Moda Block Heads 2…Blocks 14 & 15

IMG_2852It’s September and this month you will be getting a bonus!!! Two blocks each week…

I sure lucked out becaue we are working on our book for our new fabric line Star & Stripe Gatherings and getting ready to go the Outer Banks of NC on a week long retreat with 40 lucky ladies…but the reason I lucked out is…these two blocks were super simple so I could easily fit them in my more than packed schedule…

Block 14 is from Lynne of Kansas Trouble Quilters…go HERE for her pattern…and…Block 15 is from the CRAZY fun/mean girls from Me & My Sisters…who TPd me in Dallas…IMG_3874They were just jealous because our class had more fun or something like that…lol….Click HERE to go to thier pattern…

Time out here for a sad note:   I had someone comment that they do not like the fact that they have to go somewhere else for these patterns each…this is just how it works…you need to go to the designers  blog- who put her time and heart & soul into this project…if you do not like it…then do not do this project and move on to something else…but really is it too much to ask?  Come quilter’s your better than that!!…but back to the rest of you who are in for a little fun and adventure while visiting the blogs…

On to the blocks…IMG_1460

I love the Fidget Spinner block and how it turned out…and the Corner Pocket block was super easy and turned out perfect…

I do want to let you know that in block 13 as well and 14 I use this ruler A LOT and it really helps with accuracy and it is a time save I think.. I know I talked about it earlier here in MBH2…MSFC_Ruler_2000x

Click HERE if you need to order one… Again…this is where we can make a little money for our time and tips we share with you…your supporting a designer(Doug) and  family business (mine) and not some corporation…I always try to support the little guys…

But again this is how simple it works..IMG_7943

see those little cut off triangles?  Those will be 3/4″ finishing Triangles that are just left overs and can be used because you cut them accuratley instead of just sewing across the diagonal and then trimming…this is not as accurate as when you use the ruler..IMG_5589IMG_9964IMG_1746

And BANG just like that perfect blocks…so if you are struggling with your blocks…take some time and visit past BH1 posts on how to piece accurately…it is more than just a good 1/4″ seam…IMG_1460Remember all through September you will be getting two blocks…so visit all of us here to see them!!!

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23 thoughts on “Moda Block Heads 2…Blocks 14 & 15

  1. Love your blocks, particularly the spinner! The folded corner ruler has made a difference in the accuracy of my blocks, with the added benefit of not accidentally stretching the fabric with a marking pencil ;-). I actually enjoy visiting as many of the other designers as I have time for, just to see how they interpret the blocks. It’s not an inconvenience to go to the block designer’s blog for the pattern – it’s an adventure! And you get a free quilt design – what’s not to love?

  2. Totally love visiting all the designers and seeing all the different blocks! All the different ideas… It is NOT a hassle to visit the designers! They share valuable tips with us too. Thank you, Designers!! 😀 I truly appreciate all you do for us quilters!!! ;

  3. Hi Lisa, I bought this ruler (probably for block 2), but didn’t use it so glad that you included photos in today’s blog. Picture is worth a thousand words is very appropriate here. Thanks much. Ruth Wilfong

  4. I ordered the ruler when I first read your blog. Now, I use it for so many blocks!! Regarding the comment from tje person who didn’t like going to various designers–I love that I get to see the block interpreted so many different ways and am introduced to new designers. I say that it’s good to expand your horizons!

    1. Donna…I’m glad you like your ruler…I only sell things I truly believe in and use myself…I will NEVER sell you a ruler to put your binding on…lol there is a joke there but believe me….I am not out for just a sale…I have to believe in it first…

  5. I ordered the ruler when I first read about it in your blog. Now, I use it for any blocks that need that “sew and flip” pattern. Regarding the comment about having to go to the blogs–I love it! I am introduced to designers who are new to me and I like to see their interpretation of the blocks. I’m doing this for new experiences. I also love seeing the posts on Facebook, this is fun!

  6. Oh Lisa, You are such an inspiration to me. I love your blocks, so pretty! I’m ordering that ruler. Safe travels to you. I know you’ll have a great time.

  7. Lisa, Mean girls is right! TPing you like that, but you look adorable. I too love your blocks. The colors and patterns you are using are incredible. I do not mind jumping blog to blog. It is fun to see what all you talented professionals are doing with the same block. Martigale is coming out with the book that has all of the Block Heads 1 blocks, so if the lady who did not like to jump around wants to she can buy the book. I anticipate that Block Heads 2 will make their way into a Martingale book. Thank you for all you do for other quilters. Someday I will get to a class you are teaching.

  8. Because I am a hot mess when I comes to keeping track of my blocks (believe me, round one was ugly, I had missed a couple blocks and didn’t even notice!) I appreciate the ability to check in on the MODA blog to double check my progress, but I love seeing all the various blocks on the blogs! so many styles, so many ideas! Who would not love that? and if you didn’t love that, then whose mother did not tell them to not look a gift horse in the mouth? LOL

  9. I love everything you teach us. Thank you. It is fun to look at all the links for blocks and see the endless talent.

  10. Hey Lisa,

    I don’t care where I have to go to get the patterns, I’m just glad to get them! Thanks for all you do.

    Carol R

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you. Ps 122:6 ________________________________

  11. I love to visit all the designers (I also follow them all on IG) and love to see the different interpretation of the block. I’m always putting my own spin on the block also because I’m making all my block only 6″ square big;-) It’s really the best sew-along!

  12. I agree with you. Each designer is generous with their time and provide us with a free block and some suggestions as how to be successful. I think the least I can do is go visit their site. More often than not I’m surprised by the ideas and colour choices. I like what I see. If I don’t have time now, I save it for later. I think it’s a win win for everyone

  13. Lisa,
    I enjoy going to the individual designer sites. I have found some that I like very much but would never have found them otherwise. I have books and patterns from Jan Patek, but never went to her blog. The patterns are free, the directions are excellent and I love that I can get them. Thank you to you and all the designers that give us this wonderful opportunity!

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