12 Needful Things….Day 12

Welcome to my 12 Days of  Needful Things!  I am grateful to know there are a lot of NEW Quilter’s & Stitchers following me here now than ever before.  I want you ALL to know that this warms my heart in a big way.  2020 has been a big year of change…change that we will look back on and talk about as a big world event…like this… Do you remember the year we all “stayed home?” and so on.  (Click on Links to find out more information)

For me, 2020 ‘s changes were very dramatic in my quilting life. Who am I kidding… my quilting life IS my life…hahaha…bear with me here before we begin the 12 Needful Things… I am not upset about 2020.  I am an optimist…I found lots to LOVE about 2020.  But  here are a few things that changed significantly for me…

No travel...I used to travel two to three times a month, teaching for guilds, vending at a shows, traveling with quilters on an adventure, buying trips, regular visits to our California store and work & personal quilting retreats…all gone for 2020.

Re-Creating how we do business.  Primitive Gatherings was a strong family business.  But what do we do if we can’t attend a quilt show and sell our products? if we don’t have a class full of students?  I guess we get on social media, start a group….(Stitch with Lisa) where I could fill the void of not being able to teach.   I started sharing little videos on stitches, how to’s and then the LIVE video’s sharing what I am working on, tutorials and sharing my home life as well.  In other words being available to those who needed some social interaction because the only place we were going was the grocery store, in fear mind you….I believe we still are in the infancy of our business transformation.  We are now on YouTube, I have become a little more comfortable in front of the camera…We are working on a better set up for video/audio and learning our new equipment.  We have big plans and in the end…we will make the best of 2020.

Personal care...being able to stay home allowed me the ability to take better care of myself… I hired an online Life Coach which helped with many issues, time management, work/personal life separation, weight loss, personal relationships, and learning how to celebrate my successes. These are just a few things that I am working on with her.  It is all still a work in progress but I feel much more confident and in control than I have ever been before.

Collaborations..when you are unsure of the future…you work harder.  I have two possibly three books coming out in 2021  with Martingale.  We have four MODA fabrics lines with supporting pattern books coming in 2021. Two are regular cotton lines, one flannel, and one homespun.   I have 2 more already in the works for 2022, this would have never happened before…to be this far ahead with my fabric lines.  I do not recall how many other collaborations we will be involved in…I know we are in American Patchwork & Quilting in early summer of 2021…and a few more Moda All-Star books too!

Why am I telling you all this?  As this year ends I want to change things for next year.  We will be moving into a new Shop & Warehouse and then our retreat house.   This will allow us to better to serve our quilting community.  For our online community I want to offer more Stitch-Alongs, tutorials, Add a “quilty”  subscription box in the alternating months we do not have a wool/stitchery box.

I do not know if we will have the Summer blocks of the weeks the same way as we have offered them for the past 15 years….and this event the 12 days of Needful Things will also change…but I promise the changes will be good and you will probably like it much better!

I can’t possibly thank you enough for your participation, loyalty, and friendship when we all needed each other this year.  As the leader of Primitive Gatherings, I promise you we all give 100% in everything we do…We care and want our customers to be happy…Stitching is our happy place…

Now onto the Needful Things...Important Info first…please READ.

There will be 12 days…starting today…some will have multiple items some only one….you can keep your items in your wish list until the end…or not…shipping is free after $100. If you are keeping them in your cart they will clear after a certain amount of days…so add them wish list and then add them to the cart when you are ready to order.   If the item is a pre-order it needs to go in a separate single order…

We have items in stock, however, we do not know if we will sell 5 or 500 so we may have to order additional items in, this takes time…so do not be in a hurry for your order…it is also the holidays….there are days we are shut down and employees are on vacation…if you wait to place your order at the end, know it will be well into January before it comes….

Please understand we are a SMALL business (do not compare us with major online shopping outlets)….we are expanding with the BUILD  (click here for weekly updates) but for now we have two or three persons working to ship…we do work more than 1 shift at times like this…but this is not a normal time and we cannot hire just anyone off the street to get your orders right…we need to train them for a long time to know threads and designers and all that knit picky stuff…

Now back to the fun stuff.

Day 12-Fabric…Ahhhh yes, we all NEED fabric and I bet for most of you, stitched a lot of fabric this year!  The fabric I would like to offer here in my next fabric release in April 2021.  For this event we are featuring 20% off our pre-cuts and 10% off our kits and book.  This will be a pre-order and only pre-orders of this fabric can be on the order with the April delivery.

Primitive Gatherings

Style is personal, it’s how we share something about ourselves without speaking.  Urban Farmhouse Gatherings, it about mixing vintage prints with a modern color palette to create a mood that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable, while also being independent and distinctive.  This time there are beautiful large scale floral prints to accompany our tried-and-true shirting-style prints.  Just when you thought you knew me, right?

With Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II, make something beautiful for you home, or that special person in your life, by sharing a bit of yourself with them.

If you missed out on Urban Farmhouse Gatherings, now is the time to create with this beautiful line…If you are lucky to have Urban Farmhouse Gatherings, now it is possible to add to your collection for more prints in this beautiful, timeless palette with Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II!

Here is what my team and I have come up with for quilts and projects…Interwoven Star

Interwoven Star-Finishes at 77″x 77″

This quilt looks hard but is easily constructed of large HST’s and rectangles. The light large beautiful print is featured in the center.

Click HERE to Pre-Order your kit.

Weave Got YouWeave Got You- Finished size 92″x 98″

This fat quarter friendly quilt is designed by my graphic designer Teri.  Strip piecing will make this intimadating pattern not-so scary!

Click HERE to Pre-Order your kit.

Cabin on the RidgeCabin on the Ridge- Finishes at 70″x72″ If you know much about me you know what ridge it is named after…but I LOVED making this quilt.  So fun, easy and it turned out so perfect and Jake quilted it sooooooooo beautiful!  This so far is eveyone’s favorite from the 6, but we are not quite done making them all yet…so that can change.

Click HERE to Pre-Order your kit.

Snowflake Star

Snowflake Star- Finished at 85″x108″ Now do not be fooled…this quilt looks hard but those blocks are big…and I know you all know how easy those HSTs are to make now…So this quilt features one dark grey and 6 light prints!  Sure to be a classic on our bed this winter! ( next winter for you)

Click HERE to Pre-Order your kit.


Clematis- Finished size is 69″x 78″  By far the easies quilt in the book…The  center are a beautiful fussy cut clematis flower.  This floral is so intricate and beautiful!

Click HERE to Pre-Order your kit.

Trellis Flower Garden

Trellis Flower Garden- 72″x 81″ We are stitching these strips of flower as I write this…beautiful fabrics and easy wool appliqué compliment the wools and cotton combination!

Click HERE to Pre-Order your kit.

Now all the above quilts will be in this book…Urban Patchwork Gatherings…It is on sale for 20% off during our 12 Days…also…this is not going to be the actual cover of the book..   Urban Patchwork Gatherings Book

Do you have this book?  This new fabric will work with this book too!Urban Farmhouse Gatherings

Here are the projects from my pervious book…just a little more eye candy this Sunday….

Hang in there with me. I know this post is long….but we can’t forget about the PRE-CUTS!!!

Urban Farmhouse Gatherings IIUrban Farmhouse Gatherings II Precuts

Click Here to PRE-order these pre-cuts..

Precuts again are 20% OFF! Only til the end of the year!

I will be posting and video-ing  a lot of about these NEW quilts and the pillow projects as we finish them up and create a couple more single patterns as well!  It is hard promoting fabrics that will not be out in the world until April 2021 but we have our order in and if we need to adjust it will still may be able to…but not for long.  I am also using this fabric for Sewcialites sew- along with Fat Quarter Shop!

I have a F8 bundle of this line ready for one of you!!!…if you read all the way to the end you can leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite fabric line from Primitive Gatherings is for you….If you have never sewn with my fabrics…time to start!!!!  lol…. I will post winners for each post on Christmas Day!!!!

Have a great Sunday you all …and I may pop up live today in our STITCH group..with something fun!

All for now…Lisa & the hardest working Quilt Shop staff at Primitive Gatherings!!!

385 responses to “12 Needful Things….Day 12”

  1. karlasal Avatar

    That is an impossible question. But today I will say snowman gatherings

    1. Sheryl Snyder Avatar
      Sheryl Snyder

      Love every line you have had. Especially the flannel gatherings. Keep up the good work.

    2. Kim Anderson Avatar
      Kim Anderson

      I absolutely love the Indigo Gatherings fabric line! Redwork is right up there too!

    3. Bev F Avatar
      Bev F

      So hard to pick a favorite. I love them all. My recent favorite is Red work gatherings.
      Thanks for all you do.

  2. Tana Ehine Avatar
    Tana Ehine

    My favorite line of fabric is the next one you come out with! 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️

  3. LaureT Avatar

    Definitely redwork gatherings!

  4. Toni Avatar

    Love red work gatherings!

    1. Patti Schuldt Avatar
      Patti Schuldt

      Redwork Gatherings is beautiful!

  5. Jonnie Nottingham Avatar

    Hi, Lisa! Eager to go check this out, but want to comment first that I’d have a hard time picking between redwork gatherings and indigo gatherings, but since I love red and “white (light)” quilts, I’ll say redwork gathertings! Thank you for what you do for us! Love you <3

  6. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Well it had been Urban Farmhouse but II looks so special. Thanks Lisa got all you do for us.

  7. Marie L. Beers Avatar
    Marie L. Beers

    Urban Farmhouse I and II——they both go with my decor.

  8. Ellen Reibling Avatar
    Ellen Reibling

    I had a bundle of Urban Farmhouse I and just used it up this is so exciting to see there is more coming!

  9. Rebecca Avatar

    Happy Holidays Lisa!
    Love Red Work Gatherings❤️

  10. denniele Avatar

    I love Snowmen Gatherings. I might have a little stash of it! 😉

  11. Patti Zeck Avatar

    I have several favorites but I absolutely love the latest Redworks. It is gorgeous.

  12. Sheryll Foye Avatar
    Sheryll Foye

    I have used many of your gatherings lines – right now indigo gatherings pushes all my buttons! LOVE your fabrics.

  13. Cherie Reynolds Avatar
    Cherie Reynolds

    My favorite fabric lines are your red, white snd blue ones!!!

  14. Jean Westfall Avatar
    Jean Westfall

    Pick one??? I guess it would be the redworks

  15. Jan Doyle Avatar
    Jan Doyle

    Using indigo gatherings and urban farmhouse now. Love them both

  16. Gayle Lacey Avatar
    Gayle Lacey

    Hi, Lisa! My favorite line to date is Flower Garden Gatherings. I love neutrals, and these especially. I’m using my stash of these with some blues to make your pattern, Take It Easy … a perfect outlook for 2021! Thanks for so many wonderful fabrics and patterns to create with! You rock!

  17. Marsha Sensel Avatar
    Marsha Sensel

    It’s hard to choose but I think it would be redwork gatherings.

  18. Deb Valentine Avatar
    Deb Valentine

    I love love Redwork Gathetings!!

  19. Nancy Knight Avatar
    Nancy Knight

    Lisa – it’s unfair to ask which line is our favorite – like picking your favorite child! That said I am partial to the collections that feature red!

  20. Jodi Avatar

    Always such amazing projects and beautiful fabric !!

    Any idea when you will be doing the second order for your 2020 Christmas mugs?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      On the site now

    2. Kay U McAllister Avatar
      Kay U McAllister

      Jodi, I saw it on the website yesterday under New Items.

      1. Jodi Avatar

        Thank you Kay! Just found them 😉

  21. Caren Avatar

    Ever optimistic Lisa. Your posts are informative and newsy. Your creativity is boundless. Looking forward to your new endeavors. Very Mherry Christmas to you, Nick, the boys, and spectacular staff.

  22. Patricia Robinette Avatar
    Patricia Robinette

    I love red and white so red work gatherings.

  23. Pamela D Miller Avatar
    Pamela D Miller

    I can’t just choose one, Lisa. I have most of them. I love Snowman Gatherings, Redwork Gatherings and the Flannel Gatherings. All of your fabrics are luscious!

  24. Terri Clemensen Avatar
    Terri Clemensen

    My favorite fabric line is probably redwork gatherings. I truly have enjoyed them all…I love and admire vintage redwork quilts.. may be that’s why? They usually have a story to tell!

  25. Karen Miller Avatar
    Karen Miller

    My favorite of your fabric lines is the one I’m working with at any given time. Haha. Right now it’s Redwork Gatherings. Next will be American Gatherings. I love them all!! I saw your new flower garden gatherings when I picked my quilt up from Luke. Oh my. That is even prettier than the first flower garden gatherings!! Keep on doing what you do!!

  26. Janette L Avatar
    Janette L

    That is a hard question! I love the snowman gatherings lines (would love to see another encore!) but also the urban farmhouse!

  27. Jeanette Avatar

    I also loved Snowman Gatherings as I love snowmen. But, I really fell in love with the Indigo Gatherings!

    1. Tammy Avatar

      The flannels have to be my absolute favorite. The softness is just amazing!

  28. Diane Avatar

    I LOVE the Redwork Gatherings – I have a pile of it ready to be tackled end of December as my bonus and reward for staying centered all Holiday long!!! I’ve got the panel also – cannot wait to tackle that!
    Now I’d love the “We’re Better Together” pillow pattern!!! So much to do and so little time! LOL

  29. Lorelei Stinson Avatar
    Lorelei Stinson

    Well I have to agree it is so very hard to choose as every thing that comes out is on my wish list but I Iove the Needle and Thread Gatherings collection.

  30. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Favorite line from PG is hard to decide but perhaps Redwork Gathering or one I’m starting a quilt with tomorrow, Indigo Gathering. Perfect for January.

  31. Phyllis Beneditz Avatar
    Phyllis Beneditz

    I have Snowman Gatherings, and Redwork Gatherings looks amazing , but I can hardly wait for American Gatherings 😀

  32. KarenSmith Avatar

    I love your Redwork Gatherings. Hope to make a red and white quilt after the first of the year and want to use that fabric. Have already purchased your pattern. Merry Christmas!

  33. Nancy Oliver Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Nancy Oliver Fitzpatrick

    I’d have to say Redwrk Gatherings. I am a sucker for all things red!!

  34. V Geib Avatar
    V Geib

    My favorites of all your fabrics are the flannels. I LOVE them. Next would be wools. I asked for the swatch book for
    Christmas. You do this the best of anyone I have ever seen. I am really looking forward to the new Christmas line of fabric next summer. I am pretty sure that will be my new favorite. I recently worked on a pattern by another designer and the instructions and pattern was awful to me. I realized I have been completely spoiled by the organized and thoughtful way you do things, Lisa. And again, I am so thankful for you and all you do.

  35. Debra Lee Ballard Avatar
    Debra Lee Ballard

    Oh my that’s hard to do but Indigo Gatherings is a favorite.

  36. Barb Walsh Avatar
    Barb Walsh

    This looks like fun. Can’t wait to see what each day brings.

  37. wantstoberetired Avatar

    Difficult choice, but I’m liking Urban Farmhouse because it’s different from what I generally gravitate toward. Merry Christmas to you and your crew. 🌲😊🌲

  38. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    First of all thanks for all you and your staff do for us!! My favorite lines so far were the first two you came out with. But I’ve loved them all and your flannel is the best along with your PG Muslins in different shades!! Keep up the great work thanks 🥰

  39. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    I love Indygo Gatherings!! Thanks for all you do Lisa!!

  40. Dawn Schoening Avatar
    Dawn Schoening

    So much excitement in your life happy for you and wish you the best. I am a big Miss fan so like something out of every line

  41. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    I think Old Glory gatherings. Eager for American Gatherings! So appreciate all your good fabric and patterns and ideas and support!

    1. Lisa Rettig Avatar
      Lisa Rettig

      I love Redwork Gatherings! So far, lol. Love them all.

  42. Kristi Castanette Avatar
    Kristi Castanette

    All your fabrics are fantastic but I’ll have choose Indigo Gatherings! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Merry Christmas to you, Nick and your sons and your staff!

  43. Dawn Schoening Avatar
    Dawn Schoening

    Miss fan

  44. Sarah Alexander Avatar
    Sarah Alexander

    Just one favorite? Impossible! My current obsession is the American Gatherings line. Can’t wait for 2021 Sew Along.

  45. Pat Dubois Avatar
    Pat Dubois

    Farmhouse Gatherings would have to be my favorite…..absolutely love the quality of the soft flannels! I have become. HUGE grey fan……

  46. Robin Gregg Avatar
    Robin Gregg

    Thank you for always inspiring us with your designs. I have seen with many of the lines and I love them all but Your flannel lines are my favorite.

  47. Marilyn wolf Avatar
    Marilyn wolf

    I enjoy all your fabrics, but snowman gatherings is one of my favorites.

  48. Bonnie larson Avatar
    Bonnie larson

    I love PG flannels. All of them!! They are such beautifil quality. Thanks

  49. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I think my favorite fabric line is the one that comes out next. In other words, a new line is coming out? It’s better than the last one and I cannot resist!
    I’m a big fan of your grey lines, but I have to say, the Farmhouse Flannels are yummy! I just ordered the white/cream flannel from your CA store to make Baby Boy, from the September the wool box,

  50. debby421 Avatar

    You make it very very hard to choose one line. I love your flannels, they are so luscious and soft. I love to just hug them. The colors are delightful and coordinate between the lines, it is hard not to find something to love. Thank you for all your work and your inspiration.

  51. Katherine Avatar

    Hmmm. well, today my favorite is Redwork Gatherings but that may change depending on whatever my next project is!


    I think Redwork Gatherings is my favorite…but I have several other lines that are a close second!

  53. Bunny Easlick Avatar
    Bunny Easlick

    My favorite Primative Gatherings fabric line right now is Redwork Gatherings I love it! I preordered that line too and was so happy I did!

  54. Sandy Avatar

    Love the 12 needful Things. Have gotten some good things and ideas each time. One of my favorites is Redwork Gatherings. Thanks so much!!

  55. Deanna Loder Avatar
    Deanna Loder

    Today, Redwork Gatherings.

  56. Barbara Tuman Avatar
    Barbara Tuman

    My favorite for winter is Snowman Gatherings. Have made several project with ENOUGH stash to make more!

  57. Wendy Avatar

    I love blues so, Indigo Gatherings has been my favorite so far. I made the Take it Easy quilt with the IG fabric for one of my grandsons. Love it!

  58. Joy Wegand Avatar
    Joy Wegand

    Thank you for all the fun! Snowman gatherings was my favorite!!!

  59. Cathy Winger Avatar
    Cathy Winger

    Hi Lisa, I’m so hooked on everything Primitive! My favorite at this typing is red work gathering although I’m very anxious to get my American gathering! Thank you fir creating so much beauty!!!

  60. Alison Avatar

    Indigo gatherings is my favourite

  61. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    My favorite line of yours is Star and Stripe Gatherings. I bought the fat quarter bundle and the book and have made 4 quilts with it!

  62. Louise Nielson Avatar
    Louise Nielson

    I love the distinction in color and design of your quilts! I don’t have a favorite, I think I like them all! My hope is someday to visit your shop. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  63. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    Urban farmhouse has become my favorite. I must say it’s hard to pick just one.

  64. Brenda k Miller Avatar
    Brenda k Miller

    I have to say Snowman gatherings III. I unfortunately found you after much of this line was already very hard to find. But I absolutely LOVE it!

  65. Kimberly Lusin Avatar
    Kimberly Lusin

    So hard to pick only one, but I love Redwork Gatherings!

  66. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    I’m a sucker for the Wool & Needle flannels. But my daughter loves the Urban Farmhouse palette, so I see that in my future as well!

  67. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    Hard to pick just one. Loving the Redwork Gathering and America Gathering.

  68. Teri Avatar

    I love Redwork Gatherings. At least for today it is my favorite.

  69. Phyllis R Limiero Avatar
    Phyllis R Limiero

    My favorite is Redwork Gatherings. I love traditional so this really fits that need. I have done many of your BOMs and loved them. You are all awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  70. Rita Avatar

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re considering a quilty box in the future…woohoo! I love Miniature Gatherings!!

  71. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    Indigo Gatherings and Red Gatherings second. I admire your drive and talent to bring your dream to life. I can’t wait to see the next chapters.

  72. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I love Farmhouse Flannels II because it was my first flannel to sew with and I’ve learned so much about starching and precision work. Thank you Lisa!!

  73. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    My favorite fabric line is Redwork Gatherings!!! Love it!!!

  74. Teresa Avatar

    Wow, sensational blog today. Thank you!

  75. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    How can you expect us to pick one favorite?? I loved Indigo Gatherings also the Snowman Gatherings ( I think there were 2 lines of that, right? Loved them both), also the flannels and Redwork Gatherings. Too many great ones to pick just one!

  76. Deborah Jacobs Avatar
    Deborah Jacobs

    Anything with red seems to call my name lately. I love the classic look of Redwork Gatherings. . . just think how versatile it is: Red combines well with your grays of Urban Farmhouse and with Indigo Gatherings. Thank you for the way you have adapted to help us all during this strange year!

  77. bookangel18 Avatar

    Hi there,
    I did love Lakeside Gatherings with Indigo gatherings a close second! Merry Christmas!

  78. marsap1hotmailcom Avatar

    I love the look of the Urban Farmhouse Gatherings. I like the sample quilts they really showcase the line.

  79. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Picking a favorite fabric line is like picking a favorite child! I love them all, but would have to say Indigo Gatherings and Red Work Gatherings for right now. Although your new line is pretty spectacular!

  80. Tammy Berry Avatar
    Tammy Berry

    I would say – ANY of your flannels. I would LOVE to have sheets made out of them!!

  81. Dana M Haskell Avatar
    Dana M Haskell

    I think my favorite is Redwork Gatherings, as I love red/white quilts. I’m also working on Twilight Garden and it’s my first experience with your flannels. I love the feel of it, so I want to work some more with your flannels too.

  82. Sue Avatar

    Thank you for all you and your employees do for us. I love Redwork Gatherings. I am looking forward to all your new lines of fabric coming this year. Take care.

  83. Barbara Firesheets Avatar
    Barbara Firesheets

    My favorite fabric lines are Little Gatherings with those rich browns and American Gatherings (who can resist patriotic fabric?). Love all you do!

  84. Donna Kuehl Avatar
    Donna Kuehl

    Love the flannels

  85. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    Oh, to just pick one! I’m guessing red work gatherings, if I have to pick just one. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and all the wonderful workers you have.

  86. souderja Avatar

    My favorite line is Indigo Gatherings and the new line looks amazing. Have a great Holiday and thank you!

  87. Grams Avatar

    I love all your fabrics but all time favorite was Snowman Gatherings

  88. Chris Avatar

    My favorite would be the flower garden gatherings. And I love all of the flannels.

  89. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    I can’t just say one line, but absolutely love all your flannels! They are so soft and the colors are beautiful. Presently working on my second quilt with the red work line, the reds all go together so nicely.

    1. Mary Kolb Avatar
      Mary Kolb

      American Gathering is my favorite!

  90. Pat Leiker Avatar
    Pat Leiker

    Favorite- Red Work Gatherings

  91. Kim Avatar

    I love all of your fabric lines! Love your luscious flannels. But if I have to choose one it would be snowman gatherings. I collect snowmen so I am enjoying making projects with this line.

  92. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    American Gathering is my favorite!!

  93. Lynne Jenkins Avatar

    I am new to the quilting world, but completely and forever addicted to it. If my world would let me I would piece everyday, all day, but alas it will not. I have not used one of your fabric lines and never had a desire to make something from colors in Farmhouse Gatherings, however they are gorgeous. I especially like the Snowflake Star Pattern. Thank you for sharing!

  94. Joyce beenes Avatar
    Joyce beenes

    That is a hard choice, but probably indigo gatherings.

  95. Lori Avatar

    While I love ALL your fabric lines (and have most of them) my ‘favorites’ would be Homespun Gatherings and Flower Garden Gatherings 💕

  96. Cindy Carlson Avatar
    Cindy Carlson

    Well, every time a new line comes out it’s my new favorite! Right now I’m thinking it’s going to be hard to top Redwork Gatherings! I’m currently working on Take It Easy and loving it!

  97. Linda Wilkinson Avatar

    It is hard to select just one, but I would say Old Glory Gatherings. Creams, reds, blues, sheep, stars & stripes; what is not to love! I have fabrics from the Urban Farmhouse Gatherings line, and am looking forward to adding pieces from this new collection to it for even scrappier quilts.

    Thank you for everything you do for us, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  98. Melinda Rathmell Avatar
    Melinda Rathmell

    So excited for your Urban Gatherings II to add to my collection of Urban Gatherings I !!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the larger print designs!
    Merry Christmas Lisa and yo your family!
    Also, really enjoyed the tour of your home and how you decorated for the holiday!!!🎄🎅🏻❤️

  99. K.C. Koehler Avatar
    K.C. Koehler

    Lisa- there are so many favorites to chose from but I return to American Gatherings. Thank you for all you do- you’ve helped many of us through tough times.

  100. Melinda Rathmell Avatar
    Melinda Rathmell

    Also, really can’t wait to make the Weaved got you Covered Quilt!!!!!

  101. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    Hi Lisa, First of all , you are absolutely the best. Your generosity is overwhelming! I had(used) and have many of your fabric collections I guess, because of anticipation, I’m excited for American Gatherings. Have a fantastic And Blessed Christmas. Pam Marcis.

  102. Germaine Avatar

    Snowman Gatherings. Would like to try flannel gatherings. Your flannels are so so soft!

  103. Laura Baumgardner Avatar
    Laura Baumgardner

    I love them all but I think I like the snowman gatherings line the best.

  104. Marcy Avatar

    My favorite is redwork gatherings. Just finished a Gorgeous quilt with it. Now searching for a fat quarter bundle of Seasonal Gatherings

  105. Lorraine Wiez Avatar
    Lorraine Wiez

    Snowman gatherings is my favorite!

  106. Janet Bjordahl Avatar

    My new favorite – Urban Farmhouse Gatherings II. Just pre-ordered Clematis kit (love), book and precuts!! Thanks for making 2020 tolerable, Lisa and Crew!!!

  107. Valerie Avatar

    Hard to say what would be my favorite. Love the Farmhouse Flannels and I really like your Primitive Muslins for my stitchery project quilts. Currently using an Urban Farmhouse layer cake to make bowl cozies which are turning out fabulous. Can’t say I know of any stinkers that you produced. Must say that after discovering and falling in love with your SBOWs this year I was disappointed to hear they are changing. Not complaining, just had enough change for one year. LOL Looking forward to see what happens next. I wish you, your loved ones and the whole Primitive Gatherings staff the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

  108. Deb Avatar

    Hi Lisa, my favorite fabric is the blue line (can’t think of the name)

  109. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    This line looks exciting. One of my favorite lines is American Gatherings ~ It has two of my favorites with red and navy! Thanks!

  110. Patti S Avatar
    Patti S

    My favorite line is your snowman gathering lines. I love snowmen and they were so cute. I did make a table runner and wall hanging with the fabric.

  111. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    I love every single collection you have ever designed so to choose one is very difficult. I love the primitive muslin, the wool & needle flannels, and homespun gatherings. I loved little seasonal gatherings, old glory gatherings, and needle and thread gatherings. I quess if I had to choose one it would be Snowman Gatherings. How you continue to create such awesome collections for us is amazing.

  112. Kathleen Beyer Avatar
    Kathleen Beyer

    Hard to pick just one…….but I will go with Redwork Gatherings. I consider red a neutral and it goes with everything and for all seasons!!

  113. Mary ONeil Avatar
    Mary ONeil

    Hi Lisa, I have loved your Snowmen Gatherings 1, 2 and 3. Each “gathering” has gone into your Mr. Snowman quilt for the grandkids-and they love them.

  114. Kathleen Beyer Avatar
    Kathleen Beyer

    Hard to pick just one!!! But I would have to go with Redwork gatherings. After all red is a neutral color in my book……goes with all seasons too!

  115. Kim Avatar

    An oldie but a goodie Snowman Gatherings, my favourite quilt was made with this range! Love your work, I also love Urban flannel ranges!

  116. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I love all your fabric lines but if I have to pick, I think your wool and needle flannels are my favorite!

  117. Jeanne Vaughan Avatar
    Jeanne Vaughan

    All of your lines are great and I’m very sorry I missed the first Urban Gatherings line. I’m not missing this one. Current favorite is Red Work Gatherings as it’s what I’m working with right now. Like so many other comments I’d like to say THANKS for all you do for the quilting community!

  118. June Avatar

    Love Redwork Gatherings!!!

  119. Sandra Fraenkel Avatar
    Sandra Fraenkel

    Redwirk gatherings🙂. Of course, I can’t remember the names of my last favorites!

  120. Sherrill Ash Avatar
    Sherrill Ash

    Redwork Gatherings has been a favorite along with Christmas Gatherings.

  121. Linda Valentino Avatar
    Linda Valentino

    I love your Redwork Gatherings the most! ❤️

  122. Ruthann Lindsay Avatar
    Ruthann Lindsay

    I just discovered you and your company this year. Haven’t used any of your fabric lines but love your flannels. Do mostly wool applique …love your patterns. I would have to say urban gatherings II as I like larger prints and modern styles. Your staff and videos are wonderful.

  123. Pamela Beevers Avatar
    Pamela Beevers

    Love your designs! Redwork Gatherings is my favorite but your new line is delightful! ❤️

  124. Wynona Avatar

    Urban farmhouse is warm and beautiful-I am in love with all the patterns you have made for inspiration

  125. Terrie Avatar

    I would say Indigo Gatherings and Snowman Gatherings. I love. Lue!

  126. Beth Hasenauer Avatar
    Beth Hasenauer

    I love Indigo gatherings and Urban farmhouse. Blue and Grey. Thank you for all you and the PG staff do for all of us.!!!! Please know you make us feel like we are part of a large quilting/stitching gathering family.

  127. Betsy Bitner Avatar
    Betsy Bitner

    This is such a hard question because I love them all, along with the projects you create to go with them! But if I have to pick, it would be Farmhouse Flannels I & II – I’m using them now to make a wedding quilt for my daughter and son-in-law (a socially distanced, Covid wedding we watched via Zoom this fall).

  128. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I think it was called Small/Miniature Gatherings.

  129. Caryn S Avatar
    Caryn S

    I love them all. It’s hard to choose since they are all so different and warm. American Gatherings and Urban Farmhouse for now.

  130. Sharon Avatar

    Snowman Gatherings…every line of them!!

  131. Roxie Avatar

    My favorite line was Indigo Gatherings. Perhaps I should say, “My favorite line ‘is’ Indigo Gatherings. I am working on the first of four quilt kits and then there is my fat quarter tower.

  132. Janet Avatar

    Thanks so much for helping get us al through 2020. Your positive words and attitude is a great inspiration!! Jmh

  133. Maureen Skurski Avatar

    I love the Farmhouse flannels!

  134. Sybilla Steenport Avatar
    Sybilla Steenport

    Snowman Gatherings is my favorite! But I really love them all!

  135. Janet Avatar

    Oops, forgot to add my favorite…….Urban Farmhouse…..at the moment. Jmh

  136. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    It is very difficult to choose, but must say Old Glory Gatherings is my favorite. This line was the introduction and beginning of my love for Primitive Gatherings.
    No matter what you design, it seems to always hit a sweet spot!😊

  137. Teresa Avatar

    I love all of your fabrics!! Wish I had the time to make everyone of your quilts!! One can only hope!!

  138. Amy Cofer Avatar
    Amy Cofer

    Liberty Gatherings is my favorite line of fabrics you’ve created for Moda.

  139. Crystal Celeste Avatar
    Crystal Celeste

    Snowman gatherings is my favorite. I’m new to doing wool projects and really trying to fine tune my stitches. It’s been a wonderful way to finally relax when I’m not working at the hospital! Thank you for all you all do!

  140. Roxanne Boyer Avatar
    Roxanne Boyer

    My favorite is the Snowman Gatherings lines.

  141. Cynthia G. Avatar
    Cynthia G.

    Urban Farmhouse and Red work Gatherings.

  142. Vicki Ascher Avatar
    Vicki Ascher

    My favorite is American Gatherings.

  143. Kathy Avatar

    My favorite line is Redwork Gatherings! I love a classic red and white quilt. I’m so glad you are doing this again this year! Sounds like some wonderful things are happening for you and your small business. Best wishes!

  144. S. Gimpel Avatar
    S. Gimpel

    Seasonal Gatherings has aiways been a favourite of mine but I haven’t seen a fabric line of yours I didn’t like.

  145. emilyjoy180 Avatar

    I’ve not sewn with your fabrics although I have Snowman gatherings in my stash. They look so yummy!

  146. Veronica Dibble Avatar
    Veronica Dibble

    My fave is Floral Gatherings. It’s been around for awhile, but I still love it!

  147. Robin Avatar

    I always like the newest line the best . . . Impossible to choose only one. Thank you for all you and your team have done to make 2020 better for me. 😘

  148. kaywelch Avatar

    I just found out that a dear friend (who’s on my list to make something in 2021) has redone her home in the farm house style. This collection will be perfect for her quilt gift. Love your collections.

  149. Mary Avatar

    Of course I love all your lines. Your flannel is the softest, nicest flannel. But I also love Redwork Gatherings and Indigo Gatherings. Two color quilts are so appealing.
    My favorite is Urban Farmhouse Gatherings flannel. Making three quilts out of it. Almost finished. Making all three at one time, so fun, when one is finished, so will three.

  150. Diane Ziegler Avatar
    Diane Ziegler

    I think my new favorite will be Urban Gatherings ll!!!

  151. <