Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along- Block 18- Alternate

Uneven 9 Patch Quilt Block a tutorial featured as part of the Block Heads quilting series by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Here is another great Quilt Block FOR OUR QUILT ALONG PROJECT:                 Martha Washington

Moda Block Heads 3-18 Alternative/ Lisa Bognean Top US Quilt Blogger Martha Washington 4″ Block

For this alternate block I just picked on of my favorite traditional blocks.  I remember as a new quilter drooling over this block thinking…I wish I could make this block…I knew it was way over my skills at the time.  But guess what?  With stitch-alongs like Moda Block Heads 3 you can build your skills really really fast…

We are so lucky today…with how much exposure we have to all things quilting and stitching…I remember the thing I looked forward to most was my quilt guild meeting where once a month I could get all kinds of inspiration.  Now it is everywhere! I love it of course, but how many of you remember those long days in-between before you would hang out with quilting friends and the two places we had were the guild meeting and the quilt shop!  I am feeling a little down, I just received word another retreat is cancelled for me….I MISS MY RETREATS with my students/friends.

Those of you who consider yourselves beginners I want to share some key things that are going to make you a better piecer…hands down.  It is so cool to be a quilter now…we can teach you so much everyday…

must haves to be a great Block Maker


CUT ACCURATELY -make sure you are using great quality rulers, yes some are way better than others.  Make sure you have plenty of light when cutting.  Cutting is so important.

NICE SEWING MACHINE I could not believe the difference in my stitching on a quality machine.  Make sure you can stitch a consistant 1/4″ seam allowance that when you stitch 3 strips of 1 1/2″x 3 1/2″  starched fabric together that middle strip measures 1″ and the whole block measures 3 1/2″. Adjust until it does.  If you can do it with a 1/4″ foot, or you need to stitch up against tape, however that may look.  You do not need to spend thousand and thousands of dollars for a great machine…but make sure it’s great quality.

Nice STEAM iron.…if your fabrics are starched they are pre shrunk…and the steam will not shrink them any further while piecing a block. Flat blocks make flat straight quilts.

These are really the most important, yes, there are many others important things but not quite as important as these…and yes this is my opinion…but watch how easy it is to make a 4″ finished block…I starch, cut everything to the correct size…no trimming down here…I only cut off dog ears when it’s time…and my blocks come out pretty reasonably well!

Here I am this morning making this block…yes…cutting and piecing was probably 20 min at the most…I know the video is  fast but you get the idea…also, I know it is not how fast you can do something…but when you want to make lots of things…time matters for me.  In my groups I am getting things like…I am still working on last years projects…so TIME saving is important!

Sorry this isn’t prettier, but I did add a link so you can print this off easily.

all cut sizes for MBH#-18Alt./Lisa Bognean top US quilt blogger Cutting Sizes for all Block sizes.

Click HERE to print a PDF of this Alternate Block

I have a great new facebook group called STITCH with Lisa Bongean, join us if you are not already a member...Today I am going to do a Facebook LIVE on our Summer Blocks of the Week...this is our biggest best-est Stitch Along we do…We do three kinds…scrappy pieced, wool applique and english paper piecing! If any of these pics below pique your interest…stop by (link above) today at 4pm CST. to see the SBOW blocks…and the FREEBIE!  If you are not on Facebook, I will be doing a whole post here with all the details soon!

Happy Friday Everyone…our Friday Give-Away will be during our LIVE event at 4pm CST.

Here is the list of ALL the participating Moda designers for you to visit this week if you have not already done so, there may be other alternative blocks.

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primitive gatherings logo featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

21 responses to “Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along- Block 18- Alternate”

  1. Hildy Avatar

    I love your block it’s really pretty and star blocks are my favorite!

  2. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    Thanks, Lisa, for this option. Great block! And gread video!!

  3. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    What is the board/mat that you are using to lay out your pieces to sew? I am so looking forward to the SBOW and will be there for your video. You have a God-given talent. Thank you for all you do!

  4. Carolyn Avatar

    Great block alternative but it appears link does not go to pdf… 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It’s just a pic of the directions you can print instead of the jpeg

  5. Kyra Franz Avatar
    Kyra Franz

    Love this beautiful block! Thank you, Lisa!

  6. Sue Bennett Avatar

    Love this block. One of my favorites. Beautiful blue fabric.

  7. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    Nice! On you Juki do you use the piecing foot, or the quarter inch foot for all your piecing? It looks like you taped your quarter inch line on the bed.

  8. Kathy B Avatar
    Kathy B

    I remember the days when I was in the same quilt guild with you! You are right I miss not going there during this time …..just being around lots of great quilters. We always loved to see what you brought for “Show and Tell” Thanks for all you do!

  9. Raquel Garcia Avatar
    Raquel Garcia

    I finally took your advice and starched the fabric in my quarantine quilt. 400 2.5 HSTs. It really made a difference. I’m now a believer.

  10. Laurie Wetzell Avatar
    Laurie Wetzell

    Thank you Lisa for this beautiful option!

  11. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I love this blockhead alternative block and will make it today. I will miss seeing you at retreat and all the others. Take care

  12. Carrie Cameron Avatar
    Carrie Cameron

    Hi Lisa, I truly wish I had even half your talent and energy.

  13. Imelda Dochter Avatar
    Imelda Dochter

    Lovely indigo fabric choice. Looking forward to the lecture later.

  14. Holly Avatar

    Thanks for making an alternate block. I’d rather piece anything than applique!

  15. Carol Avatar

    I feel your pain….the retreat I was supposed to go to in
    September just got cancelled….sigh….

  16. Dee Avatar

    Good advise, and I would highly recommend your itty bits rulers the eight inch markings make for great accuracy

  17. Jane Avatar

    Where are the actual instructions? I’ve printed the cutting instructions but need to know trim sizes.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I don’t do trim sizes…I cut actual

  18. Linda Schoiber Avatar
    Linda Schoiber

    I also like pieced not applique. So really liked your alternate. But the link for the PDF only brings up the picture that is right above the link. Is there another place to get the PDF?

  19. Jan Ward Avatar
    Jan Ward

    I was wondering where I could find the pdf for this beautiful star block. I downloaded the one above but I don’t understand what that is. Loving for the print or for this BH3- 18 Alternate Block. Thank You
    Jan Ward

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