Hilton

    One of my friends just bought one of these wool pressing mats and loves it. Guess it’s time for me to get one. Would love to win it! Might just need those dryer balls too. Would share them with my daughter, who requested them for Christmas this year!

  114. JennyH Avatar

    I’ve heard the wool pressing mats are fabulous!

  115. Stephanie Kluk Avatar
    Stephanie Kluk

    I would LOVE one of these Wool Pressing Mats! Getting my pieces perfectly flat without creases is always an issue for me.

  116. Jackie Roisler Avatar
    Jackie Roisler

    Oh my, I’m excited about these products! So much so I just ordered the 17″ 17″ ironing mat, and 3 white + 3 grey wool dryer balls as my husband approved Christmas gift.
    Thank you for discovering these awesome products.
    Happy Holidays!

  117. Catherine Thomas Avatar
    Catherine Thomas

    I would love to own a wool preeeon mat! It would make an awesome birthday gift as my day is coming up 12/31.

  118. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I have never even heard of a wool pressing mat~ it looks like it would really work great, and be something I would love to try. Thanks for the fun!

  119. Mary Smith Avatar
    Mary Smith

    I haven’t tried either the wool mat or dryer balls but would love too! They sound like the perfect, natural alternative. I would especially like to see if my towels become softer and more absorbant……pampering at its best!

  120. Jan Avatar

    The wool mat sounds interesting. I use my ironing board with a towel & of course there’s a lot of shifting around when my project is larger than the ironing board’s width. Have seen the dryer balls advertised but just haven’t purchased. At a craft show years ago, I did purchase balls of sheep wool formed to clean the leaves of your indoor plants. Works well. So these different items would be a nice prize. Thanks.

  121. Kathleen Elwood Avatar
    Kathleen Elwood

    I use wool dryer balls all the time. I would love to win the wool mat. It’s so much prettier than my folded towel!

  122. Katherine Avatar

    That mat sounds like the perfect cure for ironing headaches!

  123. Judyk Avatar

    I’m all for flatter blocks. Yes, I use dryer balls. They definitely cut down on drying time, especially for those puffy mattress pads! Can’t wait to see what else you have on your needful list.

  124. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    The mats sound amazing! I would love to have one. I have never tried dryer balls. They sound like a good idea. I don’t like using dryer sheets. Have an awesome day!

  125. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    I’ve never heard of the wooly mats before but that sounds like just what I need to replace my old ironing board and the wooly balls are something I’ve been wanting to try. What great ideas!

  126. Kim F Avatar
    Kim F

    Just a caution, I used the wool dryer balls and loved them, however my husband who is allergic to wool started having skin problems so I had to quit using them. Gave them to my friend who loves them. I would love to try the wool pressing mat. I had not seen it before. I too have a warped desktop from using a regular pressing mat that I thought would protect the surface.

  127. Teri Avatar

    I have wanted the ironing mat since I first saw it. Am giving the dryer balls for a gift this year. Thank you for chance to win

  128. Sue Ahern Avatar
    Sue Ahern

    I am a big fan of wool, always used it until recently as my wadding, but not like to use cotton for summer weight quilts. But a wool pressing mat is the ideal solution to ironing seams in the sewing room without having to put up a ironing board, great idea, would love to win one! If I dont then I will be searching local shops to buy one, thanks for the information.

  129. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    The wool pressing mat sounds wonderful! And yes I like the look, better than a towel. I have been wanting to try the dryer balls too. Do they cut down on static cling too?

  130. Bobbie Rumler Avatar
    Bobbie Rumler

    I just found out that fabric softener is harmful…the drier balls and pressing broad looks great and looks like it does wonders for all our quilts and personal items that we feel valuable…Merry Christmas

  131. Chris O'Dorisio Avatar
    Chris O’Dorisio

    The pressing mat is new to me, but I think I would love to use one!!! 😉 My DIL uses the dryer balls and says they are great…both items today are now on my wish list!

  132. Jill Defries Avatar
    Jill Defries

    Saw the wool mats at Houston show but didn’t research them at the time! Like the dryer balls so I’m sure the mat would be awesome also!

  133. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    The mat is intriguing. Wouldn’t mind trying that! I have used dryer balls for years but mine need replacing . I love how they work!

    1. Cheryl Baker Avatar
      Cheryl Baker

      I am pretty sure I “need” the wooly ironing mat!!!! I would use it often – maybe every day!!! I am already sold on the wooly balls – they really do make a difference in the dryer.

  134. Mary Ann Lueders Avatar
    Mary Ann Lueders

    Have used dryer balls but the wool one look interesting and will give them a try,. The wool mat sounds like an answer to our pressing issues.

  135. A M Avatar
    A M

    I read your info on the wool pressing pad and dryer balls. I didn’t know wool was so versatile. My sister is allergic to softeners. I think I’ll get the dryer balls for her😊

  136. Lou Avatar

    I have heard of the dryer balls and think I definitely need them. The wooly ironing mat is new to me. I steam my wool projects and this mat would really be helpful.

  137. carol Avatar

    I have never used a wool dryer ball. The wool mat should be so helpful ipressing.

  138. Carol Bejtlich Avatar
    Carol Bejtlich

    Where do you find these things? I would love to try both. The mat is pricey, though, but, in the end, who cares what it costs?? LOL

  139. Teresa Sanders Avatar
    Teresa Sanders

    Got to have both of these wooly items.

  140. Karen L Chaudoin Avatar
    Karen L Chaudoin

    OMG! I need one of those presseing mats. I use towels also and they look so crummy! I use the dryer balls and put lavender oil on them. Love them!

  141. Lana Avatar

    Love the wool mat I purchased the small one a month ago and it is the best ……… I will purchase the larger size and the dryer balls. Your 12 days of Christmas products are the best!

  142. Judi Avatar

    Yes, please. Love the snowflakes! Too bad we couldn’t get them for Christmas. I love wool and have been looking at these pressing mats for some time. It would be a fantastic addition to my sewing room. Working on a couple wool stockings for a future son-in-law and my first grandchild. Great idea on the dryer balls. I think I will purchase them and try some other essential oils. Love the smell of citrus too! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  143. Pattie Davidson Avatar
    Pattie Davidson

    I would be Happy To have any of these things They Both look wonderful!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  144. Debbie Bradley Avatar
    Debbie Bradley

    I would love to try both the mat and the wooly balls. I all for using natural things.

  145. Sheila Avatar

    I would love either one, but the pressing mat is the best invention! My ironing board cover is a mess!😁

  146. Joanne Avatar

    Would LOVE the mat! Love nice and flat blocks!

  147. Lois Wilhelm Avatar
    Lois Wilhelm

    I already have been using the dryer balls…They are wonderful! I have the cream ones and use for darks too, just used them to dry an old red wool sweater (will be a pillow as requested by one of our daughters) . They are still cream colored. Heard about the wool pressing mat…sounds awesone!

  148. Linda M Avatar
    Linda M

    The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I truly “need” this needful thing—- the Wool ironing mat. I just moved into a new sewing space and my ironing board does not fit. One of these mats will be the answer. Thank you Lisa for featuring this product.

  149. Betty cabral Avatar
    Betty cabral

    Thank you for your generosity and hard work. You bless us in many ways.

  150. Pat McMullin Avatar
    Pat McMullin

    I would love to try both the ironing mat and the dryer balls. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  151. paulette W Avatar
    paulette W

    I have tried plastic dryer balls but was not really happy with them
    Have never tried the Wool ironing mat but will purchase it along with the balls & see how I like them both. Thanks for all the work to bring them both to faithful readers

  152. Marsha B Avatar
    Marsha B

    Both the mat and the dryer balls sound wonderful! I would love to try them out, thanks for a chance to win. Your day with little man looks like so much fun!

  153. Dawn M Avatar
    Dawn M

    I haven’t tried either of these yet but I would really like to. The mat looks fabulous.

    1. Suzanne Matula Avatar
      Suzanne Matula

      I would live to have one of those pressing mats! Even my husband is tired if the way my ironing boards look! I wouldn’t mind the dryer balls either. I have never used dryer sheets because of allergies, but the dryer balls seem like a great idea.

  154. Barb R. Avatar
    Barb R.

    I have used the wool dryer balls for years and love them. Would love to try the wool ironing mat. Thanks for showing these to us.

  155. Kathy Avatar

    I’ve not heard of wool dryer balls but this is something I’d like to use. Would be nice to cut dryer time and static all without the use of chemicals. As for the wool ironing mat, I saw one at a quilt store recently but was a bit leary. Now, hearing your rave review I’d like to have one. Hope I win!

  156. Frances McGuinn Avatar
    Frances McGuinn

    I have the Pressing Mat and just love it! I would like to try the balls instead of dryer sheets. Are they noisy when running in the dryer?

  157. CHRIS Avatar

    The wool pricing Matt and dryer balls sound fantastic. I like that they are natural, always love working with wool.

  158. Mary Ellen Sanderson Avatar
    Mary Ellen Sanderson

    The dryer balls sound like a great idea! They will be great when washing winter coats!

  159. Marcia Mahoney Avatar
    Marcia Mahoney

    Would be delighted to win the giveaway. Thank You! Thank you!

  160. Bonita Zobl Avatar
    Bonita Zobl

    I love using the dryer balls.. Work great.. It’s humorous though..I also had norwex dryer balls and went down to one when Kimber thought it was her toy!!! Lol! Would love to have the mat . Guess it will go on my wishlist as I dare not but anything more until after Soc Sec arrives..2 days after Christmas!! Grrrr!

  161. Marsha Avatar

    Wow… Wool does it again!!! Merry Christmas

  162. Nicole Avatar

    I haven’t heard of the wooly mat before but it sounds like a must have, so I shall. I’d heard about the dryer balls and have wanted to try them so now seems like a good time.

  163. Pauline Dean Avatar

    I’ve heard about both. Would love try them both. My pressing board I have now I made and now that I am using more steam it is warping and I also noticed that my cutting mat that I had under it started to bow. Didn’t realize that the heat was going straight through ugh 😑

  164. Carol joswick Avatar
    Carol joswick

    I have the pressing mat and love it. It does make pressing the blocks much easier. Will have to try the wool balls. Love the pic of Jace and his toys! Merry Christmas Lisa and family!

  165. Janet M Avatar
    Janet M

    I’d love to try both. I stopped using the dryer sheets and now have static cling.

  166. Mary Barnett Avatar
    Mary Barnett

    My best friend bought a wooly mat a few weeks ago. I wondered if this is worth the cost, but your comments convince me that it is! I have used bigger wool balls in my dryer for years & wouldn’t be without them. I would love to win the mat!💗🐑

  167. janist50@yahoo.com Avatar

    I just heard about the wool pressing mat, it sound very interesting. I’ve had the pressing balls on my wish list for a while-it’s a good time of year to grant wishes!

  168. Nancy C Hillman Avatar
    Nancy C Hillman

    Love wooly dryer balls!

  169. Nancy Zimmerman Avatar
    Nancy Zimmerman

    I do not have a pressing mat , but would love one! I love the idea of the wool balls. Thanks for the giveaway. Hope you had fun with the little guy today!

  170. Lisa Barcomb Avatar
    Lisa Barcomb

    I have the wool dryer balls from Norwex and love them! The wool pressing mat looks fabulous!

  171. Judy McNew Avatar
    Judy McNew

    Love all the item especially the wool pressing mat I️ have to have one!!!

  172. Diane Avatar

    The wool mat and dryer balls look absolutely amazing – what a treat to own and use! I try to take things out of the dryer before totally dry to save on power and wrinkles – bet they would do the same. I just ordered another ironing pad and cover— mine has holes in it for using it so much – not on clothing either! My wools and cottons get a good press – what a treat to win this super pair!!!

  173. Janet O. Avatar

    I am most drawn to the dryer balls, but would love one of those mats as well. My daughter had the dryer balls and I loved how their was so much less lint in the dryer screen than without them. And less chemicals in our clothes and towels is always a good thing!

  174. Pam Avatar

    What a wonderful idea. I have heard of the dryer balls, but not the mat. Would love to give them a try.

  175. Nyla Dominguez Avatar
    Nyla Dominguez

    The wool ironing mat looks wonderful and would love to have one! The wool dryer balls sound amazing, I will be getting those to replace my plastic ones!

  176. Whitney Hiener Avatar
    Whitney Hiener

    I have a wooly pressing mat and I LOVE it!! I’ve debated for months about the wooly dryer balls, but I haven’t gotten any yet. Maybe Santa will bring me some!! 😊

  177. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    These mats look awesome! I would love to win one

  178. donna wells Avatar
    donna wells

    I love my wool mat! The best thing ever. And I could use another!

  179. Karen Avatar

    My son gifted me a wool pressing mat for Mother’s Day this year and I love pressing blocks on it. It is wonderful for appliqué blocks! Haven’t tried the wool dryer balls, but would love anything that refreshes towels.😉

  180. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I have been looking at the wool pressing mats for a while but didn’t know if they were really worth getting but after reading your comments and those of others I think it will be a purchase in the near future

  181. Kathryn Casavant Avatar
    Kathryn Casavant

    I have the dryer balls they are great! Looks like the mat is a good idea.

  182. Toni Rosinski Avatar
    Toni Rosinski

    Have not seen the ironing mat before but it looks awesome and is making my credit card nervous! Dryer balls are awesome and much better than dryer sheets – thank you for sharing!

  183. Deb Gepfer Avatar
    Deb Gepfer

    I don’t have either one and have only seen the dryer balls but would love to try both!

  184. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    I have the dryer balls and I love them. I do think they help so things don’t get as tangled up in each other. I have never seen the wool ironing pad, but it seems like it would be wonderful for our stitches and applique.

  185. Linda Bastian Avatar
    Linda Bastian

    I already have the pincushion and absolutely love it. Wish you would stock them too! I’m ordering the mat and dryer balls now.

  186. Martha Campbell Avatar
    Martha Campbell

    I have been eyeing the pressing mat but like you, thought the price was just too high! Haven’t actually seen one in person. Would sure love to win one! Have never used dryer balls either.

  187. Lisa Dillow Avatar
    Lisa Dillow

    This is the first time I’ve heard about the wool ironing mat. Would love to win one. Right now I’m hand embroidering a label for a quilt that will be given as a Christmas gift.

  188. Marsha Avatar

    Your picture looks just like my living room because the grandgirls were here today. I shouldn’t say “the” grandgirls because only 3 of the 12 granddaughters were here today. Love it when I have any of them with me.
    Love the woolly treats you’ve got today. Wish u could afford them.

  189. The Meaning of Courage Avatar

    I actually tried to make some dryer balls at one point. Um…epic fail! I think I used the wrong kind of yarn. Oh well, I would love to win the dryer balls! Of course the pressing mat looks amazing! It looks better than any other option but I would have available to me. I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t want one!

  190. Rita Avatar

    They both sound wonderful. Will have to put them on my after Christmas wish list.

  191. Janet Avatar

    Im a bit embarrassed….I never heard of either. however, as awful as my ironing board looks and as static as my dryer is this winter…..I’m definitely down to give them a try! Jmh

    1. Linda Lynn Avatar
      Linda Lynn

      I have heard of the wool mat but not the dryer balls. I would love to save energy and fluff up my towels.

  192. Tami Avatar

    I have been reading more and more about the wool dryer balls. My husband was just complaining that the soft part on the inside of his sweatshirts isn’t as soft as it used to be. Would using these dryer balls make it softer??

  193. Wanda Avatar

    Shocked that I had not heard of the wool mat! I need this in my sewing room too. What a great idea!

  194. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I have heard about both of these wooly items and would love to have both but don’t yet! So I would love to win one pretty please 😉

  195. Charlotte Avatar

    I have the wooly mat on my Christmas list and I have been good this year!! I didn’t know about the wooly dryer balls – sound useful and should add that to my list but I think it is too late.

  196. LINDA Avatar

    I would love to win a wool mat and/or dryer balls. Both look very useful .

  197. Wanda Avatar

    My daughter is allergic to dryer sheets and I can’t stand staticky clothes …., they would be awesome to test out

  198. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    hmmm interesting wool mats. I have never heard of them, but sure sounds like it would work really well with working with wool. I do have wool dryer balls and really love them. I am not a fan of dryer sheets.

  199. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    I have dryer balls and I love them!
    That wool pressing mat looks great!
    Thanks for introducing it to me, I’d not heard of it before and now it is on my wish list!

  200. Suzette harris Avatar
    Suzette harris

    I HAD never art of dryer balls. Conceptually sound wonderful and I definitely would try them!

  201. Susan F. Avatar
    Susan F.

    The woolen mat sounds wonderful. I love the organic, earthy look. Will definitely put it on my wish list. Thanks for the review.

  202. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I have never heard of the wool pressing mat, but it looks great and would love to try it.

  203. Mary Ann Avatar
    Mary Ann

    I just ordered both the mat and the dryer balls. Besides the good information Lisa provided, I read all the comments. I will admit it would be nice to win them. Thank you to everyone who has shared their personal experiences with these products.

  204. sandra Avatar

    Love my dryer balls! The mat sounds great, I too have ruined my ironing board with steam😑

  205. Loretta Pederson Avatar
    Loretta Pederson

    The pressing mat looks amazing would love to try one. I have not used the dryer balls. But have heard of them . Worth a try..

  206. Karen Keeler Avatar
    Karen Keeler

    The iron mat is new to me…quite interesting. But the dryer balls are something I have been looking at for a while now.

  207. Robbi Avatar

    I love using dryer balls in my dryer. I have not bought fabric softner sheets in over a year. The wool pressing mat looks awesome!!! I definitely need one of these.

  208. Marj Coldiron Avatar
    Marj Coldiron

    I recently saw the pressing mats and have been thinking of purchasing one. THe dryer balls sound almost too good to be true, but when I order the mat I will also be ordering the balls.

  209. Barb Reininger Avatar
    Barb Reininger

    Will pressing mat sounds like a must-have. Thanks for sharing.

  210. Carmen N. Avatar
    Carmen N.

    I love hearing about new produsts to make life easier and my quilting better. Thanks for sharing.

  211. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    That wooly pressing mat looks just so RICH! I’ve been wanting to redo my sewing room and this would be the best new addition ever!

  212. Lori Thomas Avatar
    Lori Thomas

    The pressing mat looks awesome! It may be something I will have to get. It would be great to take to retreats. I to have the norwex green dryer balls and they work great. I always wondered how the wool ones worked. I haven’t used dryer sheets or softener in years. When you know what is in the stuff it’s amazing it can still be on the market. So unhealthy! These are two things of interest.

  213. Patti Avatar

    I have seen the dryer balls for sale and have been thinking of purchasing a set to try. I have not seen the woolly pressing mat, which looks wonderful. It seems that it would also hold the heat well, which would then benefit any items being pressed. Thanks for sharing.

  214. Dana D Avatar
    Dana D

    I’ve been intrigued by the mats and am so glad to see your review as I was trying to decide if they were worth the monet also. And I actually tried to order the dryer balls previously but they were out of stock. I’m thinking now that I need both of these items!

  215. Judy Avatar

    I heard about the wool ironing mat years ago for tailoring. I have always wanted one but could never find them. They would also be great for blocking your knitting or crocheting projects. Many uses! Love the dryer balls as well!

  216. Michelle Avatar

    Love the look of both the mat and the dryer balls. Do you run into a lot static cling with using the wool dryer balls and no dryer sheets?

  217. Teresa Avatar

    The mat looks so interesting. Just over a year ago bought an all metal ironing board, the steam from my iron has rusted the metal surface and It’s started to stain my cover. I would love to put this on top of my cover when ironing

  218. Holly Field Avatar
    Holly Field

    Recently my husband brought home new front loading washer & dryer. (Don’t let husbands go to Fry’s alone!) I’ve found the dryer wads sheets and yardage into balls, hopefully the dryer balls will solve this problem. Wool is an amazing fiber, I’m anxious to try both of these proucts.

  219. Karla Avatar

    Have never seen this type of ironing mat, it looks awesome, & I’m thinking I’m gonna have to get one, looks like it would wonderful to finish all my primitive gathering projects I have started! You can tell I use my iron quite a bit, my ironing board cover looks terrible!! I have never tried wool dryer balls, Sounds like I need to start, especially with my towels & sheets! I’m hoping that my kids listened to me when they asked me what I wanted for Christmas, PG gift certificates!!!

  220. Annette F. Avatar
    Annette F.

    That mat looks amazing, thanks for sharing. I was thinking that I needed to replace my iron, but now I think I want to get the mat first to see if that will make my iron more effective. My DH has been informed to add the mat to my Christmas list.

  221. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, It’s uncanny that you have the wooly mats on your needful things post… Laura, from the Dec PG retreat was using one & I added it to my wish list this year. I also saw the wool dryer balls in your store, and after reading about them, I want to try them! I love learning about new tools!! Thanks, Jakey

  222. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    I would love to try the wool dryer balls. They look so nice. I actually have a rug hooker friend who displays the ones she has in a wooden bowl. I would use mine esp since you explained how well they work. And the wool mat….what a nice luxury. Thanks!

  223. Stephanie Avatar

    I love the wool mats. Didn’t know about the wool balls to use in the dryer. Neat idea.

  224. Gina Avatar

    I have had the wooly pressing mat for over a year, it is wonderful and really does make a difference! The dryer balls are something that needs to come my way!

  225. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    My work space is small so I think the mat would be a great plus because I could ditch the ironing board. I have never tried the dryer balls but they sound great.

  226. Debbie Goad Avatar
    Debbie Goad

    I do use those dryer balls. No more fabric softener sheets for me! Love them. They are also great for drying your down filled jackets. In the old days I remember the instructions for that said to use a tennis shoe in the dryer with the jacket to “fluff” the down. Would love to have the mat.

  227. JennyM Avatar

    I’ve never heard of either of these items. Both sound useful. I will have to look into them further.

  228. Judy Avatar

    I love dryer balls but had not heard of the pressing mat. It sounds great! How can you go wrong with wool?

  229. Sue knill Avatar
    Sue knill

    Have used wool dryer balls for two years they are great do not use fabric softener any longer. The wool ironing mat looks interesting if Lisa recommends it I am sure it is good.

  230. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    New information for me. Really interested in the wooly dryer balls. My computer has been down, and I have been missing the 12 days of Christmas. So glad to see it again

  231. Karen Avatar

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I would certainly use both of these items. I’ve been looking for a wool mat just like that. I’ve seen them used for under your sewing machine to reduce movement and noise. Think these are both on my needful list.
    Great offering!

    1. Judi D'Accardo Avatar

      Love the idea of a felted ironing mat, sounds like a great idea. I also used to have plastic dryer balls, they would always come apart at the seams and were impossible to glue back together. Would love to win either. Just noticed that it has started to snow on your website, bundle up.

  232. Diana Avatar

    I recently saw this mat on Quilt in a Day video and everyone was excited about them. Never used the wooly balls for the dryer but would love to give them a try for sure.

  233. Brenda Avatar

    I have tried wool dryer balls and would NEVER go back to dryer sheet😛, the wool mat sounds great would love to try one.

  234. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    I think you have sold me on the use of the wooly dryer balls and wool ironing mat. Both sound like very useful items quilters can use.Think i’ll sneak to the store to purchase and not wait for Santa to bring!

  235. Lj Avatar

    Both sound useful and something that I need to try. Have only heard of wool dryer balls. I need to get out more obviously!

  236. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I have heard about the dryer balls and wanted to try them, so I would love to win!

  237. Mary Durham Avatar
    Mary Durham

    I had not heard of either one and they both sound awesome. I would especially love to try the dryer balls.

  238. Margaret Mossing Avatar
    Margaret Mossing

    I would love the wool pressing mat for the hardanger ornaments that I make. The wool mat would help me press and steam without damaging the fabric. Can’t wait. The dryer balls are the best and such a good price. These would be a great gift to someone you care about. Also love that you share pictures of your grandson. When I have seen your son at quilt shows and comment about his son, he beams with pride.

  239. Barbara Rodin Avatar
    Barbara Rodin

    I have had the wool pressing mats and dryer balls for couple months and I use them a lot and love them. Once you try the pressing mats you will see how easy the pressing of wool is made, it makes such a difference, you will not be dissapointed with them

  240. usairdoll Avatar

    That pressing mat looks nice and professional, hehe. I’d love to have one as I’ve done the towel thing a few times. I haven’t tried the dryer balls yet. I didn’t realize they work as fabric softener as well. I need to get some ;-D

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  241. Jan B. Avatar
    Jan B.

    I have a similar wool pressing mat & love it, even for pieced blocks!! Those dryer balls sound like just the thing to cut down on dryer time! I’m ordering those tonight. I wonder tho, does every load need 2 dryer balls or does 1 also work? Thanks!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  242. Kathy Johnson Avatar
    Kathy Johnson

    My friend bought a wool pressing mat at Festival and is completely in love. I’d love to try one out!

  243. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    This is the first I’ve heard of the Wool Pressing Mat. Love it! Definitely want to get the wool dryer balls too!

  244. Debbie Budd Avatar
    Debbie Budd

    This wooly mat sounds wonderful! I have been using the wool dryer balls for years and love them!

  245. Cary Alexander Avatar
    Cary Alexander

    I have recently started doing wool applique. What fun! Would be even more fun to try out the Wool Pressing Mat and see the difference it makes. Love the idea of the Wool Dryer balls, save energy & no scent.

  246. Diane Schroeder Avatar
    Diane Schroeder

    Used a wooly pressing mat at a Rebekah Smith class. It is on my list of “must haves” after the holidays. I have wooly dryer balls and love love love them!

  247. LoriL Avatar

    I have never heard or seen the wool pressing mat. It sounds wonderful. I would love to try it, did you say you have one at the store? Dryer balls are great. If you pick me as the winner, it will give me an excuse to come visit your store sooner.