Moda Charm Swap…Week 5



It’s my week to post! I had the privilege of using Good Day from Me & My Sister…Now I know you are all like… what??? Lisa can’t work with brights!!! Well…I just want you all to know…I can ROCK brights…I made a simple, cute, adorable quilt using their Charm pack…now we also could use a little yardage as well with the quilt so I asked the girls to send me some FQS as well…IMG_4714image

I cut the M&MS charms into 2 1/2″ squares…I needed a few more to complete the design so I cut up some 2 1/2″ squares from those 3 FQs to get the required amount…You need 196 print 2 1/2″ squares and 29 solid white 2 1/2″ squares to form the X through the quilt…Now if you know me well you know I love to appliqué and my company Primitive Gatherings has the best hand dyed wools…so I added a little Duck and her ducklings to add a little more interest to the quilt, but the quilt would look fine without them as well…Click this link Duck Quilt  to download the pattern…The Duckling quilt is 47″x 47″ with the border.  If you need a Good Day Charm pack click HERE  This is a link for Fat Quarter Shop…we do not have these charm packs.                                              But … If you need a wool kit and or threads for your Ducks…Click HERE  we have wools and threads.LisabongeanI just read the pattern and it says 1/2 yd for the green inner border…but like I said before…I know I only had a FQ of it but if you don’t want your inner border to be in lots of pieces use a 1/2 yd.  I also used the remaining fabrics from those FQs for the binding…that is why it is scrappy…again if you want one color binding use one, your choice.IMG_4713

We live on a lake in Wisconsin and we see Ducks & Geese raising their families every year…I tried to take a pic of them today on their daily swim…but they are all getting older now and a little more mobile then when they were younger…IMG_4622

I am sure they will be on their own soon!


Now that you know the reason for the Ducks…I guess I should also say…I am sooooo impatiently waiting for my flannel line to arrive which is any day…now the only thing I had left of my designer precuts was a layercake…so…I made this…but because we had a bunch of storms with tornadoes and no power at the warehouse for three days…and this is where my long arm is… it didn’t get quilted…but I know you all will understand…so I decided to baste it for a big stitch demo coming soon…IMG_4704

and… because I had a layer cake…I made the squares 3 1/2″ and the quilt finished 64″ square…so this pattern its easily adaptable…and it could also be make from a Farmhouse flannel charm pack using the duck pattern with the 2 1/2″squares…I don’t want to be mean sharing this and then not sharing this pattern as well.

Click this link to print pattern. Elephant Quilt


If you are interested in a kit for the Elephant quilt click this link


I just had enough batting to make this work…


an no…I do not have a pic of elephants roaming the field here in WI to show you…but Jake wanted me to put elephants on this quilt…so elephants it is…

IMG_4711Now as of yesterday this is ready for the hand quilting frame…make sure you stop back here to find out how this turns out after it has been big-stitch quilted with perle cotton!!!

Also…Check back next Wednesday for the last charm quilt pattern.  Wednesday, July 31st, for Vanessa of Lella Boutique..she is making a charm quilt with Primitive Gatherings fabric!  I can’t wait!!!

If you need to go the the other designers …here are their sites for the FREE charm pack patterns they have provided earlier.

Here’s the Summer Schedule …
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

Have a great HUMP day….


14 responses to “Moda Charm Swap…Week 5”

  1. Cathy Fennell Avatar
    Cathy Fennell

    Thank you so much!

    Cathy Fennell, MLS
    Executive Director of Library Services
    Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library
    Rosemont College |the POWER of small
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  2. Sue H Avatar

    Both of these quilts are so ADORABLE! Downloaded both of them. Cutest baby quilts I’ve seen in a LONG TIME!!!! Thank you!

  3. Ruthie Peterburg Avatar

    Thank you Lisa, third time lucky.

  4. Kristi Avatar

    What a beautiful, bright, happy quilt! You do rock the brights!

  5. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    Wow! Lisa!!! So good!! I agree… you rocked those brights!! Those ducks are adorable!! I love the elephant quilt just as much!! Will Little Man or his brother get that one??!! (Am I right in recalling you have a new grand-man??)

    I have really enjoyed this Wed Charm Swap series. It’s been such fun to see you guys use each other’s prints. It seems like you’ve all enjoyed it too!

    Question… I wouldn’t have thot to combine wool appliqué with cotton prints like you did. Is your wool washable? I’m assuming it is… to be added to a baby quilt… but thot I’d ask! 😊

    Nicely done, Lisa! Your quilts are both adorable!!

    Mama Pris from CdA, Idaho

  6. Phyllis R Limiero Avatar

    Thanks Lisa. This looks like a lot of fun. Hope your day is awesome!!

  7. Caryl Brix Avatar
    Caryl Brix

    Thank you! Got it!

  8. kattails....Kathy in WV Avatar

    Thank you so much….I know you’re busy…please know you are appreciated! You’ve MADE my day!

  9. Avatar


    You are the best, thank you so much for sharing these with us. I made a log cabin quilt with your stars and strips gathering. I’ve included a picture. I’m sure you get tons of fan mail.

    Happy Quilting! LeLa


  10. Kristina Wilkinson Avatar
    Kristina Wilkinson

    Both of these are adorable. The elephants are really so sweet! Thanks for giving us 2 patterns today!

  11. Cathy C. Avatar
    Cathy C.

    Thanks so much for sharing the patterns. Cute baby quilts!

  12. Ruth Avatar

    Hi Lisa So love both baby quilts. Thank you. the elephant pattern says to cut 3 3 1/2 blocks from one a layer cake block that is 10 inches. Should it be cut 4. also cannot print out duck quilt. Love your blog

  13. dezertsuz Avatar

    Both versions are cute as anything. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  14. Karen Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I figured out I needed to reduce the templates 70% and they are fine. Sorry to have bothered you. Love the pattern!!

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