Day 5-Precuts & Primitive Gatherings Precuts


Today we have precuts on sale!!!! I know I do not have to go into a long explanation why we need precuts other than the fact that we can have a piece of every fabric in the line in whichever size our budget allows from 2″ charms to FQ tower…All pre-cuts and fabric bundles are 20% off please follow this link below and anything in in this category is on SALE!!!  Oh…I forgot this mean wool precuts as well…charms and bundles!!IMG_9034image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngIMG_8065

Click here to go to Precut Alley

If you wish to win a precuts…please leave a comment…I’m going with an easy one today…

Are you a dog or cat lover?……I know some of you will not be either for allergic reasons and such…but if none of that existed which would it be?

I am a dog lover…as you know…I was shopping for Christmas for Jeter yesterday in Downtown Neehah…at all the small boutique shops…..and I can’t wait to show you his presents…not until after Christmas though as I want it to be a secret!!IMG_9018

Fur babies are the best!



316 responses to “Day 5-Precuts & Primitive Gatherings Precuts”

  1. Linda M Avatar
    Linda M

    I’m definitely a dog person. Not that I dislike cats. Just their nosiness and bathroom needs.

    1. rwolden Avatar

      I am so allergic to them but my husband is constantly asking for a dog so I’ll have to choose dogs. They are so loyal & loveable.

  2. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    dog lover all the way

  3. Mary Jo Avatar

    I have neither a dog or cat . . . . . however, I do have 4 ‘granddogs” that I adore!

  4. ardys curl Avatar
    ardys curl

    I love the mini charm’s best! I enjoy making miniatures and get to experience many of the new fabric lines with the minis.

  5. Caryn S Avatar
    Caryn S

    I am a animal lover, but tend to lean towards cats. We have a brother-sister pair. Our son has a dog and a cat.

  6. Elizabeth Avatar

    Dog lover!

  7. wqgwebmgr Avatar

    I’m a cat lover first. And then a dog lover…

  8. Caren Avatar

    Cat I wish you could see my cat’s (Panda) face. Even my dog lover, (quilter friend) appreciates my cat’s charming appearance. Panda is a rascal.

  9. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    I am a dog lover. My best little fur baby ever passed away about a year ago. He was a smaller breed and lived to be about 18 years old. Dogs truly are a mans best friend.

  10. Mary Fecher Avatar
    Mary Fecher

    Cats here. The are absolutely the best. But I also like dogs. We currently have 2, Watson a 2 year old gray and white one who has finally settled in to laying on my lap while I stitch and 4 month old Nala who is a handful and a half. She has learned that she needs to just curl p on my lap and not chase the needle as I stitch

  11. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    I love all animals! Have a spoiled rotten Shih tzu

  12. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Oh my! I can’t decide. I love my dogs. But I love my cats, also.

    1. Lytle Markham Avatar
      Lytle Markham

      I’m a dog lover! Cats are ok ( my husband has 3!) but dogs are my weakness. I have a little Havanese, called Scooter. He is the sweetest little boy.

  13. Ricky Avatar

    Dog lover. I work with a few rescues and wish I could take more dogs home. Cats just don’t do it for me in general although there are some cats I like—the ones that act like dogs.

  14. terifisher Avatar

    Yep – total dog/cat lover!! Well and all animals really.

  15. Maggi Avatar

    Cat lover..but my hubby is not. Cute story. We he a cat that got named Fluffy. Fluffy was determined to win my husband over. So…every time, yes, every time, he sat in his chair, she would jump up and sit on the arm until he petted her. Then she would jump down. Even after she lost her front leg, she figured out a way to jump up there. He still talks about that cat even though she has been gone many years .

  16. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    My fur baby is a golden & she’s our third one to love. She’s crazy energetic & will be 5 yrs on the 23rd. Still acts like a puppy. Loves hugs kisses & balls! She’s getting a 2 ft long chew one & a Disney bubble maker. I forgot to say, she looovves catching bubbles 😂. I love your stories about jeter

  17. Vickie Sorensen Avatar
    Vickie Sorensen

    Dog lover

  18. lbosma Avatar

    Definitely a small dog lover here! Penny our rescue Chihuahua provides daily entertainment! She love her stitching sisters, especially Ms Claudia.

  19. sewkat17 Avatar

    Dog lover for sure! ❤️

  20. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    Dog lover for sure! Merry Christmas to Jeter! 🙂

  21. Tish Avatar

    Love dogs and cats…although for years thought cats were not for me but then a ginger homeless cat came along and I am hooked. Solomon was accepted right into our dog family and now runs the household. He doesn’t do walks with me but when I am sick, or hurting he always knows and snuggles up to me and comforts me.

  22. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    I am definitely a dog person. My fur baby is a five year old yellow lab named Riley. He’s such a goof! And yes I do Christmas shop for him. I have yet to find an indestructible store bought toy. His favorite toy is a Honda mini Trail tire that he rolls around the yard.

  23. Cindy Erickson Avatar
    Cindy Erickson

    I love them both but I prefer cats. They have the best personality and attitude

  24. Mary Durham Avatar

    I have both, so it’s hard to choose. I do know I get mad at my dog for the stupid things he does a lot more than I do the cats.

  25. Deanna Bowman Avatar

    I love both cat & dog fur babies. All of ours are rescues or we got for free. Never a dull moment
    with any of them. Happy Holidays to you and yours !!

    1. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
      Tammy Marquardt

      A dog lover through and through. Rescued ones are even better! I can’t imagine my home without a dog. Jake is an Australian shepherd mix and has blue eyes!

  26. Carol Avatar

    I am more of a dog person. I have 2 one female Dixie(14 yrs old) a Tibetan spanie/Lhasa also mix. I have one male Ozzie(3 yes old) a mini schnauzer. I love cats, too but hate litter boxes. I especially love Siamese. I use to have two.

  27. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    I have been both, but lost our dog to old age. Same with my cat. I did get another cat. Love the purring sounds & softness of fur. mine likes to help me quilt. I can’t sit to work on hand or sewing machine stitching without her joining me on my lap.Lots of comfort.

  28. Lynn Avatar

    Love dogs, especially Boston Terriers. We had one named Lily and she is 2 years old. She has to lay with me at night with her head on my chest. She is friendly and love people. I do shop for her at Christmas. But I have to find indestructible toys for her as she will destroy and toy with stuffing in it in less than a minute. But I still love her. Merry Christmas to all pet owners.

  29. Debbie B. Avatar
    Debbie B.

    Dogs! I have a 15 month old akita goofball. Love seeing Jeeter pictures, thank you for sharing him.

  30. SARA Snelling Avatar
    SARA Snelling

    I am as dog lover. I like cats too, but dogs love you unconditionally and are always are excited to see you no matter if you have been gone 10 minutes or all day at work. ♥️ Dog Lover♥️

  31. Melanie B Avatar
    Melanie B

    Cats!!! We have two fur babies we have had with us for 18 and 14 years.

  32. Becky Eller Avatar

    Cats, cats, cats, but not in an over the top manner! Have two right now that is plenty. Merry Christmas!

  33. Barbara Lotthammer Avatar
    Barbara Lotthammer

    I don’t like cats but they will seek me out every time. Although I am not really an animal lover at all we have had a dog for 43 of our 45+ years of marriage so I guess I’m dog liker. Don’t tell my family though. Love all you material, wool and cottons

  34. Pamela D Miller Avatar

    Cats and Dogs! We have a cat named Lily and a black lab named Jenny. Merry Christmas! Pam Miller

  35. Cindy Shope Avatar
    Cindy Shope

    I am a dog lover all the way. I really like all animals, but dogs are my favorite. I got my first dog when I was 2 years old and have had at least one ever since.

  36. Jan Avatar

    Dog Lover. When I was young the postman in our town always left the strays or those who had followed him at our house. Married, we have had an Irish Setter & a retired racing Greyhound. After my Mom passed a feral cat she fed for 10 years made it thru the woods to our house. We were watching football when Hubby said look who’s on the deck looking in. The man who claimed to not like cats made her a house on the front porch to keep warm & safe. I named her Kit Kat & eventually we were able to pet her & hold her on our laps while sitting on the porch. She lived another 2.5 years.

  37. Karalee Morris Avatar
    Karalee Morris

    I think dogs are angels without wings…..LOVE THEM !!

  38. azblodgett Avatar

    Definitely a cat lover! And they love to help me with quilting!

  39. LeAnne K Avatar
    LeAnne K

    We have a little dog, Sophie, who we love best!

  40. Donna Sproston Avatar
    Donna Sproston

    I love cats, but I am allergic to them. I take allergy shots so I can visit my grandchildren and their cats.

  41. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    I’m a dog person. I’ve been on this earth almost 70 years, and there has never been a time when I didn’t have at least one dog ( most of the time more). I can’t imagine my life without them!

  42. Susan Collier Avatar
    Susan Collier

    I am definitely a dog lover. My Bella is the greatest dog ever!

  43. Debra Miller Avatar
    Debra Miller

    I love both but currently have 2 dogs-miniature dachshunds that hate cats!

  44. Jill McCaughey Avatar
    Jill McCaughey

    Although I love both cats and dogs, I think I am a dog lover at heart, and have three grand dogs to prove it! We are pet-less now, but share lots of scratches behind the ears of friends’ dogs.

  45. Gail Heike Avatar

    I am definitely a dog lover, although I’ve fostered cats in the past! Under our tree is a special “Naughty But Cute” dog bone for our grand dog, Brooks! Merry Christmas to Jetter and all of your family, Lisa!

  46. Marcy Peterson Avatar
    Marcy Peterson

    Allergic to both dogs and cats, however iI do have a beta fish which is easy on the eyes to watch.

  47. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    I am equally in love with dogs and cats. We have had 3 dogs and 7 cats along the way. Love each and every one and they continue to live in my heart. I am also a big fan of PG precuts are awesome for very scrappy quilts!

  48. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    I love my dogs, have a Samoyed and Samoyed husky. I love it that they herd my grandkids! I really love all animals and presently have two wild red foxes that come into our yard and steal the dog toys and chewies they forget outside, so I leave them some dog food and treats to help them through this cold weather.

  49. Carol Schallock Avatar

    We have had several puppies and loved them very much. We lost our last one 9 years age and still today we talk about him. We spend our winters in a resort that says no pets until we don’t travel we will be without a dog!

  50. A Bartus Avatar
    A Bartus

    Dog all day long. My Instagram name is Muggziesmom. He’s a much loved pitbull rescue. He’s the best boy ever!

  51. Glenna C Denman Avatar
    Glenna C Denman

    I have had both dogs and cats, but probably prefer dogs. The very most rewarding time was having one of each and watching them play and fight, it was never a dull moment.

  52. Lori Andersen Gold Avatar
    Lori Andersen Gold

    Am definitely a puppy fur baby lover! Being a single mom for past 20ish years didn’t allow for an animal in our home, but now that the kids are on their own….Merry Christmas to me 🙂 And….I look forward to your new lines so I can build my charm and fat quarter stash….

  53. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    If allergies were not an issue? both!! I grew up with cats and a dog and would love to have both now, but sadly I have developed some ugly allergies over the years. Thanks for the fun!

  54. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    Dog lover, paws down! We currently have a rescue from Mexico – the gentlest dog we’ve ever had.

  55. Nicki Slater Avatar
    Nicki Slater

    I love our rescue dogs so much!


    I am a dog lover, my babies are getting new ?????

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  57. Kim Avatar

    Have always had a dog even as a kid, but as a grownup have had both dogs and cats…love them both for different reasons. Had to send my 14-1/2 year old dog across the rainbow bridge earlier in December…sure do miss having him with me. Still have my cat, it not at all the same.

  58. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I have a cat now, and I appreciate the low maintenance (except the never—ending hair supply) nature of cats. She’s a lap cat, very loving or needy… it’s all perspective!

    I did have two dachshunds at one time, and I thought they were pretty dumb, but my husband says no, we were dumb, we did everything they wanted…. he maintains they were very smart at getting what they wanted! They ruled the roost, those two. I do miss them. They were beautiful dogs.

  59. Tammy Avatar

    A dog lover! They are just not as finicky as cats!

  60. Sherrill L Ash Avatar

    Definitely a dog person! We’ve had 4 golden retrievers and they all had such great personalities. We miss all of them everyday.

  61. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    Always always a doggie lover. We have rescued senior dogs They are such a joy. Our currently beagle was born with something similar to macular degeneration and now is completely blind and a bit deaf. Slowly losing bladder control and our time with him is getting shorter 😢. We also ended up with my stepdaughters cat who surprisingly has been a great joy (I hated cats). He is just like a dog in almost every way. He also is relieving the sadness of dwelling on our failing health of Beasley

  62. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Another thought (already answered the pet question)… did anyone find it impossible to answer yesterday’s question?

    I thought it was the best one… my two boys and their wives are local artists, so your support of locals is critical to their survival. My most recent support involved buying Sarah Watt’s Seam Reaper print fur my studio, which I purchased during the November sales with pincushion give-away.

  63. Jeanne Vaughan Avatar

    100% dog lover although we don’t have one currently. Like others who have commented I lost my best buddy and haven’t been able to get over him. Maybe one day. I’m dog sitting over the holidays so I’m getting a taste again how nice it is to have a dog around.

  64. Teri Avatar

    Definitely a dog lover.

  65. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    I like cats but I’m allergic to them. We’ve always had dogs and I absolutely love love dogs”

  66. Judy Avatar

    I have a love and special place in my heart for the Golden Retriever. Have had three come into my life-like my children, I have loved them equally, for their own special ways. I admire those who have cats, however, I wonder if I was a cat in a former life. I do get sleepy when sitting in sun!

  67. janice lashley Avatar

    I’m a dog person, the bigger the better! I’d love to try making something with wool after seeing all the lovely things you are always making, Jan

  68. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    I love both dogs and cats and have had both. Currently without either as both our last cat and dog have both gone to pet heaven.

  69. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    Have to say we grew up with cats ~ we even misnamed one. Called her Cindy as she was color of cinders in the driveways around the farm (from the coal burning furnaces), but later discovered of course she was a he! Only cat my Dad ever let come inside while we watched football games!

  70. Vicki Gensini Avatar

    I am a cat lover!

  71. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I’m definitely a dog lover, but I’m currently cat sitting for my son and his cat it tugging at my heart strings.

  72. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Dogs I have always loved dogs

  73. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I always thought I was a small dog lover only but since my grand kids now have cats I have became very fond of cats too.

  74. Donna Avatar

    A dog lover . . .

  75. Gloria Cook Avatar
    Gloria Cook

    I am definitely a dog lover! I’m totally in love with my little Yorkie, Carly. She is the third in line over the last 30 years. They have each added so much joy to my life!

  76. Jacque Wright Avatar
    Jacque Wright

    We have one dog and two cats. I’m definitely more of a cat person – have had them all my life – but I do love our Sophie Schnauzer. For the first time ever (she’ll be 13 in a few days), she’s been napping under the Christmas tree – copying the cats we think!

  77. Athena Butler Avatar
    Athena Butler

    Go, Dog, Go!

  78. Patty Avatar

    Both. Allergic to both, but right now have two rescue cats. Love them to death, in spite of sneezing and at times, unable to breath. I am looking for a rescue dog, any size, but one that likes cats and is good for people with allergies. I would rather give a rescue a good home and keep sneezing, than for the dog or cat to think or feel no one loves them.

  79. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    I am a dog lover but I don’t have any fur babies right now. Thx for the chance! Happy Holidays!

  80. Shirley Avatar

    Definitely lately dog lover. We have a golden retriever. He retrieves tennis balls.

  81. Joan Avatar

    I am absolutely a dog lover! They are best!

  82. Mary Howland Avatar
    Mary Howland

    I’d love to have a dog.

  83. T. Smith Avatar
    T. Smith

    I am a dog person. There is a dog at the animal shelter right now that I want to rescue. All I have to do is talk my husband (aka: Mr. Wonderful) into having a pet.

  84. Diana Avatar

    I am both a cat and dog lover. I grew up on a farm where we had everything for pets from cats and dogs to 2 racoons and I had 4 pigs that were pets. I wanted to be a vet when I got out of school but as often happens life – marriage – and raising kiddos came first. When I retire I hope to be able to adopt a dog that will settle in nicely with my 2 cats. – Oliver and Rupert.

  85. Robin R Avatar
    Robin R

    I love my pups!

  86. Wendy Snyder Avatar
    Wendy Snyder

    OMG it’s dogs dogs and more dogs for me! I’ve always had aussies, so the Aussie posse (plus a few others) always gather for morning hikes through our regional park. Dogs will always be in my life! Thanks for the opportunity, and happy holidays!

  87. Janis T Avatar
    Janis T

    I love both! We’ve mostly had cats but in our retirement we attempted to get a dog. Unfortunately there was a medical problem caused by the breeder and we had to return him after 6 weeks. Our hearts were so broken we haven’t had the courage to try again. Now we shower our grand dogs with love!

  88. Nancy Zimmerman Avatar
    Nancy Zimmerman

    Definitely a dog person! 🐶🐾🐾

  89. Sue Avatar

    Dogs first, but cats a close second!

  90. Linda Valentino Avatar
    Linda Valentino

    I love dogs 🐶! They never sass back and give unconditional love, which I really needed when my 3 girls were teenagers… lol!

  91. Karen Yaffe Avatar
    Karen Yaffe

    Love both!

  92. BarbBBQOnnen Avatar

    BOTH ! Throughout the years we have had 2 cats and 2 dogs – seperate times – never cats and dogs at the same time. Am now 73 and want no animals so that I am free to go where and when I want. My grandson has always wanted a dog. When he spent Christmas and summer breaks with me he would anxiously wait for the neighbor to get home for lunch or after work, then he would dash out the door so he could walk their dog. When he turned 14 he got his dog. A little late I think, but he is very responsible and takes great care. Chewie sleeps with him.
    Would love a wool a wool precut if chosen.

  93. carol thomas Avatar

    I love cats, kittens, puppies and dogs. I have had a Saint Bernard and several cats through my adult life. Greived for each one when they crossed the rainbow bridge.

  94. Jacqueline CELESTINE Avatar
    Jacqueline CELESTINE


  95. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    Hmmm we have two cats and I like girls of cats, not the ones fhat jump on the counter and table. We mostly have have cats to keep away the mice. I have not had a dog since childhood, but I like the idea of a well trained dog. Right now I don’t think I could handle it because we have 3 small children that take up all my time.

  96. Beth K Avatar
    Beth K

    Dog lover. We currently have 3 black dogs, all couch potatoes. We have a cousin of Jeter’s who is black with a white chest.

  97. Kari Stutzman Avatar

    Growing up i thought i was a dog person but i now know i am a cat person. Love my fur babies… Errol a large chicken of a cat , and Clarabelle a teeny tiny diva ruler over all cat. I also feed a herd of feral barn working cats that keep the farm free from rats and mice . Merry Christmas!

  98. Connie Hoffmeyer Avatar
    Connie Hoffmeyer

    Definitely dog lover! 🦮

  99. Gail Zatirka Avatar

    Definitely a dog lover. We have had 6 rescued greyhounds over the years and love them to pieces. They are big, funny and quirky each with a distinct personality – all loveable!

  100. Marcia Avatar

    I am a “both” lover. We share our home with a fantastic rescue Lhasa apso and two cats–one born Ferrell and a beautiful Birman. Life is good.

  101. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    Total dog lover. We are without dogs right now. Waiting for the right rescue because our last one Duncan.. a beagle terrier mix… was so amazing and made me laugh every day. He did not, however, like the sewing machine and would paw at me until it stopped. He much preferred my wool work because he could sit near and keep me company.

  102. Paula Kmetty Avatar
    Paula Kmetty

    Dogs rule. Cats drool

  103. Ann Weaver Avatar
    Ann Weaver

    I love dogs, we don’t have one now, OREO was put down in February. She adopted us, how special is that. Jester is so handsome.

  104. DEB WORTHMAN Avatar

    Dog lover! We rescued a golden retriever a few years ago.

  105. Beth N in AZ Avatar
    Beth N in AZ

    dogs! Mine gives me those big brown eyes until we go for a walk, rests his chin on my knee when he needs something …. but kittens can be ok too

  106. suejean1 Avatar

    We have 2 cats and 2 dogs but I am definitely a dog person. If anyone were to look at my FB feed they would see nothing but quilts and dogs. I volunteer when available at our local dog shelter and as community service chair person for our guild have facilitated community service sew-ins for kennel quilts and quilts for their beds. Dogs are loyal and loving. Your Jeter is a sweetheart, I am thankful I got to meet him once. Our fur babies are definitely part of the family.

  107. Wendy L Avatar
    Wendy L

    I am a dog lover for sure! I have a very faithful golden retriever who loves to follow me from room to room. Although one room he isn’t allowed is my sewing room, it’s amazing how his golden hair still finds its way in there!

  108. Sharon Gregorczyk Avatar
    Sharon Gregorczyk

    I am a total dog lover!! I have two border collies who have my heart ❤️

  109. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I guess I am both—we have had cats as pets for many years, but now we have our little rescue dog Willow who sometimes acts like a cat!

  110. Annette Crain (Nettie) Avatar

    Allergic to pet fur, so no dogs or kitties dwell with us.

  111. Sandy Avatar

    Lover of all cats and dogs! Would have a houseful if I could!!!

  112. AudreyB Avatar

    Cat lover!!! I love their independent streak. they give their love but only when they want to.

  113. Jan Hughes Avatar

    well when I look at my Yorkie, Highway, I’m a dog lover! But when I see my little cat, Allie, then I’m a cat lover!

  114. Nancy Avatar

    Cat lover. Rescue. She’s a beauty…

  115. Audrey Z Avatar
    Audrey Z

    Cat Lover
    ! I love their independent personality. They give love only when they want to.

  116. Patricia Wiggs Avatar
    Patricia Wiggs

    LOVE my Scottie — can’t imagine life without her. This is my first time with just one dog – the best gifts of life. Merry Christmas, Jeter – hope you love your presents.

  117. JoAnn Avatar

    I’m a cat person. I lost my cat Lucy, she slept on my pillow. I miss her every day. She followed me around and sat at my feet when I sewed. Best company ever.

  118. Cherie Reynolds Avatar
    Cherie Reynolds

    We had cats for years but i had a dog when i was growing up. Cats seems to be lower maintenance for our family!

  119. Lynn Barrett Avatar
    Lynn Barrett

    Definitely dog! We’ve had golden retrievers for 45 years and are raising our 9th puppy, 5-month-old Sailor. It was easier when we were younger, but she is so much fun!

  120. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    We are a dog family! We have a grey lab/ pitbull rescue mix. Sophie is almost 3 years old and we dote on her. My husband grew up without any pets and has really taken to dog ownership in his 50s!

  121. Barb Gibney Avatar
    Barb Gibney

    Cat for sure💕

  122. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    I’m a dog lover…yep!

  123. Terri Hauge Avatar
    Terri Hauge

    Cats over Dogs, but love them both!

  124. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I am definitely a dog lover. I currently don’t have one, but as soon as I can I know I’ll get another. One of my daughters has a sweet husky/Shepard cross who is filling the need for now!

  125. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I have to say dogs.

  126. Martha Followill Avatar

    I love dogs and have had 3 in the past that died. I want another dog so bad, but my husband said we are gone to much and the poor dog would have to be alone. I am praying that I can get one someday.

  127. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    Love your fabric designs and would love to win some.

    1. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
      Cheryl Gherna

      It would definitely be a dog!

  128. Diane Schwarz Avatar
    Diane Schwarz

    We have had several cats in our lives. They were all cuddly. Now my daughter has a Standard black Poodle. When they come to visit for several days—plus—-, she never touches anything in the house. Good dog!!! Very smart

  129. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    I love them both! I only have a cat for now….but grew up with both around the house!

  130. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I prefer dogs, tho I have had both.

  131. Sharon Avatar

    I’m a dog lover. I only have one but I would have more if I had the space. I got him squeaky tennis 🎾 balls for Christmas. He loves them and will run through the house squeaking them, his jaw moving a mile a minute. He’s so funny to watch!

  132. Joy P Avatar

    I’m an animal lover…but I currently have a cat. I do try to get my dog fix in as often as possible (after asking if it is okay to pet).

  133. Donna Lee Lurker Avatar
    Donna Lee Lurker

    I love dogs and cats, but for now I have brother and sister 18-month-old long-haired cats. My cocker spaniel died two summers ago from cancer. When I retire in a few years I will get another puppy. I miss him so much. I would love to win a precut! They are so much fun to work with!

  134. Karen Schneider Avatar
    Karen Schneider

    I am a dog lover. Bailey, short for Bailey Irish Cream (because she looked that color when we picked her up as a puppy. ) is our 3rd Golden. She is a needy monster. I truly love her.

  135. Tracie Avatar

    LOVE dogs but have two very sweet cats. Lost both of my boxers at early ages and just couldn’t do it again…)
    I know we will someday start looking. I love the look of Jeter!

  136. Jane Avatar

    I am a cat lover! The cats I have had over the years have all been so sweet. My current one, Mimi, I rescued from a store in Mineral Point. She could not live with the owner because of the other animals she had. I was in there once and saw her. I had just lost my cat, 6 months later I went in there again and she was still there. The owner had told me on 1st visit I could have her. When I went back….my decision was made. After we got back from a trip, I drove to Mineral Point and picked her up. The rest is history. This past September the owner of the store closed it. I am so happy to have her.

  137. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I favor dogs, Jeter is so cute!

  138. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I’m a dog lover. Cats seam to know it because they always rub up against me and I really don’t like it. It really freaks me out.

  139. Marie Avatar

    Dog lover, have never owned a cat.

  140. Susy Avatar

    Dog and cat lover! Do not have any pets at this time, due to an allergy problem with my housemate. But have had many of each, love the loyalty of dogs, they always sense your moods and are so responsive. Love a cat to cuddle. So now I have grand dogs, love them, too!

  141. Rose J Avatar
    Rose J

    I have three of both….but I have to say I am slightly partial to the dogs..

  142. Cindy G. Avatar
    Cindy G.

    I’m a cat lover.

  143. JoyceO Avatar

    Seems as though I’m one of those “allergic to everything” kind of people. 😒. However, if I wasn’t and could make a choice, it would be a dog in the “blink of an eye!” 🐶😁

  144. sharon docherty Avatar
    sharon docherty


  145. Sue Bennett Avatar

    Dog. Schnauzers rule.

  146. Patti S Avatar
    Patti S

    Oh, I am a dog lover! We do have a cat also, and he is an amazing cat, kind of like a cat-dog, in that he will follow some commands you give a dog, like wait, lay down. Its kind of cute. But we love our golden!

  147. Wanda Wolfe Avatar
    Wanda Wolfe

    We are both dog lovers and cat lovers. Right now we only have cats. Our dear dog sadly has gone to doggy heaven. We miss him, but aren’t ready to get another one just yet.

  148. shadesofrandom Avatar