Today is beautiful, the humidity has left, the rain has stopped and it is a wonderful morning to post…

We are packed for North Carolina Retreat, today is the show opening for WI Quilt Expo in Madison WI..and I have my first border complete on Twighlight Garden…lots of things to celebrate…

I will be teaching these awesome fun wool projects in NC and I thought it was the perfect time to release them to everyone…We made them as pillows but they could also be framed…or the center of a quilt and so on…

They are three separate patterns because it is easier to kit them that way…the personalized jack-o-lantern has three size pumpkins in it and three different sized alphabets for personalizing any way you wish… We do have pillow forms available as an option as well and you will not be charged any EXTRA shipping for them then your normal shipping charges…and just a reminder if you order over $100 we have free shipping…and I also stuff bigger sized pillow form in when possible for a fuller pillow if you notice the sizes are not exact!

happy halloween primitive gatheringsClick HERE to view/order details on Happy Halloween.  

Then there is the vintage farmhouse looking pumpkin...Happy Fall Click HERE to view/order details on Happy Fall.  Personalized pumpkin:primitivegatheringsand then the fun(est) one…our Personalized Jack-o-lanternClick HERE to order/view details on Personalized Jackpersonalized jackPersonalized Jack-O-Lantern-350x350.jpegYou can use the flannel to make your pumpkin glow or leave it out and let the flannel show through…here is a pick of all three patterns…Primitive Gatherings patterns

I also updated a former pattern and that is available HERE as well if you need a mat for the table….sorry for the small pic, but this is at the Madison show !!  (Speaking of  the show in Madison, we will have 10 kits only of each style…we forgot the patterns…I’ll try and get some down there for Friday and Saturday…now…please no “crabbing”to my staff at the show if we run out or that we did not bring enough…I was not going to release these until AFTER North Carolina…so get your order in asap so we can get them made and shipped out to you, or good for you if you are lucky enough to get one of those kits at the show…California will not have them until probably October…like I said…I am releasing these earlier than expected because everyone who saw them were bothering me for them, in a good way of course!!!)old crow and company light version-350x350

or your may like the Jack-o-lantern version Old Crow & Co…click HERE to view...Old Crow photo LR-350x350

Oh well as long as I am at it I might as well show you some of my previous FALL designs….

 click HERE Autumn’s Song tablematweb_autumns_glory-350x350



Then Click Here to view one of my best sell patterns ever! Pumpkin Table Mat0-350x350.jpg

then how about Autumn Tablemat…Click HEREneww-550x550.jpg

I am sure there are more, but I’ll save some or another post…

After I finished my border last night I decided to “play” with the pumpkins…just to give you another idea…but this one is staying at MY house and not going to the show or shop…they are so easy to stitch I stitched in about an hour and got up this morning and made my pillow complete with hidden zipper..Happy Fall Primitive Gatherings

Thank you for inspiring me to “stitch on”…you are my driving force…we at Primitive Gatherings try our best to bring you the best and most current projects!  Now to start that second border on TWG border…Have a great “Sunny” Thursday!!!  LBTWG:LB.JPG

18 responses to “Fall…Anyone?”

  1. Gina Avatar

    Love all things Primitive Gatherings! Thank you for such wonderful patterns! Fall is my favorite time of year and your pieces add such beauty to my home!

  2. Linda Munn Avatar
    Linda Munn

    You are amazing ! I am in awe of all you do ! I love all you designs and fabrics !Thank you so much ! I

  3. Elizabeth Ciaccio Avatar
    Elizabeth Ciaccio

    I love the black background with the tan and beige applique! Any chance that is a kit?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes!!! Click the link!!!

  4. Betsy Avatar

    There is no link for the black quilt with the appliqués off white leaves and birds

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Sorry…that is Twilight Garden BOM will be starting soon!!!

  5. Julee Prose Avatar
    Julee Prose

    Love Fall and all of your new designs….

  6. Dot Murdoch Avatar
    Dot Murdoch

    Would love to see all your blocks together in one shot…..Live the color combo you are using…..Dot.M.

  7. Judith E. Davis Avatar
    Judith E. Davis

    Love all your new designs. Tje fall ones are just great!

  8. Janet O. Avatar

    Oh, wow–love the glowing jack-o-lantern!
    I have that best selling pattern, and should really get it made one day! 🙂

  9. onecreativefamily Avatar

    The pillows are so cute

  10. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    The patterns are gorgeous. Love the “wordy” mouths! Great job on our blog header. So pretty!

  11. Connie Avatar

    Is there a pattern available for the orange and white “Hawaiian” type quilt in the background of the jack-o-lantern pillow pictures? Thanks

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We are working on it

  12. Shari Avatar

    WOW – now I’m really wishing I had done the SBOW this year!

  13. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    You are, as always, “Amazing”!😍

  14. Kathleen King Avatar
    Kathleen King

    I truly love all the pumpkins, they’re the perfect fall project! I also love the cheddar quilt you used in the background of the pictures. Any chance we can see more of it and is this one you made or an antique?

  15. Cindy Parker Avatar
    Cindy Parker

    I absolutely love them all!!!!

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