Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

TAKE IT EASY… another great quilt & giveaway from Redwork Gatherings.



Take It Easy…This designed popped in my head and I knew it would be so fun to make…Super simple…made with two jelly rolls! Quilt measures is 72”x 78” Just add more jellyrolls if you want a bigger quilt.  This is the first quilt I made with the Redwork fabric…I think a quilt can be simple and make a stunnig impact.  All the quilts we make do not have to be super hard…I like to mix in the simple one with the more intricate ones.  We all need to push our skills and learn, but there are always going to be a need for fast, get it done now quilts!

Take is Easy was named while again…listening to my playlist…and thinking….hmm this would make a great quilt name…Naming quilts is the HARDEST thing to do, if you do not have some sort of method to it…I love using song titles…so here is the song this quilt was named after…I loved Glen Frey….and the Eagles…you cannot love music and not love this song...Take It Easy  You can listen while you view the pics of this fun quilt!

Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Take is Easy/Primitive Gatherings
Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Take it Easy/Primitive Gatherings


Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Take it Easy/Primitive Gatherings


Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Take it Easy/Primitive Gatherings

Redwork Gatherings quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Take It easy is a simple kit for us to make…two jelly rolls and a binding and pattern…we priced it at $90…so that is like getting the 1/2″ yds of binding free.  This kit is 10% off when you place your order by the end of April.  Or you can buy the two jelly rolls and the pattern separate…the choice is yours…I do not know what is the better deal…with the discounts…pre-cuts are 20% off.  If someone figures it out post it…I am not trying to make more money, I just have to kit everything..and have the prices ready for when they are not on sale anymore.


Click HERE to buy a kit for Take it Easy!

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All Redwork Gatherings orders will receive a sticker pack!REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI posted earlier about these two quilts if you missed it… make sure you go to their posts and comment to win kits and patterns.

REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Long, Long Way From Home

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REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
I Think I’m in Love

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If you want to win a kit for Take it Easy and I will also give away 6 patterns…please leave me a comment for what you do when you need a is your stitching?, a walk, call someone…what do you do?  Read what I do below…Winner will be picked at the end of the Redwork Event!

On the personal side…I’ve been running down the road, trying to loosen my load, I’ve got a world of troubles on my mind…(just in case you didn’t listen to the song)

Yesterday…Nick & I and my Sister and her husband Doug went for a ride on our motorcycle…there were tons of people out riding…we stopped at parks, gas stations, sat on a bench by the lake and ate outside…I wanted to pack PB&J in our saddle bags, but I got laughed at.  With nothing open it is sad…my heart breaks for all those business that are closed.  You need places to stop when riding a bike…and we would have stopped probably 4 times during our trip yesterday at a business and spent money.  We came home to make steaks on the grill and I slept like a baby with all the fresh air.  I have a total of 360 on my ride this year..not too bad since our weather has been crappy and it’s only April!!!  I took most Sunday off…I get up early so I stitched few things on my #STITCH366.  It felt good, now I’m eager to get back to it..

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

400 thoughts on “TAKE IT EASY… another great quilt & giveaway from Redwork Gatherings.

  1. I live in the Rocky Mountains so everywhere I walk is beautiful! It’s hard to tell which is more relaxing…walking or sewing!

  2. Take It Easy would be an awesome quilt for a valor quilt. I need to make two this year. One will be from your Stars and Strips Gathering. I hadn’t picked out the other pattern, now I have

    1. When I need a break, I like to work on genealogy! I love the color red so when I saw this quilt, I was immediately drawn to it! I also love its simplicity. Nice job on the pattern & colors!

    2. When I need a break I take a walk through the fields behind my house. Fresh air is a must!
      Thanks for a chance to win a kit or pattern!

  3. I love “Take it Easy”. – very clever pattern Lisa. Great job! I am just bouncing from project to project these days. Way too much time on my hands. Quilte frankly – I am over this! Thank you for the chance. be well and be safe.

  4. When I take a break from quilting, I usually grab a good book, sit on my patio, and get lost in fiction for a bit!

  5. I go into my studio, select a movie, this weekend it was Cary Grant, I’ll prep a few things for hand stitching and then work on a quilt. I love this one, Take it easy. I also enjoy knitting but this year it has been quilting. 7 quilts so far.

  6. I never thought I would say this but I am loving going for a walk with my dog Mila. She is so sweet and a great companion.

  7. When I’m not hanging out in my sewing room I am usually in the kitchen . Cooking and baking are my other stress relievers and creative outlets.

  8. I love Take It Easy. Can you order the Back you want? I am sure the answer is no. I want the Needle and Thread Backing for this quilt. I have ordered the Long Way home with backing…hoping I get the RedWork back. Thank you for some easy quilts to put together

  9. If I’m not sewing, I’m golfing. I’m glad the weather is good enough for you guys to get out on your bikes, great picture!!

  10. we used to ride but getting too old I guess, we visit with friends at their houses…I haven’t been to a grocery store in 5 weeks, husband does the shopping now..I am very prone to bronchistis…been sewing up a storm though sending only good thoughts and I love the lastest quilt

  11. My getaway is always at my sewing machine. If I need a break from that, I’ll sit at the computer and play a few games of Spider Solitaire. In the Spring time, my getaway is to go out in my yard & putter in the flower beds. I’m a farm girl, so my yard is my Spring & Summer therapy.

  12. When I take a break, I do anything that takes me outside since I sew in my basement in a room with no windows…. garden, yard work, walk, ride my bicycle- anything to get some fresh air!

  13. Love this easy quilt like I love everything else you do! Still working on organizing my studio, but am finding some time to work on small projects when I’m not working my *real* job at home! Take it Easy!

  14. Hi Lisa! When I need a break from quilting I usually go for a walk or do some gardening. Lately it’s been mostly walking as it’s been to cold to garden. “Take It Easy” is a fun looking quilt and looks great in reds and creams! Love your designs and patterns.

  15. When I need a break, I tend to read. I stich whenever possible but when I am just iterd, I read either inside or on my deck.

  16. Sewing is my biggest escape. I try to alternate between my machine and handwork. You reall hit it out of the park with your new line! Absolutely ❤️❤️❤️ each project!

  17. Love that you are getting out on your bike. The new red quilts are great. I love an easy project as much as the next gal!!! Have fun!

  18. Love this design. I wander outside when I need a break. Hubby and I love to walk on the golf course.

  19. The quilt is gorgeous. With all this time I have been working on lots of stitching with wool projects. Very relaxing. We also took a bike ride this weekend. Got the bicycles out and did the loop the lake of little lake Buttes des Morts. It was a workout!

  20. I love the name and colors of the Take it Easy quilt. Sometimes when I need time out I will take my knitting and a good video, put my mind on nothing but the stitches and relax.

  21. Stitching of some kind, or reading. Should be outside walking more LOL. Take it Easy is a great pattern for the beginner- love it!

  22. When I need a break, I usually sew or read or cross stitch which I’m just getting back into after 30+ years. It was my first love but has been replaced by quilting. Love the Take it Easy pattern & redwork gatherings fabrics! Yummy! I, too, am an Eagles fan & have downloaded most of their music to listen to when I’m sewing!

    1. I sew every day and take it easy by curling up with a book or playing a word game on my phone.

  23. Gorgeous fabrics and quilts! I quilt, of course, and take breaks to read and take a walk. Music is also a wonderful way I relax!

  24. When I am stressed I call one of my 5 sisters for support. If none of them are available, I eat potato chips! Yes. I really do!

  25. Wow Lisa, you have your own bike? So cool. Nothing feels freer then riding on a motorcycle! Although, these days, mine is just a scooter. Hahaha. When I need to take a break from stitching, I usually do something physical like yard work, or cleaning or ride my bicycle.

    1. Yes…each year I try to learn something…and three years ago is was to ride my own bike…Nick was having some health issues and I didn’t want to give it up!

  26. I’ve been quilting a lot since the quarantine. My sewing room is upstairs in one of my son’s bedrooms that became a sewing room after he married. I can see out the windows across our lawn to our pond & neighboring corn fields. For a break I go out & walk the pond perimeter & pull a few weeds from my flower beds. There seem to always be weeds! I also FaceTime with my grandchildren. I miss hugging them so much! Thanks for your blog & other designers who’re helping us through these trying times.

  27. What WOULD we do without those great songs in our ❤️ and minds
    Love your red quilts. You inspired me to go the blue indigo
    Can’t wait to go RED❣️
    Foreigner I want to know what love is. We can all be showing it 😊

  28. For a break? Love to take a walk with my Corgi whose name is Rocky. Neither of us can move too fast, so it works out fine for both of us!

  29. I love your quilts. The reds I just want them all. So glad you had time for yourself and family to keep you grounded. Always wishing you the very best.
    Geri Sherwood

  30. Packing up to move and can’t wait to have a new sewing room all set up! I’m a coral/turquoise kinda gal, but soooo loving all the red that I know it will feature in the new house…with your great new patterns….keep them coming! My packing break would be the blogs, emails, online jigsaw puzzles, etc

  31. I love this quilt Take It Easy. I just love red and white (cream) quilts. Red is my favorite color. These days I find myself hiding in my sewing studio. It feels safe and is very healing for me. After my father passed away, I found this little sign “Sewing mends the soul”. That is what I like to do (making quilts) when things are stressful. This quilt makes me feel hopeful.

  32. At Lisa’s suggestion: If you buy the kit, it is $90. If you buy 2 JR, a pattern and 1/2yd binding, it is $79. But, if you buy backing with kit, it is $154.80. But, if bought separately, 2 JR, 7-1/4 for binding and backing and pattern, it is $160.00. Thanks for making me do math. 🙂

  33. I have options- I either go sew or read or go out in my flower gardens. They are looking pretty good this year with all this home time. I too like to swap between easy and hard quilts. But it’s getting lonely. I am a nurse so my outing is to a hospital- ack!

  34. We have become beginning beekeepers! So I divide my time between quilting (making bee quilt now of course) and checking our bees. So fun that they go together! Sure keeps a positive spin on life renewing itself!

  35. To take a break I love to spend time with my grandchildren, however that is impossible right now. So I talk to them on the phone and we email back and forth. Love the quilt, I love all your quilts.

  36. I love doing hand work! Whether it’s appliqué, wool appliqué, knitting. Throw some baking, reading and visiting with friends in there too.

  37. Live on a ranch, so actually, quilting is my break! Plenty to do here, and walking to check on things is the best!
    Thank you for all your creativity and inspiration!

  38. I have never used jelly rolls for a quilt before so take it easy will be my first! Thank you Lisa for all the tips and tricks and everything that you do for quilters of the world!

  39. Since I am still working from home full time with a full pay check, (Thank God!), when I need a break I go to the sewing room and stitch a bit or at least fondle the fabric. I am working on quilting a queen size quilt for my granddaughter on a sit down long arm, a Christmas present to me. i am debating the fat quarter bundle or the jelly roll of the beautiful redwork gatherings to mix with the other primitive gatherings fabrics in my stash. Whatever I do they will work together beautifully! Thanks for keeping us sane during this most unusual time.

  40. Of all of the new patterns, this is my favorite. I spied it on your video and wondered how it was made…..jelly rolls! How easy! I love the versalitility of red and white quilts
    I decorate seasonally ccx and my red and white quilts are wonderful for Christmas, Valentines Day and patriotic summer decorating! O love the new fabric and can’t wait foe this one.

  41. Now days I talk on the phone with grandkids after sewing a few hours on mask for the community. I can’t wait to get back to quilting and big hugs. The pattern Take it Easy is cute and will take our minds off of everything else.

  42. A break? What is a break? I have to stitch fast if I hope to live long enough to finish my stash! Seriously, I take a nap. I live alone so no one is harmed, and the telemarketers won’t let me sleep too long.

  43. Creating has always been my escape – whether it’s quilting, hooking, punching, stitching or scrapbooking. Handwork is always best for me, or taking a walk and listening to the world outside. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  44. Love the colors of your new line red is my favorite color. When I need a break I usually take a bike ride or if my break is to get out of myself I have my grandkids come over and we do all kinds of crazy things they are the best. No time to worry about the what ifs.

  45. I really like the look of the Take it easy quilt. When I need a break, I like to go for a walk in the woods. I find it very calming. I also play clarinet in a local concert band. When I am playing, nothing else matters but the music, which gives me a break from everything else.

  46. I’m so inspired by your redwork fabrics and patterns! When I get bogged down I call a friend or eat! I think I need more friends because I seem to fall back on eating more than anything. I better check how high my bathroom scale goes before it breaks! ICKES! I guess I need more fabric! 🙂

  47. My usual go-to is reading, but it might be a walk or a phone call or an email. Anything that takes my mind off of eating! And your redworks is the BEST ever! And that is saying a LOT!

  48. I usually sit and stitch something while watching a movie if I just need to “chill”. I also love to take walks…the weather has not been as cooperative!! Boo. Looking forward to all the redwork!!

  49. I spend time outside with my dogs. If it weren’t for those crazy two mutts, I might not get to enjoy the sunshine, and the birds, and the animals they chase. (No bunnies or squirrels can linger in my yard.) I love the simplicity of this pattern. Great job, as always!

  50. Love ‘Take It Easy’! My break is usually playing in the sewing room, but this past week has a been a rough one with a fibromyalgia flare. So the back up plan is catching up on recorded shows.

  51. Your quilt is very cute. When I want to relax my favorite activity is sewing and having a nice cup of tea.

  52. I love yourTake it Easy quilt and and song by The Eagles & Don Henley. I also love two color quilts and doing my Moda Blockhead 3 with your Indigo Gatherings. I lost my job on 17th, so job search prep, mask making, gardening, cooking and sewing on quilt projects takes up my day. I will buy the jelly rolls & pattern after I find a new job.

  53. When I take a break from sewing, I like to work in my flower and vegetable garden. I even like pulling weeds! I like being outside in the sun and fresh air, listening to the wind and life around me.

  54. Lisa … thank you for sharing about your motorcycle ride with hubby & family … my husband and I used to ride and you brought back many wonderful memories of our travels … he never could pass up an ice cream stand … love your fabric and this quilt … when I need a break, I usually sew or watch HDTV and if the dog needs a break, we go for a walk! Thank you!!!

  55. I’m retired, and I have to say I am doing a lot more quilting and cooking these days! My schedule is still somewhat “normal” because our son and DIL are in essential businesses, so I babysit the twin grands 2 days a week. That’s my resoite from this quarantine and makes me so happy! Love your new fabric line and your patterns. Take Me Away is on my “make” list! Stay safe and well!

  56. Love 5he quilt. I love red and white. Grandson is because of the 🏠 shut down, so going for a walk with him and Toby our dog. The weather is going to be in the 80s. Maybe some ATV rides.

  57. I spend my breaks talking to friends or reading. Love the Take it Easy quilt and the Redwork fabric line. This is going on my to do list!

  58. You’ve got another winner with Take It Easy quilt, love the fabric. When I need a break, baking relaxes me and then I have yummy treats to eat and share, of course.

  59. Quilting is my stress reliever. I try to sew at least a few minutes everyday to reset my gears for the next day. I love your Take It Easy pattern! I have always wanted to make a two color quilt and have admired your display of red/shirting quilts.

  60. We usually walk around the neighborhood, but to break the everyday monotony, we’ve found so many natural areas around here. Didn’t realize there were so many nature, fossil, and Indian mound areas so close!

  61. I’m in a friendship group that meets every Wednesday, since we are all sheltering in place at home we are meeting on Zoom instead. It’s fun to catch up and see what everyone is working on. Otherwise, I’m in my yard enjoying a cup of tea and my garden or reading a book.

  62. Take It Easy is another great ted/white quilt! I love the “mindless sewing” that easy patterns provide. I’ve been taking a lot of walks to clear my mind or get lost in a good book. Can’t wait for these fabrics!!

  63. My taking it easy is going to the cabin sitting out on the deck with some hand stitching and a glass of wine lol. Love all the redwork!

  64. I love Your Take it Easy Quilt and all the Eagles & Don Henley’s songs. I think two color quilts are so beautiful and doing my Moda Blockhead 3 in Indigo Gatherings. I lost my job on 17th, so job search will move to front burner, then making masks for family & friends, cooking, gardening, organizing sewing room and working on quilt projects. Once I get a job,I will order Take it Easy pattern & Redwork Jelly Rolls!

  65. I’m loving Redwork Gatherings fabric. When I need a break, I go out and dig and tend my garden.

  66. Either go for a walk or a drive. We have a wetlands area behind our house or we drive down to a town south of us. I agree it is sad that we can’t just stop and eat. There is a restaurant we love as well as an antique shop down there.

    I’ve been doing some baking as well.

  67. Can someone tell me the size block you get from the “embroidered” blocks in the new red work fabric line?

  68. When I need a break, I sit down in my great room & watch the birds in my backyard. I have a bird feeder that attracts cardinals, blue jays, tufted titmouses, etc…, plus a suet feeder that attracts lots of woodpeckers, & a thistle feeder for the finches. Always interesting times observing the birds. Thank you for the opportunity to win the beautiful kit or pattern. Be safe & stay healthy!

  69. I go for a walk and then visit my flower garden. Well, I thought for sure your bike would be red.

  70. Since I am in the group of folks who can still work full time from home, stitching is my way to step back from all of the stuff going on. But I do get out with the husband every day between work and stitching for a long walk to let the chair imprint marks fade away!

  71. I walk my dogs everyday if not raining. We love to go for a ride too, but have to take lunch along. Things will change soon.

  72. When I need a break I go out to my porch and turn on music. Sometimes I read, sometimes I just sit there and enjoy everything around me. Living in the country, sometimes its just nice to sit and listen to the quietness and enjoy the birds and country sounds.

  73. Love that this quilt is jellyroll friendly! A winner for sure!
    Take it Easy for me is a nap or piddling in my flowers.

  74. Sewing is my break from my other duties. Working in my gardens, veggie & flower, is another method of taking a break even if it’s weeding. Love this quilt. Gonna have to get on the laptop to do your price comparisons, kit or piece by piece. I can see this quilt in a lot of fabric patterns. Thanks for all the chances to win something in your new line.

  75. When I need a break my go to is hand stitching. It gives me time to work things out in my mind and I stitch until my mind is clear! My second choice is working in the yard and garden. Nothing like some physical labor to recharge your batteries!

  76. I always wanted a bike. But I’m too old to get one now. Looks like fun. The quilt fabric is great. I’m working on one of your kits now. I can’t think of the name. It is keeping me calm. Take care and we will all be fine. Thanks, Nancy P.

  77. Hah! As soon as Take it Easy started playing , via ur link, it took me back to the 70’s when I was in the Army hanging out with some girlfriends! Wow, miss those days! I take a break by going out to my gazebo style area where wisteria grows above the frame and smells wonderful. I sit out and read, or just watch and listen to all the sounds of nature, so soothing. Lisa, thank you for another great quilt pattern!

  78. Stitching has always been relaxing and therapeutic for me. During this time is has a great way to get my mind off of the events today. Thank you for everything you’re doing to keep us occupied!

  79. My stitching – and especially hand work – have been my sanity these days. Pulling out old WIPs and finishing them off is giving me a good sense of accomplishment & morale boost. Especially these days there is always a place for easy patterns that don’t tax the brain too much! Would love to win a pattern!

  80. Hi Lisa,

    The red work fabric line is gorgeous. when I’m taking a break if the weather is warm I like to go outside and take a walk to my garden or just down the drive(we live back in the woods) and look at the trees, flowers and listen to the birds singing and seeing what birds i can identify by sight or song.


    Carol Gepford

  81. “Take it Easy” is exactly what I do when I need a break from everything! I take a walk, tend to my seedlings or just do some Pinteresting to feed my soul. I love this new pattern & look forward to the release of this fabric-line!

  82. Love that song. We start singing it any time we head west on I-40, driving past Winslow, AZ. Great music by the Eagles. And another beautiful quilt. I love walking and doing jigsaw puzzles when I need a break!

  83. When I need a change of pace I get out a project and cut the fabric. It clears my mind and gets my next project
    started. Lisa, thank you for creating this beautiful fabric!

  84. I like to go for long walks with my hubby (and sometimes with my kids if they are in the mood to walk) I have been working on a red and white quilt and almost finished. Would love to win the kit to work on for my next red and white project. Stay safe and healthy!

  85. When I take a break, I like to read a good book, outside if the weather cooperates. I already have the Take it Easy kit in my cart, but would love to win it instead! When I was debating on which kit to pick, I thought this pattern looked the easiest, and since I am working on a couple complicated patterns right now, I thought this would be a nice break! But I love “I Think I’m in Love” too, so I may have to get 2!

  86. Take it easy is a wonderful pattern and I love the fabric. To take a break, I like to do some stitching or read a book.

  87. Hi Lisa….this was an easy question! This time of the year, I work in the yard to take a break from sewing, and then I’m anxious to take a break from all the yard work by getting back to my sewing!!

  88. I usually either hand stitch or read a book on my screened in porch in nice weather or in my sewing room in colder weather

  89. Love the Take it Easy quilt….no triangles 💕😉. My best thing to get away is to read. I get lost in someone else’s world, and can close out the crazy in ours right now.

  90. When I take a break I like to work on my stitching or go with my sweetie and friends to a local tavern for some drinks and laughs. Alas, the only breaks I can take at this time are stitching. I so do miss the company of others!! Soon, I hope we will get back to some sense of normalcy!!

  91. I love the way you name your quilts. I love simple, they are usually the most striking ones.

  92. I too have returned to cross stitching… I have a project I’m making to hang in my sewing studio. Lately I have found a lot of peace in the slow stitching of hand needlework. (I enjoy EPP too.) There is something very soothing to my soul in the rhythm of the needle and thread creating something of beauty. Simple piecing of a quilt has also been soothing. In this uncertain time, my brain has been foggy and I find it hard to concentrate… so a simple project like Take it Easy is just perfect.

  93. Definitely my yard…….I live in the country so I virtually self isolate ALL the time. But the yard is where I go when I just need to unwind…..hang in there. Your love for small business is true. Praying they can all hang in there until we are able to get out there and spend spend spend!!!! jmh

  94. A walk would be my break but not really as I walk all the time. Sewing is probably my real break beause it relaxes me.

  95. Mostly I read for enjoyment when I’m not sewing or crocheting. I’ve resurrected an old cross stitch picture to finish also.

  96. Lisa….Please, please, please make just the pattern available to buy. I have two blue jelly rolls that I really want to make this pattern out of. Oh…and a PDF would be wonderful.

  97. Love the red and white quilts. I will have to make one someday. Love the picture of you on your bike. We sold ours a couple of years ago. We have some great trips in the years we rode. The coast of Oregon I think was the best. Ride safe.

  98. Lisa, Please, please, please make just the pattern available for purchase. I have two blue (favorite color) jelly rolls that would be perfect for this and I already have 2 red quilts. A PDF would be wonderful!! Please!!

  99. For a break I either take one of our chow shows for a walk (we have 3) or I head to my sewing room to work on UFO quilt or stitching projects. Needlework has always been a way to relax as it gives that feeling of accomplishing something when maybe things at work are not coming together.

  100. I love the Take it Easy quilt – what a fun one to make. I looks great in redwork. Usually when I take a break, I go outside – take a walk in the park, go to lunch with a friend, sit on the patio & enjoy the weather. I also like to Skype with my grandchildren – they always make me happy. Sometimes I do wool applique or cross stitch. Thanks for the music.

  101. Sewing is the best outlet for stress relief for me, anyways. I try to prep something before going to bed so I can start right in the next day whenever I want . Thank you for this giveaway.

  102. When I need a break from life, I like to go for a long walk, have done many of those these days, they help remove all the noise, and then I’m ready to get back to stitching, I never run out of any of that to do. I also enjoy cooking, so that too is a good release when weather doesn’t permit a walk. This red fabric is so pretty, and love the simplicity of this pattern. Thank you for all you do.

  103. When I need a break and relax I will either look through the recipes I have saved for something new to eat or I will get the hand quilting out and stitch a little while. I love the quilts for the new red work fabric especially take it easy. Looks hard but looks like it’s probably strip quilting. Thanks Lisa, you and the fam stay safe.

  104. Love “Take it Easy”! I am thinking this would be great in lots of things besides red and white, like blue and white, blue and yellow, can you tell I like blue? To relax I sew, knit, cook, go outside and enjoy my backyard (the other side of relaxing is weeding in the backyard, they never end!)

  105. Love the pattern, music and the fabric line. The only time I feel I get a break and can truly kick back is when I’m at the beach.

  106. I love to quilt, but when I need a break I will either cross stitch or do some genealogy work. I love your red& white quilts. I can see some busy times ahead. Thank you for all that you do.

  107. I enjoy reading and working in the yard. Unfortunately it is still a few weeks off before we can plant the garden.

  108. My sewing machine is the center of my home but when I need a break, I move to handwork, take a walk or watch a Hallmark Movie. Take It Easy is a delightful pattern (and name).

  109. Paddle boarding or kayak time are my getaway time. It’s so peaceful and clears my mind. I love working on quilts and that fills my creative side, but I definitely have to pay attention and put my brain to work!😱. I am so in love with this RedWork line and the quilts you are offering. Thank you for all your creative ideas. Hope you have many more “biking” days ahead of you.

  110. When I need a break, I love to take a walk and listen to relaxing music or just the sound of nature. Love the Take it Easy quilt!

  111. I love Take it Easy!! It looks complex, but I’m sure it will piece pretty easily!! Love the red and white colors….. awesome 👍

  112. when I need a break, I either take a walk, or see if my husband is free to go get a take out coffee and sit on a bench in the sun. The bench we found is outside a closed senior center, across from a dog park. There has been a little gopher busy mining the area and he often pops his head up to see what we are doing. It is a complete break, and good for the soul. Before this quarantine, we would never have taken the time to just stop and watch a gopher.

  113. When I need a break I sew or design in my EQ8. My condition limits me from doing virtually anything else. I am so thankful to be able to make quilts (no longer can do all the hand applique though).

  114. I’m a block from beautiful Lake Mendota and the little Yahara River, both great places to observe and walk a dog along. Sewing keeps me sane. I love WI in the springtime!

  115. Would love to win a Take It Easy pattern. Can’t wait for more Redwork Gatherings order to come later this Summer. We still have snow in our forecast in upstate NY! The never ending winter!

  116. Northern Mn has really short summers and not many perfect days so I spend as much time outside as possible. Boating/fishing up in Ely, long walks in the wilderness, stitching, hooking, quilting outside. Gardening and listening to nature. Love the bike. we use to ride and my kids still do. Miss those days. Life goes by so fast. Enjoy every day.

  117. When I need a break, I do not ride a motorcycle!😉 Instead, I go shopping. Fabric stores are my favorite stores. The inspiration, colors, and the feeling of touching something so soft and vibrant enables me to get back to work with renewed vigor and purpose.

  118. I garden a little…quilting is definitely the major time winner!! I love Iris and am proud to say that this year, close to all my Iris have or are in the process of blooming!! It is like a new show every day!! ❤️

    1. When I need to “Take It Easy ” I take my high energy rescue pup for a walk. That’s happening about every 2 hours these days with working at home during COVID stay at home. And to relax after a long day I love handwork-redwork embroidery, handquilting, handpiecing.

  119. I take a break by meeting a friend for lunch but now I take a walk or switch to doing a different activity. This happens a lot as my attention span is short now.

  120. I love to look at quilt books for inspiration as well as relax ….. rest my weary hands from
    hand stitching = rejuvenation!!

  121. When I need a break, I go outside and take a walk. It could just be up and down my street or even on the treadmill. As long as I’m outside I’m fine and I feel better.
    PS: thanks for the link to the song…I haven’t heard it in a while. NICE!

  122. I really like your take it easy quilt !! When I want to take it easy I go out to the barn and work with my horses- they have such personalities and I love just being out with them!!

  123. When I need a break from sewing, I usually bake something or play golf – hopefully the golf cancels out all the baking calories! Sewing is my first “go to” and I love, love, love RED!!!!

  124. If I need a break, I go out to the barn or pasture and visit with my goats. They’re always happy to spend time with me.🐐

  125. When I take a break, I either tend to my parrots, tend vegetable plants I’m growing inside for the next few weeks, or work outside getting my gardens ready for vegetables and flowers.

  126. Today, in Ohio (54*, mostly sunny) I was to be in a class with Lisa Bonjean but…social distancing. What an incredible break that would have been coming out of winter. So now I’ll enjoy my walks and bike rides on the bike/trail through the park..or now, through the neighborhood. But a favorite “break” is camping with my grandkids especially during Xmas in July or Halloween.

  127. What I do when I need a break really varies according to what I need a break from. Most often I’ll sit down and do some hand sewing. It clears my head and calms my nerves!

  128. How I Take it Easy? After my exercise, chores, meals and sewing are done for the day, I enjoy flipping through quilt books and magazines, or the huge collection of inspiration I’ve torn out of old magazines, and just relax and dream of the possibilities!

  129. When I need a break from sewing at my machine, I stop for a snack & do some handwork or look through quilting magazine or book for inspiration for next project. Really love ❤️ your “Take It Easy” quilt

  130. It’s so nice to have choices….read, stitch, yard work. A source of great enjoyment is working on brightly colored string quilts for the pediatric unit at our local hospital. I made eleven tops during my two months in Florida this winter.
    Have always had a red and white quilt on my bucket list.

  131. I really love this quilt. It shows how simple can be so beautiful. I take it easy by reading my emails (like this) and looking at quilt posts on Instagram.

  132. When I need a break, I head to my sewing room. Somehow handling fabric can make just about anything feel manageable, and if I’m concentrating on a project I can’t stress over whatever it was bothering me.

  133. Our dog forces us, literally, to take a break every day around 4pm. He barks incessantly until we go out with him and he gets his special treat. (They carry them at Costco, called Nubs). Our dog goes crazy for this treat and his break. In addition, all summer long, my sister and brother-in-law will join us and we’ll stay out for hours down by the creek. The ladies will bring stitching and then men their cigars (to keep away the mosquitoes, of course.). I’m not really sure whose habit is more expensive??

  134. I’ve been calling a sewing friend a day. We catch up on what each of us is working on and have a few laughs.

  135. We don’t have bicycles but we live in the country and love to go on walks. We love all the animals that show up in our yard. Some are good and some not so. In the evening I love to work on my hand sewing with wool or binding a quilt.Patricia England

  136. Taking a break means spending time with our greyhounds. Down on the floor giving belly rubs and ear scrunches.

  137. Love the quilt!! When I need a break, I either go to my sewing room or the backyard to my garden.

  138. I may lose but I may win but I may never have this chance again. So draw my name cause I’m all in!! Take it easy. I like to read.

  139. I have enjoyed the comments on STITCH and seeing what everyone is working on. Also like to look at the kits available for a new project. We also have a Scottish terrier and a Welsh Terrier puppy who does goofy things so it is relaxing just to observe their antics — they make us laugh a lot.

  140. I too, enjoying riding my motorcycle to take a break from everything else. I listen to music, enjoy the countryside, and most of all understand why a dog likes to put their head out the car window to catch that wonderful air in the face. It clears a cluttered mind, and restores your soul.

  141. When I need a break it’s definitely my sewing room I seek! I’ve never needed a break from it, lol. A walk or bike ride around the neighborhood is good too. I’ve found several streets I didn’t know about during this quarantine time.

  142. Love Take It Easy!! What a great simple design! What I do depends on what I need a break from. So I will just switch things up. If I’m sewing, I’ll bake something. If I’ve been cleaning or working in the yard, I’ll sit down with some handwork. Glad you enjoyed your ride yesterday. We were thinking we needed to get out for a drive (in our car – ha ha!!) to see all the beautiful flowers and green hillsides. =:)

  143. I really like your “Take It Easy” quilt. You are a truly creative person! Being retired, I have more time to make quilts. I also always have a counted cross stitch project in process as well as a knitting project plus books to read. Would love to win one of your kits or patterns. Thank you for your generosity!

  144. The fresh air sounds nice! I like to get outside when I need a break. I take a walk around the neighborhood or even sit in the backyard in the sun! And I love to go the beach, although it is closed right now. I love this Take It Easy quilt. It’s fun to work on more intricate projects but then have the satisfaction of a quicker finish.

  145. Love your new quilt pattern, Take It Easy. Also one of my favorite Eagle’s songs. It’s funny sometimes where you get your inspiration from. I love how easy this pattern looks to make. When I’m looking for something to do to relax, I’m not without plenty of options… quilting/sewing, of course, but also reading, crocheting, working in my garden keep me busy. Thanks for your great give-aways and I hope I’m lucky enough to be a winner.

  146. My hubby and I like to go on a walk during our breaks. It’s a great time for the two of us to have time to ourselves. We are both Eagles fans and now this song will be playing in my head for the rest of the day!

  147. Sewing quilt tops, jigsaw puzzles, ordering groceries for drive up pick up and best of all is FaceTime with our 5 year old grandson! What I could be doing . . . Organizing and cleaning out closets and cupboards . . . NOT.

  148. I loved to ride our bike when we had it!! We switched to a hot rod convertible!
    I bake when I need to decompress! Love to read but do audio books so I can sew also!!

  149. Love your Take It Easy quilt. Sewing is relaxing for me but when I need to move and take a break I head outside for a walk and enjoy everyones gardens.

  150. Gardening and stitching are my favorite hobbies. When not doing that I write notes to my grandkids! I love getting notes back from them since we can’t get together! We sure miss them! P.S. Your quilts are beautiful!

  151. We are boaters and campers and the season is finally coming. That is what I do when I need to take it easy. I normally take along a hand-quilting project on my camping trips, too. But right I will take a walk or ride my bike. Thank you!

  152. I like to spend time in my sewing room, it’s my happy place 🙂 Love the new line!

  153. The Eagles song brings back so many great memories of my teen years! What it was like to ride around in the summer with all the windows down and not a care. Take it easy is a great quilt! I would love to win it …….be great to make while relaxing!

  154. How wonderful that you were able to get outside this weekend. My sister lives in Westbend, WI and I know she was enjoying the nice temperatures this weekend. I live in Illinois and the weather was lovely here too, but I was in my craft room stitching away. Watching Hallmark Channel or catching a favorite movie as it pops up on cable is probably my biggest taking a break thing to do. I’m a cardmaker in addition to being a quilter and I love to read too, but sometimes I just need to lose myself in something mindless for a bit. Love square/rectangle quilts and this is a beauty.

  155. I am even more impressed by you that you have your own bike. You’re not only a designer but a biker babe! When I worked full time, for my break, I would go out for a walk. Well, habits are hard to break. Now that I’m retired, I still go out for a walk when I need a break. It clears my mind and gives me the energy I need to keep going. Thank you!

  156. When I need a break, I have a cup of tea in may garden in nice weather that is! If it is cold out I find a quiet spot in my home to just be still for a 20 minutes.

  157. I love the “take it easy” quilt. Will need to get the pattern & kit. To relax I read, sew & stitch. Sometimes feel guilty doing those things, always thinking I should be cleaning the house, closets, or basement. However I am retiring in a couple months so I will have time for both 😊. Oh I also like to spend time on the boat relaxing while my husband is fishing. If he is catching them, then I will fish otherwise I read or stitch maybe even take a nap 😊

  158. Easy or not, this is a beautiful quilt. Love your new line. My two favorite breaks are working in the yard & quilting. With the current weather in Oregon, quilting seems to get more time. Look forward to making ‘Take It Easy’.

  159. I love your redwork gatherings, and I am not usually a fan of reds. This will be something new and fun to make, so I will have to order it if I don’t win it.

  160. I stitch to relax……if I have been sewing a lot I will work in the garden….if I need to clear my head a long walk always works.

  161. Well sewing is my way to take it easy. But if I’ve been sewing and need to go veg in front of the TV on the couch, I usually do some embroidery. Only recently took up this hobby, used to crochet but don’t need to make any more baby blankets. So, currently hooked on embroidery.

  162. Lovin’ Take it Easy, both the quilt and the song. We went to see a Boys of Summer cover band last summer and had such a fun time moving and singing! I need to make that quilt to go with my little red wooden ironing board just like the one in your picture. Jeep rides and walks in the high country are the best breaks of all, under the blue sky and quaking aspen leaves………..doesn’t get any better than that!

  163. I want to be you when I grow up Lisa! I love your yellow bike and the Eagles was my very first concert at the Forum in LA!!!! LOVE THE EAGLES!!
    I go out to my garden and dead head when I need a break! 🌻🌺 Have a great week!!❤️🤍❤️🤍

  164. Glad to see your getting some wind therapy, wish I could join you! Love the new bike! Since this virus I find myself wanting to get out and take a long ride… or just to get out, however we have been told by our governor to “shelter at home” and being I’m in a high risk category that’s what I’ve been doing. Can you believe I’ve been at home since March 17th only out for quick trip to the doctor; saving lots on gas! But when this lifts believe me my break will be a ride on my Harley (“The Sarge”) hopefully with Steve who is considered “essential” and has been working everyday since our lockdown went into effect. So his idea of a break would probably be to have a day off. I’m seeing a ride up the coast! Good thing about all of this home time is I’ve finished more projects that were in various stages of “done” (except the longarm quilting on the quilts – that has to wait until I can get to the shop to rent time); I’ve also started and finished some new things too and I’ve been distance teaching my neighbor to quilt. LOL amazing how creative we get! FaceTime lessons, and stitching outside in masks 6′ apart.

  165. Just stood ‘on the corner in Winslow Arizona’ in February, seems like a lifetime ago. Check out LaPosada hotel and Turquoise Room dinning, beautiful hotel amazing food. You will be so inspired. Love the quilt.

  166. I love the Take it Easy quilt. I’m a huge Eagles fan. When my kids were little we used to turn up our stereo super loud and all dance to the Eagles song “Get over It”. When I’m stressed out and need to relax some before I sew/quilt that’s still what I do, turn my music up loud and dance around like a crazy woman. My husband thinks I’m nuts sometimes. 🙂

  167. When I want to take it easy I read. Love mysteries! I’ve read everything that Agatha Christie has written along with many others. I stitch and read every day. Maryann

  168. Love Take It Easy! When I’m not sewing, I either grab a book or head to the kitchen – love to bake!

  169. My escape is also riding my motorcycle, and in Florida we can ride all year….my husband and I went today and stopped at a gas station for chicken gizzards for lunch! Sat on the curb and had a picnic. I am so happy flying in the wind!

  170. Your redwork quilts are so stunning. Glad to hear you were able to get out and enjoy a ride with family on your motorcycles. I have been taking walks in the neighborhood to get away for a bit. I also read and cross stitch to make the time go by. Have a great week!

  171. Taking a break from my blockhead 3 squares to sew masks😷 for family, friends, neighbors and health care workers. Your new fabrics are stunning!

  172. Lisa, I just finished a red and white quilt and am really hooked. For some reason I am usually drawn to very complex quilts but Take It Easy really speaks to me – I absolutely love it!!! When I need to take a break, I hate to admit it but I usually play a game on the computer – or do some wool applique!

  173. I have a stressful job and when I take a break, it is to quilt. I have to have a wool or handwork project for the weekdays watching tv at night. I usually sew on the machine on Saturday and Sunday only. I could use some simple quilts for Christmas gifts. I love all of the new redwork quilts so it would be hard to pick just one favorite.

  174. Go for a walk with my hubby and my beagle, Cleo. Or, stitch more hexagons for my Grandmas Flower Garden. Have enough for two quilts and going strong.

  175. Take It Easy! What a fun refreshing quilt! Wool applique has been my stress reliever. In the evening especially after a hectic day at work I really enjoy working my needle through the wool pieces.

  176. Hello again from Huntsville, AL!
    Lord, I haven’t ridden my bike in the last three years – it may be time!! No one else on the road, yes?!
    Love the new reds – would LOVE to get a bundle to make that latest quilt!!

  177. I may lose but I may when
    I may never have this chance again
    So draw my name so I can win
    “Take It Easy”!!
    I like to read when I take a break. A book or the internet or Facebook.

  178. Lisa, I feel like each quilt is better than the last. I wanted to make the first one, then the next one and now . . . Quilting time is very much my happy, de-stress place. Nothing better than feeding fabric through the machine, cutting up fabric, or sewing binding, Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful quilts.

  179. WOW-motorcycles!!! Love the REDS!! If I need a break I love talking to my granddaughters or starting another wool stitching project.

  180. I relax by doing any kind of needlework… piecing, quilting, knitting, cross stitch… and reading blogs! 🙂

  181. I try to take a walk each day, I read light mystery novels, Netflix, listen to music and try to stay off the news channels. No motorcycles.

  182. I try to walk everyday. I also like to stitch in the evenings to wind down. Amazing how much you can get done just by doing a little every day! Enjoy the spring weather!

  183. I like to go out for a drive also…just not on a motorcycle. It’s fun to find out of the way shops, thrift stores, and restaurants.

  184. I love these fabrics!! For me, taking it easy, is sitting on my front porch with a good book.

  185. I love the simple twist u put on this quilt that brings it from ordinary to special. Just love Redwork gatherings. Ty Lisa

  186. getting lots of piecing done as well as hand quilting and some embroidery. Just started EPP and am loving it – barely finished my 1st project and already digging out fabrics for the next. Take it easy will definitely be added to my “gotta make that one” list. And I am SO in love with those gorgeous deep reds

  187. to take it easy i do a no thinking sew project or just read a good book. I’m working from home these days and on laptop typing typing typing and problem solving. i understand the ride on the road and the breeze on the face. Really need to do that myself. Thanks for all you do

  188. I rotate between sewing or baking or entertaining my 5 year twin grandsons. I adore this Redwork fabric line and patterns. Bravo Designer Lisa!

  189. love the new Take It Easy and fabrics…motorcycle rides sounds great….. wine down time for me is to do nothing and usually talk to someone or get on the computer…

  190. So much fun to see these `reveals’! They are great. I live on Lake Michigan, so I am able to go outside and take a walk or just enjoy the great outdoors. So beautiful if you take the time to appreciate.

  191. By the weekend, I’m ready for a break and enjoy piecing and quilting quilts. I also enjoy reading, baking and taking walks. I love your new line of fabric. Thank you for the chance to win.

  192. When I need a break from sewing room I enjoy my wool work and catching up on blogs….awaiting summer block of the week😍

  193. I love Take it Easy! Simple but looks amazing! When I need a break from quilting I read a good book.

  194. Love the Take It Easy pattern. When I need a break I wander around on Pinterest. I can lost there for days!

  195. Love “Take it Easy” the song and the quilt. When I need a break I will soak in hot bath (evening) or have cup tea on the porch if weather is nice. Hand sewing anytime of the day is a nice break.

  196. Great pattern! When I take a break I like to garden…. it is a tactile thing…pulling weeds, planting, playing in the dirt! Stitching, whether it is quilting, wool appliqué, embroidery…. satisfies my tactile needs too!!! Can’t wait to get my Redwork fabric!!!

  197. Hi Lisa! Let me first tell me how much I look forward to your posts! They have “made my day” during this difficult time that we are all going through. I love sewIng every, every day. When I need a break I like to write a handwritten note to a friend or family member. Many times they are notes of encouragement or notes that tell them how much they mean to me. I just think an old fashioned hand written note means so much in this day and age. I would LOVE to be a winner in your giveaway. I spend most of my time sewing for others, so it would be a special treat to make “Take It Easy” for myself! I love this quilt!! (AND your new Redwork Garherings!!!)

  198. I have always turned to sewing when I need a break. Handwork is my favorite. I seem to solve a lot of problems while stitching…coming up with many solutions to…well…stuff. When the kids were little I would sew most evenings after they were in bed…to decompress for the day.

  199. To take a break my husband and I go for a ride. We pick a road and just drive sometimes we end up 3 hours from home. No problem, no stress just a long carefree drive in the truck.

  200. I like a walk on the dirt road near our home–I can hear frogs, prairie chickens “booming” (which actually sounds a little like doves), see the ducks fly up, and sometimes deer or turkeys on the meadow. It is peaceful and calming!

  201. A lovely quilt made with beautiful fabrics! I take a break with cross stitch and recently tried punch needle. Both are relaxing during this trying time. Thanks for the chance to win patterns or this beautiful fabric. I’m in love with your redworks!

  202. I just love this quilt! When not quilting, I’ve been knitting a lot & watching British detective shows

  203. To relax and get it together I’m usually in the sewing room. Or, in the garden admiring it all and sneaking a cig. Really do love your ‘Take It Easy’ and if you say it’s easy I believe you. I’m really good at easy.

  204. When I need a break, I take my dog out and we play on the deck or walk the yard if the weather is not too awful. I have Stage IV MBC and cannot walk very far so sometimes, I just get in my car and go for a drive! Life is good! Take it Easy is a great name for a quilt, especially now!

  205. Beautiful Quilt! I am just loving the Redwork line, I am having a very difficult time finding a favorite! I live in the Rocky Mountains so I often will go for a walk or just sit on my back patio to just unwind looking at the beautiful scenery. Also sewing is a huge outlet for me! I can lost in sewing and not realize hours have gone by!

  206. I love “Take It Easy,” Lisa! I thought you had nailed it with “I Think I’m In Love,” but I’m really taken with this quilt as well. Your Redwork Gatherings line is going to be a huge success! When I need a break, I walk. Sometimes it’s just around inside the house, but getting my steps settles me down. My other favorite activity tends to be planning quilts. I have a job that keeps me really busy, so I often don’t have the luxury of making the quilt … but that doesn’t stop me from planning and buying everything I need. When I finally retire, I’m going to be able to quilt non-stop for years!!!

  207. Pulling out my recipe books & trying a new (or forgotten) recipe gives me a break from quilt making. Your Redwork collection is so beautiful & fills me with nostalgia for the quilts I slept under growing up. ‘Take It Easy” also stirs nostalgia for songs of my youth. Attending The Eagles Concert in 2002 was unforgettable!

  208. Love that quilt! I move a lot when I quilt to keep my fibromyalgia from flaring, but I do take breaks. I read a lot, anything and everything, and plan multiple quilts in my head.

  209. Wow each quilt is wonderful. I love the name “Take It Easy”. And now the dilemma of which kits will I buy. I love the red and white. I have been getting outside and working in my flower beds. It feels good to get some fresh air. Take care and stay safe.

  210. Reading, going for a walk, and watching a movie with family are favorite ways to relax.
    I love the varying shades of red. Many of my quilt projects are very scrappy, so it’s always nice to see others’ themed projects.

  211. I have several loves, including the Eagles, but to relax I play piano. Music is a part of anything I do whether quilting, genealogy or reading.

  212. Have been trying to stay in touch with people, and finding it is important to call the older people I used to visit with in person. They all live alone, so a phone call can really brighten their day! I find that I feel better too!

  213. I hate talking on the phone but I am doing that now. Just hearing some friend’s voices helps my mood.

  214. Connecting either via e-mail, text, FB messenger or simply walking my dog, Cooper in our neighborhood helps me Take It Easy. I’d be thrilled if I was chosen as a winner because after an almost 2 year hiatus I’m trying to ease back into quilting. I have been enjoying lots of handwork that helps me Take It Easy, as well.

  215. Love this quilt pattern! For relacing my main go-to is usually reading. Sewing if I’m sick of reading.

  216. Taking a break from sewing usually involves yard work (lots of weeds this time of year) or a walk around the neighborhood. Both give me a streatch and then it’s back to what I love … quilting.

  217. I too went out on the bike this past weekend. Our weather has been wonderful so I really enjoyed it.

  218. Love the quilt! Since I spend the majority of my time in my sewing room, I read a book for a break right now. We’ve had some much rain lately I can’t even get outside to do spring yard work. Fortunately I live on a road less traveled so no one sees my yard.

  219. Now I have the song in my head!!! For a break, I call a friend, read a book or go for a walk. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  220. When I need a break I normally do some cross stitching or read a book if I’m not at home (always have a project and a book with me). Now if I’m at home (like now all the time) I just down on my sewing machine.

  221. When I need a break I like to go for a walk in the woods. I also love going to my sewing room and working on a project or if I don’t currently have a project I like to organize my sewing room and look at all my beautiful fabric.

  222. A break from my stitching is simply to sit in the garden with a cuppa listening to the birds.
    A redwork quilt has been on my ‘to do list’ for several years and I love your fabrics, so thank you for this opportunity to win!

  223. absolutely love this quilt and this fabric line, ah you know I love red! perfect quilting choice for this quilt too!
    thanks for the chance to win….I have been doing a lot of hand applique just seems to be what I need right now once that needle hits the fabric I feel calmer.

  224. I live on a lake, when I need a break I’m outside enjoying the piece only being by water can bring.

  225. When I want to “take it easy”, I either do counted cross stitch, wool applique or read a book. When the weather is warm, I will sit outside and stitch.

  226. I still remember the first time I heard “Take it easy” that’s when I fell in love with the Eagles.
    I love hand quilting, that is what I do when I need a break.
    Quilt is beautiful and would look good in my home.

  227. Hop on the golf cart with my husband and dog and ride down to the lake and see what’s happening in the neighborhood.
    I will stop and bake a batch of cookies.
    Love this quilt and looks fun to make!

  228. It’s a beautiful quilt and since I’m learning I like precuts and easy, plus the song is. Is running through my head. 😂
    When I need a break from my craft I seem to eat, a habit that needs broke, or I pick up a different craft I’m working on. Endless projects. 😊

  229. I love to quilt but we all need a break to move on to another past time. My other passion is baking and cooking. With the quarantine I have tried a ton of new recipes. It has been an adventure. i love to bake but my husband and I don’t need to eat all of those sweets. I came up with the idea of Desserts on the Driveway. We invite a few friends over and we social distance while I share with them some goodies I baked. It has been fun.

  230. Take It Easy is one of my favorite Jackson Browne songs and my favorite of the new red and white quilt patterns that you’ve shown us so far. Plus you’ve chosen the baptist fan quilting, which also is a favorite. Since I’m still working, my way to relax is to stitch, either by hand on a wool appliqué project or by machine on a piece to be quilted. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  231. Oh how I love this quilt, the song, and the fabric. Taking it easy for me is either a day in my sewing room or an afternoon by the lake with the grandkids.

  232. I think Take It Easy is my favorite quilt made from Redwork Gatherings! When I just need a break, I go for a walk through the 8 acres of forest that my son owns across the street from my house. Or I go for a walk around my neighborhood with my dog. If the weather does not allow walking, I go to the ‘Bat Cave’ and sew. There is soooo much to do and soooo many things to sew that I rarely get tired of being at home….I guess I’ve been quarantined most of my life and I didn’t even realize it.

  233. Love the pattern and song reference. 😆
    I usually clean something or straighten something up. (By the looks of my house, I need to take more breaks!! LOL!!)

  234. We live in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains in western Arkansas. I take walks, go to our beautiful lake and sit on a bench looking at the lake, bake, and listen to audible books. Quilting is my best break though.

  235. It is very nice to see you out and about enjoying some fresh air. Unfortunately, most businesses are closed everywhere. Love walking which I do every day it is not too cold. I purchased both Long Long Way Home kit and a fat quarter bundle. Take It Easy was another favorite although it would be hard to choose as they are all beautiful.

  236. We love the Eagles in our town. Joe Walsh grew up in our town, Montclair, NJ. When I want to relax, it’s quilting. I also love to relax with cook book. I love cookbooks………..

  237. My stitching is getting me through the stay at home orders. When I sew, the rest of the world goes away.

  238. We also go for rides, but in a car instead of a cycle. Stopping to get out and walk around and take pictures from time to time. The fresh air will truly rejuvenate you. Stay safe.

  239. I like to get out for a walk around our neighborhood, checking out what’s blooming on different days.
    Love this quilt–red and white is a perfect combo!

  240. Stitching and rug hooking are my break from my very busy “day job”. The toughest part of the stay at home order has been having to cancel all of my vacations – I never realized how much I relied on knowing that a quilt show or workshop was just a week or two away to get me through the work week!

  241. Great quilt. Sometimes you want to sew a quilt that isn’t intricate. I like to curl up with a good book when I need a break from life.

  242. I take it easy with a cup of coffee, a chocolate square and a book. I’m not much of a jelly roll fan, but Take It Easy will definitely be on my list.

  243. I love to go for a walk when I need a break. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I come home after seeing others from a distance. Also love to call friends to make sure they are doing alright.

  244. I love all these red and white quilts and would love to win a kit for any of them! My favorite thing to take it easy is a walk on the beach, but since I can’t do that right now…I sit in my sewing room and sew!

    Jenny in Florida

  245. When I need to clear my head I take a walk through the woods and listen to the creek flowing through and when I get back I work on wool applique – no TV or radio – just quiet. Working on the PG Flower Garden Crazy Table Mat now. Only two section left and then start the crazy stitches. This one has been so much fun!! Love, love, love your wool mats.

  246. I would so enjoy stitching up this easy quilt! When I need a break, I play Words With Friends or scroll through Instagram.😳🌸💜
    Duchick at gmail dot com

  247. it’s finally spring here in MN so I am spending my time between sewing for my granddaughter, quilting and being outside to enjoy the fresh air and cleaning up my flower beds!

  248. My breaks are few and far between with a 1.5 year old, but I’ve been able to get more of them since I’ve been working from home. Any break I get, I love to escape to my sewing room! Love your quilts! I bought a kit from you at Road 2 CA that I’m hoping to start soon 😊

  249. Love this fabric collection and your new pattern! When I need a break I love to do some stitching! Also, love to read a good book or go for a walk.
    Thanks for a chance to win.