Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 & Giveaway!

Uneven 9 Patch Quilt Block a tutorial featured as part of the Block Heads quilting series by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Happy Block Heads Wednesday!

Here is another great Quilt Block FOR OUR QUILT ALONG PROJECT: STARRY EYED
Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

My 4″ STARRY EYED- quilt block was made with   Urban Farmhouse Gatherings

How do you pick your fabrics for your blocks FOR YOUR QUILT ALONG PROJECT?

I started with two Layercakes…one of Urban Farmhouse & Indigo Gatherings

I have my unused 10″ layercake squares to the left…I have all the fabric that I have used in previous blocks in baggies sorted by color.  So I try to use a new fabric that I have not used before and then if I need just a little something I use one of previously used fabrics…

I start cutting and then laying out my pieces from A-to how many letters there are in the block…

Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Planning what fabric to use in this block…

then I put all the fabrics on the design board to see if I like them…

Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanNow… I think it looks OK…but what If I gave it a little more oommmph!

Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanJust by changing one fabric I like it better…now…there is nothing wrong with the first attempt, but sometimes you need to play a little…

This week on all the designers blogs you can enter to win a Moda BlockHeads 1 Book!  The coolest quilt book publisher… Martigale… is sponsoring this today!  Winner will be picked on Monday!Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

And don’t forget to print your block 15 pattern from our Moda Block Head Quilt Along Project in this link below:

Click HERE to get Corey’s pattern!

Here is the list of ALL the participating Moda designers for you to visit and enter their givea-way!

Click this Icon to visit Primitive Gatherings!

primitive gatherings logo featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

94 responses to “Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 & Giveaway!”

  1. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    I have printed my blocks but have not started them. We are in the process of packing up the house to sell. Most of my sewing room is in storage. I only kept out my PG Wool box to work on and a box of scraps for some scrappy 1” strip courthouse steps blocks I have been working on for a couple years.

    1. Angie W Avatar
      Angie W

      No sewing yet. I’m having fun just looking at everyone’s blocks. All just beautiful

  2. jrp53 Avatar

    Sooooo far behind! I’ve been quilting a queen size quilt for my granddaughter in between mask making sessions.

  3. sharon tseu Avatar
    sharon tseu

    I am caught up with all the blocks so far…making them in 4 inch. Most I have had to made twice…sadly. Sure does give me some challenge to look forward to on Wednesdays, though! Would love to win the book download!

  4. Paula Avatar

    Lisa, I am ready to start #15. I could not use one of the previous and I have substituted one with a variation. I am really loving the blocks and did my first foundation piecing and hoping we will have more applique. Thanks for a chance to win the book. Paula in KY

  5. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    I am doing mostly 6” blocks and am a little beyond! Some of the blocks were not my style so I went back to your Triangulations quilt blocks and have added some of them instead.

  6. Jule Avatar

    I have made 9 out of the 15 blocks available thus far! I am doing a small 6 inch block quilt in bright colors and a large 12” block quilt in neutrals!

  7. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I haven’t started yet! I just finished Magic of Christmas!

  8. Candra Sowder Avatar
    Candra Sowder

    I am about a month behind. Got sick and been making masks and medical caps. Have last week’s cut and ready to sew.

  9. Robyn Wiggins Avatar
    Robyn Wiggins

    Sadly, I haven’t started yet, but am looking forward to when I do!! Thank you for the beautiful blocks.

  10. Kristi Avatar

    I haven’t started yet but I am collecting the patterns. I am in the middle of finishing a project. I love your block!

  11. Sheryll F Avatar
    Sheryll F

    Always look to your blog first – love your fabrics. I’m actually up to date! Using both of your fabric lines too.

  12. Tamara Avatar

    I have followed along and can’t wait to see the various finished projects! Way to go everyone! 🙂

  13. Katherine Avatar

    SO glad I have not started yet because your advice about planning out the use of the different fabrics to get a great balance is just the best ever!

  14. Stephanie Valdez Avatar
    Stephanie Valdez

    I haven’t started yet, but am considering it now that I have some extra time. Love all the different blocks!

  15. Kayla Gunter Avatar
    Kayla Gunter

    Haven’t started, but am following along. Your fabric choices are beautiful!

  16. Stephanie Avatar

    I haven’t started yet since I am finishing up some other projects. Love the Blockheads and seeing all the different blocks.

  17. Dixie McAdam Avatar
    Dixie McAdam

    Truthfully, I haven’t started yet but am collecting the patterns. I’m presently a “wounded quilter”, but hope to be up to snuff shortly – can hardly wait to be honest. Love all the little tips, colors & patterns you share with all of us, thanks so much! Keep up the great creative work.

  18. Stephanie Hironimus Avatar
    Stephanie Hironimus

    I started with block #11 & played catch-up for a bit.. I now have 12 blocks completed 🙂
    PS – My Block Heads colors are red & cream, so I LOVE your new Redwork Gatherings line;-) 😉

  19. Sharla Avatar

    Yay! I’m all caught up and ready for Block #15!

  20. Debi Roewer Avatar
    Debi Roewer

    Haven’t started yet as I’ve been making masks for our church here in Temecula but I’m itching to get started 😊💕

  21. Renee M Arnett Avatar
    Renee M Arnett

    Unfortunately I haven’t started yet as I’ve been making donation quilts, QOV quilts and masks. Maybe one of these days….

  22. Sandie Mackintosh Avatar
    Sandie Mackintosh

    So far, I’ve printed my blocks and chosen my fabrics. Any forward motion is progress, right?!

  23. MJ Avatar

    I haven’t started yet but they are on my list. Just finished masks to donate and am working on a 20 year UFO!!

  24. Connie M Avatar

    Okay, honestly I have not made any of the blocks yet! You asked. I love this block today, but I think it has to do with the colors you used. I have been making masks, but will start on the blocks soon. Corey showed her finished Blockheads quilt and I love all of those blocks. I like your second fabric choice for your block! Thank you Lisa

  25. Theresa Avatar

    It’s a dream. I love blockheads because I see them as being a perfect way to use scraps. One of the things that has always frustrated me in sewing garments were the scraps that were inevitable. Sometimes you get lucky and can use them in another garment but often they are just too small but not too small for blockheads. I have scraps from sewing for my children years ago…I have their beloved themed sheets…I cant wait to make them each a quilt from the scraps I couldnt bear to part with.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  26. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    Thanks for sharing how you pick your fabrics. I’m starting blockheads and I was just thinking last nite how I’m going to choose. I’m using Indigo Gatherings. Everything is starched and ready to go. Take care of yourself.

  27. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    I love these blocks, however I am an observer this time. I have sooo many others started this is a “piece full” break when I can to keep up with the group. Another time.

  28. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    Wow! Thanks, Lisa, for showing us how to change up a block simply by changing one fabric color! I have layer cakes of both Indigo Gatherings and Farm House Gatherings, but haven’t made one block yet! Too busy making masks. I need to get with it!

  29. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    I honestly have not started. I ordered a fat quarter bundle and fabric while wintering in Florida, after seeing the first block I knew it was not the right fabric. I love Lisa’s and I should just copy her every week. I would be so happy and love the quilt. Hindsite…

  30. Martha DeMarco Avatar
    Martha DeMarco

    I am a beginner and am enjoying seeing all this beautiful work!! Everyone is so talented!! Hoping to start 1 of these dsys!

  31. Quilting In The Countryd Avatar

    I am a loser, I have not started mine yet. So many quilts, so little time LOL They are all beautiful, and some day I need to get at least one block head quilt done. So if I won the book, it would be a great start.

  32. Rhonda Avatar

    I just got home from work and I’m going to print #14 and #15. I love the colours you used in this latest block.

  33. Gayle Cowdin Avatar
    Gayle Cowdin

    I get them done every week. I did the last blockheads but didn’t keep up. I finally got it done but this time I have a better plan. Sheltering at home has helped I am sure

  34. luv2quilt Avatar

    I haven’t started yet but I really enjoy seeing everyone’s creations. Hugs

  35. Sandy Tyson Avatar
    Sandy Tyson

    Every week I can’t wait to see your tiny blocks- truly droolworthy! I am using your Indigo and Farmhouse Gatherings with some treasured Lakehouse Gatherings too! I got 10 block made and then got sidetracked making 100 masks! Hope to get back to it soon! 🙂

  36. Abi Buening (@1apple_blossom) Avatar

    I love seeing all the blocks . thanks for sharing

  37. Linda Avatar

    Printing and collecting the weekly patterns fir future use. Love seeing everyone’s fabric choices and interpretations!

  38. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I have three blocks done, but my sewing kind of went by the wayside when my mother entered hospice and we are now dealing with her estate details. Any sewing time i do get has been spent making masks. I am collecting all of the patterns for the blocks and hope to return to it soon.

  39. MaryAnn Mairs Avatar
    MaryAnn Mairs

    Printing the weekly patterns, but still trying to decide on fabrics…..thank you for a chance to win a copy of this book.

  40. Robin H Avatar
    Robin H

    I haven’t started yet because I am finishing a king size quilt and have been making masks. I have been downloading the patterns for the near future.

  41. Rose Lamers Avatar
    Rose Lamers

    Enjoy perusing your blog and wish thank you for all the happiness you bring to us quilters!

  42. Rose Lamers Avatar
    Rose Lamers

    Love the blocks to date…thanks for all the inspiration on your blog!

  43. Margaret Tomasik Avatar
    Margaret Tomasik

    I am loving BH3. I can’t believe it, but I am all caught up. I have made some BH friends on last year project and been encouraged from their tips. I am mostly using bits and pieces of left over fabric.

  44. Pat Avatar

    Thanks for the extra bit of info on the planning out of ones fabric for a block All those things that a first timer is unsure of. I have many questions I’m looking forward to the answers over this weekly block along. One can buy books but an as close to in person as we can get right now on all these little hints and photos of the stages are great !

  45. Kathy R Avatar

    I’m behind as usual but I can’t print my patterns out because I’m out of ink and that’s not essential. Oh well, been working on MBH2 instead!

  46. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    So far, I am still just collecting blocks. But, one of these days….. Thanks Lisa

  47. Becky Rabalais Avatar
    Becky Rabalais

    I paused at Block 3 and be an making face masks. I am printing the block pattern. Hoping to get back to this pr.oject soon. Take care!

  48. Imelda Dochter Avatar
    Imelda Dochter

    I love Jen KIngwell’s block and am going to make it into a 2 color quilt.

  49. Rebecca Murdock Avatar
    Rebecca Murdock

    I just learned about Blockheads, so I haven’t started yet. I’m intrigued, but sewing masks at the moment. Hopefully I can get back to quilting soon.

  50. Margeaux Hallman Avatar
    Margeaux Hallman

    Ummm. I just discovered that there was this thing going on! So I haven’t started but I plan to catch up this weekend!

  51. Debie Avatar

    I am six behind but working on getting caught up today…..I am doing mine just like yours with the indigo and urban farmhouse fabrics ordered from you! I love them so far! I’ve never had one of those books….it looks yummy!

  52. mary stockel Avatar
    mary stockel

    Just have to complete number 15, playing around with my fabric choices . I love making the blocks and look forward to every Wednesday! Thanks so much!

  53. Toni Anne Potter Avatar
    Toni Anne Potter

    I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s weekly blogposts. Unfortunately I haven’t started Blockheads 3. I’m collecting patterns for another time, when life’s not so crazy.

  54. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    Your block is lovely! I just finished my 12th block. They are all so much fun to make. The book would be awesome to win.

  55. usairdoll Avatar

    I’m behind .. very behind but I’m saving al the patterns. Love your block!

  56. Michelle Lafayette Avatar
    Michelle Lafayette

    Honestly I only been enjoying everyone else’s blocks on Facebook. Hoping to start soon.

  57. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    It would be great to have this book as I almost finished Blockheads 1. Your layout designs would also be an inspiration as to finishing my quilt. Thanks!

  58. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    Your block is beautiful! I have not started yet but plan to do so after I finish some unfinished projects. Thank you for the opportunity to win this much loved book!

  59. Colleen Kechter Avatar

    This week I am actually caught up. I finished the last two weeks on Sunday and now can get busy on today’s block. I love both of your blocks, but the second one just pops! Thanks for sharing!

  60. Susan Denton Avatar
    Susan Denton

    I haven’t started my blocks, but I am printing them as they come out. So many quilt alongs available to staying home in quarantine quilters. But the MBH3 blocks are the most interesting, to me. Have to finish the quilt for my son, now dubbed The 1000 Day Quilt, before starting another quilt.

  61. Susan Kerkendall Avatar
    Susan Kerkendall

    I have not started yet but I enjoy seeing your progress.

  62. Maurine Johnson Avatar
    Maurine Johnson

    I have saved the patterns to a flash drive–that’s it! I enjoy seeing the different blocks!

  63. Elaine Done Avatar
    Elaine Done

    I haven’t even started yet! 🙁

  64. Pat DuBois Avatar
    Pat DuBois

    I’ve been playing catch up after being sick and in the hospital. I have all done except #13 in both color ways I’m doing. Love blockheads and especially now my applique group is keeping in touch comparing and giving each other opinions on our blocks. We’ve been meeting for over 20 years! This is the longest we’ve gone without getting together…..

  65. Kris Avatar

    I’m all caught up! It’s like I’m having a quilting marathon since I’m not able to work now lol

  66. Karen A Avatar
    Karen A

    I have not made any of the blocks yet, but I love following along.

  67. Rhonda Russell Avatar
    Rhonda Russell

    Ooh, the blocks look soo pretty. I have to finish what I have started first, that way my head is clear and I can concentrate without thinking that I should be doing the others.

  68. MaryEllen Avatar

    15 of the Blockheads 3 blocks downloaded and printed. Enjoying the blocks shared by others and marvel at their great works. Producing my blockhead 3 blocks remains only a vision so far for me.

  69. Pat Lee Avatar
    Pat Lee

    I am loving the designs this year. But I am in the middle of another quilt so I have not started them. I am enjoying all the blocks for this. Just beautiful.

  70. Cheryl Avatar

    This is my first time participating in the Blockheads sew along and I am happy to say that I’m staying caught up! I can’t wait for Wednesday’s to see the new blocks. 😊

  71. Carla Avatar

    I’m that one who hasn’t even started yet – ugh!😐

  72. Debra L Reber Avatar
    Debra L Reber

    I haven’t even started yet!! Too busy making masks, & need to finish up some other projects first!

  73. Nancy White Avatar
    Nancy White

    I’ve seen many Moda Block Head quilts and I adore them all. Sorry to say that I haven’t started this but it’s on my to do list…lol!

  74. Christi Avatar

    I haven’t started yet but I am thinking about it. I love everyone’s color choices.

  75. Hildy Avatar

    I love your block! I just need to make this week’s block for this round 3 … now if we would talk about round 1 & 2 … let’s just say it’s still a work in progress;-)

  76. nancyf18 Avatar

    Thank you

  77. Kathleen winslow Avatar
    Kathleen winslow

    I learned to sew around a non bordered quilt before I send it to the quilter! I had a distortion problem once and now I know why!! Thanks. Kathleen

  78. Carol Ries Avatar
    Carol Ries

    Love your blog! Love BlockHeads!!!

  79. Carol Ries Avatar
    Carol Ries

    I am up to block 15. I am making it in a 6 and 8” size. I didn’t make all the blocks, I skipped a couple, so on a few (that I really liked) made more than one size.
    I love your 4” blocks!

  80. Maureen E Sheppard Avatar
    Maureen E Sheppard

    I love seeing all the blocks and how different they look with the placement of color. I am printing off all the block patterns but haven’t started on them yet. Trying to get my sewing room organized so I can choose my colors. Thanks for offering this great collection of quilt blocks.

  81. pasual Avatar

    This is my third Blockhead and I love them. I really like your block and agree with you about the contrast of your fabrics.

  82. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I did the first BlockHeads quilt and won a first prize in The Sun Prairie quilt show! That is why I would love to win this book! I haven’t done any blocks for years 2 & 3! I always think about it though!

  83. Kathy E. Avatar
    Kathy E.

    I haven’t started yet, but am going to make Corey’s block today!
    Duchick at gmail dot com

  84. Cindy Westover Avatar
    Cindy Westover

    I have been sewing masks now for 5 weeks, so I’m a little behind. I have printed the patterns and can’t wait to have the blocks on my design wall.
    Love reading your blog each week.

  85. Sharon Avatar

    Love your version of the block, and the tips on how you executed! Thanks for sharing. Would love to have the book to learn even more quilting techniques.

  86. Marylou Crawford Avatar
    Marylou Crawford

    I havent even started because i have so many things going on right now,but saving block patterns for a future date.

  87. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    Being honest here, haven’t started, but I am inspired to get it going! Thanks for all the photos, tips and advice.

  88. Camille Avatar

    I love the Block Head Quilt Along. During Quarantine it is inspirational although I currently have trouble concentrating on much more than making masks for long term care facilities. Someday I will circle back and make the blocks.

  89. Lela Sijtsma Avatar
    Lela Sijtsma

    I didn’t get in on Block Heads one and would love to win the book. The second one I watched and this one I’m doing block 15 now.

  90. Gigi Avatar

    I hope to get started soon-been trying to pick six favorite blocks for a guild sampler challenge due in December.

  91. Amy Avatar

    Started just a few weeks ago and have 3 12″ blocks and 2 8′ blocks with sashing complete. Having fun with my fabric now that I know my wild idea is working!!

  92. Monica Sayre Avatar
    Monica Sayre

    I haven’t started at all yet, but I do have all of my fabrics picked out! Love your quilts Lisa!! you like the teeny details too 🙂 Ever thought of making a Salinda Rupp quilt?

  93. cshelleyqbq Avatar

    Such a great block…love it.

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