Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along- Block 25!

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I am always grateful for early Christmas project creative nudges.




Uneven 9 Patch Quilt Block a tutorial featured as part of the Block Heads quilting series by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Happy Block Heads Wednesday!  Yes! It’s Wednesday and I have my block and post done!  I need to celebrate all the victories…even the small ones…

Here is another great Quilt Block FOR OUR QUILT ALONG PROJECT:

Corner Garden

Corner Garden by pieced by Lisa Bongean with Urban Farmhouse Gatherings fabrics

Click HERE to get Robin’s  pattern!

This block is super fun!  I am sure Robin will have several, several ways for you to color your block, which I think is super cool…I do not have mad graphic design skills, so I love that she plays around with all those color options….I probably should have picked a more subtle background, but Hey…I’m not changing it! there is lots of foliage in my corner garden block..

The Moda designers are kick’n off July with another Martingale book giveaway!   On my blog we are a giving away Merry Makers Book!!!!! Christmas is coming and we will be celebrating it in July in many ways…
For a chance to win this book…..please leave me a comment…about do you like it when we celebrate Christmas in July to get jump start on our projects we want to make for decorating or giving?  Let me know your thoughts…Here is my project in the book!

Stay Cool….it’s hot in WI and I am sure it’s even more crazy hot other places as well…we are in the 90’s all week!  Happy July Everyone!

Here is the list of ALL the participating Moda Block Head 3 designers for you to visit this week for a chance to win a book, check them out if you have not already done so!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

164 thoughts on “Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along- Block 25!

  1. I love the different ideas given in July for Christmas so that a head start for giving , keeping, decorating, etc is given! Thank you for great ideas!

  2. I love Christmas in July projects! Even if I don’t get them done it gives me lots of ideas for when the days cool off in the fall.

  3. Yesterday you mentioned July was already and were showing red white and blue things. No mine are not finished which is why I need to start now for winter and Christmas. Oops fall not done either.0

  4. I retired from 30 years of teaching junior high and took up quilting 4 months ago so this is my first time doing a “Christmas in July!” I love this idea to jumpstart the creativity. I am at 7 000 feet elevation and have been in warm clothes the last couple of rainy days so it feels like winter! Perfect for a Christmas jumpstart!

  5. I am a Christmas junky. I love Christmas and decorate every nook and cranny. I would love the book to make at least three of the projects.. I love the gingham quilt and the star quilt. The bottle holder would be great also as I live in wine country in Temecula. Love your store in CA and feel lucky you decided to migrate to our area.

  6. I love Christmas in July–helps me stay focused & maybe get some Christmas items done early.
    Happy 4th to you & your family.

    1. Yes!! Definitely like to get a jump start!! Plus, it’s nice to think about cool weather in the heat!! =:)

  7. I really have trouble with motivation for working on things off -season. No appeal. But the book looks fun. Yep, hot 4th.

  8. Thank you for your block so totally yummy. I can’t wait to make it. Christmas in July… i just dream about making stuff for Christmas… actual stuff doesn’t get done…. i just dream about it. Merry 4th of July to you and yours.

  9. I love Christmas in July. Any help with new books and patterns really help. To tell the truth I just love Christmas all year. I usually have all my Christmas gifts done by October. Leaves more time to bake and make candy.

  10. Since I can be a procrastinator, getting an early start is key, and July is just the time to do it!

  11. I do like christmas in July. It gives me an opportunity to get started on christmas projects.

  12. I love Christmas in July. You have a chance to get the project finished to use at Christmas. It is such a busy time. And seeing the projects in July get you super hyped.

  13. I too love Christmas in July plus it’s my bday month so even better. lol I have to have a early start on project to make sure they get done before Oct after that go luck lol

  14. I love Christmas in July! I’m currently cutting a Christmas quilt. July is just enough time to plan before Christmas is here and then there is no time to make anything.

  15. I always loved the idea of Christmas in July because it reminded me to get things done early. Summer usually affords us some lazy days to get things accomplished. I like to see all the beautiful ideas.

  16. I love Christmas in July……it gives me a possible chance of getting it done for Christmas in the current year.

  17. I like Christmas in July because it reminds me to think about projects I want done by Christmas! It also inspires me with the new ideas others share.

  18. I love christmas in july! Being inspired with lots of great patterns while still enjoying summer! 🌻🍉

  19. Lisa, I love Christmas in July!! In fact this year with the pandemic I have been working on Christmas since March. I am almost finished piecing 4 Mr. Snowman quilts!!! Three are for my sons and families and 1 is for me. Talk about mass production!!! Lots of 3 inch squares-thank you stripology ruler!!! I would love to win this new book!! I’m ready for a new project!! Happy 4th!🇺🇸

  20. I love Christmas in July! Quilters/sewists/makers all need time to complete projects to give at the holidays.

  21. I like to do Christmas in July. It’s very hot in south Florida and doing Christmas makes it feel a little cooler!

  22. I like Christmas in July … it reminds me that cooler days will return! And I have a friend who enjoys Christmas year round.

  23. I like Christmas in July because it gets me started and it will take me until December to finish anyway. Also, I can take Christmas inspiration any time of the year.

  24. I love Christmas in July, it motivates me to start thinking about gift making. I like getting started early.

  25. It is great to get the creative juices started in July. May not always start making the projects, but gets the mind jump started on ideas. Thanks

  26. Christmas in July is fun! Years ago we went to Yellowstone and when we were checking in to our hotel, the place was decorated for Christmas and carols were playing. Since then our family has celebrated a miniChristmas in July!

  27. Yes,I like to get a start in July on Christmas projects because it is such a busy time of the year in the fall.

  28. Love Christmas in July events, our guild has always held a party this month with a carry in and fabric auction, with the goings on this year, this will have to wait till 2021. Thank you so much for all of your videos and stitch/construction instructional videos. So helpful. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

  29. I do enjoy the Christmas in July. Knock out a couple of gifts in July, and it eases the stress on December 23rd!! jmh

  30. I’m always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to anything I’m involved in, it’s a major miracle if I finish something on time. I always have good intentions,BUT, things seem to always get in my way. Woohoo, I love when you designers start putting ideas out early bc it gives me a fighting chance at getting things completed on time. It seems so early mentally, but handmade items take time! I try to make homemade for all the people in my life. Thankfully the list is not huge, but being close to my heart what I gift is always very special. Sorry I was such a blabbermouth in this post, isolation has me talking to my tablet!!

  31. I love Christmas in July! I even extend it to other areas, like Christmas shopping. I start shopping in July for all of the smaller things and stocking stuffers that I want to gift. For some reason when I combine the holiday quilting projects with the shopping it all seems to come together for me and I’m not so stressed when the holiday gets closer.

  32. I love to look but never have the time in July as I love being outdoors, gardening and doing some canning! I love making several variations of basil jelly. I start in September as the days get shorter.

  33. I love ❤️ Christmas in July. That way you are able to actually get your projects and Christmas gifts done.

  34. I LOVE your having Christmas in July. It is difficult to think of the Christmas season when we need to dwell with weather like we are having here in Wisconsin now, so i appreciate your getting us in the mood before we become swamped with the preparations in December. Thank you, Lisa!

  35. I never work with “Christmas in July” projects before. This new book would be a perfect time this month for me to jumpstart making Christmas decorations all over my new home this Christmas!! Your cute project from the book would hang on my front door, for sure!!! Happy 4th to you all!!

  36. I love looking at all the Christmas projects in July but actually starting one then is a whole other story!

  37. Christmas decorating is my favourite thing to do. I look forward to Christmas in July ideas for tips and to start planning.
    Keep Cool.
    Happy Stitching.

  38. Our quilt club celebrates Christmas in July by making “Santa Sacks” (drawstring bags from FQs), which we donate to be filled with toiletries and useful items, the given to needy elderly community members in December. This year we’re meeting safely at a local park to pick up ‘kits’ for 3 sacks to sew at home prepared by our Program committee..

  39. Yes I love getting a head start on Christmas projects. Makes November and December less stressful and more time for enjoying the holiday season.

  40. I love Christmas in July 🎄while working on projects I listen to Christmas music 🎶

  41. I look forward to decorating for Christmas all year long. When you hear from your grand kids that my house is their favorite place to be at Christmas because of all the decorating I do and the warm, cozy feeling that they get when they are here, all the hard work decorating is so worth it. I appreciate seeing new ideas and tips to inspire me.

  42. I absolutely LOVE to start Christmas in July!!! I don’t start the Christmas music in July but need time to get all those special gifts made…Love all the things that you do…Your AWESOME!!!

  43. My Christmas shopping starts early in the year so yes I like Christmas in July. New ideas for handmade up to date items & Christmas fabric is showing up in the shops both new & past on sale.

  44. Christmas in July is a must. I have been sewing ornaments for a couple weeks now getting ready for a Christmas Market, hopefully

  45. I do like the reminder that it’s time to get started on projects, but all I really want to think about at this time of year are sunshine and barbeques and dangling my feet off the dock. Especially this year!

  46. I don’t mind getting started on projects in July because by the time they’re done it’s usually perfect timing for Christmas!!

  47. I love all things Christmas! I love having a project that keeps me a little bit ahead of the Christmas rush. However, I am not opposed to work on a project that works for the next year!! Especially if I am doing the SBOW and get a bit busy! LOL! Still love Christmas projects and quilts a lot!

  48. It is fun to start some small Christmas projects for decorating or gifts. If I start in July I may actually finish them by Christmas.

  49. It’s nice getting ideas in July, as it takes me so long to get them done. I think I have more Christmas projects than other projects.

  50. I love having Christmas in July. It is so nice to have something made for Christmas ahead of time.

  51. Love Christmas in July! So many things to make for Fall and Christmas, like to get a head start.

  52. Christmas in July is great! I like Christmas so much- wish I could leave it up all year. Thanks for your great blog posts- always interesting. Patty

  53. I do like Christmas in July. Homemade gifts are the best and that extra luv takes alittle more time. ❤️🎄

  54. I love Christmas in July! It’s never too early to work on Christmas projects!

  55. Love me some Christmas in July, whether it’s working on a Christmas quilt or watching Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July movies!!

  56. Yes, I love Christmas in July and seeing all the new fabrics for the holidays and different ways to use them. I make many of my Christmas gifts so I have to start early to finish them all in time!

  57. I could actually do Christmas all year long. I just finished your Ho Ho Ho pillow last week. And it’s on my bed, figured I’m not waiting till Christmas. 😄

  58. Christmas in July is a great way to get a head start on making decorations and gifts!

  59. As a kid, my family always had a Christmas in July. We all met down the shore (NJ) and small fun gifts were given to all the cousins. I even have a photo of four of us posing with surprised faces as we look down at gifts under the tree. What fond memories you have brought back to me with this post.

  60. I love Christmas in July! It’s nice to have plenty of time to get projects done without having to rush.

  61. Even though Christmas is a special time, I’ve yet to do anything yet. Maybe this book will get me moving!!!

  62. I will be piecing Snowy by Cory Yoder for one of friends who loves snowmen. This will be the third Christmas quilt for this year – shooting for 5 completed tops . All my best friends will be receiving a bit of quilting love to snuggle up with this year – silver lining for the quarantine.

  63. Well, I start thinking about it. I actually bought some new Christmas fabric today!

  64. Yes, Christmas in July gets me planning ahead so I can give meaningful gifts from the heart.

  65. Christmas in July is a great way to make decorations and gifts a head of time.

  66. Ok. Trying again. I do start thinking about what I’ll make for the holidays but usually wait a bit. I did just buy some new Christmas fabric today!

  67. It’s never too early to start handmade Christmas gifts. I’ve been working on a cross stitch Christmas stocking nearly all year long. Maybe Christmas in July will give me some motivation to start a Christmas table runner or possibly a Christmas Scrappy pillow.

  68. It is so nice to give a handmade Christmas gift. Getting started in July helps lower the stress. The book looks great!

  69. I definitely like starting Christmas in July because otherwise I’m never prepared! Plus it helps to think of cooler days ahead while slogging through the Texas summer heat!!

  70. July is absolutely the BEST time to start thinking about Christmas projects! Last year I started waaaaay to late. Thank you for hosting a giveaway. 😊

  71. I absolutely love Christmas in July projects! I love to have the time to create in the summer knowing I will not be so rushed to get them done when the holidays approach! Stay cool, is that possible?

  72. Even though it makes sense to start thinking about and preparing for Christmas early, I find that if I do that, I’ve lost interest and excitement for Christmas when the season really arrives.

  73. There are so many beautiful Christmas fabrics so I could work on Christmas projects year round!

  74. I’m loving the 4″ blocks! I like Christmas in July for the sales but I like to sew on projects in the same season, which really makes no sense because they won’t be finished in time. Typically I start sewing on Christmas projects in October or November.

  75. Who doesn’t love Christmas in July is a better question? Looks like a great book with some fun projects for now or later.

  76. I love working on Christmas items in July. It makes me feel cooler on hot days. I love the snowman themed projects a lot. Thanks for your creativity, Lisa!

  77. I love Christmas in July! It helps me get through the very hot Texas summer….thinking about Christmas and cooler days!!! Plus always love Christmas Themed projects!!

  78. Love Christmas in July. It’s a great time to get excited but without the crazies of the Holiday Season. I retired January so I’m pretty excited about quilting any time in general. Thanks for participating in this Lisa.

  79. I love making things early for Christmas🎄 .
    I’m new to quilting and was thinking of all the decorations I can make for my home! Then if I get more skilled and confident, I can make gifts for my friends and family. 🎁

  80. I like the idea of working on Christmas items in July….if only I would follow through on that idea!! This is the year!!

  81. I do love it when you do Christmas in July. It makes me pull out my bin of Christmas fabrics and start planning my projects. Thanks Lisa!

    I have looked at the Merry Makers book online and love the projects in it! Would love to have my very own copy☺️

  82. I like the idea of Christmas in July. It cools you off just thinking about it. I, unfortunately don’t start working on Xmas things until mid November. Would like a copy of the book though.

  83. As the song says” We need a little Christmas, right this very minute” So YES Christmas in July…bring it on!

  84. Christmas in July is a great way to get me started thinking about all of the things I could make for the holiday! (You notice I said COULD make and not would make though… my list is always MUCH longer than I could ever complete!)

  85. Would love to win a copy of this great book. Christmas is my favourite stitching 😊

  86. I would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks so much, Lisa. I also love the Christmas in July projects to help empower me to get my butt in gear!!

  87. Yes I love Christmas in July !!! It’s the only way I get projects done in time for Christmas!!!

  88. I love getting started on Christmas in July! I pull out my Christmas music collection for listening while I work.

  89. I love Christmas in July as it gives me time to pick a pattern, the past few years I have been doing tree skirts, get the fabric and get making to give for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. I really do appreciate getting great ideas and to begin planning for gift giving and holiday decorations I want to add to our home so enjoy Christmas in July. Can’t wait to see the ideas in this book. Thank you for this offer.

  91. I really appreciate Christmas in July. It helps me get my gift giving organized and begin my gift giving plans.

  92. Christmas any time! I love Christmas and making things for Christmas and always appreciate the motivation and ideas to start things to have sufficient time to finish them. Thanks for your part in the Blockheads these past years. I enjoy making these blocks.

  93. I like Christmas in July projects because when Christmas rolls around , I’m too busy to create!

  94. Yes, I prefer to start Christmas projects in July-especially for gifting, otherwise, I would never have them finished by Christmas.

  95. I enjoy Christmas in July and getting a head start on Christmas project ideas going. Thanks for the chance to win.

  96. Can’t help with all this heat, thinking about the cold days around Christmas. Such wonderful memories of Christmas through the years. Being a beginner, I’m thrilled to be making Christmas gifts and decorations. Such talented people with so many beautiful projects. Thanks for the opportunity

  97. It would be fun to start in July for Christmas but I am not really in the mood when it is 100 degrees outside. If I had someone to sew with and get me started I think I could do it. I just need a kick start to get going.

  98. I love Christmas in July. It helps get a jump on holiday projects so they aren’t last minute

  99. I love Christmas in July. All the great projects and inspiration really gets me in the mood to start planning what to make for gifts.

  100. I do like starting my Christmas gifts in July. A great jump start on the season!

  101. I do like Christmas in July. It gets me moving on projects so Im less likely to be pulling an all nighter getting a gift ready to wrap

  102. I love Christmas in July. It reminds me that I cannot leave handmade gifts to the month of December. Keep up the good work! Love the looks of the new book!

  103. I could leave my Christmas tree up all year – so yes, love celebrating Christmas in July. Lovely Book – and especially love all the charities Martingale and Moda are involved in.

  104. Love your snowman. Makes one wish for a bit of snow. I start pondering GIFTS in July.

  105. It’s great to have Christmas in July so we can get a head start of holiday projects!

  106. I love when I can get a jump start on Christmas gifts. It makes it much easier to enjoy the holiday season. It sure helps to be retired as well😋

  107. I do like Christmas in July. It gets my mind going for holiday projects but also reminds me I need to work on Fall/Halloween things & that is closer than Christmas. It takes my mind off this Wisconsin heat !!

  108. I always think I want to start Christmas in July, but I never do! 🙂 I enjoy sewing holiday projects nearer to the actual holiday time.

  109. I enjoy the Christmas in July projects because the fabric comes out now and it’s fun to see what all the designers have come up with. It also gives me time to think and maybe get started on a project to hopefully finish up in time for Christmas! Thanks!

  110. i do enjoy Christmas in July, it gives me head start in getting my Christmas quilts, table runners etc. done

  111. Well, there is one positive side effect from the pandemic shutting things down–I’ve actually been working on the Christmas Mystery Quilt blocks and have finished two, one being Lisa’s block!

  112. Love Christmas projects. It is especially nice to think of a cooler time of year when the temperature is 100 plus degrees.

  113. As I finished my first Christmas quilting project well after the first of this year. I will appreciate more the time I need and the heads up “its Christmas in July “ will be a good kickstart for Christmas 2020. I’m looking forward to some merry

  114. I love the idea of Christmas in July. I always need plenty of time to finish everything for the holidays.

  115. Christmas in July is fun. I love your project from the book. There is never enough time to make enough Christmas projects in my mind! 🙂 Especially when you like to quilt, cross-stitch, crochet and play with paint and resin! K-

  116. This book looks great! Yes, I do like Christmas in July! It gives me great inspiration to get started on my holiday gift projects. Otherwise, I get caught at the last minute with nothing done.

  117. Even though I haven’t sewn a Christmas project in July, I do enjoy seeing the blog posts about them. I keep a pinterest board for ideas so I can stitch a few up as the mood strikes!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  118. I love working on Christmas projects, and I am slow, so being inspired through the summer will help me get things finished. Enjoy seeing your tiny blocks!

  119. I love Christmas in July — in order to get lots of gifts made it’s important to start early!

  120. Cute project! Yes, love thinking about Christmas in July. It’s often high 90s or 100s here in California so thinking about cooler weather and getting together with family is wonderful!

  121. Your book looks very inspirational. I love working on Christmas projects in the summer & enjoy pulling them out to decorate for the holidays! Hope I win!!

  122. We love Christmas is July! It gets me inspired and motivated for Christmas projects. We actually put our Christmas trees back up this year because looking at the twinkling lights makes us happy 🙂

  123. Love Christmas in July. Without it I would not get near enough accomplished in time for Christmas. And it keeps me busy during hallmark shows.

  124. I’m a July in July kind of stitcher….aka stitch in season! July is waaaaaaaay too awesome to be thinking about snow and baking in a hot kitchen. I spend July outdoors enjoying picnics, fireworks, gardening, classic car shows, fresh fruits and veggies and lots of ice cream and sweet tea in the evenings…. did I mention fireflies? 🙂 Yep…. that’s my July! I usually start stitching Christmas in November… cuz that’s when I’m too full of turkey, pumpkin pie and buttered dinner rolls to do anything else BUT sit and stitch! lol!

  125. I definitely like Christmas in July kickoffs because I need all the time I can to make Christmas gifts. Lol!

  126. I love Christmas in July! You have to start early to get everything done before Christmas!

  127. Head start for Christmas is great!
    Before c-19, my quilt shop was going to do Xmas in July with past Xmas wallhangings, quilts, maybe next year. Would have been fun to see everyone’s work.

  128. I love thinking about Christmas in July. It helps to get ideas ready and plan ahead. Now getting everything done in time for Christmas is another story, but planning ahead with good intentions is fun. Who doesn’t love looking at all the great fabrics early 😍🌲❄️

  129. Christmas in July helps me remember how fast the seasons change. Reminds me cooler weather will be here before we know it. Cute stocking.

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