Favorite Fat Quarter Quilts & a Friday Quilting Giveaway!

Quilting giveaway hosted by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Two, Four, Six, Eight Fat Quarter Quilts you can Appreciate!!!

What a clever name for a quilting book?  We all have Fat Quarters, lots of Fat Quarters! So this is another tool you can use for sewing  those Fat Quarters  up into quilts, you then can make room for, maybe more fabric?  Not right away of course, but you know there will soon be something you cannot resist  so you will have room if you just “have to buy” it…

Wait, back on point, This new quilt BOOK!  This is another great compilation of Moda quilt designers coming together to aide another great cause: the proceeds of this book will go to Special Olympics!

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

and look!!!!! My quilt made the cover, over on the bottom corner!!!! My quilts usually do not make covers, they usually are too dark for covers, but not this one!!!!!

Click HERE to get your Copy of Two, Four, Six, Eight!

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Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This little quilt is called Golden Rule in the book, (Be Kind on our website, oops) It takes 8 Fat quarters plus the border fabric.  The quilt and the appliques are flannel and the whole quilt is just so fun and easy to stitch. It ca be stitched by hand or machine AND if you are allergic to wool try using flannel like I did here…you will have to eliminate the one wool piece because I did use wool strips for the stems and vines but they could easily be made out of cotton if you wish; click the button below if you want to purchase a kit for this project, if you win our Friday quilt give-away we will refund your purchase!  We have the book and kit at a special price on the website for this through the weekend!  We have limited number of kits because this flannel is so popular it is almost sold out!Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Here are a couple more projects in the book without giving every project in the book away!

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

If you would like to buy a kit for our quilt Golden Rule…CLICK HERE.

I might have borrowed a block from a certain pattern of mine. Do you know which one?                   Twilight Garden!  Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanClick HERE if want to know more about Twilight Garden! Twilight is made with wool appliques on a navy flannel background.  It was quilted by long are quilter, Linda Hrcka and is just beautiful beyond words in person, here in this photo…not so much…I am going to do a whole post soon on this quilt alone…

I know some of you are still working on it, and some are almost finished and some of them are done!  If have it finished can you send me a picture of you and your quilt for my post?

Now back on point again, thanks for sticking with me..

If you want win a digital copy of Two, Four, Six, Eight…and at kit

Please leave me a comment by answering this question…What size fabric do you normally buy/collect? Do you collect Fat Quarters, half yards just simply tell us what is your go-to fabric size to collect is?  I will pick a winner by 3/16/2020

To comment click on the words COMMENTS  “at the end of this post after the date, and Leave a Reply will pop up! I am sorry some of you find this difficult but keep scrolling down…at the end of this post and you will find it!

All for now, STITCH EVERYDAY! xxx Lisa

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565 responses to “Favorite Fat Quarter Quilts & a Friday Quilting Giveaway!”

  1. michele Breault Avatar
    michele Breault

    I usualy buy half yards when I purchase yardage unless I am buying for sashing or borders. With precuts, I prefer layer cakes.

    1. Wanda Hill Avatar
      Wanda Hill

      Lisa. I generally buy 3 1yrd fabrics and then 6 to 8 matching fat quarters. Love mostly soft colors with a focus fsbric. Fall is my favorite season.

      1. Nancy Lorence Avatar
        Nancy Lorence

        My “habit” is to buy in all sizes. I have purchased multiples of the same fat quarter when I like the fabric and yardage is not available. I don’t hesitate to purchase 1/2 yard cuts or yardage when the fabric is calling me.

  2. Dawn Cornell Avatar
    Dawn Cornell

    Fat quarters

  3. Kałhryn Bandstra Avatar
    Kałhryn Bandstra

    I usually purchase Fat Quarters. I have quite a few patterns that use fat quarters.

  4. Adele Avatar

    Usually fat quarters:) but sometimes a yard if I can’t resist !

  5. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    I collect both fat quarters & 1/2 yds. Some fabrics are so precious that they call for more.

    1. Carol M Avatar
      Carol M

      I find collections of fat quarters to be very useful.

  6. Jacqueline Celestine Avatar
    Jacqueline Celestine

    I like 1 yard cuts if I am not sure what I am using the fabric for. I like layer cakes as a precut.

    1. Frances Avatar

      I collect mostly 1/2 yard to 1 yard cuts. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  7. Bev Avatar

    I usually purchase a couple of yards if it’s something I can’t live without but usually a yard or fat quarters.

  8. Beverly Sensabaugh Avatar
    Beverly Sensabaugh

    I usually purchase half yards or fat quarters.

    1. Lj Avatar

      Fat quarters are go to purchase but was told early on if you love the fabric buy at least two yards.

  9. Ellen Reibling Avatar
    Ellen Reibling

    At least a half yard but if I love love love it of course I buy more!

  10. Sandy Baitz Avatar
    Sandy Baitz

    I have baskets of fat quarters but ummm I have yardage too. I guess my rule of thumb is if I like it, I by some of it.

  11. Pam Marshall Avatar
    Pam Marshall

    I usually buy a yard.

  12. Lisa Parlett Avatar
    Lisa Parlett

    I like pre-cuts all shapes and sizes. Layer cakes, Jelly rolls mostly.

    1. Linda Avatar

      I started with 1-3 yards and Fat Quarters. Now I’m building my stach with Jelly rolls. I need more Fat Quarters! I’m a Beginner and I’m excited to Explore💜

  13. KarenS Avatar

    I have been using jelly rolls and charm packs, but since I’ve started BH3 I’ve started to purchase half yards and fat quarters. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of 2,4,6,8 and the kit for your quilt!

  14. Jeane Avatar

    I usually buy at least a yard since I do large quilts and half yards for wall hangers.

  15. Beth Cox Avatar
    Beth Cox

    I’m a fat quarter lady but sometimes fat eighths are all I can afford!

  16. patsystitch@gvtc.com Avatar

    I like fat quarters and have drawers full of them. I fall in love with a line and hate to cut it, so I need this book.

  17. linda bechtel Avatar
    linda bechtel

    Usually 2 yards or Layer Cakes! Love the variety that comes with Pre cut bundles.

  18. Sharon Tucker Avatar
    Sharon Tucker

    Any and all sizes! I love fat quarter and end-of-bolt sales, but buy half yard cuts if it isn’t on sale but I must have it. Love the Be Kind appliqué!

  19. Dana M Haskell Avatar
    Dana M Haskell

    I usually like fat quarters, but I do have a few layer cakes on hand.

  20. Jacquie Avatar

    Half meters

  21. Dori Bockbrader Avatar

    I usually purchase 1 yard, but lately I’ve been buying stripes to use for bindings–so if I see something I think I can use a lot, I’ll buy 3-4 yards so I have it on hand. My closest fabric store is 35 miles away so I hate having to run to the store every time I need something.

  22. Rachel Avatar

    Unless I have a specific project in mind I generally will go with fat quarters!

  23. Toni Avatar

    I like to buy yardage – helpful when you measure once but have to cut twice!!!!!

    1. Joanne J Avatar
      Joanne J

      Fat quarters or half yard cuts are my favorites.

  24. Cindy Westover Avatar
    Cindy Westover

    I’m in love with Fat Quarters! Always fun to have 20 – 30 in my stash unassigned. And I love your Be Kind quilt!

  25. Susie Brown Avatar
    Susie Brown

    I do collect fat quarters bundledof the fabric lines I like.
    My only problem is I find it hard to break up the set!

  26. Yvonne F. Avatar
    Yvonne F.

    I usually buy fat quarters, but sometimes I buy half yards. Thank you for the giveaway!

  27. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    I love fat quarters and have a whole collection of those, but if I really, really love the fabric I’ll get 3 yards because you just have to have it all and don’t want to not have enough when the time comes to use it.

  28. Minnie Jackson Avatar
    Minnie Jackson

    I buy 1/2 yards at least unless I really love the fabric then it is more.

  29. Sue Caston Avatar
    Sue Caston

    I “collect” fat quarters, but I buy a yard or more of fabrics that I just gotta have! The fabric often justifies the search for just the right pattern. Your patterns call to me, and then the fabric selection follows.

  30. Jamie Avatar

    Hey there!! I collect fat quarters! Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!!

  31. Terry Richardson Avatar
    Terry Richardson

    I used to buy lots of fat quarters now I tend to go with 1/2 yard or bigger!

  32. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    I usually buy a half yard now. If I really love it, I’ll buy one yard or if I need borders, 2 or 3 yards. I bought a fat quarter bundle of the Indigo gatherings and then a larger piece for borders and binding, love the blues!

  33. Debbie Avatar

    Fat Quarters make up a HUGE part of my stash. I just find it hard to open them. They are SO PRETTY all neatly arranged and tied up with a ribbon. A present for ME.

  34. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    I generally by half yard cuts. I like to make scrappy quilts.

  35. Jayne Avatar

    My go to purchase is usually fat quarters. So versatile!

  36. Debra Hull Avatar
    Debra Hull

    I love to buy fat quarters. It’s hard to resist when you see such beautiful fabrics. I have a wonderful stash of fat quarters that comes in handy for various quilt projects.

  37. Shawn Greenough Avatar
    Shawn Greenough

    I primarily collect fat quarter bundles in the fabrics that I’m attracted to. Although I always collect half yard or full yard bundles of creamy or buttery background fabrics that I love to add to my fabric stash.

  38. Linda Wegner Avatar
    Linda Wegner

    Lately I have just started to collect fat quarters with no particular project in mind.

  39. Cathy Rasmussen Avatar
    Cathy Rasmussen

    I have a fabric habit that has me buying fat quarters half yards and even enough for backs I regret not doing twilight garden and love your new. Pattern and book Would love to put this in my kitchen wish me luck

  40. Donna Avatar

    I usually buy a yard when I don’t have an immediate plan. That gives me more flexibility and I don’t run out as often happens if I have only a fat quarter.

  41. sue Avatar

    I usually buy half yards because i have a daughter and grand daughter who quilt as well so if they need some i still have some left

  42. Carol Barton Avatar
    Carol Barton

    Half yard bundles when I can afford them, when things a tight I just look and drool. lol

  43. Kathy Roeder Avatar
    Kathy Roeder

    I do buy fat quarters but usually 1-3 yards depending on how much I love the fabrics. I do love your flannels and have made nearly all your pillows.

  44. bvobaker Avatar

    I used to buy fat quarters for “I might use this someday” or “I LOVE this fabric.” Now, I tend to buy fat quarters or half yards for specific projects. Then, when I get home, I’ll “kit” everything I need to make that project.

  45. barbara woller Avatar
    barbara woller

    For the “gotta have its”, I buy at least a yard. I would say my usual is half yard. Fat quarters are the most fun though to grab and go (and stack together in my stash).

  46. Kathy Avatar

    Kudos cover girl. Very clever design.

  47. Elaine Morgan Avatar
    Elaine Morgan

    I buy fat quarters so I can have a good variety of fabrics!

  48. Julie Kennedy Avatar
    Julie Kennedy

    I generally buy either fat quarters or half yard pieces, and most of the time I have no idea what they will be used for.

  49. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    I seem to have a stash of fat quarters that is out of control! Congrats on being on the cover of the new book. Love, love, love your quilt!

  50. Chris Zimmerman Avatar
    Chris Zimmerman

    I normally purchase a fat quarter, unless it’s a “must-have” and then it’s a half,or whole, yard.

  51. Paula Strickland Avatar
    Paula Strickland

    I normally buy at least a yard. I have bought and have several charm packs though.

  52. Kay Sanderford Avatar
    Kay Sanderford

    First I buy layer cakes and sometimes jelly rolls. This is when I “must have” at least a little bit of a new fabric collection but don’t yet know what I’m going to do with it. But when a new fabric collection is introduced and I simply “can’t live without it,” I buy the fat quarter collection. This happened when you came out with INDIGO GATHERINGS … I ordered TWO fat quarter collections from YOU of this fabric! I have a pretty good idea which quilt I’m going to make from it.

  53. Terri Bivona Avatar
    Terri Bivona

    I love fat quarters as I usually order a stack so I get the whole color way. Love your work and congratulations on your book.

  54. kattails....kathy in WV Avatar

    I usually purchase at least 3 yards of a fabric…that way I always have enough for borders cut on the lengthwise grain. As I do not live near any local quilt shops and have to travel at least an hour to buy fabric it makes sense to me that I get a larger amount in case I cannot find the same fabric on my next trip to the shop. I do love fat quarters and pre-cuts but 3 yards is my go-to preference. Thanks so much for a chance to win….

  55. Susan Avatar

    I purchase some fat quarters but most often several yards if buying cottons. For wools- usually bundles and yardage for basic colors. Thanks for the chance.

  56. Marie Bucher Avatar
    Marie Bucher

    I usually purchase fat quarters. They are easy to store and fun to mix and match!

  57. wqgwebmgr Avatar

    I collect fat quarters.

  58. Eve Murphy Avatar
    Eve Murphy

    I usually buy 1 yard at a time

  59. Susy Avatar

    I usually collect yards of fabric, but I have a lot of fat quarters that I have gotten through fat quarter exchanges at retreats and guild meeting. I have made a few fat quarter quilts, such fun.

  60. Gwen Avatar

    I started out buying fat quarters but soon went to one yard purchases. I now usually buy 5 yards when I purchase material unless I am buying for a specific project. Needless to say, I have a LOT of fabric!

  61. Patti Levine Avatar

    I love fat quarter bundles but if I really love it I will get a yard and usually I don’t have any plans for it….just love the fabric! Thank you for the chance to win!

  62. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I usually buy half yard cuts or fat quarters – I love your quilt and congratulations for it being on the cover!!

  63. Karen Bennett Avatar

    I usually buy 2 yards only because every time I buy less, I need more! Notice I said NEED – not WANT – well maybe WANT is more appropriate!

  64. Linda Blodgett Avatar

    Depends on the project. That said, I have a lot of projects in my stash of fat quarters and yardage! I could not pass up the Indigo Blues collection and it does not have a project yet… Love your fabrics.

  65. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I usually buy fat quarter collections and go from there.

  66. Kyra Franz Avatar
    Kyra Franz

    I usually buy 1/2 yard pieces of fabric that I simply can’t resist!

  67. Diane Avatar

    Oh Lisa! What a cute book to use all my “fats”! I usually buy fat quarters or half yard cuts as my stitch group gives “the Birthday Girl” a fat quarter to celebrate her big day! With the half yards, I get to keep a fat quarter too! BTW, when the front of the book popped up, I immediately went to the lower corner one even before I knew it was yours!
    Another awesome book by Moda I bet!

  68. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    What size? Hmmm, I used to buy fat quarters, and have s LOT of them. In the last few years I’ve upped my game. If I like it I buy a yard, if I really like it I buy 3 yards!!😱. I could really use a good fat quarter book!

  69. Carol Accola Avatar
    Carol Accola

    Of course, fat quarters are my go-to for making collection for my stash.

  70. Patricia Mayfield Avatar
    Patricia Mayfield

    I purchase fat quarters, layer cakes, charm packs, and jelly rolls. I love the assortment of colors and prints that lend themselves to so many quilt designs.

  71. Paula Avatar

    I have bought many fat quarters over the years before I opened my own shop. When I am out now I still buy fat quarters and for a possible border I buy 2-3 yards. A lot of times I purchase 1/2 to 1 yard. Thanks for a chance to win the digital copy. Paula in KY

  72. Sam Avatar

    A person can never have too many fat quarters on hand… good me time 🙂

  73. Janet Shotwell Avatar
    Janet Shotwell

    All sizes actually, but I have a huge fat quarter collection.

  74. Yvonne Tinney Avatar
    Yvonne Tinney

    Your quilt is beautiful! I’m a fat quarter girl, for the most part.

  75. Jane Avatar

    1/2 yards work for me!

  76. Candra Sowder Avatar
    Candra Sowder

    I have tubs of fat quarters…they can be used for just about everything . A little piece of heaven, you get a lot of variety and dont have to burden staff to cut small pieces off the bolt. Win win.

  77. LeeAnn Hartford Avatar
    LeeAnn Hartford

    If I really love a fabric I get 2 yards 👍

  78. Kathy Elwood Avatar
    Kathy Elwood

    I usually buy fat quarters, but if a fabric really speaks to me I’ll buy at least a yard! 😉

  79. Donna K Avatar
    Donna K

    Usually FQ but if I love a fabric, 1-3 yards.

  80. Joan Savoie Avatar
    Joan Savoie

    I love fat quarter bundles as they usually have a nice variety of a designers line of coordinated fabrics. Sometimes I throw in a couple half yard pieces of the fabrics I really like.

  81. Elizabeth Evans Avatar
    Elizabeth Evans

    Usually fat quarters

  82. Vangie Brake Avatar
    Vangie Brake

    I usually buy fat quarters because they are packaged together and are so pretty or I want a lot of different fabrics of the same color way. If I see a fabric that I really like I will by a meter/yard or even two.

  83. SARA Snelling Avatar
    SARA Snelling

    I like to buy fat quarters to build up my fabric stash. I especially love reproduction prints and like my quilts very scrappy. Having a lot of fat quarters to choose from makes my quilts very scrappy and me very happy!!!! Happy Friday!

  84. Irmgard Avatar

    Fat Quarter and 1/2 yd if I really love it.

  85. Pam Mueller Avatar
    Pam Mueller

    I used to do fat quarters and 1/4 yards and still do sometimes. But now I tend to get 1/2 yards! Collecting fabric is so much FUN!

  86. LizAnn Lizotte Avatar
    LizAnn Lizotte

    If love the fabric and don’t have any plans at this time for its use, I will purchase at 1 1/4 yd, that way I can “play” with the quarter yard on a smaller project saving the yard of fabric for another project. I usually look for quilt backings when fabrics on sale at LQS

  87. Christina Avatar

    I buy yards,always afraid I will run out .

  88. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    I buy charm packs for collecting a designers fabrics. I buy fat quarters if I want to make a project.

  89. Carla Toppass Avatar

    As a beginning quilter, I’ve only purchased 10″ squares, a few fat quarters and fabric from the bolt for backing and binding.

  90. Carol Garner Avatar
    Carol Garner

    Lisa, i love your block, would love to have this book! I tend to buy fat quarters, they are so versatile.

  91. Karen Sikes Avatar
    Karen Sikes

    I do have lots of fat quarters that I have purchased, but now I mostly buy half yards!!!

  92. Kris Avatar

    I tend to buy fat quarters 🙂

  93. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    I like that you said “ buy/ collect”!! I love bundles of fat quarters~~ if a designer makes a collection and the whole thing is yummy I like having it bundled. I can add extra yardage to it! My fav precut is a layer cake. 🥰

  94. patsystitch@gvtc.com Avatar

    Fat quarters, I have drawers ful of them.

  95. lenorew1 Avatar

    Always Fat Quarters!

  96. Jackie Barron Avatar
    Jackie Barron

    I usually buy half yards. Sometimes a yard if I actually have a plan for it!!!

  97. Janice cook Avatar
    Janice cook

    I usually make bed size quilts and i have been buying kits the last many years so my stash is not turning over😞I’m excited to be moving to your area from Michigan to be closer to daughters and families and will be able to take some classes. Janice

  98. peggy dalberto Avatar
    peggy dalberto

    I love fat quarters stacks! There is something so tactile having all the lovely colors and patterns. Plus it is a fantastic way to develop “color” sense for planning a quilt.

  99. Lisa Benson Avatar
    Lisa Benson

    Lately it has been 1 yard cuts if the fabric really speaks to me, otherwise FQ’s.

  100. Carolyn BC Avatar
    Carolyn BC

    Usually half meters unless I’m sure I want it as a border then I’ll buy more.

  101. John Scibran Avatar
    John Scibran

    I used to use mostly fat quarters, but now I like 2 yards of fabric I love.

  102. Vicki Witt Avatar
    Vicki Witt

    I love fat quarters! If I see a fabric I can’t live without, which happens ALL the time, I have to buy at least a fat quarter!

  103. Jan Avatar

    Love to have a whole line of designers fabric so do a lot of fat quarters.

  104. Noemi Bowers Avatar
    Noemi Bowers

    Love your quilt in the new book. I started out buying 2½” strip rolls but have gone a little nuts and buy it all. Fat quarter bundles are my new go to but if I really love something I get 2 yards or more.

  105. Laurs B Avatar
    Laurs B

    If I think it is a cool fabric I will by fat quarter. If I love it I buy a half yard. If I think it is totally totally awesome I buy a yard or 3.

  106. Kris Sage Avatar
    Kris Sage

    I go towards jelly rolls or layer cakes , but sometime fat quarters …. just love fabric collections ❤️

  107. Linda Dunton Avatar
    Linda Dunton

    Just love all your work!! I have a tendency to buy1 yard cuts of any fabric that I don’t have an immediate plan for. You never know how much you’ll need!

  108. Margaret Avatar

    When I buy fabric just to have on hand (not for a specific purpose), I generally buy fat quarters. Recently, however, I heard Bonnie Hunter talk about buying 1/3 yard cuts, as she finds them so much more usable, and only a dollar or so more than a fat quarter. That makes a lot of sense to me, and that is what I will do in the future.

  109. Barbara Bayer Avatar
    Barbara Bayer

    I usually buy fat quarters or layer cakes. Love your pattern. It is beautiful!

  110. sheryl harrison Avatar
    sheryl harrison

    my go-to fabric size is yardage. i wash my fabric before using and yardage is easier. plus i’m not limited to a smaller size. fat quarters are my 2nd choice, although i don’t have many fat quarters.

  111. JaneK Avatar

    I’m a fat quarter kind of girl but if a fabric speaks to me I’ll get a couple of yards lol.

  112. jrp53 Avatar

    I usually buy half to full/multiple yards. I rarely buy fat quarters because if i like a fabric, I gotta have enough to fondle plus use in a project. I can so easily see me making the Be Kind one in any number of your cotton prints. No matter the fabric, it will be fabulous for a nice wall hanging. Thanks so much for the great give away offer.

  113. Joyce Engstrom Avatar
    Joyce Engstrom

    That book looks exciting. I usually buy 1/2 yard but if I love it one yard.

  114. Martina Schwarz Avatar
    Martina Schwarz

    I often buy fat quarters. But I also do love layer cakes 😊

  115. Sandi Avatar

    Your quilt is stunning. I buy fat quarters. I use a lot of them and they are so pretty stored.

  116. Andrea Parks Avatar
    Andrea Parks

    That little quilt is gorgeous! I definitely collect fat quarters and yardage. I also have an over abundance of charm packs and jelly rolls, which were all Christmas presents from my daughter! I finally had to tell her no more jelly rolls!

  117. Natalie Rogers Avatar
    Natalie Rogers

    I usually buy a half yard, unless it’s on a big sale or love it too much, then a yard or more.

  118. Barbara Avatar

    I usually buy a 1/2 yard to yard except for your Primitive Gatherings muslin which I buy many yards. I use if for everything and love it!

  119. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I usually buy fat quarters or pre cuts.

  120. Liz Avatar

    I love getting fat quarters but if I really like it I’ll buy yardage. Love your creativity.

  121. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    BAckground fabrics3yards otherwise a lot of fat quarters usually.

  122. Donna Roh Avatar
    Donna Roh

    I usually buy 1 1/2 yards, then I know I’ll have enough for something in the future.

  123. Susan Thacker Avatar
    Susan Thacker

    I usually buy yardage unless I love the whole collection. Then I buy all available fat quarters – like Indigo Gatherings!

  124. Ann Armstrong Avatar
    Ann Armstrong

    I usually buy 1 yard cuts. If I want fat quarters then I will purchase 1/2 yard cuts so I have enough to make 2 quilts, one for me and one for my BFF.

  125. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    It depends on how I’m using the fabric – if it’s for a background, I’ll buy at least 5 yards. But typically, if I really like it, I’ll buy half yards or a yard.

  126. Anjie Chapman Avatar
    Anjie Chapman

    I usually by 1 1/2 yards of a fabric if I am not sure what I want to make yet.

  127. Charmaine Avatar

    I buy whatever the pattern says to buy. My stash wasn’t getting used because none of it worked for “ the next project” so I just started buying only what the patterns call for.

  128. Marilyn Avatar

    I love your Be Kind quilt. So appropriate. I generally buy only fabric in the amount I have a plan for. Sometimes a little bit more so I a have plentiful stash.

  129. Iris Avatar

    I like to buy fat quarters or fat eighths as I really like scrappy quilts.

  130. Lori Avatar

    If I don’t have a project in mind I will buy 1 yard cuts! And maybe some coordinating fabric to go with it!

  131. Michelle Wilson Avatar
    Michelle Wilson

    Oh…it depends! Fat quarters if I like a particular color or line of fabric. 1 yard cuts if it’s a great background or think i would love to use it as a border or setting in a small quilt. 3 or 5 yards if it a great backing.

  132. Barbara Jacovitch Avatar
    Barbara Jacovitch

    I generally buy at least a 1 yd cut, if I love it I will buy 2 or 3 yards.

  133. Subee Avatar

    I usually buy fat quarters or half yards when fat quarters are not available. Thank you for this opportunity.

  134. Athena Butler Avatar
    Athena Butler

    Half yards are my go to. I organized my
    personal stash of fabrics in an adaptation of the Kon Mari method. (You tube) Perfect when you need to pull everything out to find fabrics for a new quilt!

  135. MaryAnn Mairs Avatar
    MaryAnn Mairs

    I generally buy fat quarters unless I’m making something that requires just 1 or 2 fabrics, then I buy what the pattern calls for plus a bit more for my stash. Love your little quilts..

  136. Loretta Pederson Avatar
    Loretta Pederson

    I normally go for a yard

  137. Jamie Parjer Avatar
    Jamie Parjer

    I normally buy fat quarters because I love fabric and colors and I usually don’t know what I want to do with them. I find fat quarter bundles are usually any-project-friendly and an affordable way to get every sku in a particular line. I am currently using my Indigo Gatherings and my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings for the Moda BH3.

  138. Kim F Avatar
    Kim F

    In the past I collected fat quarters. Now I like a scrapper look so am getting more layer cakes.

  139. Cathy Winger Avatar
    Cathy Winger

    I absolutely love this new quilt! I am a collector of all fabric. I collect fat quarters, yardage usually by the yard, wool fabric, and I’m really loving your line of flannel. The colors of your flannel is so rich and deliciously soft.

  140. Linda Slauson Avatar
    Linda Slauson

    Fat quarters because don’t require a lot of money and they are so easy to use for all kinds of projects big and small

  141. Kim Avatar

    Neat book! I love purchasing precuts but also purchase a lot of yardage because you can never have too much fabric!

  142. Mary Ann Avatar
    Mary Ann

    I usually buy 1 yard pieces, unless I absolutely love it, I’ll buy 3 or more.

  143. Marie Beers Avatar
    Marie Beers

    What ever mood I’m in that day is how I buy. I love it all.

  144. Lynn Marie Helmke Avatar
    Lynn Marie Helmke

    Love the Be Kind quilt! Really need that reminder now. I collect half yards because it offers more options for the full width of fabric.

  145. Cary Wisnosky Avatar
    Cary Wisnosky

    I started collecting fat quarters..but If I love a cut I will
    buy a half yard..I usually pieced my backs with left over blocks and tey to make a pretty layout…
    Cary in Tomahawk WI

  146. Mary Neitzel Avatar
    Mary Neitzel

    I am a fat quarter shopper! I mostly make scrappy quilts, so fat quarters are perfect! This book would be awesome for all my fat quarters! Your quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  147. Deb Magerkurth Avatar
    Deb Magerkurth

    Layer cakes, jelly rolls seem to be my first choice. If not available I get 3 yards of each fabric because heaven forbid I should be short on one. 😂

  148. Ellen Fox Avatar
    Ellen Fox

    Hi Lisa,

    I usually collect 1/3 yards of fabric when I am buying with nothing special in mind. I can cut 2 and 1/2 inch strips from that and still have some leftover for appliqué or blocks in different sizes. I love the book and would be excited to win it.

    Thanks for your inspiration and generosity.

    Ellen in Liberty

  149. Martha Avatar

    I usually buy fat quarters. I like that you can get a selection of fabrics then you can just pick up extra yardage for borders & backs.

  150. Ellen Zimmerman Avatar
    Ellen Zimmerman

    I like to buy half yard that way I am sure I have enough.

  151. Brenda Schmitt Avatar
    Brenda Schmitt

    Enjoy your blog so much and your books. I am a beginner so I don’t have many fat quarters but am acquiring them at a steady rate😳. Would love to try my hand at wool and flannel.

  152. Debra Braz Avatar
    Debra Braz

    I like to use any precuts unless I’m doing a project that requires more fabric. If I see something that catches my eye (which is almost everything!) I’ll buy a yard or two of the fabric.

  153. Rita Hays Avatar
    Rita Hays

    I usually buy fat quarter sets unless my local quilt shop has a sale, then I buy whole yards or more!

  154. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    My go to fabric size is usually a fat quarter. I like to make small quilts.

  155. Martha Avatar

    Fat quarters. You get a nice coordinated selection then just pick up extra yardage for borders & backing.

  156. Jill McCaughey Avatar
    Jill McCaughey

    I try to purchase something at whatever shop I am visiting, so fat quarters seem to be the easiest, but that doesn’t stop me from stocking up on larger cuts, too! Jill in Phoenix/Calgary

  157. Clara Avatar

    It depends…I have several fat quarter collections from favorite designers but mostly I have layer cakes due to the smaller size quilts I usually sew. clara-chandler@att.net

  158. Mary Kolb Avatar

    I usually buy half yard pieces of fabric unless I am purchasing for a specific pattern.

  159. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    I am a fat quarter buyer! There are many patterns that fat quarters work perfectly for. I love your Be Kind quilt!

  160. Glenda McCarthy Avatar
    Glenda McCarthy

    I usually buy 1/2 yard m or more.

  161. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    Well, kinda a hard question. If it’s pretty I’ll buy 3 yards. Most of the time I buy a jelly roll or 1 1/2 yards of a blender for making quilts for our guild.

  162. Cindy White Avatar
    Cindy White

    I love your Be Kind quilt. I buy fat quarters because I love making scrap quilts . I have started buying kits would love to do Moonlight Garden once I retire and have more time.

  163. Twyla Harwood Avatar
    Twyla Harwood

    I like to buy yardage. 2 or 3 yards unless it is for project I am working on. I have to travel 35 miles to shop so I like to have plenty on hand.

  164. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    To get a variety, I will buy fat quarter bundles. If I buy yardage it is at least a half yard.

  165. Shirley Mord Avatar
    Shirley Mord

    I buy fat quarter bu d.es and yardage. I seem to use fat quarter bu does up as fast as I get them.

  166. Alena Dixon Avatar
    Alena Dixon

    If I’m buying yardage I usually get 1/2 yards. On precuts I get mostly whatever is on sale or at the best price. I just LOVE most all fabric! Lol

  167. Nancy Parrish Avatar
    Nancy Parrish

    I used to buy fat quarters and still do buy many. Lately though, I have purchased a few more half yard pieces. Now I need to use all the fabric I have collected.

  168. Diane Avatar

    I buy yardage. I just may use a piece of it in a different project, too.

  169. Onita Oles Avatar
    Onita Oles

    I buy fat quarters usually when there is a sale. I buy in color groups usually. Since I do machine appliqué, I always have a source for my designs. Also, we have fat quarter drawings at our guild so I’m able to donate to the cause.

  170. Barbara Ahlf Avatar
    Barbara Ahlf

    I buy a fat quarter if I like it I like to buy fat quarter collections. If I buy yardage, it is usually two yards. When I see fabric suitable for backgrounds, it is four plus yards. I also buy kits if the pattern I like calls for a lot of different fabrics. It would be wonderful to win. Barbara

  171. JennyM Avatar

    Fat quarters and layer cakes are my go to fabric sizes if I don’t have a specific need.

  172. Ginger Herrera Avatar
    Ginger Herrera

    Good morning…I seem to buy more fat quarters but lately I have been getting charms for table runners. I have started my Christmas gifts. Have a beautiful weekend,💜

  173. Karen Ann Cottom Avatar
    Karen Ann Cottom

    If I like the fabric will buy 1/2 yards. I like making scrap quilts so fat quarters for those!!

  174. Linn Jencopale Avatar
    Linn Jencopale

    I would love to win this book and especially the kit! Always looking for quilts to use my fat quarters and love wool Applique!

  175. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    Fat quarter bundles and recently more flannel yardage and wool bundles.

  176. Maureen Eberhardt Avatar
    Maureen Eberhardt

    If not shopping for a particular pattern, I am usually tempted to purchase fat quarters from shops when traveling, or from quilt show vendors.


  177. Mary Hill Avatar
    Mary Hill

    Fatquarters are my largest stash, followed by layer cakes since I enjoy making scrappy quilts. I confess that I am addicted to your wool designs and valdani threads. SEW MUCH fun!

  178. Lori Hutchinson Avatar
    Lori Hutchinson

    I buy a yard.

  179. Beth K Avatar
    Beth K

    I have been collecting coordinating fat quarters, I am not sure when I will have “enough”. I love, love, love charm packs.

  180. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    I buy yardage most of the time. Fat QT’s don’t seem to be enough for me most of the time. But I love the looks of this book and who say’s I can’t cut my own fat Qt out of yardage. Happy Quilting.

  181. Donna Avatar

    I started with fat quarters, then half yards,NOW I purchase full yards!

  182. Diane Poirier Avatar
    Diane Poirier

    I usually buy fabric by the yard. If I really love the fabric I purchase at least 3 yards. I guess that is why my sewing room is bursting at the seams! LOL

  183. Judi D'Accardo Avatar
    Judi D’Accardo

    If it is something I really like or a good blender I buy 2 yards. I also buy a lot of Jelly Rolls if it is a line I really like.

  184. Joan Carlsen Avatar
    Joan Carlsen

    Good morning, Lisa. My go to fabric would probably be yardage. But as I am an addict precuts find their way to my stash often, especially with wools and wool flannel as I use smaller sizes of those.

  185. Lynn Jarzombeck Avatar
    Lynn Jarzombeck

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for the opportunity. I usually buy 1/3 or 1/2 yard cuts of fabric when stash building. If I find a good background fabric with possibilities I grab a few yards. If a fabric really appeals to me I will buy a yard. Been to your shop and love the selection.

  186. Gloria Avatar

    I usually start out with one yard cuts – and save scrapes in zip bags until it’s all gone. I do collect FQ and srt by theme or color!

  187. Sherry Maybury Avatar
    Sherry Maybury

    My go-to fabric size to collect is fat quarter bundles.

  188. Nicole Wassick Avatar
    Nicole Wassick

    I collect it all!! Lol!! My go to is actually fat quarter bundles! I can’t have too many! I do like precuts as well! Just makes it nice to get a whole collection and know you can make something!

  189. Ivy Smart Avatar
    Ivy Smart

    Hi Lisa: I always buy with more than one project in mine. I will normally purchase 2 1/2 yards at a time. This gives me leftovers for other projects such as a purse or tote bag. It challenges me to use the extra fabrics with what I have on