Moda Block Heads 3-21

Moda Block Heads -Block 21,22,& 23

Moda Block Heads 3/ Lisa Bongean Top US Quilt Blogger

Sorry for my delay in posting the blocks lately…too much going on…too many deadlines…too many projects and then all the world’s happenings…too much to handle for me at least…so I just worry…and try to clear my head on my jetski, pedal bike, and Harley, when I can’t take it no longer.  Let’s keep praying for answers.  I must apologize to my Moda Sister’s for not being able to post and support their blocks lately…

  Here is Block 21,by Lissa Alexander


MBH3-Block 21
Moda Block Heads 3- Block 21, stitched by LIsa Bongean

BLOCK 22 by Laurie Simpson

MBH3 Block 22

Block 23 by Lella Boutique

MBH3 23
Moda Block Heads 3- Block 23 by LIsa Bongean

I am trying to keep ahead of our Summer Blocks of the Week…I am on block 9…here is block 2…

If you want to join in Click the buttons for the details…

Live A Thankful Life
Block 2 for our Summer Block of the Week. The Barn


Set 2 of Check me out…Lakeside version…of our pieced summer blocks of the week…CHECK ME OUT!-LAKESIDE



Here is the maker of Interconnected our EPP summer block of the week project…Joanne completed Interconnected in 10 weeks… Luke Neubauer quilted it and I put the binding on…it was the least I could do!

Interconnected....Joanne Blank


We also have facebook groups for all of our blocks of the week, for help, inspiration and to show off your competeted blocks!


Last but not least….here are the freebies we are getting with out block this year!  Something A LOT different than usual!


Primitive Gatherings Summer 2020 Freebie!FREEBIE-THREAD KIT

So as long as I am sharing…this is what else is going on…turned in two fabric lines, flannel Christmas and Homespuns….as well as submitted a book of projects with all the fabric yardages to Moda…for over 10 quilts plus a kit that will be in a box…American Gatherings.

I am on project 11 of a book dead line that will have 12 -14 projects in by June 30th…made a framed piece, a wool mat, and a pillow, a pincushion last weekend…and now I am starting a penny mat…all for a companion book for my Wool, Needle & Thread book that we will not see til, 2021!!!!

I have put binding on 4 quilts in four days…only hand sewn one, but prepared sleeves, binding and machine sewn the rest of them.

Traced cut and fused all 14 freebie blocks…now just have to stitch them…I have competed up to week 4…

Starching and cutting quilts, one to send out to be pieced…this is what they say..Lisa…you need to delegate they tell me…you can’t do them all…but I starched, cut, sorted and packaged blocks and wrote the directions for it…so I should have kept it to piece too!…but it will be in good hands…Joyce it’s on the way…I am way too nice to you!  LOL…

Caught up my Moda Block Heads3…hmmm…will I get #24 done in time for wednesday???? Million dollar question…

What I have NOT been doing??? Blogging!!!  I share this with you for the sole reason of explaining why I am having a hard time with ALL that is going on in my world…I will be in great shape come July…pray I make it til then!

All for now…hopefully I’m baaaaack!


Here is the list of ALL the Moda designers partitcipating in Moda Block Heads 3 make sure to visit them this week to see their past three blocks, if you have not already done so.

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23 thoughts on “Moda Block Heads -Block 21,22,& 23

  1. Girl you are wonder woman! Make sure to give yourself the love and refueling you need! Your hubby and Jeter can help you refuel too. Know you appreciated!!

  2. Do you ever sleep? Don’t be so hard on yourself. You never seem to be able to relax. Sending hugs. Better still, you and Nick hug each other, your children and grandchildren. Life’s normal will happen and we’ll all adjust. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Wow, you have been a busy lady. I had checked your blog a few times wondering if I had unsubscribed somehow. Glad that you have had a few chances to break away on the water, the road or the trail to clear your head. We all need that today in these crazy times but by taking care of ourselves & our loved ones we’ve done our best.

  4. Wow you have been busy. I checked your blog a few times thinking I might have unsubscribed somehow. Glad you have been able to get on the water, the road & the trail to clear your head. We all need to do that in these crazy times.

  5. Wow Lisa! You amaze me with all that you have accomplished!!! I’m exhausted just reading this!!!! Can’t wait to see all of your new goodies!💕

  6. You are amazing!! We all wonder how you get so much done. Thank you for sharing your talents!!!!

  7. Praying for calmness and peace for you. Life is too short; stop and smell the roses, my friend.🌹

  8. It’s amazing how in the world do you cope….sending only good thoughts to you and your family….enjoyed the bike ride even though i’m about 1,900 miles away…thanks we’re from Northern Illinois…breath!!

  9. Life happens, and as much as I enjoy your blog, it’s more important to take care of your mental health. I can always dig in the pantry for snacks or watch my flowers bloom. Take your time, every one of us will be here whenever you are. Sending peace and a hug and a huge plate of calorie free virtual cookies❤️

  10. Wow…… you are busy. I wish some of that black and white flannel was SHIRTING. There is no black and white shirting out there anymore. I have some old pieces that I covit. Please, can we get that fabric in shirting –
    Shirting Gatherings !

  11. Lisa, you are amazing, and I’m so grateful for all the inspiration. You go, girl.

  12. I’m sure I speak for many, we’ve missed you! Yes you do have too much going on right now. Take a deep breathe it will get better.

  13. Been missing you, Lisa! I was glad to see your blog this morning! Wow – you have been busy!

  14. So happy to see your post this morning, was hoping all was well with you and your family! Love to hear about your bike rides , how much fun!!! Can’t wait for all the new goodies , something to look forward to in this crazy world!! Thanks soooo much!!

  15. I am constantly amazed by all you get done. I hope you get a little break here and there! I can’t wait to see it all.

  16. Wow! You are amazing!! As excited we all are to see and buy your new things, I know others will agree with me. Please take time to breathe, relax, and enjoy some family time and ME time! You really deserve it! We all care about you and want you to take care of yourself.💕 Trust us! We’re not going anywhere!❤️ Peggy

  17. I agree, you need to delegate and allow some stunt sewers to help you out or you will burn out. Just know that you are ever so appreciated. No need to apologize just glad to know you are happy and healthy. Love on those family members.

  18. I’m late to comment, but girl YOU ROCK! Your fabric, kits books and patterns are gorgeous and thanks for all the long hours and hard work that goes into making them. But make sure you take sometime for you so you don’t get burnt-out or sick. We can wait 😉

  19. Lisa stay sane… I realize things are crazy, not sure if it helps but I love ya, HUGS

  20. OMG I’m exhausted just reading what you’ve done and what you have planned. Good to hear you’re taking time to ride your Harley, etc otherwise you’ll burn yourself out. Keep praying that things get better for all. Enjoy the summer as best you can.

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