12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things… Day 12




Here we are…another year of things we cannot live without!!!!  I love compliling these “needful” things for you…whether you are new to this or you are a veteran…I hope you have a great time with this event…


Were would be we without our Books? I know I am a book-a-holic…I collect quilting books…I listen to audio books while I stitch, (my fav is historical fiction), and I read downloaded books on my ipad to fall asleep at night…I cannot find any other way to shut it off (that would be my brain) other than to read a book…So my life is surrounded by books, books, books..my home sewing studio is filled with books..these cabinets house my 1/2 yard fabric collection but my book collection is piled on top of the four cabinets…Notice the nine-patch layout of my cabinets…lol…IMG_8192IMG_2104 2IMG_4380IMG_2452

One thing on the list this year is to publish a tour of my home sewing studio…but you get a little peek here…

One of the questions I get is…How do you come up with your designs? Do you ever run out of ideas…well…see those colorful binders…they are full of ideas…so many I have even divided them up in categories…IMG_3819

But back to those books… Primitive Gatherings just so happens to design, publish and print our own books.   We are in the process of printing our book that is scheduled to release in January…called Star & Stripe Gatherings along with it’s fabric collection sidekick which just happens to have the same name from Moda Fabrics…(Look for this book to be in another deal later on!)

Today being our first day of 12 days until Christmas…we are going to run an AWESOME book special just for you our loyal followers…We are running the these books at $10!  So If you are missing any of them from your Primitive Gatherings Collection NOW is the time to complete it…Six different ones…

A brief description of each book…

Flannel Gatherings– a book of 12 nice and easy, but still cool quilts to make without feeling like you are giving your right-hand away….now these quilts do not have to be made from flannel…but you are smart enought to know that already…

Primitive Christmas-Our first Christmas pattern book featuring 27 different projects from quilts to hooked rugs…fortunately Christmas comes every year so you never have enough Christmas projects for presents or decorating your home…

Quilter’s Journal– My journal collaboration with Martingale Publishers that is a fun place to keep track of your quilt stuff and everyday life…it is not dated…and has lots of inspiraton in it to make you get those stitches or patchwork finished. Photograph in our beautiful new home…

Nine- Patch Gatherings– a book with a cool fun method of making perfect nine-patches from 2 squares 5″ or 3 1/2″…results in 2-3″ or 2- 1 1/2″ finished Nine-patch blocks.  The book then features a bunch of ways to put those Nine-patches together into fun little quilts!  I noticed Nine-Patch Gatherings does not really show up in our photo above so I tried to take one with each book shown full out…IMG_7529

Christmas Gatherings– is a fairly new book featuring 28 designs all revolving around the Christmas Holiday…Incudles quilts, mini quilts, table runners, wool mats, ornaments and lots of other projects.

Little Gatherings-Do you like Mini quilts?  This is the book for you then!! You will not be disappointed. Everything you need to know about stiching little…We will sell out of this book as this is the last book printed we did not print ourselves…

Now you may be pondering if you really need this or that book…but for $10 there should be no debate…


Each day you get a chance to win prizes…leave your comment after this post…Here is our first question…I can’t wait to hear from you…WINNERS will announced on New Years Day…

Do you buy books or just like to buy the pattern? This is an ongoing stuggle for us…Do we put 20 projects in a book for $20-some dollars or do we print individual patterns from 9$-15$ each?  Which do you prefer? Because If I had a dollar for everytime I heard…”I don’t want to spend that much on a book…I just want the pattern!”  I could retire retroactive 5 years ago…so leave us your thoughts in our comment section here on the blog…I’d also like to know if any of you currently own all 6 of these books?

I vote for books…Lisa


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

358 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things… Day 12

  1. I like to buy books that have multiple projects I’m likely to make. They are definitely a better value than single patterns.

  2. From you, I buy the book. Sometimes I just like one design from someone so I want the pattern. I had all but one of the books and ordered it. Can they stay in the cart since I will probably “need” something else. In the past you could do that, but I didn’t see anything about it.

  3. My choice is always Books! Even if I buy a book for just one pattern they are full of inspiration! Who doesn’t like paging through a quilting book with all the wonderful pictures of quilts! I look for ideas on color combinations, blocks, borders and ways to display quilts.
    I currently have 5 out of the 6 books! I haven’t purchased the Quilters Journal yet.
    I always enjoy your 12 Days of Christmas Needful Things! I hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Season🎄

  4. Like the previous commenter, I prefer books, if I think I will make more than one project. They are a better value, and have more inspiration. But if I don’t want to make more than one thing in a book, then I wish I could just buy the pattern. They take up less space, and my bookshelf is too crowded already! How is that for not being very helpful? 🙂
    I only have two of these books, but Nine-Patch Gatherings is on my wish list.

  5. If a book has at least three project I would like to make, I buy the book. If not then I will go for the pattern.

  6. I like books better personally they are a better value than individual patterns but, if there are only one or two patterns that I want from the book the ability to purchase them individually is always nice.

  7. There are certain designers (including yourself!) that I like to buy books from. I find that with these designers, I always have several designs from these books that jump out at me, just insisting to be made– lots of bang for the buck! I also enjoy compilation books including patterns from several designers, like the MODA Allstar Row Books.

  8. Books if there is more than one pattern I’d like to make otherwise a pattern. Unfortunately I don’t own any of the 6 books, I’ll have to make a bit more of an effort in that regard I think.

  9. I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to book/patterns. When I first started patchwork I bought books – then I bought patterns and these days I draw my own patterns out to use my scraps. When I returned to dressmaking I bought pattern magazines then patterns and now I pattern-hack 😉 SO I doubt you will ever please everybody. I am sorry living in Europe makes it too expensive to buy books from US so I don’t own any of your books. I found you through the Block Heads 2017. I thoroughly enjoy your blog postings so Thank You very much for taking time out to write here.

  10. I vote for books but I’d rather buy two $20 books than one $40 book. I know I’m getting more patterns in the more expensive book but that means there have to be more patterns that I like in the book.

  11. I love books. Seems like I can never have enough. It is so inspiring just to thumb thru a book and look at the wonderful quilts. You can look at the same book many times and something different catches your eye.

  12. I vote for books. You get so much more from books for the value. I actually put tab stickers on the top of pages in a book that I want to make the quilt. Some books have many stickers and are just waiting for me to get to making them. I love to go back through books to look also for inspiration.

  13. If the book has several patterns that I like I’ll buy the book. Or if I love the designer I buy her books! Like you!!

  14. Your storage cabinets are great and are so organized! Love my books too! I’ve run out of bookshelf space so I’m “trying” to curtail my purchases.😟

  15. I like books – they give you so much more info and tips than just the pattern. Also, sometimes you learn more about how the design came to be.

  16. I love books, my thoughts are if you like a pattern by a designer you love then if you buy the book you get lots of other patterns too as a bonus, win/win!

  17. I like books as well. I like having the selection of patterns for reference. I don’t own any of those books..yet 🙂

  18. I buy both. If I happen to come across a pattern that I have to have, I buy it. But, books offer many patterns with lots of color fabrics.

  19. I’m voting for books because I love to look through them, and I get more patterns for the money. I don’t buy patterns very often, but I buy a LOT of books.

  20. I don’t have a “sewing” room, just the dining room table . Space is limited. I usually buy only what is needed to get the pattern. Most of the patterns I buy are downloadable so I just store them on the computer. Takes up no space then.

  21. Books or patterns? Why decide?
    I buy them all! I too have books across the top of book shelves that house some of my yardage and they spill over to an adjoining bookcase of their own. My patterns are housed in an old dresser that belonged to my mother. I’m a collector of it all!

  22. I would rather have a book as evidence of the several book shelves full of books, with books you have more options thsn eith a pattern. Thanks for the great giveaway and Merry Christmas to sll.

  23. I buy books because I love books. Grew up using the public library and yearning to own my own books. I have all but one of your books and I have only made 3 items out of the books .. but, I have had hours and hours of enjoyment searching through them and reading your comments and recipes. As for patterns. I admit to having purchased patterns from designers for 20.00 to 40.00. I am no longer able to do that as they are getting so pricey I can’t justify spending that much on one pattern plus the materials to make the project. So I guess I like both patterns and books but books are more budget friendly.

  24. I buy both books and individual patterns. It really does not matter to me. However, I love, love, love your kits that include the pattern with your wonderful fabrics.

  25. I love books but storage is becoming an issue. Need to weed out older books and make room for the newer ones. I still love my patterns also. I don’t have any of those books.

  26. I love books! I have a ton of them and cant seem to part with any of them. I keep telling myself I’m going to go thru them 1 at a time and do the projects I like then get rid of the book. NEVER HAPPENS. lol.

  27. I think I own more books than individual patterns, so books must be the answer. When I am sick, I take a stack of quilt books and flip through them. I don’t do that with my patterns. I own 3 of your books and they all have multiple projects I hope to make.

  28. It varies, sometimes just the pattern. But, if it is a book but a favorite quilter, or a book with varied authors, designers I will buy the book.

  29. Sometimes I want to make every quilt in a specific book, but most of the time it’s just that one quilt pattern I’d like. I have the top three books, really “need” to get a Christmas one!! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  30. I like to buy just the pattern most of the time. I don’t have a problem buying books when they are from one of my favorite designers such as yourself because I like usually everything or almost everything in the book. So in that case it is more cost effective to buy the book than to pay individually for each pattern. Some designers do publish the patterns individually after a year or so selling the book too. So in conclusion, I am not sure how you would win this one.

  31. I buy books and patterns. I especially like to buy books for my quilting friends. If I had to choose, it would be books. Books give inspiration and ideas and enhance my desire to craft, create and give to others.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share.

  32. I prefer to purchase books. I enjoy looking through them for ideas. Even though I might only be I interested in one pattern now, who knows what I might want to make down the road from the book. I have three of the six books.

  33. I do like books best. I may not want all the patterns at once, but I probably will want some of them some day.

  34. I like to have a book, if there’s at least 2 things I want to make. Bonus – if it has pretty pictures!

  35. Books! Usually I want to lpve/make (?) At least 2 things from the book. Bonus points if there are pretty pictures.

  36. No, I do not have all 6 books. Only two. 🙁 If a book has at least 2 patterns in it that I like, I prefer the whole book. Otherwise, just the pattern. But if a book has stories and/or recipes along with patterns, I’m ALL in!

  37. I buy both! I love books and one pattern might draw you in to buy the book and then next time you look at the book you realize there are other amazing patterns that would work with the tin of fabric you just brought home from a shop hop!😊

  38. I vote for books. I love books and my 5 grandsons know their “mama” has a “book room”. To be banished to the book room for a “quiet time” is really a treat. So, while I love books, I also buy patterns. Some patterns I just don’t have time to wait for “the book”. Such as “Warm Winter Blessings” and “Snow Friends” and the one with “little houses” I’m almost finished with. Or were they in a book and I just didn’t know it? While I have several of the books listed, I don’t have the Christmas ones. Oh my!

  39. I buy both. It really depends on what patterns are in the book. If there is more than one pattern that I like, then the book, otherwise just the pattern. I have two of your books, one of which is the Quilters Journal. Actually I bought about seven of them and gave them to friends because I loved it so much. Thanks so much for all you and your company do for quilters!

  40. I buy quilt books because, I love most patterns in that book, if i’m Not crazy about the colors I know it will look different when I change them, but I love to see a quilt come to life from beginning to the end, and enjoy it for a lifetime ❤️ Nancy Sabella

  41. Book are great but more bulky to carry around with you if you have a project you’re taking on the road. Spiral bound books are better – you can flip the pages without breaking the binding or bending the pages.

  42. yep, I’m a book buyer. On tape, on kindle, in bookstore, online. Quilt books? ALL DAY LONG! I love to browse them. Thank you for this lovely gift, I have a few of them, but will fill in my collection of your books right now. The price is untouchable!!

  43. I like books but hate to buy them if I already have most of the patterns in them. I have 3 of the books showcased and love them

  44. I love books and purchase them for a) making all or some or none of the patterns and b)looking through again and again and just to make life interesting, I buy patterns that are of particular interest. I literally have walls of books, craft and other interests.

  45. I buy books and I buy patterns. I have more patterns than books. I will buy a book if there is more than one pattern I may make. Many of my quilt pattern books I think of as “coffee table books” as I just love to look at the photography and get ideas for decorating from them as well.

  46. I buy both… but mostly books because of the variety you receive. Plus you get something pretty to look at over and over again. I do not have the all of them, but am adding the quilters journal to my collection.

  47. Books! A book becomes my own personal reference library that I can explore at any time for ideas and color inspiration.

  48. I also prefer books- I love books! I enjoy having multiple choices when looking for a new project and I love just sitting looking through my books, exploring, finding inspiration whenever I have time

  49. I love books and patterns, but I definitely have more books — love ’em. I do not have all six books, but I do own some of them. 🙂

  50. I find complaining isn’t really productive so I try my best to not complain about the truly insignificant things. If you wish to sell books or to sell patterns, either way is fine with me and I have plenty of both. I have three of the six books above and now am completing the collection! Thanks for the terrific pricing!

  51. I tend to buy more books than individual patterns. Books usually have more than 1 pattern that I like. I have Nine-Patch Gatherings, but I think I “need” Little Gatherings!

  52. I love single patterns more so just because of the limited space I have for storing books. But when push comes to shove, I want them all!!

  53. BOOKS! Love Books! I have two bookcases filled with books, hundreds and hundreds. Certain authors I buy whatever they write, book wise. Lisa you are one of those authors! Love your work!

  54. I like books, also. However, I still have to figure out the way to store, display and have them easily available. Love your pictures showing some ideas. Maybe sometime you can also delve into your system of the notebooks on your bottom shelf (categories) that you collect your ideas.

  55. Looking forward to starting my shopping for Needful Things. I’m a librarian so it’s books, books, books for me. Patterns are nice, but you never know when another design in a book will be just the thing you need and by far – the best value for the money.

  56. I would much rather own a book, you never know when something else included is exactly what you didn’t know you needed!

  57. I don’t own all of these books. If there is a pattern in a book that I can’t live without I will buy the book and like to look through a book to get other inspiration too so guess I would have to say book over pattern.

  58. Books are fun to buy because they offer several options for one price. I generally buy books if I see more than one project in it that I might be interested in making.

  59. Books Books Books! There’s always the chance you’ll find another “must do” project👏🏼

  60. I buy both depends on how bad I want the book or the pattern! I don’t have any of your books but I’m going to look!!

  61. Can we order each day but have the orders accumulated so that they’ll all ship at once, so as to pay less shipping? I’m not inclined to pay the minimum $3.99 shipping fee x 12 days. Today I would like to order one book. $10 is a good deal. But not so much if I have to pay $3.99 for shipping. Thanks!

  62. I love looking at pictures of quilts made so I have piles of books. What is really helpful is to see the same pattern with different materials. I’ve made patterns with a different color scheme and didn’t really like how it came out. If I see a pattern I like though, doesn’t mean I didn’t buy it.
    Happy Holidays!

  63. I like the books! I enjoy reading through them, and often there are extra helpful hints. Also, for me, i don’t lose the book but I lose or misplace the pattern and end up having to buy it again. And the books have nice color photos of everything.

  64. I buy whichever way I want to find the pattern I want to make. Price usually doesn’t matter. A single pattern is great, but many times I purchase a book only to find yet another pattern or two in it that I want also. sometimes after a couple years I’ll sell my patterns and books, others I keep forever and ever. Both ways are well worth the investment that is put into them.

  65. I love a quilt book! Not only di do you get the pattern, but the is usually multiple pics of how the quilt was used in decorating.

  66. I buy both books and single patterns. I LOVE quilt books because they are full of beautiful quilts, quilt décor and always have lots of helpful tips. I read every book from cover to cover. Since I only have one of your books, I am taking advantage of your sale!

  67. I purchase patterns either individually or in books. I don’t currently have any of your books but today may be my day to change that! Have a Merry Christmas.

  68. So my response is mixed. Sometimes I do just want a pattern for a single project but other times, the book is so filled with projects “I simply must do” I need to purchase the entire book. As you would suspect, I also have a book collection.

  69. I like books because you get so many more quilts to dream about, but then I’ll fall in love with individual patterns too. It’s like fabric, you can’t have too much! I have several of your books and love them all.

  70. I also buy both. I love books for all the eye candy and stories, but I love a good pattern too! Alot of patterns I buy are pdf downloads. You know that old “gotta have it now” attitude! Lol

  71. I’m probably in the minority here but I like individual patterns. I don’t quilt but I do wool appliqué, hand embroidery, hand sewing, etc. so the books are usually full of projects that I won’t make (even though I think they are Beautiful) and therefore the price is too much for the one project I might make in the book.
    Also, I wish you would bring back some patterns that are out of print. There is a wool appliqué candle mat/ tree skirt pattern with snowman heads that I would love to buy. Every time someone posts a picture of it online people want it and it is out of print. It is on my bucket list to find that pattern somewhere, somehow! 😂
    Just my two cents worth🙂
    Merry Christmas!

      1. Oh dear…my apologies…..now I’m not 100% sure if it is your pattern after all.
        It’s an oldie but a goody and I can’t even find it after doing a search.
        But I truly appreciate that you took the time to reach out.
        If I ever find a photo again, and it’s one of yours, I’ll let you know.
        I love your work and your shop!
        Merry Christmas to you!

  72. I like both books and patterns. I love looking through my quilt books and dreaming about my next project! Single patterns are nice when I want to make my own quilt kit for a project that I am not quite ready to start but have found the perfect fabric for.

  73. I vote for books as individual patterns have a tendency to get lost on my shelves between material & notions for sewing/quilting. I also ten to forget which individual patterns I have & will purchase it again:)

  74. I love books. Thank you for offering these books today! I feel like a kid in a candy store trying to decide.

  75. Depends on the designer. I would collect all of the books/patterns if I really like the designers style. I have almost all of your books as I like the look /style of the designs you come out with.

  76. I love books! Generally if I see a quilt I like it’s in a book and usually there are other guilts in the book that spark my interest. I have a stack of books by my chair that I drool over while I watch TV at night.

  77. You are the best Lisa. So generous always
    Merry Christmas and many Blessings in the New Year
    Geri Sherwood

  78. I buy both but prefer books. I like looking through them again and again as I search for the next project.

  79. It’s always books for me. I am a passionate reader. And I have a collection of quilting books that I love to look at. I need your 9 patch and your latest Christmas ,but but they will stay in the cart because I am certain I will need something else in the next 11 days.😊

  80. I love books. I buy more books than patterns. Just got “A Quilters Journal”. I love all the pictures, etc. I was disappointed that it wasn’t wire bound for easier writing in it. I had a wire binding put on. I will use it to keep track of my quilting and projects in 2019.

  81. Books it is! Quilt books, cook books, novels, mysteries, old books, new books! Love them all! Look forward to adding 3 more to my collection! Thanks.

  82. I like books better, but for some silly reason I have a bunch of your patterns and not the books.

  83. I love books! I, too have a collection of them! If there are enough patterns I like in the book, I will buy it. However, sometimes I just want the one pattern. So, I guess I like both!

  84. I like books. Even if I’m not crazy about all of the patterns sometimes the color schemes and border/setting ideas are inspirational.

  85. I am a book fan as well. But I love a pattern as well. What about a spiral bound book that lays for easier tracing.

  86. I like books, especially those that show the quilts/projects in actual room or vignette settings. I know what a 90×90 size quilt is, but to actually see it photographed on a bed gives me a much better perspective of the quilt design. I own 5 of the 6 books (don’t own Christmas Gatherings) and a whole lot of your individual patterns!

  87. I buy a mix of books and patterns! For me it just depends….but over all I love books…quilt books, cookbooks, mysteries, classics. Having a collection of quilt books is great inspiration for me.

  88. Definitely patterns! That way I can buy just what I want. I have the first Christmas book though, and love to look through it. Thank you for everything!

  89. Lol…I already own all of these! Love books and patterns! The books inspire me and I can dream about making many quilts. The rule I follow …I will spend the money for a book first only of it has at least 2 patterns I will make or a lot of “eye candy”…with your books it’s a great deal because I want to make them all!

  90. I also love books. They tend to give more information about the projects included. I love seeing the beautiful pictures that are usually in the books.

  91. I like both, Sometimes I just need the pattern for a particular project but sometimes I NEED the book so I can drool over everything, strive for my work to look as good as the original, and learn and relearn the tips and hints!

  92. I love books and patterns. Books are great to have and to go back and look at them time after time. But if I see a pattern of a project that I just have to have then I will buy it.

  93. I love books too. Does the primitive Christmas have many hooked rug patterns or mostly quilt patterns? Would you ever do a rug hook book?

  94. I love both but tend to purchase more books than patterns. I love to take them out and leaf through them to get ideas or just relax after a day of quilting.

  95. I love books! You can look through them over and over! But I am not opposed to buying a pattern here and there… I only own about 200 of them:)

  96. I like both. If it’s a designer I like, I buy the book. If it’s just a specific quilt or project I like, I buy the pattern.

  97. I also love books!! Same as you audio, on my device but most of all books that you can feel and touch. I’m not going to be any help because I buy both books and patterns. Merry Christmas

  98. I too love books and especially if they featured a favorite designer such as yourself. Love your designs and so enjoy paging through them!❤️

  99. Hi Lisa, I usually like to purchase patterns individually but in some cases I will purchase a book if I find enough creations in the book to spark my interest. Like others have said, I do like see see items displayed in a home setting as well. I do have two of these books, maybe 3. I can’t remember. 🙂

  100. I buy books for both patterns (sometimes just 1 or 2) and for inspiration and for learning different ways to use color, plaids, etc. Love books!

  101. I love books and patterns, so therefore I buy both. Sometimes, a book just for a pattern or two. I definitely have way!! more books and patterns than I will ever in my lifetime have time to complete the quilts that I would like to do. Sometimes, I’ll take several patterns and combine, utilizing a book. I have three of your six. The other three have been on my wish list. Maybe one or all this year…. Merry Christmas, all 🙂

  102. I buy mostly books, I have maybe a bit too many books but I probably can tell you wher I was when I bought that book or why ai bought that book, it a history collection of someone’s talent as well as being an inspiration for me.

  103. I would say I have about equal books and patterns. As a rule a book I purchase has more than one pattern I like in it. When you like a designer you like almost everything they do. I would say a nice mix of books and patterns is a good choice.

  104. Definitely books! I love the details, the pictures, and the feel of books! I, too, love to feature them in my sewing room!

  105. I love books! I have all of your books – just love them. I feel that I might like only a few designs in a book but as time goes on, and I take a second and third look, my tastes change and I like other designs. I love to just sit in the chair and look through the books, without having to make something. They are always just as exciting as the first time I looked at them.

  106. I buy both. I love my quilting books for the inspiration, but sometimes I just want a pattern. I keep thinking I need to downsize my quilting books, but like old friends, I can’t let go of them.

  107. I know I own the Little Gatherings book (not at home to check on the flannel). I love buying books, if I have the opportunity to actually look at the quilts in the book, because there are typically more than one projects I want to make. Lately it seems I have bought individual patterns from stores that have a sample made and are selling individual patterns. Love your work! Thank-you for sharing your talent with us!

  108. I buy both but if I am searching for a new project or inspiration-i get out the books. And they are prettier to display.

  109. Looked forward to the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. I point out my wish list to people as gift ideas for me and other quilters and stitchers that they need to buy gifts for.

  110. Books…I love to sit with a cup of tea and look at the pictures and dream of making the quilts. It’s just not the same with patterns!

  111. I love books the most! Usually there are at least a couple of quilts in each book that catch my eye at the time, as time goes on, the others usually speak tome as well.

  112. Books! I’m also a collector. I love to get out a stack of books and flip through for inspiration. I don’t mind if I never make something from a book, paging through is another hobby in itself. I especially love quilt books that show the quilts decorating a home and recipes included is a fun bonus.

  113. I enjoy books. Not only for the patterns, but for the beautiful photos of how quilts are used. Always full of great ideas.

  114. Hi Lisa, this probably doesn’t help much but it depends on the book! Usually I will just purchase a pattern because I know I will never make all the projects a book has to offer. That being said I do buy books because the are so beautifully illustrated and just a pleasure to look at over and over again! Happy Holidays to all at Primative Gatherings🎄

  115. I buy both books and patterns. It depends on whether I think I’ll do more of the projects than the one I have in mind. There are always more projects than time.

  116. I prefer books, although i have contributed to your retirement a few times, when i only like 1 pattern in the book. I have many quilting books, i love to page thru looking for ideas, keep em coming

  117. For me it depends on how many quilts I feel I would like to make out of a book. If it is just one or two then I would prefer the pattern. Either way , I keep buying either one and have yet to make most of them.

  118. I used to only buy patterns, then a lightbulb went off in my head and I did the calculations and found out what a deal a book is with so many patterns plus a lot of tips, etc. I only own Nine Patch Gatherings which I love, love, love!!!

  119. Hi, I would say 80% of the time I just want to buy the pattern. If there is a sale on the book I would pick the book. Love to look thru my collection of books.

  120. Hi Lisa, I vote Books! Love them too, hate digging thru patterns. Love your 9 patch cabinets!! Just ckd & am missing your Flannels book, thought I had it, lol. So ordering it & the Little Gatherings. The price is Fantastic!!! Getting some gifts for friends too!! Thank you!! Hugs, Jakey

  121. I love quilting books! I love all of your patterns, my kids like your recipes-the macand cheese is their favorite!

  122. I love both, but I would probably choose a pattern as so many books, I forget which pattern I want to do first

  123. I must admit to having a good collection of both books and patterns. The books give hours of enjoyment so if I must pick, I’ll choose a book.

  124. Ditto above -depends how much I have already spent on fabric that month! The books are so nice to look at year after year and I often combine ideas. I have a small collection compared to you & share/trade with my quilting friends!

  125. Usually I feel like a book is the better deal, especially if there are several things in it that I like. I also like to look at the pictures! lol

  126. That’s a hard one to answer. I like both I don’t mind paying for a book if it has more than one project I like but sometimes there’s only one thing in a book I want then I wish there was a single pattern. If I had to choose I’d say book

  127. I prefer books. Looking through them gives you additional ideas and instructions for making the pattern. But if it is something I really need to make, I’ll buy the pattern. Whatever gets the job done!

  128. I vote for books! But they need to contain at least two projects I can see myself making. I currently own both of the Christmas books in today’s post (and LOVE them both!)

  129. I prefer purchasing quilt books as there are more choices and I feel I get more for my money, but am more likely to purchase it if it is less than $25. I love looking through books for inspiration, and will mark patterns I want to make.

  130. I vote for patterns, but I have bought a lot of books over the years. Wow, that answer wasn’t helpful at all

  131. I buy books if they have at least 2 patterns i want to make and/or teaches a technique I want to learn or if the cover is pretty. All of your books would qualify! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. I usually would prefer a book. Most times there is more the one project that catches my eye, but in Lisa’s books there is always many projects that I’m interested in. There has been a time or two where I only wanted a pattern, but books look so much nicer on a shelf. That means books have two advantages, one for the patterns and the other for decoration. I have most of these books, so buy one at least one and have some fun.

  133. Books it is….. It a peaceful time for me to seat and look at a book. Doesn’t matter what kind. Love Books and taught my kids to love books. They will take you far in life.

  134. I prefer books. There are so many options with multiple patterns in a book. And I love to see the completed quilts/projects used in a setting that the book author/publisher provides. I do purchase patterns that are unique or that use specialty papers or rulers exclusively. Fingers crossed here as I do not have any of those books. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  135. YEAH to BOOKS! I love books too!! Just having them always makes me feel like I “have” all the quilts inside them!! Silly I know, but it does!! But honestly I have just as many patterns! And your “idea binders” are wonderful!! I only have 7 binders but they are busting out with great pictures and drawings!! So for me it’s both, books and patterns, when you love a design, YOU LOVE IT!! Thanks for the peeks at your Happy Place too, it’s so inspiring!!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  136. I love to get a good book, I love that price of $10. I have three on my Christmas list. So gonna buy some books today. Thanks!!

  137. I love books. Sometimes I do not buy the book because there is only one pattern I really covet, but I so enjoy looking at all the designs and colors, and it so fun to see the settings for the different quilts.

  138. I vote for books. I can usually find at least 2 projects in a book that I want to make. If not all of them! And I enjoy looking at the projects just for fun.

  139. I have to go with I Love Books, my husband says you must have every book ever printed on Quilting. I have all of the Primitive Gatherings books and I love to read them as well as enjoying all the pictures. I would much rather have books than patterns as I get so much pleasure reading them. What’s not to love with a book!

  140. I love to get the books since they have so many patterns and pictures. I have been know to buy a pattern if I see a quilt I like.

  141. I have always liked books better, there is more ‘bang for your buck’ as my grandpa would say! I can usually find 2-4 projects in every book I buy that I want to make.

  142. I vote for books…I cannot have enough of them. Even if it is just one pattern I want I love to look through them all for inspiration.

  143. I totally agree with you, I LOVE BOOKS! I have to read every night before I go to bed so I can just shut down my brain. If I see a pattern I like in a book I will buy the book. I have no problem spending the money on a good quilting book. I also love to see different color patterns in books to help with my planning

  144. I generally want books–and I have many. The thing that is most disappointing to me is to really want a pattern in a book and that is the only thing that I like. It has happened, though rarely, and that’s when I wish I could buy a single pattern. That is NOT the case with Primitive Gatherings and I probably won’t live long enough to make the ones that are already in my stash. In addition to that, there are other authors that I love also, so………….. What’s a girl to do, especially when she still works fulltime, gardens, churches, and is raising a 4 year old grandchild. Sometimes, she just needs to be able to sit down and browse thru a wonderful book–and dream.

  145. I buy books. Especially yours. There will always be more than one pattern in the book I’d have an interest in making. I love looking through books at night before falling asleep. I don’t peruse my patterns the same way.

  146. I do have all your books. Because they are your books. However I like regular patterns , they are easier to work with. Waiting for your seventh.

  147. Defiantly books! What I want to make changes from project to project and I love to curl up with a few of my books and a cup of tea and plan my next project!

  148. It depends! If there is a favorite author, I will buy the book, especially if there are several designs I like. Otherwise, I look for a pattern.

  149. I vote for books. And with the order I just placed, I will have all six of the books offered. Thanks so much for the great deal on the ones I didn’t already have. 😊

  150. If I like more than one pattern, I will happily buy the book – I really don’t think you have a problem fulfilling that stipulation! So the book is a definite money saver. Thank you!

  151. I really love the books, but they are getting pretty pricey!. I totally understand why but that doesn’t make it any easier. I prefer real paper books because I love the feel of real books and the scrumptious pictures. I love that each time I look through a book, I am attracted to different projects and I see more details. I do not own any of your books yet, but I would love to!

  152. I really only buy the books from my favorite designers and patterns from everyone else. Love all yours designs. Only if there were more time in the day for me. lol

  153. I vote for books…..and I have all of yours:) I buy the book because if I love one pattern chances are there’s another one in the book I’ll love too…..or part of it like templates or a block design.

  154. I love sitting and just looking thru a book. It’s gives me inspiration. I have loads of patterns and books. I have to say I vote for books. I have 3 of your books and just purchased the rest.

  155. Sometimes I buy the whole book, sometimes just an individual pattern. I do love studying the whole book, tho!

  156. Books for sure. They inspire me to try new things and i love seeing the fabrics and fabric combinations. Perhaps I’ll find a couple of your books in my Christmas stocking😉.

  157. BOOKS! I love books, I stack two or three on my coffee table. I like to just take some quiet time to
    look through them and admire all the projects and get some inspiration.

  158. YES ! I love books and have an awesome collection – by designers, like yourself, and of techniques I love. I do have three of the offered books – plus the two I just ordered. Your fabric combinations are inspiring – wish I had all of them. I retired 10 years ago with plans to sew up a storm but, as you know, life gets in the way.Keep designing and publishing Lisa!!

  159. I vote (with both hands for books)
    There always is another project pattern in those books that one cannot pass on doing yourself and TONS of other ideas to awaken our senses!!
    Also, unless someone has a better filing system for patterns, they get lost in the stack.

  160. While I like both books and patterns, I do prefer books as I feel you get more bang for your buck. Plus for those times when my quilting mojo has taken a vacation I will sit and peruse quilt books until it returns.

  161. I buy patterns and books but I would prefer the books. I like to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate or flavored coffee and read everything on the pages. I do have the Quilters Journal as I have gotten into the habit of journaling every night. I mention family life and what quilts I am working on. Books are a nice way to relax in the evenings. Thanks Lisa! Terri

  162. Regardless of the internet being today’s go to for information and videos – you really can’t learn the way you can from a book in hand. The older the book the better. Books, Books, Books (and patterns too). (p.s. Own Flannel Gatherings and several of your patterns. Love the Stitching Travel Pillow).

  163. I vote for books, you get more for your money and all is housed between two covers. Easier to store a book and find the pattern you are looking for. Also, there is usually nice text, descriptions of inspiration, etc. and nice photos of whole quilt and in a room.

  164. Patterns and books are amazing in their own way. Really enjoy sitting down in the evening with a quilt book tho 🙂

  165. I like both! Sometimes I just want the pattern, but if a book has a couple of quilts I like, I’d rather by the book. There are certain designers whose books I like to collect. Speaking of collections, I have 3, soon to be four of the six books.

  166. Many times I only like one pattern in a book and I won’t buy that book. Most of the time, however, I like multiple patterns in the book so I will buy the book. I also buy a lot of patterns, so I don’t have a preference, I guess!

  167. Well for me this is a toss up. I love buying books and have sooooo many but for me to buy a book it has to have at least 3 items in it that I love. As for patterns well I have hundreds and I am a little disappointed that there does not seem to be as many like there used to be. I just love the variety that you have!

  168. These books are amazing! I have all of them except the journal. They are so inspiring. Lisa, I am so in love with your designs and ideas. I am addicted. I am looking forward to your new book.

  169. I love books. I like looking at the pictures and patterns in one place. I am a book person. Thanks

  170. I like to have both. The books can give me an idea to something that may not have been what I would have picked out as just one pattern. I also like the individual patterns. Love both methods!

  171. Books! The real thing with a cover and pages I can browse through, return to, and learn from again and again!

  172. I generally purchase books. Occasionally I will buy a stand alone pattern. I do not have the quilter’s journal yet…but I really want it, as it looks beautiful!

  173. I vote for books. If the book has one or two things in it I like I have paid for the patterns and have some more ideas/projects as a bonus.

  174. I vote for books! Just being entertained by looking through a quilting book is worth the price. I never know when I need inspiration for a new project, and my books are the first source I turn to.

  175. i prefer books but will buy a pattern. sometimes the designer will later put a lot of the patterns into a book. i have very mixed emotions about that especially if i’ve already bought the patterns. i like the different fabric combinations you usually see in books. i think books are a better value. i love, love my books. do not want ebooks from the quilt books – those are fiction or non-fiction – no photos in them. have more quilt books than i can count. thanks for your 12 days of Christmas. patti in florida

  176. I love quilt books! It is so enjoyable to sit and look through a new quilt book. I have 3 of the ones you have featured in this post and several of your earlier out of print books. I have Primitive Christmas, quilters Journal, and Triangle Gatherings. I love the journal, it has really helped me this year to keep track of my finishes. Now, I think I better go order a Little Gatherings before it sells out. 🙂

  177. I love books but sometimes I get just the pattern. I love looking at them over and over. I always could kick myself when a book goes OOP so I make sure when I want one I buy it. I don’t own all of these so I will need to order.

  178. I guess you could say I’m a book lover. I so enjoy opening a book, getting ideas for a quilt, and learning new techniques. I will have to live to 122 to create all the ideas I have found in my books and I love Lisa’s books….thank you!!!!

  179. I love books also and own several of yours ( 9 Patch Gatherings and your Summer one — not shown). I use the same rule with buying magazines also — I justify the price by the number of projects that I am interested in. I find it hard to commit to buying a quilt book online if I do not see a sampling of the projects that are inside. It is hard to just commit by looking at a cover.

  180. I will purchase a book if I see at least 2 or 3 projects to make. And only purchase a pattern if I can’t live without it or figure it out myself. Will like to buy your 9 patch Gathering since 9 patch blocks are my favorite

  181. I am a HUGE audiobook listener! Listening and stitching either by hand or machine is my ultimate happy place. I like to purchase quilt patterns but quilting books are like diamonds to me. I really enjoy purchasing them and seeing them all standing proudly on my bookshelves shining back at me.

  182. I love books and magazines, but it comes to a point when space becomes a problem of space. So I think individual patterns work best for me. Thank you for your creativity.

  183. I design patterns myself and hope people buy them, and buy patterns as well as books. The books are displayed in my bookcase and often looked at – the patterns not so much. My Christmas wish list has books on it but no patterns🌲🌲🌲

  184. There is not an easy answer to this question for me. There are times I love a pattern in a book but the book only has the one I want to make. If I see a pattern I love, no second thoughts, I buy it then and there. But there are books that are full of patterns I know I’ll make so will have to have it. Books are full of so much more than a pattern and I will sit and read and dream of color combinations for future projects. Those are the books I have to have. Hard to explain but your book on wool appliqué you mentioned this month will be a have to have.

  185. I too prefer books. However I have way out used my space so I have been leaning toward patterns.

    Love your stuff.

  186. I purchase a quilt book if the pictures and projects appeal to me. Sometimes I can see the pattern/finished quilt in another color way. Of course, the designer is 99% my motivating factor. If the designer appeals to me, then the projects will also…completes the circle. Most of the time the book has much more information dealing with the project/pattern than the stand-alone pattern; and I really enjoy the details!

  187. Mostly I prefer to purchase books if I like more than one of the patterns in the book. Usually these purchases are for designers that I really like a lot.

  188. Sorry Lisa, but I buy both! If I just love one pattern and ho hum about the rest, I buy a pattern, but if I love 2 or more patterns I buy the book! Mostly these days I buy myself a book online, when it arrives in the post I give it straight to hubby to hid and it appears under the Christmas tree, Surprise! Because by time 25th rolls around I have completely forgotten what I picked a month ago! LOL!

  189. I like to purchase books from the designers I love. So inspirational, just looking at the ideas is worth the price of the book.

  190. That is a hard question!! I am also a book lover, you could see that if you saw my sewing room!! But I also have lots of individual patterns. There are advantages & disadvantages of both! Books seem to be a better deal, more patterns & information than just a single pattern.

  191. I love to buy books. I feel like I get more for my money. I often don’t end up making the quilt I bought the book for – I make one of the other patterns instead. I love variety.

  192. I have all 6 books and just put the Quilter’s journal in my cart for a gift! I love books, I read them cover to cover and after that I can always go back and look at them over and over! I have just patterns too, but I seldom go back to look at them! Good seeing you at the Christmas open house. I am just now putting the finishing stitches on my free pincushion! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  193. I love to buy books. I also listen to audio books when I quit. I buy both patterns and books. I am sorry to say I do not have any of your books.

  194. Mostly books. Depends on the designer. I have all but 2 of your books and have made several things from each. I will be ordering the rest. I too love historical fiction and at your suggestion have thoroughly enjoyed the Outlander series. If you want an excellent book, My Dear Hamilton (Dray & Kamoi). It is the story of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton starting before she met her husband, through the American Revolution and after until she was in her 80s. Probably one of the best books I have ever listen to or read. It is 18 CDs, but I did not want it to end!

  195. I currently own all of your books. But sometimes I buy the pattern too as I have forgotten that patten is in one of the books. Can’t wait to dig back into quilting. Love what you do Lisa. You inspire all of us to keep on quilting.

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  196. Usually I prefer to purchase a book, especially from Primitive Gatherings, as there are often several patterns that I love.

  197. Books!!!! So glad to see your library of books! I too am a “book-a-holic”! I have tons of quilt books. I read and read and re-read them..

  198. I love to purchase quilting books to browse through and drool over. But, when it comes to creating a quilt or wall hanging, I prefer a pattern.

  199. I figure an average pattern to be $9 (give or take). If a book is $28. and I like at least 3 of the patterns, I buy the book.
    But I also enjoy looking through a book for ideas on colorways, quilting, etc.

  200. Books always books!!! However patterns have their place as well and hold just as much significance and importance as books its just what and where your needs are for what is best for your sewing needs.

    I think its important to support all the arts but especially designers, our fiber manufactures, publishers, magazines, libraries, bookstores, and shop owners for whatever your craft and skill.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  201. I buy both books and patterns, but I love the books most of all. When I don’t have time to spend in my sewing room or I’m just too tired from work or other obligations, I pull out all my books and just look at all the pictures and daydream. I make some notes and plan a few projects. I find it very relaxing and then it gets me motivated to get back to my happy place.

  202. I would have to vote for the book but there would have to be at least a couple of patterns in there that I would want to make. I do enjoy looking through them and getting inspiration from them. $20.00 is probably the most I would pay for a book as I am retired and on a fixed income.

  203. I DO love books but I have SO many that I haven’t even done a project from- not enough hours! I must say how envious I am of your stacks of neutrals, I was just drooling over them…..Merry Xmas from NY

  204. My preference has evolved. I used to love to buy and collect books. Now, my sewing room is so packed with fabric, books and antique sewing items, I tend to prefer patterns that do not take up so much room. If a book is really fabulous, then I will still buy a book on occasion but my preference is a good pattern!

  205. I love to look at the books, but hate to buy them if I only want to make one or two things in the book.

  206. I vote for books. Much better value than individual patterns. I like to look through books over and over for inspiration.

  207. Has to be books! What else could I study at bedtime, in the car, in the waiting room or while having lunch? You get the idea….

  208. I am a book person. There’s always something I learn in addition to the pattern(s) I bought the book for.

  209. I love them both, but being retired and on a fixed income and limited room I am really needing to become more judicious. We just downsized from three story to less than 1000 square feet.

  210. Usually, I can find several things that I want to make in a book and that seems to be a better value then. However, that does not stop me from purchasing a single pattern. Have plenty of those too.

    But if you want a definitive answer – books.

  211. I vote for books because, besides many patterns, there is usually beautiful pictures just full of inspiration.

  212. It all depends on the book, I like to purchase books that have multiple projects that I have taken a shine to. You seem to create many things that are on my must make list. I’ll never live long enough to make them all, but I sure can have a lot of fun trying!

  213. I do own a lot of patterns, but I really do love to purchase quilt books. I never tire of looking through them and they are quite a better value than a single pattern. I have three of your books so far.

  214. When the book is by an amazing talented quilter, like yourself, then for sure I love to buy the books. I heard one that a good rule of thumb is to buy the book, you have to love at least three patterns. With your books, not an issue, hehe. Love all that you do!!

    What an awesome deal on the first day of Needful things!!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  215. Books, Books and more books – they are in almost every room of the house quilt books, decor books, cook books (but still don’t cook much) story books and still growing. Even if I don’t make a quilt from the book I get so much enjoyment looking and imagining which fabrics I would use to create that project. Yes, I, too read every night to turn off the brain.

  216. I like both, but I tend to buy more books than patterns. I have loved books forever, they are in every room of the house. Lol

  217. I’ll buy the book but it needs to have several projects I like!! Tomorrow I believe I will have all but Flannel Gatherings!! 😉😉