Moda Block Heads 2…Block 38-Anchor Point, Block 10 & 35 also!

Hey All….I hope you all had the most wonderful-est of Holidays…I am ready for the NEW YEAR!…Very happy to welcome you all to 2019! I am excited…I have been organizing and puttering around the house for a couple of days now…I have a couple of goals for 2019…and the main one is… needing to get ahead of my projects/ you all know I am not caught up of BH2…2018 was a tough year and we did A LOT!!!! So I am super determined to stay ahead of the game for 2019!  (I’m actually writing this on 12/28!)

So block 38-Anchor Point…IMG_6952

Click the following link to print pattern for BLOCK 38 bh2_lb_anchor-point

Click the following link for cutting and piecing following the pics below…

Cutting for Moda Block Heads Round 2 I left the colors a light grey so you could write in your colors…







IMG_6952If you do not know me and want to know what Anchor Point is…Click HERE


Now here are a few I was missing…Block 10MBH2 10Block  35AfterlightImage 3

6 responses to “Moda Block Heads 2…Block 38-Anchor Point, Block 10 & 35 also!”

  1. Pamela Haffner Avatar
    Pamela Haffner

    Happy New Year to All! I love seeing those Snowman Gatherings prints in these blocks. I seem to have quite a lot of them and may have to rethink a few projects to include them.

  2. Mickey Childress Avatar
    Mickey Childress

    I need patterns for 2018 Block-of-the-Week #s 32,33,34,35,and 37. Have never seen where I can print them off.

  3. Hildy Avatar

    Beautiful block I love how you frame the little star!

  4. Teressa Avatar

    Thanks for the cutting directions!

  5. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    Does anyone know where to find the list of winners for the free gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas?

  6. Cathy Avatar

    Late Entry: I love your Blogs. Always so much information and beautiful too!

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