O’ Say Can You Sew – Clue #2!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the O’ Say Can You Sew Quilt-Along! I hope you have your 31 9-patches done from Clue #1 because it’s already time to move on to Clue #2! For this clue, you’ll need two red 4 1/2″ squares that are the same fabric, and two cream 4 1/2″ squares that are different. You will be cutting all of them on the diagonal twice to produce 16 triangles, which you will be piecing and sewing back together in a later step. Easy enough, right? Good thing, since you’re going to need 31 sets in total which, if you haven’t already figured it out, will eventually be paired with the 31 9-patches from Clue #1!

There are a couple of options of how you can go about doing this clue. If you like super scrappy all the way around, no worries! Whatever you decide to do for fabric placement will work great. If you like a little bit of control however, you can designate one of your cream backgrounds to be consistent throughout your fabric placement. The resulting quilt will still be scrappy, but there will be an element of control within each block.

If you decide to take the more controlled route for Clue #2, you can actually get ahead of the game on Clue #3 as well! Simply cut four 3 1/2″ squares of the cream fabric you chose to be the controlled element within each block, and that will give you a bit of a head start on Clue #3. I know you must be wondering about Clue #3 already but that’s all I’m going to give you for now… You can consider that little tidbit your sneak-peek! Alright, time to get started! For a printable PDF and full instructions for Clue #2, hit the button below! Clue #2 is available as a FREE download now through June 6th. After that, it will be available to purchase on our website for $5.00.

Late to the game but still want to join the fun? No problem! Links to all clues can be found in the O’ Say Can You Sew Clue Archive. New clues are posted on the first Monday of every month. Remember, once the current month’s clue is posted, the prior clue is no longer free but can be purchased for a small fee of $5.00. To see the archive, follow link below! For more visual learners I will also be posting a video tutorial of each clue on my Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube channel every month, so be sure to check that out as well!

Speaking of Stitch with Lisa Bongean, we will be back this week LIVE on YouTube this Thursday at 1:00PM CST. Shop Talk with Shelley will also be back tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:00AM as well. Set your reminders now so you don’t miss out! And of course as always, keep those comments coming for a chance to win a cool prize! Tell me how your mystery quilt is coming along. Are you on track and ready for Clue #2, or are you still deciding on whether or not to participate? Let me know! I love to hear about your progress. Happy stitching everyone. See you tomorrow! ~Lisa

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33 thoughts on “O’ Say Can You Sew – Clue #2!

  1. I’m downloading the clues, but I’m still deciding on participating. I’m just learning how to quilt, taking my second class on Saturday, and I want to see how complicated this is going to get. Also, I prefer to see the final project to see, since I don’t have much for scraps, if this pattern is something I like enough to purchase fabric for it. I do love nine patch though!

  2. I am all in on the Oh Say ….. quiltalong . Made the flag quilt and fell in love with your designs and information. Wish i could come to the retreat but live in AZ and not able to at this time. Hopefully down the road.

  3. I am actually doing the sew along with 2 different sets of fabrics. One way is using my leftover fabric of American Gatherings from the Hogs for Heros sew along and then scrappy of all different fabrics. Your sew alongs are “sew” much fun! Thank you for all you do and share!

  4. I haven’t started on the mystery project yet. It looks cute, I have so many other things to sew!!

  5. Love the clues and the blocks…but I have to admit…I’m TOTALLY confused on how the 4 extra squares are going to “coordinate” the 31 blocks that we’re making and going to be pairing up. I’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out. It’s great being able to use up my leftover scraps from making the American Gathering’s QAL. Thanks for the great blocks.

  6. I just found the sew along. I downloaded clue #2 but haven’t decided to purchase clue #1 yet as I’m doing blockheads & 2 other BOMs. That doesn’t even touch the other projects I need to complete for family special days. I do love your designs though, so it’s probably going to be a quilt I want to make! Thanks & blessings! Deborah

  7. Thank you for Clue #2. This is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Not only do I have all my 31 blocks done, but I’m caught up on the wool box as well. Yeah, Me! (This doesn’t happen very often).

  8. Finished clue #1 last Friday. Ready for clue #2. I’m going super scrappy version using a variety of creams & reds. It’s going to look great. Having lots of fun too!!

  9. Starting on block 2 just curious if you wanted to set aside 4 squares of one of the two creams for block #3 how much of that fabric will you need for future blocks?

  10. Geared and ready for clue Number 2. Mine is completely scrappy. I have a bunch of precut square sizes left over from projects so the nine patches are all kinds of colors. Will have to think about how I want to do this clue

  11. Thank you for an interesting mystery “Oh Say Can Sew” I just love the name… I’m currently behind, but hopefully not for long, it’s been a bit more time consuming moving in to our new house than I thought

  12. Yes, I am sewing along and have my 31 nine patch blocks completed. I am very confused by the instructions for Clue 2, however! What does sets of 4 matching blocks mean? I think i’m just going to make 124 blocks and not worry about it! Love the mystery!

  13. I’ve cut my fabric for Clue #1, did a tentative fabric placement and will start sewing the rest of the squares. Clue #2 is printed and ready for me to tackle. Thanks, Lisa. I love the title of this project.

  14. I am definitely intrigued!! Can you tell me if this quilt is suitable for anyone that is not American? I am an Aussie, so patriotic flag type of quilts just aren’t my thing!

  15. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Love, love. love red, white and blue. Now just need 5 more for clue one.

  16. Great scrappy look! Just yesterday I was just wondering what to do with all these red fabrics I have collected over the years… I had made some of the blue nine patches years ago… So I guess I am on board with this.

  17. Clue 1 is done, now on to clue 2, an hourglass block? I am going looking for my reds and creams later today!!

  18. Hi Lisa have a question. i ordered the red, blue and white fabric bundles you have on your website how many do I need to make this quilt if only using that fabric. I only got one of each.

    1. Hi Peggy! Sorry for the delay, I have been traveling! You are probably going to need one or two more of each color depending on how you manage your scraps. Since the quilt was designed to be a scrap buster it’s hard to say exactly how much more you will need to complete the quilt. The bundles are more of a starter kit or supplement to the quilt.

  19. I have step #1 finished with scrappy neutrals and black.
    I’m just starting clue #2 with scrappy neutrals and random repro prints for the QSTs… so fun!

  20. I need a little guidance on the “oh say can you sew” mystery. I’m using scrappy fabrics of all colors for my darks and scrappy cream and whites for my lights. In clue #2 would I still do the matching pairs of 4 1/2″ squares or should I continue using random colors or the last option to “scrap” what I’ve done so far and start over? Lol I’m wanting to make it work but wanting it to look like something as well. Thank you for the fun mystery pattern and the helpful advice.

    1. Hi Donna! Sorry for the delay in answering you – I have been traveling! If you are doing scrappy…do them scrappy as well. If all your QST are different and scrappy. If you want them to be controlled, match one light from the QST and cut 4 matching, and this should be different for each block. If you are still confused, wait until Clue #3 and make your decision. Thanks for quilting along!!! ~Lisa

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