12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

Hey Everyone! It’s Christmas time again and I’m happy to announce that the Primitive Gatherings 12 Days of Christmas starts today! Please join me in counting down the days til Christmas, as I share a few of my favorite things that today’s Stitchers need!

Let’s start off with Little Gatherings! My brand new book from Martingale Publishing, due to come out early next year…but guess what! I heard it’s here already! What??? As of just this morning, I know for a fact that the book came early, so that means we can get them signed and out to you ASAP (Pre-orders only – Must be ordered as the only item in your cart! Our anticipated shipping date at this time is January, 2022)!

Everyone loves little quilts – you can never have too many! Little Gatherings is a compilation of 13 little quilts all together in one book. I know that when I post pictures of my mini’s wall, everyone goes crazy for them! Check out my mini’s wall below!

Now is a great time to get started on your own mini collection – OR, if you’ve already started, this will just add to the possibilities of what to make next! Also, to sweeten the deal we are including a variety pack of Primitive Gatherings HST paper with each book purchased!

Today’s deal will also include 20% off all our Primitive Gatherings Triangle Paper! Don’t forget, a free Variety Pack will be included with the purchase of an autographed Little Gatherings book! Click on the photo below and it will take you to our site for easy ordering!

I am over the top excited about this newest book! I hope you are just as excited to add another great Martingale book to your library. It’s such an honor to serve the quilting community any way I can, whether it’s books on wool appliqué, tiny quilts or being one of the designers in the Moda compilation books…it’s so much fun!

Do you want to win this book? Please leave us a comment here with an estimate of how many quilting/stitching/craft books you own. I can’t wait to read your answers!

We will pick 2 winners here on the blog and 2 on our YouTube Channel comments! The winner for our 12 daily prizes will be announced on New Years Day! If you win and have purchased the book we will refund your account!!! Take care, and see you tomorrow with another one of my favorite things!


463 responses to “12 Days of Christmas – Day 12”

  1. Mary Schlegelmilch Avatar
    Mary Schlegelmilch

    Love the Little Gatherings book! I have over 200 quilting related books. Sometimes a girl has to quilt by reading a book. Love getting all the ideas!

  2. debby815 Avatar

    I would guess I have 50 quilt books but wouldn’t be surprised if I counted, there’d be a few more than that. The new book looks like it needs to be on my bookshelf! You have the best projects.

  3. An Cooper Avatar
    An Cooper

    I haven’t counted but I’m guessing over 300 I have a lot of quilt books and even more quilt magazines. I also have cross stitch and beading magazines and books

  4. Kristy Avatar

    I would estimate at least 550…and love each and every one!

    1. Pam H Avatar
      Pam H

      I think I have around 75 left after getting rid of quite a few.

      1. Marie Avatar

        250 would be a conservative number. Always seems to be one more I can’t live without. 😬

    2. Elizabeth Avatar

      Quilting books…oh my so many lovely gems 💎 estimating 75 🤷‍♀️ They are scattered about the house 🥰

    3. Judy Stone Avatar
      Judy Stone

      I must own over 700 books on crafts. They fill 4 bookshelves and a variety of boxes.

  5. Nancy Avatar


    1. Donna Montieth Avatar

      > 100, maybe > 150 quilting/stitching/sewing/Longarm quilting books are on my shelves. I’ll be moving soon, so I’ll be packing them up.

    2. Michelle Cooper Avatar
      Michelle Cooper

      I have around 30-40 quilt books but they are are of date older freebie books from 1990’s that I got from my quilters guild. Love your new mini quilt book Little Gatherings especially the feathered Star mini quilt project.

  6. Carol Gouveia Avatar
    Carol Gouveia

    I don’t have any but love small quilts. Would love to win this book and start making some.

  7. Sandy Bessingpas Avatar
    Sandy Bessingpas

    I can’t even begin to count the number of quilting books I have..I worked in a quilt,shop for many years so the temptation was always there to buy the new books as they came in.if I had to guess, I would say 150..I have purged and given away through the years.

  8. Deborah Kuchta Avatar
    Deborah Kuchta

    wow – a lot of books. Probably close to 200. I have a huge bookcase in my sewing room and now some of the newer books have taken over the bookshelves in my living area. Always can use one more!

  9. Claudia Estep Avatar
    Claudia Estep

    I love all kinds of crafts so therefore I have purchased a huge amount of books ( probably upwards of 500) But when it comes to “fabric “ books I’ll estimate 300 books and magazines (ie Simply Quits). I cannot stop myself!

  10. Lisa Smith Avatar
    Lisa Smith

    I probably own several hundred quilting books! And that doesn’t include magazine subscriptions and patterns!

    1. Linda Avatar

      I have about 25.

  11. Marj Mellon Avatar

    I would love to win this book!

  12. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I would guess probably 45 or so. How many have I used? Maybe 3. It is another sad addiction. I keep telling myself I will do all the quilt I live in the books (the reason why I bought them) when I retire and quilt all day. 🤷‍♀️

  13. Pat McNutt Avatar
    Pat McNutt

    I would guess that I have 150-175 quilting books. I think they are addictive!

  14. Stephanie Z Hironimus Avatar
    Stephanie Z Hironimus

    I would actually estimate that I have maybe 25… I love books but think I end up spending my money on more fabric!!

  15. Patricia Helton Avatar
    Patricia Helton

    I am addicted to your quilts. Did whatnot classes awhile ago. Hooked on the little quilts. I have 41 crafty books. Including all your books except new one.

  16. Nancy Knight Avatar
    Nancy Knight

    Well – I have 5 full shelves of books for all the crafts I do so I estimate about 125! I just can’t resist and love having an “at my finger tips” library

    1. Brenda Prieksat Avatar
      Brenda Prieksat

      I’m embarrassed to say after purging the books I didn’t love, I still have approximately 150-175.

  17. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    what a wonderful looking book! Your books are always AWESOME, and I think I have all but one of them. As for the number of quilting related books way to many to count but boxes full… trust me I just moved to Texas and had boxes! LOL. Happy holidays!

  18. Becky W Avatar
    Becky W

    I have quite a few but one more of yours would be wonderful. I love your style! I don’t know how you pump so many patterns and books out so quickly. You must have a lot of good elf’s to help. Merry Christmas 🎄

  19. Kathy Avatar

    Congratulations on your new book!

  20. Karen Combs Avatar

    I have over 100– never enough!!

  21. Tammy Whaley Avatar
    Tammy Whaley

    I have counted about 42 sew far just sewing and quilting books 😁. I have one section dedicated to Primitive Gatherings 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  22. Renee Stapleton Avatar
    Renee Stapleton

    Thank you for doing the 12 days of Christmas posts again this year. I look forward to seeing what you pick each year! I have too many quilting books to count. I would say at least 50. I love to look through them when I unwind in the evening (especially in the winter in front of the fireplace) and plan for the quilts I will make.

    1. Joan Powell Avatar
      Joan Powell

      Yeah Renee! How are you.

  23. Carolyn Vest Avatar
    Carolyn Vest

    I would love to win your new mini book. I have a lot of quilt books & magazines but no books on minis. Thank you for your magazine, your website & your quilty business!

  24. Julie Kennedy Avatar
    Julie Kennedy

    I have 5 shelves full of quilt books, art books for inspiration, and general design books. I counted the number of books on a couple of shelves–one shelf had around 30 books, many of them thicker/larger art books. The other shelf was mostly standard size quilt books and there were 70 of them on one shelf. I would average it all out to about 50/shelf, which would total around 250 books altogether!

  25. Therese H Avatar
    Therese H

    I would guess about 30. I love all of them!

  26. JoAnne Hawks Avatar
    JoAnne Hawks

    Around 175. Trying unsuccessfully to thin them out.

  27. Chris Avatar

    I recently cleaned my book shelf and donated some of the books I no longer use. Howeve, I think I have about 50 left. Enough to keep me busy until I find another one I like!

  28. Phyllis Beneditz Avatar
    Phyllis Beneditz

    I do love little quilts!!

  29. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    This looks like it would be an awesome addition to my collection. i currently have 4 bookshelves full (each shelf approx 4′ long) of quilt books and patterns. I love them all. Thanks

  30. Marie L. Beers Avatar
    Marie L. Beers

    I can’t count as we have moved twice across country in the last 20 and had to downsize to save on moving costs so lots of my books were given away to friends. You mini book would be a great addition.

  31. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    I have about 50, but only 1 on Little Quilts so I would love to add this one to my collection! Thanks for always being so generous!

  32. Sandi Avatar

    Congratulations on your new book! I would say I have about 200 books! I just them. I have quite a few on my kindle also but I prefer to hold the book in my hand. Hugs,

  33. Kathleen Koch Avatar
    Kathleen Koch

    I have 27 quilt books. Currently focused on signed books! Can’t wait to make my count 28 with your latest.

  34. Bobbi Hendrix Avatar
    Bobbi Hendrix

    I have an estimated 100. I started collecting the paper books after finding my great grandmother had a few in her belongings. Currently living with my daughter while building a new house and have discovered miniature quilts which I love doing!! I couldn’t give up quilting!!!

  35. Linda Holland Avatar
    Linda Holland


  36. Mimi Patten Avatar
    Mimi Patten

    Maybe 30-40? But I read and re-read again and again for inspiration and to keep my mojo up… thanks for your content

  37. Benay Cole Avatar
    Benay Cole

    I am estimating but I probably have 150.

  38. Wendy Nystrom Avatar
    Wendy Nystrom

    I have approximately 225 and that is after weeding out a lot of them this summer. I donated them to new quilters who will enjoy browsing for inspiration.

  39. Cheryl Avatar

    Hi Lisa!
    I know I have at least 100 quilting books! Probably more, lol! I have to say your books are my favorites! I think I have all of except a few of your very early works! I would love to win your newest book! Thanks for sharing your tsls with all of us!

  40. sue singer Avatar

    I have at least 30. Many were from when my quilt guild closed down its library.

  41. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    I have over 100. Never enough books. And that doesn’t include the quilting magazines.

  42. Judi Leventhal Avatar

    I have counted, although I may have missed a few, I would say 70 ranging from appliqué, quilting, cross stitch, painting, general sewing, etc.

  43. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I have 46 books, I would have had more, but decided to weed out the collection and only keep piecing and wool books, no hand appliqué books, watercolor quilts (remember that trend?) and other types of stitching I’ll probably never do.

  44. Susan Koscielak Avatar
    Susan Koscielak

    I have about 60 books. They range from general quilting procedures to specific processes such as paper piecing and appliqué and also embellishments which includes embroidery. I am more and more interested in mini quilts. I love your wall!

  45. Sarah F. Avatar
    Sarah F.

    Way tooooo many to count! I have at least 8 shelves 3-4 foot long full of quilt and quilt history books and several that are not on the shelf yet. Quilt books are a passion as is my fabric stash.

  46. John Scibran Avatar
    John Scibran

    I would say right now I have about 50 books on quilting/sewing, but I can always use anotyer one.

  47. Linda Reed Avatar
    Linda Reed

    3 Shelves of books and 2 boxes full of patterns and way too many magazines to count, which is more quilts, rugs, or stitched pieces than I can make in this lifetime. But there is always a new idea or way to do a pattern.

  48. Susan A. Lord Avatar
    Susan A. Lord

    Great patterns. I love miniature quilts. I have several books of miniature patterns along with around 30 other quilt books.

  49. Barb Avatar

    Just learning to do the mini quilts and sew those small pieces so they look nice. As for quilting books, I’d have to say over a 100.

  50. Ginny Brown Avatar
    Ginny Brown

    Maybe 15. Thinned them down when I moved…

  51. Paulette McKenna Avatar
    Paulette McKenna

    I have 56 books on quilting and 42 books on knitting. After reading some of the other comments, I think I need to do more book shopping…

  52. Linda Baker Avatar
    Linda Baker

    I have about 50 or more Love looking at them and sometimes I even make something! Love wool applique the most!

  53. Pam Avatar

    I have no idea, I would guess greater than 50. But also have an equal number of individual patterns.

  54. Kimberly Schell Avatar
    Kimberly Schell

    Your new book looks amazing. Your wall of little quilts is absolutely stunning. I would say approximately 48 books in my library.

  55. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar

    I must have over 300+ books, DVD’s, magazines and hundreds of patterns in binders. Fortunately or unfortunately these past two years we have been blessed with hundreds of free patterns from designers! The book buddy app has really helped me cut down on purchasing duplicates which it tells me I have 180 in just quilting books alone (not counting any of the other crafts I do; ie, knitting, etc). I know many keep books on their computers but I love the hard copies.

  56. Shirley Thompson Avatar
    Shirley Thompson

    Your new book looks exciting! I only have four books now as I am somewhat new to quilting.

  57. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I probably have a couple dozen. Make that 3! So much fun to look through and pick the next project!

  58. amycofer Avatar

    I have several hundred quilting books since I also love books. Have most of yours. Perhaps you’d consider doing a larger version of the 9 patch with 2 square-in-a-square borders as the pieced SBOW in 2022?

  59. Lorraine Gaffney Avatar
    Lorraine Gaffney

    Definately not 1 too many! Lots of books-love them all.

  60. Sandra L McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra L McDaniel

    24 books for me!

  61. Bernadette Bird Avatar
    Bernadette Bird

    I think about 150, but I have given many, many away. Love your small quilt wall it’s perfect!

  62. Sandra Simek Avatar
    Sandra Simek

    Enjoyed seeing the book & all your mini quilts.

  63. Sandra L McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra L McDaniel

    When you go to the website to order the book……the description is of a different book….just fyi

  64. Donna Frazier Avatar
    Donna Frazier

    I have about 25 books and 75 magazines I’ve been keeping because they have a project, “I’m going to start.” Lol.

  65. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    I love miniature quilts! I have been eagerly anticipating this book! I own about 150 books relating to quilting, sewing, etc. and would love to add this new book to my collection!

  66. Sharon Martin Avatar
    Sharon Martin

    I would estimate that I probably have about 100+ quilting books, including piecing, embroidery, wool, longarm quilting, antique quilts, and lots of primitive gatherings! I would love this Little gatherings Book to dream and make some little quilts.

  67. maryclaire36 Avatar

    I would love to add your new mini book to my library. When my collection of sewing, quilting, embroidery books became too large and I ended up with duplicates, I decided it was time to index them so I could check titles before ordering. At this time, my index is 52 pages with an average of 11 book titles on each page, making an estimate total of 572. This system has paid off as I belive I have only 3 duplicates. This may seem obsessive but I love to study quilts and can’t resist a new book. My first quilting classes began with the Jo Morton Club for Little Quilts. I have made larger ones; however, the minis are my favorite. Recently I ordered from Primative Gatherings when I found your YouTube on the small UW flag quilts. I really enjoy your teaching sessions and thank you for all of your generous offerings.

  68. Jenny Brooks Avatar
    Jenny Brooks

    I probably have 30-40. I thinned them out a couple of years ago, only kep the ones I really loved (including all the Gatherings books!)

    Jenny in Florida

  69. Terri Ann Murray Avatar
    Terri Ann Murray

    I think that I own about 60 books, but am always looking to add more!

  70. birdlooker Avatar

    I have at least 300 books. They are all well thumbed through, whether I’ve made a project from them or not.

  71. Melanie Bloy Lee Avatar
    Melanie Bloy Lee

    Including crafting books?! I have at least 100! Always room for more!

  72. Joanne Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne Rodriguez

    Merry Christmas everyone at PG. I am going to order the Little Gatherings book, but it would really be sweet to win it!!

  73. Laurel Avatar

    I have well over 100. But would love to add your new one to my collection

  74. Mary Kolb Avatar

    Congratulation on your new book arrival.
    I would guess that I have over 50 quilting books

  75. Pam Solka Avatar
    Pam Solka

    Winning this book would be such a blessing. Merry Christmas to all.

  76. Rosemary Skinner Avatar
    Rosemary Skinner

    Closest estimate is 300…and I recently donated over 250 to my local quilt guild for other quilters to enjoy. I’ve been a quilt book collector for decades and we recently sold our home to “right size” after my husband retired. He’s a great quilter’s husband, and never complains about the amount of fabric, wool, notions, machines, or books…well, at least he hasn’t since I reminded him I’m not shopping at the jewelry store. 😉

  77. Kelly Avatar

    I probably have over 100. I have several of your books in that collection and would love to win this one!

  78. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    I love miniature quilts and have been eagerly anticipating this new book!!! i own about 150 books relating to quilting, sewing, wool applique, etc,. and love to add this book to my collection!

  79. Adrienne Landgrave Avatar
    Adrienne Landgrave

    I have approximately 50 books. Cannot wait to add this one!

  80. Valerie Whited Avatar
    Valerie Whited

    I can’t wait to see your new book. I have over 50 quilt books, but you can never have too much inspiration!

  81. Roxanne Baumann Avatar
    Roxanne Baumann

    I think I have around 150 books, guess I need to get some more, love this little quilts book, can’t wait to get one and get started!

  82. murschelcarol Avatar

    Maybe about 20 book – most from Primitive Gatherings

  83. Barbara McCart Avatar

    Love, Love, Love the miniature quilts. I especially love the beautiful patterns I’m seeing. I own about 75 books. Have tried making the smaller quilts but think the papers you use will make it SOOOOOO much easier. Excited about getting the book and making a miniature quilt!

  84. Joanne Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne Rodriguez

    Merry Christmas PM people. I would be very happy to win ‘Tiny Gatherings’.
    I am guessing my book total is about 125.

  85. Larine Dunham Avatar
    Larine Dunham

    Hi Lisa! I have about 60 quilt books, it seems I tell myself I need to downsize the shelf but then end up getting another book, and another book …. Your new book looks to be sensational, definitely will have a place on my bookshelf…

  86. Sandy Fry Avatar

    I probably have at least 500 and have everyone of them inventoried on my phone so I don’t buy a second one (ha ha)!

  87. Deb WORTHMAN Avatar

    I have around 25 books. We’re not going to count individual patterns.

  88. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I have about 10 quilting books and would love to add to my collection. Merry Christmas to Lisa and your quilting family. Thanks for empowering all of us to make beautiful things.❤️🎄

    1. Lynn Barrett Avatar
      Lynn Barrett

      It’s not a stretch to say 200 or more! Love them all!

  89. Marian L. Roeseler Avatar
    Marian L. Roeseler

    I must have nearly 200 books. I’ve been quilting for 35 years and love every book I have.

  90. Katherine McIntyre Avatar
    Katherine McIntyre

    Just love triangle paper and quilt books. I am excited to see this one coming. Will add to my collection of about 25

  91. maryclaire36 Avatar

    I would love to add your new mini book to my library. When my collection of sewing, quilting, embroidery books became too large and I ended up with duplicates, I decided it was time to index them so I could check titles before ordering. At this time, my index is 52 pages with an average of 11 book titles on each page, making an estimate total of 572. This system has paid off as I belive I have only 3 duplicates. This may seem obsessive but I love to study quilts and can’t resist a new book. My first quilting classes began with the Jo Morton Club for Little Quilts. I have made larger ones; however, the minis are my favorite. Recently I ordered from Primative Gatherings when I found your YouTube on the small UW flag quilts. I really enjoy your teaching sessions and thank you for all of your generous offerings.

  92. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I have an embarrassing amount of books and though I couldn’t possibly make all the quilts I want to in this lifetime I enjoy the inspiration that quilt books bring me.

  93. sheilaz47 Avatar

    Well I can’t count them all but must at least be 100.

  94. Jane a semrau Avatar
    Jane a semrau

    Hi lisa. So excited to hear your newest book is ready. Yeah!
    I probably have way over 200 books.
    Quilting since 1976.
    Thank you for your creative ideas!

  95. Rita Gillis Avatar
    Rita Gillis

    Love the little quilts! I probably have about 50 quilt books and always looking for more.

  96. Barb Barker Avatar
    Barb Barker

    I would love to add this book to my mini quilt library! And…make a few of them.

  97. Debra Mae Cross Avatar
    Debra Mae Cross

    I’ve been collecting quilt books for a while. Expect the count to be approximately 75. Great fun to look through.

  98. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    Hi, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I love books so consequently I have a good library of books. Probably over 200. I really like books focusing on techniques, stitches, with patterns.

  99. kpavski7243 Avatar

    I want a wall of little quilts. That is my goal for next year

  100. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    I have between 30 and 50 books! I really do not want to know the exact number. But, they’re all wonderful and I would love to have your new book join my library!

  101. Cynthia Avatar

    I’m totally guessing but I think about 45?

  102. Nancy Yuill Avatar
    Nancy Yuill

    I am pretty sure I have close to 300 books! And there are more I am sure I need to add to my library.

  103. Vicki Tallacksen Avatar
    Vicki Tallacksen

    Probably about 50 or more!

  104. thjones1111 Avatar

    I would guess given all my subscriptions I have about 83 books, patterns and downloads on my computer. I’m always finding ideas from my favorite online quilters and adding to my to-do list.

  105. Jasmine Cooper Avatar
    Jasmine Cooper

    I’ve previously only done cross stitching, but recently joined your wool box club and I’m also just starting out on my quilting journey so I only have 1 quilt book and a few magazines. I would love to start a primitive crafts library in my home 🙂

  106. Janet Riley Avatar
    Janet Riley

    Since I like to do quilting, cross stitch, traditional rug hooking, etc. I must have over 100 books which I enjoy looking through. Can’t bear to give them away.
    Congratulations on your new book!

  107. Cheryl D Keown Avatar
    Cheryl D Keown

    So many beautiful quilts in this book. I have around 25 quilting books. There is always room for one more.

  108. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I had way too many quilt books, so I started downsizing. I decided to make only small and baby quilts from now on.

  109. Kimberly Anne Brandt Avatar
    Kimberly Anne Brandt

    Well after nearly 50 years of stitching I have to admit I have a terrific library of books :0) But of course I am always collecting more since I stitch everyday. Sewing and quilting and wool applique are part of my wellbeing! thanks for the chance to win :0) and Merry Christmas!

  110. Elaine Avatar

    50 or more!

  111. Maria Nagel Avatar
    Maria Nagel

    I would estimate I have a collection of about 40 books…but it keeps growing 😁

  112. Stella Goodbee Avatar
    Stella Goodbee

    Love your triangle paper. Looking forward to the new book!

  113. Denese Fisher Avatar
    Denese Fisher

    I probably have at least 225. Last year I gave away about 150. My bookcases were full. I love books too.

  114. Judith Stout Avatar
    Judith Stout

    I have about 350 books and magazines combined. I keep them for years and years. Always much to learn. Would love to have your new mini book Thank you

  115. mary h Avatar

    I am going to guess 50. I thought that was a lot, but I see from above answers that it is not!!!

  116. Carol Thomas Avatar
    Carol Thomas

    740 quilting/sewing books are in my library app. but I haven’t entered a few yet. I know, I have a problem…you should see my stash!

  117. Pat Wakefield Avatar
    Pat Wakefield

    I love your wall of minis. I think I have more than enough to start a gallery wall of my own. Need to look into how you use the yardsticks and clips. Also, I will have been quilting for 40 years in 2022 and have over 500 quilting, stitching and rug hooking books and still buying, as well as many magazines I just can’t part with. It’s fun to pull books and magazines out after not looking at them for a while.

  118. Judy Avatar

    I’m guessing I have over 100 quilting books. Plus, I cross stitched for many years and have hundreds of patterns. I still have many of my past magazine subscriptions as well. Yikes, that’s a lot!

  119. sharon docherty Avatar
    sharon docherty

    thirty five….. and thats after ive gone through them and donated a few to friends. Always room for a few more, especially for little quilts! My favourite!

  120. Jill Avatar

    So very hard to even think that this estimate is correct, but guessing maybe 75 books dedicated to quilting projects. 200+ dedicated to quilt history.

  121. Kay Nickerson Avatar
    Kay Nickerson

    I have at least 75 books.

  122. Elizabeth Lacumsky Avatar
    Elizabeth Lacumsky

    I have at least 75 books and excited to get your new miniature quilt book. Your the greatest Lisa

  123. Jennifer Hickey Avatar
    Jennifer Hickey

    I have 32 books and I love them all

  124. Marilyn Avatar

    I only have 4 quilting books but would love the chance to win your new mini book. Inhave always wanted to try one of these quilts.

  125. Brenda C Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda C Wyatt

    Probably 200, but would love to add this one to my library! Thanks for all you do Lusa.

  126. 107sophie Avatar

    Can’t tell you how goof I felt reading the comments – so many others have the same addiction to quilting books that I do. I now don’t have to feel embarrassed to admit that I must have over 400!

  127. Cynthia Goda Avatar
    Cynthia Goda

    A bookcase full!

  128. Donna Kooistra Avatar
    Donna Kooistra

    I keep a library record on a spreadsheet……I have 526 quilt history books and 321 books designated “technique”………but…..I DO need this one!

  129. Cindy Erickson Avatar
    Cindy Erickson

    I probably have over 500 books. I’ve been trying to pare down. I gave some to our local library

  130. Nancy Avatar

    Oh my gosh. I think 10 just wool appliqué abs loads of sewing and needle felting books from Japan. I do have a lot woolie books if that makes sense

    I now have two grand nieces so I am into all things tiny. I have been making lots of dolls and girls clothes.

  131. Tamara Williams Avatar
    Tamara Williams

    Oh, I’d be scared to count since I’ve been quilting since about 1980! Remer all the states that documented their old quilts? I’ve got them! Books that had templates before strip piecing ? Have those too!

  132. Barb Avatar

    Just started quilting in September 2021. I have 6 books to start my collection and will be adding this new book.

  133. Kathy Cooper Avatar
    Kathy Cooper

    I don’t own one single tiny quilt book and would love to have this along with the triangle paper so I can learn how to do this❣️

  134. Julia Stavran Avatar
    Julia Stavran

    About 5 years ago I started a spreadsheet of all my quilting books. At that time I had just under 100. Now I estimate that I doubled that. I have many books authored by Lisa. Even have one from her early years under Backyard Quilts!

  135. Charlene Reeder Avatar
    Charlene Reeder

    I’m a newbie quilter. This would be my first autographed mini quilt book!

  136. Dori Bockbrader Avatar

    Without counting, I would say well over 300. That does not include my quilting magazines. But I like them all or they wouldn’t be here–I gave those away.

  137. Beth Pedersen Avatar
    Beth Pedersen

    I’m sure I own at least 20 quilting and stitching books. I love to reference these beautiful resources.

  138. Chris Marshall Avatar
    Chris Marshall

    Have been cleaning up my sewing area and so far about 50 books.

  139. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    On my. The Little Gatherings book looks so cute. It’s making me rethink making small quilts. What a great job you did.

  140. Lisa Schooley Avatar
    Lisa Schooley

    I have about 60 quilt books and love looking at them for planning my next quilt.

  141. Marcia onnpr Avatar
    Marcia onnpr

    Hundreds of quilting books—-love rereading AND gifting to quilting friends.

  142. Maryanne Dochter Avatar
    Maryanne Dochter

    I probably have 200 quilt books….always room for 1 more!!!

  143. Wynona Drolet Avatar
    Wynona Drolet

    The book looks wonderful and perfect to work on with my stash of PG fabrics!

  144. Shelley D Avatar
    Shelley D

    I have about 30 books. I recently moved so I had to downsize my collection.

  145. Tammy Avatar

    Way to many books to count😀

  146. Caryn Schipper Avatar
    Caryn Schipper

    Little quilts are awesome! Love the variety of these!

  147. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    the book looks amazing. This is always my favorite time of the year and your favorite things.

  148. Debbe Turnquist Avatar
    Debbe Turnquist

    I would quess I have approximately 50-60 books. Love every one of them!

  149. Yvonne Rupe Avatar
    Yvonne Rupe

    I’ve always loved your mini wall! I’ll have to add this book to my collection!!!

  150. Carol Barton Avatar
    Carol Barton

    I think I have 30-40 quilting books.

  151. Judy Vaughn Avatar
    Judy Vaughn

    Probably 100

  152. Rita Avatar

    I have well over 100 books. I love to look at them for inspiration.

  153. Lisa Giesfeldt Avatar
    Lisa Giesfeldt

    I’ve never counted the number of books I have because I do t want to know how much money I’ve spent 😄. Realistically it’s close to 300.

  154. Kimberly Pedrick Avatar
    Kimberly Pedrick

    Such a great time of the year. I have about 10 quilting books and love them all. Have a wonderful Holiday season. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  155. Roberta Campbell Avatar

    An estimate only -130 and counting…..

  156. Joan Avatar

    I have approximately 25 quilting books! I love looking through them!

  157. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I have around 150 quilting books.

  158. susan Bass Avatar
    susan Bass

    Merry Christmas Lisa & Staff, Love the New Book, I think I must own at least 500 I still dust them off. Can’t wait to add your to my Bookcase!

  159. Sandy G Avatar
    Sandy G

    I don’t even know how many quilt books I have. I’m not very good about keeping them organized and in one location, but I have a lot! I just love getting a new quilt book, looking at all the designs and imagining what I’m going to make. Your little quilts are all so beautiful, but I’ve been nervous to try making one, your book will inspire me to get started!

  160. Lola Stokes Avatar
    Lola Stokes

    About 50.

  161. Joan Robinson Avatar
    Joan Robinson

    I would guess about 100+. Every so often I try to purge some, but I can’t seem to part with any of them!

  162. Lois Wilhelm Avatar
    Lois Wilhelm

    I have a library of quilt books, 878 to be exact! I have them listed on a spread sheet by title, author, date, subject. It is the only way I can keep myself from duplicating titles. (Even then I do occasionally 🤣🤣🤣)

  163. Lisa Bravo-Degen Avatar
    Lisa Bravo-Degen

    I believe I have at least 20 books of some sort for quilting, just can never have enough books with different ideas!!

  164. Joy P Avatar
    Joy P

    I cleaned out and donated a lot of my books this year. I still have a lot more! At least three shelves full in a large bookcase 😆

  165. Danae Moore Avatar
    Danae Moore

    Hello, I would guess about 100 books most recently Lisa’s books as I’ve started and fell addicted to wool appliqué, and have always loved primitive gather fabrics
    I of course ordered this book

  166. Jilleen Neumann Avatar
    Jilleen Neumann

    Way more quilt books than I care to count.

  167. Ruth-Anne Hayes Avatar
    Ruth-Anne Hayes

    I own at least 25 books not counting patterns. And magazines – forget about it! Thanks for the opportunity to win your beautiful book!! ❤️

  168. Terri Ann Avatar
    Terri Ann

    I have about 60 books. I’m always looking to add additional instructional and inspirational books.

  169. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I am guessing I own at least 200 quilt books , maybe more. I can’t resist a new book.

  170. Mari-ann Miller Avatar
    Mari-ann Miller

    Oh my…. I have at least 300, but please… do not tell my daughters!!!! They’ll institutionalize me!!!!!

  171. Lynne MacDowell Avatar
    Lynne MacDowell

    I do not know how many quilting books I have …. LOTS ….. but I know I want this one next!
    Lynne MacDowell

  172. Heidi Lehnig Avatar
    Heidi Lehnig

    Oh – I’d have to estimate over a hundred craft sewing quilting books – love this mini collection!

  173. Vicki A Avatar
    Vicki A

    OMG! I will only give an educated guesstimate as, I am quite sure, would be a number more than I probably really want to know. When you consider magazine subscriptions, and the over flow books that are found on shelves in the living room and den etc, I wager I have close to 200. I have loved surrounding myself with those books that make me happy and above all, bring inspiration.

  174. Dolores Roberts Avatar
    Dolores Roberts

    Guessing between 35 – 40

  175. Barbara Williams Avatar
    Barbara Williams

    I have at least 75! Really like tiny quilts!!

  176. Lori T Avatar
    Lori T

    That will be a great book to have with a bunch of your small quilt patterns in one place. The triangle paper is really helpful to have especially with the small piecing makes it much more accurate.

  177. Phoebe R. Bitler Avatar
    Phoebe R. Bitler

    My best educated guess is 23 books. Love your designs.

  178. Carolyn Moon Avatar
    Carolyn Moon

    I have approximately 150 books and quilting magazines. Can’t seem to part with them! Then there are the machine knitting pattern books. I’m guessing 75 – 100.

    1. Gloria Avatar

      I would guess I have around 200 books. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  179. Mary Lu Nelson Avatar
    Mary Lu Nelson

    I have around 35 to 40 quilting related books! And I just got your “Itty Bitty Celebrations in the mail today. Can’t wait to start a hand project from that. Thanks for all the great videos you do to inspire me.

  180. Polly Davis Avatar
    Polly Davis

    🤪🤪Wow. You made me count. I have 87 books. Good grief. Made something from almost 50 of them. Sure would love to add yours to my collection. Merry Christmas

  181. Robin T. Avatar
    Robin T.

    Too many to count. I estimate over 400 ! OMG!!! I’ve been quilting for over 34 years and still love it 🥰

  182. Sarah Vodicka Avatar

    I have over 125 quilting books!

  183. Barb Onken Avatar
    Barb Onken

    Yikes! 200+. I get as much enjoyment looking at my books as I do quilting!

  184. Wanda Playter Avatar

    I have over 200 books. I can’t pass up a good book to add to my little library! Little Gatherings will be my newest addition. I have never used triangle paper, but am excited to give it a shot.

  185. threadnana Avatar

    I am estimating I have 300 quilt-sewing-craft books. Some I kept after teaching 30 years, and use those with family kids.

  186. Glenna C. Denman Avatar
    Glenna C. Denman

    I don’t know how many quilting books I own, but I have 4 full shelves of them. There’s always room for one more, though.

  187. Karen Avatar

    I probably have about two hundred or so. I love books to study and dream over. . .

  188. Dee Avatar

    I would guess about 87. Lol. But I definitely NEED this book!!🎄💕🎄💕🎄💕

  189. Linda Walters Avatar
    Linda Walters

    I would say about 25 books

    1. jacquelinefaith2020 Avatar

      I have over 50 books….

  190. Janie Avatar

    I have a lot of beautiful quilt books and lots of quilt magazines. I love to look at all the beautiful quilts and dream of a day when I can play in my sewing room all day. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.

  191. Lurene Avatar

    An estimate of around 100 books…

  192. Ruthie Scharenbroch Avatar
    Ruthie Scharenbroch

    I must have 27 books dating back to the 80s. I can always use more!I also have lots of magazines
    Primitive stitcher Primitive quilts Primitive wool and Primitive place
    As you can see, I love primitives

  193. Lara Avatar

    Probably 25 to 30, but I have room for many more! Love the new book.

  194. Becky Lomasney Avatar
    Becky Lomasney

    I had two big books sales full of quilt books- I like to read them in bed. You don’t have to make every quilt, but if you understand how they’re made you can improve your piecing! We’re moving to a smaller home! But I’ve rehomed about half my books. In going through them I found one of Lisa’s before she started Primitive Gatherings. Love it❤️

  195. Marianne Stana Avatar
    Marianne Stana

    I have about 30 books now. Just downsized and gave many away to friends and the local library

  196. Deb Neal Avatar
    Deb Neal

    I have around 197. According to my spouse that is way too many and my sewing loft floor will soon fall in!!

  197. Amy M Avatar
    Amy M

    When I downsized from my home two years ago, my book collection was downsized to my guild. I would say I have 50 now and I am buying new ones that have more than one project I plan to do.

  198. Shirley Avatar

    Probably 12 books and 10 times that in patterns. I am in to small quilts now would be fun to have your book to add to my collection

  199. Rose Cameron Avatar
    Rose Cameron

    I would estimate that I have around 200, more I you count magazines, probably double! Geez, 400!! Don’t tell my husband!🙂🤦‍♀️

  200. Jeanne Hammell Avatar
    Jeanne Hammell

    Omg my estimate of books is 30. Small quilts, many gifted a total 75 or so. Love them to add color to rooms

  201. Dawn L Lee Avatar
    Dawn L Lee

    I have about 40 quilting books, based on some of the answers, I need a few more 🙂

  202. Caryn S Avatar
    Caryn S

    I have a lot of books, too. Too afraid to count (LOL). I have been trying to give the duplicates away.

  203. Felice Avatar

    Honestly……I have just under 400!!! And I have all of your books – most of which are signed. I think the autograph will make them more valuable to the next generation of quilters who inherit my library – mostly my new granddaughter who arrived December 1st!!!! I also LOVE miniature quilts. As always, thanks for the chance to win:)

  204. Irene Philp Avatar
    Irene Philp

    I have over 100 books in my collection!

  205. Jodi Guerrero Avatar
    Jodi Guerrero

    Can’t wait to get your new book !! Looks beautiful.!!
    I have never counted them but rough guess is 45-50. Maybe I’ll count them ;- D I have moved the collection a few times, maybe there’s more than 50, lol

    Happy Holidays !!

  206. Jan P Avatar
    Jan P