12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 5 & Anchor Point decorated for Christmas…


imageDAY 5-STASH & STORE Store&Stash

I just love this…everything at my finger tips…not constantly looking for my ripper, or my tweezers…Stash & Store...reg. $11 Sale $8.80..choose your color, grey red, navy and aqua. (I picked the grey…but I’m thinking I need the navy too! I know you Bernina Babes will want the red one!)

Pocket Power Snips…this is a slick gadget…all compact and who doesn’t need a snips

Mini Seam Ripper…I love these little rubber ended rippers…

Martelli Tweezers– best tool for peeling fusible and placing the shapes…you know if you have ever taken a class from me…I start using this and they start running to the notion table to get theirs…it is super sharp…you don’t really have to pinch…you just touch it and it grabs into the fibers…

White Clover Marking Pen…the best marking pen for wool…needs to used with a light touch and a back and forth movement and it rolls on and never brushes away…will remove with steam.

Green Fixion Pen- This is the color fixion pen I use the most…awesome for marking stems and tracing…will iron away with heat…will come back with cold.

Our Primitive Gathering Promo Ruler…my favorite size for cutting triangle papers!!  Easy to move around and cut with.

PACKAGE DEAL…everything shown here for one great price!!!Reg. $44.15 now $32. Does not include the Sharpie…do not know why that is there…but this is what I use to trace on my fusible web…so they must have thought that was on sale too!! LOL!!!

Click HERE to go to site to order Today’s Needful Things…

Since I had the party the other day today I will show you all the decorating we did at Anchor Point this year…in case you don’t know what Anchor Point its…it’s the name of our house…you gotta be a little eccentric…right?

as you walk in the front door this galvanized bench greets you….

then this is the view into the living room..

then as you walk around…

IMG_9509IMG_9849IMG_9151 2

I love the red/black buffalo check…but who says you can’t have both?IMG_6535

the photo bomber…he loves getting his picture taken….IMG_8411

I am working on new stockings…so I did not hang the old ones this year…I liked with cleaner mantle…IMG_5090IMG_9368IMG_8917 2

These are more of Sweetwater’s INK printables… and then close-ups of the shelves…somethings I leave out all year..others I put away…



Little Man and Baby O’s table…that Tree is Rosemary…I just hope I can keep it alive!IMG_1862

I love these letter boards…I think we may be carrying them in the shop soon!!!IMG_5148IMG_2852 2IMG_5185IMG_1104IMG_4808

Here is our how our (mine/fisherman & Jeter) bed is decorated for Christmas…AfterlightImage

Jeter is very happy to model another quilt again…His modeling services are really good but he might be a little on the pricey side…IMG_6327IMG_6335

So I hope you enjoyed this post and all of the decorating…

To comment for today prizes…tell me what your favorite item is in these posts…the antique quilt hanging in the LR…the quilted Santa?  What do you like best?  I get lots of requests to show what our home looks like and such…and I do not want to seem like the” Oh look what I got type”… I know we’ve worked hard and saved for what we now built as our forever home…so please take this for what it is…a labor of love and I’m willing to share it…many quilters have visited here as well.

So what’s on your to do list…I have cookies to bake and some presents to send out…Merry    Preparations!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

304 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 5 & Anchor Point decorated for Christmas…

  1. It is all lovely! The little bag with the truck on the quilted window bench is sooooo very sweet !
    Merry Christmas! Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2019!
    – MaryAnn Jalbert
    Eagle River, Alaska

  2. Thanks for the tour. Favorite is letterboard (Im a teacher). Hope you do sell these.
    Merry Christmas to the Bongean Family

  3. Having a relatively quiet Christmas. Need to deliver some wrapped presents and enjoying a beautiful holiday at our home in Jackson Hole. Haven’t spent Christmas here in a few years –great fun seeing the mountains all snowy and bright.

  4. Our Farmhouse Christmas Party (Friday Sewing Girls at the fabric shop) is today! and what do I love the most in the pics. No question…..red/white quilts!!!!! Love your whole house and glad you worked hard to be able to build it! Paula in KY

  5. I love the old trucks, Jeter, the red heart pillow and the letter board. Please carry them and let us know when you get them. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  6. Beautiful decorations. My favorite is Little Man and Baby O’s table. And the Rosemary, let’s see what it looks like next year!!! I’ll be waiting for the photo!!

  7. I love everything about your house tour pictures. Love the tree on your table and all the beautiful quilts. I also love your fireplace and all your built in cabinets. What a beautifully thought out and decorated home. Merry Christmas!

  8. Wonderful home. Good for you getting things that you have worked hard for !! I love the whole house, but really love the red & white quilt on the bed ( Jeter too). Have a few gifts to purchase & goodies to
    make yet. Happy Holidays !!

  9. I love the bench in the entryway! You have a gorgeous home and should be very proud of all your accomplishments ❤️

  10. I love the quilt on your dining room table and the tinsel tree on top of it! Thanks for sharing pictures.

  11. My favorite item is the galvanized bench. Wherever did you find it? Decorationwise, I love all your bottlebrush trees. I enjoy seeing your home in every season. Thank you so much for sharing. Also love the comment that Jeter is her favorite!

  12. That quilted Santa of yours is my favorite every year! We have a lot of the same decorations and I absolutely treasure every red and white quilt I have! Your home is beautiful – I wish you more time at home to enjoy it – you have such a hectic travel schedule! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  13. Your home is so beautifully decorated! It is hard to pick a favorite-I love so many displays. I am partial to the trees in the basket in front of the fireplace-it made me smile,(tugging on an old memory). Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  14. I’m loving the shelves and storage on each side of the fireplace. So many Christmas display pieces! I love it all !!! Your home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

  15. Oh Lisa, it’s so very hard to pick one thing I like the best. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love all the different types of pine trees that you have. Our “forever home” in progress is in the woods so I love trees! Have a very, very Merry Christmas with love of well deserved relaxing!

  16. I love the red and white star quilt on the bench with all the snowmen. Now I am going to have to make a quilt like that! Everything was just beautiful and so homey.

  17. I love your home all decked out for the holidays but especially like the quilt hangar in the corner with one post to hang the quilt over long and narrow. Where did you find that one? I’ve been looking for a red truck to add to my decorations on my bookshelf but waited too long to start looking. Maybe next year.

  18. I love your home, and the aluminum tree on your dining table. I have my husband’s grandmother’s tree, and it is a very fond memory every year! Merry Christmas!

  19. I so love the Quilted Santa… I’d love to have one. Your board is awesome… Love your house & you decorate Sew tastefully!
    Unless you own your own business NO one can even begin to believe the blood sweat & tears that are put into making everything run smoothly!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours🎄

  20. I just love the quilted Santa (I believe it was from last year find)- but really enjoy seeing all of the Santa’s around your place. Thanks for sharing – Merry Christmas

  21. Thank you for sharing your house, it’s absolutely beautiful! If I had to choose, it would be the letter board! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  22. I love the simplicity of your decorating. everything appears and feels very festive and Christmasy but without a mass of clutter. i think it is an art to be able to achieve that effect (an art which i dont have- LOL).

  23. I love seeing your decorations–it’s so inspiring. Besides all your red/white beautiful quilts, your buffalo check pillows on your sofa are wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. You rock!

  24. The table you have for Little Man and Baby O! I have a similar set that was my grandma’s; I set it with a tablecloth that has mine and my sibling’s hand prints embroidered on it.
    Merry Christmas : )

  25. I love how inviting your home is. I feel like I could walk in and be very comfortable and has a nice chat while stitching. I am partial these days to the plaid. We just had a new grandson named Jack. His nursery is decorated in these plaids because it’s lumberJACK themed! I wish you and you family a very Merry Christmas!!

  26. You’re home is beautiful, I love everabout it, but my favorite thing is the red and white antique quilt. Thank you for sharing photos of your home. I’ve been following you for a long time and watched the progress of your home being built.

  27. The thing that intrigued me most were the black swing away hangers on either side of the living room opening. Different from most quilt hangers and very versatile. Your house is amazing.

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your home; and there is not just one photo to love; I love them all…..My favorites are the quilted Santa, the silver tinsel tree with red balls on the quilt top table with the small vintage table on the side; the Santa with the bottle brush trees and of course, Jeter on the bed with the Merry Christmas sign.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family !!!

  29. Your home is so lovely!!! Hard to choose a favorite but I think it’s little man and baby O’s table….and that rosemary tree❤️🎄

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home. Your red and white quilts are so inspiring. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  31. I love the grey quilted bench seat!!!! Also really like your quilted Santa. You’ve done such a beautiful job designing & decorating your forever home. And worked/working really hard too!👏 you rock!🎄💕

  32. It was a joy to see photos of your lovely home. It’s beautifully decorated! I love the bottle brush Christmas Trees all around. They seem to be making a come back lately, and I sure do relish seeing them. Merry Christmas!!!

  33. I love all the photos! You have a beautiful home, I love your decor. The galvanized bench in your entry with the quilt and snowmen is my favorite.

  34. Lisa, I love both but what I really love is your window seat! Your house is beautiful! Merry Christmas from a fan 😊

  35. Absolutely stunning home! Love all of it but especially the way you decorated your bedroom. Red and white quilt my favorite. Also like the buffalo check. Decorated 2 of my rooms in that for Christmas and my tree is Red buffalo check and snowmen! Thanks for sharing Lisa!

  36. First and foremost , Jeter. Then your quilts in entryway and ion your bed (of course Jeter here too) love your kitchen, especially sink area. I see your Kerry pillow peeking in a chair. I made 11 of them for friends this year. What a quick and easy projects and everyone loved them I have mine in my mantel with your red Sweetwater cans

  37. Love the red truck with Christmas trees! It inspired me to find an old metal truck that is the same green color that my first car was; a 1970 Ford Torino. My grandson always rearranges the trees!

  38. I want to know how you store ALL those decorations!!! The place looks beautiful – right out of a magazine.

  39. Your home is beautifully decorated! I love your style. The entry way bench is my favorite with the sled skate and beautiful red and white quilt. The dog pictures both run a second though. Very fun! Thank you for sharing.

  40. Lisa, my favourite thins is the lights above your kitchen island, as I just put the same one in our remodeled place! AND the red and white feathered star quilt is lovely, on my “ to make in the near future” list. Thanks for sharing with us, and happy holidays. Jill in Phoenix/Calgary

  41. Lisa, your home is beautiful!! It shows your labor of love, very well thought out and built! Thanks for sharing pictures of it with us! I love the red/white star quilt in the living room!

  42. That big red heart propped against the little tree on the grandchildren’s table is what this season is all about! Beautiful home!

  43. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home, Lisa. I love seeing your amazing quilts, the view from the windows, the vintage children’s table and chairs, and of course, your wonderful Jeter.

  44. Your home is amazing and thanks for sharing. What a beautiful decorating job. The red velvet heart on the table caught my eye right away. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  45. Your home is beautiful! I love it when you show how it’s decorated. My favorite is the red and white quilt in the foyer. Your foyer looks so inviting with that quilt and those adorable snowmen. For me today is present wrapping day! Merry Christmas

  46. The color themes in your home is what struck me. They are so clean and simple with such a calming effect. And so easily added to because of its basic quality.

  47. I love the letter board and the Durkee pepper tin.

    Your home is so inviting, thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  48. Your home is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I love that you let your dog on your bed, so do we. Quilts can be washed. I have lots of Lasagna to make today for a family party here at the lake on Saturday at noon.
    Merry Christmas Lisatoyou and your family.

  49. I love all of what you have done. Your home is so inviting and comfortable. It makes me want to emulate you and yours and have my home look like yours!
    Hope you enjoy every moment of your holidays with your family. Your hard work shows everywhere.

  50. Just one thing? I will take your kitchen! Ha… so happy to see you livin’ the dream. Everything looks like a magazine. I do love those red and white quilts. I have one in the works and that has inspired me to get it on the list of things to finish this year! Merry Christmas.

  51. Beautuful home. I love the joy blocks with treesand the xmas board above headboard in bedroom. I badically love it all.
    Merry Cristmas!

  52. I absolutely love how you have decorated your home. My two favorite decorations are the red and white quilts on display (red is my favorite color) and the quilted Santa. Too bad there is not a pattern to make one of these for myself. It would be a great addition to my personal Santa collection.

  53. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and Christmas decorations! I love the serene picture of your beautiful dog on the bed but my favorite picture is with your snowmen on the bench below the stairs! Just beautiful! Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  54. I love you Santa from Oma Mae. I saw it last year and contacted her and now I have one too. It sits in my dining room. Your decorating is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  55. First of all, I love, love, love your overall decorating theme. Your use of red and white quilts throughout your house – quilt on your table, the quilt on the bench, and the quilt on a hangar behind the sofa, the quilt above the dog bed , etc – is striking in its simplicity.

  56. All of your quilts are a given favorite but I also love all the collections of things you love, from Santas to mini trees to red trucks, they all add to the lived in and loved look.

  57. Thank you for sharing your home with us! It’s lovely. I love how the red and white quilts pop out at you. My favorite decorations (I can’t pick one) are the red and white quilts, the tinsel tree, and the velvet heart on Little Man’s table.

  58. I love everything about your home, the decorations are all wonderful. If I had to pick a favorite it would be all the red and white quilts, so warm. Today I am making crock pot fudge to take to relatives later this week. Merry Christmas!

  59. I so enjoyed seeing your home all decked out for the season. What I loved most of all was Little Man and Baby O’s table and chairs. I love the well-worn look and the homey feeling it gives the rest of the house. Your home just shouts “Welcome”!

  60. This is hard to choose but I like the wall mounted quilt arm that you hang quilts on. I remember some time ago you told us about them. I am headed over to you website to see if you carry them. Your home is beautiful. Love the red and white quilts. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  61. Lisa, your home is absolutely beautiful. I appreciate it because we know what hard work accomplishes. I love, love all the red and white quilts and also the simplicity of your decorating. You see it, enjoy and let it bring you the peace of the season. Have a joyous Christmas 🎄

  62. I think my favorite thing in your post is Jeter. What a cutie! Don’t get me wrong, your house is beautiful but 🤷🏻‍♀️ that dog is precious!! ❤️ Merry Christmas!

  63. Your Wisconsin home is beautiful! One of my dear friends just moved to DePere and I’m hoping to visit your beautiful state soon! Merry Christmas from Texas! 🎄

  64. I love the red and white quilt on your bed…and that you are not afraid to use such a treasure! Even sharing it with Jeter!

  65. I love that bench covered with the red/white star quilt…..with the snowmen on top with the sled and ice skate to the side. So inviting. This just struck something in me. An old-timey Christmas….simply beautiful.

  66. What a beautiful home! I love all the red and white quilts and the sign above your bed. All your little touches make it so spectacular. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  67. So honored to see your wonderful home ! I love the red and white quilts . I really love Jeter on them !!!!
    Today bake and wrap – bake and wrap ……
    wishing all comfort and joy

  68. Love the cover you have on the window seat and all your Christmas decorations ( not overwhelming) Thanks for sharing your space

  69. I love everything about your house. If i had to pick one well i love all your different trees in your home, i do the same thing put a tree in every room. But the one that stands out is your silver tree with the red balls. When i was young we came home to a large version of this tree and we all burst out laughing as it looked like an apple tree to us? We were kids, five of us, and well we were uspet for not having a real tree?? Needless to say my mother took it right down and a real tree we got, I feel bad about that now but seeing it in your home it is a real good memory for me of my mom trying to be part of the times, and coming out from the the depression that was very hard to do. It really has become a special memory for me, Thank You for that!!

  70. I love it all, as I see things, like the primitive Santa’s, that I have in my home. Of course I would love your home! I’m also an antique lover and quilting grandma.

  71. I love all of your decorations and your lovely home. I hope you get to spend more time enjoying it with your family!
    I guess my favorite is the quilted Santa!
    And Jeter looks especially fine on the red and white quilt!

  72. Everything is so beautiful. I love the quilts but my favorite is the buffalo plaid pillows. Thanks so much for sharing. At the moment I have a monumental cooking making mess and I just want to move to your house and leave it for the elves to clean up.

  73. I love everything in these photos! You are the best decorator, but I especially love the bench with the red and white Ohio star quilt and the snowmen on it…the whole vignette. I also love the jars with the old aluminum cookie cutters and the ‘have yourself a merry little christmas’ sign, and of course Jeter. He’s very photogenic.

  74. Thank you for sharing your home. My favorite is the little truck embroidered bag with the truck. What is it with little red trucks?

  75. I love all the vintage Santa’s and the different kinds of trees. Both are items I have in my decorations for Christmas. I also collect little houses.

  76. Your home is beautiful! My favorite decoration is your collection of patriotic Santas with flags. I just adore them.

  77. All of it is pretty special Lisa and you should be proud of what you created.. my favorite is the table for the kids with the rosemary tree. I would feel pretty special having my own little table. Gorgeous home! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  78. I liked Merry Christmas letters over the fireplace mantel. It was a hard choice as I loved Santas, trees, pillows, quilts and especially how clean your home is.

  79. Sew much eye candy. Difficult to choose just one thing that is my favorite. I love, love, love the red and white quilts. The Santas ( since I too am a collector of Santas ) and red trucks (only have one of those) come in 2nd and 3rd. Everything looks wonderful, warm and inviting. Beautiful home.

  80. I love the red & white quilt with the snowmen. Great display! I really enjoy all the pictures you post of your home. Always great ideas for displaying quilts. I really like your tinsel tree too! We had an aluminum one when I was growing up! Thanks for sharing!

  81. I love the white and red quilted Santa on the table top behind the sofa. It looks like an heirloom and so comforting. The close second is the shelf with the silver Santa/tree collection in front of the mirror. You have decorated beautifully for the holiday! Thanks so much for sharing.

  82. Are you kidding me?? a favorite? I love it all! The red and white quilts (all) are splendid. I was wondering about the one on back of the chair by the big tree. It looks like a New York Beauty/drunkard’s path variation? Is this one of your designs? Cheers to you.

  83. Love the letter board. Something to use all year round. With a small house it’s nice to use things that can be decorated for all the seasons.

  84. Everything is so lovely. The letter board is one of my favorites and al the wonderful pillows. Thank you for letting us see your space.

  85. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home Lisa. I can see that it’s a labor of love and one to be proud of, it means so much when you’ve worked so hard to have it. What’s not to love? It’s all my favorite! I love anything red and white and the quilts are fabulous!

  86. My favorite isJeter on the bed which shows everyone that quilts are to be loved and used by all members of the family. Enjoy!

  87. I always like peaking inside your beautiful home any season, you deserve it all. Would love to spend a week with you. My favorites are the foyer, the tinsel tree, quilt at the cabinet, and Jeter on the bed. He is beyond adorable, needs his own modeling career. Would love to see more quilts in the cabinet. Forgot to mention the food press by the sink. Wishing you and your family (and extended family) a beautiful, safe, Merry Christmas, and wonderful Holiday Season. We all love you very much.

  88. Wow/ hard to pick a favorite! But if I must, the Santa and trees by the fireplace, and the Santa and trees on the cabinet. And I love the live plants with your decorating. You deserve all that you have because I know you work your butt off!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!🌲

  89. Your home is beautiful! You give me inspiration! I haven’t been able to decorate much this year since we just moved into our new home in Sisters, Oregon. I’m almost at a point where I will be able to sew again!! Your red and white quilts are stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  90. Oh my gosh, I just love how you decorated the bench with that beautiful red and white quilt and all those snowmen! The sled with a skate hanging on it fits perfectly tucked into the corner too. As for your needful things for today, I really need to get several of the stash n’ stores. I picked up the tweezers several years ago, and they’re amazing!

  91. I forgot to mention that I LOVE that Durkee’s black pepper container on the window sill, it’s fabulous!

  92. Your home is beautifully decorated! I love that how you decorate doesn’t make it seem cluttered up….very tastefully done. My favorite(s) decoration is your foyer bench w/ the quilt & snowmen! Coming up 2nd is the tinsel tree.

  93. Love overall appeal of your home. My eye is drawn to the red and white quilts and quilted Santa but the red makes everything POP!

  94. My favorites are the little things throughout the kitchen and the fact that you can put them in places and still have space to work without them being in your way! What a treat to have that! We all know how hard you work to get what you have, you deserve it!

  95. Love your window seat cushion – something you made I”ll bet. I see you, too, are a collector of trees – especially bottle brush – and santas. Your quilt hangers are great for big quilts and big rooms. I’m afraid they may be too big for my rooms.

  96. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful home! I look forward to it every year-you have amazing decorating skills! My favorite thing (besides Jeter!) is your quilted cover on your window seat bench.
    Have a Merry Christmas Lisa, hope you get some down time & “catch your breath ” time.

  97. I love the quilt on your bed! So pretty! That’s my favorite! I am just baking cookies now. The gifts are wrapped. Can’t wait to get back to quilting!

  98. I love your window seat with the quilted cushion–and amazing view! And your entryway is very inviting. I always enjoy your list of needful things! Have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2019!

  99. Well Jeter, of course! But then the kid’s table and the Merry Christmas bag on the window seat…and Merry Christmas to you.

  100. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Jeter is a sweetheart! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Santa in the living room dressed in a robe made from a red and white quilt. But there were so many fun Christmas touches everywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  101. Lisa, it’s all gorgeous! But what jumped out at me were a couple things.
    1st the little wool sheep on the shelf next to the Santa’s, love him/her!
    2nd the black quilt hanger on the wall holding the red and white quilt.
    3rd, the galvanized bench. I love all things galvanized and the corner of the bench jumped right out at me!

  102. I love the wall and the May your days be merry and bright. I am in love with your floors. The decorations are just perfect. Love the way you did the bookcase shelves. So many cute things!! Your home is fabulous. Who is Baby O?

  103. I LOVE everything!!!! But if i had to pick one, it would be ALL your red and white quilts!!! And i have to add the Santa collection on the shelf. Love, love, love your home!!! Beautiful job decorating.

  104. Your home is beautiful, thank you for sharing. It is hard to pick out one thing but what stands out to me are the red and white quilts. They are perfect and bring the rooms together. I also love the letter board, I hope you do carry them in your shop someday. Have a very a Merry Christmas.

  105. This is your toughest question yet. But if I have to pick ONE, I’ll pick the red and white quilt on the bed, with Jeeter! Spoiled baby.

  106. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! You should feel proud! My favorite thing wasn’t really shown much and I don’t think it was Christmas necessarily, but I love, love, love, love your quilted bench seat cover in the bay window in the kitchen. SWOON! What a fabulous idea. I may have to copy it, but first I need a house like yours to display it. Fabulous quilts and decor!

  107. Hi Lisa….Your home is absolutely beautiful and those floors are GORGEOUS! I could look at the pics of your home all day long. Every time I see Jeter he makes me smile and I love that you let him lay on your bed with a quilt on it. Also when I saw that little antique table and chairs my heart went pitter patter….so precious! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  108. My favorite is the quilt on the chair beside the large Christmas tree. It is a drunkard’s path with a section of triangles, very similar to a New York Beauty. I would love for you to recreate it in pattern form, in your spare time, of course. Thank you for all that you do for the quilting community. Your forever home is truly a home.

  109. Your home is beautiful! I love how you decorated your shelves. My favorites are the groupings of the primitive Santa’s and the old red farm trucks! The red trucks are everywhere this year and I love them.

  110. Of course I love all the quilts, but I thought the black pepper box by the sink was really sweet! A great idea for those cute little tins. Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

  111. Beautiful. Thank you for the tour. I love the letter board. But I really love the black pepper tin with decorations in it.

  112. My favorite thing is seeing Jeter on the bed. As beautiful as your home is, it wouldn’t be home if you couldn’t relax and enjoy sharing the quilts with the furry family members too. Simply gorgeous! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing. 🎄

  113. Besides Jeters I LOVE the antique quilt in the living room. Your house is wonderful. Very inviting and full of things to chat about. It’s so nice to have the things you enjoy in your home, especially after you have worked so hard for them. I bet it’s hard to leave home to go to work!

    I’m baking cookies today. Had breakfast with my sister and 3 wonderful friends this morning and I’m ready to take on the world! It’s all about the love!!!

  114. Hi Lisa. Your metal bench, quilt and snowmen looks so inviting🎄. You have a gorgeous home. Merry Christmas

  115. Oh my! Well I’m looking to redo my kitchen a, so I keep looking at the wonderful spaces. And then the hanger that’s in the corner I have been eyeing for awhile and thinking about where it would work in my house and what color i want. I do love the bench by the stairs with the sled and snowmen, because snowmen are my favorite.

  116. Lisa you’re home looks beautiful! I love every thing! But I collect Santas and antique bottle brush trees, so I have to go with those as my favorite. Also your Sweetwater pillows turned out beautiful, you were working on those at the retreat.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family and looking forward to seeing you in the New Year. Shirley

  117. Love your home…I could just move in !!!! Favorite things will be the children’s table and chairs along with the quilted santa. Love how Jeter matches the furniture, did you decorate around him?

  118. I love your house! I especially love your entryway bench with the quilt, your shelving cabinet in the living room with the black bead board back and the hanging lights over your kitchen island!

  119. Thanks so much for sharing pics of your house. It is just so tastefully decorated …. love it!!! It is difficult to just pick one thing I like best. Guess I have to pick the entry with the galvanized bench and sled with an ice skate.

  120. Your house is beautiful. And wonderfully decorated for the season. Thank you for sharing.
    I particularly like the red and white quilts and the fresh greenery. Your collection of Santa’s with unique expressions made me smile.

  121. You and your family have a beautiful home. I know that you have worked hard for many years to have it.
    I love the bench next to your stairs that has the cream and red quilt and antique muslin Santa’s. Love the sled and ice skates too! Merry Holidays

  122. I love it all! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your beautiful home.
    I do have making a red/white quilt on my ‘someday’ list.
    Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year!

  123. Thank you for sharing your home with us.
    Hard to pick a favorite but I really like the red and white star quilt on the bench with all the decorations and the sleigh which I remember and also the girls skates. Brings back happy times.

  124. Lisa, anchor point is beautiful. You have made it such a wonderful retreat for you and Nick to enjoy when you return from working so hard. I absolutely love the red and white quilts sprinkled throughout the house, especially on the master bed. I also really like the plaid pillows on the couch and the Merry pillow. Thank you for sharing your home with us!!!

  125. Your home is beautiful! It is hard is pick just one favorite. I really love the red and white quilts and your collections of Santa’s especially the quilted Santa. Merry Christmas!

  126. I love your built in shelves on the sides of your fireplace. We are in remodel mode and considering something similar. You’re a marvelous decorator, Lisa. Its something I have a hard time with 😊 thanks for the tour and all the great ideas!

  127. The whole house is beautiful!!! I love the red and white star quilt on the bench in the first photo. Thank you so much for sharing and for the inspiration. Merry Christmas!!!

  128. Everything is beautiful. Love the red and white quilts. I know this isn’t what you meant for favorite, but my favorite is Jeter. I know how important dogs are to a family and he seems to know he’s special.

  129. My favorite is the little arrangement in the pepper box. It looks like a fun piece. Everything looks wonderful. Merry Christmas.

  130. Everything is divine! My favorite item would actually be a feeling…a feeling of knowing Jesus resides and love grows in this home! You have created a home where beauty abides and others feel welcomed. I know given a chance I could move right in here and live happily ever after!
    I made a goal at the beginning of the year that each member of the family would find a quilt under the tree this year that I made especially for them, with a letter of provenance attached that explains all the hidden meaning found within the quilt. They were completed yesterday, so today they need wrapped for presentation! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  131. You have a gorgeous home! I loved everything, but seeing how you decorate the shelves was really special… you gave me some ideas! Thank you! Oh! and the red/white quilts~ I am going to sew faster! LOL Today I am mailing the last of the cards and then cleaning up the mess that seems inevitable when I sew. 😮 Merry Christmas!

  132. Dear LISA, I love seeing your house. But most of all I love to see pictures of Jeter. He is a beautiful fur baby. Thanks for sharing. Pat

  133. The puppy on the Christmas quilt is my favorite.
    I have to sort through the gifts to separate what goes with us to WI and what stays here for when we get home.

  134. Your home looks beautiful and festive. Love the black and grey quilt and your stairway. Love the stars out of rulers! Your dog is great too. Have a wonderful Christmas. I am having my big dinner Saturday so potatoes are on the stove, bread to bake, and all the regular things. Kids fly in tomorrow with my new grandson. 😁

  135. My favorite is the window seat. Something so simple can make such a difference. Th cushion cover is beautiful!

  136. Lisa – I think your house is just lovely. I really love the red and white quilts hanging on the wall in the living room. I will have to incorporate that into my home. Thank you for sharing.

  137. Your house is beautiful. I love the built-ins in the family room. I really enjoy looking at houses and seeing how people every day decorate. But I also love seeing Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing with us.

  138. Thank you for sharing your home and gorgeous decorations. I am having a difficult time choosing a favorite…really enjoyed seeing the old (and new) Santas on display but found the children’s table and chairs so appealing. Of course, since RED is my favorite color, I liked all the red and white quilts.

  139. I absolutely love it all. Thak you for sharing. I feel inspired by it all. Merry Christmas Lisa and Nick

  140. Your home is so lovely. I love the star quilt on the ‘galvanized’ bench when you first walk in. I’m a sucker for stars and I like those. But of course all the quilts and characters are special and so charming. Thanks for sharing!

  141. What a beautiful home!!! Thanks so much for sharing, you can tell that it was a labor of love. Everything was so thoughtfully done. My favorite has to be the quilted Santa and all the red and white quilts (clearly I need to get busy). But my most favorite is the quilted window bench!! Window benches are so wonderful and yours is the best. What a great place to read to the kiddos! Thanks again for sharing!

  142. I really like the bench display at the stairs because I’m a snowman person. It all looks great and cheerful and Jeter just is the best of all!

  143. I love everything about your home! But my favorite is the red and white quilt on the metal bench in the entrance. I “need” one in my house so it is now on my to do list. Love it!

  144. Thanks for sharing-my favorite is the quilt on your bed! I bought one of the quilt racks but was not sure where to hang it-now I know!

  145. I love the way you decorated your shelves, all the Christmas things on them! And I love the Merry Christmas red truck sack with Christmas greens etc in it. I have a sack like that, now I know what I will do with it. I especially like the pepper tin in your kitchen window with greens and a Santa tucked in! You have a beautiful home! Merry Christmas!

  146. My favorite is the white tree on the dining table. It looks very nice against the red quilt. My second favorite is, of course, Jeter. Looks as if the bed quilt is “his” 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  147. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful home/beautiful decorations. I love the red and white quilts throughout and how you decorated the shelves around the fireplace.

  148. Love, love your home..very pretty. I woukd have to say my favorite photo is of Jeter laying on the bed!

  149. I love it all, your house has a sense of welcome and peace throughout that comes across in your pictures. I especially love your kitchen sink, I know I’m crazy! I’m not the greatest cook and I normally volunteer to wash the dishes when visiting people so having a view as lovely as yours is a treat. I also love the jars of antique cookie cutters (I’m stealing that display idea) and jello molds made into Christmas decorations (getting my glue gun ready to try to make some of my own). By the way where is the window of pictures? Did you decorate it for Christmas? Thank you for sharing more of your lovely home with us, it’s always an inspiration. Merry Christmas!

  150. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. My favorite would have to be the antique quilts! We too built our dream home about 2 years ago and just love it. Many of your things look like my things. Your floors and colors are like mine also! Love it! Thanks for the inspirations and Have a Merry Christmas!

  151. Always a treat to see pic’s of your home! I really like the figurine of the little girl angel on the sled on one of the shelves. And of course the lovely Santa made out of a quilt sitting on the sofa table.! Enjoy your Holiday!

  152. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us! Everything is so beautiful. My favorite picture is of Jeter lying on the quilt-so precious! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Pam

  153. Oh my, I don’t think I have a favorite other than to say your home is my favorite, love the space you have and all holiday decorations are wonderful. I love the trees in the Sweetwater fabi tubs, the antique living room quilt, as well as the beauty on your bed quilt and Jeter! Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  154. Of course the quilts are beautiful but I’m really liking the store sofa a buffalo plaid pillows, that’s so in style right now.

  155. I love it all! The little table and chairs with the Rosemary tree- so precious. I can just see some excited little ones seated there!

  156. Pick just one?? Besides Jeter??? I love the red metal pick-up trucks on the shelves. My husband, son and I have a great history with red pick-ups, so we’re always drawn to them. For all the antiquing we do, they are hard to come by…….. Appreciate your sharing. Your house looks Merry Bright:)

  157. Well if I must pick one…….the kids table!! We have a similar one here in our home for our grandchildren (Autumn 6 and Andrew 4) and just seeing it makes me smile!! Such fun times!!

  158. I love how there is dark wood in the back of the living room cabinets. What a fun idea. I think i need to add the idea to my ” Dream about building a house ” pinterest board… we hope to build a forever home too. I am so glad you got to do so. It is lovely. I also loved the grey paint on the walls.

  159. It’s all beautiful and hard to pick a favorite but I do love the letter board and will probably NEED one if you decide to carry them.

  160. I like the red and white quilt and simple tree on your table. Your home looks so nice and cozy.
    My to do list is squeezing on my new grandbaby!

  161. All of the quilts are wonderful but hte red and white one on the left as you enter the kitchen is my favorite.

  162. Thank you for sharing, I get a lot of inspiration from you and your home. It’s all so beautiful, but I had to zoom in on those little vintage jello molds topped with those adorable vintage Christmas doo-dads. I just might copy that idea!

  163. Feathered Star Quilt, Kid’s table and window seat!!! Can’t pick just one. You can see the love you put into your home.

  164. Your home is gorgeous! I love everything about it. It’s just my style. I especially love all the red and white quilts and the buffalo plaid pillows.

  165. Thank you for sharing your home. It is beautiful and you should be very proud of what you’ve earned! You have such a talent for decorating – I wish I did. I especially love the red and white quilts and also the letter board – so special.

  166. It’s hard to pick out 1 item but my 1st pick would be your Santas as I’m a Santa collector at craft shows & flea markets. Mine usually line the mantel with red & white poinsettia lights woven among them. Then I would chose the red & white quilts. Your home is a beautiful picture but those who know or follow you can attest to the fact it’s used & shared with love. Merry Christmas.

  167. My favorite thing has to be all the red and white quilts on display throughout your home. It is so helpful to see new ways to display quilts, your ideas are always wonderful! I have more of my quilts on display this year than ever before–thank you!

  168. Favorite-that’s easy! I really liked that (I think green) plaid pillow with your last name Bongean Family – Joy Peace Love on it. That says it all. I can see it becoming a family heirloom and being passed down from generation to generation.

  169. Your questions aren’t easily answered with just one thing!! 😉 I like your letterboard…been thinking about getting one and that one looks pretty versatile.

  170. I like how you display your Santa collection with the little trees. I was also delighted to see your chinois strainer all decorated for Christmas. I have my grandmother’s from the early 1900’s above a cabinet in our kitchen; now I know what I will have to do with it for next year. Thank you.

  171. I love the red and white quilts and the quilted Santa. Your home is beautful. I want to thank you for sharing your home with us. I still need to bake some cookies and make candy. The kids are arriving saturday evening.

  172. Love love love your couch and all of the pillows on it! I also love your built in bookshelves. I already showed my husband and told him to put them on the list for our forever home. <3

  173. Lisa, your home is beautiful!
    My favorite home decor in your photos are the wooden wall-mounted quilt holders and the quilts that are displayed on them!!!
    I want/need to have at least a dozen of these to hang next to my windows … one day soon I will buy them.
    It’s fun seeing these pictures because I’ve been to your home and experienced seeing your beautiful decor in person. 😊

  174. I likw how Jester matches your decor, the red and white quilt is my favorite choice.
    Still have to bake, little more cleaning and cook. Merry Christmas!

  175. I love seeing your house all decorated! Where do you find the time? I love the buffalo check as well!

  176. For some reason I’m not sure of, that Durkee black pepper can full of Christmas decs really caught my eye. Maybe because I’m the sentimental type who wishes we could go back in time for certain things. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lisa. Your home is beautiful!

  177. Love, love your home. Especially loved the metal bench, red Ohio star quilt n all the snow men. Can’t forget the sled and ice skates! Thanks so much for sharing!

  178. Your house is beautiful! My favorite thing(s) are your red and white quilts throughout the house. Merry Christmas!

  179. I love the Sweetwater’s INK printables. I love the littles trees in the bags. You house is beautiful, and so nicely decorated. Thanks for sharing it with us. Merry Christmas.

  180. I soooo love the red and white quilt in the last picture!!! Red and white, my favorite combination!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  181. Love your decorating style! One of my favorite things is the red and white quilt on the dining table topped with the silver tree. Beautiful!

  182. Thanks for the tour,such a pleasure to see it decorated for Christmas. It is all so charming I love all of the quilts, it adds such a comfy welcome. So beautiful!

  183. I always enjoy seeing your lovely home not matter the season. My favorit thing is the triangle quilt on the window sea. It is so beautiful. Can you tell me more about it? Pattern? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Loved meeting and learning from you on the March 2018 Cruise!

  184. I have enjoyed the pictures of your Red & White quilts. They are simple and clean looking but I know they were a lot of work. Thank you for sharing❣️

  185. Lisa –
    your home looks so wonderful – LOVE the red quilts throughout but I am IN LUST with that red Feathered star handing in your living room!

  186. I have to say, the red and white quilts you have throughout the house are my favorites. The decor is amazing throughout every room. Your house is so beautiful and your decorating skills are also. The gifts are all wrapped, but lots of cooking to do here. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  187. Absolutely love seeing your home! It’s so beautifully decorated & you have such great views! So peaceful looking! Not sure I could choose a favorite thing but I do love all your pillows on the couch & on the bed & your kitchen is amazing! Love the little table & chairs for “little man”, I presume! Cute! Merry Christmas & Happy, Healthy New Year to you & your family!

  188. I love, love, love the feathered star quilt in your LR. All of your other quilts I love also. Your home is beautiful, thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year to you,your family and your employees!

  189. Merry Preparations! Love that. Sometimes it is hard to remember to enjoy all the preparation! Your home is so lovely. You are a wonderful decorator. I love the pops of red in every room, especially the red and white quilts. I think my favorite is what I’m calling the snowflake quilt hanging over the dog bed? I also love the distressed wood – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign hanging in your bedroom.

  190. I love all of your red and white quilts, but the one I like best is in the photo looking into the living room. All those tiny triangles!! I love to see your decorations. Thank you for letting us peek into your Christmas!

  191. I love any and all of your red/ white quilts. Would love to make one Maybe 2019🙄 Your home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!!

  192. I love the arrangement in the callonder on the island . Reminds me of Mom using it to make canned tomatoe juice.
    And the little green bottle by the sink , much prettier then a bottle of dish soap

  193. I love your red and white quilts the best, but a close second is the spice can with the Christmas decorations in it. Beautiful home–no need to justify it. Anyone should be able to tell how hard you work because of all the lovelies you create for us. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  194. Your home is stunning! My favorite piece is the Have yourself a merry little Christmas” over Jeter’s bed. (Lol)

  195. My favorite “thing” shown is Jeter! After that it has to be all the red and white quilts. I don’t know if I can pick a fave from those, but if pressed I would say the Ohio Star (since I am from Ohio). Your house is so lovely, and even more so at Christmastime. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  196. Lisa:
    Your home is so “homey.” The love and warmth is obvious in your sweet designs.
    My favorite place is the kitchen…the heart of the home. The lighted cupboards showing your cookbooks is lovely. I’m glad you keep your mixer out on the counter. And I adore the vent over your stove! Heaven! Merry Christmas!! Love, Mary

  197. I LOVE your beautiful home! I love the white cabinets and wood floors! Our house is also done in the white! I LOVE the red and white quilts and all of the pillows, but especially the plaid ones! The buffalo plaid has been my new favorite this year! The little table is especially adorable and the rosemary, I never thought of that! By the way, add a sprig to your roast when baking and it is incredible! My other favorite is the ink labels… how did you do that?? I obviously have a hard time picking just one favorite… I just love it all!! Merry Christmas!!

  198. Your home is wonderful and inviting! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us with your creativity! I just love your quilted cushion in the window seat. I know that it was custom and it stays all year round. It is just a perfect for your home. Merry Christmas!

  199. Hi Lisa, my favorite item was the 3 old fashioned, bristle brush, cone shaped, flocked Christmas trees with small round red bulbs all over them, nestled together on the shelf. They remind me of my grandma. Tho, it’s all beautiful… the mini trucks with trees, the skate and sled at the entry, and all the gorgeous red & white quilts. I love that you share it with us… and it is wonderful to see you reap the rewards of all that you do… You go girl!!! Hugs, Jakey

  200. I love all your red & white quilts. I have one on my to do list. They remind me of my mother’s red work. Merry Christmas!

  201. Merry merry Christmas to you and your family….of course I love everything about your home but…

    Ilove love love your little rosemary Christmas tree

    Barb in Saskatchewan

  202. How wonderful to be living in your dream house! So many special touches throughout, it is difficult to pick just one. I would go with the red/white quilts, letter board and word signs, snowmen…it is all beautiful!

  203. Your kitchen! The 3 trees with Joy, the decorated Durkee’s can, and your beautiful view outside. I cannot finish our Christmas prep as we are spending our time in the hospital with my terminal mother in law.

  204. Your home looks so welcoming and comfortable, thanks for sharing it with us. I do love your Santas, I have a small collection of Santa figurines as well but I love yours!

  205. Beautiful! I love the sled/ice skates and the little red trucks! Where do you store all your Christmas decorations!?

  206. I love that you share your home. It is very welcoming and inspiring. It’s hard to choose…but I’m really liking your quilt hangers in the living room photos and that you used a quilt to make a cover for your window seat. I need a cushion for my mudroom and I think you have just inspired the answer for that. Please know that you are quite humble and kind.

  207. Your house is beautiful & you should be proud of all the hard work that went into it! My favorite is the letter board & Jeter on the quilt!