Moda Block Heads Blocks 19-22


IMG_2852Is is still Wednesday!!! I hope so because I do not like being behind…but sometimes it happens that way…I saw this quote yesterday and I think it was meant for me…

You can do ANYTHING…you just can’t do EVERYTHING!

Slapped me right in the face and yes, I exhaled and thought…this is for ME, this is my sign…I try to do too many things…so I just came to the realization that stuff will happen when I can make it happen…

IMG_5234So here are the blocks I did this morning plus the two I missed posting last week…In order…

Betsy Chuchian Block 19 go HERE for pattern.

Stacy Iest Hsu  Block 20 go HERE for pattern.

Jan Patek Block 21 go HERE for pattern. (I was lazy and pieced my star)

Laurie Simpson Block 22 go HERE for pattern.

Boy that was a lot of linking…but you may notice I did not do Jan’s appliqued star, but I did do a Brannock & Patek pieced star…here are some pics on how I did it…


I first cut out a 3 1/2″ freezer paper square…drew a star…IMG_5230Cut it apart and ironed them to the fabric.IMG_5231

Cut them out by adding a seam allowance.IMG_5233Stitched…G/A/H together.   Stitched B/C/D together.  Stitched those two units together…Stitched I and E together and added them to the unit…Stitched K/F/J together and then added them.  I also then cut 2″ borders and trimed the block to 6 1/2″…I did not notice my wonky top point…oh well.. its staying that way…IMG_5234Also I did not forget that I STILL did not stitch block 10…

Hope you enjoyed seeing my blocks…and make sure you visit the whole gang!

2 responses to “Moda Block Heads Blocks 19-22”

  1. Amanda N Avatar
    Amanda N

    Lisa, we have very very different lives. However, we have spoken several times face to face, I have shopped your shop and stayed several times in your retreat house. You are a very hard working busy and amazing woman. Give yourself some grace. I am exhausted, we have had some trials in my house this year. Your reminder that you can do anything but not everything came at a very appropriate time for me. Remember you are cherished and amazing, but also human. Blessings to you tonight for a restful night.

  2. Dorothy Snow Avatar
    Dorothy Snow

    Thanks for all your wonderful ” summer for me project”. Your Moon Garden blocks have been a high spot in my Summer of pain as I try to find a succssful med as I wait for right knee replacement. I love these blocks and the fabrics. I am prepping #6 this weekend.
    All the best to you and yours and may it get a little easier for all of you. Am keeping you in my prayers.

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