Moda Block Heads 3- Block 19

Moda Block Heads 3/ Lisa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger

MBH3/LIsa Bongean
Block 19 by Zen Chic

We are already at block 19!   Time flies SO fast!  Another paper pieced block…I know I could have been a little more creative with my colors/prints…but sometime simple is OK too!  I hope you enjoyed my version of Moda Block Heads 3 Block 19 Compass Point by Brigitte…from Zen Chic


Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings Moda Block Heads 3
All the block so far…

Here are all my blocks so far! I am going to start parking them into my layout…and we begin the working on the setting if you are interested in making it the same as me…The directions will be coming this summer. 

Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Lisa

Here is the list of ALL the participating Moda designers partitcipating in Moda Block Heads 3 make sure to visit this week if you have not already done so.

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  1. Alycia Maurer Avatar
    Alycia Maurer

    I love your simple block! Thank you for showing that option.


    Love to see all the finished blocks! Would have loved to join but have too much going on right now. Work gets in the way of my hobby some weeks!! Looking forward to the final quilt(s).

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